Jenn says that she thinks Danielle is gaming Frank, real good! Dan asks you think, that’s why I like her.

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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2:15pm – 2:30pm Jenn and Dan are lying out by the pool. Shane and Danielle are playing a card game, while Frank watches. Shane keeps getting bad cards and yelling out fudge packer and f this and that. Shane yells rummy and tells Danielle she can s**k it. They continue to play. Shane gets rummy again. Shane yells in your face! Danielle tells him he is horrible to play with. Dan and Frank are in the bathroom shaving. Frank wonder if it will be another double eviction this week. Dan doesn’t think there will be because he can’t think of other competitions they can do for the live show because one has to be mental and one physical. Dan leaves to go hang out by the pool.


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2:35pm – 2:50pm Dan is talking to Jenn in the backyard. Jenn says that she thinks Danielle is gaming Frank, real good. Dan asks you think, that’s why I like her. Jenn says that she will talk to her tonight and find out for sure. I just hope she doesn’t drink. Dan says yeah I shouldn’t have been encouraging that last night. Jenn talks about doing a Dj gig at one of Donald Trump’s building and 6 weeks later she still hadn’t been paid. She said she had had enough and called them up telling them if her cheque wasn’t ready she was going to come down there with some of her firends. She said she told them that one of her friends nick names is Nicky Knock out. She says that five minutes later she recieved a call saying the cheque would be ready for her the next day. Jenn says that the funny thing is that the high end clubs are the ones that she has trouble getting paid from instead of the low end clubs.

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3:05pm Joe and Shane talk in the have-not room. Joe tells Shane that Jenn told him that she was told that if the nominations had stayed the same when she was on the block that they were going to vote her out. Shane talks about talking to Jenn to clear things up. Shane asks so if Frank comes up to me asking what you are pitching what should I say? Joe says just that he is a physical threat. Joe says and also that he is in the position that he is in, that you will never have him in this position again where he can’t win HOH. They talk about how Jenn thinks we wanted to get rid of her, which isn’t true. He takes every little bit of information and turns it against you. Shane says that he can’t wait to see his face on Thursday, especially since Ian is still here. If anyone is going to flip out it will be him. Shane and Joe leave the have-not room.

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3:10pm – 3:40pm Shane and Danielle are in the kicks room whispering. Danielle is whispering so quiet that Shane tells her that she can talk louder, I can’t even hear you. Shane tells Danielle that Joe just told him that Jenn said Frank told her that if the noms stayed the same he (Shane) was going to vote her out. Shane says that he is going to talk to Jenn in a bit about it. Danielle and Shane compare what Frank has told them both. Shane says that Frank is making deal all over the place. Danielle says that Frank was all over her this morning. Shane says that when it comes down to it we could put up Ian and Jenn. Shane brings up how Frank hasn’t worked in 3 years. Danielle says so he lives off the government. Shane says that he makes money of tenants. Danielle says he lives with his Nana and must run the company to make money off their rent. Shane says if you hear that I am voting the other way don’t believe it, I am not switching my vote. Danielle and Shane start talking about Britney. Danielle says she misses her as a friend but not for her game talk. Shane says don’t miss her at all. Joe comes in and joins them. Shane jokes that they are thinking of switching their votes. Joe says don’t even joke about that to someone on the block. Danielle says we aren’t going to switch don’t worry.


3:50pm – 4:15pm Dan goes to lay down in the arcade room. Frank and Ian are in the kitchen talking about being locked in and bored. Shane and Danielle are in the kicks room talking about what Shane will say in his goodbye message to Frank. Shane talks about saying that he put his trust in Danielle since the beginning and he has heard that Frank has been saying conflicting things about him. Danielle tell him not to say specifically what it was he said to her. Meanwhile the backyard opens up. Ian and Dan talk about having a Renegade meeting sometime soon to catch up. Dan asks if Frank has any idea he is going? Ian says yeah, he said he isn’t going to be happy to go to Ian’s a**. Dan laughs. Ian talks to Dan about his HOH tweets. He says that he tweeted @HeadOfHOFFhold just trying to suck up. He says that he also tweeted for Levi to mow the lawn and that he said he hopes Kristen Bitting finds his references to her in the house amusing. He said he added the hash tag not a creeper. Dan says not a creeper, debateable.


