“Why would I want to work with someone who just sent home someone they’re working with”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: ? & ? Have Not ?

Big Brother Spoilers Angela will be nominating Fes and Haleigh. The final 2 members of the once great proud HIVE alliance do not think Fes is going up. It will be an absolute mad house after nominations.

They got the the small table for 8..

2:52pm Haleigh and Fes
FEs – you think she’s putting you up
H – yeah, Why?
F – I was trying to talk to her I was trying to do it where I wasn’t too pushy but she’s..
H – it’s justified ..
H – How is she going to justify putting Sam up
F – she was thinking.. a lot..
H – she was freaking out just now also JC cornered her I don’t know what he said
F – Yeah ..
H – I don’t know if he was pro me or pro not..
F – he probably threw you under the bus
H – I know
Fes says he talked to JC and he said Angela is going to do something to not get blood on her hands
H – it’s me
Fes – you don’t go home next to her
H – I go home
F – You got me, JC ..
H – and that’s it
F – you got Tyler (Wounded bird)
H – no I don’t .. I guarantee you I don’t
Fes – that’s if we don’t win the Veto we’ll win the f*ing veto don’t even worry about it
FEs – Angela made the comment that BRett will go after a duo
Fes – don’t break up a duo where the next duo is you guys, we stay together..
Fes – Tyler will be on that page
Fes goes on about duos and how they have to stay ion the game.. if they get Sam out this week than the following week they take Brett out
Fes – understand

Fes – she’s not lying when she says Sam’s her target
H – it’ll be so easy for her to get me out of this game .. it’ll be so easy
Haleigh is adamant that Angela will get kaycee, Brett and Tyler’s vote to evict her this week.
H – I will go home
Fes – WHY would she do that
H – what do you mean why would she do that fes.. are you being naive

Haleigh says she can guarantee she’ll be nominated “i’ll bet money on it”
Fes – that’s a very likely possibility but she was freaking out so maybe she’ll do something else.. But you will be next to Sam best case Sam does not win the veto..
Fes – at least you are next to someone that can’t win the veto
F – the worst thing that can happen Sam comes off the block..
Fes – we’ll win the veto ..
H – doubt it.. I’m probably going home this week
H – I know in you’re whole mind you had this set up but these people are still coming after me

3:05pm Angela and Fes
If somehow Haleigh goes home this week the next duo they are going to break up the duo you and Tyler that is why I didn’t touch you and Tyler last week
A – htere’s going to be flaws with any plan.. .. of course there’s goign to be what if this sscnaerio happeend.. I have to go with the sncaerio that is the most solid and best for my personal game..
Angela says Tyler and Kaycee are on board with getting Sam out if she’s on the block she’ll go
A – if Haleigh is sitting next to sam.. sam is going home
Fes – i’m worried BRett wins the veto on same

Fes brings up all Sam’s jury votes and how she’s accumulating them.
Fes – last week went so smooth.. that’s why I sat you and Tyler down that’s my plan with you and Tyler..
Angela – yeah
Fes – I don’t want to be against you I want to work with you
A – I don’t think other people in the house are gunning for us like you make it out to be .. they see the pairs for sure
Fes going on about how two strong duos teaming up is the best if one of the pairs is broken the other one will be targeted..
Fes – does Sam know she’s going up
A – I haven’t had a conversation with her
Fes – I’ll respect whatever it is you have to do (LOL will you ?)

3:20pm JC and Tyler
JC is ready to let Fes go he’s outlasted his uses in the game.
Tyler saying that the 4 house is cool with this nomination so Angela won’t get too much blood on their hands.
JC brings sup their top for, kaycee, JC, Tyler and Angela
JC is going over scenarios Red and Blue would be Angela and KAycee, Green and Yellow and Tyler and JC. If blue and red are friends that’s not beneficial for them becuase blue will put Yellow/Green up and Red will vote out JC.
JC – I’m probably f*ed there..
T – they will see that I won more competitions
JC – one of us is f*ed which is not the plan..
JC – it’s very important that these two people we bring to the end are not close.. Angela and Sam or Angela and Haleigh .. I don’t know.. you know for a Fact id Halaligh wins the veto she won’t use it on Angela
JC – If could be sam
Tyler reminds him that kaycee and Angela will help them get to the top 4
Tyler – I don’t see Angela or Kaycee beating me in any competition
JC – these competitions could be anything.. Angela just f*ing beat you

