Dan says he messed up and asked Frank who he thought Joe would put up if he wins HOH.

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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12:15am Out in the backyard Joe and Ian are by the hammock talking. Joe is complaining to Ian about how Frank is trying to steal his thing by cooking for the others. Joe says that he isn’t happy about it! They talk about wanting to evict him. Ian says that he wishes he could get the blood on his hands sending Frank home. Joe brings up how many people have tried to evict Frank unsuccessfully. Joe says that when he walks out of the house Thursday I’ll s**t myself! Ian and Joe notice Frank cleaning up inside the and say that he is trying to do everything he can to stay. They laugh about sending Frank to the jury house. Ian says that this is for Britney! Joe says that Britney will be just as happy to see Frank walk into Jury as they are to see him walking out of the house.

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Joe says that the game saved you Frank, I don’t think it can save you again! Ian says that it’s over! Joe says that he thinks Frank thinks he can get Danielle’s vote. Joe says that he doesn’t get it! Ian tells Joe that he should lay low and he’ll be fine this week. Ian says that Frank could possibly get Dan’s vote but not Danielle and Shane’s. Ian says that he hopes the vote will be a tie so that he can send Frank out of the house. They talk about how Dan says he will stab you in the back and kiss you in the front. Ian tells Joe that Boogie asked him about who to pick. Ian says that he picked Joe, but that Frank said to pick Jenn. Ian says that if they had picked Joe, they would have won the first HOH. Shane joins them and tells them that he is voting Frank out but that he will tell him what he needs to hear before the vote.


12:45am Dan, Jenn and Frank are in the kitchen sitting at the kitchen table. Frank tells Dan that Joe said he is going to start his campaign to stay tomorrow. Frank says that Joe thinks the vote is going to be close, but Frank says we just can’t let it get close. Meanwhile, Danielle and Shane are in the backyard with Ian and Joe. Danielle whispers to Ian and asked him if the quack pack is still their real alliance. Ian says yes and tells her to get her head in the game. Danielle says that she is but that she drank a bottle of wine. Danielle says that she trusts Ian and asks him if he trusts her. Ian says that he trusts her and says he just wants it to be the four quack packers. Ian says that when the last nonquack packer leaves they should all start quacking! Danielle heads inside and goes to the kicks bedroom. Danielle and Dan are talking. Dan tells her that he messed up in front of Frank. Dan says that he made a comment to Frank asking him who he thought Joe would put up if he wins HOH. Dan says that Frank was like what the f**k! Dan tells Danielle that he wants to win this HOH and not the next one. He tells Danielle how winning HOHs at the end need to be thought out so you can still play in the final HOH’s. Dan says that Shane should win the next HOH. Dan tells Danielle that he thinks Shane likes her in the house but tells her Shane is a d**k to her. Danielle tells Dan that Joe thinks Dan is going to try and pull a fast one on Thursday and try to keep Frank. Dan says it is too risky to try and keep Frank, he wouldn’t do that.


1:15am Shane, Dan, Danielle and Ian are in the kick’s bedroom. They talk about having the vote 2-2 so that Ian can make the final cut on Frank. Ian decides that they should just all vote Frank out. They talk about how they will talk again tomorrow but as of now they are all voting Frank out. Ian and Shane leave. Dan says that he is glad that Shane doesn’t know how the game works when it gets down to the end. Dan ask Danielle to reassure him that she is with him to the end. Danielle reassures Dan that she would never do that to him. Danielle asks him if he would do that to her, after his funeral stunt. Dan says he won’t. Shane comes back into the room. Danielle complains about how Shane wants separate blankets to sleep with her. Danielle tells him that he makes her feel like she’s nasty because he won’t sleep with her under the same blanket. Shane tells Dan that Joe said Dan would be coming after him. Dan calls him a f***ing liar! Shane says that is why Joe needs to go next. Shane and Dan talk about how Joe is a floater and has no allegiance to anyone. Dan tells Shane that he, Danielle and Shane are final three. Shane agrees and tells Dan that he shouldn’t just assume that he would choose Danielle over Dan. Dan says that Frank has to win every week because he doesn’t have anyone. Shane says that we have a strong alliance and says that Ian has proved himself. Shane says that Ian still hasn’t been on the block. Dan says the best thing that happened with Ian was that Britney left.
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1:45am Frank and Joe are talking in the backyard. Joe says that this is a big week for them there isn’t a reset to save them. Frank says that he wishes he had a coup d’état. Frank tells Joe he has one vote for sure. Joe says he doesn’t have any votes yet and says that no one wants to commit. Joe says that tomorrow he will try and work on at least one commitment. Joe says maybe he can get Dan because he doesn’t like you enough. Frank laughs. Joe says Dan will have to pick between the lesser of two evils this week. Joe laughs. Joe asks do we have a shot at a half a million dollars? Frank says I guess. Joe says he will probably be sitting with Britney by the end of the week. Frank says he hope so, lay down Joe, do me a solid! Joe laughs. Frank says f***ing four votes to campaign for. Joe says ain’t that the s**t! Frank says that he thinks he has Jenn’s vote. Joe says he thinks he has Jenn. They both laugh. Frank farts a then says as long as I don’t do that in bed I has Jenn’s vote! They both laugh. They head inside to go to bed.

