Audrey – “The advice I gave him, you have to stop causing so much drama”


POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 19-00-47-442

7:00pm Jason and Austin
Austin is helping Jason work his glutes.
Thy are agreeing some people are playing way too hard.
Austin says he wants to get to know JAson better he thinks they have a lot in common and he feels they haven’t had a chance to talk much. jason wants to start talking more with Austin.
Jason says it doesn’t take a blind man to see some people are really playing others are not playing at all.
Jason recommends Austin lay low and talk little game.
Jason says this season reminds him of season 15.
Austin – He’s (Jace) is the david
Jason thinks David was dumber than jace
Jason now recommending Austin makes sure Jace doesn’t explode, ‘that will drag you down with him”
Austin – He’s going out like Willie
Jason – Some of these players are playing really hard they think they’re about the crown a winner tomorrow
Jason tells him there’s people that can cook to the end Austin might be able to work out to the end.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 19-25-01-348

7:00pm HOH Jace and James
JAce asking if there’s still a way for james to help him. James says it’s all in motion.
James says the information he got was last minute he had to act on it.
JAce – it was bullshit james.. it was not true.. I’ve been onboard with you since day one I have never thrown your name under the bus.
Jace says she knows Audrey was the one that lied to James and said Jace was targeting him.

James says it was literally at the veto ceremony when everyone was in his ear. that is when he made the decision to put JAce up.
JAce – WOW man.. that’s Big Brother..
Jace tells him if he had lied to James like they lied to James he would be save now.
Jace – I’m not mad at you it’s OK someone lied to you to get me out.

Jace says he’s not upset that james never came to him to talk to him but he’s not upset for people lying to james and being in his ear. Mentions how ridiculous it is for someone to say they are coming after the HOH when the HOh as all the power (This was the story james is given that he found out Jace was targeting him)

Jace will swear on the bible that he has james back if James helps him out, “You have a very powerful ally on your Side.. No one will expect me to be working with you after this.. I consider myself a strong player.”
Jace – those people that were in your ear could potentially bite you in the a$$

James tells him if he goes home week two he’ll hold his head up high.
Jace is going to smoke out the rat
James – you’ll need a lot of cheese bro

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 19-28-59-739

7:27pm Jace and Austin Backyard
Jace – you’ll never believe what I found out now.. I just talked to James for 20 minutes
Tells him someone came to James right before the nomination ceremony and told him Jace is going to back door him
Austin thinks that is a made up thing
Jace knows that Clay and Audrey are playing James. When he pulls his meeting he’s going to tell everyone to that he’s going after Clay and Audrey.
Austin says Jace needs to keep his cool though that is what jason told him, jason said if Jace blows up he’s done.
Austin recommends JAce cries when he pulls the meeting that will work better for him than blowing up. ‘iI think you can work yourself into it that will be a emotional moment”

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 19-33-57-147

7:33pm Jason, Jace, Jeff and Clay
Jace says he made it on Big Brother he’s already a winner
Jeff says a lot can still happen.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 19-38-35-512

7:35pm Meg and James
James telling her about his conversation with Jace.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 19-53-25-796

7:55pm Backyard Steve and Vanessa
Getting to know each other

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 19-59-14-020

7:56pm Bedroom Jason, Audrey and Meg
Audrey is calling Jace a f****g idiot she’s not worried about what Jace is going to do.

Audrey is recommending they just ignore JAce, Liz and Austin from now on.
Meg says ‘they” are trying to turn the house on JAmes and Audrey. They agree that is dumb “They” should be working on getting the target on Jackie and Becky

Jason thinks it’s going to be 10-1 with Jace going on of the house, “He’s not going to say anything to flip these people”
Clay and Shelli come in.
Audrey says she’s hearing that JAce is saying she’s the mastermind.
Jason – I had a conversation with Austin about that

Jeff and James now with them.
James – I’m a bullet magnet I’ve been talking bullets all day

