Big Brother 14 Blindsides Frank can’t wait to see the look on Ian’s Face when the Vote is 4-0

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

2:56pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Dan

Danielle says she’s been telling Shane that Ian is targeting her because she’ll win in the mental competitions. (They want Shane to nominate Ian next if he wins HOH)
Dan stresses the good spot they are in the only thing they have to worry about is if Joe wins the HOH. Dan: “Even if he wins HOH it will be Me and Ian or Me and Jenn nominated”

Dan: “What do you and Ian talk about”
Danielle:”We talk about our DR’s and how much he hates Frank”
Danielle also mentions that Ian is still onboard with the final 4 (Dan, Danielle, Ian Shane). Dan warns her if Ian gets to that final 4 he will win the POV and advance. Danielle: “I know”

3:05pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Frank

Dan is worried about the possibility of another twist that could destroy everything they have worked on.
Frank: “Even if Shane wins and puts Dan up.. they still can play for Veto” Frank points out that with Dan and Frank both hammering out Veto wins they should be good. Frank is also sure that unless they both go up they have the votes to keep each other in the game.
Dan says at this point all a HOH win gives you is immunity. Dan doesn’t want to go out because of a crap shoot, it’s his biggest worry right now. Dan: “I can deal with getting beat… I guess a crap shoot is still getting beat.. But to go out in a crap shoot.. ”
Frank thinks the next comps coming up are going to be things that “Little man” is good at. Frank knows that Ian has to go, He tells Dan that if he wins HOH Ian should be put up.

Frank doesn’t want Shane to win HOH this week because he’s their plan B if they cannot get Ian out. Frank figures if they get Ian and Joe up and unless Ian wins POV he goes hom. If Ian wins POV Shane goes home. Dan: “Hmmm hmmmmmh mmmh hhmm” (He’s eating while passively agreeing to Franks madness) Dan heavily plays up Ian’s ability to win comps. Dan thinks Ian can “win it out”, win the next POV and HOH.
Frank laughs: “There’s no way Ian’s winning out”
Frank says he cannot wait to see Britney’s face when Joe walks into the jury house. Frank laughs at Ian says when the vote is 4-0 the look on Ian’s face will be priceless. (This is shaping up to be one GIANT blindside)

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3:20pm Cam 1-2 Dan attaches a US Flag to a pool cue. He marches around the backyard saying to Ian “these colours don’t run”
Dan and Ian head inside to set up the flag. As Dan secures the flag to a chair to keep it up Ian says “these colours don’t run and they don’t fall off their poll cue” (The flag was falling off the pool cue but Dan has fixed it)

A indoor lockdown is temporarily called because Dan breaks a vase outside.

3:32pm Cam 3-4 Jenn Backyard Seems to be fully misted..
While Jenn is resting in the mist Dan is int he kitchen teaching Danielle how to play cards. acting like nothing really happened during the funeral.

3:42pm Cam 3-4 Ian on Hammock (Hammock is starting to creak on every swing. Took a couple of days and Ian busted up the Hammock) Ian is mumbling things to himself.. mentioning Joe’s name a couple of times. Ian’s logical mind is working hard to get out of the mist.

4:20pm Dan, Danielle and Frank Playign cards

4:13pm cam 3-4 joe and Dan
Ian tells him he’s sorry for putting him up but he had made a promise to Shane and Danielle. Joe understands. Joe starts warning him about Dan that he’s with Frank and has pulled Jenn in.

Jor says that they’re group of four needs to stick together (Shane, Danielle, Ian and Joe). Joe: ‘Jenn wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for me” Ian: “Same here”

Ian: “That’s what galls me the most.. she never took any accountability with what went down last week.. She was clamouring to get Frank sent out before the double eviction”

Joe: “Who in their right mind would keep Frank in the house right now”
Ian agrees he’s sure that Danielle and Shane will not flip their vote. Joe thinks Dan and Jenn will vote to Keep Frank meaning Ian makes the final decision. Ian has no problem sending Frank home.. can’t wait to see the look on Britney’s face when it happens.

Ian starts building up Joe.. Says that Joe is a contender to win this game.
1) He’s survived the block 4 times
2) He gives it a honest effort which is more than Jenn does
3) He won a teddy bear the first competition “That was a good litmus test”
4) The first 2 weeks he was instrumental in flipping the house

Joe: “Jenn doesn’t play the game.. she walks around and sleeps”
Ian: ‘She sleeps the entire time.. I’m going to make sure I get rid of her.. the only thing she’s done is put herself on slop for no reason.. “ Joe: “For no reason..”
Ian laughs that Jenn was walking around like she’s king Sh!t when she won the veto like she was doing something big. They both laugh about Jenn winning the Veto by default and taking the slop for no reason.