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2am Frank and Jenn are whispering in the stereo room. Frank tells Jenn what Joe told him about how he didn’t have any votes secured yet. Frank says that Joe said he was going to work on getting Dan’s vote tomorrow. Jenn tells Frank that she thinks they are good on Frank staying. Frank mentions how Dan slipped up Dan and asked who Joe would put up if he won HOH. Frank says that he caught it and wonders about it. Frank says that he thinks if Dan won HOH he would put up Ian and Shane. He says that the best scenario would be though if Shane won HOH because he thinks Shane would put up Dan and Ian. Frank says that he wants to trust Dan. Jenn says she wants to trust him too. They go to sleep.


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3am – 4am Shane and Joe can’t sleep and both head out into the backyard. Joe tells Shane that Frank told him that he has Shane and Jenn’s votes. Joe says that Frank asked him to lay down. Shane says Frank is going to be so surprised on Thursday when he goes. They talk about how its better to let Frank think he is safe. Shane says that this week might be a Fast Forward week. He says that it’s got to be, can you imagine if Frank goes home Thursday and Dan goes home Sunday?! They talk about how many times Frank has escaped eviction. Shane tells Joe he needs to start winning competitions. Joe says that with Frank gone, it’s just you and me versus the rest, no one can touch us. Shane says that if Frank gets saved one more time… Joe says that he quits. Shane says he quits too. Shane tells Joe he should sulk around the house tomorrow and pretend he is going home. Shane and Joe start studying the events of the house. Joe is impressed the Shane remembers it all. Shane and Joe head to bed.


6:35am All the house guests are still sleeping..
8am Still sleeping..
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114 thoughts on “Dan says he messed up and asked Frank who he thought Joe would put up if he wins HOH.

  1. it looks like by the picture above that dani was able to weasel her way into bed with shane with only one cover. Poor Shane :(

  2. I just can’t believe that Daniellle claims one of her chief goals this season was to not be portrayed as a villain. It’s almost as though she doesn’t understand that classic female villainy is using one’s looks and charm to cultivate deeper attatchment while forming no attatchment yourself and then fatally betraying the hapless male ally who has been supporting your position wholeheartedly and with affection. Shane fits this role to a T, and Sweetheart, if you’re not the villain of the piece (regardless of how CBS cuts it) their is no such thing.

    1. I love this place too.

      I’ll have to get on at home and donate…I clicked on the link but nothing…I do not see where to donate. I have a feeling my firewall is the culprit.

  3. Please let Frank figure it out that Dan wants him gone.. this is ridiculous… Frank supossedly was really smart in college..why is he dumb here.. fixed show in my opinion…

      1. Frank run out of the mist, run Frank run. Dan might want to run out of the mist as he is next according o Powerhouse and Shane.

    1. I wonder how Frank really can’t see that he’s going home. He really bekieves they are evicting a non threat over him, the biggest threat in the game?
      And Dan’s slip up should tell him right there that it’s been decided he’s going home.
      I like Frank, but he’s too trusting and too clueless.

      1. Frank’s ego blinds him so much–he thinks he is the best ever and that everyone wants him around because he is Frank the Great. Fool can’t even see this is the exact same group of people that lied to his face the whole week the first time around when he got saved by the reset. His has zero logic and reasoning skills in this game. I mean the guy’s game is really a joke–he has been duped the whole season and never learns.

        1. @ShadyIan.I think you nailed it.In my opinion the reason Frank thinks he’s safe has to do with a combination of Dan’s mist and Frank being extremly cocky.Frank told Jenn he can’t believe that the people in the game are so dumb that they will vote out someone(Joe) who hasn’t won any competitions and keep the guy who’s won almost all the competitions(Frank).I can’t wait for Julie to say,Frank by a vote to 4 to 0 you have been evicted.I hope Frank doesn’t pack his bags(seeing that he’s so cocky he probably won’t pack).I also want Ian to be evicted during double eviction.Which is most likely to happen.Unless Joe wins HOH.

          1. frank is deluding himself because he can’t admit to himself that people don’t like him…that he isn’t a likable person…it goes completely against his made up, false self concept…he is too psychologically weak to let himself see the truth.