4:40pm Sleeping Shane Meaney and Danielle

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Aww no one is playing first this year. I look forward to that as much as the ” I’m not watching anymore whining “

MU Tigers

hahaha…outstanding post.


Thanks Simon and Dawg, Yo people, donate!

Since Brit left the house last week the feeds are so boring. There’s nothing to watch and with Frank leaving it will make the feeds worse! BUT he has to go. CBS should switch to Jury once in a while cause this is just boring!


Your right, since Britney left the days are so long. But on the bright side, I can’t wait for Frank to leave and enter Jury. Britney would be so glad that finally someone (Ian) got him out.


You think it will be exicting with Ashley and Britney in there alone! Britney will have probably picked right through to her mandible by now lol


Mmmmmm….Britney and Ashley alone!


That was hilarious! Britney does have a bad habit of picking and chewing on her own body parts.


Think there will be a lot of the Britney stinkeye next week directed at Frank and Ashley making out in jury?

I says, I

I got money right now that say by finale Britney and Frank are buddies. If she loved the Brigade, why on earth would she not like Frank? Janelle did an admirable brainwashing job, but Frank is the most charismatic guy on the cast…which explains why Janelle hated him so much.

It’s a shame she went into the house just trying to avenge All Stars rather than playing her normal game. Had she been normal Janelle, there’s no way Boogie gets her backdoored. I think she was really mad about getting thoroughly played by Will and tried to hard to get vindication.

I also think in some ways BB really wasted the vets. Had they all come in just as players, things would have gone much differently. It would have been coo to see Dan and Boogie work together. I tend to think the would have pulled in Frank as their workhorse and would have toyed with everybody else.

Britney Sucks!!!

Britney sucked!!!




This is goong to be such a blindside on Thursday for Frank! Can’t wait to see the look on his face when Julie reads “by a vote of 4-0…” *Frank thinks he is safe* “… Frank, you are evicted from the big brother house” *Frank is like WHAT!?!?! haha


We’re sending Frank off with a big Cleveland Steamer.. .

Oh No You Didn't

Whoa, what’s that about?

Oh No You Didn't

That was meant for you.


There’s no need to be immature. I’m just sayin it’s gonna be good television on Thursday when Frank thinks he is safe but gets completely blindsided. If you’re a fan of Frank then that’s your opinion, but there’s no denying that many people will find it entertaining to see such a blindside.


Forgot to put my name in above (NAME=Connie4life)

Oh No You Didn't

Dawg, I keep voting for you and this was a poll I was sure you could/would win. Come on people, Dawg and I can’t do it alone. Dawg for the W.

Carol & Steve

The only way to vote is to vote Dawg! :) It’s becoming my dream to see him win just one poll! Why can’t people on these feeds stop sh!tt!ng on my dream! LOL!


we’ve been trying to get dawg a win on a poll for years .. it’s a dream that everyone sh!ts on

Carol & Steve

well d@mn them then! Dawg FTW!! :)


Thanks to his DR sessions, I don’t think he’s as blind-sided as many people think.

I says, I

You’re right, but people get blinded by hate at the mention of his name.

1) He has no other options, no different than last week. He would be in the same spot with Britney. He could blow up Dan and Danielle’s spot, but thinks he’s got a better shot counting on Dan and Jenn, hoping for Danielle, and treating Shane like the lemming he is and acting like everybody is with him, so if they tell you differently they’re lying.

2) Frank is far and away the most honorable player left and he realizes Jenn put a target on her back for him last week and he does not want to sacrifice her, just so he can get one more week. That’s why he made no effort to get Dan’s veto. Because if Dan and Danielle are turning on him, she might be sacrificed.

3) He knew when Mike left, he was on borrowed time. He also knows that even if the whole house is voting him out, they’re all too terrified to tell him. So why not hope for the best, act confident, create paranoia, and be ready to blow up Dan and Danielle on the way out the door.