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 20-16-59-598
8:17pm Hot Tub Audrey, Liz and Austin
Audrey tells him to lay low she thinks there’s multiple people trying to get her fired up about Austin.
Austin – who is saying this sh1t
Audrey says for him to go into the Have not room and he’ll get an idea
Austin heads over there to find out.
Audrey tells her to vote with the house “Obviously”
Liz thinks jace is going to leave. Audrey agrees.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 20-31-16-115

8:22pm Jace, Austin and Audrey
Audrey wants to give him a tip. She says while she’s been asleep the person that is after him is spreading things saying that Austin and JAce are coming after her.
Jace doesn’t understand what is going on he hasn’t told anybody that all he told Jace was he’s going to be after the person that threw him under the bus.
Jace – there will be a house meeting.. I’m not talking to anybody I’m enjoying my life in this house with people that don’t; want me here.. it sucks audrey it really does.
Jace – “I don’t know what I did I lied to noone”
Audrey – People are coming to me saying you two are gunning after me”
Jace – This is f****g ridiculous.. It’s like I have leprosy people are treating me like a f****g dog
Audrey says that the people telling her this wants them to fight
Jace – You do realize there’s one person in here lying to everyone..
Jace explains that there is a person that told James he was gunning for him moments before the Veto Meeting.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 20-28-58-079
Jace – You targeted me so hard Audrey
Audrey – HOW!

Audrey – I never dominate the conversations I’m a bystander.
Audrey points out to him she doesn’t know who told JAmes all she knows it was a last minute thing “I’m a bystander”
Jace says he’s going to call a house meeting and she might hear her name then but first he needs to figure out who backstab him.
Jace says he really liked Audrey this is really hard for him, “What am I supposed to do.. I just f****g hate this game man”
Audrey says for him to question the people he trusted. “I don’t have time for the gossip”
Audrey points out there was 4 people in the room when they talked why does she thinks it was her. Jace says there’s no way it was Austin.
Audrey tries to say that maybe it was Clay but she won’t name it.
JAce says if he calls a house meeting and Clay gets called out will Audrey back it up.
Audrey says she can’t she’s trying to lay low.

[envira-gallery id=”117355″]

8:50pm Bedroom Audrey tells them about her conversation with JAce.
Clay, James, Meg, Sheli, jackie etc etc are in teh room.
Audrey “It’s like arguing with a four year old”
Audrey – “The advice I gave him you have to stop causing so much drama” (Probably the funniest thing I’ve heard so far this season)

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 20-53-35-307

8:55pm Backyard Jace and Jason
Jace saying he’s screwed, asks him what he needs for a vote. Jason explains that going against the house right now is suicide if JAce has the votes he’s onboard. Says he won’t be able the flip the house without James support. IT’s rare the house flips on the HOH when they all like the HOH. Meg Joins them.
Jason – As a BB fan Lay low.. wait.. an opportunity will present itself
Jason – Jackie isn’t saying all that much.. you can out game Jackie
Jace – the whole house is against me
Jason says he has to look like less than a threat than Jackie but he doesn’t know how Jace can do that.

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I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who wants Jace to stay now. No matter how annoying he is, it would be great to see the look on Audrey’s face if they managed to flip the votes. And think of the drama it would cause lol

Brad H

You definitely aren’t the only one! I couldn’t stand Jace at first, but he’s not that bad since he toned it down a lot. He was so over the top, but the other HG’s humbled him real fast.


Please please please let that happen just to see the look on all of their smug faces.


This will really set this season up for great things if Jace is able to stay. That would set a strong precedent and would be some great gameplay.


I know J have been wanting Jace to stay the entire time, but I have finally come to accept that he is a goner. He has done too much to stand out, and no one is going to go out of their way to save him. It is a shame, but it is what it is.

People are too scared to do anything about Audrey, which they will regret soon enough.


Someone might have posted this before, but does anyone think Jace could pass for Jay of the comedy team “Silent Bob and Jay?”


Google image matt Martin he plays for the NY islanders they could be twins

Bea Arthur

Listening to Jason talk is like nails on a chalk board. OMG! Someone stick some duct tape over his mouth!

Brad H

Can Austin & Liz PLEASE win HOH next week?!?! I’d love to see Audrey start squirming.


