Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 4 Summary and Live Eviction Results


Big Brother 19 Spoilers Ramses vs Josh

This weeks Big Brother Spoilers summary is a bit short on game, not much really happened. There was a epic blindside planned but  Kevin spoiled that. Some might say it was a bit of snooze this week but under the surface (covers) there was some action. On Thursday morning Josh started terrorizing Mark reminiscent of Evel Dick BB18 and Dallas BBCAN5.

I encourage you to take a look at our ranking grid  and participate in the ranking here. It’s been pretty neat seeing the ebb and flow of the houseguest popularity.

How the week 4 started

Dominique was evicted by a unanimous vote followed by a Battle Back competition featuring the last 4 evicted houseguests. Cameron, Jillian, Cody and Dominique were given the opportunity to battle back into the game. How the Battle Back worked is: the 2 winners of the first competition compete Big Brother 19 Cody Battle Backin a second competition, The winner of the second competes in a third challenge against a champion voted on by the house.

Cody and Cameron won the first round. Followed by Cody winning the second. Via a unanimous vote the house picked Paul as their champion. Cody was given the option to select either the first or second competition to challenge Paul. He picked the maze and off they went.

Cody pulls out the win and is back in the game. Dominique, Jillian and Cameron are freed from Big Brother. Some our on twitter if you care.

The Head of Household

Jessica pulls out a head of household win. She nominates some low hanging fruit, Josh and Ramses. Josh is her target of course.

Power of Veto

Jessica wins the Power Of Veto and for some reason decides not to use it. Trusting the people that backstabbed her week 1 on week 4.

Meatballs, Stromboli, Linguine, Gnocchi

Big Brother 19 Josh Meatball The entire house minus Mark, Elena, Cody and Jessica are going to keep Josh and evict Ramses. The rest of the players think Josh is the target and that everyone hates him. This is partially true Josh isn’t well liked but the other side see him as a weapon against Cody/Jessica/Mark/Elena. People also dislike Mark,  Cody and Jessica. Josh was given orders to act depressed all week.. He did a pretty good job and give us a lot of good dance moves with his friend Orwell. Check out our BB Top Gifs of the week they are chalked full of videos of Josh dancing around calling Cody, Jessica and Mark all sorts of Italian foods. Made me hungry.


No Blindside for you

Big Brother 19 Spoilers Kevin spoils the Blindside Kevin ruined the blindside. It happened Wednesday night. He went up to Jessica and whispered that “they” are trying to flip the house on her. Kevin’s reason to disclosing this is that Jessica is from Boston and she told him about having the Hex. If she trust him enough with that information he can trust her with this information.

It goes without saying Jessica is PISSED. She regrets not listening to her gut and making the BIG mistake by not putting Raven or someone strong up against Josh. Jessica knows it was Paul’s doing to flip the house. Points out to Cody that Paul is the leader to all sides of the house.  Once it was realized that Jessica is wise to the blindside. Josh was been given a new set of orders from Paul. He is to start terrorizing Mark, Cody and Jessica immediately to throw them off their game. Josh complies and the drama is nicely set for following week.

Big Brother Spoilers Under the covers

Lots of love going on.


Jessica and Cody are banging what I would assume is regularly now. She requested birth control from the house doctor.


Raven and Matt the most boring people in the game are still make things exciting for themselves.. under the covers. Raven was doing you know what to Matt.. Matt made a mess on his stomach. Matt wipes himself off with a dish towel and puts it back for other people to use. Pretty much one of the grossest things I’ve seen on Big Brother Feeds in a long time. Maybe since Rachel was complaining that her and Brendon’s sheets were stiff  from the… dried you know what. Either way I built this handy chart showing you the entire disgusting affair.


Mark and Elena on the rocks. Elena told Jessica on Wednesday night that Mark is more interested in her than she is of him. Something we kinda already understood, but we’re now starting to see it manifest on the feeds.

My predictions

Ramses goes home.


Results from the show

A shot from inside the Big Brother Toilet..

The two nominees give their speeches ..

