Campaigning at it’s best “don’t be a pu$$y Steve you want America to think you are a pu$$y”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 19-45-26-374

7:45pm HOH James Jeff, Jason and Meg
Talking about Audrey being a manipulator “Too much talking going on in Hammock rooms and in and out”
james is worried about Audrey flipping the house. If they don’t hear something
James – And shelli… I don’t know man I just feel like she’s easily swayed.. when you think about it Audrey has talked to Shelli all day.. and Audrey has been in that corner with her Big BRother sun shades on
Jason comes in says JAce and Audrey are cuddled in bed.
James- Audrey’s talking to everyone
Jason – she’s not talking to me
Jeff – whats up with Shelli and Clay in the hammock room ALL DAY
Cams flip to back yard when it’s back Clay has joined them.
Jeff saying Audrey is telling him that people have approached her to work with her. they all scoff at this call it bullsh1t.
Meg says Jace’s smartest thing to do is go to Audrey and blow sht up. Jeff and Clay are positive that they will never get the votes.
Clay is certain Vanessa and Austin won’t work with Audrey. They agree they need to spend more time with the outside players to make sure they can count on their votes.
Jackie comes in asks what is going on. They says Audrey is scheming again. Camera flips to Hammock room Shelli, Vanessa and Austin
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Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 19-49-50-239
7:47pm Austin and Liz Working out
talking about What’s going on in the house and how crazy it is that JAce and Audrey are now talking.
Liz doesn’t think they will Steve to save JAce. Liz knows JOHNNYMAC and Becky but not Steve. Austin is more positive about it.
Jace joins them says the conversation with Audrey went well

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 19-58-28-051

7:57pm Hammock room Austin, Vanessa and Shelli
Vanessa bring sup james just lying to her telling her the plan to backdoor jace was last minute.
Austin says he trusts Steve he’s told him things on purpose to see if it would come back and it didn’t. Austin is unsure about JohnnyMac.
Austin says if he wins HOH next week he’s taking James out ‘He lied to me straight to my face”
Shelli says Jeff is trustworthy and so is Jeff. Points out they need Jeff because he has Jackie.
Shelli leaves.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 20-06-14-703

8:06pm Hammock Room Austin and Vanessa
Vanessa says she’s starting to get the feeling she can save Jace. She knows saving Jace benefits Austin but is really doesn’t benefit her. She needs a guarantee if it’s top 3 Austin is taking her instead of Jace.
Austin doesn’t know if Jace staying will benefit him he’s been thinking through scenarios.
Austin tells her Jace is worried he can’t get JohnnyMac’s vote he thinks Johnnymac was in on backdooring him since the beginning.
Vanessa wants a final 3 with her and Jace if she goes with this.
Austin tells her doesn’t matter what happens this week she’s his final 2

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 20-11-27-514
8:12pm Bathroom Jace and Vanessa
JAce crying..
JAce “They been making fun of me since day one just like high school”
Vanessa stuck up for him when she found out about them making fun of him and she wasn’t the only on.
Jace says he must look like a huge fool on national television. His parents are so disappointed in him.
Vanessa says there’s a chance to keep him.
Jace says if she helps him he will do whatever it takes to help her
Vanessa thinks her and Austin and pull it off they are going to get to work.

Vanessa is targeting james he’s the only person she doesn’t like thinks James is a douche for lying and coming up with that song.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 20-16-09-501

8:15pm HOH Jeff, John, Jason, Becky, Jackie, James, Meg, DAY
Hating on Audrey and JAce.
Counting the votes Jackie says she will be pissed if she doesn’t get the votes. They act very confident there’s no way Jace is getting the votes.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 20-20-23-691

8:20pm Vanessa and Audrey
Vanessa asks her who was the last person into their 8 person alliance after Shelli.
Audrey says it was Clay.
Vanessa – I need someone, I don’t have anyone..
Vanessa thinks if they work together nobody will suspect them
They agree to a final 2.

