Big Brother 20 Week 9 Summary and Live Eviction Results BATTLEBACK


Week 9 with still a month to go.. Holy cow these seasons are real marathons. Lucky for us for the most part this is a killer season. I’ll sum this week up in three posts titles..

Fes – If Sam goes home this week I look like a f*ing genius

Fes-  “F**k Man! We suck at this game. You sent home Rockstar & I sent home Scottie!”

Haleigh to FES – “You can’t sleep for 48 hours”

It’s a pretty big night tonight we have Fes getting evicted followed by a Juror Battle Back and a Head of household. Should be a full weekend of getting foutte’d.

CBS sent up this.. confirming the head of household on the feeds..
Tune in the Live Feeds after tonight’s Big Brother 20 episode to see how the House guests react to the juror who battles their way back into the game. Plus, keep your eyes peeled because later tonight, the Head of household competition will also happen on the Live Feeds!

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Posts of the week

Part 1: Catch Up From the previous Week + any new powers

Scottie was evicted by his alliance and Angela won the Head of Household. All the powers have expired from the game. A jury battle back was announced for today.

Part 2: Nominations

Last week Fes decided to make a bold move and offer Angela/Tyler a final 4 deal with him and Haleigh. This was before he made his nominations. In private tangela decide to keep the ruse going with Fes until they knew they’ve secured the HOH for this week. They question why would they want to work with someone whose been on the opposite side of the house for 60 days and who just turned on his alliance member. Angela slaps Haleigh and Fes on the block..  not in the final 4 with them.

Part 3 Power of Veto

The power of Veto competition was one that catered to Fes and Kaycee’s athletic attributes. Kaycee wins the veto. Fes gives up trying at Big Brother 20 and starts his slumber. Haleigh begins moving closer to Angela, Kaycee and Brett. Rubbing Angela, Laying on Kaycee/Brett, saying DUDE around Kaycee. This urks Fes. He demands she sleeps in the have not for the rest of the week like he does. She demands he spend time with the other houseguests in the event he stays. He’s figured it out finally he’s not staying. Angela and Tyler start snuggling in the HOH.

Part 4 Power of Veto Ceremony

Kaycee doesn’t use the veto. Fes lays in his room like a slug. Haleigh continues to work herself into the other houseguests’s level6 alliance. She makes impressive progress. (makes you wonder how foutte’d her game was by being in the foutte alliance)

Part 5 Pre eviction

Fes does nothing but sleep and pout. He tells Haleigh he doesn’t need to talk to anyone in the house. If he comes back he’ll communicate with them through Tyler (sweet baby bird) . JC starts to tell Tyler they need their final 4 to be him, Tyler and two people that hate each other. JC selects Haleigh and Sam for those two people. Tyler won’t flip on level6 this early and keeps telling JC he can’t do it, YET. JC talks to Brett tells him how dangerous KAycee and Angela are… JC tells Fes he has to make sure Sam does not target haleigh and Haleigh does not target Sam. He stresses that its the only way for any of their three to survive this game. Brett is in the background being awesome. Sam is grumpy as all heck then they up her dosage and she’s as happy as a pig in sh1t. she’s still hasn’t smoked and still loves Brett.

Where does this leave us?

Fes is getting evicted. There will be a battle back. My money is on Scottie or Fes to win it. I believe it will be an physical type competition as the houseguests are told to wear athletic clothes for the show.

Head of Household and Eviction results

FEs – hi mom and dad check out fessy fitness.. (OUCH) you’ve been spoon fed your whole life you drive a range rover .. and wear a fake ring when you go to the grocery store..
Fes goes on to destroy Angela telling Sam, Brett and Tyler some dirt about her..

Haleigh – Grateful i am

Tyler votes to evict Fes
Brett votes to evict Fes
Sam votes to evict Haleigh
JC votes to evict FES
Kaycee votes to evict FES

Hugs everyone. Angela remains on the couch. FEs gets to meet Julie Chen..


Current players find out about it..

THE Jury is shown.. it’s full of HIVE

They find out they can come back into the game.

FEs apologizes to Scottie.

Bayleigh – “Why is the whole hive here”

Scottie wins the battle back … HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHH

SCottie says he’s going to get in with Tyler and go after Angela (BOOO)

FEeds back…

Scottie just running around having fun… everyone asking him questions about the jury house.

Scottie says that FES was taking his time making sure he got the ball in the tube whereas Scottie would be as fast as possible..

Angela tells him about FEs’ speech he said he was trying to get Sam put up during his HOH, She drivers a rang rover, wears a fake engagement ring..

Scottie tells them the jury found out about the BATTLE BACK this past weekend.

7:26pm Kaycee, Brett and JC

JC saying that Sam is going try and go with Scottie and Haleigh.

