Dan got revenge on Danielle; he took her panties, froze them and then threw them in the pool.

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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1:58pm – 2:10pm Dan comes out into the backyard with Danielle. He wrapped up her panties and frozen them. He throws them in the pool and tells her he told her he would get her back for messing up his pool game earlier. Danielle says he found my pantie drawer and froze my panties. Jenn grabs them and hands them to Danielle to throw them in the hot tub. Jenn tells her to ask BB to turn on the hot tub. Danielle says will you please turn on the hot tub so that I can unfreeze my panties? BB doesn’t do it. Danielle is sitting there defrosting them. She says it is just frozen around the crotch area, if I wore them I would just get freezer burn.

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2:25pm Danielle, Frank, Joe and Shane are in the kitchen talking about wedding rings. Dan is back out on the backyard couch working on the flag, he is trying to make a hole to get the pool cue through it. He says that by the time he is done labour day will be over. Jenn is sun tanning. Joe says that he might nap from 2:30pm to 4:30pm, but wont because Frank will be up campaigning. Joe says he might have to wait till Frank takes a nap. Frank says that he doesn’t nap from Tuesday – Thursday especially when he is on the block. Joe brings up how Janelle would stay up till 5am campaigning when the others wanted to sleep. Frank says yeah and look where that got her..



2:40pm – 3pm Frank and Jenn are talking on the couch. Frank says that he talked to Shane right after the meeting and that before he could even ask Shane said that he was going to go work on Danielle for him. Frank says that Shane wants to do a four person deal with me, you, him and Danielle. Jenn talks about how she was told Joe would put her up if he wins HOH. She wants him gone. Joe comes out and heads to the pool. Joe yells over to them and says that it’s the first time in history the same two people have been put up together. Frank talks about how he doesn’t want history to repeat itself. He says that Dan and Danielle were lying to him and if it wasn’t for the reset button I would have gone out that door. Jenn says I never did anything to Joe, he can suck it! Frank tells Jenn how he talked to Ian and Ian told him that Frank’s best chance of staying just came off the block. Frank says that he asked Ian, you don’t think I can beat Joe on the block. Frank says that he told Ian that if it comes down to a tie vote and Ian votes in my favor he would have Jenn and him (Frank) working for him. Jenn says that she really doesn’t understand why Joe has beef with her. Frank says that Dan told him that once he is off the block he needs to start winning s**t. They talk about how untrustworthy Joe is. Frank says that if you tell Dan you are on board with the four of us then it will really lock him down. Jenn says that she thinks its hilarious that Joe thinks I have a deal with Dan and that’s why he wants me up. Frank says its funny all these motherf***ers wanted me out and now they vote for me to stay. The vote out a guy that has won nothing over me who has won everything. Frank says keep the cool kids in if you want to, we will gut you like pigs when we want to. Frank says can you imagine Britney’s face when Joe walks into the jury house and says he was on the block against Frank and he stayed with a 4-0 vote. Frank asks Jenn who she would put up if she won HOH. Jenn says Ian and Shane, but that she would make it clear to him that she wants Ian out. Frank wonders if it would be better to put up Ian and Dan. Jenn says Ian’s time here is up. Frank agrees. Dan joins them to work on the flag some more. Jenn heads inside.


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What do you all think each of the remaining HG’s would do first with the prize money if they won Big Brother? Off the bat, here’s what I’m thinking:

Dan- A chunk would go to building a massive collection of Karate Kid and Ralph Macchio memorabilia, another chunk to ‘anonymously’ commissioning a bronze statue of himself to be placed in front of the school he coaches at.

Joe- He’ll hire a private investigator to find the home addresses of several of the Food Network’s main players, then blow the other half slipping them bribes in exchange for a spot on ‘Chopped’ or ‘Iron Chef America’. Or…. he’ll open Joe’s Turkey and Parmesan Palace, just off the interstate highway and farm road intersection, boasting the world’s largest all-turkey, all-you-can-eat buffet. For 9.99, you can choose from an endless selection of tasty turkey burgers, turkey dogs, turkey pizza, turkey tartare, turkey meatballs and spaghetti, turkey egg rolls, and for the more adventurous, turkey sushi and sashimi. The clincher will be the employees, who have to wear ridiculous costumes and end every sentence with the word ‘gobble’. For example… ‘Welcome to Joe’s Turkey Palace, home of the second runner of up episode 180 of Chopped, gobble gobble! What can we get you today, gobble gobble?’.

