Frank says “Dirty Scallywags, the whole lot of them, except for Jenn, she’s a good girl.”

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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11am – 11:30am Frank says that he needs three votes to stay, I think I have Jenn and Shane and I should have Dan’s vote too. He says that this is pretty much déjà vu for me, it was just a few weeks ago when I was in the same situation. He says that they lied to me then and I hope they don’t do it again. I don’t want history to repeat itself, unless I don’t go home but you see what I am saying. I really do hope that it’s a 4-0 vote, at least that’s what I am told and if that happens then I have just pulled off a huge turn around. Frank says from what I am told I am fine and maybe I am stressing out for nothing. “Dirty Scallywags, the whole lot of them, except for Jenn, she’s a good girl.” Frank talks about how Ian screwed him over and how he made a dumb move. Ian was such a disappointment to me that he flip flopped on me. No one wants to work with him since Britney left. The last two people I want to see win this are Dan and Ian. I would rather someone who deserves it less than someone who lied to people to get to the end. Frank says he has only told a couple lies. Frank says that I lied and told Joe that I would help him get to the final two. And then there was Dan and Shane, hopefully they will go at each other and then I won’t have to worry about having lied to them. I will then take whoever is left standing. Frank says that if it was Jenn and Dan as a final two, I would vote for Jenn to win and so would Britney and Ashley. I am so close it makes my mouth water, if I do go home this week it is going to kill me that I was two weeks away from winning. He says that the one thing he regrets is wasting his one HOH on sending Wil home, he wishes he had used it to get out Britney or Ian if I had known what he was doing. That s**thead was lying, double agent, secret spy, sneaky little rat.

11:35am Danielle is awake and in the bathroom. She grabs her stomach and looks at it in the mirror and then gets on the scale to weigh herself. Frank is getting ready to workout.

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11:40am – 12:15pm Frank asks Danielle how she feels about this Thursday. Danielle asks what do you mean. Frank says that he is a little worried about Dan. Danielle says that Dan hasn’t said anything to her about voting him out. Frank asks but would you tell me if he did? Danielle says absolutely I would. Frank says really okay. Danielle says we haven’t been that close anyways since the funeral. Frank asks if he can tell her something and she will keep it quiet. Frank talks about what Dan did to her at funeral. He says that he knows Dan did that coach thing early in the season. Frank says he knows Dan meant it when he said what he did at funeral. Danielle says so he said he meant it? Frank says yes. Danielle asks exactly what Dan said to Frank. Danielle asks was Dan really mad at me? She asks it wasn’t an act? Frank tells her that he was the one who told Dan to go smooth it over with Danielle. Danielle says that she’s glad Frank told her. Frank says that he was nervous about saying anything to her because he didn’t want to stir up anything.Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!Frank brings up how Shane wants Dan out and he should be able to do if for us. Danielle asks if Frank is sure he doesn’t want her out? Frank says no. Danielle says that it’s hard to trust people. Danielle says that she needs some time to let it soak in what he said about Dan. Frank starts to tell Danielle that he has played an honest game. Danielle says come on now, don’t act like you are holier than thou in this game. Frank says that he thinks he has played a more honest game than most. Danielle says come on now don’t act like you don’t tell a fib here or there to get votes. Frank says you’re right I have told a lie here or there but I have played a more honest game than most. Danielle says that the fact that you know all that information just makes me think he said all that. Frank says that he couldn’t make all that up even if he wanted to. Frank says knowledge is power in this game and we just got a little more. Frank leaves to go work out.