JC is adamant that those two people cannot be close friends.
Tyler – If I’m closer to Angela than kaycee is..
JC says their too 4 cannot be Kaycee, Tyler, Angela and JC they have to get rid of either Kaycee or Angela..
JC – I don’t want Brett to make it to top four..
JC – It’s not fair that I have been working all of these f*ing weeks and you fall in love with Angela.
Tyler says Fes and Haleigh saw BRett celebrating with Angela, Tyler and Kaycee so they’re not pitching Brett anymore they are pitching Sam and JC.
JC says he can barely keep the laughter in during the nominations for Bayleigh, Scottie and now Fes..
JC says the other side getting out Rockstar and SCottie was amazing.

JC – I can’t believe Fes wanted me up as a pawn what a f*ing b1*ch
JC – I try not to judge people.. but sometimes in the back of my head I am like .. ehh maybe this one..
JC – I know he’s someone I can’t trust I know he’s a f*ing moron
T – you don’t have to tell me that.. I know that..
JC – the only reason he’s basically in this game is because he was our bridge to the other side.. if we would have backdoored Fes instead of Bayelgih our side would not have been able to get into Bayleigh’s head.. that’s the only reason why we kept him
T – I know that
JC – no he has to go ..
JC – he told me he trusts me which makes me feel bad..
JC adds that Fes has done some really bad game play and he’s now in love with Haleigh.

3:37pm Fes updating haleigh on his conversation with Angela
H – I don’t want you to try so hard or she’ll be pissed..
Fes – I believe her
Fes says Angela says the votes are locked
Fes – if I told her during my HOH I wasn’t coming after her why would she..

4:00pm Angela and Tyler
Angela says she’s just been trying to avoid Fes..
T – he’s scared to death so it Haleigh ..
A – every time they talk to me I want to put them up more and more.. .it gets to the poitn where I am excited to put them up
T – that is how it was with the Veto..
Tyler – JC and I were going through if it’s Fes and Haleigh on the block and the three of us all vote out Fes thean JC has no choice to do it.
Tyler says JC is going to try and convince Fes to vote out haleigh if Fes wins the Veto.
Angela says she’s going to call them out for trying to make an alliance with them day 60 she’ll says he has as much faith in that deal as she did the all girls alliance..
Tyler mentiosn that JC told him Brett was worried that Angela and Tyler were hanging out with Fes and Haleigh a lot.
Angela about HAleigh – Yo need to own up for you actions putting me up you said you had Rockstar in your ear..
Angela – Fes has no Idea that he’s going up .. he’s worried that Haleigh goes up .. when he goes up he’ll freak the f* out..

Angela says she plans on putting Haleigh in first so they see her which is expected. Then the second face will be Fes.
T – he’ll be I’m just a guy living in a house
they laugh
T – I don’t know what the hell is going on
T – the one time he has power and has control he send home one of his own numbers
Angela – Why would I want to work with someone who just sent home someone they’re working with  (ohh damn that’s a good point)
Tyler says JC has been making it clear that he hasn’t been working with FES that he’s been using him as a bridge to the other side. .
Angela – is that true
T – a little bit of both
Angela says JC doesn’t know Bret is with them. He keeps trying to make her feeling ok with Brett.

A – fes did nothing but sleep his whole HOH.. he’s useless.
T – Veto is going to be fun
A – exhausting..
T- do you want to pick me for the veto
A – sure

4:24pm Angela, KAycee and Tyler
Kaycee – have you figured out what you are saying..
Angela – yeah .. a dollar late a dollar short
Tyler – sorry JC sorry Sam I nominated you … right .. no.. ohh, Sorry Kaycee Sorry Tyler ..
Kaycee – what is Fes saying when he comes up here
A – oh my god …
Angela says she was sleeping and he came up here..
A – he’s like I’m just worried if you put Haleigh up as a pawn she’ll go home against Sam ..
A – i’m like alright..
K – he’s really trying to save her ..
A – he has no idea he’s going up beside her
K – He has no idea?
A – no idea..
Haleigh joins them..

4:45pm feeds down for noms.

5:55pm Still blocked

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I love it!! I might get the feeds just to see this HOH.

get them out


are they naive or stupid?

