Kevin to Jessica “They’re trying to flip on you”

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2:23pm Paul and Jason
Paul – Elena and Mark walk in on every conversation and just sit there
Paul – at least we have Josh now.. He said if he wins he’ll sh1t on mark and Cody all week long and take all the heat..
Jason – sit back and relax..

3:20pm Elena and Jessica

Elena – Not that there’s no interest, I see potential (in mark)
Elena – I don’t do that often, Honestly if we were at a bar and he approached me, I would have turned him down that’s my style
Elena – that leaves me with no one ever.. We’ll see I’m open
Elena – I hate to make promises to him, being realistic he’s like way more into me than I’m into him
Elena – that’s an OK thing, I’m faltered and honored.
Mark joins them..
Jessica telling them after this week there’s now “house targets” so whoever they put up someone will be pissed off.
Elena says there’s no sides anymore it’s all blurred.

Jessica says Josh knew about the anniversary of her dad’s passing and he still “acted like that” during the POV ceremony.
Elena – what day was it
Jessica – the 21st

Jessica brings up how pissed Cody is at Alex for putting Jessica on the block.
Elena – I’m surprised she wasn’t your target this week
Jessica Josh is the bigger mouth.. When he’s insulting you that takes precedence

4:24pm HOH Cody and Jessica HOH
Jessica says she’s asked production about what she can and can’t say about the temptation.
Feeds cut..

4:43pm Paul, Matt and Raven
Paul mentions mark telling him about this conversation he had with Cody this morning.
Paul – in my head I was thinking how much more stupid can you be..
Paul explains that Cody is looking for a BIG move again but mark told him as long as it doesn’t involve Elena and Paul Mark is on board.

Paul – he has his back no matter what..
Paul – I genuinely think the guy is stupid (Mark)
Matt – Clearly he’s scared.. he’s terrified..
Paul says he use to talk to Elena but now Elena tells Mark everything, “they’ve solidified”

Matt – if we can win HOH tomorrow we’re set up dude..
Matt – just for this week if I win HOH I’m putting up Mark and Elena.. and if one of them wins Veto Cody goes up..
Matt says in the POV “I won’t be playing my hardest”
Matt – if we get Cody out of this game I don’t see how the 3 of us makes it to final 8
Paul tells him he’s the shield.
Matt – what does Cody do if he wins HOH.. I just don’t see Mark and Elena winning..
Paul – If Josh is still here he’s putting Josh up.. I don’t see a world where he doesn’t put Josh up
Paul – Cody can’t f*ing win dude… i’m hoping it’s a mental comp we can beat him dude

Paul starts saying he doesn’t believe some of Cody’s war stories says some of them are unbelievable. Paul questions if Cody really did go to war.
Matt and Raven think Cody did got to war.

4:47pm Jason counting the mixed nuts..

4:48pm Kevin and Jessica bathroom
Kevin – they’re trying to flip on you..
listen the only reason I’m telling you is you’re from Boston and you told me (I think he said the hex)…. just keep cool.. don’t freak out.
Kevin – you have the thing so it doesn’t matter right..
Kevin – you guys are good players I need you as much as you need me..

4:53pm Jessica, Christmas and Elena
Jessica pleading with them to vote out Josh tomorrow. She has a feeling the house is going to flip.
Jessica warns her that Jason and Alex might be trying to flip the vote.
Christmas says Ramses is tight with Jason and Alex
Elena says she’s not voting Ramses out.
Jessica is asking Christmas for her vote.

Jessica – Alex controls JAson’s week
Christmas – have you talked to Kevin
Jessica – I don’t know what to believe I’ve walked in on conversations.. .

They talk about how pissed Jason was at Josh last night.
Jessica – Tonight I can’t go to sleep because votes are going to get rallied..

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lmaoooooo i’m glad he told.


Why? He just f-ed up a blindside. Grrrrr


Because Meatball Josh won’t get his satisfaction. That is what will be funny. He’s a nutcase!!!


What? He F@#ked up our blind side


Wait, maybe he’s trying to get her to use the temptation? But I don’t think she would be that stupid. I just can’t fathom why he would want to put a target on himself like this for no real gain. I don’t get it.

Kevin ugghh

What the hell kevin? That was not a smart move if it gets out that he told jessica that his allience will turn on him so fast I mean Alex already wants him gone and that will just put a nail in his coffin


Wow. That wasn’t smart. They will know for sure it was him so he just alienated himself for no reason.


