“I have a lot of respect for you, You’re Strong, it’s unfortunate how things ended up in this house”

12:28pm Jason and Kevin
Kevin doesn’t understand how the people in the house talk about how they are going to get 150 thousand facebook followers. Jason goes on explaining how he uses Instagram. Throws a funny jab at Alex ma@sterb@ting on Instagram. Look at image for her reply.

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12:39pm Jessica and Josh Kitchen
Josh – Seeing those pictures from home and seeing where you come from.. I see the strength.. I know why you’re so strong I have a lot of respect for you and it’s unfortunate how things ended up in this house
Josh and Jessica
Josh – I see the person you are I see the heart.. And the fight and why you do it.. That letter was nice
Josh says her mom knows she’s as strong as f*
Jessica – I appreciate that thank you
JOsh – keep being strong
Jessica – thank you

12:40pm Jessica tells Cody
Jessica – did you hear sean call me into the DR
Feeds cut..
Jessica – your face just… they’re like just so he does his part there’s stuff in storage
Cody – his part
Jessica – yeah do your part Cody
Jessica – she was really cool about it though
Cody – how long does it take to kick in
Jessica – 2 weeks..
Cody – there’s my motivations to stay in the house
Jessica – I have a prescription I just didn’t bring it.. Then you came along.. Literally.. Literally..
Cody – dammit..
(I think she’s not on birth control and since boning Cody got production to bring her prescription for some)

12:50pm Christmas and Raven
Complaining about Ramses, Cody, Jessica etc..
Christmas says her and Josh spent the time to clean the kitchen and right when they were done they swarmed it.
Raven grumbles that Ramses was bothering her all night, “That man was on my t1ts”

12:58pm Josh and Alex
Alex warns him that Cody, Elena and mark are watching them.
Josh – are we good
Alex – yes get away from me (LOL)
Jason – you sending Ramses home
Alex – Yes now get away..

1:09pm Kevin, Christmas and Jason
Kevin complaining about people playing “Grab ass” late at night. (Mark and Elena)
Ramses joins them, mentions how much fun Jason’s Snapchat session was last week.
Apparently they got a warning from production to tone down that snapcaht.
Kevin bring sup them telling Jessica that last week things got carried away.

1:39pm Mark and Jessica

Mark – the only thing I may have overheard was Christmas…
Jessica – she spoke to me
Mark – other than that I don’t know anyone that would want to keep Josh ion this house
Jessica – ok .. yo guys are completely locked in
Mark – one thousand percent
Jessica – you, Elena and Cody that’s three for sure
Mark – there’s no way he stays in this house.. it’s not going to be unanimous because people will want to start sh1t..
Mark – i’m just focused for Thursday..
Mark is glad Cody came back into the game with the mindset he did.
Mark – for me it was a no brainer.. fresh start brotha
Mark says he had Cody’s back, Cody was his boy and Mark turned his back on him.
Mark – I’m glad he’s back

2:05pm Just chit chat..
Jessica says she loves Canadians..
Kevin goes on one of his funny rants.. Says he’s not playing “Grab a$$” but wishes he was. The girls tell him he’s married. He said he can still play grab a$$. What do you think Grab ass is?

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Rank your house guests here

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I’d rather watch Jess and Cody hump all day rather than watch the rest of the houseguests be all over Paul’s balls


Rather you find someone to do the same . Looks like you need it


Aw. You offering?

604 Macho

Cody getting to ride Jessica bareback! What a lucky guy!

BB Expert

Go Christmas! I think her and Josh are one of the stronger alliances I have seen in any BB season. they play so chill.

Sir Loin of Beef

Really? What show are you watching? “Dancing With The Stars”

Resist the Twist

Josh staying because Jessica left Ramses on the block WILL go down as one of the poorest BB plays ever.

It is impossible for me to not hit the mute button whenever Josh speaks. He has serious mental issues. When i think that Production wasted two spots in the house out of thousands of applicants it truly makes me sad.