Ian: “She can go off on anyone in the house and by just saying I KEEPS IT REAL .. she acts like she can get away with it”
Ian: “Ya ya you can Keeps it real right to the jury house”
Ian and Joe both agree that they will never vote for Jenn in the final 2. Ian stress to Joe that he had a chance to win against certain people in the house. He points out that Ian is disliked by a lot of people. Joe and Ian agree that Dan wants to take Jenn to final 2 that gives him the best chance of winning. Joe says his only hope in this game is Ian.. He wants to go to final 4 with Shane and Danielle then final 2 with Ian. They plan to break up Shane/Danielle as soon as they get to final 4. Ian explains the POV competition at that point is usually face morphing or memory based. Ian goes on to explain how the competition works. (Dan had warned Danielle that this will be the critical competition that Ian wins)

Joe mentions how he really liked Britney wishes she could have stayed. Ian heads up to his HOh to grab Joe and him some pop.

4:47pm Bedroom Cam 3-4 Jenn and Frank they are getting ready to take a nap. Frank points out that Dan and Danielle are playing cards in the kitchen and Ian/Joe are playing “Bags” int he backyard. Frank: “Weird ..Dan and Danielle have been playing cards for half a hour”

Cam 1-2 cards shane, Danielle and Dan
Cam 4 Joe sleepign
Cam 3 Ian rocking the hammock mumbling

off cam Frank and Jenn sleeping.

5:51pm Hammock Ian Cam 3 Ian is riding that hammock

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Frank Is Beast

Once Frank leaves this show is gonna get boring… Ian is weird and the past two showtimes after dark he’s been talking about Pokemon cards, not enjoyable to watch at all. Danielle and Shane are just annoying, Shane is dumb as a rock and Danielle is just plain creepy stalker and how she cries all the time. Jen and Joe are basically background setting, they have no purpose in the show, they bring nothing to the entertainment value, dan won’t have to wheel and deal any more cuz he’s got it in the bag. Once frank goes, the show is over. This was a season of butt kissing and flip flopping. No good BB14, no good.


I completely agree! The show had finally started getting good.. but once Frank is gone the show will be too. Ian is so creepy and strange the things he does with all the rocking and hand noices. Danielle’s voice is like fingers oon a chalk board…. I feel almost sick thinking about anyone in the Quack Pack winning and if Joe or Jenn won.. that would be the worst BB ending in history.. just my opinion. Just hate to see Frank be used and lied to so much.

Getting bored

I so agree with this.. The past few night BBAD has been so boring and if Frank goes what is going to be left of the show. I can’t believe that all these people are believing every lie that comes out of Dan’s mouth. And I really feel bad for Frank he tried to play an honest game and has gotten totally screwed. I am sick of Dani thinking her and Shane got something going. What is wrong with her????? And I’m tired of Miss Do Nothing Jenn.


Dan keeping himself in the game made the season for me. He has woven a web of lies and has been able to keep them all on track. To me he is one of the best players up there with dr will.


It all got boring after Britney left.


Amen Ryan….Brittney was the life of the party…her Diary Room sessions were so FUNNY…I miss her

PokeManiac Dan

I don’t really like Ian, but when he starts talking about Pokemon cards on BBAD it becomes must watch TV. Even better the other night when Shane and Danielle were hanging around with Ian and Dan, then Ian left to get a beer and Danielle sternly told Dan, “Stop asking him about Pokemon!” Dan replied with something like, “It’s pretty interesting.” And then Shane, in classically indecisive fashion, came back with, “No it’s not. Well, maybe a little interesting.”

I just wish they would start talking about the games instead of the card game. The card game is pretty weak.

Maybe the best part though was Frank asking, “Squirtle…he’s the one who evolves in to Balthazar, right?”



BB Get a new producer

Ian – Buys his own lab and develops a chemical which modifies human DNA to evolve and multiply, names it IPEE (Ians Pokemon Evolution Element)

Dan – Starts a Cult, relocates to South America, puts his followers to work spamming and selling Dan’s How to books online

Frank – Invest in Boogies gym/sports/mens club scam, they both end up in prison for fraud and pimping and pandering

Jenn – moves to Haiti, buy her own radio station and only plays her music so she can can be a rock star

Joe – Opens a restraunt, Spends all his money on Attorney fees for all the laws suits against him for salmonella poisoning. Moves his family to a remote part of Canada, where no one calls him Jack e Oe

Shane – Invest all his money in real estate on the Moon and Mars, realizes it was a scam and goes to work at Mc D’s, constantly screws up everyones orders

Danielle – Buys a boyfriend, signs over power of attorney to him, He empty’s out her accounts and splits town, she then joins Dans cult in South America

bb blonde squad Brit, jani.,ashley

tht is sooo funny… lol


Ian – gets a promo deal with a hammock company
Dan – reads the posts about him, gives away everything to save his soul; wife leaves him
Joe – his kids get beat up in school; wife leaves him
Dani – Jack Nicholson calls her (enough said)
Jenn – reads the post about him, continues living exactly like she did in the BB house
Frank – goes to anger management meetings when he realizes Ian punked him in his face
Shane – wins BB, gets gig as the next Bachelor, Danielle is the final woman out of the car the greet him

