Fes – If Sam goes home this week I look like a f*ing genius

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: ? & ? Have Not ?

Big Brother Spoilers Haleigh/fes are going up.

12:53am HOH room reveal..

12:57am Angela’s HOH letter..

1:39am Fes and Haleigh
Fes – what you tell Tyler.. just now
H – he told me to sleep easy.. I was like I’m freaking out
H – he told me she’s thinking about and to come up in the morning to talk about it
H – I don’t want you pushing because that is another thing she said to me before I said any of that she’s like I don’t want to feel like I’m being pressured to do something
H – I really don’t appreciate the way you spoke to me in front of Tyler (Baby bird)
Fes – why are you interrupting
H – I don’t appreciates it.. Are yo hearing what I am saying.. I don’t appreciate the way you spoke to me
F – I’m sorry..

Halegih tells him he’s making Angela and Tyler feel like they owe her something
Fes says they owe him something
Fes – you try and make the house happy right.. I’m trying
Fes goes on about how if they put up Sam there’s no way Sam isn’t going home.
Fes – that is why I didn’t put Sam up .. Smooth ..
Fes – Angela that is why I didn’t put you and Tyler up because I wanted to build trust.. It would be a smooth 4 weeks if we stick to the plan Angela..
Fes going on and on about Sam and Haleigh going on the block and how there would be so much blood on Angela , “It doesn’t make any sense”
H – I want another week in the room ..
Fes – I thought you were going to win it you did the best .. .I thought you had a strategy

FEs goes on about how Angela would be stupid p put Haleigh up because she knows Fes will win the veto and take her down.
Haleigh is certain that Brett will vote her out.
H – I want Sam gone I want her gone so bad..
H – SHe is Crazy.. She’s f*ing crazy.. I cannot wait to see her face when she goes up I can’t f*ing wait.. I’m going to vote her out so badly.. I can’t be next to her.. F* I can’t be next to her I will go home..
Fes – I should have never put Brett up that would have been a way to gain his trust..
Fes going on about if Sam is the target Angela needs to put up a pawn she knows for sure will stay.. “HAve this week go smooth..”
FEs – If Sam goes home this week I look like a f*ing genius
Haleigh – he’s (JC) really bothering me today.. telling me to leave the room
Haleigh- She (Angela) is going to be scared.. because she thinks JC Is going to turn the whole house against her.
FEs points out there’s not house any more..
FEs – there’s no way after I talked to him if she puts yo up I don’t understand.. she’s not setting herself up for success…
FEs says JC is freaking out because he played the entire game being good with everyone in the house and now that the numbers are small he doesn’t have solid loyalty with anyone.

2:10pm Angela and Tyler
T – they are freaking out down there they think they are going up
A – good.. I don’t know what to do
They talk about Fes/HAlegih campaigning attempts..

A – it would be so easy to send Sam home
T – do you want that.. do they want that?
A – you and me are the only people that got blood on their hands.. I’m not going to do anything that benefits Brett..
T – if we do this whole thing with Haleigh and fes they will honour it back..

A – I don’t want to look stupid and not take a shot at them when we had it
They agree FEs/Haleigh will honour their deal
T – would you rather have me you that were sweet at competition that have actually done something or JC..
A- I was thinking’s Haleigh and SAm up tell Haleigh she’s a pawn..
Angela says they have to be on Sam to talk her down..

A – hopefully one of us wins the veto and we backdoor fes..
Angela goes on about now wanting to win the HOH she wanted “peanut” (KAycee) to win
A – I don’t want Halegih up my a$$ all day long..
Tyler says she was talking to him before his DR “Can you push it”
Tyler- remember when you put us up haleigh
Angela – she put both of us up.. remember that Haleigh
T – Fes thinks he’s a genius.. Day 65 and you know you can’t play next week and your dumbass is getting rid of you own numbers..
T – they are freaking out the most..

T – you have a reason to put Haleigh up you know.. maybe Fes won’t play in the veto
Angela goes back and forth if Fes/Haleigh will honour their deal “we’re safe.. JC is safe.. that means Kaycee and Brett.. there’s nobody left.. that’s assuming they win power (haleigh/Fes)

They talk about how stupid Sam is acting “she wants to leave” “it’s so stupid she acts like that after every HOH”
Tyler brings up how Level 6 was set to put Fes and Haleigh up they will have to selll that Fes is the backdoor to them.
A – the reason we decided to put haleigh and Fes up because we thought it was double eviction..

Tyler mentions the possibility for a battle back.
Angela agrees points out that if they get rid of Sam the battle back will most likely be physical meaning Scottie would come back in and target Fes.

A – if we can trust them this week.. get Sam out it’ll be an easy week.. I think if Sam wins HOH I will be going up
T – I think so to
A – that is why I want to get Sam out.. If I am playing for myself and nobody else it’s the move I should take
T – I trust Fes.. he hasn’t done anything I just don’t trust hasleigh
A – ne neither
T – she put me on the block..
A – she put Kayceee on the block twice..
T – Fes put kaycee on the block
A – put up Haleigh and Sam if Sam wins the veto put up haleigh and Fes if she doesn’t send one of them home ..
Tyler thinks Brett and Kaycee will vote out Haleigh and JC/Fes will vote Sam out.
T – it’s so tough as it goes on
A – I know Brett want Fes out.. Fes has never done anything to me ..
T – he hasn’t.. just don’t want to give him a chance..
a – I know
T – he’s been straight up this whole time buit he’s also been a f*ing idiot.. her does stupid thing.. I’m worried if he’s going to try and win make a big move.. take me out or take you out befire the final 4 because he knows she’s better at competitions.