Ramses his time in the house has been “Lit”
Josh – Meatballs

Cody Votes to Evict Josh
Jason Votes to Evict Ramses
Alex Votes to Evict Ramses
Mark Votes to Evict Josh
Elena Votes to Evict Josh
Kevin Votes to Evict Ramses
Boyz2men Votes to Evict Ramses
Raven Votes to Evict Ramses
Christmas Votes to Evict Ramses
Paul Votes to Evict Ramses

Ramses is evicted.

Surprise surprise Josh says Meatballs..

Practice for the HOH is shown

The HOH is played.. “Inked and Evicted”

Question 1 – Elena out
Question 2 – Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, Josh out
Question 3 – All of them got it right
Question 4 – All of them got it right
Question 5 – Jason and Christmas out
Question 6 – Matt and Raven out

Paul is the Head of Household
(the Paul show continues)

Jessica Drops on the live show that she has the final temptation to keep her and Cody safe for the next few weeks.

The temptation competition

For the next 3 weeks BEFORE nominations the houseguests will be tempted to participate in this challenge. For the First time in Big Brother History The Houseguests will get to choose whether or not they want to compete. The winner of this competition will be safe for the week but like all temptation participating com,es with consequences. The houseguests that finishes last becomes the third nomination

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Hate Xmas but she is smokin'

Xmas looks 5 times worse when she does her hair and makeup.

I hate her as a person..but she is naturally beautiful and should never wear make up or do her hair.


Jessica lied to Elena – the hex does not make her and Cody safe for the next two evictions. It halts only one eviction. It can only be used once. So she did continue to lie about it and said that she couldn’t lie about it.


If people don’t put her or Cody up then she can still use it next week. That is game play!


It’s not game play. The problem with lying about the capabilities of the hex is that the house guests have no way to find the truth except to ask the producers. The hex can be anything the producers want it to be, 3 weeks of safety, no eviction, never be a have not, keep a chicken alive, or replace a nominee. Since it’s power can be anything, there has to be a check to prevent someone from just saying I’m the one who decides the nominees for the next 3 weeks.


I think that the temptation should become null and void because she lied about it again after she was told not to. Not to mention that she lied to Julie on the live show! Smh!!!


She should be made to tell everyone the real truth about the hex.

Dirty Dish Towel

You sound stupid enough to be one of this cast.


Waaaaaaaaa Snowflake whining & crying cause someone has a power over Paul & his loser bunch of minions.


Matt wiping c** on a towel that others are going to use is by far the grossest thing that has ever happened on big brother. I can’t believe production didn’t say something to him about washing the freaking thing. I mean most people would freak out about wiping their hands or dishes on it before being washed, or at least I assume most people would but who knows with these house guests.


Nah, comes a close 2nd, remember during season13 when Jeff & Jordon found the c*m stained sheets that Brenchel forgot to change. Some Nastyass HGs yo. ???????


Nah, comes a close 2nd, remember during season13 when Jeff & Jordon found the c*m stained sheets that Brenchel forgot to change. Some Nastyass HGs yo. ???????


Nah, comes a close 2nd, remember during season13 when Jeff & Jordon found the c*m stained sheets that Brenchel forgot to change. Some Nastyass HGs yo. ???????


I’d put Matt on the block just for being a health hazard. That, and he’s a Paul minion who does nothing.

Oh, and did you notice? He put on his 3rd t-shirt!

His orange and blue one must be in the wash – from cum stains, obviously…


Kevin is my fave!! I bet he’s a great dad. His heartfelt words to Ramses hit me right in the feels! Kevin for the win!!


paul wins hoh. welp, this week will be boring. he’ll put up jessica and cody. jess will use the hex. at least as i’m understanding the hex he can’t compete in the next hoh (as it’s a freeze not a reset, but maybe production will pull some bs and it works different).


This does seem like redo, especially with the temptation they just announced but Jessica was emotional and stupidly announced the temptation she got. Paul will use that information, as best he can if there is a 3rd nominee, to his advantage


Jess and Cody won’t even play in competition. No point.


