Big Brother 20 HOH Results! “Second HOH .. like a BOSS!!”

9pm Kitchen. Brett, JC, Angela, Fes and Haleigh and Kaycee. Angela – that was another all luck. All luck! Haleigh – no it wasn’t that was skill. Brett – are you a carnie? The bearded lady. That was hands down the funnest I’ve had in a competition. Haleigh – Scottie would have won that. Brett – the best was climbing on JC. Angela – I think my letter will be from my best friend. I wanted to just chill this week. Fes – 72 days guys! 72 days! Guaranteed until next week. JC – there has to be another twist.

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Big Brother 20 Week 8 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Where does one start with a week like this.. Given how successful Haleigh’s HOH was the week prior I assumed Fes’ week will be as much or greater a shit show.. When Fes won the grueling 14 minute endurance I tweeted something to the effect, “so does this mean Haleigh gets evicted” well I was almost there. Fes is going to evict the only other person left in the Foutte alliance. go Fes!

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Big Brother 20 Week 8 Animated Gifs

This week was Dawg dog Slow on the live feeds. Lucky for us we had some crazy Sam moments and stupid Fes moments to pass the time. I just can’t get over the two attempts Sam made at playing the game. The time she went to Fes to get him to put Haleigh on the block as the replacement after Brett uses the Veto. The expressions on fes’ face after.. priceless. I do think that was our most popular tweet ever ..

My top 3 are

    • After Sam’s pitch
    • Sam’s campaigning to get FEs to put Haleigh up as the replacement
    • “I have got to stop biting dude.. Got to stop.. (cause it’s gross)
    • I also like the nose picking one cause I’m gross like that.. lol

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