A – what does JC want.. to keep FEs..
T – he told me that he would vote Fes out because he’s better at comps..
T – if there’s a battle back and Rockstar/Bayleigh come back then there goes me and you..

2:28am JC comes in … Angela asks him what she should do

JC – this is what i am thinking..
JC goes on about how Haleigh is getting on his nerves..
JC says Haleigh and Fes are going crazy ..

JC – if Fes wins the veto.. he’ll use it on Haleigh and one of us are on the block.. If I were you and I was in your place I would put up Fes and Haleigh .. I talked to Brett and he would do the same thing
JC – If he wins the veto then you put Sam up ..

Angela says Haleigh and Fes came at her so aggressively, “You know we can be a four”
JC – I was just talking to Brett.. They’re going to try and make a deal.. (Fes and Haleigh )

A – would you be ok with voting Fes out.. I know you are close
JC – I literally was getting close to Fes because it was for our team.. I’ve been working with them for pretend.. I’m like a spy
THey chuckle about how they got Scottie out on Fes’ HOH.
JC – what Got SCottie on the block.. I told him Scottie loves Haleigh .. that was the pitch after that he was putting her out.. so Haleigh got out Rockstar and Fes Scottie..

Angela asks if Haleigh and fes win HOH this week would they have put up Angela and Tyler
JC – H woudl put you up

A – he’s trying to tell him I owe him a favour..
JC – that is what they do

JC brings up Fes and Haleigh wearing SwaggyC shirts..
JC – that guy didn’t do anything in this house..

JC points out if Haleigh wins HOH next she would put him and Sam
A – what if Fes doesn’t pull himself off.. does Haleigh go home than me an Tyler go up next week
JC – worst case scenario you put Sam and Haleigh tomorrow.. lets say Fes uses the veto and you put Brett up..
JC implies that they’ve lost Brett’s trust if that happens.
JC – he’s been loyal to us
A – he has.. we’ve saved him a lot though he should vote with us
JC says Brett was going to come up but Haleigh cornered him
Angela says that pisses her off about Fes and Halegih she calls it bullying how they corner people
JC – if they dare to put you on the block they don’t have teh votes (next week)
JC adds Brett, Tyler and him will vote to keep her over Sam.

2:46am Kaycee comes in
A – kaycee what do we do
kaycee says Brett was going to come up but Haleigh is petting his head..
Angela says the two options are Sam/Haleigh or Fes/Haleigh
KAycee doesn’t like the idea of keeping Haleigh and Fes in the game they’re competitors.. they are dangerous.. Sam I don’t know what do you think
A – if Sam stays I am a target
T – if you put up FEs and Haleigh one of them will go home. .they will target me and you.. if we play if up that we’re not on the same page with Fes and Haleigh we get into tan open argument
Aneggla – this is all banking on if he wins..
Tyelr says Fes might put up Angela and Sam and Tyler will win the veto take her down, “that might be a way to cover that base” (prevent both of them going up together)
Kaycee wonders if Sam will really win the HOH
Tyelr thinks Sam would have put up Sam and Angela this week
Angela now saying if she doesn’t put Sam up this week she could build something with er.

KAycee – I don’t see her winning.. (HOH)
KAycee – Haleigh and Fes are WAY bigger threats.. Fes wins Competitions and Haleigh knows the game more than any of them. (on that side)
Angela – how could I justify putting them both up
Kaycee – have they said anything to you
A/T – they are scrambling hardcore..
Angela – the deal we made was in case there was a double eviction so I’m not going back on my word .. that is huge for me
Angela says she can’t go back after 60 days and start working with Fes/halegih. She brings up they only mad a deal with them because Fes knew he was in danger the week after the HOH>
Kaycee – you for sure putting haleigh up
Angela – she put you up twice.. Tyler and I once if we don’t put Haligh up we look like f*ing idiots.. Fes i guilty by association
Kaycee – is there anything you could say Scottie told yo about Fes

Tyelr says Brett told him that Fes was planning to backdoor Tyler, “He didn’t tell him until after the veto”
Tyler – we could say Scottie said it
A – what did not come out of Scottie mouth before he left.. fake or real
T – he said he’s guilty by association that is all you need..

Angela – I do think it’s best for us as a whole
Tyler says everyone has her back.
Angela says she made a pinky promise with Sam to not put her up she can say that..
Kaycee adds that if Veto is played then put Sam up
They agrees Fes and Haliegh are going to lose their sh1t this week
Kaycee points out that Haleigh put both of them on the block together
Angela mentions that Scottie told her Haleigh hated her all along.. She was pissed that they were cooking for Scottie.
Angela now saying she has to put Fes and Angela up.
KAycee points out that Haleigh tried to pin her HOH noms on Rockstar .
Angela says the only reason they made a deal with them is because Fes knew he couldn’t play in the HOH this week.
Kaycee – He hasn’t been on the block yet
Angela – I know
Kaycee – him and JC..
Tyler – theres justification
KAycee who will put JC up
Kaycee again tells them that one of Fes/haleigh have to go home this week. mentions how haleigh tried to backdoor Tyler on Angela’s HOH
Angela – we will always have the votes now.. always..


