Joe says I don’t want to go to the jury house; I’ve got a chance to win this thing!

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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9am – 10:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Jenn and Ian are the only house guests awake. Ian is sitting up in his HOH room. Jenn is out in the backyard. Big Brother then calls Ian to the diary room. Frank and Joe wake up and head out into the backyard. Joe talks about needing to campaign today. Joe says you’ll be Barack Obama. Frank says f**k that I’ll be Bush. Frank says I would have liked to have had a cookie last night, but Jessie threw them all away. Frank heads inside. Joe talks about how he will be doing a little bit of sweet talking today. Telling them how nice they are and kissing butt. I really don’t want to kiss Dan’s butt, but I guess I will have to. Frank started getting into my territory by cooking hot dogs and onions last night. Joe says that Frank farted on him last night and he didn’t appreciate it, he says maybe I will have to start farting to be more like Frank to get the votes. Joe demonstrates how he will lay out by the pool with the towel by his mouth to campaign for votes without being noticed. Joe says I don’t want to go to the jury house, I’ve got a chance to win this thing. Frank comes back out and tells Joe he is so tired of asking people for their votes. Frank says makes no sense to wake up early, there’s no one to campaign to other than you.

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10:30am Frank says that he might have to offer up his first born child to these motherf***ers, I got nothing to offer them, I don’t got no smokes. I could tell them I will in the veto next week to keep them safe. I couldn’t do it this week. Joe says nope, Dan got it and put us in this situation. Frank says the one thing I can say to Dan is that if you vote me out, Jenn won’t work with you. If it wasn’t for Jenn and me, he would have gone home. Frank starts talking about Britney and how she wanted him out. Joe talks about how Shane wants Frank here because he is a bigger target. Frank says maybe I got two votes. Joe says and that f**king fact that you can’t play in this HOH. Joe says that he needs to get Jenn. Frank says it ain’t going to happen I’ve been taking Beano before bed. Joe says that he needs to work on Dan too. He says he just needs to bring out that hatred deep inside him. Frank says you’re forgetting I helped him last week. Frank heads inside. Joe says to himself, Frank is one cocky mo-fo. I have got to get the votes and prove him wrong! Joe heads inside. Frank heads back outside.


10:30am – 10:50am Joe heads back to bed. Frank is sitting on the backyard couch talking to the camera. Frank talks about how if he came into this house and lied it would have caught up to him by now. He says that an alliance only last 6 days in this house so if you lie its bound to get around the house. At this point in the game though I can tell a couple lies to get by, and at this point I feel justified because everyone has lied to me. Frank says that he thinks he can trust Jenn 100%, I think she will go to war for me. He says that Shane and Ian don’t know how to go to war; they are too selfish to do it for me. They don’t know what I could do for them if they went to war for me. Frank says that he loves Danielle was praying for an endurance competition and it turned out it was … and she was third off. Some people just doesn’t understand this game. Frank says that if next week’s HOH some type of competition where I can throw it to Jenn, then I will. She would be the only one I would throw it to. That way I can play in the fourth and last HOH. I just need to knock out some POV’s to make sure who goes home is who I want to go home. Frank says he doesn’t want Joe to go home because I could stroke his a** in the final comps. My best final three would be Jenn and Shane. I really don’t want it to be Danielle because she will be good at the questions.


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Frank is gonna feel hurt from the unanimous decision coming up.


I hope he says something on the way out that him, Dan and Danielle were in an alliance and Dan swore on the bible. when Frank gets to jury he will be able to tell Brittany that both Dan and Danielle betrayed you.

Dark Horse

I think he will say something on the way out…just like Boogie did.

AND yea he will spill everything to Britney.


First off i doubt brit would be surprised and why would she care frank telling her that may make her want to thank dan instead


I can’t believe joe actually thinks he can win this he hasn’t done anything all season and nobody is on his side the only reason he is still there is because he is a horrible player and they know they can get rid of him at anytime.