And as for Paul, we get a full week of his smugness while his mindless sheeple minions wander sappily through the weeks. This season is getting DANGEROUSLY close to BB16


I agree it wasn’t a smart move, but I also hear and see everything people are saying behind their backs, they don’t. I don’t have anybody that I truly care for, but I do have people I can’t tolerate any longer and that’s Josh and Paul. The only good thing that could help Jessica is she will know who is and isn’t on their side and she has the temptation to save them from going home.


Well maybe if they got out of bed in the HOH and walked around the house a little, Cody and Jessica WOULD know what people are saying behind their backs. Would be nice to actually play the game and try to manage the votes instead of trying to get birth control.


True that !!


There letting Josh stay as long as he stays away from them and talks to himself all day in that little room

Resist the Twist

12:40pm Jessica tells Cody
Jessica – did you hear sean call me into the DR
Feeds cut..
Jessica – your face just… they’re like just so he does his part there’s stuff in storage

Meaning ?????????


My understanding was that she asked for a “morning after” pill and contraceptive pills. (They must not have been using condoms until now – so she requested the “morning after” pill.)
It takes 2 weeks for the contraceptive pills to become effective, so they need to use condoms until then…which would be the part about Cody doing his part.


At first I thought is was Plan B, but then when Jessica said it takes a few weeks to kick in, I figured it’s birth control pills.

Fun Fact: Condoms have outdated the pill for many more centuries than I thought. Can you believe the first historical evidence of condoms shows they were made from animal intestines and fish bladders?

Big Jim

meaning they are fucking on national television and she is off her birth control

Big Brother Baby First

Jessica and Cody openly talk about having kids. Inception Big Bro style! Let’s get it on!!


I guess Cody and Jess mistake Big Brother for the Bachelor and Bachelorette


No A, only you mistake that contestants should be a certain way on Big Bro. Fucking is the new game play, its wide open in the house.


Just FYI Raven and Matt are too.


Who? There are people in the BB house named Raven and Matt?

Club H.O.H

That one was odd. In the real world Matt would never touch anything that looks or sounds like Fraudven. Still hating Paul this season but glad he picked up on what Cody and Jess say with The Fraud’s illnesses. So ill but begs like a pauper for wine.


She’ll have to stay in the house her entire pregnancy and give birth in the back yard or it doesn’t count.

sunny dee

he was talking about why aren’t they using condoms, the cupboards are always full of condoms. production sean was probably disgusted and mind boggled by the idea that these two are so stupid that pregnancy is their only concern.


I thought Ramses blew them all, the condoms I mean.


meaning…..BOTH of them need to take the meds for syphilis


Jason might have some extra chlamydia pills.


Cody great at comps and worst social game in BB history.

Rachel R.

Boning the hot professors is how I got through college.

Professor Zing

Way to make sure your parent’s money did not go to waste!!!
I bet professors are proud of you!!!

vip host is another name for waitress at a club. she serves bottles to people at the club. she gets hit on everynight by guys who she goes home with for big tips. i never known a bottle service girl that doesnt go home with balling guys. imagine shes serving a table and the guys are buying 2000 bottles of ace of spades and throwing money in the air. they are all drunk and she has her boobs hanging out bc she wants tips. shes is sober and can see the guys shes serving can afford to spend 30k a night on clubbing between 10 guys. and they are all wearing iced out rollies and ap’s. even if one of them is half decent looking she will date them bc she knows its gonna be vacations and shopping for free. so she gives them her number and sleep with them either that night or the first date bc she was a rich guy. thats why shes working at a club. but rich guys are smarter then that so they just take her to nice places and when they bored of her ass they dump her bc everyone knows bottle service sluts are whores and you cant turn a whore into a housewife. cody on the other had is such a conceited arrogant prick that he thinks hes gonna marry this slut. to bad your not as smart as you are a jackass. if you were u be a rocket scientist. Get these 2 off the show already. i cant stand miss “im all that bc all guys wanna do me” and mr ” i was king in highschool so im better then you even though i work at starbucks”

Smitten Kitten

Holy shit, reading that post made my head hurt.


