Jace about his rap speech “Production told me I can’t. They said it goes against production.”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

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Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 12-58-14-342

1pm – 1:20pm Feeds are back and HOH lock down is over. All the house guests head out of the HOH room. James “I got kicked out of the penthouse man!” Some of the house guests start eating lunch, while others start getting ready for the live eviction tonight. Jeff says he has to “disinfect the clippers because its full of James’s pubes.”
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 13-00-33-856

In the bedroom – Steve hugs Jace and tells him “I’m going to miss you so much! I’m sorry.” Audrey comes in and talks to Jace. I’m just trying to collect information. She brings up last night saying that she overheard him whispering with Jeff. Jace says that wasn’t me (It was James). Audrey says I could have sworn it was you. Jace says I don’t know. It wasn’t me. Jace says he was hanging out with James all night. Audrey asks if there is anything I can do. Jace says there’s nothing. I don’t have the votes. I may do a last minute plea but.. Audrey asks are you going to do the one that you mentioned before? Jace says production told me I can’t. They said it goes against production. Jace says if I sleep past 5pm wake me up because I didn’t sleep last night and need to.

In the kitchen – Steve says it won’t be an endurance. We just had one of those. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Clay is cutting James’s hair.

1:30pm In the havenot room – Vanessa tells Steve that there’s a rumor going around that you give information to someone on that side. I don’t want to be specific. So if you are I would not do it any more because that person told someone and it got out. Steve asks can I ask who it is? Vanessa says I can’t… maybe later in the game. Steve says okay I can respect that. Vanessa says I will tell you to be careful because it specifically came from the person you told you would be able to get information for. And told that whole alliance that you’re willing to give information. Steve says I’m not even sure what you’re talking about. Vanessa says okay well maybe its not true. Okay good. That is the one thing I heard about you. We definitely need to win HOH or the numbers are just going to get sh*ttier and Sh*ttier. Vanessa says Jackie and Jeff and the loosest part of that alliance. Shelli & Clay are in close with Audrey.

1:45pm Jace walks by Steve and says I’m going to try one more thing. He heads to the kitchen and yells to Austin “Can you come help me with one more thing about my speech I need to fine tune something. I want to make sure something isn’t too low. Jace tells Austin I think I need to have a meeting with the people that were not in that alliance and say if you give me your vote I will offer to be their armour as a shield. Do you think its risky or should I try. Austin says Its risky but you should try. Austin says I wouldn’t include me but talk to the other 5 people. You need to blow that up though.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 13-48-00-638

1:55pm The house guests are still getting ready / sitting around.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 13-57-19-465

2pm – 2:15pm In the bedroom – Meg talks to Jeff about how Audrey pulled her aside and said I just have one question. If you win HOH are you going to backdoor me? I’m like are you serious right now?! Why is the only thing you’re worried about is saving your a$$ right now. We don’t even know … Big Brother blocks the feeds. Meg says if she wins tonight is going to be misserable. Jeff says well we will make sure she doesn’t. Jason joins them. She talks about how she was so caught off guard. My feelings were so hurt!! They speculate on what the HOH comp might be and how they’ll crown 2 HOH’s. They talk about using up all the twists this season, what are they going to do next season.Jason says Jeff (Schroeder) is going to be 50 years old in a walker by the time they do an ALL-Stars” (LOL)

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 14-02-24-954

2:20pm – 2:30pm Havenot room – Jace talks to Liz. Liz says yes I am going to miss you. I’ve been acting mean today because I heard you were talking sh*t about me. You said you only cared about 1 person in here. Jace says that’s not true. Jace says the three people I really care about in this game are you, Austin and Vanessa. Liz says I don’t like the way you’ve acted the last few days. You going off and telling all those people that sh*t and you acting bi-polar is not cool. I don’t want you to think the person you’ve seen the last 4 days is me. You can’t know what its like until you’ve been screwed over by people that you thought you were in an alliance with. I was bullied when I was younger and this experience brought up a lot of those feelings. You’re right maybe I should not have been so aggressive and I’m sorry about that.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 14-23-44-320

