Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Power Of Veto Ceremony Results

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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11:35am – 11:50amFrank and Shane are talking in the arcade room. Frank comments on how Joe isn’t too happy and that he is up in the HOH talking to Ian right now. Shane says yeah and Ian doesn’t even have a vote. Frank says yeah that’s why I am talking to you. Shane is talks to Frank about how wishy washy Joe is and how he can’t be trusted. Shane says that he is still down to work with Frank. Frank says we just need to worry about Danielle’s vote right now. Shane says that he will work on her. Frank and Shane shake hands and leave the arcade room. Shane heads out into the backyard and tells Danielle just a heads up, Frank is going to be all over you for the vote. Danielle says gross. Shane says that Frank thinks he has Jenn’s vote but he doesn’t. He thinks he just needs your vote. Shane tells her to just tell him that you are voting the way Dan does or just tell him that you aren’t telling anyone how you are voting. Danielle says that she will just do that, I am going to tell him that I am not telling anyone how I am voting. Joe comes out into the backyard and tells Shane that Frank is going to come at him hard. Shane says he knows. Joe says that he and Frank just made a deal not to campaign past 1am, because last time we were on the block we campaigned till 5am.

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Joe and Danielle are talking. Joe is campaigning for votes. Joe tells Danielle that Frank is going to be all over her. Danielle tells Joe that there is nothing on this earth that Frank can offer me to want to keep him here. Joe tells his story about thinking Dan was Shane. Danielle and Joe talk about the funeral.


12pm Jenn and Shane are talking in the kicks room. Shane tells Jenn that he talked to Joe before and wanted to wait to see what happened in the veto ceremony to tell Jenn that Joe was admitted me would nominate you if he won the HOH. Jenn tells Shane that if anything comes up she will 100% come and talk to him first about it. Shane agrees that he will as well. Shane then leaves and goes to the arcade room and tells Dan that he told Jenn about how Joe is targeting her, so that if she wins HOH she will go after Joe and Ian. Shane tells Dan that he appreciate him sticking to his word. Shane tells Dan that his speech was great. Shane leaves and heads back outside.


12:25pm Jenn and Dan are in the arcade room talking about needing to get Joe out. Dan talks about busting Joe last night. Jenn says he knew he was going up after that. Jenn says that she wants Ian out. She says that she knows she could beat him at the social game. She says that she is out for blood! Dan tells Jenn to just be nice to Joe. Jenn says yeah but he is ruining it for himself right now. Dan wonders if Shane wins HOH how much they can trust that he won’t put us up. Jenn says that is why she is working on Danielle. Jenn says that Danielle is at the point where she is starting to think about to roll with Shane or Dan. Jenn says that she was talking to Danielle and telling her you have already been here like 60 days what is another 2 weeks to see if something will happen between you and Shane. Dan says that’s awesome you are already planting seeds. Dan says that for us to get through this, we really need her. Jenn agrees. Dan and Jenn talk about Dan’s funeral.


12:30pm – 12:45pm Danielle, Joe and Shane are talking on the backyard couch. Danielle complains about it still being three days before the eviction. Shane says that Joe needs time to campaign for votes. Danielle says that he can do that in an hour. Danielle says that Joe only needs three votes and he’s got them. Shane says that Joe may need to campaign to Ian for the tie breaking vote. Joe tells Danielle and Shane that if he was a betting man he would bet that the vote will be a tie. The conversation turns to talking about what this week’s HOH competition will be. Joe comments that Danielle would beat him in a quiz competition because she is smarter than he is. Joe tells Shane that he would be marrying up if he married Danielle. Shane says please! Then says brain wise yes. Danielle says that’s mean. Shane says it’s not mean I was giving you a compliment. Danielle says that it’s still a knock at me. Joe starts asking Danielle and Shane parenting and life questions. Joe catches Shane when Shane says “our” kids. Shane denies saying it.


12:50pm – 1:20pm Shane and Danielle are talking alone. Shane asks Danielle if she thinks it’s best to be a 2-2 vote so Ian decides who goes. Danielle says no, I want Frank out. Shane tells Danielle that he talked to Jenn and she said we are not her targets. Shane says that Joe wants us to meet with him today. Shane talks about Danielle making Dan think she will take him to the final two. Shane says but that you will really take me. Danielle says duh! Shane says that if Dan thinks he knows you are taking him, he might not try as hard. But if he doesn’t know then he knows he has to win the last HOH’s. Danielle starts talking about her schooling and nursing. She starts to tell Shane about a girl that had a potato shoved up her whoha, and that it started to sprout. Shane and Danielle both talk about how they are without a doubt voting out Frank. Danielle talks about how Dan won’t get the votes if he gets to the final two, he has already won once. Danielle asks Shane if he was into Kara. Shane says no, she was cute and all but she was too stand off’ish. Danielle agrees. Shane says but you are beautiful inside and out. Shane jokes that he was into Jojo. Danielle asks what, then why are you talking to me right now. Shane says he is kidding. Joe joins them and tells them that no one (Diary room) is here working today. Joe talks about how Dan swore he was not using the veto. Shane jokes and says well you should have talked to me last night instead of him. Shane says it was maybe 20% your fault that he used it, but he didn’t put you up, Ian did. Joe says I knows, I will calm down by tomorrow but right now I don’t like him. Joe says thank god I have you two and Ian because I would hate to have to grovel to Dan. Joe gets called to the diary room.


