Big Brother Spoilers Josh’s Pots and Pan attack “this is why people get knocked the f* out”

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10:31am cam 4 Josh grabs the pots.. Start banging them.. (off camera) Goes to the have nots room to “terrorize” Mark.
Josh – I just woke Mark up with pots and pans.. I’m going to raise hell today .. he looks at me like he was going to kill me.

Josh goes into the have nots “good morning sunshine.. time for some cereal..

Mark – this is why people get knocked the f* out

Josh – Marks a big meatball.. wake up.. time for Cereal.. lets go 7 hours of HELL .. i’m going home today..

Josh – did he not hear the alarm go off this morning.. MARK WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP
Josh – Mark did you not hear the alarm this morning.. WAKE UP WAKE UP 7 hours of HELL buddy….

Josh still going.. Finds mark hiding..

Josh – I want to bond why are you not waking up and bonding with me… it’s my last day..

JOsh also goes after Elena.. then comes back and says stay in bed, “You know i’m just f*ing with you”

Mark hides in the ASPR APSR for safety..

1:34pm Jessica and Elena Bathroom
Elena – you still worried
Jessica – Yup
Elena – don’t be
Jess – Elena, I honestly don’t know if you are in on it or not.. but Ramses is going home today
Elena – WHAT!
Jessica doesn’t know if people are just coming after her and Cody.
Jess – I did get the final temptation
Jessica says they are safe whoever wins the HOH it doesn’t matter.
Elena – you and Cody are safe
Jessica – yes nothing can touch us right now, for a couple of eviction
Elena – do you know what the curse is
Jessica – I can’t get into Specifics.. they’ve made it very clear that I cannot lie about anything so I;m just going to let people know that I have it, Cody and I can’t be touched and you guys will have to go after each other.
Elena – I don’t see Ramses going home today
Jessica – Ramses is going home today
Elena – how are you so sure
Jessica says she walked in on Paul, Raven, Kevin, Jason and Alex studying.
Jessica adds they are keeping her out of the loop.

Jessica – I don’t know who is lying or who is telling the truth … Ramses is going home today
Elena – and he doesn’t know
Jessica – and he doesn’t know

2:46pm Soild ..

3:14pm Soild

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Josh fan

Josh is a power player. Up there with evil dick.

Botox Pelosi

Josh is not a power player but he is a dick.

Fanny pack

Evil Dick my ass.


well maybe thats how you like it, EVEL Dick would probably disagree

Jessica's Digit

Is that a statement or a request?


Good one!! Wait!!! U are kidding, right?


Josh is a disturbed annoying man child. Acting out for attention. He’s Paul’s and his little mindless followers dirty little puppet. They will be tortured in the jury house by him. I hope he stays glued to them. Christmas can coddle and rock Josh nite nite. Raven and Paul can do the diaper changes.

Evil Dick Lives

I needed that laugh today! Keep dreaming Josh Fan!!! Josh is no were close to Evil Dick…more like annoying Amanda.

Botox Pelosi

I’m more shocked that Josh has a fan than by the delusional comment.

Sir Loin of Beef

She’s (C)Raven Attention’s mother!




Your freaking stupid. Josh is a petty little child

Red Marie

You’re hilarious!!


I find it funny Paul is so fake he wanted Elena out until he got nervous that she was going to be good at the hoh comp now he’s kissing her ass and yet still nobody seems to notice his behavior. How long will it take these clueless people to notice they are all just being used?

Bo Diddler

He was trying to warn her not to get hung out to dry. He did everything short of telling her Ramses was going home and it seems she still didn’t pick up the hint. Either she’s scary smart and playing Jessica or she’s slow on the uptake.


Do the The Big Brother Evictions of Cameran, Dom, & Jillian count towards the 4 Halting Hex Temptations?

The Halting Hex states that The Temptation Holder (Jess) can Halt the Evictions for the next 4 Evictions, correct?

Jess allowed herself to be out played by the majority of The House this week as HOH. Jess put up Ramses and Josh – then Jess’ main concern became getting birth control from the DR, getting in bed with Cody, and spending all of her (Jess) time with Cody alone.

After Nominations, Cody and Jess should have been talking Big Brother Game with the HGs. Jess did not even try to make deals before Nominations (i.e., telling Paul, I will keep you safe this week if you keep Cody and I safe next week — in fact, I have The Halting Hex Temptation – let’s work together). Again, instead of talking to the HGs – Jess spent all of her time in the DR getting a birth control prescription and alone in the HOH with Cody.

