Dan’s misting of Frank “You’re serious final 2 .. We’re Golden right”.. Dan: “Ya Ya obviously”

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

8:10pm Cam 3-4 Frank Backyard talking to the camera
Frank thinks he’s safe this week and thinks that he’ll probably go at least one more time before this show is over. Frank says the pattern of the HOH’s have been he wins one then doesn’t for 2 then he wins one again. So as long as he survives this week he’ll have a good chance to win the next HOH.
Frank: “This fu**** Ian kid.. I can’t stand his voice.. I know it sounds a bit harsh..“
Frank: “Tough in the streets YO”

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8:21pm Hot tub EVERYONE
general chit chat about alcohol.
Jenn: “If you can fly a f**** plane with it you shouldn’t drink it”

8:36pm Cam 1-4
Danielle saying that JOJO told her in the hot tub that the reason Danielle’s relationship do not last is because Danielle isn’t adventurous enough in bed.
Danielle “just because I Don’t like a*** S*** all the time.. Actually where I’m from guys like girls that are more modest”

8:49pm Dan and Shane say that Ian has logged some serious hours

8:56pm cam 1-2 Shane and Frank
Shane saying he thinks there will be a fast forward.. tomorrow might be a eviction for all they know. Shane says that when he found out Dan was using the POV he thought he was going up. Shane says he talked to danielle a little but he doesn’t know where her vote is he thinks she’s waiting for Frank to talk to her. Shane: “If there is something I can do let me know”.

Shane says if he won HOH he really doesn’t know who he would put up.. Shane has a bit of a idea

Shane saying that Joe was pissed when Dan used the POV to save Jenn. Frank tells him that it’s obvious that he has Shane and Jenn’s vote they just need to get Dans. Shane says he never talks Game with Dan ever since he threw Britney under the bus but he’s willing to talk to him to help out Frank. (Shane is bull Sh!tting Frank)

Shane saying that Joe cannot hold a deal for a week. Frank agrees. They are both pretty pissed with Joe/ (At least Shane makes it out to be like that) Shane adds that Joe is running around the entire house making side deals with everyone. They both agree that Danielle is smart and loyal in the game. Shane says Joe is the least loyal.

Shane says they need to get joe out this week then Dan out next week. Frank: “As long as this little guy doesn’t win POV.. we’re golden”

9:21pm backyard Jenn getting ready to win some HOH comps

9:20pm Bathroom Danielle, Dan and Shane CHIT CHAT
Guess what Danielle brings up throwing up during the competition.

9:43pm Hardcore night in big brother .. beer shots

10:00pm cam 1-4 hot tub fun..

10:24pm Cam 1-2 Kitchen Dan and Frank
Frank says that Ian is denying he graduated when he was 16 and was done his undergraduate when he was 20. Dan says he’s smart as hell they all no that it’s not a big deal. Frank knows just wondered why Ian was denying in from of everyone in the backyard.. Frank claims Ian told him week one.
Frank: “You think we are golden right”
Dan: “If you think you got Shane then.. everything is gravy.. you know what I’m saying”
Dan: “It will be easy to get Danielle’s vote if we have SHane.. not that it’s going to be hard to Danielle vote.. but. you know what I’m saying”

Frank telling Dan that he had a final 3 with Shane and Joe. Frank only made that deal so that he could ensure they would vote out Britney because that was the last thing they wanted.

Dan: “It just sucks that you can’t play in the next HOH”
Frank: “It’s not that.. everyone wants Ian gone”
Frank says he’s pretty nervous this week..
Frank: ‘You’re serious about us going to the end right.. ”
Dan: “Ya ya obviously”
Frank: ‘YOu know I have been burnt a lot this season… people putting me up on the block”
Dan: “Do you think there is a power floating around”
Frank: “If there is a power Ian’s got it.. but if he had a power he wouldn’t be walking around stressed all day”

Dan brings up again how he really wished that Frank could play in the next HOH. Frank doesn’t think that it’s a big deal. Frank doesn’t think that Danielle will make a big move against Shane or Dan. She’s good at this game but doesn’t have that killer instinct.
Frank: “Jenn is a loyal trooper”
Dan: ‘People underestimate her so much”
Frank says that Shane offered him a final four, Shane, Danielle, Jenn and Frank. Dan thinks Frank should just agree to it because at this stage if he says no they will just target him. Frank says if Jenn wins the HOH she’ll put Ian up. Dan asks him what if Joe wins it.. Dan thinks if it’s a crapshoot Joe’s got as good of a chance as anyone.

Frank: “That means he has the votes and I go home”
Dan: “ohh fu*** ya”
Frank: “don’t be sayign that Sh!t son you got me worried”
Dan: “Ohh ya what the F**** am i saying”

Frank doesn’t think Joe will win the HOH he’ll continue to float around. Dan says that as they get down to fewer players the most deadly thing that can happen is someone that is not on the block wins POV and uses it then someone unintentional goes up. Frnak points out if Dan goes up against Jenn he would go home.

