Frank tells Dan he needs to just use the veto on him because there are only 6 people left, so why not?!

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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12:30am Frank is in the backyard shooting hoops with Joe and Shane. Ian and Dan are in the backyard playing pool, while Jenn and Danielle are sitting on the backyard couch. Danielle asks Jenn what she should do with the Shane situation. Jenn replies by saying we are always talking about Shane. Danielle tells Big Brother to give them something new to talk about and to give back their junk food. Danielle talks about the guys in the house and says that although they’re various ages, they’re all the same. Jenn agrees with her. Danielle tells Jenn that there is only 3 things you have to do to make men happy, feed them, screw them and let them have the remote control. Jenn adds and let them think they’re smart every once in a while. Jenn and Danielle start talking about random things. Jenn tells Danielle that her guy friends thought for sure that Jenn would wrangle one of the lovely ladies in Big Brother house.

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Frank heads inside and talks to Dan at the kitchen table. Frank asks Dan why doesn’t he just use the veto on him? Frank says that they are making him nervous in the diary room. Dan asks why? Big Brother cuts the feeds. Frank asks Dan, you’re positive we have Danielle’s vote right? Dan says that he feels pretty good about it. Frank tells Dan that he needs to just use the veto on him because there are six people left so why not. Dan says that it exposes them and puts a big bull’s eye on the both of them. Frank says that no one will beat us though. Frank heads out of the kitchen. Dan says to camera that you guys are messing with my game.

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1:20am Shane, Frank and Joe are in the backyard talking about the veto ceremony. Joe says that it should be around 11am tomorrow. Shane says that he heard the veto won’t be used. Frank asks Shane so you heard it’s not going to be you as a replacement nominee? Shane says that’s what I heard but I don’t know what Dan is going to do. Frank says that Dan is so cryptic. Shane says that the only reason I think he may use it is because Jenn used it on him last week. Joe tells Frank and Shane that if the POV is used that Ian told him that he will be going up but that he isn’t the target. Frank says that he thought it could be used on me so we can keep Joe safe but… Shane asks so you asked him if he would use it on you? Frank says that he has joked around about it but no. Shane says that they can pull Danielle but he isn’t sure if Danielle will vote Dan’s way or Shane’s way. Shane says that Danielle told him that she will never ever work with Dan again. Joe says that the only thing he worries about is that Jenn feels too comfortable. Frank says that he doesn’t think she is. They continue to talk about the veto competition.


1:40am Frank and Jenn are whispering. Frank tells Jenn that he thinks he (Dan) is going to use it. Jenn agrees. Frank and Jenn talk about how they hope that Dan really is working with them. Jenn says that she is worried about Dan backstabbing her like he did Danielle during his funeral. Frank says that he is worried that he is going to be voted out this week. Jenn says that she wants to get Ian out so bad she can taste it! She says that she just doesn’t see anyone putting him up at this point. Frank tells her that Shane said that Ian said the Veto would not be used but Joe told him that Ian confirmed if the veto does get used Joe is going up. Frank says that we just have to trust the fact that Dan really wants to work with us which sucks. Frank says that they have to think about the fact that Dan was probably super nervous about whether or not Jenn would actually use the veto last week too. Frank says that he asked Dan about it and Dan said don’t worry, no surprises. Frank says that he told Dan that if he doesn’t use the veto then Dan still has Joe and Shane coming after him. Dan joins them. Frank asks him if he is confident about Danielle’s vote? Dan asks have you talked to her? Frank says no. Dan says that Ian doesn’t want him to use the veto. Frank says that Shane told him that Danielle will never work with Dan again. Dan says what’s the worst case scenario with the vote, two to two? Frank says yeah. Dan says you think that’s a done deal? Frank says yeah. Dan asks what their other options are. Frank says that Shane is really the only person they need to not win HOH next week. Dan says that they can talk tomorrow morning. Dan leaves. Frank says what worries him about Dan is that he may use the veto on Jenn and then act like he tried to get the votes for Frank but couldn’t.
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2am Ian, Shane and Danielle are talking up in the HOH room. Ian tells them what he will say to Dan during the veto ceremony when Dan uses the veto. He says that he will tell Dan that he doesn’t understand why he always feels the need to stir the pot in the house. Ian says that then he will tell Joe to pop a squat. Ian says it will be comedy gold time. Ian asks if its Joe versus Jenn in the final two who do you vote for? Ian says that he would vote for Joe to win. Danielle says that there is no way that is going to happen. She says that would make her sick! Ian says that he wishes he would have gotten a Diamond Power of Veto in Pandora’s box because he would vote out Jenn next week. Ian asks what if Frank has a coup d’état? Danielle says he doesn’t because he wouldn’t be acting so sick if he did. Dan joins them. Ian asks Dan if he is going to use the veto on Jenn? Dan says yeah, is everyone okay with that? They all say yes. Shane and Ian agree that Frank got a fair shot at the veto. Ian asks Dan if he found out who Jenn would nominate if she won HOH. Dan says no, she wouldn’t say. Danielle and Shane say that they think Jenn would put up Joe and Ian. Ian asking Dan if it’s a Jenn and Joe in the final two who would he vote for? Dan says that he would change his name and go into witness protection. Dan heads back down stairs. Shane also leaves soon after.