Dan has played a brilliant game (once he started playing last week), but morally I kind of have a problem. I don’t care at all about the swearing deal. If Dan is OK with breaking his word them so am I. My issue is his use of Danielle. He has really toyed with her emotions regarding Shane. He told her to stay away and that he’s not that into her, then encourages her to get closer to him to benefit Dan’s game. He tells her Shane really likes her a lot and that he’s wrapped around her finger and then he jokes in front of everybody that he’s afraid of her and Janelle’s fans hate her. I get people don’t like Danielle, but I feel sorry for her and if I were playing I would not play with the emotions of somebody who is clearly emotionally damaged.


Wow, that was really a nasty thing to say from the gutter that you crawled out from. You a a disgusting pig! Now crawl back and don’t come back out, scumbag. That was completely unnecessary and uncalled for to say that to Connie. As I keep telling people, ” This is a game, so stop being a lowlife. Stop making personal attacks!”


Thank you for just removing those remarks altogether to Connie. I feel so self-righteous sometimes, but so many really ignorant people make nasty comments that are really uncalled for and offensive. You guys do a great job. If I was not unemployed, I would be sending you money to support this site. Thank you for giving me something to fill these frustrating days.



This site is so awesome, and I just want you to know that I really do appreciate everything you do. Also, thanks for deleting the unnecessary comments made about my post. In the words of Frank, “Preesh!!”


You have it wrong they need frank and good bye joe hahahahah

Shane is a Fudge Packer

when will Shane finally admit he like men more than women?


Why don’t you guys who are desperate after Shane get off that admit he’s gay stuff……’s obnoxious……….there’s nothing in his actions that would give anyone the idea he is gay………..just your desperate longings………and it’s gettng very tiresome………..

Kathie from Canada

My question is why do you even care????


Strangest thing just happened. While searching the release date of the Carrie (1976) movie a new window popped up. I clicked on it and a video of Jeff and Jordan walking down a street came on.


Are you sure that wasn’t an ad for “Dumb and Dumber”?


or Dawg.What is this important information that Dan dosen’t want Jenn to find out from Frank?I’m confused after reading the last update,Frank told Jenn that he told Danielle about the funeral and he thinks she will vote for him to stay(obviously Danielle will vote to evict Frank).Now,this update has Jenn telling Dan that she thinks Danielle is gaming Frank and she will talk to Danielle and find out what’s going on.What is Jenn talking about?Is she with Dan or not?


He’s worried about Frank telling her about their F2 deal… but she already knows about that and about him even swearing on the bible. But somehow she still thinks that her F3 with Dan/Dani is real. I’m just not sure if the mist is that strong or the players are just too dumb.


@lala. Thank’s for answering my questions.And I think Dan’s mist is that strong.Lol.I also think Dan actually wants the final3 to be him,Danielle&Jenn.


The thing that really bugs me about these people in the BB house is no one has the balls to tell Frank hey it doesn’t look good for him.Why don’t they just grow a pair already.I can’t remember a season where it was so important everyone got along,and was afraid of people campaigning to them.HELLO MCFLY that’s the game.I can’t stand Ian more than anyone else in the house but atleast he’s got the sack to let it be known he wants Frank gone


Exactly what I am saying! But no…Frank is the asshole of the season…not Ian not Shane not Dani not Dan but Frank….yet their gonna make him look like a fool on live tv….these people are not good people at finally beat him..let him know the truth you dirty rotten people.


I don’t understand the mentality, either. I completely agree with you. Basically, the ones against you want you lay down and die and take being evicted like a good boy. Don’t even think of rocking the boat or you shall suffer the terrible consequence of getting a nasty sending away message.

What kind of crap is that?


Dan has too many secrets. Frank will expose them all if people were upfront about wanting to evict him. God forbid they tell him to make the feeds a tad more interesting.

They are all cowards. But Dan’s web of promises and lies is too intricate to allow Frank the courtesy of knowing he’s leaving.