11:09pm Danielle checking out belly fat in the bathroom

11:40pm Kitchen Danielle has drank a bottle of wine and is tipsy. Dan is trying to get her to drink water and eat food. She’s trying to talk people into playing rummy.

11:50pm Cam 3-4 Ian and Joe talking mad game..

Ian says that when it gets to final 6 it’s win or go home.
Joe tells Ian if he wins Dan and Jenn, he would consult with Ian first though.

Ian: “Right now i am trying to watch out for the MIST”
Joe: “He’s dangerous”
Ian: “He’s dangerous but he’s a meat shield.. everyone wants him up.. put them up”
Joe: “Dan more likely to win a HOH or Jenn”

Joe says nobody has a clue that Ian and Joe are working together Dan thinks JOe is working with Shane and Danielle.
Ian points out that Shane has voted against Danielle in the past.. he voted to keep JOJO.

Joe tells Ian that taking Frank out is taking out the biggest player in Big Brother 14. Ian mentions that the last HOH he fired a shot missed and hit a doe but this time he hit a 12 point buck. Joe laughs.

Joe: “Dan’s such a wildcard you never know what he’s doing”

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Dan just slipped up when he said what if Joe wins hoh, did Frank pick up on that?


GD, yo, Danielle’s ass is gigantic!!!!! She’s put on an easy 20 lbs, which is ironic b/c it is never easy to throw on twenty pounds.

Simon, be honest (obvi Google ads pay for the site) BUT how many seasons do you think this show has left in the US?? It’s on its last legs in the UK (where they actually show nudity and the contestants have no shame), but based on the last two seasons, which have been universally panned, do you think it’s do or die next season?

Obviously, for next season to work they need a fully new cast, but what do you think the odds are? And also, compared to all the other seasons, would you/would you not agree next season is do or die in the US?? And what do you think of this season as a whole–again, please be honest, working with the knowledge that the ratings are down (link: http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/top10s/television.html) behind preseason football (I’m a football fan–preseason football means nothing) and *several* reruns.

quack-pack fan

I think Joe is immune toThe Mist because it doesn’t work on people with dirty feet and hands! :)


Danielle: “Do I look like Tyra Banks?……….Do I look like J-Lo?………Do I look like Kate Beckensale?” HAHAHAHA this girl needs to stop that’s disrespectful to all 3 of those gals. ESPECAILLY Kate Beckensale who is just pure pure pure pure beautiful no flaws at all.

quack-pack fan

Just wish someone would tell her that she looks exactly like Rosanne Barr!!!

She fishes for compliments so much that her pole needs rennovation…

Hammock Boy

she isnt that bad looking, true she is insecure and by fishing for a compliment, makes her feel better, i know a few people like that, but she is a good looking gal

I Vote To Evict Ian

She does look like Roseanne Barr! That is funny.

Last nite she was fishing for compliments and wanting people to tell her that she looked like certain celebrities known for extreme beauty. What a loser.

I think she is average but not exceptionally pretty.


Sometimes Danielle is painful to watch. She’s uber insecure and that’s unattractive in anybody. It’s exhausting having to reassure someone of their worth when they don’t see it for themselves.

Danielle's Mind

Oh my god i’m so hungry. Hmm i wonder what shane is doing. OMG what if Shane is talking to Jenn.?!?! I mean i know she’s lesbian and all but is still a big risk. I can’t be having Shane talking to any other girl. That’s it! Jenn you’re out next week! Anyways back to food. Hmmmm those chips and zebra cakes look soo good. I think im gonna have one.. or two.. oh what the hell i’ll just take the box and bag with me. Hopefully shane will sleep with me tonight. Fingers crossed.


i love this!!!


I use to like Dani till she said people think she looks like “Kim Kardashian”….Thats when I lost it, spilled my beer and said to myself, this girl would never get my vote…….

Dani, just give up…..


Danielle thinks she is Kim Kardashian…….LOL, too funny , wtft, unreal, LOL…….unreal, Girl is a dingbat….


Does anyone else other than me thinks Shane is gay?


I have been saying all along that I think he is gay. I mean, he Nairs his whole body practically! What real man does that I ask you? And the woman’s pink tank top and the pinkish swim trunks…if he isn’t gay, he has to be at least bisexual.

I Vote To Evict Ian

And Danielle has been throwing herself in his face all summer. Even if he isn’t attracted to her, if he were straight then he would probably sleep with her. He’s a man, right?


