“I get why he [JOSH] was cast he’s the BIG MEECH” – Paul

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7:03pm Paul, Jessica and Cody
Paul is trying to justify why Ramses was gone..
Paul goes on about how Ramses was on everyone’s radar.
Jessica says Josh is being a douche bag and Ramses was actually playing the game.
Cody is telling him they are safe so they have to be part of Paul’s HOH
Jessica – 7 people lied to my face

Mark comes in.. “Am i in trouble”
Paul says no and starts in on why they had to get Ramses out because he was such a threat to the game.
Paul – it was a house strategic move.. that’s it.
Paul – we’re playing Big brother Block it off
Jessica calls Josh his dog.
Paul – he is not my Dog.. he is not my dog.. he does his own sh1t
Paul – I get why he was cast he’s a Loose Cannon, he’s the BIG MEECH..
Paul says BIG MEECH was worse than Josh times 10

Paul – I don’t want you guys to think I’m the sheep herder..

7:17pm Mark, Elena and Cody
Mark – I became a outsider.. I guess that’s what I deserve thought.. Turned my back on you turned my back on Dom
Elena – Doms a c**t
Elena leaves on her way out Mark asks if she’s not going to look at him either..

Matt comes in
mark – you and me good..
Mark says the vote went a different way, “I was kept in the dark about it”
Matt – Ramses was shady as hell. I was scared Ramses would win that HOH..

7:21pm Paul, Kevin and Jason

Paul doesn’t think Jessica and Cody have the Temptation .
Jason – I say put those f*er’s up
Kevin how can they get weeks of safety
Paul says he’s going to put them up. (Cody and Jessica)


Paul is saying it’s confirmed that Ramses got the 25K
Paul says the reason Elena was kept in the dark was because of her closeness to Mark and her disdain for Josh

Matt wanting Mark up..
Christmas says Paul is willing to put him up

7:36pm Elena and mark
Elena is pissed at all the people that lied to her.

7:37pm Christmas tells Jessica that they got rid of Ramses because he was such a big threat.

7:44pm Paul and Jason
Paul says they better win the HOH next week and keep him safe because he’s about to make “A big boy move”
Paul says “I ain’t no b1tch dude” he’s going to put Cody and Jessica on the block.

7:47pm Elena, Jessica and mark
Elena pissed at Matt and Raven for being liars.
“Matt and Raven teaming up with Jason and Alex… since when did that happen”

Burn it with Fire..

Ramses says “I Campaigned my butt off these last couple days”

8:08pm Jason and mark
Jason says people have been gunning for Mark hard..
Mark – me and you are still good right
Jason – Yes
Jason – Everybody was gunning for Cody and Jess but if they have safety
Mark – me because of my association with Cody

Jason – I had a personal thing against Ramses .. he won the 25 thousand bucks
Jason – he f*ing sneaks around

Mark – If Alex had won HOH is she coming after me
Jason – no
Mark – So that only leaves, Kevin, josh, Paul, Matt and Raven. Have they said anything about me
Jason – no
Mark – have matt and Raven said anything about me
Jason – no.. they really don’t say much to me
Mark – Paul hasn’t said anything
Jason – Paul hasn’t
Mark – what about Kevin Kevin
Jason says him and Kevin don’t talk game.

Jason tells him if he goes on the block he needs to stay calm and stay hip. Make sure he doesn’t lose Cody and Jessica’s Vote.

Mark – if Josh wasn’t the target who is
Jason – Ramses
Mark – no this week
Jason – I don’t know
(LOL OMG that’s funny)

9:18pm Boots on the bed.

8:32pm Paul asks Christmas if her POV temptation is still good?
it is.
Paul – keep that in mind this week.

Paul thinks Jessica is bluffing about her temptation.

8:40pm Mark, Jessica and Cody
Jessica hopes the house unifies against Josh this week because nobody wants him in Jury.
Jessica says Paul is close to Elena
Mark says he’s close to Paul

8:48pm Elena and Jessica

Elena is like really pissed.. like she’s avoiding conversations with everyone.. like she’s really c*nty right now..