Reading that made my heart hurt.


Made my stomach hurt.


My finger hurts from thumbs up for all you sickos!

Capt. Obvious

^^^ dork in high school.


I thought you were reading an article from playboy magazine. it just amazes me how much effort you going to thinking about someone you think is a whore. so so sad I don’t like Jessica and I don’t like Cody but I think I like you even less

God Says

Holy Hell in a hand basket, even I don’t know where to start with all that judgement barfed all over the place!!


Maybe she works at Starbucks…

Club VIP

Maybe and the fact VIP waitresses can make into the 100k figures all while partying and doing what they love. What an interesting thing to bash someone for, living a cool fun life and making money while at it! Odd rant



Original Poster TROLL
yes they can make 200k+ tax free as a vip waitress in vegas from tips. i bought 2 bottle of spades and it cost me 4400 at hakasan and i thought i was baller and tipped the girl 300 bucks. i got the bill and realized they already charged me 1200 gratuity and i made the girl give my 300 bucks back. lols. but only the hottest chicks get that position and they have to have sex with whoever the boss tells them to if they want it. and of course they will they will make 200k a year and be around super rich ballers all day. its a known fact they take a minimum of 3 shots a night. and im not talking about alcohol. jessica on the other hand works at some hole in the wall wanna be bottle service club that doesnt charge vegas prices for bottles. she’s apart of the B grade class of chicks in the waitress world. she doesnt make 100k a year. so stop trying to pretend you know what your talking about. u line up at the bar to get ur drinks and tip the bartender the coins he gives back bc u need to save the 1’s for ur next drink.


Looks good on you!

You sure do ramble a lot.


“Jessica says she loves Canadians..” Oh well, now I have to give Jess a 1 star for the day. 😉

it's been revolutionary

This patriot will be waiting for an apology.


Just remember, we burned your white house down once and history has a way of repeating itself!


How’s the old Queen doing today?


We’ll be waiting (it take a year to get approved for an MRI and even longer to get a new pace maker to replace the old one after the batteries die out….)


Really!!!! Let’s screw each other on national TV after knowing each other for a month NO condum. I’m all about sex, porn, far from a prude but this is a game, play or leave and make a porn! But if that’s your game for the love of God use protection Cody!

Minute Man

In their defense, it doesn’t take up too much of their time.

Prude Called

Time is all relative in the BB house, meaning being around a new person 24/7 speeds up things….have you ever been in a house full of strangers 24/7…or are you just being judgemental? If you’re speaking from experience, I’ll listen…but if your just drawing conclusions in your own mind what is right and wrong….then I believe you are being prude.

Rather be a Prude than a Prick

Why can’t someone be a prude?

You Can Be Anything You Desire

Be anything you wish and allow others that same choice, but to cast judgement upon another is just living in a mind fuck.


Only a fool would live a life without judgment.


since halting hex was taken what the consqurencegoing be i bet 2 hohs

Grab Ass

Hopefully halting sex in the house.

You all are perfect.

She is also a model. Sorry that you can’t cut on everything the girl has done.

Go google Jessica Graf and he dad. Pic of her and he dad when she was about 4. Then cut on her. She is someones daughter. Do you want your child hurt and ridiculed by losers everytime they do something some losers who think they holier than thou and pass their morals onto others.

I’m sure you all lead perfect lives. Pffffft.

Pot Kettle

Only you are perfect, sweetheart.


Everyone and everything already is perfect, it just takes the eyes of non judgement to perceive.

Dead Puppies



Okay, seriously….I have to agree that many people on the internet have said some horrible things about Jessica.

No one is perfect, that’s for sure…including myself.

