Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Joe says that if Dan wasn’t going to use the Veto, now he surely will!

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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9:45am When the live feeds come back from waking up the house guests. Dan and Jenn are awake and then they head back to bed. Joe leaves the kicks room to change his batteries. Dan jokes with Shane about how Joe thought he was Shane last night. They both laugh. They both roll over and go back to sleep. Frank and Joe are the only two house guests awake.



10am Frank is sitting alone on the backyard couch. Frank says that today is the veto ceremony, and Dan is supposed to use it on Jenn, and then Joe should go up in his place. Frank says that he got a little panicky last night, but sometimes you need to take a gamble in this house. Frank says that he figures if Dan wasn’t working with him he wouldn’t use the veto on him anyways. Joe joins Frank out on the couch and then goes back inside. Frank says that the truth is I didn’t want that joker Joe to go home this week, but the truth is it’s better him than me. I just hope it is him and not me. Frank says that these people are stupid if they vote to keep me when I am up on the block. This game is about the best player wins. Joe comes back out. Frank says that he wishes this could have been a fast forward week. He says he doesn’t really care for the lag time with so few people in the house. Frank then gets called to the diary room.

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10:15am – 10:30am Joe goes up to the HOH room to talk to Ian about how he messed up last night. Joe says Dan asked him who he would put up if he was HOH this week. Joe said that he couldn’t think of anything and then said a few scenarios. Joe says that Dan left and then came back, but I thought it was Shane. Joe says that he said that Dan was just trying to dig for information. Joe says that then Dan said it’s me Dan. Joe says that he (Dan) isn’t happy; he is going to use the veto now. He was trying to recruit me on his side, I was just going to to you everything I learned though. Ian says oh no, well thank you for telling me and for being honest. Joe says that Dan was just trying to dig for information and now he knows I was going to throw him under the bus. Ian says that it’s not that bad and it doesn’t really change anything. Frank says yeah, but now it’s going to be awkward between him and me. If he wasn’t going to use it, now he surely will. Joe then heads back down and out into the backyard. They talk about the veto being used. Joe says that he is 100% certain he is going up as the replacement. Joe gets called to the diary room. Frank says to the camera, I just got to hope this alliance is for real.

10:30am – 10:50am The house guests are waking up and getting ready for the day. Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA for the Veto Ceremony..
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PowerHouse Turd


Maybe I should just feed the house with my special salsa and make everyone forget I made that blunder. Team Powerhouse, yo!


” Frank says that these people are stupid if they vote to keep me when I am up on the block. ”

Exactly, and that’s why they’re gonna evict you. =)


Bad news bubba! Your honesty and loyalty, like real life, is going to screw you!


Sadly the alliance isn’t for real.


I highly doubt Frank stays. The good news is, I’m sure all 5 remaining will strongly consider nominating Ian the turd on Thursday, especially if a veto is used. Ian goes up, he’ll likely go home. Voting him out won’t backfire, because no one has his back as a top ally. Thus, no one will cause a stir about it once he’s gone. It’ll just be business as usual.


i think dan will use the pov on Jenn


Quick thought experiment regarding Dan and his true beliefs:

“How many hear affirmatively believe that if given the opportunity to win this so-called game, Dan would look in the camera and (DENOUNCE) Jesus as his Lord and Savior?”

If you say Dan would denounce Jesus, then money is the lord of Dan’s life and Satan has another soul.

If you say no, Dan would not denounce Jesus, then Dan does have some boundaries that even he would not cross making his diary statements about him willing to do anything he can to win not true.

Is it ever “just a game” to go as far to say that Jesus is not your Lord and Savior – even when playing BB? Would Dan do it to win $500,000?


You my friend are making the big mistake that alot of people do, you are putting christian values on a catholic, there is a difference, a catholic believes that is they go to confession that a man (priest) can give them forgivness for their sins, and so a sin can be fixed at any time by asking a priest. A christian believes that Jesus is the mediator between God and Man, and therefor would have a harder time saying they would denounce him if it is him that they would have to go to ask forgivness from in the form of a prayer. Either way making that call would not be a light one no matter his religion.


You still didn’t answer the question so you probably think he would


I’m not about to get into a religious debate, since I dismissed it long ago, but you should know that you are unbelievably ignorant on what confession is and what it represents. Having been raised Catholic, confession is admission to God of your sins according to the bible, the priest is simply there to hear you admit your sins and direct an appropriate penance during which you’re supposed to think about that which you’ve sin against. It’s not an absolution to go right back to the sins you were committing. No Catholic thinks that…just the bigots who hate Catholics like the KKK.

And I can’t believe I’m defending any church of any kind.

Now I’m going to assume you are an Evangelical, since in my experience their hatred of Catholics is the most pronounced, which means you believe that as long as you read the bible literally and that you believe in God without question, then all your sins and abhorrent behavior is excused in God’s eyes. So tell me again the difference between Christian and Catholics, ignoring that theologically any form of Christianity traces its roots to Catholicism.