Britney – gets plastic surgery from picking at her face and ends up looking like Frank
Ashley – marries Ian after he gets his deal with the Hammock company
Willie – gets in fight with Frank at the anger management meeting, Evel Dick breaks it up
Boogie – becomes an extra in Debbie does Mars
Wil – calls Shane to have drinks and to his surprise accepts his offer after Shane runs away from the Bachelor show on Day 1


That is s funny, i am cracking up,.it is so logical


Thats funny as hell! Make more!



Loved your comment. :D

We need a +1 system!


This is fantastic!


loving this and all the replies!!!!!:)


Dan- donates 1/4 of his winning to his church,another 1/4 to his football team,goes into politics and at 40 becomes the U.S. President by misting the whole country.
Danielle- Goes back to schooling as a psych major and gets her own talk show called Takes a quack to know a quack.
Ian- gets a job as a squeek tester for ACME Hammocks.
Shane- admit he’s gay and with Ian’s help creates a Fabulous pink color called Stalker pink.
Jenn- becomes a mime
Frank- ends up in prison for trying to kill AG,after he figures out it was her that actually shit on his dreams.
Joe- becomes good friends with Brendon after BB and him & Brendon get caught Skyperbating to each other,while Joe wears Rachels extensions.

Danielle's reflection

I was thinking the same about Danielle, after all it was her ex going on a dating show that started her determination to be on a TV dating show. She didn’t cut it for the Bachelor and ended up on BB. She will go back to Alabama to flaunt her winnings under her ex’s nose. He will proclaim his love for her and take want money is left, after her theropy bills once she reads these boards.

VA Vet

Frank might be right! Those idiots in that house are probably all thinking the vote will be 4-0 to evict Frank and will all decide to give Frank a pity vote making it 4-0 to evict Joe. Wouldn’t put it past them!


It will be so boring if Frank leaves…. And yeah the Pokemon thing is unbearable. I hope that little twerp is out next!


I’m not sure if I’m a legitimate fan of Dan’s or if I’ve been misted. Is there a way I can tell?


Easiest way to tell the non-misted from the misted… answer this question:

Is the Karate Kid your all-time favorite movie? Yes equals ‘Shit, I’ve been misted’. No equals ‘Thank you, Jesus. I can still be buried on sacred ground;)’.


Does it matter if it’s the 1984 Ralph Macchio original, or the 2010 Jaden Smith remake?
Oh, crap! I *have* been misted!!!!

Carol & Steve

oh my – ya’ll are cracking me up! witty comments just one of the many reasons why I love this site!


Do ya think this will be the Biggest Blindside EVER?


No. One of the other HGs or production will clue him in. If that happens, look for a meltdown.


One of Frank’s major downfalls is being too trusting in this game. He keeps trusting people that have shown him they want him out, like Shane for instance. He has nominated Frank twice and Frank still thinks the guy will keep him.

Hopefully this becomes a lesson so that when he comes back on All-Stars he does things differently.


Ian reminds me a lot of James Holmes (the batman shooter). Ian has a creepy profile, and I believe the way he’s in the BB house, he’s the same outside in the real world. I have never heard Ian in a conversation about his friends and past girlfriends since day one in BB. I take it he doesn’t have any friends or had any girlfriends. some people may think Ian has a social game in BB, but I can bet you he has zero social skills in the real world.


Actually Ian has mentioned his friends in the BBAD and I think he even mentioned some girl he picked up at a bar or some such foolishness.


Why would you ever compare Ian to someone who killed innocent people without any remorse at all? Just because Ian doesn’t talk about himself 24/7 like Danielle does not make him a psychopath? What a stupid comment.


I’m no fan of Ian’s, but comparing him to a spree killer is really uncalled for. He has mentioned several times his friends in Pittsburgh and NOLA. He is just a socially awkward, perhaps immature, guy but far from being a devil.

Thinking level headed

You know – much on this site is said in jest but statements like yours WITH ABSOLUTELY NO BASIS IN FACT could actually be considered litigious.


I think you mean actionable. In no way could that statement be described as litigious. Dumb, yes. Litigious, no.


the guy just stated his opinion. you need to calm down and just ignore people like that. it wasn’t too serious. have you heard Ian joking about 911 and the planes going in the buildings. he also made a comment that Frank would be voted off if Bin Laden was sitting next to him. get off your high horse and join the people who are revolting Dan’s usage of the bible in the house.