Jess is supposed to be playing Big Brother — not spending hours to get a birth control prescription. Jess and Cody’s Big Brother Game “Play” has been disappointing. Cody and Jess appear to want The House to follow them as they (Jess/Cody) perceive The House following Paul. Paul worked to build relationships with The HGs. Paul working to build relationships is the reason why the majority of The House is aligned with Paul.

Cody and Jess sound silly being mad at Paul — Cody and Jess have not put in the same work as Paul has building relationships / influencing HGs votes / making deals with HGs as HOH before Nominations. Jess and Cody should not complain about Paul for being able to achieve their/desire (Jess’ and Cody’s) — if Jess/Cody put in the time/devotion to playing The Big Brother Game Jess/Cody could have built strong relationships similar to Paul.

Hopefully, Jess and Cody understand that The Big Brother Game takes work and effort. Jess and Cody should not expect to be handed anything – for example, the trust & loyalty of other HGs. Paul did not ruin Jess’ HOH — Jess ruined her own HOH by being more interested in having alone time with Cody. As HOH Jess should have talked to Josh attempting to make a deal — instead, Jess sends Cody to tell Josh “Jess doesn’t have time for you – neither of us do.”

Between Cody & Jess behaving as though they are too good for the HG, &, Cody emulating the Gestapo — it seems as though Cody & Jess do not know how to play Big Brother well as a pair. Cody & Jess behaving as though they are a pair of aggrieved HGs that have exasperated themselves to play a great Big Brother Game is annoying.

If Rachel & Brendan were in Cody and Jess’ position (HOH / POV Holder / Halting Hex Temptation) – Rachel and Brendan would have Pre-Nomination Deals. Rachel & Brendan would have “swallowed their pride” to make a deal and work with Paul (similar to Rachel and Brendan working with Daniele Donato). Rachel/Brendan would spend their time turning their ambition & aspiration in to designing a strong Big Brother Game strategy with central, affluential, & dominant HGs. Jess squandered having The Power (HOH, POV, Halting Hex) – throwing away her (Jess’) Big Brother Game Power Opportunities to be alone with Cody. Jess has no one to blame about recklessly & unwisely wasting Big Brother Game Power (HOH, POV, Halting Hex) but herself.

The Big Brother Game is not a game of solitary. The Big Brother Game is not won being friendless, isolated, unassisted.

Instead, Jess & Cody’s main concern since Cody’s return has been fulfilling their biological desires; Jess spending time to get Cody to say “I love you;” Jess spending time in the DR to get birth control prescription/talking to Cody about her (Jess’) birth control prescription.


Josh should be kissing Cody’s feet, a REAL American hero. Thank you for your service Cody. Its an honor for us to watch you play this game.


Seriously? Lol, kissing his feet. Worship Cody much?

Xmas for the upset

Except Cody is an American psycho. He may be a veteran but he needs serious therapy.


Yeah right.

I am pretty sure EvelDick didn’t cry like a little b*tch for his mommy first couple weeks in the house.

Hi, It's Production

We are tying to script Josh as an evil character, but each time he goes and balls his eyes out after someone even remotely teases him…..he isn’t so evil but he does need his blankey.


Meatball is a racist Italian remark


Josh is such a wannabe and beyond retarded!! Mental illnesss is sad to watch for entertaiment

Down with the R word

Hey Meatball, the R word is so 1985. Get a new insult.


Whatever SNOWFLAKE go crawl back into your safe space & cry! Josh is DEF a TARD!!


Name calling other posters…that’s original. Grow up.


“the R word” lol are you retarded?

Sir Loin of Beef

“Ha-Ha-Ha! SNORT!”


Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! People dropping R bombs left and right. It is sad that people are offended so much by so little now that they get “jumped” for saying things. Is it a “nice” word? no but it is just a word. “Gay” off limits! “stupid” nope not nice! Hell I got scolded at the doctors for referring to MYSELF as “cripple” He says “we don’t use that word around here we say handicapped or handi-capable” What a moron!

toughen up

When I was growing up we called people like Josh retarded

The Past Called

People that can’t move on and let go of things constantly say, “when I was growing up”, well its 2017 so when you grew up is the past, we are now in the present. I don’t believe in censorship so people can use any vocabulary they choose. It is much easier to understand a persons state of awareness from the language they use and well some people are stuck living in the past.

golden apple josh

Linguine and meatballs


I’m sorry but idk how mark is controlling himself. I would loose my mind if I was there. Josh is such a little bitch bc he knows no one can touch him but in the real world he wouldn’t try that ever. He is just a puppet and does anything they tell him to. I was hoping mark would just knock him out and they both got sent home.

Evil Dick Lives

Well, there is still time….if Josh plans on 7hrs of hell. We may see 2 people go tonight and it won’t be by a vote!


He will end up in fetal position crying in a few hour…thats his m.o


Is it wrong that this is the most entertaining the feeds have been in a couple years? Josh is crazy as hell.


Crazy Annoying and Stupid is what he is!


it was entertaining the first time when eval dick did it. With Josh it’s sadly contrived

Jacob Mosesanian

If Paul, Matt,Raven,Crustmas,Alex ever show their ugly faces on Survivor, none of them would make the merge ever ever even if they played 100 times. Survivor is like the NFL and Big Brother is like the Arena Football League.

Paul is being gifted a win from Grodhog, 3 weeks of safety early on, a hand picked alliance for him (of people who said Paul was their top 3 favorite to casting in interviews), someone they all could unite against (Cody who was picked by production to be on the show as a target of theirs since he told casting in interviews he didn’t like Paul). Raven and Paul’s pre game ‘friendship’. Paul winning this season or going far is as fake as the WWE and TNA are fake. Heck Big Brother 19 might as well be called “Joe Schmo Show 4”.

Beast Mode Caleb thought he was a BB god like Paul and Beast mode got destroyed on Survivor in Game Changers. A similar fate would happen to Paul.

So if Paul and his zombies all dominate, then please don’t count Big Brother 19 as a season,just call it a Allison Grodner fan fic season played out with actors and actresses.


Paul hasn’t won yet and the house always flips multiple times throughout the summer, chill out.


Its a T.V. show, don’t take it so seriously and get over yourself, lol.



Sir Loin of Beef

Deep down, Josh really wants it to be a “sausage party!”


Keep it up Josh. Keep it up for 7 hours. Be the annoying Josh you really are for the next 6 hours. Show Paul he can’t control you. Hopefully they will all get enough of you and send you home.


Do you really think this isn’t at Paul’s suggestion? He’s trying to convince Jody that no one could possibly wan’t Josh to stay.


Paul’s goal is to humiliate Jessica and Cody by have Josh act like a imbecile. He wants to push Mark and Cody to their limit and throw them off.. I think it’s over the top and not funny or good game play. It’s disturbing to watch.


This will make my day if it happens!


What is ASPR?


They dubbed that room the Austin Powers Sex Room before feeds started. APSR, not ASPR


HAHA you actually went back and changed it! Damn your dedication to perfection is amazing dude. I raise a glass of the ole Kraken my good sir!

Ian's Lament

I just said in the last thread that his favorite player was Evil Dick!!!!


Well, he didn’t study Evil Dick to well. EVIL DICK was the same in and out of the house. Josh is trying to play a part that does not fit. Josh should have picked a different player to be because it’s not Evil Dick!!!

Jedi shonny

Josh reminds me of howie and ivette mixed together from bb6



Club H.O.H

Ugh!!!! I hope something happens to Josh!!!! Glad Cody told the story when he talked a young girl not to commit suicide off a 17 story ledge. Please BB Gods let Cody win HOH! We need justice!!!


I agree 100%, I’m hoping Cody wins the hoh but if he doesn’t I’m hoping whoever does puts someone besides him and Jess. Right before Cody was telling that story he was talking about how amazing his daughter is and her mom. People hate on Cody don’t see that he actually talks great about his daughters mother and his daughter.

cody's balls

Thanks for the kiss!


so great that he said all the girls before Jess were Dogs….great guy!


Cody was kidding when he said that. Geeze lol

Sir Loin of Beef

Unlike Paul who had NO PROBLEM calling women as “c^^ts” to their face on BB18! Real classy guy!


Guess you missed where he called the mom of his child a “dog”.
None of us know these people personally. Its annoying when people become “fans” of these contestants like they’ve known them. Be a fan of their games, not who they are or aren’t in your mind.