1:50pm Lunch time! Dan has a flag, a knife and some rope that he is going to try and raise the American Flag. Jenn is in the pool playing hoops trying to avoid being jealous about the others eating food.


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What a bunch of mystified idiots yo. lol

Hand Dan the check already son.


Evict Joe, the chicken-choking “chef.” He doesn’t deserve to be there.

Eric CA

That a Great name for a Restaurant.
“Powerhouse Chicken Chokers”, with are secret dipping sauce


bye, bye, frank…can’t wait for the double eviction on thursday, wonder if jenn will survive???


Actually Joe might be leaving because he is digging his own grave right now especially after he got busted by Dan yesterday ,its so funny

If u think about it its better if Joe leaves u know why because he might win Hoh iu never know , but Frank cant complete in the next hoh and he is a huge target so he will be going on the block regardless .

Right now Dan is thinking about it and he is leaning towards evicting joe wich is a better move in my opinion


Totally have to DISAGREE!! They’ve got Frank in their backpockets, they need to vote him out NOW or just give him the check because if they don’t, I believe he’ll take it anyway.


That’s why this season is so awful. I’ve actually stopped watching; I just come here for the updates. There is zero loyalty in this house besides from Danielle to Dan, but that’s because she is the single craziest/delusional/fat human being who has ever walked the earth.


Danni is only loyal to Shane because Now Shane is using her to further his game…She is so stupid it is unreal….if she had any brains she would know Shane is sure awfully chummy now when its getting to the point he needs her to get him where he wants to be. I wanted Frank to win so like someone else said on here I stopped watching this season with all the lies and bunch of losers. They would keep Joe over Frank? If Danni had a brain cell in her vaccant head she would have got in with Frank and worked with him. He is more honest and a better game player


Danni isnt fat. You r just being mean cuz she will make it to the end. Ggrow up plz


shane just womanize little dani.
get real dani back door the captain america in f3/4


I’d love for Frank to find a way…but I don’t see a path.

That being said, I just hope he is able to fully reveal the post funeral with Dan as a rat, especially that Danielle was an accomplice after the fact.

Dan is definitely set up on on fronts…but by turning on Frank he is entering the unknown. By that I mean, how does the rest of the house respond? And if they start prodding her, what does Danielle do? Keep in mind her default position to anything is cry and play the victim. She cried and played the victim to Britney, right after she agreed to knife her. So either she is borderline insane or very crafty and manipulative.

This likely being double eviction only heightened the risk to Dan as he will have no time to repair any damage, so he almost has to win this HOH to feel safe.

Of course, Ian is delusional, Shane is cowardly, and Dan likes to masturbate…so our cast of characters are susceptible to the mist’s powers.

But Frank has been the house poltergeist. This is an important psychological factor. Shane has been so afraid of him and Ian so determined to get him, I just think there’s an X factor with regards to how they could respond to what Frank says as he walks out the door. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Dan is necessarily screwing himself evicting Frank, I just think it’s kind of an unknown. So everybody who thinks Dan has this and the rest of the season will be boring, I do agree, but I can see some fireworks potentially ahead. Does Ian find somebody new that he must avenge for Britney? Does Shane want to protect Danielle (or more likely get Dan because he’s afraid of him like he was Frank.)? Does Jenn also turn on Dan because of her blind loyalty to Danielle, does she panic and think she will be blamed and turn on Danielle like she did Ashley and Frank?

What if Danielle keeps her cool and somehow the house thinks that maybe the funeral itself was staged?

I want Dan to win, but I think he has some more hurdles to overcome or maybe it’s wishful thinking because right now it looks like he’s got this walking backwards.


Oh my gosh, these guyz are so sneaky heheehe Shane is totally playing Frank right now lolz…. God, please send Dan a message through production. I can’t stand these obedient little puppets anymore. The only excitement that will come from between Thursday and finale is seeing if Dan can pull off the easiest f3 possible by managing to bring Joe AND Jenn with him, anything is possible with these morons.

I mean, Dan isn’t even being considered an option before f4 by anyone in his “alliance” – it’s like they’ve already made peace with losing in 2nd place.

2nd place james

my bad, didn’t realize there was a second “James” haha


I’ve don’t remember EVER seeing so many houseguests so willing to accept second place!!! This has to be the dumbest bunch of morons ever to be in the BB house!!!!


Fingers crossed for Frank leaving. He’s been a great player, but I think it will make a more interesting game with the target elsewhere. Plus, it annoys me how he is so confident he will win if he gets to the end (yes, probably true… but it still bugs me that he said it).