Production does not like them to tell the houseguest that they are leaving, they also don’t want the hoh to tell whomever is going up that they are! Shane mentioned that last week on the live feeds.


I don’t think that is always though…I think that was a specific situation with Janelle. Because sometimes they tell them sometimes they don’t. Even if they told how they were voting they can easily edit it out of the episodes. It shouldn’t be a secret to live feeders.


Yeah was not saying they care if we know or not cause if they did they would not have live feeds LOL was saying production prefers them not to tell the housequest plays better on TV if they are blindside!

I says, I

You’re right about Dan not wanting to say anything and I’d include Danielle and Jenn (not sure I get Jenn’s thinking at all…but what else is new) as well…but Shane is quite possibly the most spineless coward in the shows history.

He could come right out to Frank and tell him that in no uncertain terms will he vote for him to stay and that it’s just game. Maybe Frank blows up or maybe he tries to convince him…or maybe he shakes his hand and says thanks for finally being honest with me the first time all season.

Shane is such a coward. He might be looking forward to seeing Frank’s face, but I’m looking forward to seeing his when Dan slides the knife in. If only CBS did a follow up in 6 months, just to see him finally understand that Big Brother is not a gateway to showbiz, which I think is the only reason he is there.


this Dan’s mist talk is played out already. I’m actually hoping for a Dan win, but he’s doesn’t even need misting powers for the team of monkeys that left in the game. they’re a bunch of cowards who hide and run to each other and gossip the same info to each other. it’s been the same shit all season with this back and fourth boring conversations. everyone is saying Frank has no social game, do you call what the rest of the house is doing a “social game”? the only ones who had the balls to play the real social game this deep in the game is Dan and Frank. Dan and Frank are the only two left in the game who actually gambled in trying to work with other people, and made moves involving each other in making this mess of a season a little more exciting. I’m not here defending Frank or anyone else in the house, but Frank was ALIENATED and there was nothing he could of done to have certain people in the house gravitate toward him. that’s why I respect Dan out everyone else in the house right now, he took the chance with Frank and Frank with him. it was a brief stint but nonetheless a memorable one (Dan’s Funeral). some of you guys use the term “social game” too loosely. social game is not about swinging back and fourth on a hammock, cuddling on the HOH bed or playing cards.

Carol & Steve

Frank wasn’t alienated by anyone in the house but he & Boogie alienated Jenn & Ian as well as the rest of the house.. They chose not to even attempt to work long term with anyone else unless they needed them. They wore their alliance on their sleeves for the entire house to see & made them feel like minions. In comparison, the Quack Pack stayed under the radar for the most part. As well, Ian & Brit’s closeness went under the radar of Frank/Boogie & eventually to save himself Dan had to open Frank’s eyes to it.

I says, I

When did Big Brother become a team game?

I’m sorry but alliances are meant to be temporary and other than picking a final 2 partner, you’re a Britney sized putz if you think the way to win is teaming up with 4 other people and actually sticking with them until the end. Britney has found this out in 2 seasons. Shane and Ian will be finding this out soon as well. Maybe if Big Brother had said they were filling the cast with morons, then Mike and Frank would have gathered as many people into their alliance as possible too…and then knifed them whenever it was convenient, but they didn’t know the cast were all lemmings. The veterans, Frank and Ian were the only people really playing the whole season. How do you work with people who aren’t playing?


@BB14 I agree Frank and Boogie got alienated from the beginning, ppl that don’t think so must have been watching a different show. Janelle started it and it just steam rolled and never ended it is sad to watch an entire house full of ppl. team up against one person every single week. No one has the balls to be honest, many of them weren’t even BB fans, I hope they get real players next year. Frank goes home on Thursday and i am done it isn’t worth watching anymore but I hpe Dan keeps playing all these idiots and wins.They all keep thinking they can be in these alliances with ppl. who have been together from the start idiots.


They’re not telling him because he’s going to be on them constantly campaigning for votes and they want some peace, which is understandable. Sometimes it is a strategy to NOT tell your opponent they’re going home, then they won’t feel the need to expose any secrets (if there are any) and they won’t bother you at all. If your mind is already made up you don’t want to hear from the person, makes perfect sense.