Ian and Dan had a conversation about some of Ian’s “ticks”, like having to constantly be in motion. They both identified it as OCD &/or ADHA. Personally, I find Ian to show a lot of classic symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome, on the Autism spectrum. Avoidance of eye contact, socially stunted/awkward, fixation on a few narrow subjects or items, “flapping” or rocking as a constant motion, and walking on toes as opposed to the “normal” heel-toe walking that most adults exhibit.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Frank is such an IDIOT !!!!! Best blind side EVER !!!


I know right! I can’t wait to see Frank walk out that door! I hate him! And the show is always boring at the end. I’m so sick of everyone who is upset that Franks leaving. He is tring to act like Evil Dick, i’m over him too! I blogged something he said last year he seen it an sent me a nasty message saying he never said it. He’s an old washed up pill of cr*p. Why would Frank act like him?


You “hate” Frank? This is only a show and you don’t know him personally. I can NOT stand Bratney and Ian, but I never said I “hate” them. The truth is, the show’s going to be BORRRRING as hell without Frank. Besides Dan, the rest of the house are just a bunch of floating, losers.


How is Dan, Ian, Dani, Shane floaters?? A floater is an HG who does not commit to an alliance and “floats” with the power in the house. Joe and Jenn are floaters not the rest of them.


Oh, sooo funny!!! The show’s going to SUCK without Frank and Ian’s the creepy idiot!!

dans bible

If you think Frank is the character of the show you don’t know entertainment to me Britney and will were the funniest people in the season frank irritated me the whole time whining like a little bitch every time he was on the block and acting like he was the king of competition whenever he won hoh seriously hes annoying


I agree !! Brit and Wil made the show. It has been so boring in the house without Britney


Frank’s Big Dream? According to daddy, Frank is a wannabe actor. He is not unemployed. His agency sent him to Florida to work P/T to promote Florida casinos. He also works in marketing for a resort in Florida. Apparently, he is really smart – on Dean’s List all 4 years of college. So, his big dream to be on BB? I would bet it has everything to do with exposure and little to do with love of the game (like Ian). If anybody wants to listen, the radio interview is at:

grow up

Yeah according to his dad only! I doubt any of this is true; just daddy trying to make is son sound impressive which he isn’t. He is trying to find someway to redeem his loser of a son to the general public. The way he has cheated and bullied and threatened everyone and his foul mouth is anyone at all surprised that he is unemployed. What employer in their right mind would hire someone like him; answer is simple no one.


Here come the Jeff/Jordan fans aka crazy cat ladies…


I’m not surprised. I could tell he was smart and well-educated by his vocabulary and the way he speaks. He also seems very knowledgeable in a number of areas. Still don’t like him, though.


Lol, it looks like Frank WILL be blindsided after all. He would have been blindsided week 3 had it not been for the twist.


Twists are tailored made for the protected class of people that BB Production Like (Jeff,Jordan,Rachel,etc.) so I’d be more surprised if Frank got booted than if he gets a save from Production.


Kinda like Final Destination. He was supposed to have been blindsided but the coach’s twist saved him.
Now the blindside is back and this time it’s taking him out for sure.

Hammock Boy

i noticed on AD last nite when Ian was rocking on the hammock, some of the wood pieces were shifting as well, so i wouldnt be surprised if it broke before the season is over…


How are the votes lying right now?


“Frank can’t wait to see the look on Ian’s Face when the Vote is 4-0”

*Face Palm*


I can’t wait to see the look on Ian’s face when it’s 4-0 to evict Frank. XD


This is like some sort of bad zombie movie. Everyone is under Dan’s control except Joe, but no one listens to Joe even though he’s the only sane one.

Dan's part time bible

You have no idea how much it hurts to agree with you on that.
I would have never figured I would ever hear and agree to the phrase “Joe is the only sane one”


hahaha … funny because it’s true


This is why we need Britney back. She wouldn’t be falling for this stuff. She’s aware of Dan’s mist.


Joe’s special hands in pants sauce makes him immune to the mist. (:


That is because Joe has told so many tall stories Dan doesn’t have to mist him.

Carol & Steve

joe is the unmistable – LOL!

btw – i’ve named my spray bottle Dan – even put a piece of masking tape with his name on it – LOL


I wish Ian would get over this vendetta he has against Jenn. He has bigger fish to fry. I know he doesn’t like floaters, but he shouldn’t let that affect his strategy in the game. At this point, Jenn is a non-issue to him unless she wins HOH (which probably won’t happen.) He needs to put personal feelings aside, open his eyes and see the mist. The last thing he needs to do is waste an HOH on Jenn.

Don’t these people see how much time Dan and Danielle spend together? For two people who are “at odds”, they are awfully chummy. Someone needs to wake up and smell the mist! If things continue to go how they are going now, Big Brother should go ahead and write the check in Dan’s name.


And this is how floaters win.

Ian has a love for the game that won’t allow him to have a floater win. He would rather trade places with Frank than to have a Floater win.

Can you blame him?