Brittney threw him under the bus first and she even mentioned it before she left. She is a player and understands the game and got out played. She was OK with Dan leaving and he figured out she was starting to work with Frank. She had more pull with the others and that is why Dan was OK with her going. She did not want to campaign for Dan and against Frank. Best play in all BB’s!

billie two trees

Who cares if he is hurt! He has said hateful and nasty things about every other person in the house and he is a disgusting pig!! Will be so glad when he is evicted Thursday night.


There is only one Pig in this house, me –

Upon being thrown out of the house, Frank will say “Hi JULES!” and definitely will say “APREESH!!” in his exit interview!

The goodbye messages will be fake as hell and say Apreesh for the good times and you were the best ever fapfapfap.

I feel bad that Frank couldn’t make it one more week. He is a good guy and will definitely be on every All Stars from here on out.


1.)Frank is a good guy??? Ummmm, no he isn’t. He feels entitled, has no game but comps, and is still misting.

2.) He will be on all All-Stars from here on out??? So if you go out with 6 other people left you get to go on all-stars from here on out…wow!!!!!

Obviously a Frank fan, and as delusional as he is. It never ceases to amaze me!!! SMH


hey women- get rid of your hateful attitude. Your bitterness is pathetic.


I think the word we have. been missing to describe frank is….vulgar!!


Umm…he isnt the only will who said nasty things…Britney, Janelle, and Dani..I think that is all.,…hm not sure…but saying he stink blah blah etc.. is just as hurtful as what Frank is yeah…one thing I can say about Frank is that he is loyal unlike the rest of these rats..has Frank thrown Dan and Dani under the bus after their F4


Frank was only loyal to Boogie and himself. he thought he could be the new improved chilltown. He thinks he’s the best ever, he feels everyone should do whatever is necessary to further HIM in the game…I can only assume you don’t get the live feeds. He can play comps, that is ALL. He has no social game and his strategic game is “everyone do what’s best for me, if you don’t I’ll flip out on you and call you stupid, plus a lot more”. Seriously, he’s not that good.


none of these bozos have a social game besides dan,
there just lucky to be in an alliance. if frank wasnt paired with boogie from the start, his game could be a different story.
ians social games sucks, except hes the retarded kid everyone feels sorry for. look at how he acts when he drinks. look at shane, have you ever heard anyone say ‘absolutley’ more than him. danielle, cry me a river.
this season flushed down the toilet once willie left.


You are absolutely correct.In the kitchen last night he pretty much told Dan that these m*therfu****s need to step up and vote Joe out get me to the end because I’ve done nothing to them.I’ve been on the block more than anyone,Ian’s never been up,Joe’s a floater….blah,blah,blah…..Entitled,socially challenged and socially inept,egomaniacal,immature,and very insecure..These are just a few of his poor qualities..But apparently a shoe in for All Stars by coming in 6th???


Look and lets get real, first Dan knows it will ve a double eviction this week and already said if it is anyone can win it will be a grap shoot. So if Frank is gone and Joe wins and then Dan is gone (just like jeff last year). So day is waitng to tell his first all Dani Shane to vote to evict Joe the day of the vote, he will not do this three days before the vote because it will leak out. He will tell his second Aliance Jenn the same thing. He will be safe during this double eviction, Ian will be play and he will go home after shane or jenn. So my friend thats the game…Danwould be crasy to let Joe stay in this game.


Ultimate floater thinks he is going to win. But wait, Dani thinks she s going to win!

Dark Horse

PH4L for HOH!!!

Anyone else is just too predictable….

Hammock Boy

dani won a HOH, so your statement is invalid.


Since my girl Brit is gone, TPH-FTW!! Also, if you love the updates on this site, help and DONATE TO SIMON & DAWG!!! Every summer, I come to this site first, and I think it is the best BB site out there. Where else do you get snarky commentary (where appropriate) as well as an accurate overview of the happenings of the house, all without having to read every word the house guests say. LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thanks for making what would have been a boring summer very entertaining!


I feel sorry for Frank! … he seems like a pretty likable guy, and Yet he has had such a Hard time in the BB house! :(( …- I blame Boogie for That!