2:20am – 2:50am Dan heads into the kicks bedroom where Joe is laying in the dark. Joe says that Dan chased me in here as soon as I went to bed! Dan says this is Dan. Joe tries to cover what he just said. They are both quiet. Shane joins them. Dan says Joe that’s who you wanted to talk to… Dan then tells Shane that Joe was talking to him, thinking I was you. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Frank asks Danielle if Dan uses this veto tomorrow, I still have your vote right? Danielle says probably. Frank says you had me there for a second, do you think I can get Shane’s vote? Danielle says that she thinks so. Frank asks have you figured out whose back you have more, Dan or Shane? Danielle tells him no to ask her that. Frank tells Danielle that he has been nominated so much that he just worries that it will catch up with him one day. Frank tells Danielle that she needs to start thinking about who she would pick between Shane and Dan. Danielle says she knows. Frank tells Danielle if she throw it to Jenn, Dan or Shane then she doesn’t have to worry about who to nominate. Danielle tells him not to worry about the votes. Frank and Danielle head to bed. Frank goes into the stereo room and tells Jenn that he talked to Danielle and she is good. He then tells her the rest of the conversation he had with Danielle.

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9:25am All the house guests are still sleeping..


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“Frank says that they are making him nervous in the diary room. Dan asks why? Big Brother cuts the feeds.”

Uh huh. I suppose the next best thing to letting Frank figure out what’s going on is to straight up tell him in the DR.


the next thing that will happen is that frank will be saved on a special, miracle power that falls from heaven into the BY when only franks outside.

Nicky Brand

I’m not sure how, but I think there will be a special twist to save him if it becomes clear he can’t flip the votes. It’s starting to look like WWE.


Just like last season-Rachel and Jordan’s special power. The whole ‘production rigged’ idea isn’t new. Who knows how long this has been going on.


I agree. BB is protecting Frank just like they do all their favorite players. I’m not too upset by it though since Frank is a player in the game (He wins when he needs to,granted the games are sometimes tailored made for his specific physical skill sets).

I would be shocked if he got voted out. Production more than likely has already concocted some ‘game changer’ to keep him safe. They want either a Frank v Ian or Dan v Frank in the finale. Either way,they definitely want Frank in one of those seats.


On a side note, I know it rarely ever rains in Southern California,but really? Not once in all the seasons of this show has there ever been so much as a rain shower. Are they really outside exposed to the elements or on a giant set (both indoors and out)?


Well, they tried to let him figure it out on his own …. not happening. The problem is that Frank seems to need a two week study course on what is going on in the house right now.


So sick and tired of bb playing the game for frank. If he’s stupid enough to believe everyone then let it be, they always give him an edge… Watch Thursday he will magically find the diamond POV….. It’s BS


Why surprised? They let Frank cheat all the way through the game and even helped him to do with almost no consequences so I am not surprised that Production is trying to get Dan to use the veto on the cheater. Just hope Dan does not fall for Production’s constant interference in the game and vote to get the red headed orange hairy beast out on this Thursday and stop screwing with Dan’s game production. Dan all the way!!!!


anonymous, do you think that Dan practicing the catholic faith and playing the game are two
different ideas and Dan should not be called a “Judas”?


I don’t think that his religion has anything to do with the game. They can call him what they want but he isn’t an apostle so it doesn’t matter. My comment was just about the constant support from production to frank and it’s annoying.

Zingbot Fan

Production telling Frank about Dan is bogus. They are doing all they can to save Frank. Don’t be surprised when they change the rules again to save Frank.


we can only hope.