12:30pm – 12:40pm Dan and Danielle are in the bathroom talking. Danielle tells Dan her conversation with Frank about how Dan is just using her and doesn’t care about her. Danielle says that Frank said you really did tell him that you were mad at me. Dan says no I was mad at my situation not you. Dan says that he was going to leave a good goodbye message to him, but now I am going to waste him. Danielle says that he said knowledge is power, like he was trying to threaten me. He was trying to tell me that if I don’t keep him around people will pick up on how smart I am. Danielle says now he is trying to get me and Shane against you. It’s not going to happen but he is going to try and get Shane to work with him and Shane. Dan tells Danielle to find out if Frank is going to tell Jenn that because if he does I am screwed. Dan asks do you think I should tell Jenn that I made a fake final two deal with Jenn or not. Danielle says let me talk to Jenn first, I don’t think he will tell her, he didn’t even really want to tell me. Dan says that he is trying to think if there is any way of preventing it from going to Jenn. Danielle says that she doesn’t think he will tell her because it will piss her off because he has a final two deal with her. Dan says I just don’t want you to not trust me because he knows he is going home. Danielle say I do trust you and if you stabbed me in the back then it would just make you look like a bad person. Dan tells her to use that relationship with him (Frank) now. Dan leaves.


12:55pm Dan tells Frank that he tried to talk to Danielle when she was a little bit tipsy. Frank says that yeah I talked to her a bit this morning too. Dan says that he tried to go at her a little bit but not too hard but I think we’ve got the vote; it should be 4-0. Dan says that he doesn’t think he has Shane because I am not that close to him. Dan tells Frank that I know Joe is going to be stirring s**t up this week but I hope that you will realize after this week when you get the votes that you realize that you can trust me and that we are golden. Frank says that he does it’s just tough when you are up on the block. He says that he just reads too much into his diary room sessions. Big Brother then switches all four cams to the bathroom and says twice that you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other house guests. The feeds switch back, Dan and Frank talk about Mike getting $16,000. Frank tells Dan that he needs to start getting up earlier so that they can talk.


12:55pm – 1:10pm Dan and Frank are talking in the backyard. Dan says that when he went at Danielle for her vote for you and she was aloof it makes me think that she isn’t going to tell me everything. Frank says yeah. Dan says that there is a part of him that wishes he talked to Frank last night. So that way I wouldn’t get to thinking like what if Frank doesn’t trust me, ya know what I mean. Frank goes back to working out. Dan talks about how Joe thought he was Shane the other night. Dan says that he wished he had played along with it to see what he was going to say. Frank says yeah but everything he says is bulls**t anyways. Frank says that’s why Shane doesn’t trust anything he says.


1:20pm – 1:40pm Joe and Danielle are talking in the arcade room. Joe tells Danielle that he thinks the more Frank thinks he is safe the better because he harasses people when he thinks he’s not safe. Danielle tells Joe that he is fine, that he has Shane and her vote. She says that she just needs to get Ian just in case it’s a tie. Joe says that he is going to talk to Jenn too. He says that he will have a short talk with Dan too to tell him how Frank is coming after him and that this is our chance to get him out. Joe says that Frank thinks he has Shane and Jenns vote. Joe and Danielle leave. Joe gets Jenn to come into the arcade room to talk. He tells her that Frank came to him and told him that he has you 100%. Joe says look I got Ashley to flip and voted out my own partner to save you. Jenn says yeah I know. Joe says and obviously I voted for you, during that week he campaigned against you. Joe says that he really likes Frank and this week is going to be hard for me. My pitch is called “features and benefits”, Joe says that he has tried to keep her here in the game. Jenn says that she has heard her name come up from others wanting me out during the veto thing. Joe says I don’t know about that, that’s hear say. Jenn asks who Joe is going after. Joe says that he is going after Dan. Jenn says okay my names Jenn. Joe says that his promises not to go after Jenn until after final four. I would ask you to ask around about the veto thing to get a clear picture on that because I fell hard for you. Joe asks if she can tell him if she is voting him out. Jenn says that she will let him know.

1:40pm HOH Photo time:


2pm Frank and Jenn are in the kitchen alone. Frank tells Jenn that he talked to Danielle this morning and told her about the whole Dan funeral thing, just to lock down that vote. Jenn says uh huh. Their conversation is interrupted when Shane, Dan and Jenn come into the kitchen. Photo day continues..