On the contrary,if a Catholic knowingly commits a sin of that magnitude,i.e. denouncing Jesus as his Savior,with the thought that he will automatically be forgiven in confession,he is mistaken and has lost his way with the Lord. He may,at some future point in time,re-enter the Catholic world,but will never get to the pearly gates withou tthat scar,thus subjecting him to a place called Limbo…per the Catholic Priest’s Handbook,and Guide to the Galaxies


I agree Bobsky,and my comment was pointed at Troy


I keep thinking that today is Sunday,and I’m feeling the need to preach…LMBO!!

Dan's part time bible

So being Catholic isn’t about being a good person and following the bible…it’s just a license to sin and be forgiven?

Where do I sign up?


Penn State

grow up

Good Grief are you serious??? It is a game and making those disgusting comments about Dan is ridiculous!! You need to get a life and realize this is not real life it is a game where they are trying to win $500,000??? To make comments like that makes me think you need serious mental help!!! Dan is not doing anything different than what other players have not done before and will continue to do in the future. Your post was disgusting!!!


It is real life. Big brother is not just a game.


MIt is a TV show and game. That said I dont know dan so I can’t say if he would. However even if he were todenounce him I would believe it to be little more than an act. As such I would find it no more than blasfemous than an actor playing Judas In a movie.


So as long as we are acting then lying, stealing, deception, or any other act that any Christian knows the Lord would not approve then it is OK? Can’t I say I was just acting when I took extra prescription drugs to get high? Can’t I say I was just acting when I looked at porn on the Internet? When you are playing any game, is it OK to act however one wants to gain financial reward (or no reward – does it matter)? If you are playing a game with the intentions of acting, why not act truthfully? name is...

I agree that this is a game and the reality is, just like most of these games; there is an element of lying and backstabbing. While I applaud anyone who tries to take the high moral ground and play “fair” and not lie, unless you are a genius at the social game, you’re not going to win. To judge people for the way they act in the house is immature and unrealistic. I think most peoples’ characters would be tested if they were sequestered in a house with strangers annd no connection to the outside world for 3 months. To bring religion into this is ludicrous.


Dan is the one who constantly brings religion into the house – why do you think so many people are disparaging him? He swears by the Bible…teaches it in the house (remember last night?)… and is always seen reading the Bible. Therefore, if you live by the sword then (well, you know the rest)

I agree we would all be tested – that’s not the point. And in life (or a game) you can choose to backstab and lie or not – Dan chooses to do whatever it takes as he has said many times. Just don’t be surprised if others hold him accountable and make judgments about him based upon both what he says and how he acts. Would you want your kids to be taught by him or allowed to influence in anyway?

You can play a game how you see fit in order to win. The assumption is that one cannot win without lying or backstabbing. This maybe be true (maybe not) but if you are a true Christian, why not give it a try? This game appears to be just as much luck as it is social or physical. Many variables go into this game, not just lying and backstabbing – if that was the case, Boogie would have won! Who is to say one cannot win with truth and honesty but still have strategy and tactics that do not include falsehoods or deception. What about negotiations, team building, creative thinking, and hard work?


Peter denied him 3 X and went on to be the first Pope and a saint. Our Lord is a merciful and forgiving God. Judge not lest ye be judged. He who is without sin, cast the first stone. Shall I go on?


So your view is that we can live and act anyway we want? Whether it is a game on TV, a backyard game or anything that requires good, honest decision making that the Lord approves, shouldn’t we at least make an effort and do what is right in front of God? Dan is not making any bones now, he will do whatever it takes that is legal, not moral.


Come on…REALLY! He’s not gong to do that. Besides, it’s a game & I think you’re taking it a bit too seriously. He’ll do anything to win (within reason). It’s just words…get a life!!


You would like to think he wouldn’t but if push comes to shove, would he?


Dan would not denounce Jesus as his Savi0or for money. Dan was probably referring to in his DR statements that he would do anything meaning within his conscience. Christians say words like this and they are bound by our conscience and what we can live with. Remember DR sessions are exaggerated by the questions they are asked by production. Also, they want them to be outrageous to be aired on TV during the shows. As a strong Christian of over 19 years, I am OK with Dan;s playing the game. Most of the time he will not say yes or no, and the others draw their own conclusions of what Dan means. he is playing an awesome game.


You don’t understand because you are not a Christian who understands the grace of God. If you seek the correct answer God is willing to tell you through prayer. I encourage you to ask God!!!


F@@k God!


And I encourage you to spread your word elsewhere, like maybe a board on religion, rather than a discussion site for a reality show. It is religious fanatics who are unable to let it drop. Please do the world a favor and keep your religion to yourselves, you complete and utter do@@he-hammers.