Hi my name is Scott

Can’t wait to see the Nom ceremony! If she puts up Hay and the big dummy (there goes Redd Foxx in my head agai) like I think she will, the looks on their faces will be priceless!

Who said that!

I hope JC can figure out a way to final 2,he deserves it.

Death the Kid

I read though the comments and no one really doubted what I said.

They will get married

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

They look like a 20 marriage that is heading to divorce court


I love Angela! Love her. She has done great, but all the feeds will ever talk about are JC and Tyler, and maybe Brett. Angela has had epic HOH’s. She is doing some dirty work. At a girl, roll up those sleeves! She is everything I wanted sam to be.


She is doing whatever Tyler tells her to and then ensuring they’ll vote for him over her by leaving bitchy bye messages what a great player


Are we watching the same show? The ice queen cannot be told what to do, and Tyler is eating out of the palm of her hand… It is a good strategy to make everyone hate you, so that you look more enticing to take to F2… She is playing her part well. Frankly, everyone in lv.6 is.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

i am not gonna lie. I have some pretty filthy, disgusting, nasty thoughts about Angela.

Al Sharpton Wants to Hold Your Wallet

Don’t waste your time. Everyone here knows she likes me.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Fes – WHY would she do that
H – what do you mean why would she do that fes.. are you being naive

Clueless at day 72

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Fezzy logic, Fezzy math.


Angela, a derivative of angel. No part of her is an angel lmao. That’s why she’s so great. She’s “that” mean girl Which is exactly what she needs to win. The reason women struggle winning the show is because most of them are concerned with how America is perceiving them and the realization that they want family and friends to see them in a positive light back home. Most of the men, “most”, don’t have that issue. As men, we are crass, loud, arrogant, dominating…those traits lend itself to a winning persona in the BB house. Angela doesn’t care what people think about her, she even claims she’s a bitch. That’s removes the number one roadblock to most women winning the game…what people think of you.

Haliegh was a wreck for two days because of 1 thing that Sam said. Let alone her family’s view of her. She could easily be derailed if Sam would’ve really played that up.

Cody had the same attitude that Angela does. He didn’t win. But it carried him and Jessica to victory in TAR. I’m proud of Angela for embracing a wining attitude. That’s right. Who cares if she’s bitchy, who cares if she’s blunt, or rude, or priveledged or arrogant. She’s putting herself in a position to win the game!


Not an Angela fan, but you’re right.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I don’t think she is nearly as “mean girl” as some say. I thought RS was a legit mean girl. Hateful. And Sam’s obsession with who is prettier is an eye roller to me. I love having beautiful friends. Sam has said several times she hung out with RS because she was older and uglier than her. That’s disgusting! Attacking for looks good or bad is a cheap shot. RS’s actions made her ugly to me. When she wore make up and straightened her hair, she was attractive (husband disagrees, but whatever). She just had such a nasty ugly attitude. Same with Sam. I’ve completely flipped in my opinion of her. She can’t win – if she is a comp beast, she had an immediate target on her back. If she plays a shrewd game, she’s a b!tch. Own it.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Tyler mentions that JC told him Brett was worried that Angela and Tyler were hanging out with Fes and Haleigh a lot.

JC is working his social game like a boss. He has L4 nailed down and he is working to replace Brett in the group. Little seeds here and there he is dropping about Brett. every week he throws a little shade on brett. Someone said this about brett. Someone said that about brett. Brett brett brett. He correctly identified the less secure member of the group and is planting seed. He is really thinking ahead and staying out of danger. Once fezzy and hay are gone he is gonna make a move that could flip the house and tear up L4. gonna be interesting to see if L4 sticks to the final 4 or if they implode….

Baba Looey

JC ‘s about to play himself into an eviction. JC may be Tyler’s #2 after KC. But if he continues trying to play L4 after Tyler told him to stop, he may not last to the end.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Being dumb is not an attractive quality to a woman. Hay seems to be more and more annoyed by fezzy each day. The attraction is starting to whither away. she looks at him like he is a big dope. And he still hasn’t gotten a bit of nookie after 72 days. Fezzy is pathetic…..And dumb.


It’s been like 2 hours since they started noms….does it usually take this long, and can you post the nom ceremony? Or no?

Eh eh

My g-d but Hay is relentlessly self-absorbed!