I Vote To Evict Ian

I hope so. I hate to see Frank go. The show will be even more boring…if that is possible. It’s a snooze fest.


I have to disagree i do like frank but this is a game and if bb starts cheating for a player then what is the point of anyone wanting to play this game it one thing to throw wrenchs to give certain players an adavantage but at this point the only way they can save frank is if they tell people how to vote then this stops being a game and they should just give frank the check


It’s not just a game,its a television show first and foremost.


BB has been cheating all summer long for Frank to stay in the game. Get real BB production most of America wants Frank gone as they are sick and tired of either production cheating for him or him admitting that he cheated. Once he cheated he should of been sent packing so send him home on Thursday and make it a game for contestants that do not Cheat to win once again!!! Frank get to steppin your way out of the BB HOUSE!!!


I guess if Frank couldn’t cheat in the Veto then Production has to cheat for him. Sad really.


One thing is different this season than Dan’s season 10. It’s that he’s losing jury votes left and right by his actions. Soon,. he’s got to cut Shane, Danielle, Joe and Ian. They won’t vote for him unless he takes Jenn to the end. Dan loses to JOE ( I know., but it’s the edit). Joe, has lied and done just as a good job as Dan in getting himself off the block 3 times and he’s just a swing vote like Dan is so far. Joe wins some pot luck HOH, then Dan is gone.


Never say never everyone has done some lying and horrible things to save themselves but when players are in the jury they act differenly and look at the players differently not to mention alot of the stuff that we know dan did they won’t. Look at season 2 dr.will won even though the whole house hated him and said they would never vote for him. I think they will look at more game play then personal the only thing that would be against him is that he won already so giving him another 500k might be a stretch but to be honest i don’t think that dan is doing it for the money i think he wants to actually win for the sake of winning because clearly he doesn’t need it.

Danielle's engulfing rectum

A Ouija board told my mom that she was going to marry a man named Dan …. and it happened y’all !! … It’s dark magic.


“engulfing rectum”????


NEVER change your name. CLASSIC!


Joe is the best player out there. He is not a floater, and has the greatest social game. Team Joe Yo!!!! I wish I could meet him so we could be grillin buddies ;) Yeehaw!!


Do you realize that if Joe win’s, the strategy of never washing your hands after using the bathroom, loud and obnoxious DR sessions, two shirt wardrobes, and nightly pud-pulling sessions will be elevated to that of Evil Dick’s and Dr. Will’s in the pantheon of Big Brother history.

Chubby, soup kitchen chefs across the southeastern United States will take to the streets, shouting “Yes we can, yes we can”


Yall think somebody gotta do big moves in order to win the game. I will say this to everybody who thinks Joe shouldnt win “Playin Possum Confuses the Predator!!!” Joe is the POWERHOUSE POSSUM!!! All he needs to do is keep playing like that, until all the players are gone, and then he’ll win that check. Yall are fools to believe Joe shouldn’t win. Know the game baby.


I hope that is a joke because he is the worst player to have played bb he has no alliences, he has not won anything and probably will be out soon there is no way he will win this game


It ain’t no joke, Joe is the POWERHOUSE POSSUM!!! and he will win baby, you watch! TEAM JOE!


Do you understand the definition of a floater? In the dictionary it says: JOE


Let me define it for you Floater= NOT JOE!!! Just wait and see, he’ll win this!


Looks like the DR is telling Frank he might be goin home-shocker!!! Feeds cut while he was telling Dan. Smh


Frank man….your more gullible than me! Lol….they are gonna vote you out man…sadly I am a Frank fan and I am not afraid to admit it..his back been against the wall since day 1…why? Causse Janelle brainwashed people into thinking Frank is a huge target when in reality Dan is too..if people would just stop nominating him every week he would not win comps when he needs too..don’t believe me? Look at the veto..he didn’t win..why? Cause he feels safe and its sad that Danielle, Shane ,Ian and Danny boy gotta play him cause he didn’t do much to them as they have done to him..he put Danielle up twice cause he had too, he put up Shane once because he had too because Willie left, and he never put Ian up and could of even if he had the other veto but he didn’t! So have the balls to tell him its over for him, you had a good run but you don’t have the vote. As a Frank fan I can admit that he is being dumb right now these people wanted you out week 1..nothing will change and I do admit his social game just sucks cause he would of been gone in stead of Janelle but Boogie did all the talking. Anyways..I hope some way some how Frank can stay. If he has some kinda power I would laugh my ass off when the little rats scramble! Frank ftw!!


