Audrey to James – “If Jace was to stay I can protect you.. you want to seal it in blood”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 17-37-20-535
5:33pm Audrey and Clay
Audrey tells him it’s not fair to lead JAce on if he has no intentions to vote for him.
Clay says he’s not leading him on
Clays trying to get her to come out and hang around people
Audrey doesn’t want to it’s not genuine
Audrey tells him she knows who started all this trouble for her. Clay is definitely going to learn a few things if she wins the HOH.
Audrey – Jeff told JAce to make sure he blew up her game.
Adds that Jeff made up the rumour about him and Meg she’s not thinking it was DAY and Jason
Clay – I don’t want to talk game with you I want to talk on a friend level
Audrey – As a friend I feel like you are letting me go down in flames.
Audrey – I don’t think you’re a bad person clay but we’re playing a game.. Audrey has no one .. I don’t need a therapist..
Clay says he’s just coming to her to help her.
Audrey – I Already hit rock bottom
Clay brings up her talking game with everyone. Says last night she pulled JAson aside.
Audrey wanted to see how much integrity he had she wanted to see if he would own up to him and DAY trying to say that Becky was racist on national television
Audrey – I was just mauled to death it’s going to take me some time to build of self esteem

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 17-49-54-636

5:49pm Jace and Audrey
Audrey asks if he’s willing to say to james that Jeff told him about the song. She’s proposing that her, Day, James secretly working with each other but publicly be at odds.
She’s going to use Jeff telling Jace the Song to show James that he’s at the bottom of their group and Jeff had his own motives.
Audrey – Clay is not going to change his vote.. My concern if he comes to that meeting and he knows who’s involved he’ll tell the other side.
Audrey says they don’t need Becky and JohnnyMAc they’ll have Day and Jason.
Jace tells her she should have warned him he was getting back stabbed
Audrey tells him she’s not as connected to the group as she thought they all thought she was because she’s talked to everyone.
Jace doesn’t think their plans will work “I’m dead”
Jace is willing to lie to James about Jeff he hates Jeff.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 18-08-10-094
6:05pm Audrey and JAmes HOH
Audrey says Jeff was the one that told Jace about the song. She is proposing they let her back in. No one will ever suspect it because she’s made is so obvious she hates Jason and Day.
Audrey points out someone in the group has loose lips and told her about the plan to throw the BOB and get her out.
James tells her there is not group he doesn’t know who to trust

Audrey suggests he talks to Jace to find out about what Jeff did.
james can’t jace hates him right now. Mentions how Jace told him straight up JAmes was his target, “That was a hour a go”
Audrey – His polarity isn’t consistent.. I wouldn’t be surprised if it changes.. if he did stay this house would be very confused (So would the feed watchers)

James says he can’t save James “You need the whole house to save him”
Audrey says James can get Day and Jason on board.
Audrey – we need 7, There’s Austin, Liz, Vanessa and Steve.. All you need is seven
James – that’s a rough 7 cause you’re going against Jackie
James asks her who i she is saying has their hands in multiple pies.
Audrey hints it’s Clay.
Audrey says that Jackie and Becky are close and Becky is now gettign close to Clay.

James – what assurances I have that this little fiesta doesn’t happen again
Audrey – All I can do to redeem myself is show you with my actions… I’m at the rock bottom I can’t go any lower than rock bottom you can only go up.
Audrey – Clay and Jeff have been putting things in my head to turn against them (Day and Jason)
James heard that Austin is coming after him .
Audrey says Jeff has started patching things up with austin. Reminds him it was Jeff that told Jace about the song.
Audrey – What the f*** technically Jeff made up the song.
Audrey says Clay isn’t winning HOH says it’s f****g over everyone that is with him
James says his HOH was all strategic for him he was trying to get out a threat to him.

James tells her if she wins HOH they can have this talk again. Audrey tells him if she wins HOH she’s going to have a harder time trusting those that come to her.
She offers him Collateral “No one will ever hear about this conversation”

James asks who is targeting him
Audrey – Jeff is getting in Austin’s ear.. he’s targeting me first then you.. he’s trying to rebuild the core it doesn’t involve Jason, Day or you.
Audrey adds Jace has information to back that up.
Audrey brings up how laying in bed watching people has given her insight into who is talking to how. Says people are trying to get her to come after James, “People make their cliques very obvious.. I analysis those Cliques”

James – Jeff is working on Liz
Audrey – And who is Liz close to
James – Austin..
James says a pretty good alliance would be Jeff, Liz, Meg.
Audrey suggests and alliance Jeff is working on making is Austin, Liz, Jeff, Jacki Meg, Clay, Shelli
Audrey tells him their mutual target is Jeff they can work together.