It almost seems like they don’t want him to win.

Dark Horse

Who is they??


they don’t want him to win…they want to win it themselves


they aren’t supposed to want him to win…they want to win it themselves….one of the grossest things was yesterday when he told joe that joe should “lay down for him”. so he could win…what kind of jerk is this?


Boogie saved his butt on more than one occasion, but Boogie was an arrogant jerk and Frank went right along with it. I don’t feel sorry for him, he should’ve been gone a long time ago. Time to move on.

Gator girl

Janelle started the campaign week 2.


And what will that do when Dan’s in the final 2 and they start asking him questions and he gives his final spceeh?The answer is nothing.Dan will mist the entire jury and win this game again.Lol.You have to remeber how good Dan is at being a smooth talker and his misting abilities.Lol.Why do you think Simon did a poll about Dan’s mist?Because it’s that strong.Lol.


Not a Frank fan, but he makes the game interesting. Joe is just a douchebag!! Nuff said!!

Dan's part time bible

Kind of sad watching Frank’s convo with the camera.
He needs to figure out Jenn is not on his side.

Aqua Bernie

Frank is too cocky for my taste. Goodbye rude, crude man!


I honestly think Britney would be more happy to see Dan evicted,than Frank. Ian must not be that smart to run back to Dan. Oh well this just continues to be one of the worst seasons of BB.

Dark Horse

I think she would be happy with either Dan or Frank next…

Britney schooled Ian on Dan’s mist…it basically comes down to a who would you rather…


After Frank leaves, if Dan can get Ian out he will win the game. Dan against Shane, Joe, Jenn or Danielle will win 500K – again


@Ginger.I’m rooting for Dan,but I think if Dan&Shane are in the final 2,the jury members might pick Shane for the winner.Which means if Dan gets Ian out during double eviction.He needs to take Shane out next(obviously with out him knowing he was responsible for his(Shane) eviction.


We need to remember that the winner played the best game, not if they won before. If Dan was tied with someone then yes the newbie would probably win. Dan has played the best social and strategic game of all and deserves to win again.


@Tomasa.I competely agree with you.I was just pointing out that this season jury might be a bunch of butt hurt babies.Which means in order for Dan to when again,he will need to mist the jury members(obviously Dan will do just that).In my opinion the season 10 jury members were the best group of people in the jury that actually based their decision on who played the best game.I mean Olie was screwed by Dan.But he was the main person in the jury that said they(jury)shouldn’t be mad at Dan,because Dan played the game.If I was in the jury I would only vote for the person who played the best strategic&social game.Dan deserves to win this game again.He’s controlling everyone in the house.Oh,and we can’t forget the greatest move in Big Brother history that Dan pulled off last week.


Thursdays can’t get here any faster… I want it to be over with tired of seeing the whining posts…

Glad I never pick Favorites, then I’d be whining too…. I don’t give a fuck who wins as long as I’m entertained be the “social game” wooo seeing idiots get mind-fucked is ENTERTAINING

Joey Spankit FTW Yo

Dark Horse

Joe for HOH YO!!!

…keep the entertainment coming.

Hypocrites - All Of You

You whine about production. You whine when people you don’t like stick around. You whine when someone disagrees with your opinion. You whine when other people whine. Please don’t act like you’re above it.


I believe Ill Will said he never picks a favorite. I’m guessing you do. Danielle, is that you??? Lmao

Hypocrites - All Of You

He said he doesn’t pick favorites but he certainly picks his least favorites.


LMFAO another Frank Fan crying? need a tissue?

Hypocrites - All Of You

Nice to jump to that conclusion. Want a cookie? What if I said I were a Dan fan, would that make a difference? Probably not.

