Power Of Veto Competition Results! “Fes is done! Fes is going home!”

10:35pm Bedroom. Haleigh and Fes. Fes – I dropped so many man! How the f**k did she beat me?! I dropped so many! Haleigh – you did better than I did. Fes – I don’t want to be on the block with you. I just want to go home today. Haleigh – no you don’t. Fes – Yes I do. AHHHhh I’m so mad Haleigh. How the f**k did she beat me! This is so embarassing. Haleigh – why? She’s an athlete too.

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“Literally out loud say Pick Sam. makes him look like a complete a$$hole.. He’s selfish”

***** uPDATED*****

Big Brother Spoilers Fes is the target. Haleigh picked Sam for Veto under instructions from FEs.
11:11am Angela, Kaycee, BRett and Tyler
A – I just told HAleigh she made a really bad move she was like F* you are right
A – she just realized it
Angela adds that Sam has a better relationship with Fes Haleigh didn’t think of that.
A – just told her if you are sitting next too fes on eviction night you’re staying
Angela adds that Halegih thought she was the target after Angela’s Nominations speech
Kaycee goes on about how Fes isn’t going to look good on TV telling Haleigh to pick Sam .

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