8:31pm Audrey and Jace bedroom
Jace doesn’t feel like he has a shot says JohnnyMac won’t talk to him.
Audrey tells him Steve pulled DAY into the Diary room. She gives him some angles he can use to get Steve’s vote. (See below when he confronts Steve)

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 20-47-01-332

8:39pm Jace and Steve (Jace is a total d1ck in this conversation talks to Steve like he’s a fool)
JAce tells him
-I know you knew about the plan to backdoor me since day 1
-I know you went to DAy and asked to be her jason
-I know you’ve been sneaking around and I also know the people that have your back don’t have their back at all.. I know that because otherwise I wouldn’t be privy to that information
– Look at me look at me in the eye
– They’ve been using you bro they’ve been using you like a piece of tackle on a fishing line hook line a sinker
Steve – I’m sorry I hurt you
Steve – there was nothing I could do (About being the pawn)
Jace – yes you could have steve yes you could have
Jace – no you are not.. you don’t feel like a terrible person.. these people don’t have your back like I do
Steve – I know
Steve tells him there is nothing he could do when he was told he was a pawn.
Jace – do you know what they say about you when you’re not around.. they make fun of you the second you walk out of the room every single time you are a giant joke to them steve.. you want to go down as the guy that took out the person that had your back
Jace – you are screwed screwed they want you out next
Jace asks him why did he stab him in the back “I’m hurt now man I thought you were my friend”
Steve – I’m sorry that I hurt you
Jace says he’s caught steve hiding behind doors listening in on conversations and running up to the HOH he calls Steve a rat.
JAce – you are the reason i’m going home.. I hope when you go home and you see the footage they were making fun of you making you look like a fool.
Steve doesn’t see how he’s the reason for getting rid of JAce.
Jace – don’t be a pu$$y steve you want America to think you are a pu$$y .. you want to get manipulated.. I thought you were smart.. you have the highest IQ in the house.

Jace – you do know you are the next target you really think James cares about you.. you want to know james nickname for you ..
Steve – sure
Jace – do you think James cares about you
Jace – every single one of them calls you GEEK SQUAD MCGEE.. I even heard a few of them call you four eyes.
Steve – Geek squad Mickey

Jace – you stabbed me in the back like Judas with Jesus
Jace tells him he’s going to go down as the biggest pawn in Big Brother history, “I’m so disappointed in you”
Jace – you want to go home with me or do you want to flip the script
Steve – I would love to do that
AJce – you can do it without me and I can’t do it without you.. they control their house steve.. they have you by the strings steve..
Jace tells him they have an idea how they can take control but he’s not going to tell Steve. He’s going to wait to see if this conversation gets out first.
Steve promises the conversation will stay between them. They shake on it.
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Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 21-00-21-061

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 21-07-18-740

9:07pm Shelli and Vanessa
Shelli hints that her and Clay are getting some weird vibes in the house. Asks her if she’s still feeling strongly about what they talked about with Austin “The Audrey thing”

Vanessa says she’s open minded.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 21-28-16-160

9:24pm Austin, Liz and Jeff
Austin saying he cannot trust Clay anymore. Points out that Clay is playing all the sides he’s already talking to them for deals. Adds he’s been setting Clay up to see and it’s proven Clay is.
Jeff – I’m about ready to bounce on Clay
Jeff mentions that Shelli just told him he’s giving off a weird vibe today. Jeff is going to test Clay out and if he fails he’s done.
Jeff – they’ve been acting really weird (Clay Shelli)
Austin – Clay wants me to take out James next week.. he’s trying to cover every angle possible.
Jeff – is he working with Audrey
Austin – he might be
Jeff wants to have a conversation with Austin and Liz later tonight. Adds that he’s working with numbers right now because if he doesn’t he’s f****d

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jace is a fucking fool

Jace can go to hell. He already had stoves vote and then he decided to bully him and treat him like dirt but then say that he is the only one that is NOT doing that? I was hoping austin would save his ass but jace is too big a tool and i hope he gets evicted first and looks like one of the biggest idiots in big brother history


i feel sad i thought he was just dumb and funny but such actions are so BULLY


I was stunned to see Jace speak to Steve that way. He also threatened him at the end when he said don’t you say a word about this conversation, because I will know! Way to go Jace – I don’t know how anyone woud condone this behavior


Does anyone know what Steve did after his convo with Jace? DId he instantly tell someone about it or was he just quiet about everything?