@Robert, it was a smart one from Jessica to have announced the temptation so Paul won’t bother to put her or Cody up thinking they are safe with it. If Paul is fooled to to believe that, she will still have it to use the following week making it a two weeks of safety from today.


if i were Jessica I would straight tell paul exactly what temptation she has. Paul’s ego is too big to have his hog wasted and not get anyone out. Then they can save it for next week. And definitely make jury. As I type this she dropped the bomb. Wonderfully done.




So the temptation competition is a way to keep Cody in the house a little longer.


@Janellefan, How? Every HG (who will) will participate in the temptation competition on equal ground.


I think Jessica broke protocol. She wasn’t suppose to say anything per Production.


No, she can tell anyone she wants. She just can’t lie about what it is! That is what production said.


But she did lie about it. They are not safe for the next couple of weeks, she can only use it once in the next 2 weeks. Production should make her tell everyone how it really works.


Dang right the Paul show continues! #GoPaul #Jodysux!


Bro… ZakAttack is no fan of Paul’s.


As much as people might dislike Paul, you have to admit, the guy is amazing at the game. There’s a reason why he’s able to put such a huge target on his back while simultaneously being able to have the house up his ass every week.

Kid Rock

He has played the game before and it was against returning Vets! That’s a Huge advantage….


Sad to see Ramses go….he was crying! 🙁
Laughed out loud at Paul’s expression when Jessica revealed her temptation.
Wondering if Paul is backpedaling his blindside since he cannot evict Jody this week and knows he will be vulnerable next week.


Paul is acting for the cameras because production always reminds them to be expressive when anything is revealed. He knew she had a temptation. The acting is like in the old days when actors had to be overly dramatic so the folks in the back can tell what’s going on. Johnny Mac’s diary room antics were completely different from his actions on the feeds.


Glad Jessica’s HOH was all for nothing! Glad Paul and that side of the house won!


Honestly, the punishment isn’t exactly a punishment as promised. #GoPaul


Jessica shocks the house…dumbest player in bb history. Even Julie shook her head.


She didn’t think it would be a witch hunt for no reason. Dirty move. It doesn’t matter who goes home this week. Let’s do it to spite them anyways. I repeat. Dirty move


Ummm. If production told jess she wasn’t allowed to lie about the hex, why was she allowed to lie when they were live. In front of the other house guests? And what the heck just happened when Paul was talking about his reasons to Cody and jess. Everyone said. Woah !! And Paul was backing up with his hands up and said he would talk in private ? Anyone know what happened there ? I’m so upset Kevin ruined our shock factor tonight. I was looking forward to that all week.


@Callie, she didn’t lie in front in front of the houseguests. The hex is actually a safety she can use to suspend and thereby protect any HG on the block from eviction. She only made it vague without providing details. Quite tricky.


He’s not going to nominate his minions… So he’s better off nominating Jody. That way she can use the hex and get it over with. Maybe Cody will win the next hoh and nominate someone other than Josh!

Kid Rock

How does the Hex work and what is the Curse for her accepting it??? Can she pull one or two people off the block before elimination voting starts? It’s crazy that she can save two people at once if that’s how it works? They are ruining the game and hard work of others by keep blocking evictions….


The hex stops an eviction. No one goes home that night and they go play the HoH as if there were one. So if the Hex is used on Paul’s HoH, no one goes home and he sits out the next HoH competition. Might as well force the use unless you really want Mark out for some reason.


jess sure doesn’t think before she speaks. telling the house guest that her and cody are safe for the next 3 evictions was a huge mistake. they will know it’s a lie cause america voted for one person to receive the temptation not two



Shannon Hoon

Paul shit his pants when Jess said she and Cody were safe the next 3 weeks. Not true but he couldn’t even think. He is like “Cameron” I mean Ramses. This wasn’t against you 2 (jody). We can talk in private”

Funny stuff. Soon he will start thinking she may be lying. She is a little but try getting one out this week Paul. Jess halt it and let’s rumble Beard Boy

It’s getting good FINALLY.

I don’t think I like the temptation comp new thing. Less is more CBS! We like straight up original classic rules BB. May the best player win.