2:28am Haleigh and Brett..


3:06am Sleeping on cam 3-4 HOH chatting cam 1-2

3:16am Brett, Kaycee, Tyler and Angela HOH
Brett – dude I’ve been going out of my mind with those people.. dude Sam is driving me insane.. she’s a f*ing b1tch I don’t know why..
Angela says Sam likes Brett
Brett – she has a weird f*ing way showing it
Brett says he’s heard Sam “Going off” on her self in the bathroom (talking)

They agree Sam is losing it
Brett – I think a lot of it is a show.. I’m not buying it
A – how does that benefit her
B – she’s less of a threat
A – she’s crazy.. who wants to work with her ..
Brett says Sam is trying to gain all the jury vote.

Brett – is everything still as planned
Angela – Fes and Haleigh what do yo think
Brett – it makes me nervous Haleigh next to Fes because she might go
Angela asks if it’s better for Fes to not go up
Brett says fes could win the veto, “it’s not worth the gamble.. she sucks at comps.. honestly”
THey tell Brett that Sam told Rockstar she likes him. Tyler says Sam would flirt with him as well saying that he had nice ankles.
Brett says Sam cornered him in the storage room making no sense.. “I don’t know what is going on.. I just want to bring up the fact I called you hogan.”

3:38pm Level 6 meeting over.. sounds like they are going to put up Fes and Haleigh.
Brett – how many back massages do you want
Angela – a lot
Brett – whenever you want me to sneak up here just let me know .. I Promise you 3 meals.. 1 can be breakfast, one can be lunch one can be dinner or they can all be Dinner..
Brett – it’s a way smarter move to take Fes out
Angela – I do to.. it makes perfect sense..
Angela – at the end of the day there’s four of us.

Brett Fes legitimately thinks he’s the king pin running this game.. he was bragging about being the only HOH to have a unanimous vote
Brett – You dumb-ass you got someone out in your own alliance..
Anegla – of course it was unanimous
Brett – he thinks he’s the puppetmaster
Angela – really .. I didn’t know that I find that funny..
They laugh at Fes thanking them for their vote. anytime that Fes wants them to vote out a member of his alliance they will.

Angela – the stupidity of some people it blows my mind..
Brett – stupidity is fine.. but Stupidity and arrogance ..
Brett says if you are stupid you better be nice if you are arrogant you better be smart.
Brett says fes is bragging that he took Scottie out
Angela – Haleigh got Rockstar out.. Fes gets Scottie out.. What how does this even happen..

they hug it out..

3:42pm Panicking because he feels safe celebrating with “them” (HOH)
Haleigh – it makes me nervous because they’re all upstairs right now
Fes can’t understand why Angela would put HAleigh and Sam up because that would mean both HAlegih and Fes will be gunning for her, “Why would she do that.. ”
Haleigh – I’m just telling you what is going to happen she’s putting me up I am going to stay there and I’m going home..
Fes – if Sam is your target she will not put you up


10:04am we got movement..

Sam brings her breakfast.. “Whatever you do it’ll be fine.. ”

Sam offers to do her nails..

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K...bb fan

They got to nominate Fes and Hay. Its the only way to guarantee that one goes home. Anyone can take a shot at Sam or JC when they get to that point. Even with the B.S. buy back, you have to make the smarter move now. If Fes happens to win the veto, worse case scenario is he stays on the block to save Hay and he goes home, wins the buy back and its a waste of a week. But that is still the smartest move. If someone, or most likely Scottie comes back, then you have Scottie and Hay, with a lack of trust built in from this past week. Maybe Scottie tries to work with Tyler exclusively as he may not want to hitch is second life’s wagon again to whether he can trust Hay or not. If he wins HOH, he may just go after Hay and Sam for his own protection and to try to gain favor with some of the other players in the house. Then he goes on the block the following week and everything stays as close to script without having to burn deals before final 5. Just my thoughts.


Yes Fes and Hay seems to be the best scenario. Hope doofess is the one to leave.

At this point I think Scottie battles back in, he will stick with Hayleigh. Can’t see him targeting her.


Has Samuel ever brought Angela breakfast? Hmmmm

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Sam has always brought breakfast to the HOHs


Ewwwwww…… *those* aren’t chocolate chips!


Consider this: Angela should put up Sam and Fez- stating Sam= target and Fez= pawn. Explain that the logic for this is
1 she does not want anyone to know about their deal yet to prevent the others from forming an alliance against them
2 the house wants Sam out
3 Fez hasn’t been on the block yet
4 Fez is a ‘comp beast’==he will eat this with a spoon because it feeds his ego
If Fez wins veto he can take himself down and Angela can say she would put up JC or Brett, but actually put Hay up an Hay goes. If Fez does not win veto, he goes.


But if Hay wins veto… It’s 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

James Arendsen

You are forgetting that Scottie is a virgin and has the hots for Hay. If he can be in the house without Fes there he will do anything she asks.


Yes, they need to put Fes and Haleigh up….put them out of their stupid misery. Fes needs to get a big dose of reality, he’s made one of the dumbest moves in BB history. He needs to pay for his moronic sins. I still can’t believe how utterly stupid they were this past week.

I can’t wait until JC goes up on the block, just to see the drama it’d bring. L4 is smart though, I think they would take him out during the double eviction….quick and easy.

I can’t even...