James wants to talk to Jace. Audrey asks if she can be there at the time. James wants to do it alone.
Audrey – You have to understand he’s not going to sell out Austin.. their friends
Audrey says Austin might want to keep Jace because h’es Austin’s meat shield
Audrey – If Jace was to stay I can protect you from being backdoored, from being nominated.. all that.

Audrey tells him if he can flip Day and Jason they can save Jace and flip the house.
Audrey wants to “Seal it in blood”
James wants to talk to Jace first..

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 18-12-25-879

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 18-35-35-832

6:34pm Austin and Jeff Storage room

Austin says Jason and Day seem to be the only two that are gung ho with getting Audrey out.
Jeff – she is huge target but there’s other targets.
Austin knows depending on who win the HOH even though the big alliance has broken up it might reform.
Austin thinks Clay is becoming the new Audrey. (Yup)

Austin goes over Audrey starting an alliance with him, Jace, Clay James and Jason. They agree that it wasn’t james who screwed them over it was Audrey

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 18-56-06-129

6:48pm Living room Austin stretching, Steve, Liz, Clay, DAY and Jeff playing with condoms and chit chat

[envira-gallery id=”118141″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 19-09-40-401

7:02pm bathroom Jace and Audrey
Audrey – you have to throw Jeff under the bus as hard as f** as you can.. Sell out Clay sell out other people
Adds that Jace needs to confirm with James everything they talked about.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 19-12-32-958

7:12pm Meg and James have nots
Meg going over his talk with Audrey. Brings up that she told him people are starting to target him and new alliances have formed. Meg says she hasn’t heard James name being used as a target once.
Vanessa comes in for some chit chat once she leaves..
Meg – So She (Audrey) is going to blow up everyone’s game this week”
James tells her Audrey wants to form an alliance with Day, him, Jason.
James – I think she wants me to flip on Jeff
Meg – Why does she have it in on him
James – she says that Jeff thinks she knows too much.. and no one will expect that they are working together
James can see where she’s coming from nobody will expect that alliance, “that will be a f***d up alliance”
James says he’s not going to work with her noy to worry.
Meg reassure him that no one is targeting him. James says according to Audrey he’s got so many he’s glowing. They agree the house will be more at ease once Audrey is gone.
Meg – everyone is having a good time tonight.. people what to play this game but have fun too
Meg explains that not everybody wants to play the game so heavy this early.
James – she wanted me to shake on it (The alliance) .. she told me to talk to Jace.
Meg doesn’t think any of the stuff Audrey is saying about Jeff is true, “Unless Jeff is a really good liar to my face”
James – Jeff is her target for sure.. and she said she will protect me if Jace wins HOH

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 19-27-26-881

7:25pm Jace and James Have nots
James says he’s been told some things that has happen between him and Jeff, ‘I’m pretty much out of the loop kinda like you are..”
James says he’s been told there’s a lot of targets on him next week.

Jace – I don’t want to help you man.. somebody leaked the alliance and the song.
James says the song was not made up by him just the ending.
Jace says the person that came up to was the one that made the song.
Jace hints that it was Jeff and jeff spilled all this information to him because he thought he was going to go up this week.
Jace tells him if he flips the votes he has his word he’s not going after James he’s going after (Jeff)
Jace – you probably need to watch your back.. I think you can use my help

Jace explains that Jackie and this person are allied “Big Time… You send her home before me you have my f*** word I’ll protect you.. you have the power right now.. I’m a powerful weapon dude..”
James – you need 7 votes to stay right
Jace says if James can flip Clay, DAY, Shelli, Meg Jace can get the other votes.
Jace – you f**** have my word man for the next few week BOOM i’m getting rid of him (Jeff) for my life
James says Meg is with Jeff.
Jace – if you can get 4 people I promise you I can get the rest
Jace says Jeff is a dirtbag, ‘He was calling me a little b1tch”
Jace really pressing that Jackie and Jeff are tight if they get rid of jackie they cripple Jeff.
James says the whole song was Jeff’s thing

Jace says he can guarantee 3 votes James needs to get 3 or 5. James is now thinking they should bring their votes together in the same room.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 19-37-13-878

7:35pm Steve’s getting a hairdo

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This house is bat shit cray.