Agreed. The perfect scenario for me would be for Frank to go and then send Ian out the door behind him (assuming there’s a double eviction). Ian is just wearing on my nerves!!!! He’s too jittery and wayyyyy too smart for a lot of those morons in there this year (though he has managed to get rid of a bunch of them already). I believe Ian will win this thing if he doesn’t go behind Frank!!! Give Jenn the HOH next week and you’ve got one INTERESTING ending to BB14!!! <3


Agree with you and Dixie completely!


I think either way with it being a double eviction week both Frank and Joe will being home Thursday. I don’t see two big(good for tv) players going home on Thursday.


You’re right, BB has to keep it interesting!!!


Who knows. Daniele and Jeff went home on the same night. It’s possible. Plus it doesn’t give production any time to interfere being that everything is live.


I would love to see Danielle “thunder thighs ” get evicted during the double eviction !

Danielle's Thunder Thighs

You’re so mean y’all


I just want to see Danielle “thunder thighs”, and the Phat Booty….


So would I and what will poor Shane and Jenn do then? If Dani and Frank go Thurs. I think final 2 will be Ian and Dan. Which honestly I think final 2 will be Ian and Dan.


Cmon production…. Do your thing… Lets get Joe outta this game and leave the real players (minus Jenn of course) to battle it out!!


Please, Jenn has done more in 2/3rds(which i admit isn’t much) of a season then Britney has done in her 2 separate seasons. Only difference is Brit is supposively good looking( i guess if you’re into googly eyes and boy hips). Really, the only 3 people who probably deserve a shot at the top prize is Dan, Ian, and Frank. Shane’s just a big dumb robot who does whatever he’s told to do, and Dani,Jenn & Joe are just a bunch of also rans who followed the power.


What? Britney won a total of 4 comps on her first season, compared to Jenn’s 1 that she only won because Frank was disqualified. Britney has also talked way more game this season than Jenn, who has been stupidly manipulated into *one move* that she has constantly been bragging about. That was all Frank and Dan. I laugh every time Jenn fears that she might be a huge threat in the house.


What kind of “genius” social game is decieving a house full of dumbasses and selling out your alliance? I’m rooting for the nerd and the chef-Forget Frank and Dan. And maybe you need to rewatch BB12, just saying.


To make it interesting, give Dan the option to be Americas player! Would be funny to see that happen lol


Dan payed back his savior, now time to kill the dream once and for all.

Joey Spank It FTW



Joey Spank it FTW?

I can’t.


if the rest of the hg are wise, dan’s the next target.

he better keep winning those pov’s, and an hoh wouldn’t hurt. if dan isn’t gone soon, i agree, check is his.


I want Frank to be evicted, and for Jenn or Joe to win HOH and make the quack pack scramble. That would be awesome!


that would be fun to watch……


No way production can do anything at this point all is left to do is vote and although they can suggest to the HG’S who to vote for ultimately it is up to them. As for the double eviction i would highly doubt jen or joe will win hoh which leaves the quack pack so would guess they will take out joe or jen my guess joe :)


They can influence a player to try and turn the house around like they did last season with Shelly saving Rachel from eviction and our greatest entertainment value of watching her battle Brendon for entry back in the house…… That was a poor decision of production’s part, that would’ve been AWESOME to watch, and Brendon would’ve forfeited too


Frank needs to go! He needs to gooooooo. Sure, he wins lots and lots of comps but he is just not likeable. Frank can’t play in the next HOH but chances are that Joe probably won’t win the HOH, POV, food comp, luxury comp, scratch-your-butt-comp or any other comp left in the BB game. It’s time for Frank to finally leave! Who is Joe gonna beat in the final 2?? ::crickets:: Who is Frank gonna beat in the final 2? Uh, just about everyone!


Joe easily takes the title in the Monkey Spankin’ competition…there’s only one things PH beats.


Frank is the only likable one there.


i agree i would’nt give any of these this two faced hypocrites a second in real life. Hate is a strong word but in order of hate ian wins, then dan, delusion dani, shane joe jenn. Frank is ok and would be a solid friend.

Zingbot Fan

I will say I’m going to like seeing Frank get voted out of the house.


frank didn’t two-faced or he got stopped to do that by boogie who just wanted to betray later?
everyone in this game are two faced.
no to mention frank bully others or cheat on competition.

i wouls love to see frank go for the reason that he’s the CBS’s pet which made no one want to be in a alliance with him due to the priority given to him


I don’t think Joe or Jenn will be evicted Thursday one of the qp will follow Frank to jury.They would all be idiots not to take out one of their alliance out during the de especially Dan that is their best shot to get rid of him that way he has no time to cast his mist


It would be great if the HOH would have to make their nominations the second the person wins, right at the competition sight and not after the commercial break.


I agree. If you plan on getting rid of someone like Dan it would need to be quickly. I’m hoping that the HG’s wake up and see that Dan and Danielle are the tightest in there. ( and one of them goes during DE)


I agree,that would be awesome,but at the same time,what do these mental masters conjur up during the commercial break anyway?


