Dan makes fun of Ian and calls him the shower peeker, then says sorry I know it’s a sensitive subject.

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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8:05pm – 8:30pm Frank, Ian, Dan, Joe and Shane are eating in the kitchen. Joe tells them that black olives are second rate olives that are dyed in a brine to hide the bruises. Dan and Frank don’t believe it. Dan says I buy a lot of what you are selling but I am not buying that. Dan looks at the can and says it says these are ripe olives, not battered olives. Frank laughs. Frank starts to believe it. Dan says don’t start drinking his koolaid. Dan says these are too delicious to be second rate olives, their skin is too intact to be battered and bruised. I will not buy your black olive story. Joe says that he doesn’t understand why that is so hard to believe. Dan tells Danielle about the olive story Joe is selling. Danielle says she isn’t buying it either.

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8:30pm – 8:40pmJoe tells Frank that Janelle was trying to get fans to make hate threads about Frank. Frank start getting riled up. Dan jokes around and says that Britney was complaining about Ian creeping on the girls in the shower. Ian says that’s not true she never took a shower down here then, she was HOH. Dan making fun of Ian calling him the shower peeker. Dan says sorry I know that’s a sensitive subject. Ian says yeah it is. Dan sasy he is just trying to distract Frank and calm him down. Frank tells the camera that Janelle has vanilla weak sauce game that she got sent home before jury. Frank says that he tired out four seasons in a row and the only reason she got picked was because she had blonde hair. They finish up eating. Frank tells Dan and Danielle in the arcade room that Joe keeps saying he thinks he is going up. Dan says good, let him sweat it out.
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8:55pm Dan heads into the stereo room and talks to Jenn. Dan tells Jenn that he was really scared about putting his faith in Jenn’s hands about using the power of veto on him. He tells her that he wants to return the favor to her but that he just wants to make sure that if Jenn wins HOH that he is safe. She looks around for something to swear on and can’t find anything. She says I won’t you can trust me. She says that with all her heart, he is safe. Jenn brings up Frank leaving. Dan tells Jenn that he just wants to be on the same page with Jenn. Dan says that after he uses the veto on her, then they can talk about a final three deal with her and Danielle. Jenn says that she has been having dreams about it and says that she is on board. Jenn says that she is working on Danielle being able to trusting Dan again. Dan says that it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep in here but please trust me that you will be saved tomorrow. Jenn says that if she wins HOH then her HOH key is his as well.


9pm Joe and Dan are talking in the arcade room. Joe talks about how he feels he has already been on the side of Shane. Joe says that Danielle and Shane are close and says that he feels like he is the last man on the totem pole. Joe tells Dan that obviously I do not want you to use the veto and that if I win something I will guarantee you safety. Joe says that he wants to work with Dan as things get closer. Dan says at this point in the game he feels he is a big target since the funeral. Dan says that he appreciates Joe offering a one week mileage for him to not use it and that it is definitely something to consider. Joe repeats that he thinks its better that Dan not uses the veto. Dan says that he has been trying to work back into the good graces of people. Joe says that he admires what Dan did and said it was one of the best game moves he has seen. Dan asks why do you say that? Joe says you were dead in this game and you completely turned that around. Joe says no one even knows what the rift between you and Danielle had, that’s why I have been racking my brain the last four days. Dan says that she knows, she maybe didn’t know then, but she knows now. Dan says okay good talk. Joe leaves.


9:10pm – 9:25pm Ian and Shane are talking on the hammock. Jenn and Joe are sitting with their feet in the hot tub. Frank comes out and tells them that they got 4 beer and a bottle of wine. Frank grabs the hula hoop and starts walking around the yard. They ask him if he is going to bust out some moves. He says no just trying to get some gas out before I grab those beers.


9:30pm – 10pm Shane and Danielle are in the bathroom talking about random stuff. Dan is in the arcade room and starts riding bible verses to Danielle and Shane in the bathroom. Joe and Jenn continue to sit around the hot tub. Frank is still doing walking laps in the backyard, while Ian swings in the hammock. Jenn asks Ian how long Chicken George was on slop for? Ian says 5 weeks. Dan and Danielle are in the arcade room talking about how Shane wanted her to work with Dan again and for them to have a final three deal. Dan says that Shane and Jenn don’t talk, so that it’s unlikely they will figure out the two final three deals. Dan tells Danielle that it’s best that they are covered on both angles. Dan says that he will take his chances not having a final three deal with Joe. Dan and Danielle leave the room.

10:35pm Cam 3-4 Ian’s been wandering around the house making funny sounds with his mouth.. Once and awhile he’ll say something under his breath like “Don’t trust him and This is the one, these are good..” etc etc. Outside the rest of the house guests are talking about dates and relationship. Frank confirms that it takes him a long time before he commits to tell a girl he loves her.

Ian: “Flaoters.. Fu**** floaters.. the reason I want them out ..argh.. ”
Ian: “These are good gummy bears”

11:05pm Kitchen Cam 3-4 Shane and Powerhouse

Joe has finished his wine.. He can get a pretty good buzz going but he cannot maintain it. Shane says it’s the same with him.. He wishes they game them more alcohol.
Joe brings up his conversation with dan earlier. JOe: “I asked him about veto” Joe adds that Dan wants to talk to him really late tonight about it. Joe isn’t sure what it’s about. Joe says Dan tried to sell him that Shane and dani are “so tight” and that joe is screwed leaving them in the game. Shane: “Great”
Joe: “I was like I hear ya.. “
Shane: ‘Great get as much information as you can”
Shane brings up that Ian told him it is not being used so Shane isn’t sure what is going to happen.
JOe: “I cannot believe how heavily against Dani he was” Shane doesn’t think they can trust Dan points out that Danielle has told him that Dan Cannot be trusted .
Shane: “We know they are not working together… she told me to my face.. unless she’s lying.. or she’s playing me for a fool” Joe doesn’t think Danielle is lying.
(These guys are so clueless)

11:55pm Ian finds out what Dan did to his teddy bear. Ian goes in to rescue it

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117 thoughts on “Dan makes fun of Ian and calls him the shower peeker, then says sorry I know it’s a sensitive subject.