Just make it a physical comp. Her core alliance are very weak physical players.

Team Audrey

Audrey is already proving herself as the greatest BB player of all time or at the very least comparable to legends like Dan, Dr. Will, and Derrick from last season cause no one can stop her and she is too strong for everyone else. She is just so much smarter and when she tells one person a lie she can then go to another person and spread the lie and pin it on the other person who told the lie which causes confusion and chaos and then she can just act all innocent and even though they don’t believe her they still confide in her n tell her everything she wants to know and then she can backstab them and the same thing will happen again so by the time the game ends everyone will just be like, how did this Audrey girl get all the way to the end even though we knew she was playing us. Hahahaha Audrey is the best gameplayer of all time. She is like the smart version of Devin


And the troll has made his or her 1st appearance.


You missed BB CAN 3 there were a bunch of pure trolls. Audrey will get a few more at minimum. LOL

The Audrey “game” frankly borders on terrible one minute to decent the next. She is playing so hard everything is magnified. Looks like she knows the basic a plus. She is so busy lying for lying sake it’s virtually pathological. She can weasel herself into a convo though just like Andy. That makes her dangerous. We gotta see what happens on a no power/influence HOH if it happens. Once Rollers have numbers in a few evictions nothing will matter than them staying together. Lastly AG U fing suck and your BOTB!

Brad H

You’re giving Audrey wayyyyyy too much credit. I guarantee she won’t make it past week 6. I’d put a couple million on it too if I could. Everyone has so much dirt on her because she talks to everyone. Shelli could flip the house on her easily if she wanted because everyone knows Shelli basically just listens to every convo she is privy to. She never opens her mouth so if/when she finally does then I bet everyone will listen and they’ll trust her word over Audrey’s.

Guy From Canada

I put a thumbs down before I read your last sarcastic line 😉 Thumbs up here if you did the same 🙂


Like Helen from BB15 would say “its too soon”.


Watched every season since BB1 and I am not feeling this season at all.

Fast fast forwarded through the episode tonight. Never do that.

This sux.



I’m always late to the party to sign up and man was I pissed when I found out Canadians can’t get the live feeds. I found out if you buy an Am Ex gift care AND BUY monthly VPN and go through whole process you can but thats for monthly service. Someone commented it’s the same price but I always pay the one the time fee which is like $30 total and to do this deal it’s over $15 a month. Forget the money it’s a pain in the ass and I don’t have time to f… around with it.

Sooooooooooo I come to my favorite site thinking at least I’ll be able to watch video’s here and lo and behold you have pictures up of the video’s but we can’t watch those either.

Simon/Dawg… is that going to change (will we be able to view your videos?) or should I just say fuck BB this season and not even bother?

Very annoyed about the whole situation!

P.S. I actually hope US feeds go wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down this season so they recognize the error fo their ways. Sure Canadian feeds are blocked but there is an easy way for US watchers to get them (and ours are free, so having to pay a minor charge is not a big deal)


Ya I hear ya! It’s too much shit to go thru here in canada…also thought video would be here! I found some on youtube..type in Mahkie.BB 17…there’s live feed video!


OBB hasn’t been able to post videos from BB US for years. CBS had that shut down. And screw CBS for not letting Canadians get the feeds – you would figure the money hungry powers that be would want all the coin they can get. Nuff said.
BTW, Simon and Dawg thank you for this website. Been a fan for years though I rarely post. Made donation for BB Canada and will be making another donation soon.


Aubrey is just playing so many mind games. It’s so annoying what does with her eyes every time she’s talking to someone. She does it on purpose to intimidate the person she’s talking too. She’s doing too much and its starting to weird me out.

Jay A

Her advice to Jace was priceless haha


She does have crazy eyes. Probably some neurological issue, or nervous tick.


Psychos often have crazy eyes. I expect Audrey will be out fourth eviction. The others are figuring her out, and she is brazen……she reminds me of the guy a few seasons back….name started with an R…who played this hard, this fast and thought he was running the show. He was a video gamer. They booted him in fourth week.