But, considering Jessica’s job (even if it is JUST being a bottle service girl, and JUST serving bottles) isn’t exactly a high class choice, and her openness regarding sex with Cody on a show that she knows is being broadcast live on the internet and on television 3 nights a week sort of sets her up for being critiqued in this manner. I, for one, don’t see her behavior as proper, but I’m practically from the Stone Age so who am I to decide what’s acceptable these days.

I’m not saying it’s right for people to trash her, but Jessica has to know people will have opinions about her choices. The second she put herself on display, she invited an audience; and with that audience comes a lot of opinions. Many will love her, and many will not.

Now, as for you…I would say maybe just don’t read other’s opinions if you will have issue with them because they will be everywhere.

It’s sweet that you are coming to her defense, though.

Fuck the haters

Are we living our lives to be like be “Everyone”, fuck no. Its just like in psychology class, if you live in your own Ego, one is afraid of what others thinks of them, yet if you live ego free, you don’t care what other people think about you because you are too busy living your own life.


Good advice, but not practical for most.

It’s an egocentric world, you see….ESPECIALLY mainstream media. No?

As for me? I am free to be me, and you are free to be you. But, don’t think for a second that I won’t hold my nose if you walk by me stinking of skunk.

PePe Lepew

Granny, I am a proponent of “live and let live.” So, just as you are free to hold your nose, I am free to stink of skunk and not care what you or anyone else thinks. To some, the smell is absolutely aromatic and the nose holders are maloderous.

Penelope Pussycat

Then why do you keep chasing me?

::::::::::::::::::::::: runs away

PePe Lepew

Because there is a part of you that is as beautifully aromatic as I am…and I want it badly!!!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::continues the chase


Only animals and young children live ego free – that’s why we love them so easily. If someone truly doesn’t care what other people think about them, then they are an island of one. Sure, you might be “free to live your life”, but living that life quite alone. If everybody walked around not caring what others thought…what kind of society would that be? Caring what others think, and acting/reacting accordingly, is what draws people to us.

Don't Judge

That’s not necessarily true JJTOWIN. I know of plenty of people that “do them,” don’t give AF what anyone thinks and do quite well (which, admittedly is a subjective standard). I know PLENTY of folks like this, but for the masses, Trump and Rhianna are seemingly 2 that I can think of off the top.


Let’s just take Trump. Are you saying Trump lives “ego-free”. Because my thinking has him living completely within his ego. He certainly doesn’t give AF, that’s for sure. But he DOES care deeply what people think about him, hence his surrounding himself with family and “yes people”. Trump’s reasons for not giving AF all spring from his having money. He has never had to adjust his bombastic nature because he’s protected by that. But is he a loved man? Does he attract people’s love? We could use Josh as a more typical example just as easily. Is his supposed “ego-free” (or not giving AF) state doing him any favours? No, he’s told (currently) to “go to his room and don’t talk to us.” I’m not saying your thinking is wrong, I just think we’re talking about two different things. Not giving AF, or being a maverick, or being true to yourself, or whatever other relative term is one thing – an admirable thing suggesting confidence. but being unrelentingly “me” all the time and not caring what others think will isolate a person and impact their empathy and understanding of the world around them.

Fuck the haters

JJTowin…so are you saying you can’t remember being a young child ego free, viewing everything with wonder and amazement? This growing up business is a fraud…like Einstein said, time is an illusion thus everything is simply choice.


Granny, all that I would add is that he is just as liable as she. His behavior is just as improper as hers.


Yes, of course he is!

Matt's 2 Shirts

We didn’t get 7 Billion people up in here because nothing went on in the stone age, more like Bone Age. That’s what’s always getting dug up isn’t it?


This is the chance you take when you want to be on TV, she knows that, your life is an open book, the only thing I don’t like about her and Cody is there both Bullies, and need to stop thinking there better than everyone else.

Judgemental Judy

I’d have no problem with her being a “model”, having sex on tv, “VIP waitress”, whatever; but she also happens to be a mean girl, a cry baby, and she may be “dating” a psychopath..