And I’ll take the tissues when you’re done crying about Frank, crying about Frank’s fans, crying about production, crying about Rachel from last season (still), and the fact that you’ve done more crying today (even if it’s crying about other people crying, it’s still crying) than anyone else. But I’ll go buy my own tissues, it seems like you have enough to cry about to last you a while. :-)

Laura Minko

I hope next season is much better. This season bored me to death until last week when Dan pulled off the Hail Mary. Lol


EXACTLY, utterly boring season , Dan brought some light to the whole season and Frank fans cried like Dan did something wrong by not playing the game that leads to HIM winning….. “Social game” is by far the best part of big brother, winning comps is never that entertaining , what happens before and after is what’s entertaining….


frank don’t wonder if they are lying to you again…they are….IT’S ALREADY DONE…SON!!!

Nicky Brand

Wait…Frank hates Obama and likes Bush? Damn, I’ve been on the wrong side all this time! Maybe I’ve judged him too harshly. Come to think of it, he’s a pretty good guy when you think about it. Sorry, Frank fans, I was wrong. I’m sorry I complained about all the times Production helped him. Clearly, those wins were all legitimate, I can see that now. Time for BB to give him a Jeff Schroeder-like coup d’etat to turn this thing around!

Not trying to start a political argument, just making a little joke.

Actually, most BB seasons suffer from a similar problem: the more interesting players get targeted and taken out (Britney, Boogie, Janelle), and the floaters (Joe, Jenn) don’t get targeted and are left at the end. It’s too bad they reversed the veto order (if Ian interpreted what they originally told him correctly). If Ian could have used his and saved Britney, then either Danielle or Shane would have gone out instead of her, which would have been good for the show, since she is funnier and a lot more fun to watch, plus has more than double the fans of both of them combined.

If Frank isn’t saved by a last minute twist, I’m pretty sure he will be brought back in the next year or two. He is probably the only one of the new players that will. I think Frank might be better off next time when he doesn’t start off in a toxic relationship with someone the rest of the house distrusts (like Boogie). And he should be more Dan and less Janelle and not draw fire on himself by winning every comp in sight. Janelle won 4 comps in BB6, an amazing 8 in All-Stars, and I think 3 coach’s comps this year, but never made final 2 because she scares the hell out of everybody and they target her thinking they can’t beat her when it will matter. Same with Frank. It’s better to be like Dan and only win them when you have to. Especially HOH’s, where you have to spill blood.


You’re confused … you’ve been misted by the crying on this site…


LMAO @ Frank saying that “some people doesn’t understand this game”. Especially since he is the one going home. See ya in jury house Frank!!


He’s right though! Shane, Jenn, and Joe are so clueless especially Jenn! Remember when she got put up on the block the first time. My god, Did she think she would never be nominated lol

Dark Horse

Well he’ll realized that someone understands it…when he’s walking out the door.


the winner should get a Million. 500k after taxes is around 350k, buy a house and that money is gone


LMAO! I just glanced and I thought you said ” 350K buy a house and get gas money”……….dyslexia??dementia?? I don’t know but I laughed a little


why does frank live in the retirement town of Naples, Fl? the dude is 28, wtf?

Dark Horse

Ahhh…and the whole ‘older women’ convo makes more sense to me now…I forgot he lives with Nana.


u dont have to understand the game to win. anyone could win, there is so much luck involved


I hoping Frank stays cause outside of Dan he’s the only reason worth watching what’s left of this season. Joe saying Frank is cocky but what about you JOe! You think you’re this powerhouse but in reality you’re another Adam just floating. Thinking you’re the best player ever when you lasted long because you weren’t a target and just a pawn. It’s kinda funny how a lot of these people don’t want Frank to win yet it looks like they want Dan to win again cause no one besides Frank has put Dan on the Block yet! I really don’t want a Jenn/Joe Final two but it would be a fitting finale cause most of these people are such power shifters. Ian thinks he’s this evil mastermind. Sorry Ian but Dan is the evil mastermind not you cause yet again he’s suckering you. Better hope Dan or Shane don’t win HOH cause you will be gone if they do. I wonder if Julie will ask Danielle finale night if Danielle looks like her cause you know Danielle thinks she looks like a lot of people haha


Adam who?