I don’t think he’s gay I just think 1. He’s not interested in Danielle at all and 2. Not the most take-charge type of guy. Although he was engaged in a conversation not so long ago talking about how nice Will’s legs were…lol I’m still thinking he’s (mostly) hetero though.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA right now at Danielle hula hooping and sucking on a lollipop to try and get attention & all she gets is Shane yelling, “JOE, JOE”


I thought (well, hoped) she was gonna walk right into the hula hoop when Shane was spinning it.


I honestly think that if Frank goes Thursday the house will be extremely boring…


My husband keeps saying the same thing, but I don’t care. I want him out. Production has coddled him enough…he has been caught cheating enough times and I can’t stand a cheater. I sort of liked him in the very beginning until he started to show his real colors. He can’t think past “Frank”. Sure, he told Boogie to give the money to Jenn and Ian, but I think that he just felt so guilty because he was the only one that Boogie cared about on their team (and that stunk). To me, that was guilt money and they deserved it! The more I saw of him, the more I disliked him and now I can’t wait until he is gone. The house got pretty dull after Wil left…he did keep everyone going at least. Frank’s type of excitement is usually just mean and degrading talk to or about the other HGs and that is not the kind of garbage I enjoy watching.


I sense a Danielle drunken freakout tonight. She’s walking around thinking she’s Sarah Palin looking stupid as shit with her delusions of grandeur about looking like Kate Beckinsale. All Shane needs to do is “hurt her feelings” even slightly tonight and all hell’s gonna break loose. *fingers crossed*


Show of hands if you hate stupid B*tches who pretend to be drunk…..

She needs to go. 2 glasses of wine and a beer shot with her height and weight, no way she is drunk.
OK and she drank RED wine….which she can’t drink supposedly.
And the other day Dan read her bikini top and it said 34D…..no way she is a D cup (thats why her tops always seem to be falling off, too big).
And people tell her she looks like Kim K., J-Lo, Catherine Zeta…..yeah maybe if they all had 20 lbs of lard injected into their thighs.


PS- yes I sound like a b*tch myself, and NO I am not perfect. But again, she is on national TV being a total tw*t, I am not.


I just realized something else. Dani keeps saying she drank the whole bottle of wine (Shane had some also, so a LIE) and talking about Prod. and cameras keep watching her because they are worried about her being so drunk.
She is trying to get attention like Brit did the night Brit drank the entire bottle of wine (DR made Brit come in and get checked by a medic).
Does Danielle not realize she is NOT 98lb Brit? At least Brit actually DID drink the entire bottle.
OK I am ranting, I just know her type, and never tolerated women like her very well when I was her age.
I have a son her age now and I dread him ever falling for someone like her. Thanks be he is too smart for that (I think).


OK this is gross. And it’s the last thing I am saying tonight.
Dani has this little circle on her forehead (near her right eyebrow) that looked off to me….made me think of ringworm….
So I am watching her play cards at kitchen table on the feeds and she has a red circle on her right forearm too.
DR needs to have medic check that shit, if it IS ringworm that is contagious (and nasty and gross and ewwww).


She’s a baby voiced bag of insecurities living her dream right now. She’s in a house full of men where she gets to be the female object of desire, but it’s all in her mind. The guys are thinking more about each other game wise that no one ever talks about throwing her big ass on the block which baffles me. She’s part of 2 power couples and has been for a while and is just coasting. Only recently is Joe talking about her needing to be put up.


I agree with you…I always wondered why boogie didn’t work to get her out….he knows how dan plays with one person and takes them to the end and
everyone has known that that person is Dani this year….I don’t understand why no one has taken her out.


The guy’s might not be paying much attention to Dani but Jenn City is. She’s just eating up the chance to touch a pseudo-drunk Danielle.

Since Dani is cast as the ‘good girl’ you know none of her wannabe wild girl antics from last night will make it to the weekly CBS episodes.

Dan's Mist

Frank is so under the mist. If he is really SAFE, why are they talking about Jenn nominating Joe and Ian next week if she wins HOH. Shouldn’t Joe be gone by then? And Frank calls everyone stupid. OMG, the mist. LOL.


THUNDER THIGHS IS BACK IN ACTION TONIGHT!! …..WOW she’s drunk off a couple of beers and she’s acting like a high school senior at beach week!! RIDIC! !!


Big booty’s are sexy. Not HUGE booty’s, but Danielles is just the right size lol.