Just the past week? Lmao!! They’ve been moronic from day 1! The fact that Fes thinks he is a genius, is running the house and everyone owes him something…yeah…that’s the definition of moron!
It’s big brother…Angela doesn’t owe anyone anything…

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

He learned it from Swaggy C who thought he was puppet master of the house!


She’s got to nominate Fester and Haliegh together because Haliegh will be throwing him under the bus all week and desperately seeking Bretts attention……I cant wait till Fester walks in on another Brett/Haliegh petting session lol…… TV gold.


You’re right, they should both be OTB together just to watch what it does to their relationship, having to campaign against each other.


I know Fess is a Moron
You know Fess is a Moron
Zingbot knows Fess is a Moron

The only person that doesn’t know Fess is a Moron is Fess

Even after Zingbot said he was a Moron he did not put 2 and 2 together (math probably too difficult for him)

Please Angela, relieve us of having to watch this Moron. on…


Totally agree 100% Fes is a Moran ! But I hate to say it, if they don’t put him up his plan to get rid of SCottie and keep them safe actually worked !!!

Botox Pelosi

I agree Fes and Hay is who needs to be on the block. One of them goes for sure then and I love that Tyler doesn’t have to use his App. He can just let it die without causing any drama.



The Big winner this week is Tyler. If he is paying attention then Angela is probably going to make enough enemies (Hayleigh and Fessy for starters…who will then tell the rest of the Hive in jury how horrible Angela is). Tyler needs to switch it up and realize that he will have a much easier time taking Angela to final two instead of Kaycee. Does Tyler want a romance with Angela? How do I put this delicately…Angela would need a much thicker mustache, a beard and an extra appendage to capture Tyler’s heart. Go look at Tyler’s instagram. There are less gay men at a Barbara Streisand concert than on Tyler’s instagram. The only houseguest that would have a chance at a romance with Tyler would be JC …and that’s only if JC was six feet tall and had hot male dancer friends all over the globe for JC and Tyler to visit. We’ll see if Tyler can adapt. He has made final 2s with pretty much everybody but until now the one he stands by is Kaycee. That will have to change for Tyler to win Big Brother. Then he can have any guy he wants.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

As much as I want Angela to put up Fes and Hayleigh, my concern is that if Fes gets evicted then he has a good chance of coming back in with the battle back. The question is whether he would really save Haleigh if he is on the block with her? Fes is so arrogant right now that he isn’t even worried that he might go up on the block. You would think after Angela put Bayleigh up, when no one from the hive alliance thought she would, that he would have some concern that she could do it again to him. However, I know that is beyond his brain power (especially now that he thinks he is playing such a great game 60+ days too late). The ideal would be that Haleigh goes, Scottie wins the battle back, and then takes down Fes. If Scottie and Haleigh are both in the house then they will team up again. Right now is not the time to target Sam. She never tries to win the HOH anymore, so they can get her out any time, but first they need to target the remaining hive members IMO.

Eh eh

Agree with everything you said except better to get Hay out than Fes; if Scottie comes back, he & Fes don’t get along, plus Fes isn’t so bright whereas Hay is uber-suspicious and vigilant a.f. trying to get Angela or Tyler out, trying to manipulate Brett, trying to control who talks to whom, constantly trying to find a way to win. Fes would actually work with A&T, H would only use them as she’s been trying to use Fes.

No Longer Literally But Figuratively

So glad too. Especially with Battle Back, Fez & Hay HAVE to be spilt up. They owe them NOTHING. Fez (face palm). Hard choices. Sam is predictable, annoying, in the way. But Fez/Hay must go.


Cheers Fes your dumb moves last week cost your game..lol he deserves it

Team Tyler

I’m looking forward to what will happen when we’re down to L4. How are they going to turn against each other?


I want Tyler or Brett to win I liked Scotty too


Yeah. They have to take a shot now. It’s too easy. To be honest, they need to get Haliegh out. She’s the much better player than Fes, and if she leaves, he will be a wreck. He won’t be effective in the least. If they keep a Haliegh, she could easily rally herself and win next HoH. She’s much more level headed and would probably settle in better with the groups and possibly make it to the end. So I think Haliegh needs to go first.

That being said, Who here wouldn’t want to see Fes evicted, and then Scottie return right back into the house to comfort Haliegh?!!! Lmao


“He won’t be effective in the least. ” – but what does an ineffective fes look like, what if it’s like a bizaro world thing where he tries to evict someone not on his team?


Lmao that’s funny. Maybe he goes Hulk on the house and becomes the best play ever! Doubt it lol


Fes – Perfect hayliegh and me are on the block just as I planned. You got to make big moves

Farris Fanik

This is the funniest season ever. Haleigh wins HOH. Rockstar goes. Fes wins HOH. Scottie goes. Angela wins HOH. Puts up Fes and Haleigh. No appreciation lol.

Battle back horrible for LVL6. It’s between Bay, Scottie, Rockstar, and Hal/Fes. They need Fes or Hal gone.


I think Haleigh going would be better for Level 6. If Scottie wins the battle back, he will still want to go after Fessy. If Fessy leaves and Scottie comes back, Scottie will go back to Haleigh leaving 2 members of the Hive.


The hacker changed the game – L6 got someone else to go home on H’s HOH.

The season is going to get boring once L6 takes out Hailiegh: she was really the only one with any sense of what the hell was going on outside of L6.