        2. I dont know how you can surmise that Frank believes people want him there…he has been on the block every time he has nlt been HOH.
          Franks problem is that he trusts people because he is an honest individual and he expects others to behave how he does (projection).

          Unfortunately his good personal qualities outside of the house are killing his game in the house ful of snakes and liars.

          It wont happen but it would be tv gold if somehow Frank stayed 4-0.
          I would love to see Ian melt down.

      2. Shane is not a quick thinker–if he won the double eviction HOH the QP group would get together fast and agree on Jenn/Joe.

        Ian, however, could be planning a HUGE move if Shane won HOH. Ian could win POV, take down Joe and force Shane to put up Dan. Dan goes up vs Jenn and goes home 2-1 from Joe/Ian votes.

        Not likely to happen unless Ian really realizes that Dan owns the whole house and Ian has been using his own mist on Dan in their convos. Would love to see it though!

      3. Frank is very delusional and so are his fans , it’s Rachel all over again, but Rachel was smarter in her 2nd season, plus she had production making comps that she could ace and saving her when she was sure to be evicted…. I’ll bet Frank will be smarter if he returns, no bs ego, no boogie clouding his judgment , and most of all better social game…

        I just hope we don’t have to see another fucking vet until allstars, shit is getting old and boring. WE GET IT newbs don’t have a chance against them. I got a feeling if they don’t change the boring bs they we can all predict, Big brother might be no more. Every season ratings get worst.

        1. Frank has a big ego, so does Ian because their parents were always had praise for them. I have 3 children. The last boy is extremely confident, but he is extremely smart. Lots of praise. Frank believes that he is in an alliance with Dan, guess you can say he as been misted. Frank does not lie, and he believes Dan.

  4. Yea Danielle is not much of a looker so she has to hae Daddy Dan force a showmwance to happen real good there.. oh and when Danielle goes home shes gonna get sooo much shit from people calling her a stalker.. she is gonna need help..

    1. she will need help…she and others are not being honest about playing this game…Dan has told her what to do every step of the way..that’s why she can’t win.

  5. I don’t think they’re actually that misted anymore – Frank obviously is as are Jenn and Danielle. Shane seems to have started to figure it out and Ian and Joe have definitely figured out that Dan’s snaky even if they haven’t figured it out completely. Ian’s totally my favorite left in the game lol

  6. I think everyone comes in with an attitude of how they are going to play or act, but in this game you have to be willing to change and change week to week and even day to day.

  7. Ah! Shane, I know you are using Dani to advance your game; however, this girl has gone way pass stalker mode. We are talking lunatic mode now. On one hand she talks about how Jojo said Dani had to be more adventurous in bed ( I don’t believe Jojo said that, but lets play along with Dani). Dani was repulsed by JoJo comments and Dani states how men in south Alabama like their women modest. Wow! Really! Dani what is your definition of modest? You pressure a guy to sleep with you …. then you get upset that he wants separate blankets (he needs his own blanket so he has a fighting chance to ward off your advances during the night). You then get upset because he hasn’t given himself to you yet …..wow! Then she is so easily mind controlled by Dan, granted you are also under Dan’s control; however I thought between the two of you, Dani would be smarter …she being a teacher….I mean nurse…..I mean doctor…..I mean practically a doctor……I mean a nurse practitioner …….I mean I have taken all the online classes and had one week to go….but I couldn’t pass up big brother. Dani if you can call yourself a nurse practitioner, I can call myself an astronaut; because I have watched every episode of the “Big Bang Theory” and that qualifies me just as much as you taking online classes. There is nothing wrong with online classes ….. its just that you are full of it Dani. What advance medical class that qualifies you as a nurse practitioner were you taking…the answer is none! Unless you are buying your diploma from Hatti, Aruba or the Dominican Republic. If that’s the case, you should be a nuclear scientist before you leave Big Brother. Frank step aside, we have a new contender for the biggest Pretender …..Its Dani, everyone thinks I look like Kim Kardasian, as the reigning champion.

    1. Astronaut… Big Bang! That shit’s funny… I watched America’s Next Top Model last night, so… well, you know! (watch for me on the cover of Vogue).

      Men in the South like “modest” women? WTF? I have lived in the South ALL MY LIFE! Does she not realize that Frank is from the South too as are many of the viewers??? The men I know down here have NEVER led me to believe anything of the kind… And as much “mirror time” as she indulges in she contradicts herself when she utters such F’N nonsense. I’ve also spent extended periods of time in the North… (Chicago & NYC) and guess what??? Those men are the exact damn same as the men down South. (they just talk funny… ha!)

      1. I too dated a man from South Alabama. Wonderful, sweet, kind and handsome. But he had “Roman hands and Russian fingers”.
        Dani is full of it.

