Jeff and James saw Liz in a bikini, ‘A bunch of things perked up all at once’


POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

5:10pm Jason and DAY
Day plans on squashing her issues with Shelli and get closer to her so she can find out what Audrey was telling her.
Day wants to bring Meg to the end but she doesn’t want Meg in the final 2 because Meg will win the game. They wonder why Clay passed up on Jackie and Liz who are 23 for Shelli. THey suspect Clay is older than he’s saying.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 17-32-00-188
5:28pm Austin, Vanessa and Shelli
talking about how bored they are. VAnessa says they should do a talent show. Shelli suggests they play “Sardines’ explains how it’s like hide and seek but the house will cont and only one person hides.

Vanessa points out that Shelli isn’t much of a swimmer. Shelli says she doesn’t want her hair to touch the chlorine. Vanessa says she’s always had a little belly that is why she never wears a bikini she thinks it’s so stupid why she cares wishes she was one of the girls that can pull it off.

Feeds change cameras when we get back to the conversation it’s 5:50pm Vanessa and Shelli are getting to know each other. Vanessa telling her a lot about her family. Shelli returns but says she would tell her more if it wasn’t for the cameras. (Feeds go to fish alot)

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 17-33-08-196

5:32pm JohnnyMAC and Becky
Talking about swimming Becky says she drowns well doesn’t swim well
5:40pm Jason, Austin and Meg Backyard couch
Jason telling them how people in the fan community think the game is rigged and it really pissed him off he does’t believe it.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 17-56-27-326

5:55pm Kitchen Austin and Steve
Talking about how isolated JAce has become. They agree you cannot vote against the house this early, “It’s nothing personal”
Austin knows it all sounds “high schoolish”
Steve – “ this game is high schoolish “

Steve says the front door isn’t locked he’s been testing it out he gets a “STOP THAT” from Big brother

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 18-02-29-078

6:00pm Vanessa and Shelli
Vanessa points out James is always sneaky around looking at things. Shellie calls him Steve 2.0
Vanessa says James is the one person in the house that she didn’t trust right from the start.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 18-05-50-083

6:04pm Austin and Jeff HOH
Austin says he wants to start over with Jeff. They shake on not putting each other up if they win HOH.
Jeff – I wish I can tell you more I got some things going on.. obviously you know Jace is leave.. sucks cause Jace is cool to
Austin – he was a straight shooter you
Jeff says he’s not close to Jackie but he promised her day one they wouldn’t vote each other first week.
Jeff warns him to stay away from Liz, explains it’s because they’re seen as being so close.
Austin – they told me she threw me under the bus to you
Jeff – I don’t think she threw you under the bus to me
Claims it was something he already knew

Jeff – Liz and you aren’t on the Radar at all
Jeff adds there’s a person in this house that is spreading all this sh1t and they are the target.
Austin know who that it.
Jeff says this person is really scared and the reason they’re scared is he hasn’t seen them all day in the house.
Jeff – I got a lot of people on my side
Adds Jeff and these people he has are willing to go after this one person causing all the drama.

Jeff thinks the house is starting to realize him and Jackie aren’t really that close.
Austin says james got tricked into putting up JAce and it’s going to come back to bite him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 18-22-36-674

6:19pm – 7:20pm HOH Jeff, Meg and James
Meg fills Jeff in about what Audrey is saying. She adds that whatever they say to Clay makes it to Audrey. (The Conversation is detailed here)
Meg also fills them in that Audrey is saying that DAY and Liz are working together.
Meg – I never see them talking I can’t imagine that happening
Brings up Jace telling her he had a dream and knows who is the backstabber. then Audrey saying she had a dream and it was about two people she was close to plotting against her.
Jeff – “That clearly cannot be a dream because it’s more like 8 people”
Jeff says Liz threw Austin under the bus yesterday and the only person he told was Clay and now Austin is asking him about it.
James thinks Shelli and Clay are playing both sides.
Jeff gives them a general rundown about his conversation with Austin. Tells them about Asutin saying he’s not putting him up next week and there’s someone in the house causing all the drama.

Johnny mac joins them.
They start talking about the Becky nipple slip near the pool.
Jeff- The becky nipple slip was phenomenal
James – dude her n!pples were just hanging out
Jeff and James are pretty excited about it. Jeff says he wanted to say something to her but didn’t want to draw attention to it, “I feel bad for not saying.. I didn’t want to make it obvious everyone would look”
Adds that Liz was telling her “There’s pepper in your teeth”
Meg – Yeah that’s our cue.. that’s all the girls Cue
James – I was like God bless America.. Pepperoni.. dinner plates.
James says her areola was like Hey guys.
Jeff thinks they looked weird they were really tanned he thought they would be pink
Meg says James takes up all the space in beds he’s all sprawled out
James – I sleep wild

They agree Clay is the most attractive guy Meg says JOHNNYMAC is second.
Jeff says he hasn’t seen one person hit on Jackie
James and Jeff both say they didn’t think Liz was hot at first but once they saw her in a Bikini…
James – My eyes perked up
Jeff – A bunch of things perked up all at once
Jeff thinks Liz would be a awesome friends but not a girlfriend “She’s a lot of fun I can tell you that”
James – a one night stand perfect
Jeff – Multiple night stand
Meg thinks JOHNNYMAC llikes Becky.
Jeff – I’m not going to lie Becky’s body is smoking
James – she’s got big o’ bo*bies, booty and a slim waist

Jeff says the guys in the house have had numerous talks about the girls.
Jeff is attracted to Shelli but isn’t going to pursue it says Clay is his boy and she hasn’t shown any interest in him
Jeff – the girls I go after ara little more fun
Jeff – I like girls with Meg personality
Jeff – I feel Becky will be too uptight
Meg – she has a crazy private side
Jeff – one of the girls we know is a dead fish
James – I think VAnessa
Jeff about Liz – “Biggest freak here hands down no girl competes with her, i’m telling you right now I can just look at her this girl probably gets down hardcore she’s the girl telling you stick your f!ngers in my b*tt..