I highly doubt it if he had a power america would have had to vote to give it to him and we didn’t get a vote for that bb telling him this was to throw a money wrench and cause some drama but i don’t see how he can be saved. To honest yes dan is threat but so is frank he wins a lot and they have the opportunity to get rid of a player that they probably won’t be able to do again so why not get him out while they can. I think they all would be really stupid not to take him out if any of them want to win this game


Damn Frank!


Well frank fans – you can’t say BB is not trying to help him – while I do not care who wins – I wish by the time we’re down to low numbers that BB would keep out of it and let the chips fall where they may….


If i was frank as soon as the votes are in and he goes tell ian dan ratted out the quack pack and that is why britney is gone


They already know that! Dan told them he was sorry but he had no choice they had written him off and he had to take one last shot to stay Ian and shane told him that they understood so i don’t know what frank could tell them. Dan is smart he told them everything so it couldn’t be used against him the only thing they don’t know is that danielle and dan are still working together but frank doesn’t know that either the only person that could do damage to dan’s game is danielle because she knows everything he has done


OK that’s funny. Joe just got busted playing all the sides. That should put him pretty high on the evict list with Dan. Shane too, most likely, because he will probably see Shane as working with Joe.

Here is how I look at each person’s best final 2:

Ian: honestly, if Ian is in the Final 2 he would probably win over Danielle, Shane, Joe or Jenn. Dan he could possibly beat, but only because Dan has won before and Britney is in the Jury. Against Frank, it is a toss up but could still possibly win just because so many people found Frank obnoxious.

Joe: His ONLY chance of winning it is against Jenn because they were pretty much equally useless. Yes, Jenn did win a competition and took down Dan, but she only won because Frank was disqualified and before that no one knew she was there. At least everyone knew Joe was there from day one. He didn’t win anything, but he came close once or twice. Joe’s game was scheming and he did go up quite a few times to make it through and not always as the pawn like Jenn was.

Danielle: I am pretty sure she could win against Joe and Jenn. I think Ian would beat her out because his comp wins are more recent and if Frank goes today, he will have been responsible for Frank and Ashley leaving and have a big part in Boogie leaving. Up against Frank, she won’t win. Even the people who now say they would not vote for Frank, once they cool off in jury they will see his resume is a lot better than hers. If she is up against Dan, I think he will bring up the fact that the only way Danielle made it to the end is because he coached her (which is very true) and he protected her. I think Dan would win.

Shane: He would beat Joe and Jenn hands down. Up against Ian, it depends. Shane still won more comps and Ian annoys a lot of people. Against Danielle, I think he wins as long as the girls do not vote for Danielle just to say a girl won. Up against Frank, hard to say. They both won a lot of comps. It might come down to who they like more. I would give the slight edge to Frank though, if people get over their personal feelings. Against Dan, Shane would have a decent shot just because everyone knows how badly Shane’s family needs money (economy has been brutal on hose flippers) and Dan has won it before. With Shane, it is hard to tell how people will vote.

Frank: His biggest problem is how he treats people. They tend to not like bullying. Against Joe and Jenn, I think it is a lock he wins. Against Danielle, it depends on if the girls vote for a girl or not. Against Shane, harder to say. Frank’s likability might play in here. Shane was a physical threat like Frank but without belittling and attacking people. Against Dan, the only way Frank wins is if people don’t want to give the money to Dan twice.

Dan: There is always the possibility that anyone against Dan wins just because they don’t want him to get the money twice. Now, if people vote on game play, Dan beats Joe, Jenn, Danielle and maybe Shane considering he was such a threat. Against Frank, it could go either way but I think Dan wins it (again, as long as it doesn’t bother people that Dan would now bank $1 million).

get vets out

It’s funny that you twice say, unless the girls just vote for a girl (whiny voice), since everyone know that has never happened in bb history. If there is a bias in voting in favours the guys everytime.


I don’t see the girls voting just for a girl i can see ashley and jen doing that but i think brit and danielle would vote who played the best game


This is why Dan is going to win, he played the best game this season.


addicted, i might not sure you may have underestimated Danielle, she is able to
have a very good social game with various people on both sides of the house and has shown
she can compete. she had a good chance to win.


Dan says this is Dan lol

BB14 > BB13

lol joe didn’t know it was dan


Somebody, please take Joe out of his misery. His poor family. I bet they are hiding from the world.