P.S. There is and has never been any god of any sort, so to those of you who try so hard to convert those around you, who have tithed hundreds of thousands of dollars in a lifetime, and those who have spent thousands of hours in a hot stuffy room full of morose people wishing to go outside, I say:
Ha Ha!


Good question. Does make me wonder.


Frank, I hope you finally figure out that everybody hates you and that YOU ARE NOT MIKE BOOGIE, SO STOP WEARING ALL OF HIS SHIRTS LIKE HE IS DEAD!!!!!!

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

maybe his only other option is to wear one of Joe’s shirts……yikes


Dan is like a power-hungry dirty politician. They always sell god’s name for their own good. Maybe he can get a job as a publicist at the Republican Party. (I don’t support the Democratic Party either. I just choose RP for Dan because I know he supports them.) Anyway, I still respect him as a great player.


However, I don’t care what he did because I don’t have a religion. I disagree with him over many things, but I just want to see a good gameplay. Dan proves he still has it.


I do have a religion and I still don’t care. IT IS A GAME. Get over it.


Uh oh Frank got called to the diary room more inside info for Frank,or we can only hope.Maybe they will call Dan in and offer him 25k to use the veto on Frank lol


What if he is offered the 100k for tbeing the last remaining coach and will have to self-evict? Could put a spin on things….


Funny story I gotta share real quick…

My husband hasn’t been following this season as much as I have, but last night, I tuned in to watch BBAD and he joined me, took one look at Jenn, and said:

“Who in the hell is that? Was she here before?” I answered by saying ‘Exactly!’. Cracked me up;)




After the intro and the BB song on the actual CBS show, they add a “snipet” of something funny from last weeks feeds. Last night’s was Shane saying “Where did Jenn come from?” I was rolling on the floor and thought of Simon and Dawg!


Dan is evil incarnate ! ! ! Ian is a weasel ! ! ! Danielle is untrustworthy and is lost in her fat mind ! ! ! Joe is really a good person and so is Shane, plus Jenn, they are actually honest people ! ! ! And I think Frank is a good guy with a big mouth and way too trustworthy ! ! ! But Dan, he’d sell his soul to the Devil for a few bucks ! ! ! !


Too bad you don’t understand the game. Joe starts so many rumors.


What does it cost to rent a plane w/ banner/sign??? Want it to read: “Frank get out the K Y. Dan’s cuming for U”


frank your nana is going to ask u why u fall for that sweet mouth talking dan …… nana is going to be disappointed in you ……..


Hello? Why do we dislike Frank? Several reasons. Just listen to the way he talks to the other guests, especially when Mike was in the house
and of course Miss Allison wanting him to win. He should have been gone when Shane was HOH. I’m sure others have dreams too of winning BB.

I really don’t care who wins as I don’t have a favorite since the Willie debacle. I feel that was a lot Frank, as he lied about Willie.
So, yeah, I just don’t like him, he is only special to himself, maybe Nana. I have continued to watch, it seems really fake this year.


LMAO. Can someone PLEASE give me an adequate reason as to why they hate Frank?

The reasons I have gotten so far:

1. He talks badly about people constantly
— So does Britney, but she gets no flack for it. Instead, everyone laughs and completely ignores her obvious bitchiness.
2. He makes derogatory statements to women
— Since when is “sweet cheeks” a derogatory statement? People act like he went around smacking girls on their asses.
3. He has no social game.
— Of course he doesn’t, he was everyone’s target from day one. How can you have a social game if people are attacking you and wanted you gone from the beginning. No one wanted much to do with him with the except of Boogie.

I would probably be able to respect the opinions of others if they didn’t play favorites and gave credit where credit was due.

The hate people have for him is sickening especially when he was the only one this season busting his ass to keep himself off of the block.

On the block every week except for the times when he won HoH. Damn, Frank really has the people maaaad.


You are a fan of someone else who is against Frank. It is just natural to find one of those excuses to hate Frank. When in reality, you just like somebody more.



I’m actually a fan of Frank.

I was just stating the reasons that people have given me as to why they hate him.

I don’t understand why they hate him so much, which is why I was asking people to give me a REAL reason because in my eyes, Frank has done nothing wrong.


I was just giving reasons of why someone would hate Frank.


Oh. Ooops.

But I agree. The thing is, I may absolutely dislike the person, but I’ll give them credit (once the anger subsides lol).

I guess everyone’s different.

The hypocrisy here is just amazing though.


I have to agree with you I have been a fan since of Sweet Red since day one. However Frank’s demise is his own undoing. He could have pulled the trigger twice with Dan. Mike talked him out of it. Okay his bad won’t happen again WRONG. Had the chance last week and Sweet Red drank the Detroit Tea basked in the mist….And Sweet Red is paying the price. So to say he is the best I can’t honestly love the show and say that. But he is a beast at comps. If there is an allstars I hope he comes back and perfects his craft.