Meg – Oh my god stop

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Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 18-42-43-552

6:42pm Austin telling Vanessa he’s voting with the house.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 19-40-56-847

7:40pm HOH Audrey, Meg, Jeff, James and JohnnyMac HOH

James asks JohnnyMAC what he would do if he won 2 beers
JOHNNYMAC – Shotgun two beers
points out that he really doesn’t know enough about what is going on to answer that question. James says once you win the HOH everyone brings you into the loop.
Audrey leaves.
They comment on how down Jace is today.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-29 19-52-33-109

7:50pm Backyard Audrey, DAY and Jason
Audrey miserable she can’t nobody is talking game. She starts telling Jason about this dream she had where she got a box. They start talking about Astrology.
They start talking how unfair production was in taking clothes away. DAY brings up a shirt with a cat on it that was taken of hers but Liz had a similar one and was allowed to keep it.

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Dude is a straight up idiot savant in this game and I love it. I can guarentee nobody will pay attention to him until it’s too late. I mean everyone loves and believes he is this trustworthy guy who they can align with.

Whether Johnny Mac knows what he is doing is irrelavant. I don’t know which would be more fun: if he is pretending to be this idiot savant or really is lost in the BB House but I LOVE IT.

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny Mac !!!!!!!!!


Sorry I want to correct myself by saying Idiot Savant.

I looked up the actual definition and it has to with a mentally handicapped person and I am disgusted saying it. My brother is actually autistic and I’m a huge proponent in the autistic community and that term is making of the mental ill.

Whether anyone found it offensive or not I don’t care but I need to throw that apology out there,

Sorry for using it. Also it would be great if Jace and other HGs (people in general) would stop saying R.ta.ded. People need to understand that word is incredibly offensive.


As a high school special ed teacher, I was not offended. A Savant is a person that uses both sides of their brains together. In there front lobe there is not a barrier like in a normal persons. Savants are know to be of high intelligence and a little socially awkward. Savants are musically inclined and have an IQ up around 200. I thought you were saying playing the idiot, but really a savant or visa-verse. A Savant may have the same characteristics an an Autistic person. Good for you though for recognizing others may be offended.

no worries

I am 100 percent an Idiot Savant. been told this my entire life. has nothing to do with a mental handicap or disability.

a Savant generally is exceptional at something, an Idiot Savant is someone who is a “Savant” on specific topics, but is a complete idiot in others. example, Great at Math and English, yet Science never registered for me at all. I get 100 percent in anything Algebra but would get basically a 0 percent in anything Geometry.

that is an Idiot Savant. its really not a negative as long as you are OK with being the guy who is completely clueless on many subjects. sure beats just being an idiot.

Johnny Mac

I forgive you

Butters Mom

Does anyone else think the phrase “I had a dream” is code for production told me? lol


Jeff is coming across as a real jerk.


No, Jeff IS a major jerk and and a**hole.
We’re only starting to see the tip of the iceberg. I predict he’ll be the next Jace. You just wait and see

Not again

Liz was just in the HoH room and made a deal with James, Johnny and Jeff and promised to tell them any info of a girls alliance. I’m really hoping this doesn’t turn into a Britney/Christine situation and she completely goes against the girls and yet another boring, predictable season will ensue with another guy winner.
Liz is so stupid if she thinks those 3 will be loyal to her in the end.


I don’t think they were referring to the game itself. The guys were talking about the nip slip thing and like fooling around with her about her relationship with jace, if she was freaky in the closet and all that. They were just joking they wanted to fire Meg and employ her to replace Meg and she said she was going to be providing them with information on girls codes like showmances, if a girl likes a guy and stuff. It had nothing to do with game talk, at least from what I saw on BBAD.


Lol have these guys never seen bo0bs before? And JohnnyMac is like a legendary animal that you see once every thousand years….just pops up under the radar.


Jeff is campaigning hard to get Audrey out by the info Day told him.
It looks like he has Liz and Austin so far on board. This will surely turn interesting.


James and Jeff come over very sleazy on the feeds. There’s a way to talk about sexual topics without coming off so creepy.

Jeff is starting to stick his neck way out there talking to people about Audrey. This may just backfire on him rather quickly. It’s almost like people are trying to take Audrey’s place. Jeff needs to slow down talking game to so many people, or he’ll be the new target. This is the season if telephone.

I like how Audrey said she was taking a break, and yet still manages to get numerous rumors circulating throughout the house. I’m not sure if things are pathological or what. This girl is on another level intense.


James and Jeff are proving they haven’t had much luck with girls. Little boys talking dirty is a lot of bravado you generally see when they don’t have a clue as to how to actually approach a real girl. Also, Jeff has shown a lot of immaturity in his constant need to be “in the in-crowd” by constantly gossiping to everyone. His neediness will get old fast and he’s probably screwing up his game by being Mr. Blabby.


Okay so seriously…..DONT U GUYS THINK CLAY IS HOT?! Should clay and shelli b together? ???????????? that would be PERFECT!!