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Yes Paul make Jessica use Production’s Hex so her & Cody won’t be safe next week.


Jessica lied about how long it makes her safe it haults the one eviction. Christmas has not used hers yet. So if Paul puts Jessica and Cody on the block which I hope he does and if they are still up there she stops that eviction its over with.


OMG she didn’t lie, she said she was grateful that America gave them a couple weeks! Next week if she uses it, them that buys them one more week! That is a couple weeks! How did she lie, enlighten me please?


Actually, she said she was grateful America gave them a few weeks, not a couple.


Lied through deception.


Exactly what I was thinking! I hope he puts them both up so they are forced to use the hex. Otherwise they will both be safe for the next two weeks. If they use it now at least there is a chance of getting one of them out next week. I can’t stand Cody and Jessica.


I am in no way a fan of Jody either, but they are thinking game, unlike many others! Oh how I wish these puppets would pull Pauls hand out from behind their backs! All this let me run this by Paul yadda yadda yadda is totally insane!


Yes!!! Someone else understands! This is always my complaint every season they bring vets back everyone flocks to them and the vets skate through.


When Cody was in power early in the game, we all thought he was a d-bag. Now that he’s an underdog everyone is rooting for him. He’s still that same d-bag.

Jimmy 64

Jessica why did you reveal your secret I hope it don’t comes back and bites
you in the ass!
From what I just read Paul ain’t buying it. So maybe you just got lucky.
But don’t you want to see Paul’s face if next week her and Cody are
both on the block and she uses the hex.

Garry Velasquez

It’s a good move especially if she uses it in week 1.


Villain Chin better not win

Because little nasty princess couldn’t keep her ego & emotions in check after the eviction reveal so the true message in her outburst was, “oh yeah?! you blindsided me?! Well let me tell you all that America loves me… so there!! uuuugggghhh!!l. Snot nose Jessica is vile in so many ways – first, Cody has been inflating her confidence, so mix that with her ever-present arrogance & ignorance and you’ve got an unbearable mixture – next, all of her pda with her hillbilly psycho Prince Charming is nothing more than clinging to a crutch for her insecurities – yeah I’m being a psycho-analyzing fool but this is easy… anybody could see thru that transparent little phony witch – this show would be so much better without crap like Jessica – jus’ sayin’

Red Marie

If you want to talk about disgusting “pda” take a look at Matt & Raven!! She did her thing to him and he j!โ‚ฌd all over his stomach & went into the kitchen and used a towel from the counter to wipe his stomach with it and then put it back on the counter!!!!! That is the most disturbing and disgusting thing I have ever seen on the feeds!!!!! They are the two most foul & repulsive people in the house!!! Come on!! Who can overlook that & think Cody & Jess are worse than those two. Kevin pleads with them to not have sโ‚ฌx in the bed next to him all the time because they are repugnant. Let’s try to keep it in perspective– I know Cody & Jess are hated, but the two a$$ rats behavior is on a whole other level of child & self entitled behavior.




You are spot on correct… but the topic of the rant you replied to wasn’t comparing levels of disgusting between the couples’ pda, it was exposing Jessica’s overall pathetic traits – read thoroughly next time

Guy From Canada

Axel in bbcan2 had Xmas’s temptation and he told everyone about it. It got him safety for weeks until he had to use it cause it expired. He even went to the extent of peeling the front of the laminated card off so no one could read his card. It got him to jury with ease. If Jess plays it right she will get the same. And with the roach mobile twist back in play and Cody for the quick scramble physical comps they are in better shape then expected.

And of course team Kevin for the win!


Anyone else see doofus Mark was one of the first people to get to Paul after he won HOH? He is so screwed. Boyz and Scammin had two against one odds and couldn’t pull is off. Back to his cereal bowl!!!




Paul is Hot!!!


