Angela “Everything that came out of his mouth was a lie to the point where it was slander towards me”

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8pm Bedroom. Scottie is unpacking. The others are sitting around asking him questions. Tyler – I feel like he expected. Scottie – I thought he was going to win it (battle back). I got the last three in. Tyler – and you saw Rockstar and Bayleigh make some? Scottie – yeah they were right there. JC – was Rockstar talking sh*t? Scottie – she was super relaxed. I mean she was still going around like B***HES! But she is relaxed. It was nice. Kaycee – how was Bayleigh feeling? Scottie – she is feeling fine. Angela – She’s cooled off now. Scottie – yeah she’s cooled off. Actually they were really mad when Fes said in his speech this is for Swaggy. They were like that was week f**king two! What the f**k are you talking about dude!! Brett – oh you saw that?! Scottie – yeah the veto speech. Brett – I just want to hug you man! I am so glad you’re back. They hug. Scottie – you had the best GBM (goodbye message). Brett – really? Scottie – yeah by far man. Angela – what did he say? Scottie – he made a comment about the quick connect.

8:30pm – 9pm Kitchen. Kaycee and Haleigh are talking to Scottie. Kaycee tells Scottie about last veto competition. Kaycee – it was insane. It was so cool. Scottie stares at the memory wall and comments his photo is colour now. Scottie – you can’t write that .. its reality tv. You can’t write that. Blindsided by him (Fes) and then I trade spots with him. Kaycee – yeah, its crazy dude. He is probably furious. Scottie – you think so? Kaycee – yeah he was just salty all week. Brett tells Scottie all about the last HOH (the one that Angela won).

8:30pm – 9pm Bedroom. JC, Tyler and Angela. JC – I am so annoyed. All this battle back bullsh*t! Angela – I know. JC – no matter what happens we have to vote him back out. We have to win .. we have one, two, three, four. F**K! Worst case scenario .. Haleigh or Scottie (win hoh). I am so f**king annoyed! I am trying so hard to put a smile on my face. It is really hard for me to pretend. Angela – I know and Scottie is better than the other 3. I don’t know what Scottie is going to do. He can not win HOH. The good thing is we need to get Scottie and Haleigh coming for each other because if Scottie wins HOH .. Haleigh convince him to put Sam up. Brett – if he wins HOH, I think he would put me up or something. JC – why would he put you up? What did you do to him? Brett – the Rockstar vote. Its not personal Scottie is awesome. JC – oh yeah. I forgot about that. The good thing is we have the numbers.

9:01pm Angela and Sam. Sam – what is going to happen? Angela – what do you mean? Sam – was Fes just lying about everything? Angela – yes. Everything he said is a lie to driving a range rover, to the grocery store thing. I have never talked to Fes before. Everything that came out of his mouth was a lie to the point where it was slander towards me. It was lying about my character in front of millions of people. Sam – because I feel like we’ve always been friends and if I win this HOH… I am not going to put you up. Angela – exactly, I’ve been HOH twice and I’ve never considered putting you up. Sam – you’re my friend. Angela – why would I ever do that. Never! No! I would never do that. The fact he said that .. why would he do that. Sam – it was going to be a unanimous vote and then he said that .. it hurt. And then I voted to keep him. Angela – its okay. Sam – I feel like everyone does that and I am so emotional and I just f**king ate it. Angela – it worked but it doesn’t matter. Sam – I love you. And I look up to you in a lot of ways. Angela – the only thing he could do was try to make anyone mad at me. Telling all these boys that I think I have them wrapped around my finger. No! They came up to me after and said they don’t think that. Sam – I think he did that because you were the only one that didn’t give him attention. Day one he tried too… (hit on her). Sam – I know. I think that if it came down to it you would pick me over her. Angela – absolutely. Sam – and same with you over all of these people.

Sam – I know I am an easy target to make fun of me. I have never said anything negative about anyone. If that’s what sends me out of here then fine. I would rather lose for what I am than win for what I’m not. Angela – leave with your dignity. Sam – just to clear the air personally and housewise I don’t feel any differently about you. Angela – Fes has no idea who I am and how I got to where I am today. Sam – if I do win or even in the future if I win HOH .. you are not my target, you are my friend.