I’m definitely hoping a quack pack member wins this whole thing especially after that epic move by Dan! I Would however rather Frank take it then joe or jenn. Joe doesn’t even deserve second place. Also frank was an excellent competitor. But not so much socially. If frank goes, hopefully the strongest players are in the final two.


Joe is busted! LOL

joe the beat off king

Long time reader first time commenting (haha I always wanted to say that ) frank is finally seeing the only safe plan is being off the block!…


Joe really stuck his foot in it, didn’t he? I would’ve loved to have seen that on BBAD!!


If I was production I would be a little nervous right now. Being that Thursday is double eviction… If Frank leaves in round 1 and then Dan or even Ian leaves in round 2… The rest of the season will be fairly lame with only one real competitor left in the house. And I don’t even feel confident including Ian in the “competitor” category… In my opinion Frank and Dan are the only ones worthy of winning this season… If they both left I suppose Ian would be the next in line but with most house guests against him, chances would be for him to leave soon also. I hate for production to intervene but even if they could just find a way to save Frank in the first round at least, I think it would make for a better rest of the season…


I’m tired of production fu**ing around with the game. So they don’t want people to tell Britney they aren’t voting for her in order to get a reaction from her on eviction night but they will tip off Frank that he should feel nervous about going home. Come on.


Yup, the DR left Britney and Janelle clueless, but are helping Frank, and DR told Dan about a possible backdoor plan when Frank was HOH.


DR did not tell Dan about a possible backdoor plan by Frank. That was Ian. Ian told Brit and Dani that Frank was floating the idea.


Just not the same knowing that frank is gone….lost all interest in this season…..


Ruh Roh, production messing with Dans game?? Nevahhh!! I kinda hope it works, would rather see Dan and Frank final 2 with Dan having saved and carried Frank the last couple weeks. I think that would give Dan the win for sure. Last thing I want to see is Joe/Jenn final. Ughhh.


Lmfao Joe has really grown on me because he’s so dumb and clueless in this game


With all these final 2, 3, 4 deals who is anyone going to nominate when they win hoh, haha. They will all think they are safe when that person wins hoh. The only person that seems really loyal is Frank because in last night’s episode he said I don’t want to go to Ian and throw Dan under the bus, maybe he should have or he still can. The alliances in the house change ever hour on the hour.


I really hope production doesn’t tip Frank off as to what is going down. Dan already has a very intriquite game going, it would be interesting to see if he can pull this off without production sticking their nose in it to save Frank.

Ians Beer

Once more production is meddling and trying to save Frank because he’s not bright enough to think of things himself *eyeroll*… “Frank says that they are making him nervous in the diary room. Dan asks why? Big Brother cuts the feeds”

Frank, the hairy wanker really needs his hair fixed…on BBAD last night, he looked like a shaggy dog that had just got rained on, then a big wind came along and dried the mess. It hung over his whole face and it reminded me of Cousin It…no face, just talking hair.


he seems to like it that way…I heard him say on the feeds a week or so ago that “he needs his hair to be pretty”…..I’m not kidding!!


Also I hate that they give Frank such a good clean edit.


wait danielle just bullshitting frank right? shes gonna vote him out? are danielle, ian, dan, and shane pretty solid about being the final four or do danielle and dan want the final 3 with jenn but just using the quack pack as a back up?


Dani girl has gotten really good at lying to Frank and Joe! even if she does seem to annoy the live feed watchers, she will probably make F3. Now all she has to do is what Dan taught her in social skills, back stabbing and trickery (and Ian’s example of betraying His coach) at final4. Shane,Danielle and Ian for final 3!!!!


Dani, you are a basket case. You are really messing up Shane’s BB game.Not that Shane has to much game to begin with, but the little he has is pretty good. He doesn’t want certain house members to think you two are together; However you are determined that he shows some outward affection towards you to prove his love before the whole house. Dani, if you two are together, then they probably put both of you on the block together. Plus you have this Shane fantasy thing going on. You ask Jenn what to do with the Shane situation. Hello Dani! There is no situation between you and Shane. How many times does a guy has to call you immature before you realize that he’s not into you?

