Da’Vonne – “She (Audrey) knows she’s safe .. she’s winked at me and smiled”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : ?, ? Nominations 2: ?, ?
Battle of the Block Winner Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 19-12-59-479

7:14pm Feeds back.. Houseguests talking about the HOH Competition and trying to figure out what the twist was they were told “Last laugh”. Some of them are cleaning up the dishes. Lots of Chit chat.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 19-20-52-428

Audrey is starting to slowly integrate back in the house. Tells them the evicted houseguest will be able to inflict a punishment on them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 19-23-32-079

7:22pm JonnhyMAC, Jeff and James
Talking about Audrey being crazy. John wants her out thinks they should BAckdoor her. He warns them that Audrey is targeting Jeff.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 19-45-36-644

7:43pm Kitchen Becky, Jackie, Liz and Austin
talking about the nominations being tomorrow.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 19-52-22-455

7:47pm James, DAY and Jeff
Jeff saying that Audrey wants him gone.
Day – She feels safe.. she feels safe.. she’s winked at me and smiled.. I’m going up but by who
James points out he was up in the HOH for 15 days “That’s a long time” (He didn’t crack and pull a willie good for him)
DAy keeps repeating that Audrey looked at her winked and smiled
Day thinks it was Austin that voted for her to stay, “I didn’t expect it to be unanimous that’s his friend”
Jeff – Could have been Audrey.. that is a typically move so she can start some sort of rumour
DAY – we all expected him to vote for him
Jeff says he’s going to sleep in the Comic room
Day really thinks she’s going up tells the guys she’s hoping that she gets a chance to play in BOB and Veto

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 19-52-20-951

Audrey in the hammock room Plotting

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 20-15-03-118

8:13pm Austin and Clay
(talking about DAY) Austin asks Backdoor or front door tells him it might be best for front door to calm the house and for everyone to think the target is to backdoor Audrey.
Vanessa joins them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 20-31-03-662
8:21pm Jason, DAY and Meg
Jason says they are not going to backdoor Meg. Jason trusts Becky more than Shelli. Day comes in tells them Vanessa, Austin and Clay in the bathroom whispering. Jason and DAy are certain they are going up and Day will be the target.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 20-23-54-304

8:22pm Jeff and Audrey
Jeff says he’s had a couple of people come up to him that she’s against him.
Audrey says she never wanted to be against him. She brings up that she heard Jeff was having meetings without her.
Jeff denies it.
Audrey says multiple people are confirming that Jeff is saying things.
Jeff – I never told him about that stupid f****g song… I’ve never liked jace in this house and I would never jeopardise my gameplay giving him information.
Jeff says it’s tough with her because she was trying to get him backdoored with james.

jeff says he hates to see people isolate themselves tells her to stop talking game with everybody and have normal conversations.
Audrey says the only people she talks game to are Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Austin. She claims to never have offered those 4 anything all she’s been doing has been laying in her bed.

Jeff gives her advice in what she should do, Stresses there’s no alliance in the house and she should start rebuilding relationships. Adds that Jace went home because he wasn’t a good person to have in the house.
Clay comes in.
Jeff tells her he wants to work with her but he’s heard she’s throwing his name out there it makes it impossible to work with her.
Clay tells her Shelli, Clay and Jeff are her best chance in this game.
Audrey says someone voted to keep JAce to set her up. Jeff thinks it was Austin everyone thinks that him and Jace were friends.

Jeff says she almost sent him home with the meeting she called, ‘If you have something good going.. if it’s not broke why changed it… you over extended yourself”
Audrey says it’s been programed in her head to be livid with Jeff.

Jeff tells her that he doesn’t trust Shelli just because he;s never talked to her much adds if Clay wasn’t here Shelli would be an outsider. Jeff stresses he trusts Clay a lot more than Shelli.
Clay lets him know he’s worried about Jeff making alliances on all sides.
Jeff – Clay I put you above anybody else
Clay pointing out that Jason and Day are really close.
Jeff – Audrey… why do you have a personal vendetta with me
Audrey says the last 48 hours she’s been very upset with Jeff, “It was programmed inside my head”
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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 20-41-08-693

8:41pm Bedroom Becky, DAY, James, Jason and Meg
Becky doesn’t know who the pawn will be sounds like she wants Audrey out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-02 20-48-16-069

8:50pm Holy cow nominations are tonight..

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Bunny Slipper

it was programmed in her head?! WTF! By whom? The little man living in her shoe? Audrey is one cra-cra lady.

Twin Peaks

I’m glad Becky is willing to put up Audrey. She should pair her with the weakest possible companion or someone who will throw the BoB. Maybe Jackie?


Im praying that Day doesn’t get evicted this week. Hopefully Austin or Clay don’t have it their way.

Misty Beethoven

I’d just like to state here and now that I’d like to climb Austin the way King Kong climbed the Empire state Building. I do love a tall, muscular man! (My husband is 6’7″ and I’m 5’3″)


Anyone know Austin’s last name? I thought there were bios on the house guests somewhere. <3


Austin Matelson


I’m going to be honest I’m starting to like back Audrey if she works with the right people. I like day but she plays to personal how you burning bridges on week one so dumb.




Da’son can’t be split up yet, I would rather it be Jeff or James this week. And Jackie is going to float all the way to Final 3 isn’t she?


Yep she will…just like Veronica….Valerie…..last season.