My original pick from the girls had been Raven but she turned out to be a big flop. I feel bad she has an illness but her mentioning every single minute of the day has turned me off . I’ve come to appreciate Christmas. I think she has Moxy and she’s a trooper. I also like her relationship with Josh. She’s patient and kind. She builds him up instead of putting him down.


Josh suddenly complimenting Jessica is very bizarre. One minute she’s “linguine” and the next she is a strong woman with heart. He is the master of self-contradiction.

I’m still having a hard time figuring out what will actually happen with the votes on Thursday. It seems very likely that Ramses will be going home after receiving only 3 votes (Cody, Elena, Mark). Is that right?


Don’t you know that linguine is short for woman with a strong heart?


Is that him (Josh) deciding to compliment her (Jess) or did someone else in the house advise him to do so?


Good question, because I don’t think Joshy consults himself ahead of time on anything he says or does.

Oh bless his toddler heart! This experience is likely going to be the most enlightening and life changing of his adventures. Let’s hope it will be positive change. Watching him can make us all better people. Life lessons. Gotta love ’em!

Paul's Mouth

I believe it will all depend on whether Josh can keep it together till Thursday….I’m seeing a few “cracks” in his composure. Thursday will be interesting…either way!!!

Jess Addict

The problem is they are asking Josh to do something he is not capable of. Its like asking a child with ADD to sit still. He needs to stop with the charade and play his own game. While is protecting Paul and the others, by losing valuable game play time, he is destroying his own game.

Club H.O.H

He’s mocking her and rubbing her face. It’s not genuine. Also earlier I read the whore comment on Jess and sorry but she works at a top night club called Hype and she caters to celebrities and sports figures. Why do you think Paul was asking her if she could get them a table since they would never let gnomes in. Even though he does have money so could pay the $2000/table reservation fee.


Well hello there Jessica, Ever been to Vancouver Island BC? 😉


How’s your credit?


What is credit? I have beaver pelts

Not on my island

Please, and no thank you, Vancouver Island is a hidden gem, she can go back to the brothel

Its a Big Island

Its a big island and if you think this island is “your island” there is a lot of forested areas up North Island you can go and live.


Really getting sick of the overuse of the word “literally”. They don’t f’kn know what it means.


Are you literally getting real sick?

Matt's 2 Shirts

I’m not sure. I think it’s them, but they don’t really know it.


I want to split one star 4-ways! 1/4 each to Jess, Cody, Mark, Elena. It was tough to justify a full 1 star rating for them. Gameplay? no, Likability? no. I was hoping Cody coming back would shake up the Paul show but they put up two weak non factors. It did show what a puss Marky Mark is. The pic in the last update with Mark wide eyed and mouth open….. if the camera panned back you would see Cody standing over him. Kevin and Jason = 5 star, Alex dropped to a 3 for me after bowing down to the garden gnome. The rest of the clowns are a solid deuce (no pun intended)


As I was chilling reading the comments ,despising that goofy f-tard Josh.. I looked down at my bulldog And realized how much he looks like josh. Now I feel bad for insulting my poor dog . He’s much smarter than josh with less underbite. I’m sure I pissed him off and he will probably shit on my pillow .


I hope the curse is that whoever they vote to evict will stay, and the person with the least votes will go home! kind of like a backwards vote curse. I would love to see their faces cringe as Julie announces the twist. Hey I can dream!


Yes, you can dream. And that isn’t a terrible dream to have, that would be a decent curse as it would ruffle a bunch of feathers and would be fun to see unfold on live tv. I’m getting to the point where I just want to see chaos and sort of don’t care who stays or goes or whatever. Well, except Kevin. The man is hilarious.

Peeping Tom

Cody, Elena, Jessica and Mark need to win every HOH and every VETO or they will follow each other out the door.
Side note: Sweet revenge would be Josh winning BB and Raven runner up(YIKES!)

