Angela “Why does Sam hate me? Tyler “Because you’re beautiful & perfect.”

*** Updated ***
8:05pm Bedroom. Angela and Tyler. Angela is twirling Tylers hair. Tyler – they (production) asked me about some other fun stuff. Angela – oh yeah? I think I might know. I think I have a feeling I know what it is. And I am hoping they don’t ask me the same because I am going to plead the fifth. (Production asking them about liking each other) I am going to say I am heartless and emotionless .. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Tyler – are you still entertained? Angela – MMMHHHhh. Why are not? Tyler – I am. This is the highlight of the day right here.

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Faysal – C’mon, I played this game good.. C’mon, Haleigh

**** updated *****

Big Brother Spoilers

2:00pm HOH Feeds, Tyler and Fes
Haleigh tells him that Scottie is going around saying Fes is his target.
Tyler – if kaycee wins Angela will be in her ear big time
FEs – Even though I put her up I’m not putting her up as a target…
FEs says Sam knows she’s the next target up that is why she’s going on about the no smoking thing..
Tyler leaves..

Fes – I was expecting a wake up call.. nothing..

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