BB Should be spelt DAN !!!


OMG WTF HTF & YTF? I am now ready for Frank to be GONE… been in his corner since day 1… thought he was STUPID when he let Boogie talk him into not getting rid of Dan… but I still liked him…. thought he was STOOPID when Boogie got evicted and TOLD him “Ian can’t be trusted” then he didn’t get that weasel out of the house… decided he was COMPLETELY F’N NUTS when he was SOAKED by the MIST last week… (please, that was so ridiculous… NOBODY is that damn dumb) NOW THIS SHIT???

To the house guests, production, and whom it may concern: STOP insulting my intelligence… not gonna quit watching (but won’t be adament about it) WILL continue to visit the site religiously (just put my hand on the Bible, swore on my late husband’s ring, & on the life of my daughter & my beautiful baby “bitch/dog” Sophie, & the Romney campaign,& my favorite adult toy store… did I mention “Conan”/my favorite toy?…Swear on that prized possession too)… LOVE U SIMON & DAWG!!! This site is so much fun and entertaining! Love the wonderful people/characters I’ve discovered here… with the exception of one or two… but hell, nothing’s perfect… But to quote Lil Wayne, “A GOTDAMN”! Sometimes you HAVE TO SPIT & JUST CAN’T SWALLOW THE SHIT!


FINALLY A Frank Fan, seeing his game for what it is…. About goddamn time


Watch out though, they’re all about to label you as a hater….


Will “shake them haters off”. Don’t remember the rapper that did that song… hell, I’m a 46 yr old white woman going thru menopause… I leave the house without panties many days, but am just grateful they aren’t on my head.

The worst experience I ever had was my Granddaddy telling me he was “disappointed in me”… OMG that cut like a knife… I don’t know Frank so he couldn’t give a *uck what I think, but I’m very disappointed in hiim.

Hammock Boy

id rather see joe go for obvious reasons, he is loud, he has traumatized his kids with his constant masturbation, and finally that nasty piece of hair on his chin, im sure my fellow BB followers can add to the list, but those are the three that make me cringe……


and Why is his kids watchin Big brother?


Lol shane is so weak it’s not funny–they are all so scared of taking a stand and just saying your time is up Frank now GTFO. I mean it’s really pathetic how after Shane put Frank up twice that now Frank thinks Shane is magically going to not want Frank out. They are all delusional.


I’m sooooooooooooooo glad them smelly lumberjack is gone!!!!!!! That guy is a piece of work. Double evict this week, time to get Joe or Jenn next.


So, if Ian’s idea for BB Good vs Evil comes about, which side would Frank be on? He seems to be the villian this season. Him or Dan.

I say he would be cast as “Evil.”


Love the idea of Good vs Evil….but would there be enough “Good” players to go up against the “Evils”??? I would say Frank is good, not evil. He has been honest and not really done anything to consider him evil.

I Vote To Evict Ian

Ian isn’t good or evil, he is a moron so a good 2nd season for Ian would be Morons Vs. Idiots. Wait, he could play for either side!

Shake shake shake! Shake shake shake! Shake your hammock! Yeah! Shake your hammock!


Is it not true you can not play this game being “good” and “honest”-(Excluding Jordan, despite Jeff’s help)? That contributes to Frank’s problem-He’s trusting after a few reassurances and then WHAM-The knife has sunken into his back. Between Frank and Dan, they’re like opposites, but the difference now is that I guarantee Dan’s game will continue with his “ruthless” strategies, but Frank can’t afford to be the good guy. The only person he can trust is himself. I am not a Frank supporter, but without production if he manages to flip the house over on letting him hang around for another week-but really-to concoct a strategy that involves changing his social game, who knows? I want this guy out, but I also want him to fight like a beast to stay and take ’em out.

Ian The Boss FTW


*correction: Dan The Man and Ian The Boss FTW :D I don’t know about powerhouse anymore…


I swear to god if Dan gets to the end of this game and he don’t get the money . I will not watch another BB again. I don’t care who makes it to the end with the man. He is the MAN!! Go Dan show them how it’s done!!!


My wife does not like Frank either but she says she would be happy to see Frank return as long as Jessie NEVER comes back ever again. I have to agree with her.


I don’t know why they keep bringing Jessie back?? he’s not funny or entertaining… he would be if he gets to slam the other Hgs, but that would be assault LOL


personally, i think jesse is the ultimate punishment…


Yeah, really, can’t you just see Dan having to share solitary confinement with JESSE!!!!! ROFLMBO!!!!!! Someone would DIE!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! That would be one unforgetable punishment!!!! <3


Exactly. It was awkward. You could tell that the HG weren’t even entertained by him being there. The guy isn’t funny or annoying it’s more like a ‘What the hell are you doing here. Get out of my face.’ type of thing.

They need to find someone else because they continue to run out of ideas.

They should have had Dick come back and pour iced tea on everyone’s heads. How’s that for something new.