I agree, I can’t keep up with all that is going on. This is kind of typical of the first week or two in the house, alliances, counter alliances, he said, she said, they said, round and round the rumors, accusations, game play, gossip and talk goes. It takes a little while before things settle down and everyone really chooses sides, real and solid alliances are formed and then the game really gets played. But still, my head is spinning with all this stuff, these HG’s need to take and breath and quit playing for a few minutes, surely there are other topics of conversation that can be had?


Tell me about it! I decided to limit m visits to this website because I won’t get live feeds, so getting in here just spoils the TV edition for me, but – as usual – the highlights are so condensed that I’m CLUELESS what is this infamous song they are talking about. I’ll have to read the other posts now! LMFAO! But I’m loving every minute of this batshiting! I must say though that I don’t want an alliance with Vanessa, Austin and Jeff running that cuckoo’s nest! We have seen those types of players too many times before…


Gosh I feel so bad for Dawg and the folks that have to watch every minute of this since Friday. You guys gonna need meds. This is too much drama.


Yeah its not easy .. especially when the talk in circles..


Steve looks pretty good, legit like a badass version of himself, liking it haha

If Audrey somehow pulls this off I’ll be impressed but I just dont see Day/Jason trusting her again, but I am so glad she isnt trusting Clay
but I dont get why Audrey is saying Becky is making racist comments? If so thats a little fucked up
Cant wait to see what happens tomorrow! Not like last season BB or BBcan where you knew who was going home every single HOH


She’s a liberal. Throws out the word racist all over the place.


At first I thought Steve was Clay!

Doran Martell

Audrey- I’m gonna need time to build up self esteem, I was just mauled.. 20 mins later back at it with the he said she said. Some people never learn.


Damn steve kinda looks like clay in that first pic. Go team shake

Twin Solution

When are we going to see more of Becky?


OMG Audrey’s back at it again! At least this time her sights seem to be set on Jeff instead of Day and Jason (I hope those two can lay low next week, and slide through to week 3). So now she wants to work with Day, Jason, and James again?

Audrey: ” I don’t need a therapist..”
Fans: *crickets*

Shoot, I’d be wary of working with such an unstable player, but if Vanessa is willing to take the risk of getting bit in the a**, maybe Day, Jason, and James should too. Clay’s finally getting a taste of what Day has had to endure with Audrey’s BS because she is piling mud unto his game. And Clay is definitely trying to take Audrey’s place as Puppet Master and pull strings on all sides. At this rate Audrey will probably make jury.

Ironically the first truthful insight Audrey has had is this: “Jeff is working on making is Austin, Liz, Jeff, Jackie Meg, Clay, Shelli.” If this actually works, and Jace stays, and Jackie leaves, then this house is going to blow up in chaos (Feeds and TV Show Gold!). Jeff would hopefully be the first casualty followed quickly by Clay. And who knows, maybe James would be willing to buy this (he’s going to need some protectors moving forward). I’m not sure why James was talking to Meg about this instead of Day and Jason. Meg is clearly close to Jeff (I don’t know why of all the guys).

I would feel bad for Steve, but he seems over Jace for now, but Jackie hasn’t campaigned at all, and just expects to be safe. It would be funny if the pawn ended up being evicted and Jace added more drama for next week. I find this idea intriguing. Very intriguing…

Doran Martell

Yea Audrey is ridiculous. Just about as ridiculous as the people who are willing to work with her again and so soon. I would like to see jace gone bc he is a bully and I think there will be enough drama queens and targets left in the house without him. Plus an evil part of me wants him to embrace the humiliation of being first out.


I feel you Doran. I’m torn. On the one hand I can’t stand Jace’s bullying tactics (or arrogance and whining) on one of the less vocal HG (Steve). He wouldn’t dare try that s**t with Day. But on the other hand, Jackie hasn’t campaigned to anyone, and I believe in the saying that people only ever feel safest right before their game is over. There’s a difference between laying low with a purpose and strategy (Vanessa), and just assuming you are safe just because (Jackie).

Plus if this happened, and Jace stayed then Jeff and Clay would be in dangerous waters, and I want to see that more than anything else right now. I’m so over them both, and if I have to hear “dude” one more time… But I do agree it would be very humbling for Jace to go out first.

It’s not totally ridiculous to work with Audrey (like Vanessa is trying to do), it’s just VERY risky. One the one obvious hand, she’s very unstable as a player. But she is a huge target, and I don’t think anyone would want her to make it to the end and win cash (well besides the 12 grand plus that jury makes).