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Look and lets get real, first Dan knows it will ve a double eviction this week and already said if it is anyone can win it will be a grap shoot. So if Frank is gone and Joe wins and then Dan is gone (just like jeff last year). So day is waitng to tell his first all Dani Shane to vote to evict Joe the day of the vote, he will not do this three days before the vote because it will leak out. He will tell his second Aliance Jenn the same thing. He will be safe during this double eviction, Ian will be play and he will go home after shane or jenn. So my friend thats the game…Danwould be crasy to let Joe stay in this game.

billie two trees

Lord Frank is STUIPD. Did he really think Danielle was not going to go straight to Dan and tell him everything that he just told her? She went straight to Dan and ratted out Frank for the rat he is!! Frank really is delusional in this game and has absolutely ZERO social game. He just sealed his coffin with that little talk with Danielle!! Bahahahahahaha!


You are sooooooo right!!! He might be tough, but he is stupid!!! Arkansas deadbeat!!!


So Danielle runs to Dan asking if he was really pissed and plans to use her. That shows me there is still daylight between Dan and Danielle. Frank does not lose either way.

Then Frank just gives her a fraction of what he can say and they’re scurrying to get in Jenn’s ear and Danielle says Jenn will be pissed. That tells me Dan knows exactly the risk he is taking with dumping Frank now with what he can expose going into a double eviction.

And this makes Frank dumb, how?

I mean he’s dumb when he believes Dan and he’s dumb when he expresses doubt and stirs the shit, so just say you hate Frank and leave it at that.


Frank is not stupid! Frank is just a bit naïve and has zero skills when it comes to backstabbing a wishy-washy a-hole! He comes from a quiet place where your neighbors are your friends. He should never have been a BBHG because he doesn’t understand the game. He tries too hard to keep his word and he’s not use to backstabbing people. Team Frank since day one!!!

Joe's champagne room

Frank is like Mr Sandman, spreading his “magic dream” glitter on Danielle.

Did it stick? We will see. She could influence Jenn and Shane.

Dark Horse

Ah but once Dan sprays the mist on her….it’s over

…he just popped in the DR quick for a re-fill.

billie two trees

No, it didn’t stick not even close she went straight to Dan and told him everything Frank said to her. Danielle is a lot smarter than I gave her credit for she knew Frank was selling her a load of crap!! Cannot wait to see Frank out the door on Thursday!


Frank you are gone buddy…it would be awesome if you got the votes to stay..but you telling all that Dani…of all people Dani…the one that is obsessed with Dan like she knew him for years and gets butt hurt when he tells her ”your dead to me” but you tell her…she gonna go right back to Daddy Dan and tell him everything and tell her ”boyfriend” everything too! Hell, she might add a few lies in there too.. If she doesn’t tell them..then I will be shocked!


Danielle is just going to go to Dan and tell him what Frank said LOL. She would be stupid to turn on Dan. Dan is the only reason she is still in this game. Of course I think she is so into Shane that she can’t see past her ____ fill in your own word


WW, do you think that Frank would be in a good mood evicted 4-0 and call her Jules?


Guaranteed “Jules!”, and “Apreesh!”

This guy gotta know he’s gonna win Americas Player and will be back for many more seasons


He has a 1% chance of being honestly voted America’s Player, and I am assuming All-Stars are for nobody’s because he will be in jury with 6 people left in the house. My are you as delusional as your hero Franky?? Your logic is…..not logical. WOW!!!!! Smh


It will really be 5 since 2 are leaving pretty much at the same time and with Jenn,Joe and danielle all basically being floaters that just leaves him dan ian and shane for a all star spot plus he’s won more comps than anyone which is a big thing they look for

The house always flips

I have to disagree. People look for social players when voting for America’s Player, competitions are usually irrelevant. Look at past winners to see that this is usually the case.


I could be wrong but i see Dan having a hard time getting votes if he makes it to final 2.I think Frank and Ashley will be a definate no for Dan and I think he will only have Britney’s vote if he’s not up against Shane or Ian


you mean janelle ap


so who is staying joe or frank?




They’re taking the final dump on Frank’s dream!!!

I just hope the vote is 4-0 and Frank thinks he’s staying.