    2. @Simon… I clicked on the donation link and put in the amount $50.00 but then it read CAD after the amount so I got scared and didn’t continue… I have no idea what the exchange rate is and am in no condition to be researching such sh*t at this time… Can’t we just go “old school” and use a PO BOX where I can send a check??? Using my card online scares me, but when you throw going international into the mix & foreign currency (not US $) it freaks me out. I am becoming my Grandma by the day… used to laugh at her for being “scared” of what I thought was crazy stuff…. anytime something required a stamp I got one from her because that’s how she rolled… guess the apple doesn’t fall “too far” from the tree…. #SucksToGetOld

      1. We’re based in Canada hence the donations get converted to that by Paypal.

        Thanks for considering to donate. We are not set up to receive donations other than Paypal .

        1. Hi Simon, I just donated $50 with my real name. I hope my card is safe. Internet payments worry me aot. I am very concerned. You are doing a great job.

          1. Thanks Team GB it is much appreciated. All our donations go through Paypal. They are about as trusted as you can get with online purchasing.

            I would not accept donations if I knew that Paypal was shady in any way.

            Thanks again

      2. Gigi<
        your so right….somehow technology seems to date us….

        and at the speed that technology changes,

        it seems like it makes us older and older.

        I guess at some point in time we all feel like we are becoming our parents.

    3. well put…that sums dani up… do you think Shane really bought her story about being a practitioner.? I think Shanes pretending to be Dumb …I think hes onto erybody…I dont think he likes Danielle hes annoyed by her..

    4. Omg i agree! Danielle drives me nuts! Her constant looking at herself in the mirror annoys me so much it ruins watching BBAD. It seems she is so attracted to her looks she can’t get enough of herself. It amazes me she’s not called out on it? I would think the other HG have to notice her Gazing at herself. Her snacking is out of control too. Ha she’s a GRAZER and a GAZER. She’s misted by her own looks! She’s got to go! I can’t take much more of her!

  8. I want to mute my feeds every time Danielle talks. The lies that are so ridiculous, that everyone just takes at face value told in that silly baby voice drive me insane. I’m not sure there has ever been someone I have ever disliked so much on BB as her! It will make me sick if she wins. These people in the house need to wake up. How can they not see Dan and Danielle are working together. Also if Frank really wanted to stay, and thought Dan might screw him over he could out the Dan/Danielle thing

    1. How soon you forget about about Kalia, Shelley, Natalie, and Jesse. There is always plenty of hate to go around. If I wasn’t so damn old,I’d remember a few more.

  9. Seriously though…if Frank goes home this week who would put Dan or Dani up??!! Joe??!! Ian and Shane would put up Joe and Jenn and Jenn would put up Ian and Joe. So unless Joe somehow falls into a HOH this week then Dan and Dani can almost walk into the final 4…

    1. No idea right now. I’m too misted

      Honestly though my gut tells me he will

      Under normal conditions Dan could just mist Shane during his Hoh reign but with double eviction he really can’t

      1. OH MY GOD I hope he will!!!
        I am TEAM NOOBS all the way. He’s the last coach standing and 6th for Dan would give me the pleasure !!!!

      2. @Simon.But Shane would still be under Dan’s mist during double eviction because Dan’s been misting him,Danielle,Frank&Jenn more than he’s been doing it to the other two(Ian&Joe).So,if Shane wins the HOH during double eviction he will do what Dan wants him to do.Remeber Danielle is misted and she tells Shane to do what’s best for Dan.It’s just Shane doesn’t realize what’s going on.Ian is trying to get out of Dan’s mist,but I think if Ian survives double eviction,Dan will start misting him again.

      3. The problem with double eviction for Shane is that if he wins and turns on Dan, who does he put up with him? Let’s say Frank explodes going out the door and everything happens real fast, but Shane was already worrying about Dan and Frank scares him even more. So after he wins HOH does he talk to Ian real fast? Danielle? Shane can’t think for himself with two days to work with, so what does he do in 2 minutes? For arguments sake let’s say he thinks Dan is the new Frank and is terrified of him, but Danielle is still his best friend, Ian is an ally, and Jenn is who he fears least. So he puts up Dan vs Joe. Well that’s likely a 2-1 vote for Dan to stay.

        Oddly enough I think Ian would need to win veto and say to Shane, “Listen up Corey Feldman, I know you spend all you time pumping your muscles, tanning, wearing pink shirts, and covering up your baldness and sexuality, but if Dan is your target, then you have to put one of his voters on the block next to him. If Joe and I are voting Dan goes, but any other way and Dan might survive.”

        It would be fun though to watch Shane fully expose his stupidity and target Dan, swing hard, and miss.