  1. I think if Dan does use the veto on Jenn tomorrow then Jenn should tell Frank what is going on about Dan wanting him to leave this week, so Frank can expose Dan to the whole house. This might be Frank’s only chance in staying in the game by having Jenn and Shane’s vote with the possibility of Ian keeping him in the tie breaker.

    1. I don’t think that is a good move for Jenn. Her doing that has no gain seeing as Danielle already knows about Dans deal with frank and Jenn, so it will still be a 2-2 vote if she does that and Ian will most def take frank out no matter what Jenn or Frank say, he is far too dangerous. Plus then Jenn loses 3 alliance members in the same week, D,D and frank if she goes on with that. Its a terrible move for them two. Basically Frank is too dangerous for anything he or Jenn do to make him stay, honestly.

      1. You have to remember we’re talking about Jenn. The girl who seemed to think Boogie was the pawn and she was actually in danger. The girl who decided to have Frank’s back in the veto for a reason I’m still not clear on. The girl who helped evict Britney, who she had a good relationship with and who was also close with Danielle, her best friend, in order to save Dan, somebody I don’t recall seeing her even talk to much at all and definitely not about the game. The same guy who just said her best friend was dead to him a half hour earlier.

        Jenn could very well reach this conclusion:

        Getting Joe out helps her. She has nothing to do with him game-wise and sees him as an adversary, while Frank has been her ally. In a very simplistic view she could think that this information could save Frank and make Dan the target next week. Remember that she’s not talking game to Shane or Ian. Hell, she thinks Ian is gunning for her now. Also recall that when she talks to Frank now, she is afraid and that she thinks Dan owes her for last week. Once she is safe, she could decide to tell Frank, thinking that Joe goes home, she wins HOH and gets either Dan (who will have repaid his debt) or Ian, then Frank can win next week and get whoever survives. The hard part for her will be getting Danielle to then say goodbye to Shane when she evicts him as HOH and POV winner.

        Now even if she tells Frank, I don’t think this saves him or helps Jenn. I’m just saying that Jenn’s grasp of the reality of the game does not reflect what we’re seeing from home, so in no way should we expect her to necessarily respond to safety this week in a way that will help her next week.

    2. At this point, the only person in the house that it would impact at all is Joe. Everyone else knows that Dan had to do what he needed to do to get off the block last week. Ian has even forgiven him for being behind getting Brit evicted. They all know that the funeral was a set up – they don’t know that Dani forgave him already. Dan is really good at communicating information that could get him in trouble down the line.

    3. Erm….blow up what? Frank can’t do anything. Anyone important knows about the the F/D/D/J deal. The only person it truly hurts is Danielle and Jenn is not going to do that. And besides Jenn is rolling along. She won’t care who leaves as long as she goes to next wk…which is why she doesn’t mind Frank leaving and her having a final 3 deal with Dan. Make no qualms about it. Dan is running this house. The only way he loses is if production messes with stuff.

  2. That Dan is so good. I really wanted someone else to win that had not won before Dan is really good at this game.

    I would be happy if Shane won, too. I think he is a good guy.

    I miss Brit’s DR sessions.

      1. I am horrified by Dan and anyone who has made an oath on the bible should be horrified too. We as a society hold that oath sacred. It has NOTHING to do with religion and everything to do with our most solemn oath. This is how we swear in Presidents, military, new citizens, court witnesses, judges, lawyers you name it, if they have to take an oath to do that job it is done on a Bible. Dan just pissed on that oath. It means NOTHING to him. Not only that, it was unneccesary, he didn’t need to do it. Frank would have believed him because he already suspected it. When Dr. Will Kirby walked into BB2 he told them he was going to lie, betray and backstab, he won anyways. For CBS to praise and glorify Dan for showing America that swearing on the Bible is exactly worthless, is dispicable. But you know what, he’ll be rewarded for it. Just like criminals who swear to tell the truth and lie on the stand.

        Make no mistake about it, Dan is worshipping at the alter of the Almighty Dollar and he used his religion and a false oath on the bible to do it and all I see is people defending him, applauding, clapping him on the back and telling him what a great job he did, what a fantastic game move, best player ever.

        I find it telling that the people playing the game and truthfully giving their word without swearing on ANYTHING, are the most loyal and the most hated.

        1. “We as a society hold that oath sacred.”

          Not everyone sees testifying in a court of law, swearing in “Presidents, military, new citizens, court witnesses, judges, lawyers ” is the same as swearing to be partners in a reality show. Rational people realize the importance of the distinction. I think you do as well. I think you just don’t like that Frank is going home and are lashing out at Dan. After all, if Dan doesn’t do what he did, we had zero reason to watch this show.

          Oh, and how is swearing on a bible not a religious act? If the act isn’t religious, why not just swear on the Constitution, or the Declaration of independence? Americans swear on the bible for the sole purpose of making an oak before GOD. Your know, “…the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; so help you GOD. That seems a bit religious to me.