I had such high hopes for him. Smh. This is as dumb as Jessica leaving the noms the same. She really needs to stop listening to Cody and just do what she thinks is right. And Kevin most likely just screwed himself. If this gets out, and I have a feeling it will, he just put the target on himself for no reason. Jessica can’t even do anything about it at this point.


He just went against the one person who knows he took the 25 grand. It didn’t benefit him at all to do that now. It was a big risk with no reward. Josh will still stay so it was pointless. All it will do is put a target on Kevin’s back now. And he will lose the trust of the people working with him. I don’t get it. Bad move.


I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Kevin is finally realizing that he is lowest on that totem pole and he is talking, it’s about darn time! Play your own game Kevin, just as easily as Paul has turned on others, he will turn on you and cut you loose.

Hello What?

Kevin has played his own game since minute one in that house. Did he not take the 25k on his own and only Paul knows it. Perception is funny and I believe Kevin has been playing this game the best. Great social game and he is literally playing minute to minute. So many people believe he is under Paul’s control, sure he may be tight with Paul and ride or die, but you really think White Envelope Kevin will axe Paul in a second if he has to.

Kevin is far from the token old guy this year, absolutely love his game play.


So happy Kevin is seeing the light. Thank goodness! He’s playing his own game NOT Paul’s! Go Kevin YAY

Capt Obvious

Yeah, Kevin can hold his head up high when he walks out the door in the next 2 weeks.
Such a stupid move. It’s not like they still aren’t going to vote out Ramses, so the same outcome will occur but now he has a target on his head.



Also…. it’s hilarious that Matt thinks he himself can win a HoH. Or Veto comp.

Cody Is A Robot

Yeah, I agree. Matt is the most worthless player in this game. I don’t get him at all.


Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, what are you doing? I guess Jess scared him enough the other day when she told him she had the Temptation. Wonder who he is really going to vote out now, I thinking Josh.


Kevin!! Noooooo


Hmmm….Kevin. Where did that come from?

Me. Conspiracy

Maybe Paul told him to say this…?


Am from Boston am only telling you because your from Bostonso you and Cody can win the
The money OK don’t tell anyone…. WTF this cast sucks. Just when I start liking one player


Bad move Kevin. Now the house will be out for you. Just lost your spot in final two. :((((((


I’m taking my five-star ranking for today away from you, Kevin.


It will still blindside some of the house guests if Josh goes home. I would love to see his face if it happens. He’ll have the same expression Jillian did.


It was going to be an awesome blindside. Thought there was going to be some excitement to look forward to on Thursday. What a big let down.


Josh will cry if he gets voted out. Good bye Josh.


It’s going to be way more fun if cocky loudmouth Josh gets blindsided:) And Paul!!!!! It’s about time.


Not so fast, I’m willing to wait to see how it shakes out. It could very well put Kevin in a very strong place. If Jessica keeps her mouth shut and the vote is tight Kevin may be able play with both sides on the sly. Kevin hasn’t been the ringleader but he’s got a hand on the wheel.


Ugh!!!! I so wanted to see the blindside!!!! Cody’s previously blindsided face 2.0. Really Kevin??


Kevin told Paul he won the 25K. Once it gets back his game is over. Stupid move Kevin! Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow night.


I think Kevin has an alterior motive that’ll eventually shed light to us.


It was nice knowing you Kevin

My Hero

I don’t understand why nobody wants Paul blindsided???? I think it’s awesome ( if it really happens) it’s about time someone breaks away from the cult.


They don’t even have the numbers to blindside Paul. That would require at least a couple of them turning on him by tomorrow, I don’t think that’s going to happen.


Paul was probably informed of what her temptation was in the diary room by production so he told Kevin to tell her they were flipping the vote to see if she would feel bad enough about Ramses leaving to cancel her own eviction. Haha


Holy cow, Kevin. That shrink wrap around your tummy has obviously moved up to your brain! What an a*****e cheap move!

Boston Guy

Snitches get stitches.

Your Common Sense

Haha. True that. What a wicked pissah, Kevin. No logic there Blabbermouth. *smh*


awwww no blindside!? boo!!! Kevin got spooked by the temptation, what a bummer:(

Captain Crunch

I wonder if production got to Kevin b/c this came out of nowhere, bad move imo b/c he was only on Alex’s radar but if his so called allies find out about this he’s done.


Kevin using Boston as an excuse to turn on his team. All I can picture is Jack Nicholson in the Departed saying ” I got this rat, this gnawing, cheese-eating fu#king rat, and it brings up questions.”