2:35pm In the kitchen – Jace brings up to Austin & Liz that she just said someone was talking sh*t about me saying I only care about 1 person in the house which is not true. It doesn’t make sense I only said I feel like she (liz) didn’t care about me. I only told you (Austin). Liz says it wasn’t Austin! It was someone totally different. Just drop it. Jace says if I come back the only people that going to be safe are you two. Jace tells Liz you’re so pretty. Liz “thank you”

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2:40pm – 3:10pm Kitchen –Austin says next week I will be hanging out with Clay 24/7 so we look like the next bromance and he’ll be the next to go. Austin suggests Liz buddy up with a girl too. You don’t want to be seen as the girls that bounces from guy to guy. Austin says that Jeff has his hand in a lot of cookie jars. They head into the cabana room with Vanessa. Vanessa confirms Liz and Austin shouldn’t be seen together so much. Liz says she is going to try and stay away from Jeff because she doesn’t want to be seen as a flirt. Vanessa tells Liz I’ll be loyal to you & Austin. Please be loyal to me. Vanessa says to only share information that they already know so it seems like you’re sharing info. Austin asks so whos the target this week. Vanessa says Audrey but you’re next. Austin asks do you think Steve is going to try and win today? Vanessa says Steve is scared sh*tless. Austin says if we can get the power off the 8 we can break them down. They’ll turn on each other. They talk about what numbers they drew. (For the HOH comp tonight.) Austin says I got 12. Vanessa says did you notice most of us got below 8 so we’re going to go first. Liz says I got 2. Vanessa tells Austin he needs to win. When was the last time you played a competitive sport? Austin asks does wrestling count. Vanessa says no because you already know who’s going to win. Austin says that he’s good under pressure. I’m going to try my hardest to get it done.

Meanwhile in the havenot room – James talks to DaVonne. James says that he can’t wait for Jace to go. He’s a weasel .. and like Jeff said he’s a scum-bag. Jace has been in Austin & Liz’s ear all day. We just can’t let Austin or Liz win HOH. If anyone in our group wins HOH we can control who goes up. Worst case scenario is Austin and Liz are HOH’s. Or Vanessa.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 14-43-02-049

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Hey Simon & Dawg is Liz not the hottest girl in that house.


She’s pretty for sure.


Liz has a good personality and is defiantly the hottest woman in the house IMHO


It’s between Liz and Meg!
So there might be 2 Liz’s?? Jesus! It’s not fair! We want live feeds in Canada dammit!


Definitely Liz is switching out with her twin, Julia. Read it a few days before season started. Also explains why Jace thinks she is bipolar and earlier today she mentioned needing to dye her hair. Mentioned the roots specifically and how “fast” her hair grows.


I don’t understand why there’s a lot of thumbs down on that comment, i’d bang the crap out of her.


With a comment like that, I’m sure she WOULD shit on you!


As annoyed as I am with Audrey’s game, I kinda hope she and Vanessa win HOH, with Vanessa winning the BotB. I want Austin, Liz, and Vanessa to be safe. Any other combo of winners (except Austin and Liz-which I’d like next week) would probably put one or more of them up “as pawns”. Vanessa never promised to put up Audrey so it would be an ideal situation to keep a large alliance from steamrolling through the season (again) and hopefully, as a bonus, evict Jeff.

Walt Kowalski

I’m with you on Austin,Liz & Vanessa. I’d like to see Austin & Vanessa play this house like a fiddle. Both are intelligent. Evict the douches, Jace tonight, Jeff next week.


Vanessa, Liz, n Austin are my top three this season …. maybe top four?


The best part about Liz and Austin is that they ask Vanessa what they should do and how to play the game… so basically Vanessa has 3 votes.. Go Vanessa! Would love to see her team up with Steve and JMac but it is so hard to tell where JMac will end up going.


If Jace leaves, I’m done watching this show. So rigged for TAR players.


Seriously? Just be grateful this season isn’t the boring shitfest like last season.

Misty Beethoven

Only thing I am grateful for regarding last season is that I saved a bundle on Ambien. If this one starts down that path, I’m done.


