FES “F**k Man! We suck at this game. You sent home Rockstar & I sent home Scottie!”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: Fes & Haleigh Have Not ?

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7:35pm Bathroom. Fes and Haleigh. Fes – best case scenario if one of us pulls ourselves off .. then we’ve got the other one, JC and we have to convince Brett. That’s the only thing. Brett is at the bottom of the totem pole over there. If he jumps ship and comes over here. (to the bottom of your side?) That’s the only one. And even then I don’t know. F**k Man! We suck at this game. You sent home Rockstar and I sent home Scottie! We should have f**king kept Scottie. Maybe they’ll like us for being so dumb. (LOL) Like look they’re making the dumbest moves but at least they’re winning HOH’s and doing it together. I look like such a f**king idiot. Haleigh – why? Fes – because of the f**king deal we made.

7:45pm Kitchen. Tyler to JC – have you been to a foam party? JC – yes. Tyler – did you disappear? JC – yes. But my friends are really protective. He says it was over his head and he had to make a space to breath. He had to look for a way out and his friends were trying to find him.

8:15pm – 9:10pm Bedroom. Haleigh & Fes. Haleigh – if you win the veto she will probably put Sam up. Fes – I hope so. Haleigh – I am going to talk to her tonight .. just in case you do pull yourself off then maybe she will reconsider. Fes – best case scenario I win the veto, she puts up Sam and she considers getting out Sam because she doesn’t want me coming after her. Haleigh – they won. Fes – so you think during my HOH when Brett was like f**k it I did it. Haleigh – he did it so that Scottie would go up. Brett knew that if he didn’t do that, Scottie wouldn’t go up. Fes – Scottie never flipped the Swaggy vote. Haleigh – it doesn’t matter. Fes – if we’re on the block together What should my speech be. IF we kiss how would that f**k things up? Haleigh – this isn’t what we should be worried about right now. Fes – its a tv show, come on. Its a game. At least if we do get out at least we get to be bitter a$$ jury members. Haleigh – I am so bitter. The only person that has my vote in this entire house is JC. Fes – and Kaycee right .. and she hasn’t done anything! Fes laughs. Haleigh – or Sam. I wouldn’t give it to Angela. Fes – at least the last 3 weeks are all about us. You win HOH, I win HOH and we go on the block. I want to win the veto but I am also ready to get the f**k out of here. Haleigh – I am over it.. at least I get to hang out with Bayleigh and Rockstar. Imagine if I get evicted and battle back and get back in. Then you win HOH. If you win HOH I want you to get your HOH room and then lock them out. Fes – no, I was thinking of having one on ones with everyone but Angela. Haleigh – maybe there’s a twist .. America gives us a power because they feel sorry for us. SEND US A POWER! Fes – and not a crap app we already got two of those. Haleigh – we need to find a new game to play.

Haleigh – do you like me? Fes – Duh. I won in my books. Haleigh – I am a bitter a$$ jury member. Fes – She (Angela)isn’t getting our votes, Rockstar or Scottie’s vote. She isn’t winning the game.

8pm – 9pm HOH room. Brett, JC, Angela, Kaycee and Tyler are studying the days / events of the season.

9:20pm Bedroom. Brett, Haleigh and Fes chatting about how they didn’t think they would make it this far. (Brett is working on jury votes) Fes – if we both end up in jury we don’t need to defend our cover any more. What do you think people will say? Haleigh – nothing. Scottie will be shocked. Fes – really, why? Haleigh – yeah, no one will be shocked really. Fes – I think if I make it to the end, I would have the jury votes. Haleigh – you would. I think that’s what they’re thinking because if I make it to then end I would have the jury votes too. Fes – watch it be JC and Kaycee… f**king floated all the way to the end.

9:50pm – 10pm Havenot room. Brett and JC. JC – right now we’re top eight.. we need to be top 5, top 4. Be extra charming. Be in a good place with her (Angela). And she is someone that you can totally get. Brett – but at the same point I feel like she is closer to Tyler and Kaycee. Tyler has a better f**king game than you. You’re working out and sh*t and he waits for the opportunity to go up there. In the morning where is Tyler .. up there saying good morning .. telling her how good she looks. Its not that complicated! Brett – I understand what you’re saying. JC – that is someone that can 100% have your back and a vote that we can use. You know that you and me aren’t really linked so we’re not going to see the block together. You could use my vote, her vote, Sam’s vote. I could use yours and hers.. you know what I’m saying? Brett – you’re saying because they’re already paired people will target them together? JC – yes, you don’t need to talk game with her. Go up and have fun. Tell her how good she looks. You’re the only person that can do this. Brett – why? JC – because she has a small crush on you. Brett – I will try but there’s too much of a gap. JC – don’t mention game. Tell her something private like how a girlfriend died or something like that. JC – you need to step your pu$$y up. (LOL) You need to make sure someone has your back. Right now you are in a good spot but as the numbers get down it will be harder. She is the only one you could get. Try to get Kaycee.. no. Try to get Tyler.. no. Brett – I know. Kaycee and Tyler both want to get Angela as well. JC – but they have her. Brett – the thing with Angela is she is so hardcore about loyalty. Remember when Rachel tried to do a final 2 with Angela and Kaycee.. Rachel got busted because Kaycee and Angela already had a final 2. JC – I love Angela and them .. I just want to set up the pavement.

10:27pm – 10:35pm Bathroom. Fes – they’re picking you off next week.. Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Brett… its Sam and You (going up next week).. Or whoever one of us stays .. first and then you .. Unless we win HOH. JC – who would you send home? Fes – Angela, Kaycee, Brett.. ..Who is going to beat me in the veto! Fes – Angela sucks at vetos. Kaycee sucks at vetos. You .. eehhh. JC – Tyler. Fes – Tyler is good. JC – think about Rockstar she got second and you got fourth. You didn’t even get bronze… you didn’t even get a medal. JC about Angela’s nomination speech – did you even hear the speech?? Fes – no, I was too busy looking at my damn picture. (LOL)

10:50pm Bathroom. JC and Tyler. JC – at least if he (Fes) stays I can make sure he doesn’t touch you. Tyler – tell him that I am in a weird spot because I can’t go against Angela. JC – yeah, yeah, yeah.

10:55pm – 11:20pm HOH room. Brett, Kaycee and Angela. They talk about how emotional the game is. Brett – at the end of the day it is just a game and you’re not in any real danger. Kaycee – its a f**ked up game. Brett – I have grown a lot and learned a lot about myself. I have to win HOH. I would feel so bad if I come out and haven’t won HOH. I want to show you guys photos so bad. We have to make sure Fes doesn’t win the veto. I just hope they don’t do a twist like press the button because they (Fes and Haleigh) would press it. Kaycee – I think America loves L6. Brett agrees. Brett – we have to get Fes out .. because JC loves Fes.

11:25pm Bedroom. Haleigh and Fes. Haleigh – I don’t blame you ..so stop apologizing because I did this, well most of it. Fes – you’re the only thing I care about in this game. Haleigh – Well you need to care more about winning and less about me. Fes – not going to happen. Haleigh – go to sleep. Fes – you know what I’m waiting for. Haleigh – a kiss. She kissed him. Fes – you’re my parent. Haleigh – someone needs to be. Go to sleep.