Jenn- She’ll finally be able to afford to have the other side of her head styled, too (Boom, Jenn City be stylin’ full style for once,yo!), but after that, she’ll spend a few thousand having all the weirdly-situated empty spots of bare skin on her body filled with new tattoos, starting with the BB Logo over her throat, surrounded by prison-inmate quality smaller tats of musical notes, barbed wire, and teardrops. After that, I see a trip to the Sunset Strip for a hardcore clothing shopping spree, followed by Home Depot, for the same reason.

Ian- This kid, I guarantee you, will be swimming in Bismuth, Radio Shack robot parts, and hammocks for life.

Danielle- She’ll immediately give Shane a hundred grand, Britney and Dan 50K each, then spend the rest on whichever plastic surgeon can make her look most like Kara.

Shane- At least five figures will be spent on hair care products and hot pink power tools. The rest will be spent on legal fees and a 24-hour personal security team, both aimed at keeping Danielle from making reality of her post-finale night promise to ‘seal our souls forever in blood and fire, y’all’.

And Frank… Easiest one for me to envision out of all of them. First thing he buys… an early 70’s model flat black Chevy Malibu or Chevelle (complete with zebra seat covers and dice hanging from the rear view mirror), whichever one will allow him to score more high school chicks. After that, a few thousand go towards securing a copyright on the term ‘on the reg’, followed by development of ‘Frank’s Best’ brand hemorrhoid cream. The rest is spent on a ‘super tricked out, yo’ doublewide with all the amenities, including above ground pool, waterbed, shag carpet, propane grill, trampoline, and a shrine room filled with shitloads of candles, homemade tee shirts, an altar, and wall to wall photos of Mike ‘Boogie’.

Please, please, please add your own ‘envisioning’ here, because I have no doubt you’re all going to have me laughing my ass off!!:)



Oh-my-gawd Eripaul…you’re hilarious and oh so on point with most of ’em.


Thanks:) Feel free to insert your own additions!!!:)


crying towels for everyone at the reunion party that say APREESH! on them



Zingbot Fan

I think Joe would spend the money on developing a product to get stains out of socks.


LMAO!!!! And how much you bet he’d get rich off it? Good one!!!!:)

The Man

Joe would become one of the biggest investors for adult self-help materials in the magazine, video AND self-help masturbatory tools segments of the business.

His company could be called “Joe Boner” witht he slogan, “for the experienced night experience”


I would name the company: “Joe’s Pulled Pork”, with the slogan, “You can’t beat his meat!”


Joe: Endorsement deal from Purell.
Ian: Endorsement deal from Nair.
Dani: Free counseling from Dr. Drew.
Frank: Brita (personal) filtered water bottle Endorsement deal.
Shane: Gay Magazine Model sensation
Dan: Offer to join Penn State’s Coaching Staff

quack-pack fan

Very funny! I’ll add a few more…

Frank: In a gesture of good will – he gives money to Mike Boogie to help pay his legal fees

Joe: Buys a restaurant and installs a big sign in all restrooms “All Employees, Except Joe, Must Wash Hands”

Danielle: Moves next door to Shane and comes over every day to ask him how much he likes her and how beautiful she is. Shane moves away in one week but Danielle keeps coming over every day for 5 years.

Shane: Poses for Playgirl wearing nothing but a pink bow tie – followed by extensive dermotology treatments for dry leathered skin

Dan: Introduces a man’s cologne called “Dan’s Mist”

Jenn: Spends entire prize on advertising that she was actually on BB14

Ian: Gets a TV role as “Ian the Science Guy” and becomes famous


Yes, yes, yes!!!! This is what I’m talking about!!!! Brilliant!!!!

I hate Frank

You guys are funny as F**k!


Eripaul,That was so funny!! Add pooka shells (in hot pink) to Shanes business.

Eric CA

OOh this is a fun one.

Joe: Would open his chain of Restaurants… Powerhouses Chicken Chokers, with Secret Sauce

Danielle: Would use it to finance her brilliant new App’s “STALKER” where it shows you the location of the person you are stalking at all times of the day. Her other App is game called “She Called Me Fat”, where you can download pictures of people you don’t like and shoot them out of cannons into things like Volcanoes or Acid Baths.