Dog days

Jessica is petty and holds on to a grudge.
I find her especially unlikable when she is with cody.
And yeah, stupid not to use protection at all times. She just met the guy a month ago. These showmances rarely work out.

Petty Called

There are many other house guests in there that are petty and hold grudges but you chose to single out Jessica because you are being petty towards her, see how that works, good now run along and be nice and think nice of others!


Does anyone follow the BB snapchat? If so, what is the name? Thx


Cody looks like Spock. Has the IQ of a small dog and the manners of a masturbating Monkey. What’s that say about Jessica?

Club H.O.H

He’s top of the Marine Corp and is intelligent. Sometimes I think too intelligent and causes an arrogance and that’s why it got in the way of Jess using the veto on Ramses. Would love for the curse to send Josh home instead too.


You can’t really give credence to much that comes from Josh. Positive thought /opinion? Negative thought/ opinion? Depends upon which way the wind is blowing. We know that learning has taken place when we are able to take in/ absorb new information, incorporate it with what is known, and arrive at conclusions that may or may not contradict/ reinforce our previously held beliefs. Learning is a process. Josh is rigid in his thinking and impulsive in his actions. He seems to experience only fleeting moments of clarity. That is why it feels to us as though he is a walking contradiction. He can’t hold on to a concept long enough to get through the process.


I love it when y’all pull out your Psych 101 books & copy pages from them as your comments. ~Yawn~


My OPINION didn’t come from a book, but I’ll take that as a compliment, even if you didn’t mean it that way.


Except for what sounds like her sensible, responsible desire to use protection, how is Jessica’s desire to have sex with Cody any different from what goes on with any other consenting adult? Why is she being slut-shamed? Nobody needs to like either one of them, but people do meet, skip some steps, and dive right into the physical part with a lot less consideration for consequences than those two.


She’s being “slut-shamed” for the simple fact that she is having sex on national television and not trying in the least to be discreet about it at all.


Cody is the father of a little girl. Jessica is not on national television in that bedroom by herself. What about his behavior? Where is his discretion? This is the very definition of slut-shaming.

I’m not endorsing any of this. They are consenting adults and well aware of their surroundings, so it is not for me to judge. They don’t need anyone’s permission or approval, but there is a double standard at work. I am merely calling attention to it.


Jessica, Jessica, Jessica……. You dumb girl

Should have put up Paul/Kevin

Paul would have squirmed, true colors come out, and house would be upside down, inside out, and we would all be loving it.


This may be giving Jessica too much credit, but just in case…
Remember Week One, when Christmas decided to risk eviction rather than compete against Jillian and Cameron? She wanted to see how the voting would go and it was worth the risk to her.

It is possible that Jessica wants to see just how deep a hole is being prepared for her and Cody.
I also wish she had gone for broke and just nominated Paul. She had to know that people were saying anything to appease her. But if checking out how the votes go provides her more clarity, so be it. Josh and Paul on the block would have been perfection b/c at least the house would have been rid of one of them. And assuming Paul would have survived, he would have lost his most valued toy.


I don’t get the slur shaming of Jess. Clearly those two care about each other even if it’s only exaggerated by the environment they are in. On the other hand you have Raven sleeping with Matt who barely tolerates her and Elana wanting to get down with Mark because everyone else is doing it.

Jess Addict

Bingo!!! There are times Raven wanted to kiss Matt so badly, she literally put her lips against his. He literally turns his face and (oftentimes forcefully) removes her arms from around his neck…and she still gives up the cookie??! Now that is the slut.

Bolt Uprite.

At last Mark understands something even if it is just the ‘no-brainers’.

Dirk Digler

Jessica said then you came, came literally !!! So I guess Cody shot his wad in her….


Giving the game a whole new meaning to backdoor.


I do not get Matt and
Raven…..and I’m so tired of listening to her she is loud and obnoxious …..her and Josh would drive me insane!!! Thank God for Kevin…that guy is funny as he’ll.

Matt's 2 Shirts

What’s to get? He got two shirts.


Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 xgjbw