11:40pm – 12:20am Angela – I think we fast until the veto and then no food or water and us four share that bottle of wine. Brett – If you’re offering, I’ll take it. Angela – I don’t want to share with people that haven’t shared with everyone else. Haleigh and Fes both didn’t share their wine.

Kaycee tells them that Fes is going out this week as long as Sam or Fes don’t win the veto.
KAycee says Sam doesn’t know the game and JC is just playing around..
Brett goes on about how much he likes JC now, “I don’t think JC liked me at first.. to be honest he hung out with Rachel and i just avoided Rachel”
Brett – JC and I would probably not in the wild be friends.
They comment how JC doesn’t have any girls or straight men as friends.
Brett – I have never been near a gay guy that’s like JC
Brett says he had a lot of gay girls as friends in high school and 1 gay male friend in college.
Brett – he’s nothing like JC is flamboyant..
Brett tells them he’s a cyber security Engineer..
Brett – I’m an externally facing engineer.. I handle sales..
Brett – troubleshooting any problems they have depending on the scale of the business..
Brett says he minored in Computer science and worked IT at Alabama .. “I hated that job so f*ing much.. ”
Brett says he quit his regular IT job and was going to become a body building but then landed this cyber security job..
Brett – I focus on endpoint security software..
Brett – I have to be an IT specialties.. a social hacker.. a Technical hacker.
Brett – my brother actually sells the software.. I work very tightly with the sales guys.. they bring me out too talk about installation requirements.. All the technical questions..
Brett says casting found him through Instagram..
Brett goes into details about his work life.. for about 40 minutes,… .

1:14am Tyler and Sam

Tyler tells her that Fes and Haleigh really tried hard to get Sam on the block.
Tyler says Haleigh and Fes though it was going to be Sam and Haleigh on the block
Sam – win veto keep noms the same..
Tyler- yeah.. if one of them wins the other goes out..
Sam wonders if Haleigh and Fes really like each other says if they do that would be sad.
Sam – baby steps
Tyler – we’re top 7
Sam – no I mean I will stop smoking then start working out and stop eating sugar.

1:40am Sam is hanging out on the stairs tonight.. She talking about Cats to BRett.

2:27am Zzzzzzz

7:12am Zzzzzz

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another name

instead of wasting their time with the names Foutte and hive… they should have just called themselves the bitter jurors.



Angela has zero chance. WE have heard enough to know she is MOST despised by the majority who will sit on the jury and we know they are bitter types.
Tyler has ALMOST zero chance of winning UNLESS he is sitting next to Angela in the final two (against Angela his chances of winning are huge)
Kaycee is the most likely to win this game. Tyler has made final two deals with pretty much everybody but he takes his final two with Kaycee most seriously. If Tyler does not grasp how badly Angela has hurt her end game and go back on his real final two with Kaycee, he’s doomed.
After this week, the remaining players have no alliance or are at the bottom of the totem pole in an alliance. Their chances of winning cannot be good at all.
Production spends more time with Tyler than pretty much all the other contestants combined. Perhaps they will steer the fan favorite to the correct final two decision.


i think brett and angela are in trouble as both seem prone to laughing at others’ missteps. tyler can probably keep his cool enough to win over votes. kaycee i just feel a jury may feel is guilty by association and not be apt to giving her the win. jc and sam will also have problems once an L6 hits the jury and starts revealing how little they’ve done in the game while praising the moves of the L6 alliance.


i think JC has a chance if he can articulate the moves he made, imo he made all the moves for tyler


The veto players are Angela, Faysal, Haleigh, JC, Kaycee and Sam

Still Don't Miss Paul

No Brett or Tyler. A pretty good draw for The Hive.


I said early on JC was playing really well. In fact perhaps only Tyler was playing as well. Well the production edit is all about JC as puppet master/genius. You gotta love edits!
So now we come to this weeks Veto. If Fez or Hay win someone has to be the replacement. L6 isn’t nominating each other so it’s Sam or JC. Guessing Tyler will suggest JC up. The Hive may actually survive if it was JC versus Hay.
At some point they have to take a shot at JC. May turn out it’s this week.
By the way what’s all the talk about a buy back? They are showing good bye messages on eviction night. Perhaps I missed something. Any one have an idea where this is coming from? Frankly I think a double is long over due.

Yeah - No Paul

julie announced to the viewers Not the house yet but on Thursday when they vote out that person and the other juriors will do a battle-back


Have faith in Tyler I think he’s got all his base’s covered as much as humanly possible…… but it’s a risky juggling act…….it would suck for the jury to ignore superior game play 3 years in a row on BB.


Ah, Paul did not have superior game play especially not in BB19. He was given huge advantages and then acted in a manner that would have gotten him curb stomped in the outside world.

Who said that!

What’s the difference between Kaycee and a blanket?No joke,I’m seriously asking.


Kaycee has a good chance at $500,000.


Fucking josh won. With mark’s vote. Things chances for the better or the worst..




I said it before, out of everyone else, Kaycee has the highest chance of beating Tyler at F2. Tyler will win over everyone else though. Definitely can’t see them voting JC or Bret when they realize that they were playing them as well.

K...bb fan

Angela and Tyler still have the best odds at winning. All the other side has valued all game is comp wins, and they won’t want to be known as the not only the worst players, worst alliance, and worst jury ever. However, if someone else starts to win some comps, then possibly there will be some justification.

Botox Pelosi

This game is far from over. With the battle back this week you will only need three votes to evict someone. If Scottie comes back he and Hayleigh will be a team. Sam likes Scottie and is a total wild card. All she needs to do is see Tyler or Brett with Angela and she can go Defcon 1. Both JC and Brett know they are not riding high on the totem pole either. I think we are in for a wild finish.

Haleighs Booty Shorts

I would like to see that, Fess evicted then Scottie winning battleback, teaming up with Haleigh again and one of them winning hoh

Im trying to catchup with info, if anyone can help with these questions it would be appreciated…

1. If noms stay the same do they plan to vote out Fess 5-0?

2. Is Sam the renom if needed and if so will one of Fess/Haleigh be evicted 4-1 or is there a chance Sam is evicted rather than Haleigh?(perhaps Fess, JC, Brett could keep her as JC, Brett would need numbers to eventually get the trio of Tyler, KC, Angela out? Or are JC and Brett delusional and so blindly loyal to Tyler and one dimensional in the game that they think they can get to the end against Tylers trio without any help?) Haleigh who will be good at mental comps seems a much more useful, reliable and stable ally to Brett/JC, rather than Sam, and Haleigh gets on well with both JC/Brett…plus JC/Brett know Haleigh goes after Tyler/Angela/KC again before she goes after JC/Brett

3. Which of KC, Angela, Tyler, Brett, JC are talking the most about targeting one of their own group the most, and who is planning to target who first within that 5?

4. Whoever wins battleback, will that person be safe for the week? Will they come in after or before hoh comp? If before, are they eligible to play hoh, and if they dont win hoh are they safe for the week anyway?(was cody safe for a week when he won battleback?)

5. After the eviction it goes from 8 to 7…is Tylers power which expires after final 8 then over this Monday after the veto meeting, despite the battleback making it go from 7 back to 8 again?