If the power players can put aside their egos for a couple of weeks and get the floaters out then they will be more comfortable going forward. But egos are egos and most people’s downfall.


But his #1 priority shouldn’t be “Make sure a Floater doesn’t win.” He needs to focus on making sure HE wins. He won’t win this game if Dan and Danielle continue to “mist” the house like they are doing right now. He’s so preoccupied with eliminating Floaters that he’s forgetting about the bigger threats in the house. Dan and Danielle are already talking about getting rid of him before the final 4. Jenn isn’t his biggest threat; Dan and Danielle are. But he won’t see that if he doesn’t up his eyes and let go of this vendetta against Jenn.

It makes no sense to get rid of floaters. By that logic, they need to KEEP Frank and get rid of Joe, which doesn’t do any of them any good. They need to take out power players because power players like Frank WILL win. I don’t think anyone’s going to be voting for Jenn to win, however.

Bottome line: Ian doesn’t need to be playing this game to make sure the winner is “someone more deserving than Jenn”. He just needs to do what he can to make sure HE’S the winner. Period.


What a bunch of idiots.They could get rid of Joe and not have to worry about him or Frank winning HOH because Joe would be gone and Frank can’t compete.That would ensure that both Frank and Joe leave on Thursday.At which point they could turn on each other if they wanted to or just take Jenn out and their all in the final four.You would think that if Dan was so smart he would know this being he’s the best player ever(not)


Are you Frank fans trying to “mist” us? There is always the Veto! If Frank stays he will win Veto after Veto after HoH…

The HGs are not as dumb as you would have us be.


Yes there is the veto,but what is one veto vs a veto and an hoh.See all the veto does is ensure Frank would stay and then Jenn leaves.That still makes it 5 on 1


If Frank somehow wins that 1 veto(which will be a fast physical comp tailored to him since its a double evic) then he is in top 5 and eligible for HOH and POV’s–he would steamroll those comps straight to T2 so the house has it right to finally dump him while they have their One chance now.

It is a no brainer to get rid of him over Joe as Joe will NEVER win anything so he is perfect to drag along. Anyone that says otherwise is foolish at best.


Doesn’t make any sense at all for them to evict a guy who can’t win shit over one that they’ve been trying unsuccessfully to take out. Now they got him where they want him and they’re idiots for taking the opportunity to take him out once and for all?
I agree with WW, he might win Veto and then they’ll feel like idiots for keeping him

bb blonde squad Brit, jani.,ashley

didnt julie chen say america may vote this time…so according to the polls looks like Frank would be staying.. I sure hope so…cuz i hate stalker riding dan and shanes coattails… get that bitch out..


Not sure about the America’s vote thing, but I have a few thoughts on the Stalker Bitch to whom you refer:

When did “Nurse Batsh*t” go from being a backwater hospital worker to the Princess of Monaco. Geez the sense of entitlement, she suddenly has self-esteem?

Did she really participate in a conversation where “UrineHands Joe” suggested she would be in Playboy as a MILF. Of course her retort was why would I have to wait to have kids…wouldn’t they want me right now. Yeah but it wouldn’t be for a MILF issue, but rather the Chubby Crazies of The South. Her page would be called Thunder Thigh’s Wild Ride In The Swamp and include blow up alligators.

The look of distain “Princess Nurse Batsh*t” has just when Frank is in the same room is something else. Like he shouldn’t even talk to her, let alone try to garner her vote for him to stay. Maybe she prefers to be told she’s dead to them to get on her good side. Actually is there a good side? If there is, it’s got to include her face buried in something so we can can’t hear her annoying whining.


I don’t remember that did she say america would be a vote or the only vote.They better hope thats not the case cause i’ll keep creating new e-mail accounts and keep registering with cbs until frank is safe.That’s how much I don’t want the qp to win


When did Julie Chen say America votes this time to keep or evict a houseguest??

just a random fam

Pop in Canada is soda to Americans.


Pop in Chicago.


I’m from Ohio and we call it pop.


Pop here in Michigan also.
It is pop in the midwest, soda in the northeast and mid atlantic states( and bits of California) and “coke” in most of the southern states.

just a random fam

Oh ok. I wasn’t sure If all of yous knew that because the last time I went to America, I ordered “pop” at a restaraunt and I completely forgot they call it soda over there. That happened more than once so “my hosts” had to correct my order. LOL.


We call it pop in Pittsburhg PA too! And rubberband is gumband. We have a ton of wrong sayings here!


Maybe Frank is not being misted by Dan. Please tell me that Frank is not that stupid. God I hope he stays.

quack-pack fan

I love how Ian is giving Joe some ‘Ian Mist’…Ian states about four facts to Joe about why Joe could possibly win BB14! Priceless Joe just looked at him in amazement and was speechless. Ian just gave Joe his BB resume because Joe was playing for second place….LOL


Frank should go now. Then Dan, Then Jenn. The final two should be Ian and Shane. Shane has been the best person in the house. Loyal, won comps, and just a really nice guy.