        1. Honestly I would think the same thing that happened to Frank would happen to Dan. When it came down to the votes it’s just too good an opportunity to get a great player out this close to the end. If Shane wins HoH I can see Joe, Ian and Jenn all voting him out.

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      We also Host a lot of full sized screen captures which are very expensive to serve out. If you ever wonder why other sites only show thumbnails or a handful of images a day it’s because every image costs Cash and it really adds up over time. (It adds up big time)

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  10. Ugh! Frank see the light man…your being messed with..your going to jury sadly..I want Frank to stay cause it will make good tv and see all of those rodents scramble like cockroaches! Boogie should of taught Frank how to get himself outta bad situations cause Boogie did all the talking for Frank.. Frank needs to tell Ian that Dan wants him gone next and they should start working together and tell him everything that happened before Britney left. Come on Frank think buddy!! I can’t the other people…Jenn is ok but I don’t if she is messing with Frank too..Frank has to have a power or something…if he really thinks that he safe….he must have to have a special power.

    1. Frank needs to tell Danielle that the “stalker” comment from ZIngbot was based on a real comment Dan made that Shane will have to get a restraining order.
      Frank needs to get in between that alliance and break them up. Divide and conquer. He should also talk about what Dan said to him in the HOH room right after his funeral and how that just wasn’t right that he used Danielle like that, and that he didn’t really care if Danielle went home (and she almost did) – he just wanted to save his own butt.

      He also may want to drop the hint that Joe said he is intentionally throwing competitions so he doesn’t have to get blood on his hands…like last week…say Joe told him he dropped so quickly because he thought there was a prize but he is gunning to win HOH next week. Say Joe’s plan was to vote with the house, cook for everyone, float to final 5 like Dan did and then start winning comps in the end when he needs to.

      Frank is too confident and is not really putting up a fight at all.

      Yo Frank…time to get some of your own mist on!!!!

  11. I can’t wait to not have to look at this ugly guy anymore! He’s so c**ky he wont pack his bag. This Thur will be the best show this season! I can’t wait to see his face when he’s told 4-0 Frank you have been evicted. Mabe Julie will say 4-0 Joe to stay. I love when she does that

      1. No he didn’t! I just think he will cause everyone is telling him he has there vote. I can’t belive he doesn’t know everyone wants him out including Jenn. I think BB makes you pack but, being that is a dobble eviction they might let him make an a*s out of himself. I did like him till he started yelling at everyone and thinks he so special he should win cause he loves the show so much. I love the show too, should i win 500,000 just cause i love the show!

  12. JOE needs to win that Fu***ng HOH in DE
    To make sure we can somehow send Dan home
    that’s the only guarantee we’ll have Dan up on the block
    OMG !!! Please Joe show us something!!!!

    #Team Shanielle

  13. @ Simon/Dawg – I’ve been coming here for years and didn’t know there was a donate option. It’s not much, but I hope it helps! Out of curiosity (and feel free to ignore this..), what do you two do for a living? You devote so much time to OBB, so it’s hard to picture much time for anything else.

    1. Thanks DMAc much appreciated..

      I work in IT. 3 months out of the year we schedule our lives around Big Brother. It’s fun but seem to be getting tougher and tougher as we get older.

    2. Thank you we appreciate the donation. A part from doing the site every summer, I recently graduated with a degree in business/finance. Once this season finishes up in the fall I will be looking for a job. I am not totally sure what I want to do yet though, just keeping my options open.

      1. Now Dawg – we know your dream is to be on BB or at least win a poll, but seems you’re dreams keep getting sh!t on – LOL!! Good luck figuring out what you want to be when you grow up. Hope you find just the right place. :)

        1. LOL Thanks, yeah I don’t know why my dreams keep getting shit on.. I’m not going to lose hope on winning a poll, I think my chances are better winning a poll than getting on the Canadian BB.

  14. If I were Frank, my pitch for votes to Ian would be:

    1. Who do you think would take you to final 2 if Jenn or Joe are in the Final 3? Regardless of the deals you have made, who will ACTUALLY take you?
    2. The only way Jenn or Joe wins is if they are up against each other.
    3. If i was going to final 2 I would take either Jenn or Joe for a guaranteed 500k
    4. EVERYONE will take either Jenn or Joe to the end so they are guaranteed a win, regardless of the “deals” they have made.
    5. NOBODY is going to make that 500k mistake… nobody.
    6. Get rid of Joe now to hedge your bets that SOMEBODY ELSE will actually TAKE YOU to final 2
    7. This way, it is easier to to the end without the pressure of HAVING to win the final HOH
    8. Tell Ian if it goes final 2, i will not BS you, I am taking Jenn so I will win. But Final 3, will take you GUARANTEED.
    9. If Jenn and Joe are both gone, GUARANTEED to take Ian to final 2, even if Ian does not have the same deal back.
    10. Worst Case Scenarios: a) Get rid of me next week, since i cannot play HOH. b) If i stay and get to the end, as long as Jenn is gone, i can guarantee you at least 50k. Everyone else offering a final 2 will not honor it if Jenn or Joe is still here. I am telling you straight up I will take you final 3, and guarantee final 2 if Jenn & Joe both gone.