Make it stop! Danielle please shut up and go drive Ashley and Brit crazy for the rest of the season. You do not look like J.Lo or Catherine Zeta Jones, or Kate Beckinsale or Tyra Banks. Shane is not playing hard to get. He’s playing to get your vote, and trying not to lead you on in the process. He doesn’t want to make out with you or anyone on live camera. He’s too decent for that, but obviously you’re not or you wouldn’t be so pushy. Not everything is about you, so please shut up and stop fishing for compliments. It’s embarrassing to watch. You should listen to Jessie and stop with the junk food for a while. Yes, you are getting cellulite thighs. You aren’t quite fat yet, but you will be soon if you don’t stop it. I could respect you if your lies were game lies, but some of yours are pointless. You can’t even keep them straight. You told Brit you have 4 degrees, today you told Shane you have 3. Which is it? None? You got a nursing certificate at the community college? Why lie about it? Only an idiot would believe you. You said you look after 60 patients by yourself at night. Only Shane is clueless enough to buy that one. Dan put your panties in the freezer because you are behaving like a bitch in heat. Maybe the ice will cool you down. You think you are so hot that Jenn must be lusting for you, just like all the guys. God I miss Brit!

bb hurry and b over

I totally agree with you..

bb hurry and b over

I dont think Shane really wants to make out with her at all..hes more attrcted to Kara types.. however Dan is forcing him…thats pimping in my oppinion


Of course it is. Dan is all ways straight pimpin’, yo.


I think Danielle has a nice body! Not too skinny but definately not fat! Everyone needs to stop hatin lol


I don’t think anyone is saying she’s an obese fat body, but she definitely has thick arms and thighs. That’s just a fact. Nothing wrong with liking that type. Everyone has their own tastes. There’s chubby chasers all over the world.

Roisin Dubh

Hell yeah She’s got a great body. The camera adds 20 pounds. The only reason I’d kick her out of bed is because I wouldn’t feel safe falling asleep with Fatal Attraction laying next to me.


Did you hear hers tell shane on monday sitting on the backyard couches that “she could take him places”??


If you noticed right before dan said what if jowe wins hoh frank said if jenn wins hoh he will put Joe and ian so frank knows hes going home the show is more. In likely rigged

Dan the Man

I really don’t know what is going to happen here.. Dan vs Ian or Danielle in the final 2 means Dan will lose. Dan vs Frank, Dan has a chance but I feel that he has to many deals and that some Ian and Danielle will be pissed at Dan if they leave and he stays. I dont think that Ian, Brittany, or Danielle would vote for Frank and Joe wont vote for Dan and Ashley will vote frank, so that leaves Jenn and Shane. Shane really becomes the deciding vote and if he is still all lovey dovey with Danielle I would think Dan would get the vote but who knows… Jenn would vote Frank IMO

Basically all that random thought is about what Dan will do. If he wants Frank gone I think he will go to Ian and be like Danielle and Shane will vote Frank, Me and Jenn will vote Joe and then Ian you get all the credit for kicking Frank out of the house. It really benefits Dan the most to get rid of Joe right now who is the only one who really is “immune” to Dan’s misting. So if I was Dan I would keep Frank around because you can let him do the eliminating and you get the jury votes. With the double eviction its better to be the guy with 3 final 2s than 2 final 2s with 2 people that want you gone (jenn and Joe)


Wow,that was a pretty good mouthful there,but I do follow what you’re sayin,and I tend to agree…But at the end of the day,and by that I mean every Thursday,Dan will do what’s best for Dan’s game,and nobody elses.He’s the only one in the house who really has a feel for the rest of the mental midgets, and can change the mist into a fog,just like that.If Frank goes to jury this week,I think he will take Ian,because Ian stuck to his guns and got Frank out when no one did,and Dan will “Apreesh” and respect that.Besides,I think if Frank stayed,he would definitely try and get Dan out asap,because he thinks he is a mental giant and Dan is his only competition there….mentally that is..And he “deserves”to win……Frank=Clueless


Dan really never talks to Joe, Joe has told so many tall stories that if Dan mists him, they will be carrying him out in a straight jacket.


I just don’t understand why they don’t vote joe out first that ensures only 4 ppl play for Hoh. If joe gets it ian and Shane adan are going up.


Don’t want to take the chance of Frank winning PoV. They were lucky this week.

Dan the Man

Does it really matter to Dan if Ian and Shane go up? Right now its basically as long as its not me… even in the end if its Ian and Dan on the block, I think Danielle will convince Shane to keep Dan. If you want Dan gone you have to put him up vs Danielle. Shane will keep Danielle and Jenn will keep Danielle.


Ian did not think of all the possibilities through this HOH. Ian knew Frank doesn’t even play in the next HOH, and even Frank had to remind him of that. the smartest thing Ian could done was keeping the #1 target Frank still in the game when Ian himself was not playing the next HOH. I strongly believe Ian will be walking out after Frank on double eviction Thursday. Ian is too full of himself with his imaginary alliance (Quack Pack) that he did not pay close attention in how close Dan, Danielle and Shane have really gotten.


I think Ian could be walking out too if he doesn’t win the POV.