Him or Ian. But, Ian will make a ton of money at what ever he’s going to school for. So ya i think Shane should win toooo.


It’s no small wonder that the “mister” Dan is on 7/11 of those alliances. That’s how he wins.

Nicky Brand

These people are pretty boring since Britney left. I think she made Shane & Danielle seem more interesting than they are when she interacted with them.

bb blonde squad Brit, jani.,ashley

Danielle she just is a wanna be wife. actress. singer. oh yea her latest…. playmate… like that will ever happen.. shes not playing for money i dont think… fame too.


Guys how is Ian going to break out of the mist? I’m afraid he’s only going to break out the mist this Thursday at double eviction when he’s nominated by either Shane or Dani. And if he does not win that POV then it won’t matter that he has broken free of the mist.


Does the entire house really think Danielle is angry at Dan and that she legitimately was “dead” to him? Does anyone know the truth? I’m trying very hard to understand how they couldn’t know that was a ploy.

bb blonde squad Brit, jani.,ashley

Frank knows the truth…thats why i want him to stay to tell shane… and Shane will hate Danielle that willl be the funniest moment yet…

Nicky Brand

As hard as it seems to believe, I don’t think anyone will care. Dan just stabbed all his friends in the back, eliminating one of them, and ratted them out to their enemies. Then when the QP won HOH, he went right back to them and no one even seemed to remember what he’d done. It’s the mist!


I don’t like it but I bet Joe goes home, frank and Ian team up and get rid of Dan. Production wants Ian and frank final 2


Dan is sickening, imo. His smarmy attitude is just so stomach turning. I don’t think he made a good game move. Maybe for saving himself, but not in the real world. Frank is really disgusting. Remember how he crept up everyone’s behind? Even talking about c*ck rings, trying to connect with Will? Pfft.

Shane may be too nice for his own good, but…..he wants to help his parents..who have to borrow money for groceries. Bravo, Shane. I tell you, I’d like him, Brittany, Joe as friends. They’re honest in their own way. The rest? Scumbags. Although, I think Ian is very endearing. This is the highlight of his life, so far. And, he’s done a great job of still being around. He was the sleeper..( no threat to anyone)…….but, really smart, and, no question..he can roll to the end.

I liked Jenn……but, oy..what a lesson to be seen here. One POV, dictated to by that skanky Frank…and she thinks she’s a queen bee. Yikes.


Oh, and Frank will BLOW when voted out. That will be one angry dude. Well, he can stay with Boogers, and they can continue their romance. Ashley will be the third wheel. Did anyone else think she looked like a trannie, at times?

Ashley’s mistake was that she made a wrong turn. She was supposed to headed to Woodstock, a la seventies. Uffa…she was painful to see and hear. The makeout hippie of the season. The biggest laugh was when evicted, she almost took down Ian. :) That hug could have seriously damaged him, physically.


bb Blonde. I agree with you about Danielle. She’s ludicrous…and that makes it funny to hear her. I feel sorry for her, because when she reads the blogs..( and she WILL) she’ll be crying for the next few years.

However, the truth is going to come out. Dan and Danielle will take the heat. And, Frank should go. He’s so fake…it’s teeth grinding. As for Dan..UGH!!!

I didn’t like Joe..but, I have to say. He’s the closest to realizing what’s going on. It will drive Frank and Dan crazy to see him to snake it to the end. Lol/

bb blonde squad Brit, jani.,ashley

My favorite to win is not Frank hes okay.. i dont care who wins as long s its not Danielle…her head is wayyy to big …i have never seen someone on bb soo into herself..I heres my take I want frank to stay only because he can reveal to shane the secret that dan and dani have been fooling the house…frank knows.. Shane will get upset because thats how Britt got evicted… I believe Frank can shake the house up…thats what this house needs is some action… then Danielle ugly pathetic smile will be cries…can shaney poo will tell her to fuck off… epic

The Voices Inside Frank's head

Julie: By a vote of 3-1….
Voices in Franks head: I am so getting out whoever flipped there vote
Julie: Frank….
Voices in Franks head: Frank? Oh, she will say Frank you are safe.
Julie: You are evicted form the Big Brother House.
Frank out loud: Jules? Did I hear you right.
Julie: Yes, please grab your bags and walk out the front door.
Frank: F*CK ALL OF YOU!!!


Better than that:

Julie: By a vote of 4-0…

Frank (He, he, he! Ian’s face is going to be priceless!)

Julie: Joe, you are…

Frank (Here it comes…)

Julie: …safe. Frank you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Frank out loud: Jules? Did I hear you right.

Julie: Yes, please grab your bags and walk out the front door.

Frank: F*CK ALL OF YOU!!!