Yeah, but with MY luck, they’d bring back whiney, witchy RACHEL!!!!!! I would in turn hit the power button on my remote. I’m tempted to turn off the TV when Jesse’s on there!!!!! <3


wonder if any of the hg are gonna wake up before thursday? sure, frank is gone, but who’s next during the double?

they better start thinking now, because there’s not much time during a double eviction, and that’s what dan’s counting on. ian and shane better take some time to work through this, because dan surely has.

if they don’t, one of them is following frank…


You got that right. It does seem that Dan is the ONLY one thinking about a double eviction. If they don’t get Frank out first (they get rid of Joe) and then there’s a double eviction and they still don’t get Frank out; Frank WILL be playing for HOH Thursday night!!!!

Purple Weed

I’ll be excited to see ratings plummet even more after this week. Being fairly new to the BB universe, I really don’t see how all of the “coaches” mustered such a fan base, except for maybe Dan. Janelle seemed to be stupid as shit, just as any woman who is as plastic as she is would be. Boogie, as entertaining as he was, was kind of a troll. Brittney’s lazy eye and constant bickering was way too bothersome for me to take her seriously. The thing is is that the new players put way too much trust in the veterans, which has been obvious for the last two seasons. At least the homophobe Jeff was better than the returning players this season, lol.

That being said, this season has become too stale/predictale for me to keep an avid interest in it. The whole thing with Dan finding sanctity in knifing Frank in the back by using his religion as a tool for his self-gain is retarded. I see that many commenters are saying that he is just playing a game and he is doing what he needs to do to survive, but he is also setting a shitty example for those who have the same beliefs as him (for younger viewers, at least). And don’t bullshit me with the whole “Catholicism allows you to be relieved of your sins if you confess them to a pastor or priest” bullshit, because this act goes beyond religion.

Setting logic aside, I am kind of hoping that Shane wins. Say what you want about him being a sheep or a moron, but, with Frank leaving, he has a lot of potential to make it all the way. He knows that Danielle is a Southern bitch and it would truly be awesome if he was the one to put her on the block and keep her there. I think that, when Frank leaves and if he can survive Double Eviction, he will not be jaded by the fact that the number one target in the game since day one is in the game, giving him room to think about the next target. He also seems to need the money the most, which, in my book, is really important.


For not having much interest in this season, it’s surprising you are online talking about it. And I highly doubt Frank is poor considering his dad was a famous pro-wrestler or something like that. And if he is poor, then his dad most likely was responsible with the money he made so Frank would probably do the same and waste all his winnings.


***Not responsible with his money)

Purple Weed

Heh, just expressing my opinion like you. I don’t see how me thinking this season is going to e boring now has any connection to me wanted to put in my two cents, just like everyone else on this site. Also, I was sayig Shane deserves the money, not Frank. So you either need to not be so eager with jumping on your “QuackPacker” facade or you need to learn how to read, you twit.


If you think this season is GETting boring,then what have you been watching?These people are HORRIBLE tv. The final few weeks is sometimes the only time to watch,maybe not always the best,but you have to watch and see how the whole thing plays out


This season had hands down the best first week. since then it’s been a series of good weeks and BAD weeks..

Now we’re just watching misted zombies pick their nose


Dan, Dan, Dan, what a great coach to all kids out there. Hey, if it is to win a game, lie on the bible, your wife and your wedding ring; not to mention the cross around your neck, that was handed down from your grandad, which symbolizes your faith. He did this to Frank when he made the deal with him to get Jenn to use the veto. Frank will be gone this week and you know what, I am still a team Frank member but I have lost all respect for Dan the lying man. Yes, it is only a game but there are some things you just don’t do in life. He is not someone I would want to coach my kids or for that matter to be around at all. I can see it all now, “Hey kids, it was ok for me to lie because I wanted the money. Lying on the bible is also ok if it is going to get you what you want, and hey my marraige, I haven’t been married that long for it to count.. Now remember, you have to do whatever in order to win. So lets go out there and lie our little fannies off and win the game.” What a man, he gets my vote for coach of the year, yea right. All of you can go ahead and tell me it is only a game and you do what you have to do and what a wonderful move he made, but also remember he is influencing a bunch of children along the way. In less than a month he has to go home and explain to these children. Good luck Dan, it may have been only a game, but you crossed the line for your occupation. Sorry everyone for my ranting but I worked with children for 11 years, and in my book he has sunk really low.


Dan never actually swore on the bible. He brought the bible up to Frank and offered to swear on it, but Frank didn’t ask him to, so he didn’t. Besides, Dan swore that everything he told Frank was true, everything about the quack pack and Ian’s betrayal. And he didn’t lie, it was all true. But Dan didn’t swear on the bible about a final two deal with Frank. He ddin’t swear on the bible about anything, actually.


It’s true that Frank can’t play in the next HOH but what are the chances that he won’t win the POV? This is probably the last chance to get him out so if they don’t, they should just hand him a cheque because they are all dumb!!!!!!!!