I don’t really HATE Frank, but I do dislike him and I really need only one reason

1) He is a bully.

When he is not getting his way he corners people, threatens them and yells at them. Why do you think that they want to lie to him about the votes? They all know the only times he was pleasent while on the block was when he KNEW that he was safe. See week 1 and when he was up against Janelle.

Dan's part time bible

Who has Frank cornered? I have heard this a lot but I haven’t seen it.
Just because it is repeated over and over again, doesn’t make it true.

Are you, perhaps, talking about the heated argument with Ian? You know, the one where Ian confronted him and started yelling at him? The one that ended with Frank laughing about how ridiculous it was that he was having an argument in a carrot suit and Ian flipping Frank the finger and calling him (I believe) an a**hole?
Or perhaps you are talking about the Froot Loops argument with Willie, where Willie confronted Frank and it looked like he was going to hit Frank but Frank remained in his chair and didn’t even get up?

Seriously…I am curious. If you can provide a date and time so I can go watch it on flashback, I would appreciate it.


I don’t hate Frank but I do hate how he aligned himself with Boogie and essentially became Boogies B*tch. His game became ALL about Boogie and what he wanted or after he was evicted, what he would have wanted…I don’t like Franks gameplay.


What you QP fans fail to realize and admit is that EVERY star player ( Shane/Danielle/Frank ) aligned with their coach. Why? Because it’s the only person that they have talked to and actually trusted.

If you want to go based on that then:

Shane became Britney’s bitch too. Doing whatever she told him to do. He said it himself, Britney was his social game. Shane’s missing a few screws and Britney was just the person to notice and take hold of that.

& If it was all about what Boogie wanted, Frank wouldn’t have aligned with Dan, WTF. LMAO.

Try again.


You’re late, We’ve already said WEEKS ago that Frank was Booogie’s BItch Shane was Britney’s Bitch, Dani was Dan’s Bitch, and Joe was Janelle’s Bitch

Catch up LOL

and FYI Frank knew not to trust Dan, but he fell for the BS , why can’t you Frank Fans except that??


So then why do you guys attack Frank as if he was the only one to do so?

Hypocrisy at it’s finest.


Frank needed someone to work with so he accepted. He was alone since Mike left and has been working his ass off since so.
It’s not like he had the option to work with anybody and chose Dan, now THAT would be dumb.

Give credit where it’s due and move right along.

The house always flips

The difference is Frank is STILL aligned with Boogie. It’s an obsession!! He still talks about how people did Mike wrong, he wears Boogie’s coaching clothes, he wears Brady’s shirt…WTF??? Time to move on, don’t you think?
Now YOU try again :)


Lmao and Ian is still aligned with Britney, trying to avenge her eviction, making a point of it in EVERY SINGLE DR SESSION.
So much so that the idiot puts Jenn on the block, one of the people that EVERYONE left can win against.

Hmmm.. Looks like it’s your turn…

Dan's part time bible

Name one other person Frank could trust in the house….just one.
He had a final 2 with Dan (sworn on Dan’s “part time” bible of convenience)…Dan screwed him
He had an alliance that included Ian…Ian screwed him
He had a final 3 with Joe…Joe screwed him
He had a final 2 with Shane…Shane screwed him
He had a final 2 with Jenn…Jenn is about to screw him
He had a final 4 with Danielle, Jenn, Shane…they all screwed him

EVERYONE in the house has lied to Frank and if I’m not mistaken everyone has promised him a final 2 or 3.

This season is so boring with all the lying. I find no “common ground” with these people (except Frank) that makes it interesting.


Most of all I don’t like Frank because he thinks he is the only one who deserves to win and this is only his dream. So, I like the fact that Dan is shiting on his dream.


I think that if you were fighting the entire game, with everyone attempting to get you out with after week, with NO week being safe unless you were HoH, you would feel like you should win over everyone else too.

If you say no, then that’s a blatant lie.

If you are busting your ass to stay in the house while players like Joe and Danielle are busy spanking & trying to make babies and shit, you would feel entitled too.

It was the house against him since day one (and for no reason other than bc Janelle told them to do so). I don’t expect ANYONE to be nice when their back is constantly up against the wall.

Cant Get Rid of Frank and Dan

Like you said people just play favorites in this game and everyone jumps on the ‘I hate Frank ban wagon’ without all the facts and a with a lot hypocracy. Its going to be soooo boring if he leaves. Im still hoping he can wiggle himself out, especially with Joe’s big mouth making that mistake.

Also some people are saying that Frank is gullible, but I dont thats its true. Since Boogie left, he has not have anyone his side at all so when someone comes to him with a deal it is in his best interest to take that deal. Its just that people either break their word or float back to whoever is in power the following week. Even Dan floated in the past two weeks.