The beauty about this flip would be that the house really wouldn’t know who voted to evict who (except for the 7 that chose to save Jace).

I find the idea of a flip very interesting. And we’d hardly know Jackie was gone.

Doran Martell

Hahaha I totally agree about Jeff and clay, I got over clay in the first episode when we were meeting him at home and then it cut to him throwing the football in jeans w no shirt on. Also agree about jackie, not much going on there. I think that’s why I’m so towards jace leaving, he’s against jackie and he’s had an extra day (pov ceremony on Sunday). I think either way this is gonna be a great season.

Sarah's weed stash

As much as I don’t like Jace and think he’s an arrogant asshole… him staying will bring so much more drama and game play than Jackie will EVER bring to this game. Jackie is playing this week very quiet which is good for the position she is in but I have a feeling she’s the next Victoria. Plus she’s already had her 15 minutes, Jace doesn’t even have a place to live right now. He deserves to be in that house more than Jackie and he is getting robbed in my opinion.

Bunny Slipper

Victoria? Hmmm, I seem to remember someone last season. But, wasn’t her name, Vacant? Or was it Vapid?


Not a big fan of Jace but in love that he is not giving up. That’s what I like to see the day before an eviction.


Hey guys.

Has CBS allowed Canadians to purchase the feeds yet?

If not what has been the most successful way to get around it?

I appreciate it!!!!


Hey Jay, I’m a Canadian bb fan, and a big fan of Simon and Dawg’s website. You can catch some feeds on youtube, a few people are posting them. So check out what Simon and Dawg highlight and then check out youtube to see it play out. You might have to weed through some crap to get to the good stuff (as do Simon and Dawg).


The stuff going on in this house is complicated to the extreme. Even before anyone has been evicted yet. Wow!

Butters Mom

Everyone in this house is going to need therapy by week 4 if this keeps up. Seriously messed up!

STOP Audrey 2015

Seriously this girl is psychotic it’s almost scary to watch…. The more she wears those sunglasses the more I wonder if her eyes are becoming more and more crazy. And I hope their plan to keep Jace backfires because Jace is such an asshole.


If Jeff scores the showmance he going for with Liz I may have to stop watching. Red acne face Jeff and his annoying voice need to go.

Eric CA

I have NO idea what the heck is going on.
Is Jace coming or going? Is Audrey depressed and defeated or back in the game? How can people vote with the House… isn’t a soundstage in Burbank… Soundstage’s can’t vote? and How can anyone vote with the House if it is impossible to tell where the houses head is from outside the house?

I hate the “I am voting with the House.” crap. It is a cop out and in this years house utterly ridiculous, because as far as I can tell none f them are on the same page… they aren’t even on the same page with themselves. I am kind of loving this years so far…. I have never seen a house that lies this much. They lie so much they have started to lie to themselves…. and not one alliance has a single person that is in an alliance.


>> I have never seen a house that lies this much.
Have you watched this show before. BB is all about lying. Everybody who won, from Dr Will to Dan G were all liars.

Eric CA

Dan lied like crazy Yes… Dr Will did not lie at all that was the weird part he was Evil by telling the truth.
In most Seasons there are a few people that tell the truth on a regular basis… not 100% but at least most of the time. In this house everybody lies so much almost 100% of the time I can not even see who is real and who is fake.


Everything bb17: Audrey you had a chance to be great but you play to heavy if she can redeem herself then I might root.

To be honest if I were in that house I would work with Steve, van, Becky Johnny Mac.
Most likely jace will be going home so don’t get your hopes up


Could someone explain the whole “song” thing, or let me know where to find that information, please?
(I haven’t had time to get the feeds yet and missed that somehow.)


Thank you very much, Simon, for that specific answer and for everything else you do!
This is my favorite site for keeping up to date. I really appreciate all the effort you put into this.


Im on the fence about Austin. He seems to think he’s some sort of mastermind/master manipulator yet he changes his mind literally every 5 minutes about what he’s actually going to do. Also , he seems threatened or even jealous of Clay. He complains about Clay playing both sides, but he wants to be able to do the same thing. I also wish he did not have such an aversion to cleaning. Note to Hg’s —there’ s no maid service.
That aside , I like his laidback attitude. I also think he’s going to be a beast in the all comps.


I wonder if my phone could make me look like more of a moron with all the typing errors and missed words.

Ok. Someone heist James’ pathetic visor. U know he wears that to to try and get some Donny fans. Which makes it more pathetic if that is possible.