That doesn’t sound like Cody at all. Of course Cody has a history of telling self-aggrandizing stories.

Sir Loin of Beef

Just like Paul! Paul’s favorite song is “Me Me Me Me!”

GD poser and wanna-be celebritard!


This is true. I don’t believe Cody for a second. He’s more likely to push someone off the edge than help them. And LOL to Jessica and Cody talking about marriage already

Sir Loin of Beef

I hope “Milk Duds” Martinez falls in the shower and breaks his mouth!

Better yet, hopefully someone gives him a pair of scissors and tells him “its okay to run through the house with them!”


Are you crazy? This is a tv show, not real life. You understand that right? Jeesh, some of you people sound crazier than Josh is acting tbh.

The Humane Thing About Cody

Cody may be his own worst enemy when it comes to his ego, but Cody outside the house sounds like an excellent father and a stand up human being. When Christmas/Raven injured themselves, Cody was there helping and with his story of helping that girl and then him mentioning another guy took out his phone to start recording it.

Cody works on instinct and will be the first to immediately jump into action without thought. I can get over Cody’s persona on BB and he has many great qualities about him. How many people on this message board bashing Cody served their country, I know I never so I would never bash Cody because you don’t know what he has experienced during combat.


For those of you ho criticize Codys demeanor, I am a third generation Navy brat and I know those of you who come from similar families can relate to what I am about to say! When these people go into training, something in their emotions is toned down! My mother and father past their 50 yr anniversary, but guess how many times he told her he loved her, once on their wedding day! All three gens the same, never show emotion! I think Cody feels, he just does not show it! Please cut him a little slack (I am by no means a Cody fan, not even a tiny bit) but I do however respect the hell outta him! Serving your country is one of the hardest things one can do, so I just ask that yall at least respect the man for fighting for your freedom!


Wow! Oh my gosh, you don’t know Cody anymore than anyone else on here. Some of you people are as crazy as Josh! LOL!


Freaking Josh is hilarious. Loved the show last night with Josh/Christmas and Josh/Jason. Sweet.


I feel sorry for you LOLA if that is what you think is Hilarious.


Yes it’s actually quite hilarious. We know it’s a REALITY TV SHOW. You act like he’s running around stabbing people. Smh. Mark’s a big boy, I think he can handle someone banging a few pots and pans. He’s still not being as mean as Evel, or even Amanda.


Warriors come out and play yyyey.


OMG loved loved loved that movie! Now II want to watch it! lol


I can always count on Josh to give me a laugh. F***’em if they can’t take a joke.


Theres jokes and then there is taking things too far….Josh crossed that awhile ago. If he would have stopped at the mopping, it would have been ok. But the mocking in the room is uncalled for. For someone who doesn’t want to be made fun of or disrespected has now stooped below everyone else.


And Mark didn’t cross the line by throwing hot sauce and pickle juice in Josh’s face? That’s taking it too far.


That’s true, but it was once. Josh is keeping this crap behavior on and on and on. Things get old and Josh is just not even funny anymore. Give it up Josh, you are a laughing stock. People are not laughing with you, they are laughing at you.


Mark regretted and apologized to Josh and the house for throwing the juice. He’s paid a price. What consequences does Josh ever pay? He’s far worse and he gets babied and comforted by the others for his disgusting behavior especially by Christmas and Paul. Enough already


Why, just why? This isn’t entertainment, this is pure childish behavior that has been played out before, and the sad thing is, I believe he is only doing it because he thinks this is what WE want to see. It’s just redundant at this point.


Agree 100%. If you are going to go crazy at least do something new and original, not coping other peoples games. Josh is immature and will see the door sooner than later. Maybe not tonight, but soon as all the other players are not going to want this stupid immature blob in the house.


Josh is making bb19 watchable.


Yes, calling someone a “blob” is the epitome of maturity… wth?


Stop watching then! Maybe The Real World, or the Bachelorette is more your style


I think my 8 yo is more mature than Josh.


Josh is totally annoying and if I were a house guest I’d vote him out in a heartbeat. However, for his sake, I hope his family and friends convince him NOT to watch the season or read the fan sites once he is evicted. I think he’d be devastated. I don’t care for him, but I don’t want his spirit to be crushed.


he would be non stop waterworks….lol


There appears to be a gorilla taking a dump in the APSR.