I agree.
They just need a reason to dislike him.
He’s the only one keeping this show entertaining. No one wants to see the damn QP go head to head.

Shane was an amazing competitor for the first half of the season then he became the new ‘ ? ‘ – Shane is just awkward. I can’t see him arguing with anybody. He needs someone to guide him in the game. He’s going to be like a lost puppy.
Danielle is only focused on Shane. – Plus Danielle will only turn on someone if she hears they called her fat.
Ian is a rat but the numbers are dwindling so who is left to rat on? – Ian’s non confrontational and when he is, he can barely formulate a coherent sentence.
Dan is ruthless but non confrontational as well.

& Frank’s not gullible, he’s simply alone in the game.

If you have no one on your side & someone comes to you with a deal, any deal, chances are, you’re going to take it just to have someone be with you instead of against you.
I mean, why else would the guy align with Jenn? She’s no competitor or strategist, she was just someone that came to him and he jumped on it because he needed somebody.
You cant win this game alone and that’s the truth.

& Exactly. Dan’s only move in this game was his funeral. But because he’s the “almighty” Dan, people fail to admit that.


He is a bully is you disagree with him. He is an awesome comps player and if he was a little more friendly to others and not so arrogant he would be liked. Sweet checks is a sexist comment to women and demeaning. You are right Brittney was a mean girl, but not real loud about it. Frank could have had both social and physical if he would have stayed away from Booger. He is just too full of himself and it is a turn off and that is why men and women both do not like him.


I’m a woman and I don’t take offense to it at all. It’s not demeaning in anyway, at least not to me.

The thing is Britney would gather with another person or two or three and just talk about a person constantly but when Frank does it, or when he openly lets someone know how he feels, he’s this awful person.

Frank had no chance to have a social game. Janelle started the Anti B/F and everyone; I mean EVERYONE in the house jumped aboard.
& Why would Frank leave the only person he trusts for 4 other people that were going to evict him a week prior? or the week before that? or the week before that?

It was like, because they didn’t trust Boogie, they didn’t trust Frank. Understandable, but even with Boogie out, they still schemed against Frank when the guy had taken NO action against them.

They weren’t doing what was best for them, instead, they were being sheep led by their ex-coaches, who were telling them what to do for their own game.

Shane, Frank & Danielle would’ve been unstoppable ( S-physical ; F-mental ; D-endurance) however, EVERYONE, not only Frank acted as if they were surgically attached to their coaches (because they all trusted them to some extent).

& when one’s back is constantly up against the wall, chances are you’re not going to be a nice person. Being realistic here.


Even though it is shallow, I dislike Frank because of his AWEFUL hair and I am tired of watching his blinking problem.


Something to the effect of calling Jenn brown water something. Seemed a tad bigoted.


See, that’s just plain ugly! Rag on how people are playing, sure. Not this. Not as offensive as other labels, but just as mean.


That comment was rude as hell, I agree.

At the same time, when we get extremely upset at people, the FIRST thing we go for is their race, whether you admit it or not, that’s the truth.
Its wrong and no excuses will be made but to say you have not done it or that no one does it is dumb.

I see and hear it everyday, doesn’t make it right but it happens all the time.

And at the same time, Jeff made rude comments about gay people and everyone still loves him……….. JS

I just want everything that happens to be handled equally no matter the player. Is that too much to ask? Lol


I don’t because I try harder to focus on their attitude and personality. However, no one is immune to being called a MF by me. (being a shorter girl, I never do it to anyone’s face, just in traffic!)


Ok,ok we get it,you think Frank is the greatest thing since Air and no matter what answers we give you ,as to why we dislike Frank,your still gonna post another 10 reasons of jibberish. I will sum this up in one word why we dislike him….he’s a DOUCHBAG!!!!!!!!!!


Allison Grodner needs to change the way the vote is taken. HOH can play every week. Either let the house guest nominate two people, let the house guest vote who goes home, plus let America vote and add it to the house guest vote. Or let America vote and the two with the least amount of votes goes home. But let it be a free internet vote, and say the number of votes cast for each player during the eviction. It would be a surprise for the house guest. Now we have people who are unlikeable cruizing to the end. The way it is now it is so predictable. Ian has the opportunity to get rid of Dan, but he is trying to avenge Brit being voted out. He could not win against Brit.
Allison also needs to mix up the comps. House guest know exactly what is going to be played and when. It has become predictable.
Time to make some changes. Sad to see Frank go. If America got to vote, I think Joe and Dani would be in trouble. Guess I will cheer for Dan…..only real player in the game. Goodbye Showtime……..


Season 1 had it where the house guests nominated 2 people for banishment (now eviction) and veiwers would vote between the 2 that they wanted banished. It was so poorly recieved by US audiences (that is the way they do it in Europe) that everything was changed for Big Brother 2 and Big Brother 1 was not allowed to be mentioned again until Chicken George came to play All Stars in season 7.