6. Will the double be 6 September the week after battleback(8 to 7, 7 to 6) or 2 weeks after battleback on 13 September(7 to 6, 6 to 5)? Im thinking it will be 2 weeks after battleback, that way there is an extra person in for another week making episodes and feeds more interesting, plus having 6 rather than 7 for the double eviction veto would mean no need for a veto draw…this way it would be this week 8 to 7 and 7 back to 8 with battleback, then a regular week 8 to 7, then the next week a double 7 to 6 and 6 to 5


Great question

Haleighs Booty Shorts



If liberals are libtards does that make Republicans retards?

I Told you So

TLDR! Watch the show be fore you ask dumb questions!!!

Haleighs Booty Shorts



1. Likely.
2. Priority is Fes then Haileigh.
3. I dont think L6 has said anything much. Tyler said his ideal F4 is JC KC ang and him. Jc was telling brett about L4 targets.
4. I think it will be an endurance like last year similar to the tree hold on as long as you can. 4 jurors plus house guests. Last juror stays last person HOH.
5. Cloud good for 8 weeks not top 8. So apparently it exp on the 31 so if say Fes is evicted and wins battle back, he can potentially use it for noms next week.
6. No idea. I wait to hear from Julie on thurs.

Haleighs Booty Shorts

ok thats interesting about the cloud

i remember sindee of bbcan had safety for a week when returning, but sounds like bb usa dont do that

thanks for your response to my questions


Tyler’s power was for 8 weeks not final 8. Bayleigh’s power was good until final 8. Depending on if production wants to take a shot at L6/5/4 to even things up, Bayleigh’s power may be nullified by eviction or not. We’ll see if she makes it back in next week.

Reality bites

Last season proved that anyone can win this game even if you are a horrible player. So no one is out of the running.

Not sure which game you have been watching but Tyler has a great chance of winning this. He is very well positioned. The battleback will factor into how long L6 remains united. As long as there is a common enemy in the house they will.

Will it be a bitter jury? probably knowing how immature the hive people are. But they will most likely be having to pick between 2 L6 members for the win. Hopefully people like scotty will be able to convince them into voting for who played the best game.


Agree with everything you said but Paul would have had my vote last season so what do I know. (I also think he should have won over Nicole.) I hate bitter juries and wish they would cast vote based on gameplay rather than hurt feelings. I do acknowledge that it’s probably easier for me to say that given I have never played.

I know people will say jury management is part of the game and I don’t totally disagree. It is a game based on deceit, not honesty. The ones that complain about being lied to have usually also told a few.

I would like to see a season with nothing but serious BB fans who have applied for the show. No recruitments. Also not a house full of grown men talking in a little boy voice.


Sorry for the previous lengthy post. I just drank an energy shot! I got side tracked.

Where I was going:

Unless Tyler is up against Fessie or Hayleigh and maybe Scottie, he has best chance of winning. I say that because Hive would of course, be bitter and automatically vote for Hive member. Scottie was on bottom and always considered expendable. Even Haleigh waivered back and forth on trust but connected and would vote for him.

While Tyler may have been the brain in L6, unlike Paul, he wasn’t malicious. I think he is genuinely a nice guy who happens to have a certain boyhood charm that helped keep him off the block. If he is in F2 with L6 and probably even JC or Sam, that little twinkle in his eye, coupled with his charm, may just give him the win.

Haleighs Booty Shorts

As it stands I think JC or Brett can beat Tyler in final 2 if they fully explain their game and continue to be solid…

Tyler v JC:

KC, Ang, Brett, Sam versus Hay, Fess, Rock, Bay(Scott the swing vote can be influenced most by Hay/Bay)

Tyler v Brett:

KC, Ang, JC, Scott versus Hay, Fess, Rock, Bay(Sam the swing vote may give Brett a win as she seems to like Brett more than Ty…a potentially bitter JC could also get revenge on Ty)

I think JC or Brett winning would be a worthy win as they have played pretty well and put in alot of work and pulled off alot that shouldnt be underestimated

KC or Hay could also win based on social game ability to pull enough votes from their side…Hay would have 4 locked if she is final 2 from Bay, Fess, Scott, Rock, then if level 6 screws over JC or Brett, she could get 5 votes



After the dust settles, it will probably be Hayleigh and Scottie or Hayleigh and Fessy against the rest of the house. The difference? One would think the last two hive members after the battle back would have SUCCESSFUL BRAIN TRANSPLANTS. Both remaining members would also be in the next HOH competition.
If The Hive win the next HOH they should now be smart enough to get Kaycee or Angela out. They will still lose but with a little help from Production (who will select the types of HOH and veto competitions) the Hive can cause some damage to Level 6 now.
Fessy may be a total moron…but he is an all-American who was almost good enough to play pro football. It’s not hard to design competitions that such an A-Level athlete would completely smoke the competition. Hayleigh seems very good at puzzle type challenges. Level 6 is quite bad at actual competitions (perhaps by design). I don’t think Brett wants to win HOH. Soon, Tyler may not want to win HOH (it might expose all his final two deals).
Production can still bring us an exciting puppet show. It does not have to descend to Level 6 eating their own any time soon.

Haleighs Booty Shorts

i just dont want a procession of predictable evictions of the house sending home bottom of the totem pole until finale…i want cages rattled, and people start to play an individual game rather than a loyal group game


He was most certainly not even close to playing pro football in the US


True…but if she continues winning and doing things…it’s possible that at some point the bitter jurors will realize she played the best game. That’s if she continues winning and making big moves. I still want Brett to win a few more comps because he’s done awesome at managing the psychological aspect of the game…he just needs more wins that 1 veto


jC could be final 2 and the Hive jury might not vote for a Level 4 member.


Remember rock and bsyleigh said they would let what happens in the past be in the past
So I think Tyler has the best shot of he makes final 99.9.

Eh eh

Bingo. Except Fes (and maybe Scottie, who knows). Fes only said he was bitter in order to kiss up to Haytleigh. Almost all the rest of the time he’s easy-going (“it’s just a game”), fun-loving, and was the only one of H/F actually willing to work with T&A for real. He may not be bright but at least he’s not an insecure, grudge-obsessed narcissist with a victim complex.


Fes will be bitter. He is making it seem like he wasn’t hurt by what happened, but that’s just for show. By the time he gets out of the house he’ll drop the act and show his true feelings. Especially when Hayleigh is soon evicted and ends the showmance.

Tom A

NOW tweedle dee and tweedle dum both understand how bad they are. Finally.

another name

don’t worry. if one of them wins veto… they’ll still get blindsided.


rockstar going on hayleigh’s hoh wasn’t hayleigh’s fault (it was mostly rockstar’s. tyler should have finished 4th in that veto if not for rockstar’s blunder). meanwhile everyone but fes knew sending scottie home was bad for his game.


It was Hayliegh’s fault too, Tyler ran BACK down found and found the right answers before Hayleigh, who was already down there.


They think hay become a target because she was the hacker. And rockstar got the fall for that. They dont realize they were targets anyways


even after it finally dawns on them how they’ve been outmaneuvered and outplayed they’ll still end up bitter jury members.. they were bashing “the floaters” but now “the floaters” are the only people worthy of their jury votes..

the hypocrisy of the defeated is predictable..
human nature is impressively consistent.