Shane: Skin care and mirrors. He may start his own clothing line “Pink Men”, masculine fashion for manly men that like wearing Pink.

Ian: Financing his education and paying bills. Whats left goes into “Ian’s Rocking Hammocks.”

Jen: Paying people to listen to her band.

Dan: Practical Items, or Financing his new book “The Bible According to Dan”


wish you can put all of the above on the Official Big Brother website. You are all soooo clever…Love your delivery


around 1:30 Dan and Ian were playing pool and Dan said to Ian you are on meds right? and Ian said no, I’m taking pills/medicine for my problem that I have and Dan said Oh right, THEN production switched the camera real quick to the hot tub. I’m thinking Ian is a bedwetter….Anyone who has the feeds can go back and check the scene.


Ian actually said it was regarding his “stemming,” which is the rocking, soothing motions he does. I did not know if it was a cover for something else, though, as he did change the subject on the meds when talking to Dan.


Oh my God, I straight up love the shit out of you guys. The shit I’m seeing in my head now, thanks to the new visuals you posted… I don’t know whether to thank you or get therapy;)

I Vote To Evict Ian

ERIPAUL: Your post is best of the season. You are hilarious.

I gotta add to it. I think the remaining houseguests will all write books.

Dan: a self-help book called, “How to Become a Hypocrite in One Summer.”

Frank: an erotica book, “Rock Me Hard on the Block Yo!”

Joe: a BB cookbook entitled, “Beat It: Joe’s Hand-Made Pleasures”

Danielle: a memoir of course, “All About My Big Thighs aka The Jaws of Life.”

Shane: another memoir because he can’t think for himself, “Just Me and My Pink Panties.”

Jenn: a biography, “The Tales and Trauma of a Tattooed Washed-Up Wannabe Rockstar”

Ian: a textbook that quickly goes out of print due to low sales and interest, “The Scientific Approach to Comedy Gold.” and a memoir, “101 Reasons Why Bismuth Turns Me On More Than Women.”


ROTFLMAO…. am I wrong in admitting that I’d probably buy all of these books? LMAO!!! Great job!!!:)


Dan knows Danielle likes to get attention from the guys. Evil Genius.


Frank deserves to leave for trusting Dan. He should slap Ian across his smart ass mouth on his way out

bb blonde squad Brit, jani.,ashley

grossss bb please sterilize that freezer people have to get ice outa there…


EWWW I just thew up in my mouth. I actually hate the word panties. Pair that with Danielle eww just thew up again.

Joe's champagne room

Dan starts a church to avoid paying taxes
Ian spends half on chemistry sets and the other half on hookers
Danielle rents Shane as a gigolo
Shane spends his on airfare to fly back and forth to Hollywood casting couch sessions with gay men
Frank buys a beachfront condo, a surfboard and a marijuana repository
Jenn spends her money recording a new album and then buys all the copies so she can have a hit
Joe buys a real doll a life supply of fleshlights and baby wipes.


LOL Franks sounds best…


The Dan comment about starting a new church is my favorite, LOL!!!!

bb blonde squad Brit, jani.,ashley

I have this feeling Franks got secrets too…He seems like a cage fighter…he looks like he knows how to box.. when he was showing Dani moves .. idk…thers more to then we know…


Franks father is Sidney Eudy, a.k.a. WWF/WCW wrestler from the 1980s Sid Vicious (also known as Sid Justice and Psycho Sid).

bb blonde squad Brit, jani.,ashley

mayb when he walks out the house he can punck Dan in the mouth,,,epic moment


I want Dan, Dani or Ian to win HOH in the double evictions! – Shane has to go!

bb blonde squad Brit, jani.,ashley

never mind bb you should just throw out the whole freezer and replace it with a new one…we are talking about Danis Nasty panties here…


i’m wondering if Joe came across those panties in the freezer while preparing a meal…pun intended



Ben D

Double evictions are dangerous for strong players…except this year when Ashley and probably Joe go home via double eviction night…wow

The New Flowerhouse

Joe starts a camp for under privileged youth where they get all you can eat slop burgers made to order and they spend their days hauling bricks back and forth and we all know what the lessons at night entail.

The New Flowerhouse

Danielle gives all of her money to Dan (half because he earned it for her) and the other half is to have use his old school catholic dehomofication techniques on Shane so they can live happily ever after.