In other words: Been there. Done that. Won’t do it again.


i like “banishment” instead of “eviction”


But you had to pay for each call. Try the Internet for free.


I hope Ian will go to the doctor and find out what is wrong with him. Medicine has come a long way, it might help with his rocking. He thinks he has A.D.D Dani has ADD but she does not do the things Ian does. I hope he gets help, his life would be easier.


Ian says he only has ADD but I think he also has Aspergers. My son has Aspergers and he paces all the time, does not understand social cues, and needs to move if he has to sit in a seat.


But if you let the audience have too big of a voice, such as a voice vote every week, then the game drastically changes.

1) Once the audience favorites are identified, then the game is instantly unbalanced in their favor

2) As soon as the audience favorites are identified, the house either gets in line to kiss ass or they target that person for no other reason than their popularity and resulting undue influence.

3) Every houseguest will come into the house trying to win the audience’s approval. Which means everybody is at their best, most fake behavior. Then the natural villains and the people that we root against, who are just as important as those we root for, will try to hide and play differently.

The game is just fine as it is. America can have a player for a week or award a special power, but that’s a one off influence, and not a complete game changer.

Dan's part time bible

LOL…trust their production with evictions by free Internet votes?
You are just asking for the thing to be rigged 100% instead of just a little nudge here and there like comps geared for the strengths of the competitors they want to keep..
If they did that and had the votes certified by an accounting firm like other shows (American Idol, X-Factor…etc) do, then I would be on board. Otherwise…I wouldn’t even watch the first episode.


OH. And for those saying that Dan didn’t swear on the Bible, his ring, etc, you all must have missed Sunday’s show.

Dan clearly stated that he did.

Even if he technically didn’t, he still THOUGHT he did & went back on it regardless.

Some guy we have here.

I’m not religious at all but for someone that claims to be extremely like Dan, it’s just awkward to see. And the guy brushed it off with ease.

Anywho, if, or should I say, when Frank leaves this week, I’ll be rooting for Dan regardless.

He’s ruthless but he’s the only hope I have for this season.

I cannot stomach Ian, Shane, Danielle, Joe or even Jenn winning this game.

Once Frank goes it’s going to be extremely boring, especially since the damn QP is all re-united.

I’ll be Team Dan, but at the same time, I just hate to see a Quack Packer (ugh) win this game since that’s all Ian cares about anyway. The damn boy doesn’t even care about wining himself, he’s in it for the experience and if he wins, well that’s just a bonus.

Such a dummie.

If Ian makes it to Final 2, he will win this game. His social game is impeccable. Not because people like him, but because every one views him as this young harmless kid.


Preesh the honesty about who you will be rooting for. If Frank were to pull off a miricle and get people to keep him this week, then he deserves to win.

Power of Veto Corleone

I think Frank knows he’s doomed this week. He has it figured that two players will be voted out Thursday and his odds are bad. He kinda reminds me of James in BB 9. Remember him?
The entire house wanted him out every week but he kept winning POV. It caught up to him though just like it probably will with Frank this week.
I think Frank and Joe go out Thursday and the final 3 could be Dan, Danielle and Jen.
Dan knows those are the only 2 players he can beat to win the 500 K.
I have a hunch those two are on everyone’s wish list and feel they can beat either of them. Maybe throwJoe in the mix too.
If that’s true, it says a lot about making it far in this game by being a complete dumb ass and not threaten anyone in the slightest way.
All that’s needed is to kiss the HOH’s ass every week. Joe even said that in the DR.
“Time to go kiss the new HOH’s ass.”
I do hope my scenerio is dead wrong. All it will do is encourage future HG’s to being dull and boring as these three jabronis.


Is Ian the only one that hasn’t been put up on the block? Has there ever been a person that won BB without being put up on the block?

VA Vet

I don’t like Frank because of his arrogant, obnoxious, narcissistic and egotistical attitude.

You want my favorites?

Would love to see Joe and Jenn in the final two or Dan and Joe in the final two with Joe winning 7-0. Either one is fine with me because it would really PO the rest of those idiots. Even Ian with either Joe or Jenn would be better than any of the others making final two.

Poetic justice would be Joe winning!



LMAO these same traits can be seen in players like Evel Dick as well, but everyone seems to love him.
Difference between Dick and Frank is that Frank has a reason to feel that way. Targeted since day one and these people STILL haven’t let up. You would have a nasty attitude as well and to say you wouldn’t is a lie. The rest of the people have been for the most part, nice in your eyes, because they’ve been able to skate whereas Frank has actually had to work this entire time.

The fact that people disregard Frank’s efforts while praising some of the other players is just weird and shows that you all are just riders upon Janelle’s ship.

& LMAO at the Joe thing. I have nothing against Joe other than his constant late night activities. I think he’s an amazing floater and will somehow make his way to final 2 since he himself said he was playing for second place. However, the guy does not actually deserve to win or get second place, nor will he get any votes if he makes it that far.