Shane also says that you lack life experiences; however, Jenn is willing to help you in that area. Oh Jenn! So Jenn tells Dani, one of her guy friends said she probably would wrangle one of the lovely ladies ….. hmmmm…interesting. Ah, Jenn, why did you tell that to Dani? Could that had been a pass? Dani you didn’t even notice the pass. You are talking girly talk with Jenn. Jenn is not into guys, you are boring her, so Jenn tries changing the subject to wrangling the lovely ladies. Hello Dani! You are the only other lady left in the house. People said it was going to get boring when Boogie left; however the best TV is ahead of us. The scenario I see coming: You will keep pushing Shane and he finally gives you a clue by stating there is no Shane and Dani. Your feelings will get hurt and you start to cry and run into the arms of Jenn. Jenn gives you all the kisses that Shane wouldn’t. You never dreamed it would be so wonderful in another woman’s arm. Now your love has turned to hate for Shane. You evict Shane and you and Jenn make it to the final two. See Dani, you are not the only one that can be delusional!


At this point in the game, do you seriously think that the house does not know how close those two are? Whether it is a showmance or just a close friendship – everyone in the house knows that they are a pair.


Apparently, Frank doesn’t know! Frank thought they were apart and wonders if they are back since he heard noises from their room last night. So, in answer to your question… everyone doesn’t know. And the depth of the relationship is all in the eyes of the beholder. Dani is making much more of this relationship then Shane. So Dani wants to move the relationship to the next level. What does a guy has to do for you to get a clue? If Shane is to forceful with her, he creates an enemy. Dani helps his game right now; however, Shane would be relieved if Dani is gone.


I cannot believe Frank is this dumb!!! He needs to tell Dan to use it on him or he’s going to have to pull a move like Dan did last week, but with a “twist”… have a “hand on Bible” chat with EVERYONE… Tell Dan straight up that he doesn’t and can’t trust him and that’s just how it is…. then maybe swear on some jewelry and loved one (living or dead) that he REALLY wants to work with Dan, but that’s just how it is.

If Frank doesn’t grow a pair and a backbone really quick he’s OUT and rightfully so…

On a completely seperate note… Ole Miss won their game Saturday so we’ve already matched the wins for all of last season!!! Hotty Toddy!!!!


To be honest i don’t think it would work for frank he has had a horrible social game so the people in the house naturally don’t like him and Ian has wanted him out for a long time he would need to turn at least 3 votes or 2votes and get Ian on his side which i don’t see happening. In dan’s case it was different frank was coming after him for something he didn’t do so he had the truth on his side all he had to do is tell frank the truth and blow it up Frank doesn’t have the same luxury and most of the players are scared of frank he is a good player and they know if they do not take him out now they might not get another chance. Yes, he can’t play hoh but who is to say he won’t win the pov so i think he is pretty much gone. Game wise it is a smart move


I agree with Dan.Production stop trying to save Frank,yet again.Enough is enough.Frank knew two days ago that there were six people left,and he still told Dan he would throw the veto to him and here’s the crazy part.Frank also told Dan don’t use the veto on him,use it on Jenn.Lol.That was Frank’s plan.Frank is either cocky or he rides the short yellow bus.Why would anyone that is seen as a threat and difficult to evict,want to not only throw the only thing that can save him(because Frank is no Dan,without the veto Frank will be evicted)and then tell the guy who’s wanted him out for so long(Dan)not to use the veto on him?Only someone who is cocky or stuck on stupid would come up with this plan.Therefore he doesn’t deserve production’s help again, to get him out of this situation.Frank put his self in the spot he’s in and now he will finally be evicted.Dan needs to tell Frank not to allow production to get into his head and that production is trying to start trouble.Lol. Go Dan!


“Frank says that he told Dan that if he doesn’t use the veto then Dan still has Joe and Shane coming after him.” Ohhhh, be scared Dan, be REALLY scared!


Right…and then Joe tells Shane that Dan just followed him to the bedroom for information…but it was Dan LMAO Dan now knows that Frank was right about Joe and Shane working together to get out Dan. So maybe, just maybe, Dan tries to rally the QP to vote Joe out using the excuse that Frank can’t even play in the next HOH. This is Dan’s safest bet so you know he’s thinking about it.

Zingbot Fan

No Quack Pack member is leaving during this HOH.


LOL to everyone whining about production. You do realize they cover all angles with all players, right? If someone thinks they’re safe, it makes sense to make them paranoid regardless. Paranoid people make for better TV.