Rigged Game

Well said. They wanted to team up with Angie and Tyler because they are competitors. And they feel the floaters should go. Now in jury they vote for floaters because they were outplayed and their feelings were hurt by the competitors.

Tyler for the win

You picked up on that too? Eveyday I become more and more baffled with the immaturity of the whole Hive alliance. It’s like the blind leading the blind.


Fes and Haileigh are finally owning how oblivious they were. You would think they would give credit to the players that played the best game. Instead they show who they really are again. Self absorbed idiots. Haleigh May be intelligent on some level but her maturity level is that of a middle school jealous brat. They will vote the same way they played the game…with blinders on.


Well she is a Millennial bish

It's a shame

I feel sorry for Angela. She has to do all the dirty work for their alliance and meanwhile, people like JC, Brett, Kaycee and Tyler all get out of this clean as a whistle. She is playing a good game. Her one mistake was winning this week.


I think that since they are a team, they all have to work to pull this HOH and eviction off. Therefore, they ALL have the blood on their hands. Fez and a Haleigh saying that the only people they would vote to win would be JC, KayCee or maybe Sam. Too bad that they won’t be any of the choices… I see Angela and Tyler as the final two, if Angela has her way. Tyler and KayCee if Tyler has his way. Will they be stupid enough to vote KayCee for the win? Of course they will. I hope Tyler ends up against Angela so they give the win to him. Those bitter female jurors all hate to vote for her. Jealous!


I would so hate for Kaycee to win.

K...bb fan

If circumstances lead to that, I would not be upset. But she has to win some more comps. 1 is not enough to justify playing in a group, that all have contributed in many ways to the elimination of the rest of the houseguests without getting a few important wins. Even if those two are in the final 3 comps and she gets to decide who she takes.


That’s one of the draw backs of a very successful alliance or position. She doesn’t need to do anything to advance and anything she does do may just make things worse. She is kind of like a luger (Olympic sport not the gun) once you’re moving she needs to be very controlled or she’s screwed.

It’s a hard sell to make folks see how well positioned she was in the case she needed to step up. Much like on the wall, she stayed up there until Kaitlyn fell and left just Tyler and Sam then Kaycee dropped. I’m sure if she was hesitant about the others she would have stayed.


I don’t think Kaycee should win, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing if she did win.

Haleigh is pissed right now and just needs to vent. She’s also going fairly easy on Fes because he’s still the only one she has left in the game. She understands the game tho. Once she’s in jury, she’ll let Fes have it about how big of an idiot he is and I think there’s still a high chance she’ll vote based on strategy. Based on twitter feeds, she gives Angela credit for gameplay. It depends on how much she listens to Bay and RS.

K...bb fan

Would never happen


I LOVVVEEE KC…but at this point, I don’t believe she has done anything to justify winning 500 G’s


I think you forgot about jury battle back next week. Either Bayleigh or Scottie will be back and will team with Hayleigh. I think Brett will jump ship and JC will go back to playing the middle in an effort to manipulate Brett the way he was Fes. All of a sudden the sides are equal again. I really hate battle backs and returning houseguests. You already lost once. You shouldn’t get a chance to play again.

not me

brett ain’t jumping off of level 6

Who said that!

Then he won’t make top 3.

Hayleigh's Huge Mole

But Sam might.


I think Sam might flip too.


Yea I don’t see him doing that either. Each of the L6 members are super loyal

K...bb fan

That is why it is smarter to keep Fes this week, because there is little chance that any returning houseguest are going to be interested in teaming up with him.

oh boy

it erases a week, thats what i hate about it…


How do you know RS or the 4th juror won’t be back? That’s quite presumptuous. RS has performed better in comps than Bayleigh has.

Eh eh

Good analysis. Everyone in the comments seems to be overlooking Brett. He beats keeping over JC, hard to know who will win comps at the end as he may have been sandbagging: he won when he had to and played a great social game (except Jury management). He might be nobody’s final 2 pick but for having won few comps and provoked some of that bitterness with his hilarious stunts. Against Angela or possibly Tyler if he makes final 2 he might also win.


Until last week I actually really liked Brett. I’m not ready to forgive him yet for what he did to Scottie though so I doubt Scottie or his actual friends would be ready to either. He wasn’t thinking about end game. He isn’t going to get the jury votes.


I disagree. Believe it or not…and I’m not a fan of the rat..but I actually think he recognizes what an incredible game move that was that Brett made. I might be wrong, but I don’t think rat is bitter.


I’m not a rat fan either but I do have to give Scottie credit for his speech on eviction night. He apoligized and went out with class.


Indeed he did


I think Scottie will vote for game play given a bit of time to reflect. He’ll also see that Brett made a good move.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

And to top it all off, now Fes won’t give her a 1 on 1 if he wins HOH again! What a burn! I am sure Angela will be soooo devastated! Wasn’t she the first one up in his room after his HOH win, pitching a final 4 deal? Wasn’t she bowing down to the King of BB pleading for him not to put her or her partner on the block?………oh wait, that was him last night. My bad!!


Exactly! I wonder who ties his shoes for him every morning? I do hope that if he gets the boot this week he comes right back. Dum Dum and the Mole are the greatest/worst B.B. team of all time!!!!! I thoroughly enjoy these two window lickers every week!


Seeing how she wanted Haleigh off her d**k… I don’t think she minded too much. Angela is NOT playing a scared game.


I’m pretty sure brett did the dirty work during fuzzball’s hoh. He claimed that vote which prevented other L6’ers from being put on the block.


Am I the only one who gets annoyed with bitter jury members? It never used to be this way. People used to vote based on respecting someone’s game play. I understand the bitterness towards Paul last year because of the bullying, but this year Hay & Fes were simply out-played. The sore loser look is a bad look.

Butters Mom

The Hive = snowflakes=bitter jury


A Bitter juror equates to a immature sore loser. They are incapable of putting the shoe on the other foot. Haleigh “Angela played a good game…I would never vote for her!” Fes I don’t know what happened I was too busy looking at my picture. (and at looking at himself in the mirror all season) smh

Haleighs Booty Shorts

in the bb rules there is no mention that jurors are not allowed to be bitter or that they have to vote for the ‘best player’

in most cases, jurors will vote for who they like the best, more often than against who they dislike, but either way thats the reality

in the case of angela, its naive to think she would have a locked vote from someone she nominated 2 days after agreeing a 4 person safety deal with them…if you go out of your way to screw someone over in the game, you should expect its likely they return the favor with their jury vote…this is why tyler is a decent player and angela is his minion…tyler would never be dumb enough to make that kind of deal then immediately screw them over…so he likely used his brain and threw the hoh, leaving dumb angela to get all the blood on her hands, losing jury votes in the process

Haleighs Booty Shorts

I think most of this cast will be bitter jurors

JC and Angela will be very bitter if on the jury

JC is the only one not to be nominated, when he does he will go apesh!t, and for sure will be the most bitter juror out of those left

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Many houseguests have claimed they would be bitter jurors but once it’s time for the round table discussion, they usually reward the best game play. Paul was the only exception for me because he was so arrogant, was given unfair advantages by production, and was such a bully & wouldn’t own it. By comparison, most of these houseguests have been civil and decent this season. Fez and Haleigh’s game SUCK but it was nice seeing everyone laughing together and having fun last night.


