Big Brother 20 Week 8 Animated Gifs

This week was Dawg dog Slow on the live feeds. Lucky for us we had some crazy Sam moments and stupid Fes moments to pass the time. I just can’t get over the two attempts Sam made at playing the game. The time she went to Fes to get him to put Haleigh on the block as the replacement after Brett uses the Veto. The expressions on fes’ face after.. priceless. I do think that was our most popular tweet ever ..

My top 3 are

    • After Sam’s pitch
    • Sam’s campaigning to get FEs to put Haleigh up as the replacement
    • “I have got to stop biting dude.. Got to stop.. (cause it’s gross)
    • I also like the nose picking one cause I’m gross like that.. lol

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Scottie – “I was thinking of doing some crazy sh1t.. I was considering the BRos up”

*** UPDATED **** Big Brother Spoilers 1:47pm JC and Scottie
JC brings up a examples of him looking for what’s best for Scottie’s game.
Scottie – you’re not on my radar at all.. the only reason I would consider it is the power app
JC – I haven’t got the power app and a lot of people think I have it.. They’re putting the target on me..
Scottie wonders if there is a power app maybe productions is making us paranoid.
Scottie- I have a pretty good idea who I am putting up
JC – no one is targeting you so there’s no necessary for you to make a big move
JC adds that if he gets a lot of blood on his hands he might be a target next week. if he makes a small move and does it smart no blood.

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“The amount of Charisma Brett has is 5 minutes I was buying everything he was saying”

Big Brother Spoilers – Power app is over. 100% sure Haleigh has the Crap app “readdit” and Maybe Bayleigh has the powwer up.
10:59am Bathroom Scottie and FesĀ 
S – I talked to both of them last night
S – the amount of Charisma Brett has is crazy..
S – in 5 minutes I was buying everything he was saying .. I was like YEAH YEAH.. then had to walk around for 20 minutes and be like NO NO
S – he’s so f***ing good..
F – did they admit to you
S – no, the exact opposite.. they doubled down.
S – they tried to blame Haleigh again, I have to make sure to let her know

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Big Brother Spoilers – “Brett is the core Winston is the shield I’ll take either”

*** Updated *** Big Brother Spoilers 2:16am Scottie and Tyler
Scottie – i think it’s best for me to start that war..
Tyler – yeah
Scottie – we’re at the point if this side loses another number they don’t have enough people to go after the other side..
Scottie – they put you and Kaitlyn together no

Tyler- I got a lot of shit to f**ing tell you..

T – first of all we made a really good decision to vote Swaggy ot
T – Swaggy told bayleigh about the core.. bayleigh told Rockstar about the core.. Rockstar told Kaitlyn about the core and Kaitlyn asked me about the core

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“do something funny and throw the bros on the block.. I can see him saying it right now out of his cocky little mouth”

***** UPDATED ******* 7:20pm BROS
Brett – we need to put in his brain that Bayleigh and Fes might be after him because of the swaggy vote
Brett – he voted Swaggy out
Winston – really I thought it was haleigh
Brett – and Haleigh.. that’s two votes..
They count the votes…
Winston – Scottie voted for Swaggy don’t get twisted.. Scottie did not vote for me he voted for Swaggy
Winston – he’s full of crap .. You’re probably fine unless he says I’m going to do something funny and throw the bros on the block.. I can see him saying it right now out of his cocky little mouth.. one of us has to win the veto..
Brett – we’re fucked.
Winston – I don’t think you will go up.. he will base this off personal relationships..

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