  15. I know it’s a game and anything goes…but Shane is just such an unbelievable coward. Keep in mind that as far as he knows, he has his alliance and it’s rock solid. He’s in the dark about Frank being able to go off on Dan or Danielle and Ian has shown he can take care of himself in a confrontation. So why not be a man and have some courage and sit Frank down and just say, “Frank, I feel horrible about this because you’re such a great competitor, but it’s because you’re so great that I’ve just got to get you out. It’s a shitty thing to do to you, but I’m real firm on this, so I just hope you can respect my decision even if you disagree. I think you have Danielle and Jenn, so you should not waste anymore time on me. Dan or Ian is your only hope. I only think it’s fair to give you an honest shot at staying.”

    Earlier in the game, if you look back on all of Frank’s campaigning and his aggressiveness, it is a direct result of everybody’s wishy washy response. Had they not acted like they were up in the air, when their minds were already made up, then maybe Frank eases up. And if you’re that cowardly and afraid, his arguments make you nervous, why not just tell him “I know the arguments and you just need to give me some time to hash it out myself.” Then man up and tell him on Thursday.

    I get why Dan and Danielle can’t tell Frank because of their game, but Shane just bugs me because his reason is just being a spineless coward. All he has to do is be a man and tell Frank where he stands and don’t do it in his typical mealy mouthed way, and I would at least respect him. Seriously the only reason he knows that everybody is leading Frank on is fear of him campaigning. As dishonest and manipulative as I would play this game were I in it, whenever I knew it would not hurt me in the game, I would treat people with honesty and respect. And Shane is the epitome of guilelessness…he’s just a wimp.

    1. Sounds good except for the fact that this house is full of lying bozos who float from one alliance to another for absolutely no logical reason other than it seemed like a good idea at the time.

      Telling Frank that he (Shane) will not be giving him his vote is based on the premise that the others are actually going to vote the way they are telling Shane. Yeah, right! Then when the vote ends up being 3-1 for Frank to stay, Shane is left holding the bag.

      From Shane’s point of view, Frank had to be in agreement for Jenn to remove Dan from the block last week. That means that Dan made a deal with Frank and Jenn and Danielle does what Dan says. So which deal is Dan going to honor—-his deal with Frank or his deal with Shane. Would you really put all you eggs in Dan’s basket at this point or would you rather cover all your bases and keep your info close to yourself?

      1. But on one hand you say everybody is a bozo, but then you say Shane is thinking he needs to cover himself in case of a swerve. But he trusts Danielle implicitly and has no reason to believe that if the house shifts, he will somehow be left in the dark. As long as Danielle and Ian are firm, it’s a done deal in his eyes. Plus by saying Danielle is with Frank, then he protects her from a barrage (and unwittingly will play into Frank’s sense of security)

        So if he tells Frank I’m voting you out, then ultimately flips to keep him, tell me again why Frank would then be mad at Shane or Danielle?

        The reason Shane won’t tell him is that he has run out of people to blame for his vote and he has no backbone.

    2. I don’t see the upside to telling Frank. Why should Shane be the only one to man up? I don’t tell people how I vote in any situation because it’s none of their business even if it does affect them. If anyone should man up, it should be Jenn, his main alliance. He will get all hostile and aggressive if he knows he’s going. Good for us, but can you imagine what it would be like in the house? He couldn’t handle it with any dignity or class. My personality probably couldn’t handle it either…not hatin’, just statin’.

      1. I tend to think Jenn plans to vote for Frank. Her sin is not telling him he will still be evicted…but that’s her game. She’s decided to roll with Dan and Danielle, so coming clean with Frank hurts her game.

        Shane is just a coward. He could protect Danielle and still be upfront with Frank. Is he afraid Frank will call him names? Really? OK, but that backs up my coward argument. In fact, from a jury perspective it makes sense. Frank will be a voter and will soon know everybody was lying to him…again. If Shane were the one stand up guy, he actually helps his standing with Frank should he make it to the end. My whole point though, is that the reason Shane won’t be upfront has nothing to do with the game and everything to do with his lack of courage.

        I also think that cowardice is precisely what Dan is banking on moving forward.