Lies, Dan should ve won bb14

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

You are right – I forgot about BB14 and Dan.


yeah, bb14 is the last time i would legit argue a bitter jury determined the outcome. last two seasons are maybe debatable but paul just made really weak arguments to the jury both years (spending too much time convincing them he was worth keeping in the house specifically because he wouldn’t win and then backing himself into a corner when seeking their votes) and i don’t consider those bitter juries as a result.

more often than not players claim they’ll be bitter jurors and then get over it. jean-robert bellande on survivor being the best example.

Kid Donny 07

the last survivor vote was personal. they voted for the second most deserving winner


No chance


I just posted the same thing re Hayleigh. I think she will vote based on game play.

Fez will be bitter. Especially when he finds out that JC has been playing him all along and thinks he’s dumb.


That’s one thing about Hay, she seems like the type to know when she got “got” that means she got outplayed, no shade to the victor. We shall see. Maybe she can influence the rest of the jury in a reasonable way. Or maybe I’m giving her too much credit.


Fez I believe will vote the better competitor. He see this mainly as a comp driven game which is why his social game is so short sighted and moronic. He’s another one who’d have had an easier time playing survivor until he got blindsided on week 2.

Rigged Game

Millennials are delicate snow flakes.

Baby Boomer

Says every grumpy old man about the previous generations since the beginning of time.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Says the spoiled entitled twat…

Fruit loop dingus

I see what youre saying but you have to remember that Big Brother is a social game as well. If the jury doesn’t like them then they probably played a shit social game ?????

K...bb fan

Or the jurors did.

Baby Boomer

It’s all HOW you deliver the back stab, or the perceived back stab, that counts. If you enjoy “telling it like it is,” and being “honest” about your feelings ( at the same time you are ending someone’s game), they are going to hold on to the bitterness. If you apologize for being forced to do this, for your own game, and kiss their ass a little while ending their game, they are more likely to forgive you later.

That’s why those goodbye messages are so important. You can send a good, sincere sounding apology without the rest of the house seeing you mending fences for jury votes. You can claim everyone hates you, and that you sent a nasty message, so their more likely to take you to the end.


A little flattery can go a long way! The old “I had to get you out because you’re such a threat “ line always helps

K...bb fan

I agree completely. If this really becomes a substantial trend in BB, it will ruin the show totally. Its bad enough that we get production interference constantly, and unnecessary twists. But to constantly have spite and bitterness determine the winner is a step too far for all the stress that anyone who has schemed, battled, and played their fellow cast members is too much. I also think they need to up the prize money…what price value hasn’t changed since 2000? Hell, we are decades away from gameshows offering million dollar rewards for an hours worth of answering trivia.


I would also like the stipend paid while in the house be higher than what is paid for sitting in the jury. I get so tired of hearing so many of them say they just want to make to jury so they can sit on their asses the rest of the summer and get paid.


CBS is notoriously cheap…….look at that ratty old house lol.


Maybe BB should give thorough jury instructions/criteria like a judge gives to court jurors. A reminder they should cast vote without prejudice or bias. ??

Relax, I’m kidding. That will never happen. I could be wrong but I kind of remember Dr. Will trying to steer jury towards voting based on gameplay, less bitterness.

Eh eh

Agreed. Result of casting too many emotionally damaged borderlines (for drama value) who mostly tend to find each other and team up. The Paul non-wins were the epitome of bitter juries with skins so thin they’re transparent.


At least this season, it hasn’t resulted in too much bullying, like past seasons. Apart from Bayleigh and her blowups and and “don’t call it a tantrum” till her mouth bleeds.


I think a lot of times they are initially bitter BUT when they actually discuss they can get behind their gameplay.


Totally! Last season was the first time where I put myself into the juror’s shoes and feel like I would have been a bitter voter as well. I think, in a lot of cases, people get over their bitterness and do what’s right

Haleighs Booty Shorts

Its a completely flawed system of deciding the winner, often giving the lesser player the win

So why get upset when the system allows people to vote however they want?

It is easy as a viewer to just say they should vote for ‘the best player’

However if an evicted player gets screwed over, they can screw over someone right back by choosing not to help award them $500k

I dont see why people are shocked every year when people vote for simply who they like best more often than not over who played best

until they come up with a method to more accurately decide the actual best player of a final 2 this popularity contest jury vote will continue…they need to find a way to better reward manipulation/strategic game/impact on game altering decisions and not have social game/likeability/jury management be so overwhelming in deciding the winner

If you put yourself in the shoes of jurors, why would you help give someone who played well but who you possibly hate/screwed you over $500k over someone who didnt play as well but who you will be life long friends with?

Dont blame bitterness in humans who are playing a game which is very psychological, blame the system which allows bitterness to so easily influence winner deciding votes


I love how Fes is bunching himself and Haleigh together saying WE are so stupid, and WE suck at this game. It’s true they both suck, but Fes is in a category by himself, the idiot. Haleigh’s HOH got screwed by the Hacker thing while Fes deliberately targeted an ally. If I have to hear “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck” one more time from him, I will honestly scream into my pillow.

Eh eh

Except if she had a clue, she’d know how to persuade him. E.g. “But Fessy, all I know is Scottie has MY back, so putting him up hurts ME.” Then she gets huffy and sarcastic “why don’t you figure out what’s good for Angela’s game and do THAT”, then leaves him to pout/”console” Scottie (more like whine to him about how Fessy doesn’t care what’s good for her). Instead of strategically or rationally persuading, all she knows how to do is wallow in self-pity around him 24/7. That’s not social intelligence. Fes’s misunderstanding of Scottie as a threat had a LOT to do with her agonizing over losing Scottie instead of keeping cool and problem-solving. I think JC could never have pulled it off without her unintentional help.


She told him numerous times Angela and Kaycee are coming after her, Fessy is the dumbest BB player in history.

Haleighs Booty Shorts

its astonishing any human could be as dumb as fess (or kaitlyn)

both had their hoh manipulated by their puppet masters ty and jc to evict one of their own side


SO true.


If it talks like an idiot and walks like an idiot…it’s an idiot.

Rigged Game

Jc is a level 10 3D chess player. The conversation with Brett was PhD level big brother. This guy is so far ahead of every one on strategy. So much in that discussion with Brett.


This could be his downfall. He is being too aggressive. Brett is smart too, and I really think Brett will stay true to L4.

Rigged Game

Jc plants seeds and then backs off. At the end of the conversation the person thinks it’s their idea and not his.


Yeah early in the game Tyler was discussing JC with someone and said JC is smart but comes on to strong sometimes and needs to tone it down a bit cause it will catch up to him…..Tyler is very smart too.

Who said that!

Brett knows he’s the odd man out in L4 so he better have a back up plan.


Bret needs to start thinking like JC….if he doesn’t he’ll be taken out after ages and Haleigh! JC is correct that if those three don’t team up then they will be screwed and picked off.


JC is a master in manipulation. I’ve enjoyed watching him.

Eh eh

Brett is good at pretending to be convinced. And Tyler is a move ahead of JC all game.