Plus Frank was okay with Janelle being blindsided so it’s totally fine the he be blindsided. Like you said it is a game I agree.
It’s about time we had blindsides in Big Brother. I only see them on Survivor.


Really? Are you all blind and deaf? Or are you just that stupid? Do you remember how Frank acted the last time things did not go HIS way in the house? No one wants to be brated, belittled, bullied and yelled at. But what should I expect from people who love a bully as much as you all love Frank?

Carol & Steve

It’s not about having the balls to tell him or hint to them. His history when things don’t go his way is to be mean & yell & bully – it’s hard to watch & I sure wouldn’t want to live with that for 3+ days. Even Joe who has been told numerous times he’s safe is still trying to ask for votes – you should NEVER feel safe on the block. Besides it seems that production is giving Frank hints/information and if he can’t read the writing on the wall b/c of Dan’s mist then too bad. See ya Frank!!

I says, I

I wonder what world you guys live in. When somebody does something stupid at work…I tell them it was stupid and vice versa. It’s called honesty. When somebody at work lies to me and I find out…I call them out. It’s called honesty. When I’m trying to win somebody to my cause or idea, I work tirelessly to get them to see it my way. It’s called selling.

I think you must live in an alternate universe if you think Frank is a bully.

I work in a competitive field and Dan’s calculated lies are the norm and Frank calling people out is an average day. There is a lot of money on the line in my job and we’re all going for it. If you’re not willing to lie, cheat, steal, yell, argue, and fight for it…then you lose. The rest of these morons lie out of fear, not to further their chances. None deserves to even be this far in the game and are glorified floaters.


The reason they don’t want Frank to know he is going because he is dam BULLY!! They don’t want to be bugged 24/7 by him so they all agreed to let him believe he is safe. When things don’t go Frank’s way he can get really nasty. You come to know these players differently if you tune into BBAD. I said it before and I will say it again, CBS gave Frank and Boogie a really good edit. The personal attacks they made on people and made the house a terrible place to be. So, I get the concept.


Frank is a bully because he is trying to save himself from getting evicted? Makes sense to me lmao!

And they ALL have said nasty things about everybody. Not just Frank and Boogie. Don’t be biased.


I agree! Last time I checked these people like and back stab more than Frank! Yeah Frank has lied but he’s not like Shane who has no idea what he’s doing or Danielle! Only thing I’m hoping if Frank does go to jury is he tells Britney why he nominated her after Dan was taken off the block and how Danielle knew about backdooring Britney. If it’s final two Shane/Danielle I would slightly pick Shane


There is a big difference how the rest of the house talked vs boogie and Frank. Talking about people, lying, etc is one thing, and yes they ALL do it. However, Frank and Boogie would take it too far- making the attacks personal. Talking about boinking dan’s wife, calling danielle fat, blah blah blah. Showing that deep down, with or without the game they are not good people (as we all know from Boogies life already). I actually liked Britt this season because she seemed to tone down a lot of that hate, but it started to show again when she was nominated.Danielle can do it some too, especially about other females And in reality, I actually don’t think Dan has said much of anyone bad. When Frank turned that hate on Ian and wanted to yet again flip at him during veto (attacking someone who obviously has some type of issues, real nice) Dan said he would rather not. Dan can separate game from real life. And yes I am a dan fan, but no I am not biased. I would not like anyone that acts the way Frank and Boogie did

And at the end of the day- it is exactly just that. Anyone who plays this game saying they have played it honestly is in fact lying in that statement. Come on people, THE PURPOSE OF THE GAME IS TO LIE! I mean- could you imagine what the show would be like if everyone really was honest? Now that is a thought! We are all peeping Toms with a bad side in us- and this show is feeding that human side of us all. so for those that are mad that so and so lied, why are you watching? Sit back and lets all be a little naughty and enjoy the dark side- it is human nature for us to be interested in this.