Most of the alliances in this house are built on smoke. Austin and Jeff have this quasi alliance game talk, but I could see Jeff BD Austin if he had the chance. He’s one of the emotional players, and would have an slight advantage over Austin moving forward in the game by voting Jace out. The obvious pairs in the house are Jason/Dav’Vonne, Clay/Shelli, Jackie/Jeff (if they had to), and Austin/Liz.

Clay (and Shelli to a lesser extent) are smart to try and sit in the middle for a while because I don’t see anyone coming for them in the next few weeks. The HR would probably try to remove Audrey, Austin, and Liz before setting their sight on Clay and Shelli. If things went this way than Becky, Johnny, and Steve will be pawns, and more likely than not have a safe trip to jury, and maybe farther if the HR started turning on one another.

Austin thinks everybody is rooting for Jace? When he basically tried to bully Steve into voting for him? Austin I’m not sure what fans you’re talking about who like those kinds of tactics.


Austin is thinking the fans want him to stay, which if you watch the show jace likely gets a solid edit in his effort to stay, we will see.

Austin also didn’t see the steve conversation in full, so its not really fair for us to act like he should know what was said and how it was said.


This is why I want Jace gone. He is a massive dickhead. From a game standpoint it would be absolute mayhem to see Austin and Audrey flip the votes but Jace is a fucking moron and he should let Austin/Vannessa/Audrey do his bidding.

Disappointed in my man Johnny Mac not being open to keeping Jace but who knows? Must believe at this point Jace dug his grave with Steve but the way to save Jace is as follows.

Audrey and Austin need to talk to Becky, Steve, and Johnny MAC. Audrey needs to convince them about the High Rollers and Austin needs to show Audrey isn’t the biggest threat right now.

Will it happen? Probably not, but let’s see.

Team #incognitoDentist Johnny Mac. Fuck Jace man he is a total jackass


Jace was really the worst in how he talked to Steve. I know it sucks being on the block, but why would Steve tell Jace anything. He’s playing the game like everyone else, and not one to make waves. He keeps his own counsel, and doesn’t get into the fray. How dare Jace prey on Steve’s weakness? Where did that get him? Nowhere – and it’s easy to pick on the one you know won’t fight back. That’s the definition of a coward. Threatening him not to tell anyone about their conversation, or he will know, and be back. I hope he’s gone Thursday. Any empathy I had for him was gone in that moment. Steve was off camera for some time. I’m sure he was upset. Was it necessary for Jace to ensure Steve knew people make fun of him. What a tool he is!


I swear, Aud is freakin exhausting! Still don’t want her to leave yet.

Bunny Slipper

Jesus? Really? Steve, back away, just back away.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Intimidation and borderline bullying — that’s all you are Jace, YOU BIBLETOTING HYPOCRITE!

This only makes me like more Steve. I’ll keep praying Jace gets the boot in less than 2 days.

Child please!

Child pleas! Get yo life!
Jase is ANYTHING but bible toting.

Do you even know what that word means???

Ugh, so ignorant.


I was hoping Jace would pull it off but not anymore. Going after a sweet kid like Steve and saying those awful things to him were unnecessary.


Ugh. I wish it was not Jackie against Jace on the block, then I would’ve loved to see the revolution.


i just watched the convo between Jace & Steve, OMG, what the hell is wrong with Jace talking to Steve like that?!!!! I searched the dictionary for the right words, but nope, None there 🙁


I don’t understand why jace doesn’t ask steve, becky and john why would u want to vote to evict jace over jackie when james/jason didn’t mind putting u on the block and not to get blood on their hands, will likely do it again…. why not ask steve; dude if u were still on the block with jackie, who do u think they would be sending home? he should also ask everyone why would u want to keep jackie when she has jeff who will never put her on the block….

Bunny Slipper

I think that’s what he tried to do. But, unfortunately, he only speaks douche.


Jace is such a major a-hole. Hate his tactics. his face makes me cringe with disgust. he hasn’t picked up that his pity me tactic is not working. Declaring dictatorship like he’s a tsar and wants a coup .. not working. Now bullying. Seriously what is wrong with this guy????

this group is tooo paranoid and playing waaaaaaaaaaaay to hard too fast and too many alliances with sub alliances within the sub alliances. they are so messy. no stealth game plays … they all rat each other out and everyone knows.