Nah! Ian did the right thing. Even if Frank can’t compete in the next HOH, he still can compete in POV. With Frank’s track record in competitions. Frank would win the POV and stay in the house. The problem as Ian has brought up, with so few people left, its win or go home time. The Quack Pack at some time was bound to turn on each other. It was just a matter of time. It was the same with the Silent Six, Boogie knew that the six had to break up. What is so hypocritical of Boogie and Frank is that if Ian had won HOH, they would of targeted Shane. However, Shane won and drew first blood. The gall of Shane targeting Boogie/Frank, Shane was supposed to stay loyal and let Boogie/Frank target him. What’s up with that Yo!

Ian realizes that he is probably the target after Frank, that can’t be helped; however, just like Frank. The remaining House Guests better make sure they are successful in getting Ian out when they make that move. If not, well, payback can be so very rewarding, like Ian putting up Dan and Dani or Dan and Shane. Now that’s entertainment!


I know you Frank fans are trying to convince everyone that the best move in the game is to keep Frank around. You are trying to obfuscate the fact that Frank is a comp beast who wll win the next POV if he stays. Saying Ian made a mistake by putting Frank up this week or they can evict Joe now and Frank next because he won’t be able to play in the next HOH is foolishness. They had 2 shots to take at Frank. The first one hit, why would you then say, “let’s let him off the hook and take the second shot. Maybe we will hit him again.”

It is getting desperate and pathetic out in Frankland.


Well said….very well said!

Joe's E Coli Food

Is Big Mama wearing a Moo Moo dress ?


Frank knows he’s gone, earlier today he even mentioned that they will be stupid NOT to vote him off. I think Dan will vote to evict Joe, and that’s a smart move for Dan, so he can secure a jury vote from Frank. the feeds tonight are brutally boring, nothing entertaining going on.

biily bob

this mofo dan is an evil genius,this dude is the best bb player ever.if he talks shan and danielle into a open showmance,there way bigger targets than him,people must break them up,the mist is turning into something very scary,someone call a priest in now!!!!!!! lol

Aqua Bernie

Danielle said in her fake pretend first date with Shane that she could handle six drinks with no problem. She has two glasses of wine, and she’s acting like a fool! I think she is faking because noone was paying attention to her. She is so annoying. I miss Brit!


Powerhouse and Junior Powerhouse (Joe and Ian) are trying to break out the mist!


If Dan should make the BB14 final two here (and I’m not saying he is or he isn’t – just a hypothetical here) there’s one, never-before-happend “X” factor, that no one here can really know the answer to yet. Will the jury be 100% dead set against on giving/voting a person – ANY person- a SECOND 500K prize? Or, will they NOT take Dan winning before into consideration at all, and just vote 100% on who they think played the best BB14 game? Or, will they take Dan’s previous win somewhat into account, depending who the other finalist is? Let’s say it was Dan vs. Jenn or Joe? Dan’s game might be considered to have been SO superior against those two, that the jury’d feel that they HAD to give Dan first prize again. But against a more respectable/competitive HG (say Shane, Ian or Danielle), they’d then, all things being equal, choose to give the big check to a “first time winner?” Lastly, Dan once said to Danielle that “I never expected to be voted the 500K a second time. I started out as your coach. To me, you winning and me getting 2nd is really the same is me winning. So if that ends up happening, I wouldn’t even campaign against you.” I know many don’t believe a word Dan says, at this point. I don’t blame you a bit. But if there’s ONE HG I think Dan would say that to and actually mean it, it would be Danielle. Who knows? Any other opinions on any of this?


Sandra won it twice on survivor…of course she was up against Hantz. Against Joe or Jenn…Dan wins 7-0 imo or 6-1, bitter Brit being the 1. I think most of the jury know this isn’t a charity case & won’t really consider the fact he won it once already, however they might be bitter for his backstabbing them lol.


I do not believe he will not campaign against Danielle its for 500k, so that’s nonsense to me. Dan loyalty is to Dan. i think if it is against Jen or Joe he will win. I am praying its Jenn, Dan and Danielle in Final 3, and Dani wins the Final HOH and takes Jenn that be Epic.


LOL and Cav, I very much appreciate both of your responses. I usually believed only about 2 or 3% of what I heard said by the HGs on BB. Thanks to your answers, I’ve now moved it down to about 1%!!!!!


Danelle makes my eyes poor Shane’s trying to eat and she just keeps eyeing his food , so he finally gives it to her . My ears hurt too from her baby talk while the guys act like that have to take care of her Oh STHU Joe you are twofaced . And Ian he just play on emotion .


When Frank gets evicted this Thursday.Dan will need Jenn to win the HOH during the double eviction.That way she will nominate Ian&Joe(Jenn doesn’t like neither of them)with the target being Ian.The way Dan is covering all angles,I’m pretty sure he’s already thought about that.If he hasn’t,then he will before the double eviction is over.


I love how Ian is trying to get out of the mist. Danielle: ” Do I look like Denise Richards?” Wtf is this girls obsession with looking like other people?