Of course they’ve all said nasty things no one is innocent I will agree with you there. But it doesn’t erase the fact that that’s why they’re not telling him, they don’t wanna be bothered for the next days.
Call it cruel or a punk move or whatever I call it a game. Frank’ll get over it. Britney was blindsided at the Veto when Frank replaced Dan with her so there, it’s the name of the game. She will also get over that….eventually.


So you believe that there is an excuse for bullying? Tell that to the people getting bullied. Tell that to the children that kill themselves over bullying. It is apologists like you that propogate bullying. “It’s OK, there has to be a reason they are bullying that person. We can overlook it because we like them.” To put it in BB lingo: “It’s OK for Frank to bully the other houseguests because they are voting him out. He can treat them as sh!tty as he wants because I like him and wanted him to win the game.”



how do you feel about Ian asking Ashley for a handjob. I bet you found that very entertaining. if it was Frank asking Ashley for a handjob you would want frank DQ evicted. I can’t believe there’s still people naming their child Laverne…LOL.


I stopped liking Ian after that myself, but Frank does get a really great edit on TV, same with Ian bet they never show that on TV! Danielle also comes off a lot less crazy on TV.


Yes there’s people that still name their child Laverne, just like there’s people that name themselves Ian’s TWINKLE TOES.
You’re one to talk. We all have names and it don’t matter what names they are. Let’s stick to discussing BB.


Amen, Lavern!!


Will the feeds actually show the Jury House? I think that would actually be a lot more interesting than the BB House.

Frank is being so misted that I’m starting to not like him. Maybe if he is that dumb, he needs to go.

I realize that Dan is playing a game, but if I were his wife then I would be a little more careful of him based on the things he has done in the house. He is a bit shady.

I would like to see the next BB season with a house full of people on unemployment and food stamps. Talk about competition yo!


Say what you will about Brittney, her social game was tight as hell. She could hate someone and still get along with them and not show any sign of dislike. Danielle, on the other hand, wears her emotions on her sleeves. If Danielle loves you, it’s like a puppy with its owner. If Danielle can’t stand you, she snorts and snarls at you.

Eric CA

Ok it is completely boring right now. So what about a game of “What if?”

What if they had evicted Danielle and not JoJo?

Dan and Danielle would have been evicted from the house. Team Brittney and Janelle would have gone back to being an alliance. Frank and Ian would have been on the block. Frank wins PoV and they back door Boogie (remember Dan has left the game with Danielle, this where is Janelle was backdoored by Danielle.)… Shane and JoJo get really close. Frank, wins HoH and makes a deal with Shane and JoJo, that they are safe, because now that Boogie is gone he needs an alliance he can trust. Frank nominates Joe and Wil, Jannelle wins the PoV and uses it on Wil, Frank nominates Shane as a backdoor (oops Boogie never stopped him from making that big move. He has gone.) . BBAD fans are loving Wil and Brittneys interview show, where Wil dresses up like a houseguest and Brittney interviews him , a fan favorite is Brittney season 14 interviewing Brittney Season 12. Shane gets evicted. An angry JoJo starts to tear through the house wanting revenge and screams “Nobody F***s my Man BUT ME.”, she vows revenge. That night she wins the HoH and nominates Frank and Ian, Jen wins the PoV but does not use it… TEAM BROOKLYN is in the house. Frank is evicted before we could hear about his dream.

Brittney forms a new alliance with Janelle, her on air co-host Wil and Ian, the call it Team What???, there first target is Jen, she has been going off on people since Frank and Boogie left. So win Wil wins his first HoH he nominates Jen and Joe. JoJo wins the Pov and uses it on Jen, Wil nominates Brittne as a pawn, Brittney is evicted from the big brother house. Leaving Janelle, Ian, Jen, JoJo, Wil and Joe….. and you guys thought things couldn’t be worse than they are now… LOL

Somebody elses Turn
What if Frank, went against Boogie and backdoored Dan?


Along the “what if” line…what if Frank had left Dan up on the block and got him evicted last week? I don’t know that Frank would be in any better position, but I definitely think that saving Dan made things worse for him. If Dan had gone, what would Danielle have done? Tried to think for herself? If the final 3 are Dan, Danielle and Shane and what if by some miracle Danielle wins? Who will she choose, Shane, her wanna be showmance, now good friend who said he would choose Britney over her? Or Dan, the coach she has been unfailingly loyal to, but would likely win over her b/c she hasn’t done anything the whole game except what Dan told her to?