Kevin you blew the fun of surprise tomorrow. There was no advantage for you to do this.


All this does is make Kevin a target. They don’t have the votes to flip it back in Ramses favor. Alex, Jason, Matt, Raven, Paul, Christmas. When they find out Kevin told Jessica, it’s just going to put him on their radar.


Well if Kevin votes to keep Ramses, I think they will know who did it. That was the stupidest move he could have made at this point. I am shocked. Paul wouldn’t have told him to do that. The outcome is going to be the same, but the shock value is gone. I can’t see why Kevin would defect to join two couples. Doesn’t make sense at all. He’ll be the 1st to go if someone on that side needs to be sacrificed.

Miss Directed

I think that Kevin is using this as a ploy to make Jess more paranoid about Ramses leaving and forcing her to use the hex to save Ramses. She then cannot play in next weeks comp, which will probably be mental. Cody is not strong mentally,so the odds are that Paul and one of his crew will win and put Cody and Jess on the block. I do not believe that the hex,by virtue of its use,will restore Jess back to HOH as if the week never happened. Kevin is too slick to give away his favorable game position.


I think you’re mistaken. Oh wait, that’s me.


Pay attenion folks, he is presenting this information and suggesting she consider Jessica’s temptation. This is an old sly guy trying to trick her into revealing the power. I would not put it past troll Paul putting Kevin up to this.


I don’t think Paul had a hand in this. Kevin may be thinking to use this to pull Jessica in once Cody is gone. He might be thinking Jessica has daddy issues too.


Gosh dang it Kevin, you were one of my favorite, now I’m just mad at you for falling for her fake ass.


What the Hay !!!!!! I cannot believe he Just did that. Trying to cover all his bases Jessica’s plan sure worked on him. Scared him into talking and screwing up royally. Omg. I’m heartbroken he made such a bonehead move. It will backfire. I can see where there’s a chance he can make it through this. But even if he makes it next week. He just ratted out all his people. Guarantee he won’t be making it final 4. Ughhhh. Kev !!!! Why ?!?!?!


Thinking since Paul suspects a double eviction, sent Kevin to rattle Cody and Jess. She will stay up late worrying or trying to listen in and he would stay up with her since he’s a Velcro puppy. Perhaps the motive is to weaken them.

Mel T

I’m so hoping for a blindside!!! Blindside against Paul and Josh and rest of Paul minions!! Serves him right, hopefully right out the door next week if Cody wins HOH.

That meme guy

On no baby, what is you doing???

Bob Cobb

(Sing along)……..Jingle BOOM…Jingle BOOM….Kevin, WTF you doing!?!?!?


I hope there’s still a blindside Thursday, but with Josh being sent home and it’s Paul and his minions that are blindsided!


Kevin could have told Jessica about the house flipping to get her to use the temptation????

Kevin! Jessica would not use it to save Ramses! Kev kinda fkd up.


Kevin’s just covering his own butt.


I hated Kevin up to this point, now I kind like him….


Someone else thinks they’re driving, but Kevin has the Stick Shift


Kevin, Kevin, Kevin!! You better know what you’re doing because if Paul, Alex, and Jason find out you’ve squealed like a pig to Jessica…you might as well pack your bags along with your $25,027.00 and Saran Wrap, and say hello to Julie Thursday night!!


Hey he walks out with 30k before jury if that happens not bad.then he can get back to Boston and make some real money

Whitey Bulger

If Kevin turned squealer like that back in Boston he’d get a beatdown.


people keep complaining how dumb the players are have been for a few years . I find it interesting that before they had the house filled with I am offended by everything millenials . BB was actually a game played by grown ups with a strategy . now it is an accomplishment and or goal to make it to jury ! this is turned into a group think snooze fest . Jody are two of the dumbest people ever to shack up together . that convo on the hammock about using the veto because they cant trust any of them was a classic ! j I want to use it I don’t trust any of them . c oh they wont flip I would say no don’t use it ???????

Guy From Canada

Kevin is setti himself up for the long game. It sucks that he is spoiling the blindside, but he is keeping his relationship strong with J-ody so he doesn’t end up like Ramsey, expendable. Jessica from the blog didn’t sell him out, only questioned if there was a blindside. So when the vote flips, Kevin is in a good position. He is giving just enough information to play the middle, which is hard but smart. So this could have been a bad game move for him, but I feel long term it will be good for him for a few weeks…..even if it ruins a perfect blindside for us the viewers.