Joe will be evicted, it only makes sence, Dan can’t afford to have Joe get lucky and have the HOH OR POV in the double eviction and bounce Dan, He will keep Frank


Umm, ok. Keep holding on to that. Frank fan I assume? Seems he has misted you with his delusions, face the facts. He’s gone. Smh


No way in hell is Frank going to win America’s Player ! :p Britney has a really good shot because she one in BB12. I think that it will be between Britney and Dan for America’s Player ! :)

Dark Horse

I bet he mentions something about All-Stars too.


I think she better off trusting Shane more than Dan. F3 Dan, Dani Joe/Jenn…he will probably get rid of Dani. I think Dani should convince Shane to vote to keep Frank. Then Shane/Frank/Jenn/Dani get rid of Dan and fight amongst themselves!


OMG…..Danielle looks rough in that pic. Not flattering at all.


GROW UP! There’s nothing more unattractive than someone who picks on another persons physical appearance. My 4 year old has more manners than you!!

Danielle's Facial Look Alike Celebrity Is Roseanne

My apologies. I meant to put that her face looks like Roseanne, not her body. I think she has a nice body.

She does resemble Roseanne in the face though. Not that it’s a bad thing. Roseanne wasn’t bad looking in her younger years and she is okay looking now.

I think it is the dark hair, cheekbones, face shape and small eyes that look similar.

I’m not making fun of the girl. Her personality is kind of under par, but her looks are average and she has nothing to be insecure about.


OMG! Frank may have just saved himself. Although I’m pretty sure Dan told Danielle he was mad at first about the Veto comp, he smoothed it over and said the funeral thing was just an act. So Dan may still have enough mist left to stop the Danielle train from turning on him along with the Shane caboose. But it just proves Frank is just as big a lying a**hole as everyone else by divulging the convo the had with Dan in private. Of course, when Dani reveals her conversation with Frank to Dan, it will also just cement Dan’s vote to get him out.


Lol, Frank didn’t pull a Dan…not even close. The only thing he did was cement his fate, and in the process put seeds of doubt in Danielle’s mind about Dan. This could just put a bigger target on Dan AFTER Frank goes, but of course Danielle and Shane would have to actually grow a couple of pairs and do something about it. Wishful thinking, but it wasn’t good enough to save his holiness(in his mind).


Danielle will never turn on daddy Dan.


yeah !! sure glad he is not teaching my children , completly unscrupuleous .come on BB add pimping to his list of bad behavior .He treats her just like he owns her. and it is uncomfortable to watch. PIMP DANNY , that guy wears many hats but they all say Judas on the label. Give Frank some special power so that he can mess with Dan”s game . unless production is under his mist too ???? Not a big frank Fan but at least he plays a competitive game . Dan’s game is just dirty and degrading to women .


How is he degrading to women? Delusional. The mist has got you too.


YEA right, if he was that smart, he would’ve gotten rid of Dan when he had him … the social game called Big brother was too much for him, he didn’t have a chance


I know,right!! Frank is BRILLiant!! LMAO!! He only thinks about himself,really,or he wouldn’t have said shite to Dani…Just another shining example of his social UNawareness……………smh


Frank = Vinnie Barbarino
Ian = Arnold Horschack (RIP)

Tha Mist

Dan just turned up the Mist factor on Frank to 90% at 12:55!


There is one information Frank forgot to tell Danielle. She is fat.


danielle is tradgically tortured by her weight and overall appearance Yo. kid needs professional help


Head in my hands…. anyone who still thinks that Frank is the best player in the house should be doing the same;) Like the folks before me said, it’s unbelievable that he didn’t realize that Danielle would run straight to Dan and tell him everything in her need to convince herself that Dan is truly loyal to her and her only. This could prove to be some interesting viewing:)


At this point I could care less who wins as long is it’s not Danielle. I hope something transpires to where she has a major meltdown.



Watch Powerhouse coast to the final 3.



the problem is, any other season he saves himself

but these people are so dumb, so blinded by HOH wins, that they are fine letting dan ride to the end

shame on shane especially. just bad on his part really.