Josh’s behavior with Mark & Elena would even piss me off. He will be lucky if people don’t change their minds and vote his ass out


I had high hopes for Alex and Christmas at the start. Now I see them as vile scum floating in the pond where troll Paul reigns. Not only does the troll control the majority of the house, he and his scum callously incite an emotionally unstable child to unnecessarily harass the underdogs. I wonder how far the troll’s followers are willing to go before their moral compasses kick in. I think Kevin’s did.


Isn’t the point of the game to control as much as you can? Paul has been working and playing the game. Cody expects the game to just come to him. Alex and Christmas made a decisions to side with Paul over Cody and it’s pretty obvious why. Cody is a douche with no social skills.


I’m disappointed in their gameplay too but I’m not calling them “scum.”


Love to see Josh go off on the others. I do not think they would like it. All the girls complained at the beginning he was a pee ping tom but now he is their puppet. If he had any values he would not do what he is doing. Tell Paul and them to do their own dirty work. I just hope Cody will not get evicted tonight for hitting Jos h. If Josh comes after Jessica Cody is not going to stand for it. Cody for YOU and see how they run. I bet they would have no trouble voting Josh out. I like to see Paul and Alex on the block.


The worst thing about manboy is he can dish it out but he can’t take it. You say one thing to him and he starts crying like a baby.


which Evil Dick didn’t do. Evil Dick could take it if anybody tried to give it back. Josh is a bully….bullies can’t take it happening to them.




I thought of a scenario that most likely won’t happen. Do you think Jessica will feel forced to use the temptation if either she or Cody is on the block next to Paul?


“I thought of a scenario that most likely won’t happen”

i did too!!!

a purple pig with 3 heads and dragon wings flew into the backyard and sh#t on Cody!


I thought that if she or Cody were on the block after losing a veto, then she’d use it.

No Joshing

However, would Jessica use the halting hex if just Cody was on the block? If I were her I would tell him I have to save it, because the next week they both may be on the block and she may go home. Much as I don’t like Jess’ personality, I think she is pretty savvy, and she should/would want to ensure her safety over Cody’s.

As for Josh, I think he is definitely mentally challenged, and I think CBS should have seen that he was not suitable for BB, so shame on them. Production should stop him in his tracks and tell him if he keeps it up he will be going home for his own protection.


What a fucking idiot! He might just seal his faith an walk the fuck out the doir tonight!


How is he sealing his fate? The people that are all voting him to stay already knew he was going to do this to throw Mark off his game before the comp. It won’t change a single thing.


I hope so!


We can only hope


Yea cuz you gotta have faith, faith, faith!


That kid is just beyond annoying. Makes me hate the ones that will keep him even more. I also hate Alex with a passion, her stupidity and blind allegiance to Paul just make me sick. Mavena is useless, Christmas…i had hopes for her but they faded.
At this point I”m rooting for Jessica, Kevin and Cody…that”s the freaking point I am at.


What”s the curse???? Will it effect tonight’s eviction?? I sure hope so!

Reasons Why BB Is Scripted

A tell tail sign BB is scripted, because in any other reality or realm Josh would be lying in his own pool of blood.


Mark & JOsh are quite close in actual size. (Not shape mind you.) Mark has show muscles, JOsh has retard strength. It’s a toss up! It all depends on who starts crying first.

Cheap Suit

Josh would fold just like I do!

Sir Loin of Beef

He-he-he! You said “retard!”


I can’t stand Josh. He’s such a baby. If you’re going to act like Evil Dick (trying to cause ruckus/banging pots and pans), at least own up to it. He ruins Mark’s bed and then when Mark freaks out, exactly what Josh was hoping for, Josh whines like a little baby that Mark yelled at him. I’m so over Josh.




Josh needs to sit the fxck this shxt isn’t funny anymore yes some deserve it a little, but h going too far. Didn’t Paul tell him not to act a fool until after evictions or he would vote him out? Get Josh some ritalin.


I don’t like Cody and I was really looking forward to the blindside…..BUT Josh gets on my laaaaasssstttt neeervve….PLEASE send him home!


What I hate most about josh, is that this is all going to his head, and he thinks he’s this smart power player who is single handedly blindsiding jess and Cody. It’s all going to his head too..just want to see him realize no one has his back and he’s being used SO bad! I can not wait until the time comes and he gets evicted. It will be hilarious! Wish it would be tonight though!