Brett mentions how that was the first eviction speech that went personal..

HOH will be on the feeds at 10:30pm

7:40pm Haleigh apologizes to Angela for Fes’ speech..
Angela says she told fes once that she was hit on at the grocery store so she put her other ring on her finger.
Kaycee says Fes was biter and Salty… “it was poor sportsmanship.. ”

Angela points out that FES must be pissed that SCottie won the Battle back because last week Fes sent SCottie out..
Haleigh goes on about how she didn’t know about FEs’ speech, “it;s like SCottie and Fes traded places”

H – I would have tlkaed him out of it if I had known..

Haleigh still chewing her hands.,.. .

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The Hive Ready, Fire, Aim

I hope whomever wins the battle back gets voted out next.


Unless it’s Scottie

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Watching the show on CBS now; even Bay and RS’s voices again are giving my stomach pains. I forgot how much I loath them. RS thinks Angela is fake. What about that fake accent you use pretending your a black girl. Grow up.


She is talking like a “black girl”? Interesting.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Honestly, Bay doesn’t talk like that; I don’t know what to call it (PC language) but you know how she goes from talking in her normal voice to putting on that fake accent. And she hates white people. So whatever that is. Just glad she didn’t win her way back into the house.

Eh eh

Shh you’ll give her ideas. She already wishes she were black and bizarrely faked a deep south accent specifically for the duration of her exit interview with Julie She doesn’t know who she is.

Mmm.. bop!

Yeah we know what type of people are here… that comment is no surprise

Ignorance is Bliss

How does one “Pretend to be a black girl”?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Unless you are blind and deaf, we’ve witnessed it this season.


Ask Rachel Dolezall (sp?) from Spokane WA. You know the blond white lady who pretended to be black for years, saying she identified as black so she WAS black? Professor of black studies and previous President of local NAACP?

BB Fan

Fake black girl who runs strippers at a sleezy strip club. Dumb as a rock-star


Talking like that does not mean you are black or are trying to be black. And why is it so painful for you? Maybe you should grow up and stop trying to stereotype people. Honestly, what you said actually nauseates ME.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Bite me.

JC is a pervert

Grow a spine.

Botox Pelosi

Scottie won.

JC's Cold Hands

I’m really looking forward to seeing if Brett messes with Fez with his good bye message tonight. Hopefully he does.


Scotty hoh evicts hay after a f2 with tyler

Cray Cray6

Just curious. When you quoted Scottie saying he wanted to team back up with Tyler and put up Angela and you put (Boo)

We’re you booing the part about him teaming up with Ty or wanting to put up Angela?


Pretty sure Simon was worried about Angela going along with no more bikini pics…


Is there some place to stream tonights episode? NFL game on


Any streams? shitty pre season football on here too 🙁


My go-to streaming site has been blocked “at the copyright owner’s request”. 🙁

Good for Scottie! This is the best possible result, IMHO!


I was able to watch the eviction and then it cut out and gave me the same message as you.

Cali Girl

Same here too. Every damn week. Go to the CW network… it’s owned by CBS and airs there. Us being in Cali (BBT) we have to wait 2 more hours. Hope the feeds go live before it airs here!

Yay Scottie

I wouldn’t mind having to come here to find out what happened bc of preseason NFL if I didn’t have the CBS paid App, but I do, and tonight’s episode isn’t even available yet. Why in the eff do I pay for CBS all-access?!?


No live streaming of big brother or the game. Cbs sucks ??





So then it will never happen since JC is allergic to being HoH ?

JC is a pervert

I think Tyler will be ‘getting it in the end’ if JC gets his way.


JC tried to tell Tyler to separate Angela and Kaycee and ran into a wall. Tyler just said NO and JC’s face crumbled. He is finding out that working with F6 us a whole lot different than telling Fes what to do and his whole idea was emphatically shot down. He then went to Brett with the idea and Brett just told him to go for it himself. Poor JC doesn’t have anyone who listens to him anymore and he’s hardly himself


Crossing my fingers for Scottie ??


IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, SIMON!!! Hell yes…… I thought Fes was gonna run away with this one at first.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I thought it was interesting that Fez got beat again in another speed and ball handling competition. Wasn’t really even that close and went pretty fast. Everyone was genuinely glad it was Scottie that walked back in.


I am happy with the result. Scottie was 1 of 2 that I wanted to win the Battle-Back


Fes dropped the ball again. LOL

Fessy's Left Nut

Well I laughed out loud at that one!

Who's Your Daddy?

Scottie Wins!!!!


Scottie <3
I did NOT want to watch a full week of Rockstar or Bayleigh. And the houseguests seemed legit happy to see him. Hopefully a happy peaceful week is ahead (LOL).