The problem is not only are they dumb, but they won’t do his bidding for him. There is no reason whatsoever to save Frank, it’s his time to go. The dumb part starts when they don’t go full bore to get rid of Dan next. Get serious, seems you think every one in the house is supposed to do whatever they can to help Frank to the promised land. It’s repetitive and boringgggggggggggggg


frank, this is a feeble and ineffective way to sway hg for votes. didn’t you learn anything from dan? you gotta go big, or don’t even bother. doubt there’s any hope for you anyway, but if you’re gonna do it, do it right, for once.

Dark Horse

Sorry Frank your mist stinks…if Dani brings that info back to Dan [which she will] I am almost certain it will be a 4-0 vote against you…

still trying to figure out who and what ? is doing *scratches head*


Danielle is a complete mess. she looks like she gained 50lbs from two weeks ago. she was never that good looking but she’s become uglier by the day. someone should make a montage of how she looked from the first day to the present day.


I think it is so sad that people are getting so ugly with their personal comments about these people. There must be a lot of perfect, gorgeous people on this site. Just saying….


its just funny to see a ll the dan love. if frank had that many ally’s in the game, he would be golden too

dan has sat behind a large shield the entire game. he made one move, on the bible, and now isnt even attempting to repay the man who made it happen. thats just lousy. sorry, but if you are the best, prove you can beat the best, save frank. otherwise, take your bible and shove it. its just wrong to use that as a tool to get further in the game. because its not like someone can call you out on it, as thats just not right because hes a “man of faith” who can just go
“pray” and “absolve all sins”


And the blaming of “yeah” for all of Frank’s troubles goes on and on and on….are you freaking serious? Oh please please save Frank, you owe him, everyone owes him…blah blah blah. Frank’s game, other than competitions, blows. That’s why he’s going home. Wake up and smell the coffee already!! Smh


Wait.. are you saying building an alliance is some sort of weakness now? Are you sure you know how the game works?

Dan's part time bible

well, so much for Frank’s dream. Looks like Danielle just shit on it.


Was the salad tossed first? Lmao


I just had coffee go up into my nasal cavity. Thanks!;)


Thanks for making my day. You guys are so funny.


(I plan to donate, because these updates are wonderful. Much gratitude.)

I’m a Frank fan. I wish Frank could make it to the end. But it doesn’t look like he will at this point. After he leaves. I pretty much don’t have a favorite, so I will spend more time rooting AGAINST people at that point…i.e. Ian…Dan to a lesser extent. Heck. I’ll even root for Joe just for the irony of it all.


According to the misting pole, (ooh,that sounds wrong) little Ian is the crowd fave??


any confirmations on shane f*cking the piglet last night?


Those Dirty Scallywags, Damn them for playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played for themselves, damn them for Killing MY DREAM by making my dumbass fall for their tricks DAMN THEM………. LMFAO


Ill Will rules!!! See how obvious it is that Frank complains no one wants to help him win, it’s his dream yo. Damn these people for trying to win, they should just bow to the greatest BB player of all time!!! Lmao, glad to see someone else isn’t as delusional as Frank and his fans!!!


no confirmation but strong suspicion that shane banged the redneck piglet last night


joe beat off twice last night Yo


My favorite moment of the year is yet to come. At some point, Dan will turn on Danielle when she is of no use to him any more. My dream is for Dan, Danielle, and either Joe or Jenn to get to final 3 by him convincing her to throw Shane under the bus, Dan to win the final HOH, and evict Danielle and watch her have a psychotic breakdown on national TV,


Oh No Dani is worrying about her weight again… seeing how sexy she looked last night on BBAD, she had nothing to be ashamed about , well her sanity maybe, but no man would want a relationship, just the ass


Frank’s a bigger idiot than I thought he was!


I don’t mean to be rude,but that kinda makes you an idiot for not already thinking he was a bigger idiot than you thought he was


Omg, don’t kick people when they’re down! They’re seeing the light right now… it’s time for us to embrace these Frank fans in their realization rather than do the ‘I told you so’ thing;)


I know,you are so right Eripaul,but I just couldn’t resist the shot.I did sort of preface my take with an apology,but still,the poor guy is just now coming to the realization of Frank’s uh….what do you call it……..ignorance

Fan of Dan

Danielle is going to run to Dan and tell him everyting Frank just said. He told Danielle immediately after the funeral that it was all an act and that he lied to Frank and said that he was really mad at her. Danielle didn’t get any information she didn’t have already.


