Angela “Brett should say in his GBM – Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Haleigh.”

10:55pm HOH room. Kaycee joins Tyler and Angela. She breaks up their snuggle fest. Kaycee talks about how Fes is going to lose it if he leaves on Thursday because Haleigh is going to be here with Brett. Haleigh is in the hammock with Brett right now. Fes is watching him like a hawk. Him being outside the house.. Tyler – oh damn, I didn’t even think about that. Angela – Brett should say in his GBM (goodbye message) – Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Haleigh.

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Havenots Picked! “I already take cold showers, I don’t give a f**k!”

5:52pm Hammock. Haleigh and Fes. Haleigh – have you talked to Kaycee? Fes – no, did you? Haleigh – no, I am going to. Fes – what are you going to say? Haleigh – I am just going to ask her what she is thinking. Its worth asking. Fes – I know its just.. I am just over it already… this game. Like we f**ked ourselves so many times. Not we but our group. Haleigh – Fessie you can’t beat yourself up over it. You can’t be over it. Fes – Why, either way one of us leaves. Haleigh – we could see if the veto gets used. That’s number one. Number two.. Fes – that’s it. Haleigh – maybe theres a battle back.

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Sam “If I leave, you better partner up with Angela & win or I’m going to slap the sh*t out of you.”

12:13pm Bathroom. Sam and Tyler. Sam – she scared the hell out of me in the very beginning. I was really intimidated by her, just like Brett and Winston. But once I got to know her, just like you said its not what it seamed. And I really love Angela so I’m not worried in the least. IF anything I thought I was going to go up as a pawn. Which is scary but I would have done it. Tyler – That’s what Haleigh and Fes wanted. Sam – I felt good, I was like I would be okay with that. But now that we get smaller and smaller we’re fast approaching the five, so I am afraid that people are going to get nastier and nastier … and I am ready for it.

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“All four of them are working together You, Me and Sam are the odd man out”

**Updated to NOON *****

Big Brother Spoilers Fes’ goose is cooked.. Now all we need is Scottie to win the battle back.

Fes is blaming their predicament on Rockstar again saying if she hadn’t given Tyler the POV he would have never sent Scottie home.
Fes says he’s ready to go home now he doesn’t want to go to jury, “I don’t want to sit in jury for 20 days’
H – think of it as a vacation.. STOP we don’t know you are leaving
FEs – one of us is.. I would rather be the one that goes anyways
H – don’t say that ever again
JC – you never really know what will happen
FES brings up his veto performance – I don’t drop balls I DON’T Drop balls..
JC tells Haleigh if she makes top 2 he’ll campaign for her in the jury house.
Haleigh – all four of them are working together you me and Sam are the odd man out
Haleigh asks if Tyler is going to sleep in the HOH all week. JC thinks he will says he told him that after he’s done being a have not he’s moving in up there.

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