.I just read a comment saying that Julie Chen said America will get to vote,meaning Frank will stay.I don’t remeber hearing no such thing,but I thought I should ask you.Is that true?


It’s a rumour, but it’s not true, or not true yet … don’t tempt AG .. she’ll do it.


We would’ve heard about it on the live show last week, so most likely BS from a fan who refuse to except it’s over.

Carol & Steve

I didn’t here it either & I just rewatched Sunday’s show cause Steve missed it. The only thing mentioned about America voting was when recapping the HOH comp where America tweeted for a punishment or reward for the first person to drop. If it was mentioned then I missed it twice.

Carol & Steve

After watching BBAD and having to watch the continnual plugs for the shows on Showtime, it hit me that Jenn is probably a rejected cast member for The Real L Word. Just saying….

I hate Frank

I can’t wait to see Franks face when he has to leave Thur. He thinks he’s not leaving, i hope he doesn’t even pack. His face will be priceless!

Zingbot Fan

Two things I would never like to see on Big Brother again. Frank and Jesse.


might not see Frank, but Jessie will show his mug somewhere

bb blonde squad Brit, jani.,ashley

for me its Danielle and jesse…yuck


I know his FACE if Production does not cheat to save him will be absolutely PRICELESS!!! It will be almost as good as Dan’s funeral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Voices Inside Frank's head

No worries, though. I will stumble across a secret power in the house that will keep me safe.

Dan's part time bible

I think I heard him reciting Abbot and Costello’s “Who’s on first” script like Rain Man.

Someone needs to hogtie that kid to prevent him from moving. It is really fricking annoying.

Carol & Steve

the hammock will break first – LOL!!

I think they should’ve just repleaced the hammock with a couple of rocking chairs….


.How is Ian trying to break out of the mist?What is he saying to his self?


.Well in that case,it’s time for Dan to give Ian a second dose of mist.He needs to give everyone mist every hour.That way the mist won’t wear off.Lol.

Dan's part time bible

is it just me or is Danielle not wearing a bra?
Those sweater puppies are dying to escape.


I hope they do escape :P


Wouldn’t mind seein Jenn’s either…. I just wanna see some NAKEDS


“Ian starts building up Joe.. Says that Joe is a contender to win this game.
1) He’s survived the block 4 times
2) He gives it a honest effort which is more than Jenn does
3) He won a teddy bear the first competition “That was a good litmus test”
4) The first 2 weeks he was instrumental in flipping the house”

Joey Sank it FTW yo


Joey Spank it FTW yo*****

Big Game Move

Everyone Says that floaters always win. How many floaters have one out of 14?? C’mon now shake yourselves. Also, whats wrong with staying under the radar? The premise of the game is to get to the end, not win the most or make the biggest moves. The most agressive tend to always get kicked out first. Talk about idiots! Every season the strong personalities bitch and moan about floaters when they are the ones causing all the rukus and bringing the spotlight on themsleves. I also love these houseguests who say they are “huge” fans, yet declare they wont vote for Dan to win as he has already won it. Being the best player is being the best player. I lost all respect for Dani last season when she still voted against Rachel at the end because of how she felt about her. Yeah, just another example of an idiot trying to make a “big move” at the wrong time and then constantly bash people for not making a “big move”…..Im rooting for Dan, although I dont think his mist will last. I see Ian and Danielle in the final 2…..


Who Is The Worst Big Brother Winner EVER?

Season 01 – (All of them were floaters)
Season 02 – Will Kirby – Mastermind that never won a comp.
Season 03 – Lisa Donahue – Won one HOH and one veto
Season 04 – Jun Song – Created the Floater Stratagy
Season 05 – Drew Daniel – Won several comps.
Season 06 – Maggie Ausburn – Won one HOH and one veto
Season 07 – Mike Malin – Won two HOHs and one veto
Season 08 – “Evil Dick” Donato – Won two HOHs and one veto
Season 09 – Adam Jasinski – Won two HOHs
Season 10 – Dan Gheesling – Won two HOHs and two vetoes
Season 11 – Jordan Lloyd – Won two HOHs
Season 12 – Hayden Moss – Won three HOHs and one veto
Season 13 – Rachel Reilly – Won two HOHs and two vetoes

You can choose who was a floater and who was not.

bb blonde squad Brit, jani.,ashley

well i saw it on one of these blogs about americas voting…maybe it was on results network.. idk…i saw it though oh well if it a rumor …too bad,,,I dont know how stupid Danielles gonna get found out then,,,I gues AG has a fav in the show…a stalker…

Team Frank

This season honestly might be the worst ever in terms of gameplay. One person actually playing the game vs. everyone else kissing the ground Janelle and Dan walk on all summer. Pathetic, and good riddance – I won’t be watching this season anymore once Frank gets voted out.

VA Vet

You forgot to mention Frank kissing the ground that Boogie walks on.