          1. How ever much it annoys me that you used logic and reason on me, I will admit,,,, i’m just plain pissed Frank went home, it’s boring. It happens every year around this time when the best players start getting cut, it gets unbearably boring. The only time it doesn’t get boring is when the powerhouses band together and take all the favorites to the end. But this is the first year I have been offended. I’m not a religious person, but I’m still required to swear on the bible if I were to take the stand. I take that oath seriously, even though I don’t subscribe to a religious doctrine, I still believe in God and I still believe when you make light of that oath, even when you’re just “playing a game”, it lessens us as a society.

            That being said, the other thing that really bothers me is the usage of “agents” to find players. I know that they must receive thousands of applications by superfans and people that actually know and understand the game. Why in the world would they put people in the game like Shane that had never heard of Big Brother before his agent sent him on an audition. That’s like throwing my white nerdy brother on a basketball court with Dwight Howard and giving him the thumbs up sign. Frank never had a chance because people who had never watched the game don’t realize that the challenges that Frank will blow at are coming up, so he would be tons less dangerous in a final four than Ian and Dan and Danielle. Shane thinks he’s golden, Shane’s a moron, Shane watched one partial season of Big Brother, and like 1/2 of America, he stopped watching that season when Jeff went home. It offends me that the superfans were the most popular, but because they have people in there that have never watched a BBAD in their life, much less a live feed, we end up with camera whores and “chefs” looking for their cooking show breakthrough on OUR GAME!! Instead of an AllStars season, I would welcome a superfan season!

    1. I am so tired of hearing how DAN is the best player ever. Yes, he did 1 great move, but only 1 people. 1 MOVE! He did nothing prior to this epic move everyone is calling it. As far as I can see dan was a floater up until then, going where the power was. Throwing challenges? Please, he lost them because of his inabililty to win them. He had nothing to do with Janelle leaving, that was all Dani and Boogie. He barely spoke to anyone game wise when they were coaches, and his coaching sucked because he lost 2 players. Hitting the reset button was his only option because he was a gonner and he knows it. His little funeral was funning but come on, was it really all that epic?? Look who is left in the house! Frank – dumb, Joe – dumber, Jenn – who?, shane – sort of clueless, dani – insecure who won 1 challenge but considers herself a great player, Ian – poor kid needs to use his noodle! Dan only looks like a master at this game because look who is has to work with in the house. A house full of non-players who are completely clueless. Dan could never have pulled this off if Boogie, Janelle, and Brit were still there. He is one lucky, sneaking, backstabbing player. Good luck to them all, they will need it.

      1. Do you people read the nonsense you right before you click submit? LOL so you are saying if Dan had tough competitors like Brit,Boogie,Janelle and Frank in the house Dan wouldn’t be running anything even though he was the 1 to get all those people out in the first place….stay anonymous and don’t embarrass yourself by attaching your real handle on anymore nonsense that you might spew.

        1. Hey dipshit, It was not Dan’s idea or plan to get out janelle, it was dani & boogie’s, he just went along for the ride(floater) Dan is not the reason boogie is gone, that was Ian and Brit’s doin, he just went along for the ride (floater). He is responsibe for Brit’s eviction based on his 1 move in the game, just like I stated. He screwed over his alliance to move further in the game, and I get that. Please get your head out of your ass to think that Dan masterminded all of this to the position he is currently in. You are delusional if you think that Dan has planned this all along. He has been a floater from the start and now that he is in the house full of fools who have no idea how to play, he is genius, mastermind, best player ever? Huh far from it.

          1. Not sure why you want to ignore the social angle in BB. Have you watched the show before this season? If it was just about winning comps it wouldn’t be BB. Dan has a very well crafted social game. Also, I’m not sure you understand what a floater is. Floaters refuse to take sides for fear of offending other groups or individuals and they avoid any game play decisions that call attention to themselves. You don’t just get to call any player you dislike a floater. And if you really feel that Dan is a floater, then there is no need for anyone to bother with your assessment anyway.

  3. @simon and dawg just wanted to thank you guys for this site since i haven’t done so yet.Once Frank leaves i probably won’t be into the show enough to be wondering whats happening at all times though i will still watch it on cbs TPHFL YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am watching BBAD. I am watching Shane and Ian on the hammock. I would have to tell Ian to slow it down or I would get off. I was getting sick in my stomach just watching. It also sounds like the squeaking might be slowly coming back.

  5. I hate Dan. But if frank goes. I’m actually rooting for him to bring joe and dannielle to final 3 .then cut dannielles throat and take joe to final 2 and watch her epic meltdown.

  6. Aleppo, Alphonso, Amphissa, Gaata, Ligurian, Lugano, Nicoise, Nyons, Ponentine and Royal
    are just a few delicious Ripe Black Olives voting against Second Rate Joe for BB’s Favorite Player.
    : )

  7. I’m hoping Dan goes home in the de followed by Ian than Jenn or Joe pull out a couple miracle wins in the end and take each other to final 2

    1. If Frank goes, I’m with Dan 100%…but I still hope Frank reveals every detail of what went down with Britney and Ian and Shane explode and turn on Dan and Danielle. I still think Frank goes first, even if he reveals it ASAP (Ian and Shane are far too afraid of him to partner up), but I don’t want to watch Dan silently cut everybody’s throat. That will get boring. I think Dan will still beat them head on with little trouble (he’s got two-three pawns to play with) and that will make for good TV.

