Sam “If you didn’t have 10 million fans, now you do you f**ker!”

In the bathroom. Sam is straightening Tyler’s hair. Brett, Kaycee and JC all wait around for the reveal. When she gets him to look at himself in the mirror .. Tyler freaks out. Tyler – WHAT THE F**k! WHAT THE F**k! OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD! NO! Brett – it looks sick dude. Sam – it looks so good! JC – you look like a female. Tyler – I look like a girl?! I look like a female! Sam – no you don’t! It looks good! What the hell! I am wearing a wig right now! Sam – you look like Hanson, you look like mmmBop! You look like Orlando Bloom.

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“Now that I think of it after Angela did what she did and put us up.. so what that Scottie flipped the votes”

***** UPDATED ******

Big Brother Spoilers Nothing really happening .. there’s the odd retell from earlier in the season and for the most part just chit chat and speculation about the upcoming competitions on Thursday. Everyone suspect there’s something happening as they’ve been told the outdoors will be locked down tomorrow

4:30pm HAlegih and Fes
H – why are you in just a bad mood .. it’s hard to spend time with you
FEs – why is your makeup on your face.. Haleigh
H – what else amd I doing wrong.. my makeup is not suppose to run
Fes – let me get my list.. Joking.. I don’t know what is happening outside ths house
H – I know I like you and I told you we’ve talked about it.. so now you are questioning the authenticity of it
Fes – I know it’s really.. i just don’t know what is happening outside this house..

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“You’re pretty much sitting pretty for the week.. and after this week you will be alone”

***** UPDATED *****

Big Brother Spoilers KAycee did not use the veto Fes and Haleigh remain on the block. Fes will be evicted on Thursday. There will be a battleback.
10:50am HOH KAycee, Angela and Brett

Laughing about KAycee telling FEs she’ll use the veto if he proposes to Kaycee
They talk about Brett’s GBM..
Angela – don’t worry fes I’ll take good care of Haleigh
Brett mentions if they are not in a showmance he’ll look like a idiot
Kaycee says Fes is totally in a showmance with Haleigh they mention to Brett how uncomfortable he gets when Brett talks to her.
Brett mentions when he was swinging on the hammock with Haleigh the other week Fes and Rockstar would walk out side like 30 times to see was it going on outside. they were the only ones out there at the time so it looked super awkward.
K – it’s the most obvious thing.. I don’t know if he’s trying to be sneaky about it
Kaycee says the thing that will get under FEs the most is he’s leaving Haleigh behind with Brett, “you were one of his targets and he left before you” (wait until Scottie comes back ;0 )
Brett – I don’t do anything.. I don’t know how he’s going to act in the real world

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