No, they are already positioning to take shots at each other. JC is definitely trying to pit Brett against Tyler and Fez against Brett and he already knows Tyler will take a shot at Fez. Who’s Switzerland in all this? JC…he may be too far down the line for anyone to take a shot at effectively. JC may have positioned himself better than Tyler at this point. Plus the fact that quite a few folks knows JC talks game to everyone it wouldn’t be too hard to convince the hive jurors he was the mastermind of the season. Tyler may have kept too low a profile to defend against claim jumpers so Tyler needs more L6/5/4 in jury to sell the pitch for him.


If anyone other than a L4 member is final 2 they will win. I can see all these bitter evictees voting for anyone but L4. L4 better stick together till final 4 or they’ll be giving away $500,000


At first I thought it might not of been in Angela’s best interest to nominate haileigh and fes because I legitimately believed fes/hal would be loyal to her and Tyler but after thinking about it it’s the best option. With the battle back 3/4 jurors will be targeting Angela most likely (bay, rockstar, ASSUMING hay or fes would be the other juror, obviously it’s still so early and anything can change this week but as of now that’s what it looks like)….let’s say Angela didn’t target fes or hay this week and kept her word. Yes she would prove her loyalty but to them but if bayliegh or rockstar managed to return, there’s not a doubt that hay and fes would align right back up and if one of them were to win hoh, Angela would be right back in the block because she’s the main target for bay and rock. Also not nominating hay or fes might make L6 specifically Brett start to question where her loyalties are. Rather have one juror coming back in the house with no allies then a juror coming back and having 2 of their old alliance members (fes/Hal).still available.

Kid Donny 07

They “officially” don’t know about the battle back as far as I know.
With That said, I really wonder if production puts it in their mind.
If they have a Battle back – they would have a double E…

Fess and H go up and tell them it is to back door the “real” target Sam and keep the “final four” a secret.

Fess goes home either way… he uses the Veto on H


Your last sentence is the perfect analysis.

If Hayflirt or Fester leave and Baycist or Libstar come back do they really have many allies?

Smitten By Haleigh

“A Genius? “ OMG…. just shoot me now.” Fes is the true definition of a moron. I hope Fes gets evicted and Scottie returns to the game.


Fez is so arrogant. He really does think that he had the best HOH so far. A unanimous vote…the only one! Of course it was! Such an idiot! He does think he’s running the house…yeah, he was HOH and ran the house…ASS BACKWARDS! He is going to be so confused then angry when Angela puts them, Haleigh and Fez, both up.
Haleigh knows she is definitely going up and he is in denial. I can’t wait! If he wins veto, instead of saving himself, he would be dumb enough to stay on the block and save Haleigh. I’d much rather see her GO…she is smarter and therefore slightly more dangerous (only slightly because she can’t win anything).
As much as I’d like Sam out of the house, like Angela said, anyone can take her out.
Go Angela and Tyler! THIS will be the best HOH week yet!

Roll Tide

Haleigh will be able to say, “I told you so”. She tried to tell Fez not to get rid of Scottie, but JC was so far up his butt that what ever JC says is the gospel.

Don’t like JC at all, but he is actually playing a better game than Tyler. He has never been on the block, every HOH lets him control who goes on the block. Except Kaitlyn, Tyler controlled Kaitlyn and her spirit guides.


I think Tyler is still playing a better game than Tyler. JC is good, but at the same time, Fes makes him look that much better. The rest of Foutte/Hive have never really seemed to pay too much mind to him except for Fes. From early on Bay was trying to separate Fes from JC but he wouldn’t listen.

Me thinks he is going to be the most bitter juror.


Poor Angela literally has to babysit Tyler 24/7, that does not exactly scream great player to me. He is a liar and a gossip who does nothing but lay around all day making fun of other people and Angela is left to clean up his messes time after time.

Who said that!



To be fair Haleigh did win an HOH and a hacker comp. What has JC won?


Hes throwing everything and using the hoh to do all his dirty work and keeping friends with everyone to get jury votes.. I think its a ok strategy


That’s funny. I read your post and thought “Yeah, Tyler’s game is OK. Oh…. JC”


Too late to edit by the time I saw it. “I think Tyler is still playing a better game than JC”


To be fair, Production handed her both of those comps. Check back on this site.

Kid Rock

I guarantee he he finds a way to Blame HAleigh and justify Angela’s move for putting them up…. They will blame SCOTTIE AN FES WILL EAT THAT UP


Angela really isn’t much smarter than Fez. She was really into keeping that phony deal and it never dawned on her that Brett, Kaycee, and JC would see right through her if Fez and Haleigh weren’t targets…until JC all but pointed it out to her (Can’t wait to see his DR from that conversation). Then her odd need to justify it in a speech, like BB is a debating society. All she needs to say, “Fez, the only reason you’re up is to ensure you don’t use the veto on Haleigh” That’s it. She can even fluff him afterwards, saying “Brett is the only vote to keep Haleigh over you” so he is consumed with jealousy and unfocused….then again if she found a shiny object in the yard, she could use that to distract him too

But where her lack of IQ is particularly harmful, is she won’t be able to piece together that what JC told her, Tyler had to see too….and that he didn’t say it means he was fine setting her up to be seen as disloyal to Kaycee and Brett. All she has to do is recall the conversation where he said “We don’t want to win HOH” and since she went ahead and won it, he’s going to make sure she takes all the heat, whichever way she moves.