I am thinking that dan, danielle and shane might give the hoh to jen so she can get ian out for them


I feel bad for Frank, with everybody against him. he fought so hard winning all those competitions,
It s a shame that a good competitor most likely will go home on Thursday…..

Dan's part time bible

Everyone has been against him from the beginning for no particular reason than Janelle decided to target him.
I don’t think I have ever seen a BB player have such a tough go of it.
When you look at how he handled it compared to some who were only on the block once, I think he did pretty well.


I agree with you. Frank is much less annoying than many HGs past and present. He has reacted well to being on the block almost all season. Seriously, I don’t know how they all put up with each other anyway.

They should keep Frank because he can’t win. Aside from Ashley, who in Jury House would vote for him to win? Ashley isn’t even a lock! Frank may have a chance if the entire Jury House hates Dan or Ian, but I don’t think that’s how it will be. So keeping Frank is a good idea for everyone’s end game.

Danielle is in the best position to win. Put her up against anyone and she has the jury votes. Shane is in the next best position, but he has to drop Danielle, but he does not have the sense to do so.

So they should keep Frank and vote out Joe. The second eviction is just a casualty of war- preferably Ian or Dan- even Jenn. After that it matters little if Frank wins comps because he won’t win the big prize if he makes it to the F2. Wake up Shane and Danielle!

Zingbot Fan

From watching BBAD you see a much different reaction when he is on the block than they show on CBS. I think Frank comes off as an arrogant ahole and I hope he gets the boot but I will admit that he is a very good competitor. So good that you can’t take and chance and hope you can get him out in the next HOH.

The blue frank tank

Dan is a liar. He swore on his wife and marriage and his bible to frank. Sick individual. Ian ruined this game by screwing boogie. The only people who did not lie all summer were frank and boogie. Everyone else is a floating piece of jerk turd. All dan has done since the reset is float behind whoever is hoh. He will not win because of already winning so the money will either go to joe, jenn aka donkey kong, or four eyes. Shane is weak and gay and danielle is an annoying sad puppy lookalike when she has no makeup. Pooyah


If you haven’t noticed, Big Brother is the ultimate lying game. You can’t expect to go into the house being all honest and holy, and you can’t win without making more than one alliance over the course of the game.

Team Frank

Yeah, but you can lie without bringing your own family into it.


People need to think. IF somehow, someway Frank doesn’t get evicted and Joe goes home AND there’s a double eviction (which everyone is thinking there will be) and Frank somehow manages to stay after the Double Eviction, then he CAN PLAY for HOH on Thursday night. I’m telling you, they’d better get his butt out. <3


Frank = Dead Man Walking ….


Seeing all these comments you would think Frank was about to die…. Goddamn you people take this game far too seriously

I don’t think Frank or Dan takes this game as seriously as you all are, and THEY’RE PLAYING THE GAME…. Get Help


I’m kind of sick of all the carrying on about Dan and his Bible. Listen, Dan has done nothing worse than 99% of other Christians do on a daily basis, they just don’t do it in front of the world. He’s in a LYING GAME with ALL the rest of his houseguests so . . . . . . . . . . How many Christians cheat on their taxes (among other things) and then thump their Bibles for the IRS!!!! Give him a break!!!! I’m sick of hearing about it!!!!

Ians Beer

Can we have a big old “AMEN” to that!!! I keep hearing the sound of “thumping” ever since
Dan’s brilliant move AND someone’s going to break the f’ing stick pretty soon from beating the dead horse, over and over and over and over…I agree with what Ill Will just said also…some of you need to get help…lol


this whole bible thing is REALLY funny. i m from germany. i knew you americans are way more into religion than us over here. but this is ridiculous. NOBODY would care about this thing over here. everybody would laugh about it. swearing on a bible in a lying game. this whole discussion is a complete joke. and the whole thing has absolutly nothing to do with dans relgion or if he is a “good” catholic.



Religion is bullshit, Scientology is made to look like a joke, Yet, if it was created in the same time as the leaders in brainwash-ism Christianity,Buddhism,Catholicism, ect, it would be taken seriously…

If anything in the bible was real, the whole world would be burning right now, we’ve all violated something said in there


There are many things in the bible that are proven historical facts it’s absurd to say all of them are fake.I don’t care about the Dan and all the BS about him swearing on the bible but do take offense to people saying the bible is complete BS


it is mostly BS


Also I know about the hysterical facts, but I was referring to the BS of it

Purple Weed

People aren’t calling him a bad Catholic as much as they are suggesting that his morals (those within AND outside of his religious beliefs) are kind of fucked up. This guy has children that will either 1) support their father’s treachery and exploitation of his beliefs for personal gain or 2) be misted by their own father that what he did was morally correct. Like I said before, this goes beyond swearing on a Bible…I almost feel bad for him in that I think he has jaded himself into thinking that what he did would be acceptable by those who have the same beliefs as him, which, based on the posts on this site as well as other sites, is dead fucking wrong, lol.