We can only hope she is finally going to have that psychotic break we’ve all been expecting. There is no way Shane could be serious about her. It disgusts me to see any woman degrade themselves for “love”. It is not love it is the beginning stages of abuse. I wonder if that has been her experience with men. Maybe Jenn is positioning herself for the rebound.


I think Dan is just pointing target focus to “the couple”, (real or imaginary).
And yet still, feigning support for their “relationship” with hopes to keep himself safe in the meantime.


let’s hope dan’s days are numbered…if not, it looks like he’s getting another check…


I can’t stand Danielle!!!! She’s so annoying. I hate that she is pretending to be drunk, just to get everyone’s
attention. I wish someone could vote her a$$ out now!! I can’t stand her and I’m sure production is as
annoyed as everyone else, that’s why she gets called out for everything.

By the way Danielle., get off your high horse because you do not look like Kate Bekinsale or Catherine Zeta-Jones.
You wish you did, you actually look like Amy Fisher. Now that I can agree on.


give Frank some special power so he can mess with dan ‘s game make it interesting BB instead of Dan taking over and manipulating everyone’ then we can really call it a game, Dan way of playing stinks really BB give Dan a real competitor Frank. suer glad my kids do not attend the school that he works at . no wonder kids are at risk. what a poor example. No integriety at all


You want CBS to completely discredit the Big Brother game (more than they have already) just because you don’t like a player? Winning comps is only 1/3 this game. Dan plays the other 2/3 masterfully and you don’t like it. If all you want is someone to win comps then go watch football or golf. Those are competitions where the better competitor(s) win. This is Big Brother, where the peron with the best social/political game wins (most of the time).


Just want to say some words in defense of Frank:

People are saying he’s clueless, but what other options does he have? Remember that Frank is in the game. He has nobody to talk game with other than people who are lying to him. Name me another player who has been totally alone and able to read people flawlessly. Most successful players have had somebody on their side who might see something they missed. Just think about your own lives. Are you able to read and see every situation or do you have a somebody who you can confide in who has seen an angle that you missed?

As brilliant as I think Dan has been, he has always been dealing from a position of strength. If somebody is predisposed to trust you, it is much easier to deceive them. Is it not easier to get your friend to buy a lie over a complete stranger and isn’t it easier to fool a complete stranger than somebody who is wary of you because they’ve heard bad things? Yes, Dan held the funeral and then was the beneficiary of Britney’s exit, but have you never wronged a friend who then rather quickly forgives you? Is it not easier to regain trust rather than build it?

People say Frank was dumb to save Dan and sacrifice an HOH while trying to evict him…but had he not lost the second HOH and Britney was still in the house, his position is no different. So he took a gamble that Dan’s word was good (by the way if Britney and Ian had been the slightest bit convincing or guarded against Dan’s betrayal, Britney would still be in the house) and he’s about to be evicted and Dan’s word was worth nothing. But he would have faced the same predicament either way since evicting Ian was not an option last week and Frank could not play in this HOH regardless of last week.

So if Frank has a feel for the house, what play does he have? Could he have demanded Dan use the veto on him? Sure, but if Dan said no…then what. Does he gamble that Dan will keep his word or does he go nuclear? OK so say he reveals everything about Dan and Danielle. Well there are two votes for Joe right there. So he has to run the table. Let’s say he could get Jenn’s vote. Does he get Shane’s? Frank has to know Shane is not one for bold moves and still does not understand the game beyond “win HOH, nominate, win veto, evict”. But let’s say Shane will be so outraged over Dan and Danielle exposing him and evicting Britney (even though Shane voted her out) and finally decides to team with Frank, he still needs that third vote. Does Frank really think he can get Ian’s vote? The guy who ratted him out, evicted Mike, and nominated him twice? Or does Frank think his best option is to stay cool and hope Dan comes through?

I still say Frank knew he had to win veto this week no matter who was HOH. Everything about this game has taught him that Mike was the only person he could trust and everybody else lies, so when he didn’t win, he realized that his only shot was the one he is taking. The hate is blinding many, but when he talks to everybody else he is trying to work them, making them think others are voting for him so get on board (especially with Shane the follower). What choice does he have? He tried the hard sell to save Mike and that was when he had a lot more to offer and it fell on deaf ears. You can say he’s dumb or clueless or Dan’s mist is too strong, but you’re missing what is really happening.

I think Frank knows that going nuclear can hurt Dan and even Danielle…but he also knows it won’t save him. Now there’s still time, so he might threaten Dan passive aggressively sometime just before the vote. We shall see. I really wanted Frank to pull this out but it’s not in the cards, so I do hope Dan can pull this off, but getting Frank now does entail some risk and he might need to make a really strong competition run here at the end as a result…but then again this is the weakest, dumbest house in recent memory, so maybe it all goes according to plan.