Dan's part time bible

Dan is employed by a Catholic school, St. Mary’s Preparatory

This is St. Mary’s Prep’s Mission Statement:
St Mary’s Preparatory is a Catholic, all-boys, college preparatory high school with a Polish-American heritage and legacy since 1885 A.D. We exist to provide deserving young men the moral guidance, discipline, and education to become Christ-like models of service and leadership for the world. By completion of our spiritual and educational model, these men gain the character, reverence, and fortitude to meet all challenges for the greater glory of God and their alma mater.

Dan’s actions are completely contradictory to the values and mission of the school (moral guidance, character, reverence)

You can be a lying sleaze bag in the house and probably get away with it. When you work for a Catholic school and put your hand on the bible swearing you are telling the truth…and even worse, do it while wearing your school’s logo and joke about it…yeah, not so much.


You are insane, you are one of those people who send hate mail, right?


I agree going to his work is crossing the line this is a game and to take so personally is insane whatever dan did or didn’t do is between him and his boss’s not for us to judge or for us to send letters. Do you not have anything better to do with your time?


The thing is, in a regular game show, people don’t put their entire personal lives on camera for a whole summer. I don’t have a problem with a Catholic school teacher playing this game. I DO have a problem with someone using the Bible to help them lie, mislead, coerce, or present themselves as something they are not.


Have you looked at Dan’s website??? For hundreds of $ he will coach you to be just like him! WTF? Dan crossed the line…. he went so far over the line it’s just a dot in his rearview mirror.


You’re a jackass. Big Brother is a game. Stop fucking attacking the house-guests personally. This is a game of lying, backstabbing, and cheating. What do you want to watch, bible camp? Dan is a good person in and outside this game. Because its a game! He’s not killing Frank by lying to him. Its every man for himself. Everyone wants that kind of money to better his/her life and the life of their family. You act like this is real life, in that case you are the one who needs a life.


Hey as long as Dan tithes his 10%, (50K), the Catholic Church never saw BB, nope never saw it, don’t even know what it is.

The one and only POWERHOUSE

lol Powerhouse. He is such an idiot.


Are you serious, this is just a game! What is WRONG with you?


joe said dan follow me in here just when i reach to bed dan said joe this is dan rflmao joe got caught talking about dan to dan lmao


I think joe is an idiot but not really sure why dan would be following joe since dan has the veto and the power right now so what would he need from joe?


I don’t care what he did because I don’t have a religion. I disagree with him over many things, but I just want to see a good gameplay. Dan proves he still has it.


We should not be surprised when production gets evolved with the players, or cut feeds on part of their conversation Why? The show is called BIG BROTHER!
Not Big Players! Lol. Productions (Big Brother) is a brother to them all. He loves them all, that’s why he chose them, for differant reasons. Dan knows how Big Brother works, that why he looks at the cam. (not us per say) and says “stop messing with my game”. BB loves Dan and Frank and want them together, Dan is saying NO. I will do it my way and take who I want”. So just remember there is one player in the house we don’t see Big Brothet the silient player shhh shhhh
Feed cut.


Big Brother is not a brother to them all. Big Brother is an all-seeing, controlling entity that has the ability to run every aspect of your life. Big Brother is taken from George Orwell’s book 1984. Everyone leads a completely structured life – pre-determined by Big Brother – to go against Big Brother means punishment.


well said!!


I can’t believe I am about to say this…… I feel a little bad for clueless Frank. Yes, I know it is strange considering I don’t like Frank.

Frank’s biggest downfall was his association with Boogie.

I will be glad when Frank is gone. I’m afraid at any moment Frank is going to start his bullying. I’m “reading” on eggshells. LOL

DE on Thursday will be interesting. I am pretty sure Jenn or Joe will win 1st HOH and then Dan or Ian will go home.

Danielle is really in the best position in the house right now mainly because of Dan.

Dan is good right now but he has his work really cut out for him if he survives DE.

I still think after Dan’s big move last week he deserves a BB second win. He will only get it sitting next to Jenn or Joe, though.

I Vote To Evict Ian

Why in the hell is a 21 year old man sleeping with a teddy bear and a stuffed snake???



I love Frank, but if he does not ultimately go to Dan and say, “Look, our deal will be exposed either now or after the vote, so I need you to use the veto on me. If I’m up I have Jenn’s vote, I think I have yours, but Danielle is up in the air. Now if Jenn is against Joe, She has me, you, and Danielle as a lock to stay. Besides if you use it on me only Ian is mad and he can’t play HOH. Joe will be gone and Shane won’t take a stand if you smooth things over by saying we had a one week deal. I bet you can even soothe Ian. I have no problem with you working them up to target me even more, so if Shane wins, I’m the target.”