BB Fan

Should be peaceful since all the bitter haters are in jury

Ms. Taz

SCottie back on???
Oh my

Ms. Taz

Scott is back in??

Swaggy's Missing Brow

A couple of times I thought Fessie was going to go completely over and put his head in the tube.

He started out fine and panicked.


Now Fes has to live in the jury house knowing Haleigh is alone with Brett and Scottie. He’s going to lose it. But that’s what you get when you play out of jealousy. His own fault. Guess Tyler needs a fifth final 2 with Scottie. Will Tyler really be able to vote to evict Angela. We may see soon enough if L6 doesn’t win this HOH

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I really think those bitter jurors would NOT give it to Angela; she’s the safe bet for any of them to take to the end, which is a shame. She’s been a good sport when on the block; won competitions fair and square; not made out with anyone (cuddling excluded); and stayed with a great alliance the entire game. It’s the old “I hate you because you are pretty and smart, because I’m jealous and a moron” story.


And she is beautiful. Like seriously. Doesn’t even have to try. But she most definitely would lose to Tyler in the finals. But he said in DR tonight that he likes her and thinks she’s cute but he would evict her And I can’t remember the exact wording. He’s so careful with his words. He may have said. He would evict her if he had to. Or if necessary. Something like that. I don’t know. It was kind of strange. I was trying to decide where his head is at with her when he said it.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Too funny. The Great Hive Hope comes back into the house and announced to Julie he wants to work with Tyler and target Angela…and Haleigh won’t have any time to change his mind before the HoH starts. The one member of the jury who doesn’t want to target Tyler won!

So what would happen if Scottie were to win HoH? He’ll nominate Angela as his target and JC as his pawn and unless Haleigh or JC can win veto…JC will join his big puppet buddy.

Sweet wounded bird

Who does Tyler actually want to be final 2 with?


He said Kaycee because he could beat her


During one of the episodes he said Kaycee


Kaycee. He thinks he can beat her easily


He’s been pretty consistent with Kaycee. Everyone else gets an allusion to a final deal but Kaycee’s seems the most sincere. Although I think Tyler would cut any of them if he thought it would help his chances.


I hope he realizes that his best bet would be Angela because the Foutte all hate her and would rather stick needles in their eyes than vote for her. He wouldn’t win against KC, Scottie, or Sam. He has to know he can’t sit beside anyone from the Foutte/Hive side. Brett, I am not sure about, but I really think he would beat him just on comp wins alone.
So Angela is number 1 and Brett is number 2 (but only if he can’t keep Angela in the house!).

Mo e

Kaycee, he mentioned it in an episode recently


This battle back blows! At least Scottie is the least of the offensive jurors to come back. It will probably be an interesting week.


He or Haleigh has to win HoH or they’ll be on the block together.


Time to black and white Fes and colorize Scottie on the memory wall.


when is hoh comp?


May be old news but what is the deal with JC? Is he wanting to get it on with Tyler? And going about it the wrong way.


YES! YES! YES! As soon as they said battleback I knew Scotty would win. I hate to say I told you so…….tee hee


Now if he can win the hoh this week, it will be really interesting. My guess is he puts up Angela and Jc.

Big Brother Season 20 “ Scotty’s Revenge”

The real rockstar

Whar are you Kaitlyn.


I wonder if they’d do another hold the button type HoH. With this group, we might not have a winner until Sunday.

Fes for the win!! Nope wrong again

How great is it that Fes lost two comps on his way out the door he should of absolutely won (veto and battle back) Now he has to sit in jury and think about Brett and Scottie in the house will Haliegh Couldn’t be happier Scottie is back out of the 4 possibilities. He should at least make it interesting.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

He lost one to a “girl” and one to a “geek” no less.


is the hoh comp going on now?


The Live Feed Page says the HOH will take place at around 1:30 EST/10:30 PST.


Sometimes it takes awhile for a post to appear. Other times I’m typed out a post and forgot to post it or thought I had posted it and I really didn’t. Your posts should come up as awaiting moderators attention or something until it’s been approved. Sometimes a post may get tossed because it was in the middle of hundreds of you too can work from home, or I made $849,000 dollars last week doing this simple trick things.

Hi my name is Scott

Sucks when you post in the middle of a bunch of you too can work from home or I actually made $849,001,by selling some swamp lan….er lake front property to a bunch of Hive wannabes. Like shooting fish in da barrel!!!!


I didn’t think Fes could be anymore of an idiot…and then he sat next to Julie and attempted to speak. That interview was excruciating.

Houka Inumuta

I told you guys so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scottie is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scottie is on a track to win this entire game.


Did anyone else’s skin crawl with every over emoted word that came out of Rock’s face. Hopefully they will muzzle her for the finale


Mine crawled when Hay was sucking up to Julie.