      Instead of Dan sleepwalking to $500K, we see Dan, Danielle, and Jenn taking on Ian, Shane, and…of course Joe will be adamantly on both sides.

      Remember in Braveheart, when Mel Gibson gives the speech on his horse as his men prepare to battle the far more numerous and better equipped British? If William Wallace gave the speech…then ran for cover from the field of battle before popping up on the British side talking mad shit about the Scottish, he would be Joe.

      I keep hoping he will start paraphrasing Harold Ramis from Stripes: “I just want you to guys know, that if we’re ever in the shit…I’ll be right behind you.”

      1. I 100% agree with you if they aren’t able to get rid of Dan after Frank leaves Thursday than he is going to win btw love the braveheart reference thats my favorite movie of all time

      1. Those are just the two i would like to win i frank should go idk who should or shouldn’t win should lisa have won season 3 no but she did should jordan have won season 11 no but she did the list goes on and on as people i just dont like anyone associated with qp

  8. Come on production give Frank a golden power so he can stay and make the next few weeks more interesting instead of a broing time for show time making me not want to watch lets keep it intresting for everyone and to get Ian Dan and Dani worried……

    1. BB needs to step in and help Frank out of this problem….Dan is such a liar. Franks saved him and now he is turing on Frank. Dan does not deserve to win again and is it very obvious that Frank is the sole winner of this game. Jenn, Danielle and Joe have not done anything to deserve to win this game.

      1. Neither has Ian. He won one HoH as far as I’m concerned. I think if Shane didn’t make the deal with him on this one, he would have easily taken Ian in the endurance comp.

    1. I would love for them to help Frank as well but I think they know if they do the whole integrity of the game will be lost.The only thing they can do is try to influence people in the diary room

  9. Give Frank some power to keep the game going and get all the other houseguest scared Does Dan not understand when Frank gets to jury and tell them what has been going on in the house Dan will have no votes no matter who he is sitting next to the Scum bag……

  10. Let’s all be real. The only way Dan will get the boot is during the final four someone wins veto besides him, they are the soul eviction vote, and know sitting next to him in the finals would be a terrible idea. Otherwise he is going to go, most likely, all the way.

  11. Could someone please go to the kitchen, get the largest knife, and cut those hammock strings before Ian rocks himself into a darn coma? All that rocking just isn’t normal. Danielle is a sweet heart and is going to hate herself after the show is over. The whole obsession with Shane isn’t normal, either. There is no way I would chase after a man like that. In my opinion, Shane reason for not wanting to have a showmance (could be showmances are stupid, could have a girl already, just might not be interested, and last be not ruled out…..he just could be gay.

    1. Danielle will be surprised at the reaction to her when she gets out of the house but I have to respectfully disagree with the word ‘sweetheart.’ She tries to sell that image but everything she says is a lie to hurt someone or build herself up. They are not even ‘game’ lies, I can’t imagine the damage she does in her life to people.

    2. If Shane is gay, she may need a lot of counseling
      For she is going to feel like a fool and undesirable.
      Ian seems to have insight about people and he said
      Shane is gay. Dani is going to fall apart knowing how
      she acted on T.V.

  12. Could someone please go to the kitchen, get the largest knife, and cut those hammock strings before Ian rocks himself into a darn coma? All that rocking just isn’t normal. Danielle is a sweet heart and is going to hate herself after the show is over. The whole obsession with Shane isn’t normal, either. There is no way I would chase after a man like that. In my opinion, Shane reason for not wanting to have a showmance (could be showmances are stupid, could have a girl already, just might not be interested, and last be not ruled out…..he just could be gay.

    1. Yeah umm newsflash for ya…Keeping your word and being the best player are 2 phrases that don’t go together in the BB house. If you ain’t lyin then you ain’t tryin! Frank is the chump who took tons of punishments to get out a guy that 24 hours later he saved. Great player hahaha now that’s a laugh–Frank is just another sucka goin home.

  13. I am convinced that BB has had these people sign an NDA and guaranteed them a healthy sum of money to do as they are told and be mindless. There are what? 7 people in this house and there are several (that’s more than three) alliances, and about fifty-eleven final 4, 3 & 2 deals. I’ve never been big on the “production rigged it” conspiracy theories in the past, but this is JUST TOO MUCH!

    Dan should have been “laid to rest” after his funeral, but he rose from the dead!

    Did all of these people ride the “short bus”???

      1. Yep…the game is rigged if Frank gets himself off the block a thousand times and then it’s rigged when he doesn’t pull the lucky rabbit out of his ass. Dan Should burn in Hell for Frank being soooo trusting of someone who he knew, knew how to play the game, and even watched Dan’s season.Looks to me like Frank might not know the game as good as he thought he did or he wouldn’t fall for all the crap he has so far in this game.. Maybe CBS should come up with a show where we sit and watch complete strangers play a game of GO FISH with a big ole grins on our face because no one lied or back stabbed anyone during the show. It’s just a game. Some times the best players “GET GOT”. That’s just how it goes.

  14. Frank is an idiot. For 3 reasons. First, he blew last week’s “how bad you want it” pov that he could of won. Second, then he made the dumb move asking Jenn to take dan off the block. Third, he didnt even try to ask Dan to use veto on him. How could he think he has the votes to stay, he just does not have a clue how everyone wants him out of the house.

    1. Had Frank done everything differently last week, he’s in the same spot that he’s in right now (maybe he gets one more week). Ian is likely still HOH and Britney is engineering a unanimous vote for his eviction. Frank knew he was in trouble without Boogie, so he looked for a life jacket. The way you talk it seems like you think he had another, better person to work with. Frank had no options.