JC and Tyler deserve to be final two.


JC and Brett talking tonight about how to move forward. I think this might developed into a legit thing. I hope they become a duo against the other three level 6ers to make the back end of the season interesting! The stupid battle back will put a wrench in that for sure though. Arghhh


It’s they’re best shot at getting further in the game….all of l4 can’t get to the final two


JC and Brett could be a legendary duo, if they really do go for it. They’ve already shown they can make things happen together, ie, last week. And Fez has no idea!


The battle back is giving JC time to work the cracks in the L6 alliance, which is exactly what he needs. If Sam was smarter she would be doing the same thing. Although Sam’s only in to that alliance is Tyler and Angela is keeping him on a short leash to make sure that he isn’t working other angles.


I hate bitter jurys. If Tyler makes it to final 2 with another L2 player he just may be able to pull off a win due to his little bird charm.

Rigged Game

Fezzy has mommy issues.


Yeah, that was creepy


FES “F**k Man! We suck at this game. You sent home Rockstar & I sent home Scottie!” Idiot speaks again. Fes! Hayleigh didn’t sent home Rockstar. Hacker made that possible. You nominated your own teammate. Stop trying to lessen your mistake by trying to compare it to Hayleigh’s. (Fes in shower talking to JC) Fes did you say Get me out of this dumb azz house? The only dumb azz is you. Fez laughs and JC shakes his head. Fez asks if you win the veto you’re using it on me? JC says something i couldn’t make out. Fez says that’s some mess up shit JC and the idiot laughs like it was a joke. JC is being serious.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Every time Fez slams KC for being a floater (perhaps he means JC & Brett in that category too since he hasn’t won comps), all I think is they both out smarted your dumb a$$. Just because you are a jock but can’t be trusted with sharp objects doesn’t make you a player. This has been summer camp for Fez and he has no idea how he’s going to be dragged on twitter for being one of the biggest idiot BB players ever. Not to mention, KC Brett & JC have mad acting skills.

Eh eh

You blame him for laughing at something you couldn’t even make out, and HE’s the idiot?

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

(Watching After Dark) I have to say, crappy game or not, except for the usual expected venting, Fez & Haleigh are not crying and being big babies. Neither are blaming the other for all their bad moves. They are owning it. I HATED when RS immediately starting crying like a baby; and Sam acts out every week. I love that as the numbers are dwindling, L6 is still loyal but also playing their butts off socially, strategically, individually. JC doesn’t know he’s not part of a long term alliance but is playing his butt off. I’m impressed with even KC & Brett’s game play, only a veto and the Hacker comp between them, but being on the block over and over, used their minds and their social games; infiltrated the other side, as did Tyler. They are using whatever they have to in advancing their game. This is the first HOH they are going to be able to enjoy the HOH room together and hang out. The others have been laying in it all season chugging the food and wine while others had to avoid their best friends for the game. Fez is a good sport, but he doesn’t deserve to go further in the game one bit. He’s a mental floater. Like a dead fish.


hayleigh’s only truly bad move was picking kaycee for veto as hacker. everything else has been correct gamewise or, in terms of coming clean about being the hacker, ultimately insignificant, she just happened to have rockstar throw that veto comp to tyler.

Eh eh

Beg to differ: her worst move was the ineptly self-centred way she tried to convince Fes not to nominate Scottie (making it all about herself as usual and getting pissy when he didn’t immediately just do like a well-trained boyfriend for her, ending up making Fes even more sure of himself.


Well actually Bay is the one that suggested Kaycee for the veto in an open discussion with Hive members. Hay picked up on it and did it.


That was after Angela and kaycee put it into bays head that the hacker should choose Kaycee. It’s one of the reasons they believed bay was the hacker.

K...bb fan

Getting in a showmance was a bad move for her game and life. Especially with that specific idiot. Beyond that, aligning and staying with the group after Swaggy got evicted, was a tragic end of her game. She could have been able to be an ally with L6, and possibly a more valued ally since she has pulled a couple victories.

Is It just Me

Oh, i wish you’d said a duck! If it floats like a dead duck…it must be Fez’s brain.

You’re right -he’s being a good sport. When you take the arrogance out of his sails, he’s a decent dude


If Tyler gets bumped off eventually JC/Brett combo would be my favorite to win JC is very smart indeed……..

another name

Roles within Level 6.
Angela, so far, is the bloodletter. She is putting herself in the situation of being the one to get blood on her hands.
Brett, so far, is the douche turned grifter. He is inserting himself into the middle through misdirection in order to keep the other side distracted by the size of the alliance.
Tyler, so far, is the former grifter turned soother. He is keeping the other middle people in line, keeping them from jumping to the other side by placating them.
Kaycee, so far, is the rudder. More than once, she has been the one to keep the others on track and ‘on team.’ When someone considers deviating from the level six plan, on many occasions it has been kaycee to give them the frank stay on task message.
Does the alliance work without all of these roles being filled? No.
Depending on how you measure value in the game, are any of them actually any more or less deserving than the others?
I get the feeling that the first one that breaks the alliance covenant will have a tougher time winning the votes of the rest of the alliance.
I wasn’t impressed when three of the alliance were throwing comps weekly. Truth be told, they were lucky multiple times that the other side can’t act cohesively and eats it’s own at the drop of a hat (this is why i say the rudder plays an important role in an alliance, and why the soother is important in gathering the middle players to be vote pads when they aren’t in power. the hive was rudderless).
In comparison to the other side, that had a wannabe tyrant, a whiny social injustice collector, a social game flirt, and her big dumb moron along with the guy nobody wanted in the group, and nobody trusted…. not cohesive at all. They weren’t even underdogs. They were just idiots that clustered themselves and complained about the other side, and attempted to figure out ways to cheat, while they had the power for weeks on end.


Great analysis.


I refuse to believe “Production” has as much sway in the game as everyone claims. If I believed that, I wouldn’t find it nearly as entertaining as I do. I also think they’d ALWAYS be able to craft good seasons. They’ve had some massive failures. Do I believe they have zero say in things? No. I think there are some things they do, but overall I think they let things unfold fairly naturally. They edit and finesse things to make them TV worthy, but they only do that. I don’t think they modify the outcome completely.

K...bb fan

They hint to houseguests with questions in DR. They select comps that favor certain Houseguests that are in desperate need of a win to keep sides somewhat even (fortunately, that didn’t even work this season). Who knows how fair the American vote powers are rewarded…easily can fake them to their liking. Make certain things like Sam’s power app super easy to ensure that a Houseguest comes back (again a huge fail, but who could anticipate that a 5 piece puzzle couldn’t get reassembled in 2 minutes). This emergency buy back just to have a double eviction and stay on schedule with some of the least deserving players to get a second chance in the history of BB. There are tons of ways that production gets involved, they may not be able to control the actual results of competitions, or what players believe when nominating or evicting players, but they certainly keep course correcting in many ways.


Nicole’s season, when Meech had co-HoH and she had hated Nicole all season and even though it made no difference at all who she put up, after a trip to the DR a visibly upset Meech comes out and puts up Not Nicole. Nicole was literally her only target to that point. A couple weeks later after working with Vic and Paul and never having a conversation with Nicole, Natalie, HoH, walks out of the DR and tells her buddy production wants us to work with them (Nicole and Corey) and promptly puts up Vic and Paul.