Says his boyfriend…


So Happy that Paul won, the world is a better place now dump those two bullies, Jessica and Jody, don’t care who likes it, Love my Paul!!


Who’s the bully? Are we watching the same show?


Cody and Mark are the bullies. That should be pretty obvious.


Cody and Jessica are bullies. I am watching Big Brother.


Isnt the hex for only one person? How does it save cody and jess?


It stops the eviction


Yes the hex stops the eviction so no one gets evicted that week.
It can only be used once. But only for the next 2 evictions.
Doesn’t matter who is on the block.
So lets say she doesn’t use it this week and next week neither jessica or cody is on the block. Jessica might want to use it to save anyone in their alliance like Mark or Elena.
Not sure how it effects who can play for the next HOH.

Wasting Time

It shouldn’t stop Jess & Cody from playing in the next HOH, Paul got to play after using his. But Paul gets to do a lot. Rules change according to production whims. Sick of Paul. He is a “P” personified, that is why he talks so loud and often, drill it in!, drown out others voices!, it even drowns out gut feelings, apparently. Now Alex is begging to be second place next to Paul..haha. She melted at Friendship..truly believes that is like the golden word that cannot be uttered unless it is true, therefore she is special, fits her ego and grandiose thinking too. Even Jason knows that is stupid! They can’t ALL be his #2! Smdh. Come on Jess,Cody, Mark, and hold on Elena, wake up and pull something off. After the “pivot” convo, not sure what she will do, but she had to be getting bad vibes from him, and his super ego, thinking himself so worthy above everyone else. Vomited a little in my mouth as I remembered watching it. Both HOH’s were given to him, but he won’t admit it now. Gagfest! #pivotOnPaul BB19


I would like to know that too


Saves them both if they are both up. Jess figures they will be put up together so one goes home. That’s how they would both be safe.


Also they (Jody) could play in the next temptation. If one of them wins that one can’t be nominated. Then only one can be nominated. And there’s always the veto to save the other.
They could save the hex for the next eviction if one wins the temptation and one wins the veto this week.
The hex will save all 3 on the block if its used.


Jessica, I am so disappointed with you. You have the opportunity to kick the pretentious Paul or Josh out, you ruined this opportunities. Now you are just digging a grave for yourself. I was rooting for you. Now I have to say it serves you right!

Impractical Joker

so paul will put up JODY this time next week Jess uses her hex halting the eviction nulling and voiding the eviction thus making Pauls HOH a waste just as Jessicas was tonight. Do I pretty much have how this works?


Pretty much. But Paul wants to force her to reveal the temptation and make her use it now. He thinks she’s lying about how long it keeps her safe so he wants to force her hand. Which is really the best thing he can do at this point.

But it would make his hoh a waste as far as taking someone out. The only thing he can take out now is the temptation.

Oh no!...Anything but put me on the block!

I agree! Basically every hoh has been pointless!


The difference is Paul’s “wasted HOH” would be due to a questionable game gift to Jessica.
Jessica just made a bad game move and did this to herself (and Ramses).


I can’t stand it anymore. How stupid do these people have to be? Like sheep, they follow the only person who should be their target (Paul). Just do the math folks, you need to realize the sheep herding idiot has a pecking order.


I wish a plane with a banner could let them know that poor Ramses did not get the $25,000.


I hope Cody and Jessica go up so they can’t be safe next week I liked Jessica better when she wasn’t with Cody and she can only use it once so there’s that and if Cody or Jessica don’t win the HOH next week and if either one of them is the 3rd nominee they’re going home .


Holy shit, use a punctuation mark… a coma, a period, ANYTHING!


At least they used capital letters. But I agree. ?

Lala Knows Best

Perfect scenario:
Paul puts up Cody and Jessica.
Christmas removes Jessica off the block. Paul replaces her with Mark or Ellena.
Then Jessica will have to figure out if she should use the Hex on Cody or save it for herself for the following week. She’s shaddy and I’m not sure she would use it and Cody goes home.