At least she ran out of adjectives to describe Julie’s appearance. She needs to read a cereal box to come up with something new. “Oh Julie, you are quite magnesium today”


LOL at your name every time I see it = )

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yes! I felt sick to my stomach seeing those 2 again and good for Scottie that he got to escape being stuck with those three sore losers. Julie asked Fez tonight if he would change anything about his game, and like the moron that he is, he replied, “No, not really.” I hope Haleigh’s dad and grandpa are ready to put the cabash on that little romance.


So Tyler’s power app is good with 8 people left in house right?

who me?

Nope it ended at Fesses eviction..thank God


I thought it said the last time it could be used is when there are 8 house guests remaining…not that I want it to be so but I bet it’s still valid

Cra Cra

His was good for 8 weeks. Bays was 8 people

L6 all the way

It’s the opposite—Tyler’s was 8 people, Baleigh’s 8 weeks


Cra Cra had it right. Tyler’s was for 8 weeks, Bayleigh’s was 8 people. She lied about it expiring.


Angela is toast. Everyone is gunning for the girl

Who said that!

Really?Look at who’s gunning for her-Haleigh when she’s not kissing her ass,JC has a bullet with her name on it but no gun,and Scottie who will be shut down by Tyler.None of them will be eating that toast.


Sam too. Honestly all four will put her up if they win HOH.

Smitten By Haleigh

Fes mind will play tricks on him thinking about Scottie and Brett getting some of Haleigh’s Hive Honey


In Fes Head Scottie and Brett will be gang banging Hayleigh every night lol

Darrell G Irick

I really don’t see the battle back changing anything…. either Scottie, Haleigh or Sam will be evicted next week…


Wow I feel so bad for Hayleigh. I have no idea what she sees in Fessie. After seeing how he’s acted this week and after that speech I hope it’s opened her eyes to what a real tool he is. It’s sad she had to apologize to Angela for his speech. Her worst game move was latching on to him. I had to laugh when he was saying Angela drives a ranger rover and wears a fake ring to the grocery store. Who gives a fuck if she does? Literally the dumbest speech. I don’t know Fessie’s background but I have a feeling he probably had a pretty comfortable upbringing himself. It’s so annoying how some of the house guests shit on people because they have a good life outside the B.B. house, *cough* ROCKSTAR *cough*. Its not the B.B. Poor People show.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

My understanding from Angela’s childhood is that her family sort of hung their hopes on her possible career in gymnastics and it caused resentments in her family because her mom dedicated everything to it, moving out of state with her. That is entirely the fault of the adults involved and way too much pressure to put on a child. It required a ton of discipline, hard work, and sacrificing her childhood. If anything, she wasn’t entitled at all and was expected to become something great athletically to benefit the family. Completely opposite of the guy who laid around like a slug expecting everyone else to entertain him, feed him, clean up after him, tell him how to vote, make sense of his gibberish. Not to mention, she lives on her own on the other side of the country. Fez’s mom probably still makes his bed.


I think you are probably 100% right lol

Karen V

Will we be able to see the HOH competition on POP?


When the battle started and Fessy had two balls, was worried he was headed back into the house. I used to like him but his game play is sooo frustrating, I face-palm every time he says or does something, ten-weeks in he absolutely has no idea how to play the game, how is this possible?

The Beef

Hayleigh has Fessy’s two balls in a mayonnaise jar on a shelf in the have not room in the BB house.


It was suddenly so depressing to think of Fes going back in with his sullen face and lazy laying around grabbing at Hay, then Scottie started winning and I became much happier about the rest of the game.

Hate the whole battle back concept but honestly I didn’t realize how much Fes pulled down the mood of the house until now. Maybe Hay will find out the same thing.

Here I Am

Am I remembering wrong or have there been a lot fewer mental comps this year than in past seasons? Or were they just trying to give a certain alliance of people (not wanting to speak ill of the “dead”) a fighting chance?


Outside of JC doing an absolutely amazing job getting Fes to take out Scotty…. what week did JC save level 6 including Tyler? JC decided to vote on L6 side of the house but hasn’t saved anyone’s game


Seriously Dawg and Simon as much as I love your site and have been visiting it for at least the past 5 yrs, the type of comments it gets sometimes is really saddening. They are so ignorant and at this point I just try to ignore the comment part of the site. Bc I know I will be disappointed if I read them. “Rockstar talks like a black girl”?!? Wth? How is that not offensive, and I’m not going to bring racist into this bc I know some people will get offended from that. I don’t sound or speak like Rockstar… Most black girls I know do not sound like that. As a POC, the comments on this site are so hard to read sometimes. It sucks because I love getting the insight of other fans of the show, but I’m always hesitant to read the comments because I don’t want to see something that will just ruin my day or make me want to reply back and educate