Big Brother 20 Week 9 Animated Gifs

It was slim pickings this week.

My favorite is Brett’s hair.. An awesome BB character having Winston leave was the best thing to happen for his game. BRETT BRETT BRETT

Second favorite would be Kaycee drinking from the bottle..

third would be Sam performing the nutcracker..

With the Battle back I am expecting for a more exciting coming up.



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Maxine Waters - Space Alien

Another day another Hive member hits the door.

Finally a good season

Yes Brett’s game has gotten a lot better with Winston gone. I’d vote for him to win.

Fessy Rides the Short Bus

I’m still loving that Kaycee beat Faysal in the veto competition.

The Hive Ready, Fire, Aim

Sorry Simon but my vote goes to Angela above. Last but not least.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

My favorite is Brett’s “Ace Ventura” look 🙂 Fez, as usual, being a doush in his eviction speech. Yeah, you set your girl up REAL good, you moron. Noticed when Haleigh sat back down after her gracious speech that she sort of physically distanced herself from him.


Just for the record she wasn’t performing the Nutcracker nor any other ballet, she was doing the bar warm up exercises (I saw her doing positions one and two while the camera was on her).


Simon’s humor is the BEST! Sam is definitely performing the Nutcracker, being the nutcase she is. LOL


Brett is featuring a most popular hairstyle from the good folks of Whoville. The wondrous Mayor of Whoville began the fad when the Grinch came for Christmas one year. Many of the great townspeople liked the style so much, they copied it. Doesn’t Brett look smashing good?


My Top 3

1. Beer and Wine
2. Water Buffalo
3. Angela’s headache

Honorable Mention: Nutcracker