Eric CA

I would not shed a tear if Frank left, not one tear. It is the same with Joe, either one can go. I do think for peoples game Frank leaving is the best move, but this house never does what is best for their actual game, with the exception of Dan. That means Joe is the one leaving, He will some how blow a week he should just shut up and look pretty. Joe is perfectly capable of making the argument that they should keep Frank.
I have full faith that this cast will make the wrong choice, they have not let me down yet. Frank will be in the house another week. Why? because they all believe that they have a chance to get him out next week. In BB you always see the Best Chance to evict a House Guest, then win it is gone and they never took it…. disappointment.

VA Vet

I’m with you Eric. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Joe gets voted out.

Seems like everyone is or has worked with those they previously wanted evicted. They make so many deals that they themselves probably don’t know who they are with or who is with them. They all lie so much it’s impossible to know what they will do next.

Give me some poetic justice! Any combination of Ian, Jenn or Joe in final two. Let Mister “mister” chew on that as he contemplates his vote from the jury box.

Dark Horse

hmmmm is Jenn voting to evict Frank too?

Dan's part time bible

everyone is voting to evict Frank.

Eric CA

Then someone should tell Joe if it is guaranteed locked in, so he will not help them change there minds.
You can not tell with this group. Every week crap happens. It just takes Frank letting Shane know, that the
reason he had Jen take him off was a final two with Dan and Danielle.
We should get Jen and Ian, let them know about Dan and Danielle, then poof flipped house, Joe goes Dan and Danielle are targets. They never fail to disappoint.


Last I heard her talk on afterdark she was going to still vote for him to stay.

I hope Dan or Ian win, I even like Joe. But I don’t want Danielle, Jenn or Shane to win.

Frank’s biggest mistake was being aligned with Boogie off the bat.

The luck involved in this game is aligning yourself with a strong alliance at the start of the game. This year I think it was harder on the people with the coaches because the alliances were set up by them. Didn’t leave a whole lot of game for the players to actually play at the start.


Agreed. I also think Boogie made a mistake of treating Ian and Jenn like they were expendable casualties on the road to Frank’s winning. That miscalculation is why Boogie went home.


I agree about the coaches. I think bringing them in was a massive FAIL.

Dan's part time bible

Frank is turning on the mist, yo!!!!

Dan's part time bible

as is usually the case in this house…things are changing a bit right now.
Frank is working Danielle and he is gaining ground.
It ain’t over until Danielle sings.


Its gonna be a bloodbath my dear.
Frank out Unanimously


why does Frank live with his grandmother in Naples? Is he broke and needs a place to stay or taking care of her?


I can’t believe Dan will make this a unanimous decision I thought he was smarter than that. He should keep pumping Ian up about evicting frank and say things like oh wouldn’t it be the ultimate revenge if u got to be the tie breaker and told him get to stepping. Then when frank leaves hug him and say Danielle screwed us. This way if he is final 2 with Dani he will definitely have Franks vote. and Ian and Brit will more then likely vote for him even if he screwed them both i think they’ll vote for who played the best game and Dan is clearly the best player in the house and i think of all time but that is still debatable until he passes final 4. Then he just has to mist Ashley or Joe because Shane and Jenn would both vote for Danielle over him.


so we’re almost sure frank is out with a unanimous vote…who’s out next during the double? if dan wins, the qp will take another hit. if shane wins, joe and jenn go up.

Danielle the wanna be

i can see Dan beating for sure Jenn and joe…anyone can beat thos two…but its a risk to take Danielle.. Ian or shane and i doubt dan will risk a chance to win twice.. thats alot of money…

Danielle the wanna be

if i were on big brother i would tke jenn or joe too.. thats the way to win.. so his loyalty is to no one of those house gs… so dont get to happy danielle you could be like jenelle and only make 3rd….haha

Hammock Boy

doesnt frank know that bush will go down in history as a moronic president? he could have picked a better republican

boogs chilling on the couch.