Frank is such a moron Shane nominated you twice he doesn’t have your back. I don’t understand how people say Frank is such a great player there’s much more to this game then winning comps. Frank has no common sense his strategy is horrible and so is his social game.

Nicky Brand

Frank thinks his biggest mistake was wasting an HOH on Will?

How about that time he jumped in avocado, took round the clock chum baths, knocked himself out of HOH for 2 weeks and agreed to wear a carrot suit for a week to get Dan out, then saved Dan and put out Britney instead? Think that might have been a slightly bigger miscue, considering Brit’s best buddy won the next HOH and Dan’s POV win just ended Frank’s dream. Wonder how many times he’ll replay that decision in his head while Britney is laughing at him in jury?


If I haven’t watched this whole season you would think Dan misted him before they even got in the house. I think he did, Rachel wasn’t this clueless in her 1st season.

Nicky Brand

Exactly. And it’s not like it’s only evident how bad saving Dan was in retrospect. We all knew it was unfathomably stupid at the time. But t. hen we weren’t hypnotized by Dan’s amazing mind control powers. I hope Frank goes into the vote still believing he will win 4-0, then he loses 4-0. His reaction should make for great TV.


“Dan tells Frank that he tried to talk to Danielle when she was a little bit tipsy. Frank says that yeah I talked to her a bit this morning too. Dan says that he tried to go at her a little bit but not too hard but I think we’ve got the vote; it should be 4-0.”

Why hasn’t any of them run away from him screaming AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IT BURNS(his mist)

This shit is too funny

Anybody that would vote for Jenn over Dan in the final 2 would be considered a complete tard!!! that includes you Frank!! Don’t ruin this season by voting for a floater over a guy that lied to you!! That’s what Big Brothers all about anyways!


Wow Frank-“Ohhh poor me! Ian and Frank don’t deserve to win ’cause they LIED! Waahh!” BB isn’t for choir boy wannabes, sorry. GTFO.


Surely you mean Dan? Because I don’t think said ‘choir-boy-wannabe’ believes he shouldn’t win?

So silly when big talkers screw up-Makes them sound more juvenile. I am not a Frank supporter, but agree about the whining-But hey-You can’t blame him.

Seeya Frankie. Dan The Man and Ian The Boss FTW. Don’t know about powerhouse. Danielle annoys the hell out of me and I am not impressed by Jenn.


I am glad Danielle called Frank out about saying he is a “honest” game player.

Frank is as cheesy as they come. All he can do is win comps. He is incapable of strategy. He has no social game. All he did was sit around talking smack with Boogie. For someone that has this “dream” he sure lacks knowledge of how to play the game. He is such a snake. There is a difference between “misting” and being a snake. Frank’s ego is unbelievable. Frank is an idiot. I’m so tired of his nappy looking mug. I hope no one flips and keeps him.

I will swallow my entire foot if this fool Frank gets America’s favorite houseguest.


I’m glad SOMEONE did. He even admitted to telling lies, like that final 3 deal he made with Joe and Frank when he aleady made a final 2 with Dan. Frank’s playing this game just like everyone else. His game isn’t any more honorable than anyone else’s.


Well, it seems that the DR is attempting to demystify Dan’s mist – because Frank couldn’t turn the spray off on his own… I don’t care who wins this game – but please BB just stay out of it from now on….

Aqua Bernie

I thought Danielle was delusional, but I see Frank has joined her world. Kookooland!


has the house addressed Joes masturbation problem?


The other night on the Showtime feeds, Danielle had a little bit of wine and brought the subject up a bit during a group gathering in the back yard:)


Frank looks ridiculous.

Danielle's Look Alike Celebrity Is Roseanne

Will any of the BB houseguests (remaining and evicted) become celebrities after the show or will they just be washed-up losers?

What do all of you think?

Who has the biggest chance at breaking into acting, modeling, etc?