  16. I want Frank to tell Shane or Ian before he leaves about Dan and Danielles scheame.. frank knows they never fought… he knows there liars.. so please have Frank stir up trouble by tejjing them…Shane will see Danis trueeee colors.

  17. I was just reading the cast bio’s. Did anyone else know Shane was a PRE MED student with a 3.8 avg? He is not a dumb guy, just no common since.

  18. Look for Dan to actually try to win certain competitions from here on out, just like he did in the latter part of season 10.

    If anyone took notice, Dan wants to win this weeks HOH and not the next one. He also referenced how winning HOHs at the end need to be thought out.

    Since the HOH winner has to sit out the following week, winning this weeks HOH sets him up to play in the final four HOH. Were he to win next weeks HOH instead, he would be a sitting duck in the final four and would need to win the POV in order to guarantee playing in the final three.

    BTW, that’s not “misting”, it’s basic common sense.

    1. @VAVet.When Dan find out it’s double eviction on Thursday,do you think he will want to win the HOH after Frank gets evicted?Or will he want to win the HOH later on that night?

  19. I think that the best move for QP right now is to get rid of Frank. Even though he cannot play for HOH next week, what are the chances he loses two POV’s in a row? I think not that good.

  20. Why cant everyone just tell Frank the truth that he will be sent home Thursday? Why the idea of making him feel safe? At least Boogie and Britney knew they were leaving and accepted it.

    1. because of franks past behavior…they know he would get very verbally abusive and they don’t want to deal with that…even tho viewers would most likely want to see that happen you can understand why the house doesn’t want to go thru that again.

  21. I’m thinking that if Dan takes Dani to F2, that she will have another meltdown while Dan gives his speech about why he deserves to win. After all it’s going to hurt her feelings and she’ll scream “you broke my heart Dan”.

    If Dan takes Shane, Shane will say he agrees with Dan.
    If Dan takes Jenn, she’ll say I’m down, I’m cool.
    If Dan takes Joe, ?
    If Dan takes Ian, Dan will likely rat Ian out for all the spying, then Ian will go ballistic on him.
    If Dan takes Frank, Frank says “you better not be BS’s me Dan.

    Dan takes his cue from Boogie, laughs and points at all of them. Hahahahaha!

  22. For my U.S, friends who wish to donate: 1 Canadian dollar = 1.0143 US dollars

    To donate go to the blue menu bar at the top of the website, then to the far right & click on donate.

    For the old schoolers – Paypal is a very secure way of paying/donating. We’ve used it for years with no problem. Hoping to be able to send another donation soon.

    Simon & Dawg do such a great job to keep us updated & entertained. It’s a lot of work just dealing with all our silly comments & I know we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t enjoy most everyone’s company & inside jokes each season.

    So to end with – don’t sh!t on their dream! Show them how much you appreciate this website or they may need to have Dan mist you into donating. LOL!!

  23. OMG!! I can’t stand the “Quackers”!!!!!!!!!!!! Danielle, or as I like to refer to her as “Amy Fisher” or “Southern Lolita.
    Ian makes me want to puke, Dan is evil and Shane is plain stupid. The name is so fitting, they’re a bunch of disfunctional

    Frankie boy, you’ve been duped once again by the ducks. Thought you were smarter than what you have shown that last
    couple of days. Serves you right for trusting JUDAS. I miss you. Have fun at the jury house with Ashley.

  24. ” Shane says that if Frank gets saved one more time… Joe says that he quits. Shane says he quits too.”

    They know what’s up…. It would be funny if Frank is yet again saved by production and everybody “walks out”, THAT would make for good TV

    1. after Thursday, it would be more entertaining watching an empty house.
      They could make Jenn and Joe dummies and have them sleep all day
      They could put a dummy of Ian in the hammock and run a loop of him talking to himself
      They could run a loop of Danielle talking about Shane
      They could make a dummy of Shane sitting by the pool

  25. Shane was probably sexually abused as a child. He said he can not bear to sleep n same bed as a man ( even in BB House) … He said he is afraid of touching or being touched by a man, Also, Shane said that as a child he and his dad would go camping, and Shane would sleep in the bathtub to avoid sleeping near his dad! – Shane also said that he had planned to come into BB house, and pretend to be a gay man. – I think Shane is afraid to sleep in BB bed with another man cause he is afraid that he will touch the man! – poor Shane.

  26. Sucks frank has to go comp wise. I really wanted frank, shane, danielle. dan and ian for final 5 it would have been great to see them battle it out. Plus the drama that would happen once frank revealed dan betrayed the quack pack. Another year and floaters will make it to the end

  27. Shane,
    With all things considered Shane seems llike a regular guide.

    He seems to be handling Dani with respect and not leading her on or

    not using her emotionally to get ahead in the game.