Homey Clause

Wrong! Jessica still listens to and obeys Cody. Remember, she put up someone from her alliance (Ramses) due to Cody. She then listened to Cody in not replacing the nominations because Cody thought it ‘wise’ to keep the noms the same. Why would she change her mind now because obviously she can’t think for herself unless Cody approves it. Let’s face it, it is not in Jessica’s fortitude or makeup to do things on her own without a man. ๐Ÿ™‚

CodyIs A Robot

I think she would use it to save Cody. If he’s on the block for the vote at any time, he’s gone.


If theyโ€™re not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw.


paul should have let matt or raven take the hoh, he was safe anyways and it would have allowed him to play next week. i will laugh if cody is the only one of the two on the block come eviction, jess uses the hex to save him then she is voted out the following week.


Lol Ramses. “Campaigning my butt off”. Please put Mark up. Only floats to power. Elena too.

Impractical Joker

zingbot is going to have fun with Josh paul matt and raven I predict Zingbot will make Josh loose it and self evict


Has Zingbot ever made anyone cry before, or will Josh be the first?


He made Danielle cry when he said Shane would have a present for her when they got out..a restraining order


Put them both up Paul, make her burn that power, or just put Cody up and see if she’ll use it for him or if she’ll keep it for herself.


Why does Jessica keep getting away with lying about the Hexs is that not using production as a strategy and I am so happy Paul is going to put them up this week get the hexs over with and let’s move on


Anybody get what Cody means by that they have to be part of Paul’s hon because they are safe??

It doesn't matter

If Paul doesn’t do some version of what Cody and Jessica want – such as not putting Cody or Jess up – then Jess will use the temptation to force their safety. Cody is right, if Paul does nominate him or Jess then they will cancel the eviction, but if Paul works with them to target someone else (i.e. allows Cody and Jess to be part of the hoh), then they won’t void Paul’s eviction. But without knowing Jess has it for sure, or knowing what it does, Paul probably won’t understand Cody’s comment.


Either Paul works with Jody (lets them be apart of hoh decision making and doesn’t nominate them) or they will use the temptation to force their safety. But without knowing whether they have the temptation or what it does, Paul won’t know what the comment means.

Matt's secret third shirt

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if you could all do me a favour? I am trying to pay for graduate school and am in the front running for a scholarship. Can you please follow this link and VOTE for my photo because the most likes will win the scholarship!! <3

Also, I think Paul should target Matt and Raven — I am really tired of everyone trying to target Cody and Jessica…doesn't the house everyone realize that that those two are just floating around and not playing the game at all? I'm pretty sure Matt and Raven have been on the show maybe 3 times the entire season.


Voted for you. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

Matt's secret third shirt

Thanks! I really appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚


Ditto, good luck!

Wasting Time

Voted for you, Good Luck!!

Idiot Paul

Watch my face when I put Cody and Jessica on the block and Jessica uses the Hex! Then for the next few weeks regardless of whether Jessica can do it for 4 weeks all the HGs will turn on Paul too afraid to put Cody and Jessica up again!

So happy Cody and Jessica are back on the bottom where they belong!

Loved watching their faces during eviction. So great seeing them squirm and mad. And Jessica’s and marks face were hilarious during the hoh. Yes you guys just made a huge mistake. So awesome.

I’m sorry but production should take her power away. In past seasons players got in so much trouble for lying about production and powers. And she’s lied multiple times about it. Including tonight. It’s bull. It can’t keep the safe for weeks. It’s a power that could keep an eviction from happening once in the next few weeks. I know she got yelled at once by what she told kevin so you would think she would know better. She was clearly warned so they should punish her for lying about a power. That would be the greatest ever.


There are no words to describe how much I can’t stand Cory (from day one). He has a cruel streak, & his eyes give it away too.

Impractical Joker

agreed Cory and Andrew are the biggest losers in the house

Team Andrew

How dare you! Andrew is the best!