9:30pm Brett and Haleigh getting comfortable with out Fes attached to Haleigh. Brett – that was the first speech that was personal. Haleigh – its cheap, its un-necessary. I was not expecting that from him. The beining part was what bothered me. Brett – he has no idea how she was raised.

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Hahaha… my wishful thinking came true: Fez got evicted and has to sit in jury while thinking about Haleigh alone in that house with Brett AND Scottie. HAHAHAHAHAH! Fez is the new Jozea for sure… the only thing he’s missing is spelling b*tch “B * C T H” on MTV like Jozea did LMAO!

Marianne Martin

they are gonna have to put Fez on some meds ..i never thought i would say this .. i am feeling a bit sorry for Rock and Bay


I was really disappointed CBS didn’t show Bretts goodbye message to Fester……would have been epic to see that moronic smirk wiped off his face…..but I think that is resting face lol.


I wonder if HOH will be on BBAD?


It’s being shown live on BBAD. Watching it now. So far only JC is eliminated. It’s definitely the rope swinging comp.

My Two Cents

The fact that Scottie said he wanted to team up with Tyler, and to get Angela out, means that the clueless HIVE jurors still haven’t figured out who is running the show.

The Beef

Yeap! Clueless to the end! I was shocked to see the three of them in the jury house, as I thought in the name of fairness they would have been sequestered separately, but since they were together, surely they had compared notes and figured out WHO the opposition was. After all, the numbers are starting to dwindle, they know Sam is a bit “out there” and not really aligned, and they should know JC has been playing the middle while voting against them. That only leaves Haleigh the Hive and Tyler, Angela, Kaycee and Brett, all of whom have supported each other either by votes or vetoes numerous times in the game. It’s obvious enough they should have figured it out by now.


That would require a single active braincell among the Hive…..what a dumb name.


didn’t Bay rename them? Seeing herself as Queen B…?

My Two Cents

Hailey didn’t waste any time getting cuddled up with Brent. Sam’s gonna REALLY hate her now!!


So is the HOH comp just on the live feeds not BBAD?


Goodbye Angela. You have no shot of winning this game. Half the house is gunning for you. You will be the first person cut from L6 when things get tough. And the Jurry hates you more than anyone.

Where did it all go wrong?


Because she wins competitions? or isn’t stupid or crazy? The jury has zero room to talk about anybody….a bunch of psychotic, fake as he## people. I am SOOOO tired of Rockstar’s fake “tough” accent. She spent more time whining and crying in the house than spoiled Bayleigh. And I was okay with Fes until last night….. ugghhh.

Stevie D

JC and Brett already the bottom 2 of level 6 they should join Haliegh and Scottie if they have any chance of winning I think Brett is smart enough to get it started the big question is can he get JC on board with the plan

Who's Your Daddy?

Dude, watch the fucking show. JC has been recruiting Brett all week.


You have to win something first.


JC has never been a part of L6. He doesn’t know they exist as a group.


Are they going to show anything tonight on the live feeds, or just this fishtank loop and annoying muzak?

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I’m watching After Dark now and they are all hanging on ropes, spinning in a circle and hitting some big cherry pie. Angela is eating popcorn and watching them. Everyone looks solid but it is tailor made for JC. Haleigh also looks like she could hang there for days.


Fessieboys speech was pathetic. Did I actually hear him right, did he start it off calling Angela stupid? He mumbles alot so I wasn’t sure. But if he did, that’s funny coming from him, the dumbest in the history of BB and I’m even talking about the ones who never watched an episode before entering the house. Scary that he is a teacher in any capacity, I wouldn’t want my kids learning from him..LOL. If fessieboys behaviour in the house is any indication of what he is like outside of it..OMG RUNN HALEIGH RUNNNN. All he did all week was whine about her spending time with anyone else except him, isn’t that what she did the whole time until this week. I think he will be in for a rude awakening when he gets out and reads what so many have said about him. I feel for haleigh actually wanting to try to be with him outside of this. I hope her friends and family talk some sense into her. I am happy scottie won the battle back only because little fessieboys head is gonna explode with thoughts of scottie being all over haleigh. I wonder if scottie was serious when he said he would try to resurrect ‘skyler’…if so, I sense a 5th F2 for tyler..LMAO. I wonder what the ‘plan’ was when bay told him not to forget the plan, it has to be bigger than just getting Angela out. Not worried about any plan though because history has proven the hives plan never goes how they expect it to. I am hoping IF (not that I want him or haleigh to )scottie does win HOH that he does get JC out, seems he wants that more than getting Angela out first. L4 want someone who will put up JC, maybe tyler will be able to work his magic and get scottie to put up JC. I would even prefer to see JC out before scottie and/or haleigh. Sam needs to go really soon too. I swear she should have been a part of the hive the way she plays, another with no clue about the game and almost as often on the wrong side of the vote as they all were..LOL