    But what are the comments about his hair or lack of.

    Does her actuallt have extensions on. i hadn’t noticed

    Could someone please expalin his hair situation


  28. If i was frank an he doesn’t get a chance to tell ian what happened before he leaves. infect the jury house with the news tell britney and if it’s ian next tell ian dan ratted out the quack pack and danielle and jen knew as well. that way if any of those 3 are in final 3 they will have votes against them.

  29. Well, like many have already stated already, this season will get boring for at least a week or two after Frank leaves. The QP will probably stick together and pick off the last 2 remaining floaters and fight it out. I was a Frank fan, I know his ego grew bigger everytime he won a comp but give credit where it’s due…Not a whole lot of peeps in the past 13 seasons that could of survived as much as Frank did, even if he was saved by a twist, he worked hard to stay in this game as long as he did. His time is up now.

    This is Dan’s game if he plays his cards right. He’s going to have to win an HOH down the stretch but he’s proven in his season that he knows when to win comps. Whoever Dan goes to final 2 with, he’s most deserving to win, regardless of the fact that he’s won before. At this point, the newbies haven’t shown any intellectual capabilities to really deserve to win the 500 G’s. And, I am still shocked by how bad everyone are just completely oblivious about Dan’s game, especially those of them that say they’ve watched his season. The newbies had one advantage coming into this game, they already knew what Boogie, Dan, Britney and Janelle’s game was. But just like last season, they got scared shitless and decided to join them instead of taking them out. That’s gonna be on them once Dan collects his check at the end.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Ian win the money because the kid actually needs it outside the house, being a college student, money becomes a rare commodity and the fact he wants to help out his family as well…I respect that.

    As far as the rest are concerned, none deserve to win it. Danielle is…well…an annoying, self-absorbed, stalker.

    Joe has been a PowerHouse all season but his cooking and masturbating days are numbered.

    Shane is just an idiot. The guy can compete but he lacks any kind of social or mental capabilities to really deserve to win this game. At least he admitted that Britney was his social game.

    With that being said, I have a feeling I’m forgetting something or probably someone but I don’t think it’s relevant or important enough to try and remember.

  30. When Frank leaves, I will officially dislike all of the people left in the house.

    With that said, I hope the final 2 are Joe and Jenn.

    It would be great if they could figure out that they need to be in alliance together and get rid of the others.

  31. shanes hair is normal, its just long and has all sorts of product in it. seems to be thinning a bit in front and back which would be somewhat normal for a 26 yr old dude

  32. it’s funny hoe joe deludes himself that he is or has ever had to campaign and work for votes…..he never got voted out because the housevalwayscwanted someone else out…he doesn’t seem to get that..it’s so crazy watching these people and seeing first hand the lies they tell themselves and then watch them believe those lies.

  33. This really has been a very good season up to this point.You have to give it up to the boring a** QP they grouped up and got rid of all the best most entertaining players.I don’t know why anyone would want to watch the feeds after Thursday all its gonna be is Joe jacking off,Ian the future serial killer/rapist rocking in the hammock,Shane trying to hide From Danielle and Dan sleeping on the couch reading his bible

  34. jut noticed that joe needs some more hair color…his roots are really showing….I wonder if he always colors his hair or just did it for BB so he wouldn’t look so old with all the gray.

  35. LOL at Frank wondering if there is a drinking game about BB.

    Yes, Frank…it’s called “Frank’s Dream? !!

    I am literally LMAO right now.

    1. just wait till he gets out of jury & finds out he has his own drinking game! with his ego he’ll probably find it very fllattering. LOL!

  36. Regarding Frank telling the Jury House about Dan’s betrayal of the Quack Pack…I think they all know at this point.
    When Frank and Ian had the huge argument and Frank told him…in front of everyone…that he thought “they” had sucked in a young kid but in truth, Ian was the one backstabbing and manipulating the entire time…isn’t that a HUGE flag that the Quackers had been exposed to at least Frank? And if they had an ounce of sense, they would all know Dan was the one who did it to save himself.
    The only thing that WOULD be the surprise is that Danielle and Jenn were in on it and frankly, that hurts Danielle’s jury votes and may actually help Jenn’s… chances. It can go on her resume as gameplay.

  37. REALLY good commentary from Frank to the camera starting at 10:30 camera 3.

    It sounds like he kind of does know what’s going on.

  38. The best move in this game could come in the final four. where Dan and and someone else is on the block and shane, Ian, or Dani send dan home,

  39. pls joe told shane that with frank gone no one can touch us but really what exactly has he done if anything shane would do all the work but after frank leaves it is going to be hard for shane to hide his allience to the quack pack espically if shane goes after jen and joe

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