Iron Pants McGinty

Who is Cory? Must be Andrews’ brother?

Pants on fire

I’m sorry, but Josh deserves an Oscar for his performance tonight during the eviction results. Absolutely brilliant!! Hate on him all you want but I haven’t had that big of a laugh in ages!!


I seriously didn’t think he had it on him to not go “Meatball S#$& Storm” on them. I think Elena threw that comp tonight. She had a graphic memory while they were studying. She needs to make a break frm Mark & rethink her game.


Why does Jessica look like Beetlejuice in that dress?


CBS could have had my family watching them for 2hours. Instead, after the show was over we switched on something else. It’s a live reality show, use a delay and a beep and let us non feeders see the direct aftermath please.


Mark was terrified of where he stood in the house. Elena is so incredibly mad that she was not in on the vote this week. Jessica will not tell Mark what the temptation is saying she can’t say. Josh and Mark had a quick talk and I think they agreed that Josh can trash him a little bit but not touch his bed and they knuckle punched.
Mark’s face is so red the entire night.
Elena will not allow Mark to touch her – she’s so mad. Elena is pissed that Raven touched her (gave her a peck on the cheek).
Paul is putting up Cody and Jessica because he can’t figure out what the temptation is and to make her use it.
Paul blamed Ramses for having the $25,000 (but he didn’t).

Smitten Kitten

Thank you for that update!
All of the live feed forums are SO DEAD & I couldn’t find anywhere that told me what’s going on right now (I mean, the house can’t be boring after what just happened… right??)

Thank you, yoyo!

Grodner Hearts Paul

The whole season is about Paul. The rest of the cast is diminished by being so submissive to him. At least I respect Cody & Jessica for being the only ones to stand up to him. The rest are all followers and shouldn’t have been cast.

In the future, they should cast all-star seasons or all new people. New players are too star-struck by vets like Paul to compete against them.

CodyIs A Robot

That’s why Jessica was incredibly stupid for not targeting Paul with her HOH. Now they will never get rid of him.


I have hated Cody from day one. He has a cruel streak which he exhibited from the get-go. (BTW: some referring to Cody as “Jody”, there is no Jody on BB)


They’re referring to Jessica and Cody. Thus, “Jody.”

Bunny Flop

Jessica + Cody = Jody
Matt + Raven = Maven
Mark + Elena = Marlena


Or….. Raven + Matt = Ratt


It’s Jessica & Cody put together, genius.

Good God, please use your common sense.


Lol Jody refers to the combination of Jessica and Cody. You clearly are not very well informed if you don’t even know that. Just another sheep who is enamored by Paul.


So lame that the halting hex is given to someone rather than earned. Do something like leave clues around the house and the first houseguest that figures something out earns the hex.


We’re just gonna ignore production’s spin of tonight’s show. Jason sure got brave in the dr, too bad production didn’t show Jason flailing around the bathroom in full blown panic whispering to alex about cody confronting him.


Elena girl, I get it but maybe acting c*unty right now isn’t in your best interest.


Paul should’ve let one of his minions win hoh. That way he can play in the next hoh comp. I get why he wants to nominate Jody, I just wish he’s nominate Mark/elena instead so we can break up one of the showmances. Plus I like to root for the ones that the house hates. So I’m very slowly finding myself rooting for Jody.

CodyIs A Robot

He didn’t know about the had yet….


No point in putting Cody and Jessica on the block. No eviction will happen making Paul’s HOH crap. He has to make sure someone goes home this week. Better to put Elana and Mark on the block and have one of them go to weaken Jessica and Cody’s side of the house.


Paul’s HOH will not be crap b/c he will have made them use the hex, so they are no longer safe. That’s better than having them be safe for the next three weeks.


Jessica did not lie, she said she was grateful America gave them a couple weeks, which they in fact did do! I f she uses it next Thurs, then they are still there the following week! Last I checked that was a couple weeks!