It amazes me that people comment on the lying and backstabbing in the BB house!!! That’s the name of the game, if you want honesty, blah, blah, maybe you should tune in to the church service on Monday. Again, it’s the way Frank has treated other houseguests that got him into this position. If they were kinder and not so cocky, Ian would have stayed loyal to that alliance. Frank can thank Boogie for this. If Boogie would have won POV when she and Frank were on the block, he would have cut Frank loose and try and connect with someone else. Instead, Boogie went on rampage and stupid Frank followed. They bullied the house so now that is why the house decided ALL to lie to Frank and make him feel safe, they want to deal with his tantrum’s this week. He can be mean. So, much for treathening Ian last week ……….. this is where it got him. Dan masterminded this so well!!!

Dan's part time bible

why doesn’t anyone clue in that almost every time they announce “[insert name] please put on your microphone” that someone is talking smack or throwing someone under the bus? That is your cue, Frank, to sneak up and try to listen to that conversation.


i am so confused…so frank is definitely going home thursday right? who is dan really working with? someone pleaseeeee answer haha


I wonder how interesting this game would be if Production stayed out of it all and players discussed their DR sessions, who they were planning to vote out, and all that kind of stuff? Reading about all the influence Production tries to exercise over all of the game (trying to get Ian NOT to use the special Veto power, putting bugs in Franks ear about Dan, etc) is very disappointing. Let the players play. Stay out of it and let them eat their own. I’m sure the drama will be just as good as what Production tries to manufacture.


I just want to shake some common sense into Frank. How does he not see the connection between Dan and Danielle?!? I love Frank and wish he could make to the finals but am sad to say that he is going to be gone this week. I dont think anything can save him.
I wish someone would see the real Danielle too. I do not want her to make it to finals! I cannot stand that whiny, self centered, insecure, cocky, lying gal. She drives me absolutely bonkers, to even read things about her or watch her drives me up the wall! She really is like nails on a chalkboard and has gotten this far by lying like crazy and riding on Shane and Dan’s coat tails.
Beside that point I really hope it ends up being Ian, Dan or Shane in the finals. No one else really deserves to be there. And I’m not loving this season at all. I find the whole cast very untrusting and all over the place with their alliances sucking up to whoever is HOH at the time! The only real loyalty that happened this season was Frank and Boogie, may not have been good for each other but they were loyal to each other. They were a good team. They could have been spectacular if Ian had stayed with them. Oh well….guess you can’t change what happened. Just have to wait to see what will happen next. Sad to say I am disappointed with everything this season…
I really hope that Frank, Ashley or Brittany win America’s Favourite.


I’m not getting the other comments at all. The last thing Dan and Danielle want anybody talking about his the funeral and it’s aftermath. It absolutely does not matter if Danielle told Dan. The fact that she did shows me she has doubts, rather than immediately disregard Frank, who she appears to hate. There is daylight between Dan and Danielle. That should make Dan pause. She is emotional and quick to deflect blame as the victim and fall apart. She will fold under pressure. Jenn is not the brightest, but then neither is Danielle. If I’m Dan, I don’t want Danielle saying anything about the funeral to Jenn. Dan has to handle that by himself and he needs to be very careful. Short of coming totally clean with Jenn, which is a risk, I would be very wary of saying much at all.

As I keep saying over and over and over again. None of this saves Frank. He is gone unless Dan panics and decides to gamble he can get him next week or later. The other HG’s will not save Frank of their own volition. They all fear him way too much. BUT this does represent a potentially huge problem for Dan. If Frank begins teasing this info with the other HGs and does the big reveal on the way out the door or if Danielle tries to do too much on her own before Frank is gone, then Dan has to know the HOH or veto is a must win. He can’t ultimately rely on Danielle who would possibly be an emotional mess. If the HOH is a crapshoot deal, designed specifically for a floater/weak player to win, Dan’s mist might just evaporate.