4 days to eviction is tooo long. move the game along and faster by having every thing done 2 days apart.

BBCan3 had some epic twists and threw the game into high gear.

I just can’t take another day of Jace and his ego


People need to stop acting like Jace just bullied Steve. Sure he was a little hard on him, but Jace has stuck up for him on several occasions already so he was pissed off that Steve stabbed his only friend in the back. Jace is like the only person in the house who treats Steve like he’s a normal human being. Everyone else laughs at the guy & they treat him like he’s a little kid. The truth hurts, but at least Steve knows now how people really think of him thanks to Jace, so now he can find a way to not make himself look like a complete fool to America.


I must have really missed something. I seem to remember big bad Jace attacking Steve early on telling Austin and Liz, he(Steve)needs to know he can’t f*** with us. Jace is a moron and doesn’t know the difference between manipulation and intimidation. I love that skank Audrey manipulating Jace to get herself off the hook. I’m all for those two going home 1 and 2. They can call each other and cry while watching the others play the game.


Steve never had any power nor was he in the power group that decided to oust Jace, what does Jace think Steve could possibly have done? Also, Steve was a pawn so had every self preservation reason to shut up if that’s what Jace is accusing him of or be voted off himself. Maybe I missed the part where Jace was buddy buddy with Steve, spent time with him, confided in him, made an alliance, or did anything at all to make Steve feel his loyalty was with Jace. I saw Jace put down the nerd herd with Austin and show disdain. His whole Robert DeNiro act was totally disgusting and I kept hoping Steve was thinking “we were Buds? when was that? what are you even talking about? you were nice to me? man this guy is really crazy.”

Johnny Mac

Jace is definitely extremely ignorant, but I agree that was not bullying. I’m sorry, but you must be very mentally weak if you consider that to be bullying. Jace is desperate and has no self-awareness, but there are moments where you can tell he does have a heart. I think he’s an idiot for listening to Audrey when she told him how to approach Steve and I guarantee Jace will regret it. However, he has been one of the few people in the house to include Steve in game talk or any talk for that matter. He’s just pissed that Steve is working with the other side who was ready to toss him out of the house in the first week if he didn’t win the Veto. I hope Jace’s harsh advice will wake Steve’s ass up.

Delilah Jones

As disgusted as I am with Jace at the moment, I am equally disgusted with Austin. Jace told Austin that he intimidated Steve, trying to get his vote.. went as far as telling him most of what he said to Steve. Austin blows it off as Jace “going a little overboard” to get Steve’s vote? I thought Austin was this big anti – bullying advocate?


IMO, I ask myself..

Did the person keep persisting, after been told to stop?
Did the person verbally, emotionally, sexually, or physically abuse?

You could argue this is emotional abuse… And, I do think this IS emotional abuse… for a young child or special needs! There was no bullying with these words. There was intended emotional manipulation, and hes being a total douche, but definitely no bullying.

Sensitive Sandy

So now telling the truth is bullying? Everyone looks at Steve like he’s a complete joke. At least Jace is straight up with him. I’d want someone to tell me what a fool I look like on TV especially if I was being naive by thinking everyone loves me. He was a little extreme but so what. Don’t be so damn sensitive people. Steve is a big boy, he can handle it.


Jace did not make Steve look bad on television. He made himself look really bad on television. Jace shouldn’t take advice from Audrey.


I didn’t say Jace made Steve look bad on tv lmao can you read? I said Steve is making himself look bad on tv by trusting all of these people who are making fun of him behind his back…


Austin isn’t condoning what Jace did, he’s doing what he’s been doing for awhile…telling people what they want to hear. He’s a superfan and knows this game well. I believe about 25% of what he’s saying right now, even without the black hat. Maybe I’m the insensitive chick on the board, but I’m not upset by the conversation. Austin is feeling out a way to flip the house, he doesn’t really care about the conversations necessary to make it happen.