VA Vet

Nice in my eyes??????

Go read my reply to post 21.

I didn’t like Dick either. The one I liked and if I were on BB, I would do just what he (Dr. Will) did. I’d get in their faces and dare them to try and evict me, just like Dr. Will. Granted, I would be out the door sooner than later because I’m no Dr. Will, but I’d have a ball all the while I was in the house.

The house always flips

Yeh Yeh Yeh. People are shitting on Frank’s dream. Yadda yadda yadda, he’s the only one who came here to win, he’s the best player in BB history. Blame Janelle, blame QP, blame anyone who doesn’t do what Frank wants to further his game. That is what BB14 is about, didn’t you know? You’re not supposed to further your own game, you’re supposed to further HIS game. And if you don’t, you will feel the wrath of the entitled one. Why do you think there’s a drinking game on this blog for every time he says it’s his dream, they’re shitting on his dream…dream dream dream. It’s a joke, HE’S a joke. GET REAL!!


You really need to watch season 10 (agian if you have). Dan was on the block week 2 and was close to being evicted because he was a close ally with Brian (Kind of how Shane/JoJo were targeted because of Willie), he stayed cool, made deals and was never nominated in the season again. That is how you can be enemy #1 and win the game. Dan was targeted very early, just like Frank and was very much hated in his house too. This is from Wikipedia’s entry on Big Brother 10 (U.S.):

“The fight ended with Roman Catholic April commenting that Dan is a “disgrace to her religion”; Michelle and Jerry agreed and suggested that he would “burn in hell” for evicting Jessie, which Memphis and Libra thought was too excessive. Dan hid from the conflict the entire time in another room. (Sounds familiar, huh.)”

You can be the target from the beginning of the game and not be nasty. Frank chose to isolate himself with Boogie. Boogie did him a disservice not coaching him to go out and make nice-nice. Boogie didn’t want to work this year and coached lazily. Frank is responsible for his own situation and bad social play (with a little blame going to Boogie).

VA Vet

Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but if Joe gets put up as a replacement, won’t that equal the number of times Frank has been on the block?

And Joe hasn’t even come close to winning squat but he’s still there. Say what you want, but Joe has floating down to a “misting” science. Eh?


NO WAY PH Joe wins 7-0…no freakin way! Dan needs to bottle that Mist and sell it. Ian & Dan would be an exciting final 2 for me…I don’t know who the jury would vote for!


I don’t understand why Dan wants to use the veto ESP on jenn. Frank should know by now if he was truly working with Dan he would use it on hi
Not her. What is Ian thinking letting Dan have his cake and eat it too Ian needs to tell Dan NO u can’t use it, Ian should see it is one of dans tricks to stay in good with both sides. These people really are misted by Dan

VA Vet

Dan isn’t “misting” anyone. He’s dealing with a bunch of blooming idiots that can’t think beyond the end of their noses.

I have to give a little credit to Joe because he questioned Dan about what Danielle did to Dan, but Joe didn’t follow through when Dan responded that Danielle knew what she did.

That whole funeral scene was full of holes.

First, why did Dan supposedly out Danielle in front of everyone instead of doing it in private. Especially knowing that Danielle is so sensitive. And using the words “you are dead to me”.

Dan is an educated man and there were plenty of ways to tell Danielle that she was was on his hit list without using such harsh language—-again knowing how fragile Danielle is.

And finally, Dan spends an hour in the HOH room with Frank and Jenn just to tell frank that he would still have Dan’s vote in the finals.

How many clues do these idiots need.


Problem with that is Ian doesn’t get to decide weather the veto is used or not.It is Dan’s choice and Dan’s choice only.Ian can not play in the hoh thursday so no one cares what the little weasel says

Team Ian Big Dog

It is really interesting to watch Ian and Dan play this game. Ian was all but dead, but he played his HOH in a way that showed Dan that it would be a benefit to go with the Qpack rather than Frank. Dan was able to see that other alliances were being formed that did not include him. However, his goal was still to take Dani to the final. So he is trying to set Ian up for a fall. Ian realizes these things and making countering moves while setting up Shane for a fall. I think the next out of the house will be Frank, Joe and Jenn. Just like Ian wants. By that time, I think he hopes that Dan sees him as the most trustworthy to take to the final three. And taking his chances that after all is said and done that Dan takes him to the final 2.

Team Ian Big Dog

I also think that at this time, Dan is on the fence of whether or not to take Jenn to the final 2 in case he needs to cut out Dani. That would be a sure victory for him.


” Frank says that these people are stupid if they vote to keep me when I am up on the block. ”

HILARIOUS , this is what Dan thought last week, and those 2 idiots saved him (I call them idiots, because only an idiot would save the one person they were playing against and constantly bitched about for weeks).