Tyler is the one pitching honoring the deal with them, Angela is just nodding along to pacify him and then she will make the best move for herself, as she always does. She has definitely been the brains of the L6 alliance all season.

Team Tyler

That was a good plan for her and Tyler to be on a secret alliance but she shouldn’t have tried winning HOH and had the other two L4 take the shot at H&F.

Now Angela has no chance of winning jury votes from Foutte if she’s final 2… Tyler for the win!

K...bb fan

Fes cannot understand that if Angela puts both of them on the block, then she obviously will not have both of them coming after her. It is the funniest bit of stupidity yet!


Fes could possibly be the dumbest houseguest on BB ever?


Take out *could possibly be* replace it with IS, then take off the ? and put an !


He just might give Lawon a run for the money.


You never know the returning player could come back with super powers! Well, of course the Hive is suffering from colony collapse disorder…


That’s not even a question Kaitlin. It’s a fact.


I hope in Brett’s good-bye message to Fess, he tells him that he’ll take care of Hallie for him while he’s in the jury house.


Brett’s only contribution this season has been his mean messages. Outside of that he has basically been useless.


He has also been funny which is a plus. He doesn’t deserve to win but he’s been entertaining.


He’s been hanging with Fow-tay and the Hives the entire season. Brett’s the primary reason they don’t know there’s an enormous alliance picking them off one by one.


Hopefully Scottie wins buy back and Fess is alone in jury house wondering what’s going on with his precious Hallie with Scottie and Brett. Karma Fess

Fessy's Left Nut

YES!! I. Live. For. This.


My prediction is fes and hay go on the block fed wins veto and saves hay fed gets evicted by unanimous vote and the buy back will come down to Scottie and fes


For thousands of years into the future CBS will show video of Faysal as a training aid of how not to play B.B. Brett just had the quote of the season, “stupidity is fine…but stupidity and arrogance.”

Butters Mom

Fez admiring his giant hickey in that picture I guess? LOL… then Haleigh “petting Brett” in the next picture… oh my.


I’m absolutely speechleess at how stupid Fes is……how dumb does that make Haliegh look because she listens to him lol.

CJ Thomas

Guess ? BB fans! The whole battle back thing.. So if Bayleigh wins t come back in the house guess what that means! Her power is still in effect now she’s back in the game because it was until there were only 8 players left. Her coming back in after they lose a player this week will keep them at the same # they are right now 8.
It’s good only until there is 8 ppl left. I thought I’ve heard that too from Bayleigh. So I might be wrong & this was the week her power expired or this is the last week her power is good. Now I’m thinking this week it’s expired.. right? Opinions?


That’s Tyler’s, her’s was only good for 2 more weeks before she left, she was HOH for 1 and that was the reason she was put up then voted out on the 2nd week. Her power is expired because this week (next week’s battle back) would put it 3 weeks expired


Her power was good until 8 people were left and has not been expired for 3 weeks now (she was lying about that). Could be wrong, but I think it meant she had to use it while there were still 9, expires at final 8.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Wonder if the battle back will be comp of just the 4 and the winner comes back or if it will be the version where they are all in the HOH comp? No matter what L6 er L4 worst case scenerio is 4 hive members battling it out to come back so at max only 2 in the house still to preserve numbers advantage. If Sam would go, Hive could have 3 in the house and not just 2.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Fes, Fes, Fes…..how would Sam leaving next make any player look like a genius? You are just making yourself look like a big dummy! ( there goes that voice of Redd Foxx going in my head again)

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’d get Fessie and Haleigh together and tell them this week will be a repeat of last week. Sam is the main target and Haleigh will be the pawn; Kaycee was their pawn last week, Brett was on the block last week and JC would simply flip out. I’m sure Angela’s new best friend would trust her and I’m sure Fessie will feel like he’s the strategic genius behind the move.

They all agree that anyone wins veto they leave the nominations the same; Sam is guaranteed gone.

Fight like Hell to win the veto, take Sam down, put Fessie up and send him to the jury house…where, if there is BB karma, Scottie wins the buy back as Dawg suggested.

Keeping in mind that everyone in jury house now know that Fessie nominated one of his own two remaining allies, if he ever utters “who flipped” it will be met with cold stares.


Do you think the jury members have been sequestered for the battle back and that is why we haven’t seen any jury footage?


I’m hoping they’re all stuck in that chair from Clockwork Orange being forced to watch seasons 2 through 10. Otherwise… why bother bringing any of those nitwits back?


I’d put Fes and Hay up together. It assures one will go. I would pacify them by telling them privately the goal is to backdoor Sam but they don’t want her flipping out all week. So keep it all hush hush. Also would hide that they are working with Hay and Fes ( *wink* *wink*). They just might buy it.


For any level 6 player to win they have to get the remaining Foute out ! History has shown that jury members vote who they like period !
They can bring in Dr Will to tell them it should be based on game play all they want, but it won’t change a dang thing, a bitter jury will vote for their friends every time !
I just hope Tyler being a B.B. fan knows this and finishes the job they started.


L6 is making a huge mistake if they send Fes out over Haileigh.

Haileigh is on to them and will target them if she wins another HOH. Fes on the other hand is so dumb that he will target Haileigh before he targets any of the L6 crew, and he isn’t even that much better at comps than her.