I believe she said she and Cody are safe for the next couple of weeks, that’s not true. She can only halt one eviction so if that happens next week they can be put up again the following week.


That is true. They put her up, she uses it, then she is there a minimum of 2 more weeks!!! She didn’t lie!!!


Talk about gouging your eyes out with needles ? I wanted to stick the needles in my ears tonight when Jessica revealed her Temptation to Julie and the House. Didn’t Jess learn anything after the House betrayed her with the Vote?? – At least wait until you know what the curse is going to be !
And as usual C**ty Elena is walking around the House, making it all about her, because no one told her about the Votes. – Well that’s what you get when you go to the DARK Side. That’s all she does is bitch and moan all day about Mark and how she doesn’t want him or wouldn’t want him on the outside ! – And then she says he scares her because when he yells it’s because he weighs 250 pounds !!! OH please. Josh weighs at least 230 pounds but he is taller and he yells all the time.

Pillow Gate

I agree and think she’s trying to bait him in order to separate herself from him to help her game. She latched onto him as such as the others latched onto a Showmance. Put on your big girl panties and own your decisions.


It’s time to break out the Kracken. With all the hexes and curses and temptations that will be flying this week, we will all need a drink or two.
Where is Andrew when you need him?


I’m here. I’m waiting to make my big move…


I agree….why would Jessica now?….That was not a smart move, didn’t she learn from the blindside how it really works. I must admit Josh is OTT, but he is hilarious. The house will be boring, when he leaves


I’m so gonna laugh when Paul has the look that Cody had…. when Paul tries to put them up & his HOH is wasted then he starts thinking about how many more weeks they “may” be safe! And he can’t play for HOH the next week! Bahhahaha Josh needs to go! He is a whiney baby that can dish it out but cries when it’s given back! And Chistmas should have gone when she had surgery & had to be out of the house for a few days! It’s pretty sad when u can’t leave for a few days to go to a family members funeral, Derek & Frankie, but u can go have surgery & leave the house for a few days & come back!?!?! That’s pretty fucked up!!!!! I think the rules should apply to every one, not just certain situations!!!!! That’s unfair!!!!

Elena's Cu$ty Cu$t

This season is the Paul Sheep vs Jody. Sad…



Loved Josh tonight. He put on one he’ll of an act.


As a live feeder, I LOVE Paul. He is playing 100%. Cody and Jessica do nothing but seclude themselves and, therefore, are not apart of conversations. Until late this week when Kevin told Jessica about the flip – then they started to converse with others. I liked Jessica so much better without Cody. Cody can’t socialize whatsoever and brings down Jessica’s game by being a showmance.

Pauls beard

Production had a huge opportunity to make Jessica’s temptation a good one. I was hoping the “curse” was that she couldn’t use it on herself (if she uses it when she is up she stays on the block, or she has to use it when 2 people besides her are up). I think it would definitely make for good gameplay and also a good tool to force some moves. Then again anything unperdictable would be asking too much from most of these HG.


Soooo…Paul is going to do to Jessica what she was afraid to do to him when she had HOH. Hard to feel sorry for her. She had her shot and she blew it, all in the name of not “upsetting” the house. Her “hail Mary pass” at the end of the show fell on Paul’s deaf ears. He WILL call her bluff and she will be forced to use her safety. She had better hope that Paul goes for broke and puts her and Cody on the block, together. If he splits them up she might be forced to decide whether to save Cody or herself. Cody is an albatross around her neck, whether she knows it or not. She is so much smarter and stronger without him.
I hope the events of tonight have brought her some much-needed clarity. Cody is useless b/c he still doesn’t understand the game. I hope Jessica will remember that the end goal was never to find a boyfriend. If Cody has anything that resembles genuine feelings for her, he will free her up to do what is best for her own game.