People can whining all day about me being a hater, but LOOK, I have yet to Say I HATE anybody, you just have major issues about anyone opinionated against your Favs, as it is with EVERY SEASON sadly with people taking this game too seriously…. last seasons, a few JJ fans were acting ridiculous when Shelly made the right move of turning on them, playing her own game.

In the 4 seasons I’ve watched, I never have Favs, I comment on people who make good and bad moves in the “social aspect” of the game. you got a problem with that?

Only people playing Favs are the people claiming we HATE someone because we’re not on their team.


Oh and the obvious of people not playing Favs, are people who start Jokingly saying Players like Joe and Adam who had 0 chance to win, but was more fun to talk about, I did that too

production rigged it

i totally agree with you, also some people are just so obsessed with somebody on the show they act like it’s real life or something, most people would never act the way they do or do the things that they in the house in their real life, it’s just a game sadly some people can’t see that, i admit i have had favorites since i started watching which wasn’t until season 12 and i was upset when my favorite left but it’s only a game and some people go way overboard in their support of somebody just like last year with JJ and now this year with frank it’s sad really it’s like this show consumes their life 24/7.

Cajun Lady

I don’t think they should have ever allowed the coaches to enter the game to begin with. The coaches got a free ride in the beginning and didn’t have to worry about being voted out for weeks. I haven’t watched every BB season, but so far this is my least favorite. Too many alliances to keep up with, and the cast seems especially ruthless this year. Ugh!


I agree they should have remained coaches,and it’s funny how everyone hated on Boogie yet he was the only one with enough integrity to let a knew player go after the money,and think of Jodi evicted day 1 if they were put people into the game she should of been one of the people to have a shot at returning.Instead she is away from her family for 4 weeks sequestered just to go home with nothing

Power of Veto Corleone

Anyone notice the new hammock? It’s a nice one too. Wooden as apposed to the cheap medal frame they had before.
Ian must be loving life about now and might say…….This new hammock really ROCKS!


No squeaky sound on the mic is a +

I think that’s why they went out and bought a good hammock


Joey Spank it, FTW YO


im glad joe is on the block and that dan took jenn off even if frank is going home. maybe joe will get called out for playing all sides


Oh my gosh. Danielle annoys me so much now. Like it is so annoying when she says that Frank corners her! Like Frank did not grab your arm, pull you in a corner, and force you to listen or talk to him. If she doesn’t want to talk to them be fucking straight. I hate BB players who cower and don’t be upfront. Like if you dislike Frank sooooo much then why don’t you say stay the hell away from me, and be done! Why put up a front?

Power of Veto Corleone

BB14 ratings for last week were dismal. They earned a 1.7 share among adult viewers aged 17-49. That was down 35% from last week’s 2.6, so thanks a lot
To the most boring bunch of houseguests ever. One good thing is that they don’t walk around saying how great their ratings must be as in previous seasons.
At least not when I’m watching the show on BBAD. These players might be dimwits but are not dillusional. My guess is they probably know they suck.
Houseguests……please turn in your microphones in the storage room and get the f&$@ out of this house!


EXACTLY, this whole season was bad from the coaches to the weak players


People want to say Dan received a free ride the first 4 weeks but I do not agree. Dan was down to one person very early in the game and was therefore in jeopardy of being sent home. Fortunately for him no one wanted to get rid of Danielle so Dan stayed safe. Ultimately it does not matter whether or not the coaches were free from eviction in the beginning because once the reset – all were on equal basis. You can even argue that the newbies had it better because they had more numbers and could have removed the coaches – unfortunately, they did not. Dan’s greatest action will be to get Danielle to the end. He only had one player in house by the second or third week – if he gets that one player to the end after previously winning BB he surely deserves to it again.

Power of Veto Corleone

I disagree. Dan did have a free ride for 4 weeks because he couldn’t get voted out and once he was down to 1 player they figured there would be plenty of time to get rid of her so he coasted. Besides, it was Danielle and she had Shane protecting her also. As for his players getting picked off, he was the one that picked the losers in the first place. Perhaps they would have done better if they had a better coach.
He’s stayed in the background and coasted the whole game until his back was up against the wall, then he tried to win the POV when Frank opened Pandora’s Box. That’s when Dan’s true colors showed for the rest of the house to see. His only play in the game was the phony baloney funeral and nobody but these morons would ever fall for his crap. He’s lucky to be playing against the weakest cast I can remember in years, if ever.
He played Frank like a violin in a desperate move at a time when Frank was looking for anyone to play with to the end and was ripe for the picking.
Frank made the biggest play to keep Dan in the house by convincing Jen to take Dan off the block. Are you kidding me? That was hard to believe and showed that none of these people will ever be spotted at a Mensa meeting and Dan wins by default.
I can care less who wins. As long as It’s not Father Dick.