I always thought her freinds and family would be pleased by her spending her summer in Fester’s armpit…… didn’t everyone?

Georgia on my mind.

Sam has no reason to hate hayleigh. Hayleigh has done nothing to Sam.But I can see why
Hayleigh is leery of Sam. Sam attacked her in her nominations speech for no reason.
When hayleigh was HOH and Sam was doing her repetitive song and dance of a “crazed victim”
Hayleigh was nothing but kind to her.
Sam really needs to get over her hypocritical view of hayleigh anyway, and talk to the girl. Let it be water under the bridge for goodness sake.


Sam was spot on about Haywhore. She moves from man to man teasing and flirting her way through life. I don’t have a huge problem with it but you both have to admit it’s true.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I cannot believe Scottie is so oblivious to Fes’ obsession with Haliegh. Fes was constantly stalking her around the house. How could Scottie not have a clue that they were an item while everyone else suspected they were in a showmance? I thought he was a little more observant than that!

who me?

How is it that everyone in L4 (except JC) have no clue about Tyler & Angela? They also have blinders on.


They’ve brought it up but nothing’s happened to make anyone question the loyalty of Angela and Tyler yet. It will definitely play a part in future considerations of when to separate L6/5/4.

Here I Am

Yay, HOH comp is on POP (at least for the time being…make it worth my while to stay up!)


Feeds are back and it’s an endurance comp.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

The HOH comp is on BBAD. Guess who is already out?


JC first out. Surprise surprise


I’m not sure you should be eligible to win without winning an HOH (6 or more contestants remaining)

Who's Your Daddy?

I thought the Kaitlyn puzzle attempt was the worst performance on BB. Fezzy did the impossible. He was actually worse. He solidified his legend as The Worst Player in BB history. The comp gave an enormous edge to someone who was tall and had long arms. Everyone else had to jump for the balls. Fezzy grabbed them with ease. And with fezzys frame and long arms he was 2 feet away from the bins. They rigged it for him to win and he still fucked it up! What a loser!

Tom A

That’s unfair to say. You can hate Fessie all you want, but to compare his performance to Kaitlyn is flat out wrong. At least Fes got halfway there.


It’s really kind of a toss-up to me, also. They both were terrible. On that note, I sent a suggestion to CBS to have a season of all of the worst players in BB history. THAT would be a riot.

Is It just Me

Last 3 standing: Tyler, Kaycee & Hayleigh

Haleigh's Melanoma

Haliegh is the biggest bullsh*tter, from her weekly suckup to Julie Chen to her GBM to Fessy the insincerity just drips off her. Her eyes dart around and the whole thing looks like a bad audition.


Yeah I cringe when she has her weekly live fawning of the Chenbot…….

Angela hairy face

Don’t sorry JC. Production rigged it again for a Tyler HOH win….

Debbie Wright

So Tyler won’t HOH


How on earth could it be rigged for Tyler? If it was hanging and grabbing balls? From what I read, Hayleigh wasn’t far behind.


Angela is without question the biggest b***h in the house…but at least she’s real and not a phony like Haleigh and her put-on performance during live shows. “Julie, you look scintillating” is used car salesman cringe. But the is worst Sam with her transparent solicitations for jury votes dressed up as “Oh I’m so emotional, I hate this game”


maybe that is left….but Angela couldn’t hold a candle to Rockstar and Bayleigh in that department!


Angela just calls herself a bitc# now because Rockstar and Bayleigh, etc. said it about her. She is WAY nicer than they are!!!!!


Will they even catch on to Sam?

oh boy

Dont bother unpacking Scotty