      Frank is really a special player. Not because of his nine lives per say, but rather the blindness caused by the mere mention of his name.

      Many of his supporters are praying that God (or production) magically saves him and are threatening to quit watching and get Dan fired from his real life job.

      Many of his detractors believe he is the devil and everything he does is stupid, vicious, and bullying.

      Frank is a great (and in some ways legendary due to his HOH/POV run) player who I really wanted to win…but it just didn’t work out for him and that’s OK.

      I see Dan as the only remaining deserving winner, so I’m hoping he wins…but if somebody can discover an antidote to the mist and make some big moves, then I will root for them too.

      1. It’s funny how divisive the BB fanbase is over Frank. I got on the bandwagon during the first few weeks because I just knew that he was going to be this year’s Irrationally Hated Houseguest. But it seems like most of the non-nutty Frank fans are resigned to the fact that he’s leaving and they’re OK with it.

        Now onto TEAM POWERHOUSE…

  15. I gotta hand it to all the Frank loyalists. Just like Frank, they continue to fight, fight, fight for their guy. I think Frank staying in the game is both his and THEIR dream, too! They will never (said like Danielle) give up, even though it’s truly already over. Nobody in the house telling anybody about anything will save Frank now. Many refuse to let go of some supposed “nuclear reveal” option, that they still see Frank possessing. They’re like Freddy Krueger on Friday the 13th. It’s not over! Frank can still come back. There’s still a way to save him, – we just need these 472 things to happen by tomorrow! I do truly admire the loyalty. Nothing discourages you guys. Yesterday, Ian had the line of the century. “If Osama Bin Laden was up against Frank, Frank would still be going home Thursday.” It’s 100% true. But, even so, his supporters STILL believe none of it. Frank truly gave it everything he had. Rooting for your favorite to the bitter end is the American Way. He’ll surely be invited back to BB. I tip my hat to all of you Frank fans – even the Captain! Any pro or college would be lucky to have you on their side…

    1. Well of course if he was up against osama he would be going home no one is afraid of a dead guy with a whole in his head id take osama to final 2 who cant beat a corpse

  16. Just an observation on a nuance of Dan’s game that I think is brilliant, so any Big Brother aspirants out there take note:

    If you watch both of Dan’s seasons, he kept his game talk very close to his vest. Go back and watch the Quack Pack meetings and watch how much of the time he stays fairly quiet. He rarely thinks out loud like many often do in an alliance. In the big group, he will throw out something here and there like “I don’t think Janelle will sacrifice her players for us.” or “I don’t know that we can trust Frank and Boogie” but you never here monologues of what he thinks about every player. Instead, he keeps that to himself until he can do one-on-ones. In essence, he’s laundering what he thinks through a Danielle or Britney or Ian. Then in the groups, they will express his thoughts for him. So Britney will regurgitate what Dan told her, making it look like she owns it, and then she’ll toss in a throwaway line like “Dan agrees with me”.

    What this does is provide him plausible deniability should the shit hit the fan. So if things had gone sour with Mike and Frank when they were in power and say Britney tries to make Dan the sacrificial lamb. He can deny it and then turn to the others in the Quack Pack and say “did I say that” and they would say “no Britney said it” and Britney would swear on a stack of bibles that they were all lying. In essence Dan plants the seed, lets it grow, and then it blooms when others verbalize it to a group. Basically he was doing inception before DiCaprio…

    Also notice how when somebody goes off on a tangent about Frank, Dan doesn’t join in and agree or disagree, rather he just listens. Now with jury this is extremely important because who knows what Frank will see in the jury house. To the person doing the trashing, it feels like he’s agreeing since he’s not coming to Frank’s defense. To Frank watching the tape, it looks like Dan was just being non-confrontational and since he didn’t join in, he really didn’t agree. Even early in the game, long before jury, he’s compiling a dossier just in case he should need it.

    I think the overall thing I take away from Dan is to keep the thoughts you express about the game and HG’s very concise and direct and NEVER engage in thinking out loud sessions with a group. You need to figure out where you stand on your own or in individual conversations with a single person you trust implicitly, then coach up one person to go into detail with the group. It’s because of this practice that he was always in the best position to betray the Quack Pack and cover his ass in general.

    1. Spot on, Bobsky. Dan lives by what cops say when they read someone their rights (with a slight change). “Anything said in the BB house can and will be used against you by other HGs.” By a mile, he’s the best listener in BB history. He’s asked 100 times more questions, about the other HGs lives and their interests, than any other HG has. And if someone ever asks him anything about his life, he answers it as quickly and briefly as possible, without sounding rude.

    2. Dan is VERY good about picking his spots. He isn’t as charming as Will was (which is how Will got away with saying pretty much anything he wanted) but he’s a lot more calculating.

      1. I agree Dan has a good social game, but, personally, I think the “calculating” is coming straight from production. This game is notorious for lying and deceit, so why in the hell was a bible allowed into the house? And why is it allowed to be used as a tool? This has production written all over it.

  17. this ian what is wrong with him, he can not stand still, always rocking.He looks like a patient in a mentel hospital starring at things, talking to himself, rocking in either a chair or that damm hammock.

      1. It’s oft referred to as being eccentric. It’s what happens when you spend most of your childhood alone, doing things by yourself. Do I need to go into details of brilliant people who had “quirks?” I.E. Howard Hughes, and Steve Jobs?