Dix, Dix, Dix… gotta call you out here… Dan is the one who professes to be a “Christian” and most people have a fairly decent concept of what that entails… and for the love of God Dan certainly should… surely NOBODY can disagree with me thus far… didn’t think so… here’s where it falls apart for Saint Dan/Father Dan the misting man… HE has went against everything he claims to believe in and live by… We all couldn’t give a sh*t had he not proclaimed his devotion etc…etc… to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Catholic Church, blah blah blah…. Not of the same faith/beliefs as Dan, but you can bet your ass I’d never betray my faith/beliefs/religion/denomination etc… for $500K or worse yet $50K… hell even for $1.00… I can’t be bought…. He might say later he can’t either, but he can clearly be “rented out” at the very least… with an option to buy if it serves his purpose… #BlessHisHeart! Game play??? MY ASS! He has no convictions other than his love of money and himself… just my opinion.


Am I the only person who is grossed out by Shane and those hideous hair plugs?????? EWWWWWW!!!!!!!


I can’t stand his hair plugs, either! Ridiculous!


Frank has to go. He will go to the jury house and get it on with Ashley. Dan and Ian can fight it out.


So why did Dan use the veto?????


He used the veto to pay Jenn back for saving him last week.


sucks that frank goes

hes the best player not named dan in the house, has basically been up all game.

just unfortunate he couldnt get more than one week of loyalty because people are “scared” of him. even though hes the most reasonable of ALL of them. he saved dan just to save dan. I feel like that might have been production influenced. frank just all of a sudden was receptive to dan, and was like “whatever” and just went for it. would not shock me if they paid him a little 3rd place money

Ians Beer

Hmmmm, “scared” of Frank or maybe they just don’t LIKE him…I’ve watched most of the BBAD shows and “reasonable” is NOT a word that I would use to describe hairy, knuckle-draggin’ Frank. He saved Dad to try and save his own ass as he had no one but ? (jenn) on his side…again with the stick beating a dead horse.

Ians Beer

oops! “saved Dan”….

Frank's blue frank tank.

Everyone is so scared of him. It will be boring to watch now. Shane is a weak willed pansy man


I am SOOOO BUZZED! Happy Labor Day! I love you all… well, not ALL… there are some that well, shit, you know who they are even if they don’t you know what I think and I think you know I know you think it too…

Does this font make me look fat???

Does anyone else feel the desperate urge to slap the shit outta Ian???

God bless us everyone! Except Dan… I mean DAYUM… that bitch went TOO FAR!

Frank's blue frank tank.

Ian needs to pop the zit between is shoulders called his head and take a prozac. Ian ruined this entire season. And no not from disco dancing in his undies during willies hoh. I agree with u.

I Vote To Evict Ian

I couldn’t have said it better. Ian is my least favorite player of this season and of all the BB seasons.

I have had enough of his pokemon conversations, teddy bears, stuffed snake, pet rock, arrogance, hammock shaking, kitchen chair shaking, childish behavior like cariving “penis” in the pool table, making snarky remarks about 9/11, jealousy of Frank because he is good at comps, social and getting women, and the way he thinks he is smarter than everyone.

Ian may be able to memorize facts, but so was Rainman and I believe that guy had some kind of mental retardation.


” Ian needs to pop the zit between his shoulders called his head…” LOL

Eric CA

Good News Frank Fans, He will be in he house One More Week. One more week to survive.


@Eric CA. Huh?How will Frank be in the house one more week?The plan is to evict him this Thursday.

I Vote To Evict Ian

That is good news but how can it be???

It looks like everyone is just telling him what he wants to hear and planning on blindsighting him.

Not sure if I will watch the show after Frank leaves. Probably just read the updates on this website.

Midwest Middie

Same here.

Eric CA

When you look at everything and how these guys flip, and loyalty is a word used loosely this Season.
Joe is probably the only person that Ian could put up that would get less votes than Frank.

A) Shane: Shane is already contemplating teaming with Frank. He might vote to evict Joe, but if you notice he is teetering. I think he feels like he is the meat that has to win all competitions for his side of the house and he is getting tired of it. He might form an alliance with Frank, if for no other reason than to lighten the work load.

B) Jen: is a guaranteed vote to evict Joe. She has an alliance with Frank

c) Danielle: She bucks Dan authority, if Shane talks her into evicting Joe instead.

D) Isn’t married to either alliance and Joe really F’d up last night for himself and Shane. Remember Joe thought he was talking to Shane. Dan can just as easily dump Shane as he he could Frank. Getting Joe out and keeping Frank may set the stage for that.

Let us not forget the last person in this scenario

E) Powerhouse can be down right obnoxious. He might try a Hail Mary to save himself and have it bow up in his face. Remember Frank has one more week he can not compete in the HoH

Granted this would be the dumbest move to keep Frank for all of them except Dan and Jen. What do you think they will do? The dumbest move. I am really hoping for a Happy Surprise and the eviction of Frank, but I won’t hold my breath.


I actually stopped watching BBAD the past two nights. I wonder why.