I don’t believe Jackie is going to be a floater. She’s a really strong competitor, i mean she’s came in second in the two HOH competitions. In the first HOH it was between her and Jason, and In this one she was right behind Shellie.


after what she wore tonight, she can float to the final 2, would be a lot more entertaining than most final 2 floaters.

but she isn’t a floater. just freaking sexy



I am rooting for Day so hard. She has great potential after all this crap simmers down. She needs to not get so heated over the small stuff and she could go far. Jason has to stay, too! I love his personality and witty cracks.

As much as we’d like to see Audrey go, her craziness is so entertaining! She has balls…I mean….never mind. I love the fact that she will do things her way and not “with the house” so to speak. I miss those kind of players that stir things up like that.

Could this week be even CRAZIER?!


I too wish Day would chill on the small stuff because she’ll get so much farther that way. Can’t burn bridges too quickly on BB. I wish Clay and her would be able to talk and put aside their differences. I wouldn’t mind shlay and da’son alliance but I’m talking too early lol.


Ugh! Hate that I had to work tonight, I feel like I’ve missed a lot.

Glad Becky won, she’s needed to delve more into the game. I don’t think she would put Day and Jason up, but Shelli might. If Day goes up, I’d hope Jason goes up with her and they win BOTB.

Steve and JohnnyMac will probably be safe this week.

I fear Day maybe be in trouble. Jeff and Audrey (rightly so) are in dangerous waters as well.

Damn they don’t give the HOH’s much time to strategize. Noms are tonight?! CBS is trying to keep the madness in the house going.

Kate L

I got goose bumps with Jace’s reaction to finding out the Twin Twist. I think the twins will pull it off because Jace and the twins spent a great deal of time hanging out and he didn’t figure it out so I doubt any one else will.


Ugggg I wish Day would of won HOH….She may be going up…it never fails on BB the Sista or Brutha never really get far in the game…oh ya its alway only one of them Per season…so its bound to happen


Lol bc it’s usually the “sista” or the “bruthas” own fault.


IF Day gets put up hopefully she and whoever else is nominated wins BON so Jeff and Clay get a slap in the face.

Miss Anjie

Why are they playing so hard in week one and two? Vanessa and Jackie might be in final 4….


An Alliance of how many…. We adding Clay/Shelli to hi rollers or the jumbo alliance need a new place to meet? If noms are tonite who Becky putting up? Yeh she puts up DA/Jason or others in rollers that’s done for her. I think she was in high rollers. I better check the alliance list lol.
If Shelli or Becky wants Audrey it’s Audrey plus weak/pawn throwing BOTB. Who nomed them loses HOH. The block/pawn thing is unsettled til we see the next noms IMO. Jackie might go up but she isn’t backdooring DA so it only works with Audrey. I’ll be interested to see myself.
By the way that phone call means a very good chance the pawn goes home this week. Good news for DA/Jason and hi Rollers. Wanna bet who gets 7th call?

GeekSquad McGee

Vanessa gets the 7th call.

I think Audrey should be put up with Jason. Not only is he IMO one of the weaker competitors (that HOH was obviously tailor made for his body-type), but he seems to genuinely dislike Audrey which could really mess with their teamwork.

Hard to pick a weak competitor for BoB… there’s not too many of them this year.


My opinion:
Audrey seems like a sweet girl outside of the game, but I think something about the game brings out the worst in people, and makes them do things they wouldn’t normally do. Unfortunately, I feel that Audrey is the prime victim of getting too big for her britches, and her inability to let other people play their OWN games and that will be the reason why she’s evicted this week or in the near future


And I’m not going to lie, it would be ironic if (if being a major if) Becky could BD Audrey successfully this week. Audrey started a very personal and nasty rumor about Becky being racist. That was seriously uncalled for, and why I can’t root for Audrey. She’s quickly becoming the Alison (BB 4 & 7) of this season. I don’t think she’d beat anyone in the end. She’s pissed most of the house except Shelli.

If Day (and Jason) must go up, then hopefully Shelli nominates Da’Son together so they can compete in (and win) BOTB.

Becky could nominate a weaker competition player like Vanessa with another weaker competition player like Meg.

I don’t think either Meg or Vanessa would leave over Audrey (but you never know, this is BB).


Austin last name is Matelson.Just google big brother 17 cast.


I understand Audrey is drama and entertainment for feeders, she just leaves me exhausted and rubbed wrong.


I’m not a huge fan of Audrey
Audrey, not that I don’t appreciate what she is doing transgender community. I just don’t find anything pleasing about her game. But I do love Austin for sure!


I think I might have switched my vote to Jace even if I was voting out Jackie. has anyone gone with a more revealing outfit on nomination? yowza.

Go Steve. why? why not.

Ring - Ring

I’ll bet the bank on Audrey being the one who answers the 7th call.
Can see this production interference coming a hundred miles an hour!!


The one small problem with that theory is…HER LAZY ASS WOULD HAVE TO BE OUT OF BED! …other than that, great thinking!


Can someone explain to me why Day appears to be a target? I haven’t watched the feeds so I’m a bit confused how she’s become the target. Also does this twin thing seem totally unfair to anyone else? It’s like the double the chance for money for the twins.

GeekSquad McGee

What happens if the house figures it out? I missed when that was explained.


The new plan is to get Day out before Audrey..that’s what Shelli Clay and Jeff will do what Clay says because he has a Man crush on Clay..Which in turn Jackie will do what Jeff wants.