So production screwed up this for my boy Frank. They wanted drama and threw HoH to Ian. Unfortunately for BB Frank didn’t win pov so he’s set to go to the jury house. The game will be drastically more boring watching yes men fight against floaters while surrounded in Dan’s mist. The better hide a golden ticket in some quiona or something for Frank to find or this game is over imo. You hear that production? Santa Jesse hid a hall pass that Frank has to find. Imagine Ian squirming then having to break his promise to Shame and put either him or Dani up! Priceless right there!!!

Danielle the wanna be

i think everyone would vote for dan to win cuz he is the best player…he made it with just his awesome social skills..i bet shane would vote for dan too…he really isnt gonna be with danielle after the game…its all game to him…so guys stick together.. but i think dan will keep jenn safe so he can take her..

Dan's part time bible

Frank just spread his “magic dream” glitter on Danielle….we will see if it sticks.


Here’s my wish list if anyone is interested to read:

1. Frank goes out this week. I’m sorry, but his ego is just too much for me to bear any longer.
2. Danielle out next. She needs a good kick in the arse. And, that allows Dan to be free of her so that he can concentrate on his game.
3. Shane out next. I’ve never liked him from day one. He ain’t that pretty, he hasn’t won anything in a while, and I don’t like that he strings along Danielle.
4. Jenn is next. She thinks she is some hot shit with one win, she talks a lot about about how tough she is but never actually does anything.
5. Ian next. Although I like him in general, I think he should go just because he gets too cocky with power, he’s a but out of touch.
6. Joe in the final 2. You may not have noticed but he is closer to knowing what is really going on in the house than anyone, without being in a strong alliance. He deserves to be where he is by virtue of simply making himself useful wherever he needs to be,
7. Dan for the WIN! (And if you haven’t noticed yet, I am a big Dan fan!)


The only reason Dan has been so successful is because the remaining players aren’t the brightest. He’s played the sleaziest game and I find him to be a hypocrite. Frank was my fave but not anymore. My only hope is that Danielle doesn’t win.


I agree with Gracie on Dan’s success this season. I’m rooting for Dan and Ian, but do you mean to tell me that during Dan’s Funeral not one of them suspected anything when he went up to talk to Frank? And Frank kept saying, “You better not be bullshitting me, Dan, you’ve done this before,” and even though Dan swore he really planned to work with Frank, looky looky: The QuackPack is assembled once again and Frank and Joe are on the block. You always need a Plan B. Dan said himself he only trusts himself and will stab anyone in the back if he has to. People keep forgetting there is half a million dollars at the end of this a game. $$$$$$


The new Quack Pack alliance is as tenuous as before. They are all too close to the end to be truly true to any but a final 2 alliance. Yes, the fact that the other HG’s are falling for the mist is proof that Dan should win this. OMG, I can’t believe it myself!


Well, truth be told, I’m pretty sure more than half of you guys up in here would be pissed if
you were being nominated everytime. While peeps like joe and Danielle cruise through.
Seriously, it’s kind of hard and frustrating not to feel deserving of that money when he suffered the most.
So, his attitude sucks, he freaks out. As if you wouldn’t.
I like the guy, is he really gullible? Or is he realizing that maybe he has no choice but to trust
In someone like Dan.
Dan is not that great of a player. He just lies and cheats. Many people can do that, so maybe frank is just
too good for this place. Another game another day.

I Vote To Evict Ian

I know Frank farts a lot and he lives with his Nana and he has some bushy hair, but I really wanted him to win. Waa Boo Hoo Hoo.

My Eviction Predictions:

Frank: I will miss seeing his nice body

Ian: Get this moron out!

Shane: Hairlugs and pink clothes and leather skin, oh my!

Jenn:BB, give this chick some $$$ to fix her messed up grill.

Danielle: Suzanne Sommers will send her a complimentary Thigh Master.

Joe: BB will give him a lifetime supply of hand sanitzer.

Dan Wins. He misted everyone and if they fell for it, then they deserve it.


I think Shane is a lot older than he is saying. There’s a lot of circumstantial proof to support that.


Yes. Shane looks like he is about 36 years of age.


Yes, I agree, if not older. This would explain why he is holding Danielle at arm’s length.