Wow! I thought you were going to say some words on Frank behalf. You wrote a novel. I think your novel should be shelved in the science fiction section. Possible titles of your book can be: Frank the Great! Frank the Good! Frank the Saint! However, my favorite is Frank the Delusional! On his tombstone it should read, “this is the HG who made the worst move in Big Brother History …… he kept Dan”.


I do not dislike Frank in the least. This is just a game and everyone has their quirks.
I think Frank’s biggest mistake was putting all of his eggs in Mike’s basket. Mike was his downfall; his behavior was at times unacceptable. Frank IMO is a decent guy, but he picked up many of those traits making him undesirable too. Frank did not diversify himself believing Mike would carry him until the end. He never had a plan B.
It is a shame because he worked his butt off this far, but I think it is too much too late. I believe his idol brought him down and now he is paying the price. His dream may be shattered.


Well said.

Let me begin my comments by saying I’ve never been Team Frank.
I’ve been team Dan from the beginning.. with a little Britney thrown in..

Poor Frank has been in a corner the whole time.
And I don’t believe he really believes the BS everyone is feeding him now.
He knows he’s done.. but has to keep going through the motion of believing what people are telling him.
The only other option would be to sit in a room alone.
People will argue, but I believe he played a very good “social” game.
Consider his attitude when on the block & wearing those silly outfits.


Consign on it all and jumpjump grow up!


Bobsky, I agree that Frank’s only chance was to roll the dice, and try to add a trusted ally. The HOH-POV comp “solo tightrope” he’d been walking was far too risky, and was bound to give way at some point (as it did this past POV.) The real genius of Dan’s “funeral” was its timing – PRE-veto meeting. Prime targets still on the block AFTER the veto meeting simply have no BB “heartbeat” left. All the Tue-Thu “Campaigning for votes” is as totally useless as the “Thursday final appeal” is – both 100% forced upon us/the HGs, by production. Thursday’s evictee has already long been decided. Dan knew that, so he acted in time to get himself pulled off the block. All HGs have already 100% decided how they will vote on Thursday, by what they believe (rightly or wrongly) is in their current best game interests. 99% of past BB house events are quickly forgotten by the HGs. Their focus is 99% on the very near future. Frank’s proven, season-long comp ability scares the sh*t out of every remaining HG. And in these last 2 weeks, comp wins become SUPER important to ultimate BB victory. My view is that BB production could today provide Frank with 5 hours of the VERY most “nuclear”, damning-to-Dan-in-Bobsky’s-opinion, “Funeral Night” audio, and play it in front of each and every remaining HG, to his heart’s content. And it will buy Frank absolutely nothing, at this point. Pre-veto meeting? Maybe a 2% chance for changed votes, but I highly doubt it, even then. You know how much I respect your opinion, sir. But you’ve mentioned this “Nuclear, Frank-should-tell-all-the-funeral-night-stuff-to-the-HGs” thing at least half a dozen times already. IMO, there’s simply no “there” there. Even if all’s convos are revealed, no votes will change. Nukes must cause damage, or it’s not a nuke, right? Let’s say Frank finds out today that he’s going home. He can then go ahead, and get as mad as he wants. We’ve all seen and heard it all before. The HGs already know that Dan is a very skilled and formidable BB player. So adding a “Full Dose Of Bobsky, Juicy Nuclear Details” onto the other HGs still won’t change a single Thursday vote over to Frank’s side. Frank’s still going home. Just about the entire house has been both trying and failing to remove Frank for most of the summer now! Aside from his comp prowess, the house also wants Frank gone simply for the thrill of finishing him off, once and for all!!!!! Those two current HG realities FAR outweigh any over-a-week-old-now, BB house “ancient history.” As always, I look forward to your future postings, Bobsky!


Yeah I keep repeating the Frank nuclear option because so many people keep misreading what I think I say very clearly, but I will try one more time.

Frank’s nuclear option has ZERO to do with saving Frank. As soon as Jenn turned on him, Frank surviving became almost impossible. My mention of it has ALWAYS been that it presents a risk to Dan. Now Dan has veto so clearly pre or post veto does not matter at all. In fact, it makes far more sense for Frank to do it after the veto with Jenn safely off the block and a potential vote to save him (but like I said above, it makes more sense to roll the dice and hope Dan comes through). But the main point is that Dan is accepting risk by orchestrating Frank’s eviction and what he might say either while trying to campaign or as he’s going out the door. That has always been my point. Not what happens this week but what happens in the 2nd eviction on Thursday.

Frank is the house boogeyman, with him gone there is going to be a vacuum. Will Dan fill it? How will Ian and Shane respond? They could very well just shrug their shoulders. I DON”T KNOW. That is my point. Everybody is acting like it’s all over, so I’m just pointing out some alternatives. Dan is misting everybody, covering his bases, and plotting how the rest of the show works out. Frank’s explosion, Ian and Shane’s subsequent reaction, and making Joe an enemy and certain vote against him are the one unknown variables.