I don’t see that at all. and Jace has worn out his welcome, I would GLADLY see more of Jackie. I had never seen her before, now after watching the show last night I can see where she will easily get some guys on her side.


When Jeff n Jackie were on Amazing Race they tried to hide the other teams passports which would of got the other team eliminated … can’t travel without a passport …
Jeff n Jackie are dirty players … I do not like them especially Jeff
I hope a woman is HOH and evicts Jeff


I am going to miss Jace. Think he offers more gamewise and personality wise than Jackie.
Although Audrey is batcrap crazy, not ready for her to leave just yet. She is not a threat (that I can see so far), just a pot stirrer with no credibility. Will be interesting to see how she behaves/plays once sides have been chosen.
Question(s) for everyone: how do you see the house dividing and who do you think will be the target for eviction?

Walt Kowalski

Steve why are you hugging Jace: “I’m going to miss you so much! I’m sorry.” You’re validating his treatment of you. This guy needs some decent male friends who aren’t looking to be propped up, ask him about his life and show genuine interest. I’d like to see an Austin take Steve under his wing. He’s awkward, inexperienced and needs to come out of his shell..


Agree. I can’t stand how every season the people who are deemed “uncool” always get ostracized. Steve has tried to form something with multiple people and no one gives him the time of day.
I hope he goes far.


Problem with steve is that he is awkward and talks to a lot of game to different people in the house, specially this week with Audrey and Jace. Him continuously roaming around is also not helping him. JMac and him are kinda in the same boat but it’s easier for Jmac to integrate with the group because he is seen as the Victoria and not as an Ian who is perceived to rat anyone just to further himself to the game.


Good-bye Jace. You were the biggest competition for James in the HOH competition, so I can see why he wants you gone. It’s a game, it will come down to just two in the end. There are many more to follow you out that door. I just hate when everyone says “I have to vote with the house”. This makes it so uninteresting. Just lie about who you voted out, nobody is in the room with you when you cast your vote to evict. Come on!


They should get rid of that, “I vote with the house.” I would like to see them do what is best for themselves game and not the HoH. HoH doesn’t have the power they all think. The other players that vote d because the HoH always does what the house wants.


Jace is so annoying but he would make the game much more interesting


Yeah if you consider his unbearable bullying fun to watch then more power to you. Drama is great, but not drama that’s insufferable to watch and that’s what he brings.


steve won’t win hoh because that will make him a competitor and that could be a target on his back. Vanessa might win hoh or not this week because everyone promised her safety this week which they should not. I mean throwing the hoh this season is not good especially with bob where you could be nominated or ask to be a pawn. I have gut feeling that audrey will win hoh and probably jeff or clay. I think its a carrying like kegs or bottles or bags or a puzzle game. Last season they have made houseguest carry kegs so I thinking it will be a woman hoh and man hoh this week. I wonder what is the twist with kathy griffin and zing bot is back.


Audrey still has the muscle and bone structure of a man so if they have a girls only contest she’s got a real advantage if it’s strength. I don’t know how balanced or coordinated she is, or if she’s ever been athletic or played sports but she could take this.


So where does the vote stand? Is it unanimous or split?


Watch the show we can give u the answers


Steve is the kid in high school who needed an older kid to take him under his wing, its my impression this never happened. IMO its an important aspect of the HS experience if you are awkward or don’t quite fit in with kids your age. in my experience judgment is removed from the equation and a lot of growing up happens

maybe Austin will “bro out” with the guy.

another name

the only thing that actually bothers me about Jackie is the fran drescher voice in her d/r segments (almost as annoying as the edith bunker/Harvey feirstein lovechild voice that comes out of peewee Jason). beyond that, yeah, other than gratuitous bikini shots she’s been completely invisible. in terms of nominee strategy for this week, I think that’s actually smart. if you’re on the block against a hair trigger emotional basketcase bully let him dig his own grave. stay in the good books of the people that have promised you safety, and build up a couple of relationships quietly while the human grenade blows himself up.
if it’s an intentional move, it works for this week. Won’t work long moving forward, but works for this feed crazy / episode edit status quo week. if you don’t have to go into panic mode to save yourself, why would you?