Some seasons, production has a heavier hand than others but they are always trying to hold the wheel. The last few seasons it has been terrible. This season isn’t too bad.

another name

This season has it’s share of influence. Not as bad as the Nicole farce that was 18. The problem is, it has the potential to be as bad as 18 and is beginning to turn in that direction.
What i’ve noticed as seasons progress (and the phenomena is much more visible in bbcanada), is that the story line department has already come up with their premise, and has a very hard time remaining fluid to any change.
Let’s be clear. Kaitlyn was supposed to complete the puzzle. The fact that she didn’t created a storyline breech. In interviews, the Grod said there would be no battle back competition from jury this year. But, those interviews were before the storyline breech.
I believe they have been editing a false narrative for Nicole 2.0. A false edit narrative that began with the introductory video in episode one, and continued with the choice of outfit she wore into the house that was reminiscent to one of the Nicole outfits.
House guests are welcome to say no to the suggestions they are given in d/r. Look at the amount of strange d/r calls there were last week, and the changes to procedure. The story line did not want Fes to target Scottie. I don’t think it’s because they want Scottie in the game, as much as I believe they are trying to keep some semblance of safety for Nicole 2.0. I also think that saying no to d/r suggestions comes with consequences.


lol Sam is a mess. The part where she says she will stop smoking, start working out and not eat sugar had me cracking up


Ok, so Fezzy isn’t a complete moron. He is just slow….very very slow. At least he is wearing his protective headgear now.


Nothing worse then a bitter jury…..a huge difference between poor jury management and a bitter juror. Everyone comes at Angela for having poor jury management but it hasn’t been that bad she obviously had issues with Rachel but Rachel’s not in jury and her goodbye message to rockstar but I mean rockstar deserved it and it was highly unlikely rockstar would give her a vote anyway. I understand being upset at the person for getting you out and if they attacked you personally but Angela hasn’t made personal attacks in this game like people perceive her to be doing. And she’s not heartless she’s just playing the game without being swayed by emotion which is the way people should play. It’s just frustrating because their is literally no shot of her winning because of a bitter jury not poor jury management. I mean if it were Angela vs Sam in the final 2, Sam would most likely win and that would would make this fantastic a disappointment. Haileigh even said she can’t stand Angela because she’s playing so well. The hive can blame Angela all they want but in reality it’s their own stupidity that gets them evicted so they truly have not throw a bitter vote.


I absolutely loved Kaycee organizing the study group last night! I love these people (even the doofuses are appreciated)

Tyler is still my #1- He gives me the giggles with his spotless play (so far, that is). He’s adorable (but he needs to do something about those steely staring eyes because I know he scares the bajeebers out of people who don’t realize he’s actually a “wounded little bird” LOL)

Angela pulled out another HOH and put up the best nominations pulling her back up in my ranking to #2. I really want to hear that nomination speech because it sounds like the curtains got pulled all the way back and shone all the light. *singing some Collective Soul in my mind*

JC is my #3 because his remarkable ability to play so incognito is worthy of praise. JC has been hiding in plain sight all season (Tyler, too)

Brett is my #4. He has grown on me like moss on moose muck, which is actually quite fragrant and, even, attractive. Just sayin’

Kaycee is my #5, but only because she hasn’t won a physical comp. I so appreciate that she told her coming out story in the DR and hope BB shows it this week. Like Tangela said, it will help so many people. I teach 6th grade and watch kids truly struggle with their identity and place in this world. Everyone belongs. Every single one of us! Kaycee is inspirational, IMHO! She was cracking me up on the intercom buttons last night, too…..”meow”. I never pegged her as a kitty cat in a former life.

Sam is too exhausting for me to even talk about. LOL

Haleigh is proving to be Faysal’s perfect match. She thinks the only reason Faysal is up is because of her….Haleigh being the target. She even said Angela was afraid of Faysal. LOL That’s hilarious. I so wish I could be a fly on the wall when the Hive discovers Level 6 was dissecting them wing by wing beginning Day 2. Will they own it? Respect it? I’m on the edge of my rocking chair. It’s going to be a marvelous weekend.

The jury members will claim to be bitter, but get someone like JC in there to tell them how it is, and I strongly believe they will smarten up and realize they have been played, and it’s their own fault. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. If they do remain spiteful and fail to award a deserving winner (whomever that may be….could be any of the remaining players, and there is a lot of play left) it will just reveal their own immaturity and that they see themselves as superior to the game itself. BB has truly hit a homerun with this season.

Swaggy's Missing Brow


Botox Pelosi

@ Granny

This is the best post I have read all season. Thanks!


Thanks, BP!


I dont think everyone will be bitter. There are a lot of athletes on the show. (Fez, Angela, KC, Tyler) and if someone from their alliance is not up there I think they vote on game play. There are some fans (Scottie and RS) and both have said they will vote on game play.
Bay will probably be bitter, but bitter towards the wrong people (not Tyler).
JC and Sam who knows.
Hay- bitter
Brett- if its two L6 up there he is probably voting on game.

A lot of competitive people this season though. They will not want to be known as losing to a “floater” or someone who doesn’t win comps or have a master social game. They won’t want to lose to a Sam or Kaycee (unless she wins more) and probably not a JC unless he can really convince them of his social game.


Fes will be bitter. He’s only pretending that he’s not bothered about being on the block. Different story when he gets to jury house. Especially after Hay dumps him there.

Oscar Bluth

Has Fessie ever heard the saying “Beauty fades, dumb is forever” ???

Michelle Green

What a display of stupidity this year


Fes is just anxious for him and Hayleigh to get evicted so he can start banging her in jury house.

Hi my name is Scott

Me thinks Haliegh has no real interest in him. Once they both are out she will tell him it’s over.

Haleighs Booty Shorts

After making final 2 together drunk Hails makes out with Brett finale night (in front of shocked friend zoned Fess and Scott)


Fez is a dunce, but Haleigh is so disappointing.

She’s got the sales pitch right in front of her with the bitter jury talk. We know it’s a long shot because of what we know, but based on what she knows she should remind everybody that if they send both Fez and her out, then right there are the five jury votes that control who wins. So act resigned to the votes to stay in the game precisely because all your votes now control the jury, but still being firm you’re going to win veto and that’s your strategy, go full Janelle and run it back every week…then do nothing but rat out what her allies, who will decide the winner, said about each remaining HG.

Do it subtly: Everybody is hanging out talking about the season, mention how Bay and RS were certain Angela controlled Tyler…then say “Tyler you better not take her to the end because they think she carried you”. Tell them how much Bay, RS, & Scottie adored Kaycee and say “Anybody who takes her to the end can start spending $50K”. Tell them how they all knew JC was the floater and he’s the perfect final 2 because he can’t win…she doesn’t trust him anyway, so burn him. And she does it for everybody…Sam better take a girl because she can’t beat a guy, Brett’s only chance is with Angela, who they hate more…but every little thing with some healthy exaggeration comes out.