They seem to have forgotten that fact, they forget many


Here’s some tissue, for your whining


ugh!!!! this season is the most boring-est ever!! so sick of Ian swinging on that dumb hammock maybe thats where he gets his “brilliant” idea’s who knows, the feeds are going to be super boring without Frank, everyone left in the house are a bunch of lame-o’s…..I’m done watching… will watch the finale night only =/

bb blonde squad Brit, jani.,ashley

after Fank leave do any of you know how Dan and Danis secret will come out… I f it doesnt then those two will go to finals… unfair…I want someone to spilll those beans… this shows not interesting cuz its so predictable….boring.. I dont like frank but atleast if he stayed he would spill that secret out..

VA Vet

Joe knows that something doesn’t add up. He just hasn’t connected the dots. Not sure he will figure it out and if he does, will it be in time to make a difference.

Dan is THE MAN

Simon and Dawg: I keep reading here that there will be a Double Eviction this week. Where did that come from? Did I miss something or is this just wishful thinking by some?

PS Thanks for the excellent web site. I love it!

Zingbot Fan

Can we evict Frank twice?

bb blonde squad Brit, jani.,ashley

wow if Frank leaves well have …The mastermind Dan..who will keep fooling everyone.. Shane the dumb as rocks player whos only good at comps..jenn the floaaater… joe the ok chef floater who talks more.. ian ianstien…who talks bout boring pokeman.. and last but not least.. the stalking harrasing shane…wanna be famous .. Danielle …wow Ag..good choices this year..


Prepare the site, there might be a overflow of whining, and false threats to never watch again when Frank is voted out

Big Game Move

Spilling Dan and Dani’s secret wont be as big of a deal as people think. All remaining houseguests except Joe have a 3-way deal with Dan and Dani anyways so they will basically say they dont have to pretend anymore. This is not a “game-changer” secret by any means….

VA Vet

It might make all those idiots realize just how dangerous Dan can be.

Big Game Move

Yeah but Dan and Dani together have a final 3 with everyone but Joe so they all know that Dan and Dani are cool with each other….They just dont know that what Dan said was a smoke screen….I think most will just see it as Dan trying to save his ass and not that Dan was tring to save Dani for future rounds…The secret really isnt Dan’s kryptonite..Most already know Dan is strong but they can’t see past his mist to find him and evict him…It’s just like Excalibur, When Dan calls on the Dragons breath, no one can defeat him…


Don’t forget his alliance with God…but just like all the rest he’s just using Him (or Her) too

VA Vet

Are you forgetting that Dan was about to be evicted last week. So much for all his final three’s. Everybody has deals with everybody else. The only deal that I think is solid is Dan & Danielle. Everyone else has been all over the place. Besides, once they all know how much they were suckered by Dan, they might have a change of heart.

Right now, none of them really understands what Dan did. They realize that Danielle is no longer “dead” to Dan, but they don’t have a clue as to just how Dan manipulated them. They might resent being played like a fiddle, assuming they actually realize they were.

Whatever the case, that group is so pathetic, they most likely won’t figure it out.


Frank better go home Thursday or he deserves to win everytime he is on the block they always elimante the other person like jeeZe how hard is to to get him home


Well I agree with ya’ll that the season is getting very predictable….Here is how I see this going down as far as evictions go:

Frank then
Joe then
Ian then
Shane then
Jenn in F3

Frank is a done deal. Ian would go next IF it wasnt a double eviction so Joe goes right after Frank. Ian goes next because he is the biggest comp threat with all the mentals coming up–he must win HOH or POV in f5 or he is 100% gone. F4 is a crapshoot but Shane is in the same spot as Ian–he must win HOH or POV or he will be 100% gone. If shane goes then F3 is a cakewalk vs Jenn. Dani has shown zero indication she will ever be unmisted so she will take Dan or Dan will take Dani to the finals.

F2 Dan wins 6-1 and Julie Chen along with CBS “officially” crown Dan the best BB player ever.


Ian is hands down the creepiest guy in the history of BB. His constant rocking and wired facial expressions and talking to himself is actually pretty scary. I’d bet money that Ian is a serial killer. This guy is seriously sick and twisted and I’m sorry if I sound mean, I’m dead serious about his creepiness


Please enlighten me what sick and creepy things has he done?

Dan's part time bible

He is the “bismuth killer” :)


Really? Are you kidding me? Sick and creepy? I think he may have Asperger’s (look it up). He’s a very intelligent young man who is a bit backward in his social skills probably because he was always ahead of his classmates. And I’m sure there are many ignorant people who have made him feel that he was “creepy and sick”. I think he’s coping very well and has come a long way since Day 1.

billy bob

i cant believe frank thinks he’s staying,he’s definitly in the mist, freakin dan is really a jedi,

Carol & Steve

obi dan kenobi LOL


Well, well, well.