I, non-native-english-speaker, have a question: Are they all confusing “exposing” and “exploiting” all the time?
They keep on saying stuff like “She threatened to exploit our alliance to everyone!”
Seriously, they ALL use that word.
Is the whole house wrong? It should be “expose”, right? Exploit is just “to use”.
Did they all agree to just keep using the wrong word as a joke so it starts trending worldwide?!?


I think one idiot said it and the rest are too stupid to know it is wrong.


America is being “dumbed down” in the education system now (A.K.A. Common Core.)


I liked the pairs thread earlier. Some thoughts on positioning…

Jackie/Jeff- nice week on the block for Jackie and part of the 8/7/6 mega alliance good early position. Not building a lot of long term friends though. Jeff ok to if he wouldn’t see red when he looks at Austin. The guys are on each others radar which is foolish at this point.
Austin/Liz- few days back Liz was next but ty Audrey. Just lay low early always the play to hard crowd to take them selves out. I wish Austin had numbers the guy has decent BB IQ. Oh and TY to Dawg and Simon for the bum shot of Liz a few threads back…..Dam! Now that’s some good kini 😛 seriously they are both recovering ok from being aligned with Jace.
Jason/DA- DA gets the spiffy, sparkly award for BB HG who called out Audrey. Instant cred with the house. Likely all the way off the radar if she hangs low. I find Jason very brash so less talk is better IMO he is well positioned.
Clay/Shelli- Clay doing a lot of back and forth might be trouble thus Shelli by association. Get 1/2 way intact might be F4 material.

So 4 couples all doing ok no one really dominating which is fine early. It’s whose missing that interests me. James 1st HOH so he got the mega alliance. He doesn’t have a 2 yet. I think strong 2 person alliances tend to benefit from sharing everything including strategy. OK 1st week once you accept Jace gone. Hope the HOH/BOTB is interesting. ie not 2 from the 8 but 1 of each would be great.


Jace / Steve was liking watching — The Actors Studio Class 101. Both played their parts beautifully with perfect timing and expression + dialogue. I give them a def Best + Supporting Nomination. Classic Big Brother Scene / Moment.


I was all in on Jace staying until his conversation with Steve. Who the *uck does he think he is talking to him like that…”look at me!” I wish Steve would have just walked out if he wasn’t going to verbally cut Jace up. I dont mind sarcastic sparring but I mind what he just did in the Cabana Room. Pack your shit Jace cuz you are on the first thing smoking out of there. Be prepared to get deugteated wherever you apply to work since your dumb ass thought it was a good idea to tell the world you don’t mind a little weed now…and now. Piece of Shit. Gosh…he pissed me off! ????

just for those who feed watch

can you tell me if people actually call steve that behind his back, and if its a thing or if that was just all a really dumb and mean move by Jace. I just haven’t heard it as I am not watching the feeds and it seems a bit off. I know steve doesn’t fit in all that well but do they seriously bag on him like that? honest question-


Jace should have been on BB15, hes an ass. I bought my feeds a week late, but I bought them thru you guys. I appreciate the recaps you guys do for both the U.S. and Canada. I could not keep up with what is going on in BBCan if it was not for you guys, so A GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!


I don’t think Vanessa made a final 2 deal with Audrey at 8:20. They did discuss it, but at the end of the conversation, Vanessa said she just needed to know, why target me? Audrey said she felt she was a major threat to her game and she just didn’t trust her, said she’s very perceptive and got a vibe. Vanessa said she didn’t think that was a good thing to be telling her if she wanted to stay in the game. Audrey said she also thought Vanessa was overly sensitive and she’s been emotionally manipulating people. Vanessa didn’t take that too well, said that kinda hurts-someone basically telling you you’re full of sht and they don’t trust you. (To Jace, who had just come into the room) She later talked to Shelli and Jackie about what Audrey said. So I don’t think a final 2 deal was actually made. Just my take.


I’d love to play with this cast. They haven’t even evicted their first houseguest and they are playing balls to the wall like it is the final month. I’d be skating around the edges, waltzing through the first half of the game.


Lol like a piece of tackle tied on a fishing line. You mean a lure you idiot? You suck at acting jace. Can’t even deliver the right lines. Idk how steve kept a straight face the whole time.