  18. This is going to be a BORING rest of the season without Frank PLEASE give him some POWER other wise all we have is Dani obsession with Shane so we will have the Dani and Shane story with her and him chasing each other around like kinder care kids and then we have Ian rocking munbling and rocking some more and Joe picking his feet not washing his hands after the bathroom and then cooking food while licking his fingers. Then we have Father Dan MR. Honesty running the flock for his own benifit what a show so PLEASE GIVE FRANK SOME POWER and keep the show intresting because if that happens the other houseguest will be scared and running like rats ,,,,,,,,,,Then what will Father Honest do then?????????

    1. Why should bb give frank anything he had his chanceand he blew it he put himself in this position and he deserves to go home wether he fans like it or not it would be ridiculous for production to save his ass again

    2. I like Frank, but I have three reasons why production won’t save Frank.

      1. they already have, the week of the reset, Frank was on his way out and they didn’t have an eviction that week, so they negated someone’s (I think it was Shanes) complete HOH for Frank.
      2. Frank’s fanbase isn’t that large. Sure they are vocal right now, but its not a large fanbase. Players with much larger fanbases have already left (Janelle and Britney)
      3. Frank sealed his fate last week when he took punishment after punishment to get Dan out, only to have him taken off the block 24 hours later after an hour long discussion with Dan. If Dan’s not here, Frank might have won the veto this week.

  19. Dan is playing this season just like coach played his season of survivor when he got screwed in the make everyone love you and final 3 deal with everyone i hope all the deals dont bite him in the ass but bb jury isnt usually as bitter as survivor

  20. To you Dan fans who were arguing that Dan didn’t swear a final two to Frank…Dan admitted on tonight’s show that he did in fact swear a final two to Frank on the bible, his dead grandfather and his wife. This was straight from the horse’s (more like horse face’s) mouth.

    It’s fine if you want to be a lying sleaze ball in the game; when you bring the bible into it, that is a different story in my opinion. The bible isn’t there for your convenience. You can’t swear on the bible and “cross your fingers”.

    I am going to write a letter to Dan’s school to request his removal. He is not only a bad example of “religion by convenience”, he actually did this while wearing his school’s colors which takes his actions beyond the game.

    1. I understand your feelings even as a non-believer, but I really think you’re overreacting.

      Dan might very well feel repercussions from that move, but it should be constrained to those actually impacted by it, namely the school, students, faculty, and parents. There’s absolutely no need for your involvement.

    2. WOW! I agree he is slime and his behavior is inappropriate for the position he holds. However, unless you’re a member of the school’s faculty/adminstration or the parent of a student of that school you shouldn’t get involved in “letter writing”. God or Karma or BOTH can deal with Dan without outside assistance.

    3. If I was paying money to send my kid to Catholic school..I would not want a person like Dan teaching my children… Basically he is promoting the message that believing and living by the word of God is simply a part time activity..and can be turned off momentarily for money..or a stupid televison.”game”…sorry but I’d want him fired. JMO…but I would not want him as a role model for my Catholic child.

    4. Well said DPTBS!! I noted that myself in tonight’s show even after I’d gone to the flashback’s and reconfirmed for myself that HE DID SWEAR ON THE BIBLE and a final 2 with Frank WAS included in that swearing! And as you said, it came right from the horse’s face tonight….. so all those people trying to mist us can stuff it, cuz the dude admitted to it in his DR!!!!

    5. No deal with anyone, or anything else said or done so far to Frank in BB14, has yet cost Frank his place in the house. He’s still here. Frank’s entire BB14 fate depends on just ONE thing: him getting 3 votes to stay on Thursday. (He knows Ian will vote to evict him, in the event of a tie.) Which 3 votes does Frank think he now has, that’s making him feel so safe? He does think he has Dan and Jenn for sure (Both are certainly iffy.) But even if they both DO end up voting for him to stay (both knowing he’ll still go), Frank STILL needs Shane’s or Danielle’s vote. It’s simple math. In Frank’s mind, THEY are the key votes this week, no? Which one of those two votes does he think he has? Neither one has told Frank he has their vote. Without Shane or Danielle, Frank still goes home, 3 to 2. How Frank’s eviction then gets 100% blamed on Dan, no matter how Dan votes on Thursday, makes me scratch my head. The #1 reason BB HG’s are surprised when they get evicted is because they overestimated how many votes they were actually getting on Thursday. (Janelle, for example, this season) To me, Frank’s eviction will be for the exact same reason Janelle did – they got less votes than they expected. And this will be the case, whether Dan ends up voting for Frank or not. Dan is NOT the HOH this week. Even still, to most Frank fans, Dan is the sole “Frank evildoer?” Hmmm…..

    6. Sounds good to me writing to the school post address so everyone can see how he really is and what he did to Frank is such a sin I do no know how he can sleep at nite.

      1. boo hoo, frank’s going home. Get a freaking life. You’re going to write Dan’s employer over his actions on a game show. Death threats next? I mean seriously, WTF is wrong with these people in here. Dan hasn’t even voted againist Frank yet. You are beyond pathetic.

        1. While i don’t care care myself you need to realize that this world i run by the catholic church and people take the sanctity of the bible very seriously it has been this way since the fall of rome and always will be

          1. Yeah, I can see how up in arms they are over it, yet in courts of law across America, the bible is sworn on and people lie all the time. Where’s the holy outrage over that? Oh, that’s right, that doesn’t suit their purpose, they have to express their outrage because their favorite may go home. I don’t ask God for much, just to protect me from his zealots.