Why are my comments coming up under someoe else’s names???????? This has happened twice

afterdark insomniac

Where is Ian ¿ I need something to rock me to sleep . A little pacing would be nice .just one last scream at my TV to tell his a±“ to sit his a double s down and don’t move or I’m taking your Teddy. So you won’t have him blocking your Twizzler while you stroke it on the down low unlike Joe who does it anywhere anytime or any place


I think every one will be surprised when joe wins hoh on thursday an puts dan and jen up for eviction and dan gets voted out then that be two big threats voted out in one day


Frank go home Frank go home Frank go home. Maybe if enough of us chant it then it’ll finally happen lol. This has been same old same old week in and out. Frank goes up on the block. The whole house mists him and plans to blindside him. For whatever reason (he wins a comp or BB steps in), Frank doesn’t go home. Then the next week it’s the same sh!t that starts over again. GEEZ if Frank escapes again they should turn off the cameras and rename it Big Brother The Season of Frank instead of BB14.


I think i was misted too, i really thought that Dan wanted to take Ian to F2, but could it be that right now Ian has to depend on Joe to win the HOH in order to be safe? Who does Dan want to take to F2? I would really like to see Ian win.

BattleKat Canuck

I’m just watching my recording of last nights BBAD…the conversation in the bathroom between Danielle, Shane and Dan…the make out or not to make out thing…my lord, making my ears bleed and my eyes twitch…I thought her scarfing down the food on the bathroom couch was the worst, then it surprises me. Her voice is getting sharper and sharper…soon dogs will be howling all over the place. Poor Shane…classic HImbo. Dan..Sort of the Pervy older brother type…it’s disturbing. I think I’ll delete the remained of the episode, it’s the All about Danielle show and quite honestly..I’ve had enough. I think it’s time to remove my timer for recording this mess, with Frank going home, the Danielle Show will be playing on all cameras…*eyeroll*. Poor deluded southern belle, Sweetie, Bless your heart, the boy doesn’t want you…you’ve become the house joke.


I feel the same way! 3 hours of crap!


Frank is so misted the only thing that would break it is if the vote w.ent 4-0 or 3-1 to evict him. Thats why dan needs it to go 2-2 so hecan tell frank dani and shane screwed you. Then frank will still be misted in the jury house and campaining for dan to win.


Please take that damn hammock away from Ian!! Give that boy some Xanax!!


I’m really hoping for a Dan/Ian F2 as, after Frank goes, I think they have the strongest resumes of the season. Ian was part of the alliance that took out Janelle, engineered completely the fall of Boogie and (if it happens) for BeastFrank out of the game after so many others failed. Dislike him or not Frank, Dan and Ian are the top 3 right now. I also think Dan knows this so I expect Ian to be on the block unless Joe wins next HoH.


Wow…I’ve read so much of the same crap over & over on here about various houseguests that I think I’m finally getting it. Here, allow me to translate what the mean stuff people post on here (while hypocritically hating people that are mean and talk about people behind their backs btw) really means:

Danielle: Fat, insecure, psycho-stalker chick.
Reality: Solid 8 any night of the week, sweet & wholesome, falling for a guy on camera can look a bit rough for anyone.

Shane: Gay
Reality: The ladies like him.

Ian: Snivelling manipulator.
Reality: Really smart & somewhat socially inept.

Frank: BB Production rigs everything for him.
Reality: Really good at competitions & lucked out during one twist.

Dan: Backstabbing, self-centered, liar.
Reality: Actually playing this game as a game.

Joe: Masturbating floater.
Reality: Someone that Brittany THOUGHT she may have heard masturbating one night…oh yeah, and most definitely a super floater.

Jenn: ?
Reality: Glad she finally woke up and got out of bed with a couple of weeks left in the game so she can let us know how strong of a competitor in this game she’s been all summer (ala Porsche). Snarkiness aside, she’s played the sub-radar game to perfection.

Seriously folks, some of the trash that has been spewed forth on to these boards is some of the most vitriolic nonsense about a group of normal folks that are just playing a televised game. Get over yourselves. You would do/be no better, no worse. I get some of the folks just being flippant and funny, but sheez…some of you guys need serious professional evaluation. At the very least you should check yourself before going after someone else’s jugular that you know absolutely nothing about. Good luck.

I actually think it has been a pretty decent season. Got off to a slow start with the whole coaches thing, but really picked up quickly. I think having the “coaches” in the game sparked the amount of gameplay that we’ve seen on a consistent basis. Most non-vet seasons tend to have been a bit boring unless it was actually an event day, or the last few weeks in the house. Truth.


Ian and Joe need to team up and break through the mist! Nobody would see it coming!