Lmao at Elena being the first one out.



do or do not, there is no try

Me sah thinka you a correct. CUBS must really hate us


I feel like I’m missing something with the temptation competition. Is there any reason to participate? Seems like you risk safety for safety, better off just having the social game to just not get nommed. I guess it gets you a guaranteed spot in the veto comp? Still seems not worth taking to me.


If you know you’re the target you’d risk it. Also if you’re then nominated you compete for Veto and don’t get backdoored. It’s great for players like Cody and actually Paul.

Seriously Confused

Can somebody explain to me why jessica feels that she is entitled to what EVERYBODY else is doing yet she only shares what she is doing with a select few? WTF did she mean in the kitchen 2night by saying “you could have give me the courtesy to let me know ramses was getting voted out?” Bih what?! We aren’t allies. I DON’T OWE YOU SH!+ & It’s known your boy toy doesn’t like me & the feeling is mutual. So WHY would I feel obligated to tell you a damn thing??? I’ll SO glad when her & cody are both gone! Paul has already stated several times that he knows eventually he won’t win…But doing a damn good job doing what he can to make moves while he’s there.


I don’t mind Josh. He was roped into acting like that. Paul needs to go. He ruined the game for me as soon as he walked in. And thats before he used her HOH against her just cause he has this weird stalker fetish.


I thought Julie said that the consequence of the temptation being taken would be revealed tonight.




Go Paul!! So tired of Jody already.. One is tolerable, but both are just terrible.

Backseat Driver

WHAT is that friggin’ “power” Jessica has……?? There’s no way she and Cody are safe for three weeks……so many lies being tossed around that a lot of us are confused! (Or maybe just me..)


Jessica failed math in school! May be way she is now an escort!


If he doesn’t put them up she doesn’t have to use it so technically she would be safe next week if not used this week. It makes sense to try to get Paul not to put them up by telling her that. It’s not a lie!

BB Fan

So what was the friken curse this week?

Matt est scum

Put a raincoat on your member, let her wank it, go to the bathroom, throw it out, take a shower, eat cereal. Done.


Put up Mark and Elana. Target Jess. The truth will come out.


Elena acting all pissed on the feeds is only going to get herself nominated/or a target.


I think Paul should force Dumbass Jessica to use the hex to save Cody this week…then the Dumbass isn’t safe next week. Still smh!!


I agree. He should only put one of them up with Mark, then she would have to decide whether to use it or not. He should definitely not put them up together.


And if Cody Cruise wins POV? What then? She’ll have this temptation for another week! Not worth it. Jody needs to go up.


Paul needs to just suck it up, nominate Cody & Jessica so they cannot save each other with the veto leaving at least one on the block and force Jessica to use the Halting Hex so they will not be safe next week. The house cannot afford to let Jessica & Cody ride along for weeks being safe. At least that way, everyone is a possible target next week.

The temptation competition could be interesting … lots of factors to consider … because losing makes you an automatic nominee, not having enough votes to save you may put you at a disadvantage and not willing to attempt to stop someone else from winning. Think this puts Cody & Jessica at a disadvantage … not enough alliance members to save them should they lose a temptation competition trying to stop their target from winning it. I assume the HoH cannot participate as they cannot be HoH and a nominee at the same time. That means if Cody is HoH and he targets Paul and Paul decides to play in the temptation comp, does Jessica play in it to stop him from winning and risk losing …. she will be evicted if that happens. Will Mark and Elana be willing to play knowing the same thing will happen to them. Going to be interesting.


I dislike Paul and Jason, is that his name?

BIG MOUTHS, obnoxious etc.


I dislike Paul and Josh, can’t wait till they go. Two big mouths.

Jessica needs to break away from Cody, she’ll be better without him.

I was surprised Kevin voted Ramses off.

Paul and cast using Josh as a pawn. Josh seemed a little too dumb to be on show.


Jess needs to break away from Cody, she’ll do better on her own.
Cody to much a hot head, he can’t keep his cool.

Josh too loud and not the brightness crayon in the box.

When I see Paul on the tv I want to change the channel.


Jess needs to loose Cody she’ll get further.

Cody too much a hot head.

Surprised at Kevin’s vote.