        2. In response to your retarded death threat comment…for most of us there is a huge leap between informing an employer of an employee’s actions that negatively impact the reputation of the employer, and death threats. The thought that you would jump to that conclusion is really kind of sick.


          Dan is employed by a Catholic school, St. Mary’s Preparatory

          This is St. Mary’s Prep’s Mission Statement:
          St Mary’s Preparatory is a Catholic, all-boys, college preparatory high school with a Polish-American heritage and legacy since 1885 A.D. We exist to provide deserving young men the moral guidance, discipline, and education to become Christ-like models of service and leadership for the world. By completion of our spiritual and educational model, these men gain the character, reverence, and fortitude to meet all challenges for the greater glory of God and their alma mater.

          Dan’s actions are completely contradictory to the values and mission of the school (moral guidance, character, reverence)

          You can be a lying sleaze bag in the house and probably get away with it. When you work for a Catholic school and put your hand on the bible swearing you are telling the truth…and even worse, do it while wearing your school’s logo and joke about it…yeah, not so much.

          1. Hmmm….let’s see…a religious, Christian institution saying they offer “deserving” young men a chance at education and being molded with core moral values.
            Worded that way, deserving comes across as those who can afford it…i.e.: money. So it is okay for money to be the driving factor in deciding who is deserving of religion/religious upbringing, but it is not okay for Dan to use religion to win money? And if you saw his original season, he used religion there also and no one (BB jurors and the real world) seemed to have a problem with it since he won by a 7-0 vote. The jurors recognized great game play and more than likely, Dan became a hometown hero.
            It is a game and everything and anything that can get you further in it is fair game. Trying to mess with a person’s real world livelihood because he made a play you did not agree with is pretty low. Are your children being taught by Dan? Is your life in any way negatively impacted by Dan’s move? I don’t think they are and I don’t think it is.

        1. Has Dan voted againist Frank yet? I’m sure this isn’t the first time you have heard this, but you’re a bit premature. To say he broke his word, when it’s only Sunday and evictions aren’t until Thursday, is jumping the gun.

      1. Couldn’t agree more! I used to enjoy reading the comments on here, but I think I’m done now. Write a letter to Dan’s employer? Are you freaking kidding me? This is a reality show (that you aren’t on, FYI) and REALLY not that big of a deal. And to see someone with an account name of “Danielle’s gaping pie hole” go on and on about not letting Dan teach their Catholic children might be the best thing I’ve see all summer. Hypocrisy at its finest!

    7. Over a game you are going to try and get someone fired. You need to get a life, rather than try and destroy other people’s lives. I don’t give a damn what he does on a game show in which the objective is to win a lot of money. Boo f’in hoo, your favorite is going home. Grow up and find something useful to do with your life. You gonna send death threats too? What a waste of flesh you are.

    8. You are so right, we should absolutely do everything we can to ruin Dan’s life. He swore on a bible he’d take Frank to the final two. We will ignore that he hasn’t voted againist Frank yet, and that he’s not HOH and he’s only one vote. We will also ignore that the rest of the house is voting againist Frank. It’s got to be all Dan’s fault. Yes, we should write his school because that’s exactly what pathetic losers would do. Who’s with me, who wants to overreact and look like a complete obsessed loser with no life of our own?

    9. Exactly how I expect bible thumpers to behave. Pick out the parts of religion you like and forget the rest. Get down on your knees and pray for forgiveness for being judgemental and let God do the His job. I hate hate hate zealots. Their actions have nothing to do with God.

      1. I totally can’t believe anyone would even suggest writing a letter to Dan’s school and trying to get him fired. Who are you people? God? A priest? Please? If you are that outraged you definatly don’t need to be watching big brother! Get a freaking life and get off your judgemental high horse!!

  21. The color of the olive corresponds to the ripeness of the fruit when picked. That’s it. Green olives are picked before ripening, and black olives are picked while ripe. And because raw olives are mostly inedible, both varieties normally undergo some form of curing process, either by being packed in salt, brined, pickled, or soaked in oil (or even just water) before being eaten. Generally, green olives are denser, firmer, and more bitter than black olives. The taste and texture of any olive, however, ultimately depend on the method and duration of curation. Any olive – even a green one – will grow softer in a brine.
    Some “black’ olives are not actually ripe when put into the can…chemicals are added to “help” along the coloring and get them black. Soooo Joe is partially right..but mostly wrong..black olives are simply ripe olives.

      1. LOL. I would rather they call Danielle to the DR, and tell her they have a clue in how she got those rashes on her face and neck. DR then shows Danielle a video clip of powerhouse joe masturbating.

      2. *crrrzkzkzkz* So, Dan, how’s it feel having a final 2/3/4 with everyone in the house?

        Dan:Well they don’t even susp-
        DRGuy:My bad, the speakers were on.

      3. I’d get popcorn for that one Simon. Frustrating watching them isn’t it? The sad thing is that Danielle has ‘confessed’ her part and part of the plan itself to at least two people so far but somehow it went right over their heads. Even if the DR made the announcement I doubt they’d clue in.

  22. with frank gone.. its only down to “QP” lovers and a bunch of floaters and a mindless pink wearing cross dresser who wins competetions.. what all this means? seasons gonna be down right crappy/boring and unwatchable.. im done soon as frank evicted smh

  23. Come on people…. stop being blindsided just because you have a favorite. EVERYONE in this game has lied, some more than others but still. No one can claim they have had a clean game. And the people that do are Lying. Besides people that attempt to play clean games in this house go home. Kaysar is a good example of that.