I don’t think it matters at this point if it’s Fes or Haleigh, none have enough sway to get their L6/L4 targets out, and they won’t win all the HOH’s, so they’ll just end up right back on the block sooner than later.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Folks, if you think Fessie is the ultimate moron in this game, he had a good teacher…

? @SwaggyCTV
10h10 hours ago

Angela gon’ take a shot at Fessy or Haleigh….
It’s gonna land.
Bayleigh gonna come back in the house.
FEAR will be put in the heart of the Fitness Model.
That is all.


Can Bayleigh even do physical comps? Is that bad for Baby C?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

If she’s pregnant, not nearly as bad for it as it’s father is.

Kid Donny 07

Queen Bay is the most over rated player in the history of the game


She had potential but her HoH was just a lesson in the corruption of power. She went on a power trip right out the door. I don’t see her lasting unless she wins HoH and then the vetoes.

who me?

Unless Scottie comes back and wins HOH and starts in on getting rid of L4, its going to be a very boring rest of the season. All “intel” and “dirty work” is done by JC at the direction of L4, who have no desire to take him final 4 or 2. So if he’s so smart (as many on here say) why does he just keep doing that? Why doesn’t he start swinging his vote at L4? And all the “blood on my hands” from Angela etc, is downright annoying. Taking out an idiot is not getting blood on your hands, taking out a REAL competitor is getting blood on your hands.


Breaking deals she has made is “blood on her hands”. She made a deal with Bay and broke it, blood. She made a deal with Fes/Hay, if she breaks it, blood.

Other than Tyler, who would you even consider to be a real competitor? Fes has won a couple ,but can you really consider him to be a “real” competitor, unless we are talking about competing for Haileigh’s attention.


I assume it was a decision based on keeping his eye-candy around. He couldn’t depend on Fes to nominate Kaycee and Angela and he likes having Tyler and Brett around to look at. While Scottie was a very sweet guy, he wasn’t much to look at.

To me JC is one of the few working with or in the L6 alliance who does not simply do what Angela tells them to do. He makes decisions for himself. At this point in the game having Fes, who he is close with, targeting L6 would also put a target on his back, and that wasn’t best for his game. He’ll find a way to push Brett or Fes to the end and convince them to take him to final 2.


Did anyone see on After Dark Wednesday night when Haleigh was talking to fes about how Angela and tyler might be in a showmance because she was playing with his hair? Like within seconds you could see clarity on fes’s face and hear the squeaking coming from his head as the hamster jumped on the wheel when he retorted by questioning her conclusion since she plays with other guys hair and tells him it’s not a big deal. And then conversation devolved to their typical bickering. Her parents must be so proud.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Both sets of parents must spend their time watching the fruits of their loins by firmly planting their faces in the palms of their hands………

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It doesn’t really matter which of the two stays.

If either one of them actually won HoH, it’s a forgone conclusion that they would have to put up at least one member of L6. Unless they win HoH, and can flip Sam and/or JC, L6 will still control the vote and decide who leaves as they will only have the returning Hive voting with them.

After that one shot they have to sit out HoH for a week, and unless they and the returning Hive member can alternate HoH wins, they’re soon to be toast.

Whichever stays, unless they try to work a new alliance with the returning Hive member and some of the remaining players, they don’t have a chance. So who do you keep; Haleigh who is better at some mental comps and who would probably have more of a connection with a returning Hive member, or Fessie who is better at physical comps but can be more easily manipulated?

I don’t believe either one of them is all that big of a threat. Myself, I’d still tell Fessie and Haleigh that it will be Sam with Haleigh as pawn, give Fessie credit for the idea, insist veto remains the same in good faith and backdoor Fessie. Sure, Haleigh is suspicious but just point out to her that Brett, Sam and JC are just trying to crawl up her butt the way Haleigh did all last week; have a seat best friend and chill out.

Even though that is what I would do, I HOPE they put them both straight up just so we can watch the shit-fest.


Please Angela, please nominate fes and hay, no backdoor! We have to see that. It would be an epic ending for the hive. Angela for AFP if she does this for us.


I dont think Bay or Rock will fight to come back. They got their stipend, and now living large in Jury. I think it will be between scottie and hay/fes.


Fes has got the battle back sewn up. The competition is to look like a duck and quack like a duck.

Bay's Dilemma

Except Fes’ quack will be more of a Moo and Scottie returns!


Victor will win the battle back!


He should be involved in every Battle Back going forward just to show how ludicrous it is.


Scottie’s eviction interview was awesome. It showed either 1) how completely ignorant the entire hive team is or 2) how great the L6 alliance has played this game. He seriously wasn’t sure if it was Fez who had been the switch vote? That’s hilarious!


I think it’s the opposite. I think it’s because Scottie refuses to believe that Fez is indeed that dumb.

Hi My Name Is Scott

The more I think of it, I really do hope that Simon’s wish of Fes being the 4th member of Jury and Scottie wins the battle back and both Scottie and Brett are both locked in the house with Fes’s beloved Haleigh. Fes will go nuts if that happens!

Hi My Name Is Scott

Hope they show Scottie showing up in jury and telling Rocks and Queen Bay how Fes put him on the block and made him his target. Angela will still get blamed for Fes doing that. )@((##$&$% rich privilege!!!!!