Haleighs Booty Shorts

The quality of how good the end game is comes down to the intelligence of JC and Brett: do they realise they need help to take down Tylers pre game Hilton Head/Olympic alliance trio or are they delusional and go the lets do everything Tyler wants to do until its too late route


Assuming Haleigh does this and they buy it, the problem then becomes they know they can’t take either Hive person to the end. They must take a L6/5/4 to the end and hope the toss up comes to them.

What does a hay veto win mean?

If fez goes who does Hay latch onto? Brett, and does he then use her?

Botox Pelosi

She will latch onto the Hiver that wins the battle back comp.

Hi my name is Scott

With all do luck it will be Scottie winning the battle back thereby granting Simon’s wish. Simon is right. Fess will go nuts knowing Haleigh will be locked in the house with both of his perceived rivals for her. Will be great!


Angela’s game might be shot.


Don’t worry, once it’s elaborated to the jury how much of a role Brett, KC and JC had in the Hive’s downfall, they’ll be bitter towards them as well. Haleigh and Fes should be the most bitter at JC.


If anyone is looking for some prime Sam flashback, check out her having a snack on the stairs around 1 AM. She saw that the camera was on her and started talking to herself, “you thought I was crazy before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet……now everyone can talk about all the calories I ate on the stairs….with my crazy cat lady hair……won’t that be fun….kiss my butt” (the whole time, L6 was watching her from the HOH camera commenting on her non compos mentis) after talking to Tyler, Sam returns to her perch and scolds the cameras for watching her, “you would, wouldn’t you….I’ll move up another stair (where she is somewhat blocked)…na, na, na, na, boo, boo, stick your head in doo doo.” Come on Sam!!!!! I want to see more crazy. How far can you take it?

Thank goodness that new hair approach is strategy. LOL

L6 was talking about Sam earlier in the night. Angela states she thinks Sam is a hoarder (her Sugar Shack dispels that theory) and Brett asked where in the hell did BB find her. Angela started to comment on it, saying she has a theory but it’s really crazy….then the cameras all switched to a sleeping JC until that conversation was finished. ARRGGHH!

Tyler was petting his Sambot a lot last night. She asked him to tell her what’s going on so she can sleep good. Sam told him that she gave Brett and Haleigh tokens in exchange for promising not to put her up, but Kaycee wouldn’t accept the deal. Tyler told her that Kaycee didn’t want anyone to see her taking a deal like that. Tyler also told her that Fayleigh thought Sam was going on the block….Sam said she thought so too. He took the time to assure Sam that she’s okay this week. He’s beginning to work his jury votes, big time. With JC, Sam, and Brett in jury, Tyler will definitely win against Kaycee, and especially Angela.

I have to admit that if and when I get those camera operators alone, I have a few granny words for them. The only negative for me thus far this season is all the filtered feeds and loss of feeds during pivotal conversation.

*throws cane*


It wouldn’t be so terrible if we got those missed conversations in the televised shows but for the most part it seems they rarely make the cut. That’s kind of the whole selling point of the live feeds. I wish they let you select from more camera options.



I’m excited. They woke them up around 8:40 AM BBTime and reruns are on now, so they are picking players for the veto comp. An early Saturday suggests a lengthy veto comp today. Perhaps we will see the comic order match-up or the morphed faces, like L6 was predicting.


who me?

And nobody finds it strange that L4 seems to know what comp is next, in the exact order?


They don’t actually have a lot of choices in comps. They only use a handful of game categories in a fairly similar order. Otev is usually shortly after jury, the prize swap one is usually around jury time as well. Slip and slide is one of the early jury HoH comps. Plus the DR probably slips in questions like what if the comp is [insert comp]? Fez and the hive probably missed the connection but L6/5/4 didn’t. It’s another reason mixing new players with veterans is a bad thing.


It’s definitely not the 1st season they cut feeds when things start to get interesting. The whole point of paying for feeds is to be able to watch 24/7 isn’t that the way they market it? I can understand cutting feeds during veto comps and ceremonies.


Yeah, but this season seems overboard. Or, maybe I’m just constipated and overly cranky. *sigh


First of all…lmao about Ang calling Hay…”Hails.” Nearly busted a rib laughing so hard, like they’re close friends. Second…lmao about Sam just chillin on the stairs tonight


If fes or hay win the jury buyback it will be like groundhogs day. They get a do over. Angela’s bold move and her hoh will have all been for nothing. It’s kind of karma for making fun of hay and fes’s hoh outcomes. Still i hope level 4 has angela’s back next week. Putting up fes and hay was more for her alliance than her personal game.


The biggest piss off every damn season….. when ppl talk about how casting found them on social media… there are hundreds of thousands of ppl who apply to be on the show and your telling me they cant find 16 house guests from all those auditions?!

I Told you So

To all the nitwits who said this would not be a bitter jury—-I TOLD YOU SO!!!!
Now who has the best chance to win???? So now you have to completely reset the fact that there will 5 bitter hivers in the jury. There could be a combo of floaters and L4 making up the final 4 slots. some or all of those 4 will be back stabbed by the final 2 winners.

5 Angela/Tyler- the mosted hated by all 5 hive members. can only win vs each other.
4-Brett- can beat tyler or angela, but his GBM hurt him
3- Sam- She can win v the 3 above due to the bitter factor, But seems undeserving
2- JC – The master manipulator who overcome his physical limitations to prosper. Not a competitor however
1- KC- If she makes it to final 2 she wins. She won, floated, social game, loyal, didnt alienate people, nice person, stuck by alliance, not much blood. And i will throw in some girl power with a majority of women in the jury. Her problem is getting to final 2. No one will want to bring her along. The combos shake out differently, but KC takes this if she gets to final 2.

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I told you so?

Who has the best chance to win?

A long time to the game is over and it’s jury time.

If this jury is bitter it should be bitter at themselves first and foremost.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Yes they should be. But they are bitter, jealous, delusional boneheads who should be riding the little bus to school. Dont confuse what should happen, with what will happen. these bitter twats are incapable of self reflection of their own stupid gameplay. everyone else is to blame

i Told you So

You are disturbing….


So that is Brett’s great cyber security job, being a glorified sales/IT guy? Pretty lame.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

If he took 3 months off and quit, and it cant be that great.

who me?

Sam, JC and Kaycee are playing in veto. Plus, Angela, Haleigh and Fessy.
Kaycee, JC and Angela are upset/angry that Faysal told Haleigh to pick Sam for veto, when Haleigh got HG choice. They feel Faysal was selfish because Haleigh could have picked a better competitor who would increase the chances of Faysal not winning veto. They say, Haleigh and Sam don’t like each other so why pick Sam… also stating that Faysal is close with Sam so Faysal probably told Haleigh to pick Sam because he thinks Sam will take Faysal off, which would suck for Haleigh. (Apparently, when Haleigh got HG choice, Faysal told her, pick Sam because i can beat Sam , and others heard).

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Glad to see being on the block hasn’t affected their normal game play.


When are they all going to figure out about JC


When will they all figure out JC’s mulipuation


Crackin up watching jc laugh…he’s like a lil, gay, latino meatball lol


Braindead Fessy… Telling Haleigh that she sent home Rockstar? Fessy WANTED Scottie evicted, Haleigh didn’t EVEN NOMINATE Rockstar for eviction. There is a HUGE difference. Fes was the only one stupid enough to nominate his own alliance.