If Frank does not press this, then unfortunately he will deserve his exit.

And to those who say the DR is where the fix gets put in. Remember the purpose of the DR. It the one place where we get to see what the HG’s really think. I would assume that most HG’s in every season need to be prompted in these sessions. Did you ever notice how almost every angle is covered on TV even though in the house it looks like the HG is shocked? I think when production calls in Frank, they throw every scenario in the book at him. This way they have every angle covered and can edit it into the show.

So on Wednesday’s show, when Frank thinks he’s working with Dan and we all know Dan is planning to knife him, CBS will show a DR with Frank from before the veto ceremony saying “Dan might be plotting with the Quack Pack to get me out, but I’ve just got to roll the dice because I owe Jenn and I won’t make her take the fall for me”, we have to realize that if Frank really believed this, he likely would have acted to try and head it off before hand. The reality is production is prompting these responses.

The by-product of these sessions is that when a scenario that was not given much thought is thrown out and the person starts thinking out loud, they just might have a light bulb go off and realize it was far more likely they they had realized. So of course it’s easy for Frank to talk about but disregard a scenario where Ian tries to make a deal going forward and saves him, but when they bring up the idea Dan is actively working to get him out, of course a sense of paranoia sets in.

I just think that’s a part of the show, rather than production directing the gameplay


Well, not sure what frank could do dan has already covered his basics by telling the quack pack everything so frank couldn’t really add much but i don’t think bb told frank that dan is trying to work against him more then likely they said something to the effect of our you sure you have the votes which is why frank was questioning dan about danielle’s vote and why he tracted her down after words. The fix is already in they just don’t want to tell him so he doesn’t drive them crazy till thursday like he did when boogie was on the block.


Honestly this is a game and dan is trying to survive like everyone else there is no one in the house who isn’t lying including frank the moment he made the deal with dan he was down stairs with jen discussing how he will turn on dan so nobody in this house tells the truth. The allience also change because curcumstances in the game changes depending who is in power. Joe has told every hoh the same exact line from the begining and i haven’t heard you go after him, danielle and shane are both lying to franks face. What dan is doing if it was the reverse frank would do the exact same thing if he got the chance and right now with the exception of joe because he isn’t in anyone’s allience the whole house is lying to him.

Clearly you have anger issues but you should remember it is a game and that it shouldn’t be personal and your personal attacks on a individual player shows what a horrible human being you are to say anything to this degree

Sid Vicious Jr Shitted On Frank's Dream

Yea capt has major anger issues, just like some other Frank fans, they can’t accept he screwed his own game, but you can’t explain it enough to them, they’ll just brush it off as hating trolling, the “usual” when you don’t agree with them, same thing last season with JJ fans. If you social game sucks, you can kiss 500k goodbye


OH I hope they give them LOTS of booze today with it being a holiday!!! Would LOVE to see Ian get drunk and deface/vandalize some more property…. Hell, I’d love to see all of em get “tore down” and really share their thoughts!

Off to make a vodka run… I don’t work so Labor Day really doesn’t apply to me, but I’m gonna get buzzed to show my support for the laborers of America!


Captain you mad bro?


Pretty sad when I’m cheering for production to somehow save frank lol


Lol you are not the only one. I hope so too but I would like Frank to do it by himself…I don’t why he is being so gullible though! He has been on the block since week 1 and hasnt got a break unless he was HOH! It some messed up shit though but thats the game of Big Brother…I hope Frank stays he can get nominated again in the DE but then win the pov play HOH next week and get rid of those rats!!! Frank ftw!

Cant Get Rid of Frank and Dan

Lol so am I. I got really excited about Frank and Dan working together, but Im really disappointed in Dan going back on his word.

If he leaves I probably will stop watching. It just wont be the same without him.

Frank Fan

Dan should use the pov on Frank if he’s really working in an alliance with him, Jenn and Danielle. That would make Danielle not turn her back on their alliance. Becuase Joe would go up against Jenn and theirs no way Danielle would vote out jenn before joe so they’d have the votes. Then it would be Jenn, Dan, and Danielle up against Shane for the POV. Good odds if you ask me!


Simon and Dawg, you are right. it was BB11 that had the not so live eviction when
Jessie was sent home.