What cracks me up is when HGs get pissed when somebody on the block campaigns for votes. Like Danielle saying “gross” when told Frank will all over her campaigning. What the hell do you want him to do? Lay over and die? But then if he didn’t, everyone would talk behind his back saying “I don’t believe he just gave up easy. What was he thinking? Idiot.”

This year is just strange. The Season of Total Deception. So much so that I think everybody has lied and stabbed each other in the back so many times that they will all confuse their alliances and f2’s up after Frank is out lol. And it’s safe to say these HGs are plum dumb. Meanwhile, Dan is sitting back, relaxing. Might as well be sipping on a pina colada.


I’ve been thinking about it and I think Dan deserves to win. He had the hardest game,since day one he was the underdog. As a coach he was one man down. Then since the reset he’s had a target on his back because he’s played the game already. He’s been able to not only keep his self alive AND in a really good spot, but Danielle also. He’s literally playing two games right now (being a true coach and being a houseguest) while everyone else is playing one, and running laps around everyone in the house while doing it… Honestly as the game goes on his game is starting to look better than Dr. Will’s by far (in my humble opinion). He seems (at this point) to really have mastered the game of Big Brother! He’s exciting to watch and I hope he wins…. GO DAN!!!




Good point but it’s not like Dan is playing against a full cast of all-stars.

Dan will win that game hand him the check.


frank the tank is smoking some bad stuff.. he needs to be in the real world boogie and frank never lied what show where you watching fool


Why doesn’t Dan see that Danielle would take Shane, who she is utterly obsessed with, over himself? As smart as Dan is I wouldve thought he’d figure that out by now! He needs to keep Frank in the house and have Frank do his dirty work of getting rid of either Shane or Danielle


Danielle asked me about Kara…… Uh-Oh


danille has start her shit again with this insecure bullshit always worrying about KERA …. shane needs to tell her if she doesnt take him to final 2 he will hookup with kera after this season is over …… this girl is so sad every week shane needs to give her a pep talk she’s beautiful …. i thought she would take dan to final 2 but i am positive she will take shane because she wants to hold onto her imaginary relationship.. when bb is over shane needs to tell her gently she aint his type telling danille now would only cause him his game … …… this whole summer she has been worrying about kera this girl needs help


Even though Dan planned on using the veto on Jen to pay her forward for taking him off the block, which would be in his best interest, Joe sure made it a lot easier! I am worried about the de. I want Dan to win this, he has truly played the game. I’d like to see Joe and Ian go next.

I have a question, since Danielle was talking to Shane about school and nursing, she has obviously confided in him that she is not a school teacher. Is it a possibility that she will double cross Dan? Surely Dan is taking that into consideration.


Thunder Thighs thinks that Shane likes ? her ? ? ? ? She’s only kidding herself ! Those old painted on black eyebrows and black circles around her beady eyes………..U G L Y ! ! ! She is freakin’ handing Dan another half million dollars and is too stupid to know that ! ! ! OMG…….Britney even told her as much ! ! ! Get that crazy, low self-esteemed B%#@H out of this game ! ! !


Danielle annoys the hell out of me too, but you, sweetheart, sound like you need some h-e-l-p. Briarcliff, may I suggest? They’re holding evaluations right now. Go take one.

Ian The Boss FTW

Brit's Goodbye Message for the win.....

Maybe Frank needs to tell Danielle that she needs to vote for him or he will tell Shane how the whole I’m mad at Dan for the funeral was all an act, and they never stopped playing together. She played Shane for a fool last week for his vote and he would not be forgiving. Then she needs to convince Shane to vote for him too. Last week Jenn was all “Frank your not alone in this, and this week she is like see ya…”

Dan disgusts me. I think he would sell his Mother to win this game. I think the way he acts and manipulates people is a big indication of his character as a person. Not much morals. Frank would NEVER sell out Nana. I noticed one night they sat down to eat dinner and Dan the so called religious one just helped himself and dug right in, where is Frank took off his carrot hat closed his eyes,said a prayer and then proceeded to eat. Frank was never given a chance by any of them. He was the target from the get go. In my opinion they should have focused on getting out the useless players first, then they strong ones battle it out. THen again I think Shane and Frank would have been a great alliance.

I hope Frank wins America’s favorite player.


I don’t like Dan either but I might sell my mom for 500k too


hmmm good idea lol


If production was smart they would get joe out then jen and have the rest battle it out because that group has done things individually. Dan and Ian have a great social game, shane, frank and danielle are the comp people. It would be a great season not to have any big floaters in the last group of people left. I am a huge fan of season 8 and having evel, daniele and zac at the end especially during the endurance comp was great. Lets get the right group to end the season great.


If production were smart, they would find 7 new people, and let them play for the money… just sayin LOL


LOL… well hopefully next season we get all new people because this bringing back the veterans is really getting on my nerves


I hope Frank puts Dan on blast before he goes.You know the DR is telling him whats going on right now,or rather probably asking questions like how do you feel knowing that Dan is going to vote to evict you. Oh OOPS! You didn’t know that?