Couple of comments:

1) Frank’s dad said that he is a really good wrestler – knows his stuff (not the professional style wrestling)

2) Joe’s claim that this is the first time two people have been on the block together more than once is true if you are talking post veto – however, this wouldn’t be the case if they hadn’t voided Shane’s noms. Pre-veto, Rachel and Brendon were up against each other twice in BB12.

3) For being a self-proclaimed expert on the BB game, Frank has got to win the award for being the most gullible.


Agree 100% on #3. Frank said it him self the same people who have hated him from the start are all of the sudden wanting him to stay. How does he not smell something fishy about that? In many ways Frank is a good player, but he sure does lack common sense.


You guys are forgetting how delusional Frank is. He has convinced himself that he is the greatest player in BB history and if Dan can come back from the dead with a funeral then he can stay in the house without doing anything.


Frank is insecure in the game by himself. He has to have someone to team with or else his flaws show through. I always liked it when Boogie would say something then Frank would repeat it a little later and act like the idea was his. He’s not as good at the game as he thinks.

Nicole N.

Where do you guys think Danielle’s loyalty lies to Dan or Shane? I know shes gagaga eyes over Shane but I believe she told Dan at one point she would pick him over Shane and now she’s telling Shane she would pick him over Dan.


Obviously Shane over Dan


I think she’s smart enough to know she can beat shane in the final 2, while she’d be trounced by dan. She’ll use her crush on shane as an excuse to cut dan loose if she has the opportunity.


Omg, toss up. The obvious Daddy issues she has convinces me that ultimately she’ll ditch Shane for Dan, but then again, being seen as a sexually desired person is just as important to her, in which case Shane is the one she’ll continue to stalk to the finale;) Then again, I’m forgetting about the part of her that actually isn’t massively f’d up and is thinking about game over everything, something from her we’ve seen only tiny hints of here and there during her time in the BB house. Ultimately, if the choice is hers, Danielle is going to do whatever she thinks will make her feel best about herself. I’ll go out on a limb and predict that she’ll throw Shane under the bus before she does Dan. Daddy issues.


Definitely Shane, girls have to stick together


Well, i guess dan voting frank out isn’t a dishonest move after all since frank is plotting to get him out so much for franks word or is dan the only one suppose to keep his word


Except Frank isn’t a teacher at a Catholic school who swore on the Bible with a final two deal with Dan. I’m not upset at Dan for lying even swearing on his marriage or dead grandfather’s chain, hey it’s BB it happens. I just think it’s extremely hypocritical and exemplifies the major problem with organized religion, Christianity or otherwise, that you can use it when it’s convenient for you and/or preach at other’s to fix their problems but then swear on the Holy Bible and break that promise to get a little further on a game show.


The trick is though, Dan said he would swear on them, but never did except in reference to his throwing the quack pack under the bus


How does joe think he will get a job when he doesn’t even wash his hands after going to the bathroom and playing with himself. If he has a job already he may get fired.


No Danielle would buy a cabin in the middle of no where with no mirrors n hire a couple of guys to kidnap Shane n tie him up in the cabin….she will do this with or without the half of million


That kind of reminds me of that movie Misery, when that lady keeps the author she is obsessed with in her cabin. His leg is broken and she keeps it breaking it and he is totally freaked out…..I forget how it ends though. It takes place in the Maine woods not unlike Vermont woods.

Frank's gone?!? Bwahahahahahahahahaha


This just in….CBS to send in Hazmat to sterilize BB house! Stay tuned to see if show goes on!

tennis elbow Joe

Joe could start the best little whore house in Kentucky and run it by hand untill he can get some girls.


Frank is so arrogent the fact he hasn’t even considered they r planning him proves when they vote against him he will deserve it.


Frank deserves to go home, if he honestly thinks Joe is going to go home 4-0.


LMFAO @ the look on Jenn’s face while holdin Dani’s ice cold panties,,, she havin fantasies yo


When did “Nurse Batsh*t” go from being a backwater hospital worker to the Princess of Monaco. Geez the sense of entitlement, she suddenly has self-esteem?

Did she really participate in a conversation where “UrineHands Joe” suggested she would be in Playboy as a MILF. Of course her retort was why would I have to wait to have kids…wouldn’t they want me right now. Yeah but it wouldn’t be for a MILF issue, but rather the Chubby Crazies of The South. Her page would be called Thunder Thigh’s Wild Ride In The Swamp and include blow up alligators.