  24. I cannot take anymore of Ian’s babbling about Pokemon. The live feeds are getting canceled asap.

    Waste. Of. Money.

    Never Again. I would rather buy margaritas with my money.

  25. With Joe and Shane in the dark and as clueless as they are if Dan doesn’t use the veto on Jenn Frank might be inclined to out him and Danielle which could possibly give him Shane and Joe’s vote’s to stay.Of course Ian would be the tie breaker.It seems the more Dan trys to weave his tangled web the more trouble he might get himself into

  26. While I am a Frank fan and will still watch the show on CBS i can understand why people would cancel their feeds and stop watching.As human beings we are competitive by nature,and for some when the people you are rooting for get picked off one by one by others who seem to have no scruples you start to feel that you were defeated along with the person you wanted to win.Which in turn has effectively ended your season so to speak.It would kinda be like getting knocked out of playoffs in sports than being asked by the team that beat you to come watch them win the championship so that they could then rub it in your face how close you got.Are you going to go HELL NO your gonna say the hell with this season i’m just gonna prepare for the next one

  27. I believe Frank already knows Dani and Dan are working together he knows about the fake fight…Dan is stupid for not realizing …Frank will tell the house about Dan and Dani… haha

    1. He actually doesn’t know it was a fake fight dan told him the same bs story he told the others. Dan thought frank would never trust him if he was still with dani so he came up with the fight. After dan told frank he would go to dani and pretend to want to mend fences but he really doesn’t want to. Which is why the are still pretending they are on the outs the only one who has a glimps of knowing the truth is joe

  28. It would be the best bb14 if anerica votes to evicy joe ot jenn…Frank stays…and he turns the house upside down …because he knows staker and Dans secret…..i would love for shane to tell Danielle to fuck off…

  29. Dani and Dan heve ro be revealed… epic…looking at Danielle stalker self crying when shane ignores her…..haha

  30. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a new twist. Julie tells everyone they are not going to vote but America is voting instead. America will vote for 2 people to leave the house including the HOH. OMG would that upset the whole apple cart. Hey if Dan can get a free ride for 4 weeks then why not let America vote. That would be huge. I know it isn’t going to happen but wishful thinking here.

  31. I’m not sure what the benefit is for Dan to remove Jenn…Ian puts up Joe with Frank the target as opposed to just leaving the nominations the way they are and voting out Frank?? If they (Ian and Dan) didn’t have the votes to send out Frank is one thing, but when they have the votes to send Far lie to jury why bother with using the veto?

    1. dan gets closer to jen. he saves her. and if she wins HOH (lol, but could be the case) he could influence her decision who goes up. frank thinks dan is still with him. because he thinks he has the votes and joe goes home.

  32. Omg CBS has to air when joe screws up think he’s talking to Shane and say “Dan just followed him in here and whispered to him” But it was really Dan and Dan says “joe this is Dan”. Then Shane walks in and Dan says “joe That’s who you wanted to talk to”. Lol

  33. I can’t believe people actually want BB to rigg the game in Frank’s favor. Fuck that shit…if they do that and he wins then he’ll have only won because BB wanted him to and not because he actually did it skillfully. Let it go..Frank’s gone this week. Isn’t it another double evict this week too? that should shake the place up a bit as well.

    1. From the feeds:

      Frank heads inside and talks to Dan at the kitchen table. Frank asks Dan why doesn’t he just use the veto on him? Frank says that they are making him nervous in the diary room. Dan asks why? Big Brother cuts the feeds.

      That sure sounds like production is putting the fix in to me.

  34. BB already helped frank out by keeping him in the game with the coaches twist. If that was joe or any other player they would have had the vote out first and then asked the coaches to vote if they want to play. Then BB tried to help frank again with this last veto by playing OTEV early. They usually play it with 6 players left but they thought frank would win OTEV with him being smart and athletic. But that didn’t work. Frank needs to leave. I will say this. If frank had not been with boogie then I think he would have been a nicer guy and people would have tried to team up with him. But boogie brought out a bad side of frank and that ruined his social game.

  35. What does everyone think about this for a season of BB. “battle of the alliances”. BB brings back 4 or 5 alliances depending on how they want to do it. If they bring 4 alliances then they have 4 people in each alliance and start off with 16 people. Or 5 alliances with 3 people each and have 15 people. They can bring back the brigade. With Matt Hoffman would be 4 people without Matt would be 3 people. Bring back chilltown. Dr will, mike boogie and frank. Now I don’t know if there were any other chilltown members so they may only be able to bring the 3. Then they can bring back the quack pack. Danielle Shane and ian if it’s 3 people. and whatever other good alliances there were over the years. I think they would make for a great season

  36. From what it sounds like if frank came in 2nd in OTEV. So if frank had gotten rid of Dan last week then frank would have won veto and taken himself off the block once again.

  37. Yes Dan said he would take frank to the final 2 but even if he votes for frank to stay frank will go home. So it’s out of dans hands. Dan never said he would use the veto in frank. It makes no sense for Dan to vote for frank because all it does is make the rest of the quack pack mad at him. So as far as I’m concerned Dan did nothing wrong. Now if Dan win HOH and put frank up then he would have been wrong. And if Dan was the swing vote and voted frank out then Dan would have been wrong. But Dan has no control over what the rest of the house wants.

  38. Shane, you just made a final 3 deal with Dan and Danielle! If they ageed to go to the final 3 together, what makes you think they AREN’T wotking together? Someone needs to wake up and smell the mist!

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