Nicky Brand

If Frank had left Dan on the block, then he would have been gone and couldn’t have won POV. Frank would have probably won it himself and stayed in the game, then Jenn would be going home instead of him. Britney & Frank would still be there, Dan & Jenn would go out instead.


Listen to Evil Dick on this podcast. He sets it straight this season yo.


I love Dick. That’s what she said.


This season is quickly becoming boring again.


I agree. I think thats because every single player is making multiple deals with multiple people and its just not entertaining anymore. You like to see some kind of reasoning in game play but no one seems to have any. By the wayhow pitiful is Danielle and how has she managed to stay in this game? Back and forth between Dan and Shane, hiding behind them. I think Joe is just there for a vacation and really doesnt even care about the game. Jenn has stepped up nicely and Shane is just chillin’. Even though Frank may not be the most well liked person, he has fought his way from the beginning and deserves to stay and Dan and Danielle should be ashamed of themselves for the way they are lying to everyone.


I’d rather watch Frank, Britney and Ashley in jury than Shane, Danielle, Dan, Ian, Jenn and Joe stare at each other all day long.


I think that Dan should be ashamed to call himself a Catholic school teacher. He hides behind his bible and quotes it to everyone and then lies, backstabs, manipulates and then talks about hos stupid everyone is to believe him. I know that this is just a game, but what about playing the game with some kind of integrity and loyalty rather that playing the way he is playing. Dan knows he cannot win BB14 with Frank in the game. I wonder what his students and family think of him now????

Shane coming out the BB closet

can’t wait til Thursday, the feeds are boring with this Frank and Joe campaigning for votes. if you think the house guest will be shocked with the double eviction this week, they will be even more shocked with the double eviction next week.


does anyone remember the last player who got blindsided? i think its been awhile


Jeff got bs by Shelly last year


frank hasnt worked in 3 years. Must have some sorta trust fund setup from his wrestler father. Dad prolly bought him a huge house in florida real cheap and frank rents out a bunch of rooms and just chills. pretty popular concept amongst kids whos parent have money and they dont want to work



I wouldn’t tell Frank, either because he would be a bully and an A**hole. I would rather lie to him than put up with his bullying. He’s just such a jerk


And…….them doing this doesn’t me them a jerk? Their trying to make him look like a fool and then their gonna laugh about it when he finds out that he got played..if you gonna call Frank a all of them jerks! Plus why does it matter? He leaving. Tell him the truth. Is it gonna change the votes? Regardless if he play nice he is still going.

billie two trees

Think the words bully, fool and cheat fit Frank like a glove. Can’t wait for Thursday!


i’d say the odds are close to 65% at this point that shane is at least Bi if not fully into men


Danielle is a turd.


At times like this I’m glad I did not pay for live feed, and never will. Lol I would rather
Donate. It’s hard enough to read this boring crap. That’s way even tho I taped the show I find
Myself deleting it. So boring. Think I will catch up in a week. Lol


Where’s Captain been? C’mon Cappy, we miss you and your near perfect predictions.


Never fails every person (Except The Brigade) I root for get sent to jury. But it makes sense with it being double eviction Thursday that Frank leaves first. It makes for better tv to see his goodbye messages from the other houseguests. Jenn will follow in 2nd eviction since she had no game there’s no point to spend anytime airing any boring or dry goodbye messages directed at her. I don’t understand why these people (Frank included) have been keeping Dan around and to not even consider getting rid of him anytime soon. Dan will make it to the end. Dan will win & go down as the greatest player to ever play this game. I am not fan of Dan but I can respect greatness. Dan and Ian are the only 2 people left worthy of winning any money right now. Only problem is that history shows Ian won’t make it to the end. Since the Ian betrayal of Frank & Boogie, both Frank and Ian been hell bent on taking each other out. So it would only make for good tv when Ian gets betrayed by his quack pack buddies next week or when they get to the final 4. So CBS can have its moment of Frank smiling from ear to ear when Ian comes walking through that Jury house door. Shane and Danielle showed some potential in the very beginning by winning a couple of HoHs and PoVs between them. But ever since they joined the quack pack, they haven’t really been winning anything and have been hiding behind the other quack pack members (Britney, Dan & Ian). The only shot Shane or Danielle have to win is to blind side Ian and take out Dan, If Danielle can this off then she got a good chance of winning this game (Didn’t include Shane on that because without Britney hand up his butt he wouldn’t be able to pull it off)