The look of distain “Princess Nurse Batsh*t” has just when Frank is in the same room is something else. Like he shouldn’t even talk to her, let alone try to garner her vote for him to stay. Maybe she prefers to be told she’s dead to them to get on her good side. Actually is there a good side? If there is, it’s got to include her face buried in something so we can can’t hear her annoying whining.


Frank thinks the vote will be 4-0 to evict Jenn ???? LOLOLOL!!


Frank thinks he is in an alliance. While he has not lied, everyone has lied to him constantly. He unfortunately is too trusting. This is the second alliance to turn their back on him.


I have no idea she seems to be playing both but i don’t think she has chosen danielle is probably hoping one of them leave so she doesn’t have to chose. If she wants to win she has a better shot against dan he won already dani can’t win against shane. If they get to the final 3 she will let them decide because either way the are each taking her.


I think she would choose Dan over Shane cause shes desperate and Shane wont give her a pickle tickle.


Has Ianblb used his Veto yet ? . Jenn wants him out so bad and as much as I appaud his courage for playing Big Brother I am pretty certain some form of Autism or adult ADHD I would like him gone too . I have worked with people developmental disablies for over 36 years and also have 16 year old son with Autism . Watching Ian’s behavior’s is like watching my son on TV . The rocking back and forth is call self – stem . It’s a relaxation when individuals with ADHD sometimes do and individauals with Autism frequenly do ,like my son . The other thing is social skills are poor, difficultly to control anger and impulse control . The big thing that Ian does that my son and individuals with Autism do is self talk . This is another form of self -stem or self stimulation to calm own self down at times . Even knowing all this I still want Ian out the door because the person who through under the bus he does’nt angry with Dan yet he cant understand why Frank was so angry . And really if you look at it frank sees it is because of what gossip girls and everyone else have said about him since day one . They never liked him, Danelle , Brit And Janelle all talked about his looks his hair everthing just real low class stuff ,like Boogie, where would just smile or laugh . Frank more likely gets that abilty to roll that stuff off and his self confidence that everyone hates from his father because The WWE is all about insulting each other ., and his Dad got the it all the time ,crazy man loved him !!!!!!!!! Anyway , So Ian listens to Brit the person who totally lied about Willie about what Frank said and then never told Willie what she did instead telling her team Frank lied and Willie shutup . Im sure if Ian saw this he’ed have a much different feeling about her . No suprise to me she was like that her season . So please if Ian has use up his veto let this double eviction send him to his special lady as he calls Brit and he can have both Ash and Brit all too him self ,heck one would think hed put himself there for that fantasy . Would not need to Stem there ,no way ……….


Dan never swore on the bible for a final two with Frank, he swore he was telling the truth about the quack pack. That’s how dan gets around things. That guy is good.


Dan – a new bible
Danielle – a stay in the mental institution
Ian – a room next to Danielle in the psycho ward equpped with a rocking horse
Joe – silky smooth hand cream
Jenn – some new clothes
Frank – beano
Shane – Tide for colors – don’t want the hot pink shirt to fade


Who busted that middle aged over-weight man whacking it?????

mary schmidt

I cant stand anyone left in the house. Dan makes religion look so bad-he reads the bible but doesnt practice it. He lied to Frank on the bible , his wife, and his grandfather’s jewelry then said it ok because its a game yet hes the first to but down the others for lying. Poor ashley lied to try get further in the game and everyone turned on her. Dani is jealous of every girl and only wants to talk about herself. I do like shane but he talks about everyone and he doesnt even know if the information is true. Jenn thinks she is the greatest (NOT) and thinks ashley liked her, please, ashley cuddled with dani too as did brittany. Joe just starts trouble- he couldnt mind his own business and told jenn before ashley had a chance to talk to her. I cant stand back stabbers and he just goes were the power is but yet talks about everyone else loyalty. Ian turned on ashley – they could of went far together instead he went with nosey brittany who was in everyone business and thoughts she was the greatest always putting people down. Frank tried to be honorable ????????? Dani starts it – lets tell all the stuff people said about the other houseguests (not me Ill leave those comments out) so i look good and make sure their lies in there too so I look even better, and if theyre evicted then i can really tell bad stuff true or not about them because theyre not there to defend themselves. The people left in the house are bunch of losers. Just give dan the money so sad. Miss Will, Miss Ashley and yes alittle of me misses Willie.