Since Day 1, Dan has completely surprised Danielle a couple of times, with his words/actions. Dan then quickly explains to Danielle why he did what he just did (for joint game strategy reasons), hoping that she’d figure out that “he was up to something for them” all the while. To date, everything BB14 (except her Shane no-mance) has gone swimmingly for Danielle. As it now stands, by 100% trusting her former coach so far, she has every reason to believe she is a real favorite to get to the very end of the game. But wait. No! “Detective Bobsky” has suddenly detected some “daylight” between the two of them. He’s told us twice already. A crucial fracture in their alliance, due to this powerful new info provided to Danielle by Frank. “He really hated you that night, Danielle! I swear to you on my Brady t-shirt!” It’s exactly what Bobsky’s been trying to sell us all along. OK, half your “Frank Nuke” is now out, sir. Suddenly, as you predicted, Dan’s post-Frank’s-eviction-BB-game is now in catastrophic shambles, right? (!@#$%!) Dan has FAR too much overall game credibility built up with Danielle for Frank’s words to make her sour on Dan now, even one IOTA., as we just witnessed. Daylight? You’re seeing what you want to see here, not what really is. Granted, Dan would clearly prefer NOT to have Frank reveal the other half of your Nuke (the Jenn part), as evidenced by him “re-misting” Frank this morning about his safety. Worst case for Dan: Frank does tell Jenn about Dan’s bogus “final two” deal with her, made that night. If Frank decides to tell Jenn about that before his eviction, your “nuke” has then been 100% used up. Frank’s problem is that there is NO evidence yet to prove that Dan has actually lied to Jenn about that deal (even though we know he has.) And if other HG’s discover that alleged Dan-Jenn final two deal, will they now decide to sever all ties to “Dishonest Dan?” Heck no. Bogus alliance deals are constantly being made, by every HG. (Shane and PowerHouse’s is my personal favorite. Bet your LIFE on that final two deal!) Since funeral night, Dan’s been nothing but 100% respectful and kind to Jenn, even taking Jenn off the block this week, as a “public display” of his sincere appreciation to Jenn, for her taking him off the block last week. Worst case scenario for Dan: Jenn thinks far less of Dan (which I truly doubt, as there’s no proof of it being a lie yet, and it’s being said by Frank – aka a “desperate, dead BB man walking.”) Wanna give Jenn an “amnesia tablet”, Dan? Try this. Tell Jenn about Frank’s unbelievably ugly “brown water” comment about her (which can be confirmed by several other HGs.) Dan can even “mist” it, by saying to Jenn that he wanted to punch Frank out when he heard him say that about her, but her couldn’t, or he’d be DQ’d. There, Bobsky. Frank’s now out of “nuke bullets.” No more “Frank walking out the BB door Thursday night, spewing scorching-hot, here’s-what-evil-Dan-said-about-y’all-last-week, so don’t trust Dan at all, or ever work with Dan again” histrionics. We both are entitled to our opinions, Bobsky. I know the HGs frustrate you at times (Shane, of late.) Me too. But they are who they are. And they get to play the BB game any way they want. They are all prisoners of their own human nature, personality, and intellect. I’d love to pass out some “smart pills” to them, but we can’t. Always a pleasure, my fellow BB fan!

Frank Is The New Jesse

bye, bye, frankenfart…tell brit and ash the other hg said hello!

Dan's part time bible

Every time I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel for Frank….it’s another damn train. :(


That pic of Frank jokingly choking Ian, is going to become a reality Thursday

Get Rid Of Little Orphan Annie

The move Frank made last week was so immensely dumb and what’s dumb about him now getting paranoid about Dan is just a repercussion of his immensely stupid move in the first place. The comment on how he hasn’t told as many lies as others is hilarious (what a stand up guy). At the point where you tell one lie to win the game… you lied to win the game. Whining about other people doing so to whatever degree is just hypocritical.

Danielle is looking a bit rough but she’s still not flat out ugly, has to be women or gay men pulling the “Danielle is ugly” stuff. Even with the added weight I’d take her over Jenn given only two girls in the house. And Shane is definitely not straight, no way a guy stays in a house for as long as he has with a girl wanting to be in the same bed and he’s not going to do anything.


These Danielle haters must be jealous, calling her ugly!? I think she’s beautiful even in that unflattering pic. And her accent is icing. Beauty is deeper than magazine covers folks.


Game over for Frank, it’s going to suck watching Ian/Joe potentially win this season, as none of them have done jack shit.