I agree in the end Dan will win again. Ian has potential but he’ll be felled by his own self-congratulations for avenging Britney’s eviction with the booting of Frank. He also exposed himself as a huge threat with his two HOH’s and self-professed near photographic memory.

Neither Shane nor Danielle have anything remotely resembling a strategy. They follow the marching orders of hastily cobbled together alliances (led in some form or another by Dan) and wait around for things to happen. Jenn and Joe aren’t worth mentioning but it’s possible one of or the other will be sitting next to Dan in the finale,which just makes it so much easier to award Dan another $500k check.

Frank Is The New Jesse

based on frank’s previous behavior, the hg all agreed to blindside him and avoid his obnoxious behavior. every hg was onboard with this plan, no exceptions.

if he gets upset about the blindside, he has no one to blame except himself…


when is BB going to stop showing dan manipulating Dannielle, she is Pathetic, falling for all his lies and tells her everything he does is to help her.
Classic Abuser traits . someone needs to level the playing field Dan needs to go . i wouldn,t allow him anywhere near my kids . he has absolutely no Morals.
I know it is a game and everyone is competing for the same prize however, is it really nessescary to tell someone who obviously adores you that you are dead to them. would not surprize me at all if Dannielle doesn”t have a breakdown when she see’s how he played her. really appreciate Rachel’s game she was a grat competitor and she spoke the truth


Oh thats ridiculous! Dan is playing a game, a game folks. One where a lot of money is at stake…he is doing what he can to stay alive in the house.


Ughhh so now Dan is manipulating poor little Danielle? Please, have you not seen this girl cry on cue, lie, and act dumb? She ain’t as innocent as you make her out to be. Although I really think its your Dan hate talking here, not any real concern for Danielle. Just admit that you hate Dan and get over it, it’s a GAME, and it ain’t called daisies and fairy dust.


is jenn the only non inbred non midwestern or southern hillbilly in the house? never seen so many slow, boring redneck hillbilly types in my life


It’s funny to think about Ashley, Britney, Frank, and Ian in the jury house together. It’d be interesting for sure.


70% that he loves men and 30% that he’s bi but prefers men


Julie chen should address Joe’s masturbation addiction when he is evicted.


That constant rocking sound….Ian would drive me crazy…swinging for 8 to 10 hours a day in that hammock….glad I’m not there. Watching the live feeds and it is really boring, not worth the $ at this time. Frankie boy is headed to jury, and Ian will soon be right behind him.


They should of given him a swing set instead of a new hammock.

BigBro Fanatic

hey guys: How about putting together a montage of Frank farting around the house! It is bound to represent some of his best work on Big Brother! I cannot think of a more fitting tribute as he goes out the door!


what are the odds Joe busts 2 loads tonight? i’d say 100% he gets one and about 70% he rubs a second out on that blue shirt and wears it proudly tomorrow


what does the poll mean? what is dan’s mist haha


I vote for Dawg all the time and I dont see why everyone else isn’t. He is only one that can become immune to Dans Mist. If Dan did another season how many weeks do you think he would last. I wouldn’t even give him a week. But then again he may mist everyone again.

It's the 21st century biatch!

Jenn is racist! If you’re a lesbian, how can you be racist?!


“it’s a dream everyone shits on..” oh Simon, you canadian beast! Poor Dawg

WiL da THRiLL #TeamIANdammit

So Shane and Danielle have no love for Brit now? What’s up w/ that?lol