I have been watching all the vids of Dominique and her self-professed intelligence. What a Mother-Fuckin-Chip on her shoulder. She was the ‘snake’. Anyways- nobody comes out unscathed. They’re all there to win the big bucks through whatever means necessary. Scam artist trying to be oprah but came off Omarosa. Poor thing…….


Well she did lie about the hex – sorta – by saying they can’t be touched and others have to go after one another. Not true…..Not a fan of Jessica or Cody. They both need to go home!

Casual BB viewer.

It’s a mental HOH comp tonite right?

CBS should realize ratings would be higher if they made sure every live comp ended on same episode. Many like me do not have a lot of time to watch TV so If I know who is going home like tonite with Ramses if wasn’t a mental comp I wouldn’t even watch at all. Tonite will catch last 15 mins. First 45 is filler and trash. And I never have watched a Weds episode.

Hint for ratings CBS. But not like they read here ‘cept for Frankie who is just a paid seat filler for CBS.

Hi Frank. You still faking you gay? Fake gay is so 2010.


I do not remember a comp being about evicted HGs tattoos, but for some reason these people spent Hours last night drilling each other on Can, Dom, Megan’s tattoos. You don’t suppose production gave them a heads up, do you? Noooo way.


They showed Photoshop photos of them on the screen for a short time and that’s what they were trying to remember last night.


They were shown a video last night, with the evicted HGs with tattoos and comic books. The HOH comp tonight will be based on that.


There not save for the next few weeks.. only one time thing.. this is the most exciting thing yet… you guys know the hole house put him up to it… not I fan but Cody and them lost me when he said the Josh was a piece of shit look look what he said to Jess that piece of shit. He call her a thing.. for real… they have talk worse about woman..


Josh likes being used for what it’s worth. Gives his victim noises whatnot chance to come out in full bloom and depravity shine thru since he has no real game strategy to begin with.

Dan Rather

Wait, CBS doesn’t want people to lie? I wish I knew that sooner.

Impractical Joker

When the game first started I had Christmas,Paul,Mark,and Jess in the final 4
then Alex made some moves and Mark was the first disappointment
then Paul became an arogant charles manson type cult leader
Christmas I really had hopes for but shes turned into a floater
Kevin has actually got some moral guidelines and is playing both sides well without making waves but it will most likely bite him sooner rather then later
Jess as much as people cant stand her she is playing for the 500k not for jury as is Cody
I’d liked to see Kevin Jess Cody and possibly Jason and or Alex in final 4 but odds are none of these people will be final 4 and we will be stuck with chronicaven,boys2men,charly manson,and baby huey as the final 4


Horrors. That would be unwatchable!


Barf. Cody.


Here is what I hope for ….Josh wins HOH tonight…Jessica and Cody end up on the block eviction night then Jessica uses the halting hex. Ha Ha….


All this studying but only on tats. If I remember correctly when they did something like this with the comics wasn’t there also questions on the clothes people were wearing. Haven’t seen anyone talking about anything but the tats.


Jess summed up this season perfectly yesterday. After Kevin told her they would vote out Ramses, she told Cody that Paul was playing a chess game and he was always one move ahead of her. I agree 100%. I’m not a Paul fan, but at least he’s making this season interesting. Can you imagine if Paul had not come in? Most of the “outsiders” would be gone by now, and we’d be left watching the three showmances and Dom. Talk about boring. . . !

No gnomes allowed

Any updates before the show


I can’t believe after how this season started that I am actually now rooting for jess and Cody…there is seriously like 3 or 4 people who are playing this game…what a waste..I had high hopes for this cast..disappointed. But obviously I’ll still watch, hoping for Paul to get evicted, I was team Paul at the beginning. I want to see what these houseguests would do with out him? They would be soooo lost!

No gnomes allowed

Thanks Simon great site and great job


No offense, Josh but you’re no Evel Dick ?

No gnomes allowed

I hope Josh went too far and gets voted out. Josh thinking he can break Cody mentally shows he has no true knowledge of what the military members have to go thru in training and in combat. He is out matched like showing up to a gunfight with a toothpick. This opinion from a retired 1sgt US Army

Curse Josh

I hate Paul but he has done a good job of having everyone talk about Josh and not him.