Real talk: Once the Hex is used, they will still be Public Enemies, numbered 1&2. Paul will see to that. They don’t have the numbers to survive going on the block again. So, they would have to keep winning HOHs AND POVs in alternate weeks (not likely). No one but Cody will nominate Paul and no matter who sits next to Paul on the block, Paul is safe. If Cody is on the block, Cody goes home; if Jessica is on the block, she goes home. It doesn’t matter who sits next them. Again, Paul will see to it.
As much as I would love for Paul to lose his ever so tight grip on the hearts, minds, and souls of his flock, I don’t see it happening until it is too late to be helpful to the comatose herd. But I can still dream.
Memo for record: Paul has already commandeered Christmas’s POV temptation. Did you hear how he DIRECTED her to stand by, while HE decides when and how to use it? She didn’t even blink when he issued the command!!!
Kevin is the most likely one to make it to the end (with Paul, sadly). He doesn’t have to win challenges b/c no one is after him. He has been smart, funny, charming, and every bit as crafty as Paul.
Alex is a disappointment, as is Christmas. Speaking of whom, I know we were informed that the competitions would not be adjusted to accommodate her incapacities, but so far, she has “lucked” out. I can’t see her being able to beat anyone when things get to the point where you really need all body parts in working order. And I don’t see the doctor(s) clearing her to participate at that point. Alex envisions a final two with Paul. That will only happen if she makes it to the end, wins Parts ONE and THREE and SHE (stupidly) PICKS the person (Paul, if she is really stupid) who will sit beside her when they face the jury.
Oh, and note to the other ladies (you know, the ones who have “fallen in love”): the men never lose sight of their purpose in being in the game. When the time comes to evict you, they will apologize and kiss you goodbye.
In summary, Paul doesn’t even have to win any more comps in order to make it to the end. He has done his field work, planted his seeds, added the fertilizer( boat loads of it), kept the product fed and watered, and is reaping the benefits of progressive growth. His only threat is Cody and that is more an inconvenience, temporary, at best. A third nominee will be sacrificed and it doesn’t matter from which side of the house. You know the game is all but over when the cult members are quoting PAUL’S RATIONALE for evicting Ramses and not even realizing it. Even Paul himself had to come up with an on-the-spot rationale. Pitiful…

Homey Clause

Too long – can’t read that much


Bring awareness to ” RAVEN is a scam artist”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your caught now boo boo ๐Ÿ˜‰ and close your multiple go fund me pages, working class people shouldn’t be giving donations to a women who owns dance studio(s), is on TV and has luxury purses cars etc what the hell big brother??? Do your research???


Since Paul doesn’t believe her she needs to come clean with what the hex is. If Paul knows she will cancel the eviction if either of them are on the block his ego is too big to not have someone go home while he is head of household. Which if he nominates two other people which I’m assuming will be Mark and Elena it draws the line and clearly gets you an ally in taking out Paul. Plus you can still be saved the following week as she didn’t use it. Being safe until jury is way more important then a surprised look on Paul’s face.


Actually, Paul should tell Jessica to show him the specifics of her temptation or he is going to put her and Cody on the block and force her hand.


Everyone in the house is Paul’s puppet. He is using all of them. He secretly has a alliance with Alex. It is really sickening to see them all do whatever he wants. Literally, he did the same thing last season. Always talking about loyalty lets see how he picks them off one by one. Cody doesn’t have much of a personality, but remember he didn’t want to put up Alex that’s why he didn’t tell everyone what he was going to do. He didn’t go about it the right way but that’s because he has no social skills. He lied about Ramsey’s getting the money. How did he know that, no one in the house knows. Remember the people you vote off have to vote for you to get the money. I am for team Kevin. but if the last two people standing are Paul and Alex. I hope Alex wins. No I remember Alex saying she didn’t need no man to help her when Cody was trying to throw her a bone, but looks like that’s changed because she does whatever Paul ask.


Why do people like Paul? Please enlighten me?


Please explain to me why Paul is considered a good player?


Like him or hate him, Paul is a great player, because he gets everyone to follow him and do all his work. As Julie said Josh winning hoh is the same ad Paul winning hoh!