As a Brett fan I think we’re starting to see Level 6 splinter a little. I have faith Brett is smart enough to start positioning himself to not just be another enzo and give all to his alliance to get booted at 4th or 5th

Hi My Name Is Scott

Just the nature of the beast getting down to the number that is in the house. You have to start making contingency plans in case your “ride or die” goes down in flames. Any one of the 4 remaining members of the L6 can be booted at any moment, depending on who wins the HOH and who wins Veto. Someone in power will make a move sooner than later.


I do agree with you but he could point to the fact that he didn’t win a winning a single HOH as to why he went home.


“If Sam goes home this week I look like a f*ing genius” – Fez

Well Fez… not even if you got Tyler evicted by a miracle now you’d ever look like a genius. Worst HOH in BB history! Didn’t gather intel, didn’t establish strong relationships, got an ally evicted, remained very confused and on the top of everything made decisions based on jealousy (a man driven by his penis is always a clueless man). He should consider changing his nickname from Fez to Feces! And he deserved to read this post and see that Brett still gets some hair caressing from Haleigh. LOL.

I think they should have had a double eviction already… the rhythm is a little slow now and I wanna see Level 6 tearing each other apart. Tyler very smart is taking the least charismatic to final 2.

All i can wonder now is who’s gonna get AFP.


I’m sorry but anyone who says they should vote out Fes because he’s a moron needs to re-evaluate game play. Why would you vote out someone because they’re a moron, and is going to play your game for you? Between the Hayleigh and Fes you take out Hayleigh because she’s much more aware of what’s going on, and while she hasn’t figured out level 6 she’s connected the dots for Tyler-Angela-Kaycee working together she’s just missing Brett. I think that’s due to her ego telling her he’s working for her because she thinks Brett likes her. It seems to have been part of her gameplay to be the hot girl that gets boys wrapped around her finger.


Those to knuckle heads look like the “Clown Posy”, lol

another name

Haleigh should be worried. Especially if everyone else is playing with the same principles as her own. She’s said at least five times that deals and promises don’t mean anything to her in this game. oh well.
Fes should be worried…. that his lack of a clue could be diagnosed as brain dead.
Sam should be worried…. you just know somebody is going to spill something on that newly mopped floor.
Jc should be worried, he keeps pushing guys to get close to women in the house, then gets angry when those guys… get close to the women.
Tyler should be worried. He won’t have a hail mary in his back pocket anymore.
But SERIOUSLY, Fes and Haleigh should be worried… how valid is a day 60something deal made by the hoh…. before veto renom. Seriously. Hey, i have to make a renom because one of my targets won veto… want to form an alliance with me? Who. Does. That? Who does that with the two people that the entire alliance agreed had to be the prime target just one week before?


Lol there goes Sam kissing ass again I don’t think she is as stupid as everyone thinks she is she is fooling us all for someone who doesnt wanna be there she sure is trying to stay lol.. I wouldn’t be suprised if she wins the whole things smh and again screwing a deserving person.

another name

If Sam were in front of jury and said “i played all y’all, with my pinkie promises, playing crazy to keep you from putting me on the block, then kissing your asses when you had power, all the while playing weak and letting one person determine my votes most of the time for plausible deniability when i didn’t care who left as long as it wasn’t me.” How would that not be deserving? If in fact she is playing crazy? That means she played the social aspect of the game in an unconventional way, and got away with it.
I don’t think it’s all an act. But it’s enough of an act that she could use that premise in a final two.


My husband said the s

Club H.O.H

I liked that sweet moment around 3:30ish am when JC asked Sam if she was awake and told her she’s going to be okay and they told each other love you. Seems like JC is the only one who cares about Sam’s well being and mental state. That would be a great speech for Sam. I still want a F2 with JC in it and either Sam/Ty/Kc as the other. She’s nuts but it’s honest so I don’t mind it. Thanks OBB has been great throughout the years visiting this site. Everyone please donate so they can get their Keaken and we can enjoy more funny side notes.


Can we move this along already! My issue with this season, is that more than 50% of these ppl didn’t come to play. Dare i say, the only ppl of note that ii feel came to play FROM day 1 is Chris, Tyler, Scottie, Brett and even Steve. Everyone else has been following the status quo or realizing its a game weeks later or when they get tossed on the block.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Many contestants come just for the TV exposure and hope that they’ll be able to parley that into something bigger and better.

One clue is what they do once they’re out. Steve went back to his life, Swaggy keeps struggling to remain in the spotlight.


Who’s Chris & Steve?


What is up with everyone playing servant to the HOH? Has this been the norm all these years and I am just now noticing?


So I guess they don’t care about trying to hide their showmance with Fes sporty the hickey. How friggin old are they? 15?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

They both act it.


OMG this week is going to be great if Angela puts up Hay and Fes!!!


It’s a matter of numbers. You have to assume the worst and if someone returns they will join the opposite side (Hay and Fess) giving them 3. You do not want the other side to show a net gain in their numbers so you have to ensure one of Hay/Fess leaves this week. That way if the returning house guest joins the other side they are still at 2.


In my perfect scenario, Fes and Hay are put on the block. Fes is voted out. Scotty wins the buyback and comes back in the house. Fes is secluded in Jury house with Bay and RS while Hay makes fun times in BB house with Brett and Scotty. Lol It would drive Fes absolutely nuts to listen to those bitchy girls for a week as he worries about what Hay is doing with the boys in the BB house. Good times!


DP with Hayflirt


Basically you have to look at this week as a waste. L6 needs to get Hive member out because a Hive member is certain to return. -1+1=0. No net change.