Jace is the man he ant no bully guys a pimp he will rejoin the show mark my word there will be someone coming back juile smokeshow Chen said that they are in the house for 96 day this summer longest yet so that means the twin will be in and someone knocked out will get a chance to get back in and that’s were dude comes in to the picture again that kid Id going to come in guns blazzin #pimp#longhairdontcare




Dude you are suffering from too much time in the sun..or you are smoking something? Jace is a tool and yes a bully who needs to go NOW


Jace needs to get over it. He won’t be brought back. I will be glad when he’s gone so the game can fire up again.


2 Liz’s WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE! ! ! for every guy out there (or gal) lol but Meg is hot too….


Jace is why they came up with Ritalin.


I think the only person against Audrey, is Audrey. If she would just stop talking game for five minutes, but even when people are trying to talk to her, see how she is doing, she goes game, and blaming everyone else for the shape she is in. I really hope either she wakes up, or she is out soon, I can not talk much more of her.


Yes Jace can be annoying but all of his actions are under the microscope and all of his reactions are inflated because he was targeted by James who seems to have a jealous little man’s syndrome going on. I hope James get targeted for the backdoor soon.


agreed! James is a tool, and gives off creepy, sexual vibes..like he’d be a little grabby. No thanks.

Walt Kowalski

I agree about James, napoleon complex!

another name

isn’t the point of the big brother social experiment to take a group of strangers with disparate personalities, put them into a confined environment, and apply a sink or swim rationale while analyzing their every move? by that context every houseguest agrees to have their actions put under a microscope.
in terms of the microscope within the house, I would contend that jace did that to himself by trying to be the centre of attention. he was louder and cockier than he needed to be, and more boisterous and opinionated than he needed to be in effort to increase his own celebrity to the viewers, and in effect put a neon sign over his head that said notice me to the other houseguests. wish granted. he’s getting what he wanted, just not the way he wanted.
if a twist were to occur that would send him back into the house, it would be a turnstyle revolving door situation because you can’t cross the bridge if you already blew it up.
on a side note: yeah, i’m betting james is a pre-jury eviction waiting to happen. the houseguests that walk in saying they want to be seen as a contender during the first hoh comp have a tendency to leave early.


Some black eyeliner and some white pancake makeup and that funky hat he wears and Austin could be a twin for Zombo from the House of Horrors. The guy that shows those B monster movies. How’s that for a twin twist?


Zomboo ‘scuse me.


Audrey is genetically a man. She has a great advantage over the real women in the house. Should this little be split into a men and women competition she has a leg up. For those who will thumbs down this comment, you don’t understand genetics. Know this, Audrey is still genetically a man, she was born with an XY chromosome structure, and that will never change.

Human Genome

Truth speaks the truth. Remember the Renee Richards tennis controversy?


Yes but there is a major flaw with your argument… Testosterone is what gives males a physical leg up NOT the Y chromosome. She has been taking estrogen for years, therefore your argument is invalid.

Brad H

Pulling for Austin, Liz/Julia, Vanessa, Steve, & Johnny Mac because they’re all definitely good people.


Lol on WTF’s.comment! And Liz…could put Viagra out of business?


Lol close enough thanks …still think Meg is the most all around best.


I truly liked all of the houseguests at first, especially the Jaustin romance. But I’m not a fan of Jace’ s behavior lately, nor Audrey’ s. I get the feeling Jace is an actor. I mean, his personality took a complete 180 when he was backdoored. I didn’t expect that reaction. Audrey needs to play cool cucumber instead of wasabi. I’m afraid she may have blown her game completely. What a shame! Meg seems very likable, and she seems very smart if she truly sits back and waits for the “crazies to take out the crazies”. I adore Steve. DaVonne seems to stir the pot. Shelli looks much younger than her age and Clay likes older women, so good for them! James has disappointed me with the “pull-out” conversation, if that indeed happened. I don’t have the live feeds, so I’m not sure. Did anyone witness James saying that? I really like Austin but figure he will be voted out soon. He’s a massive threat, physically, mentally, and socially. The dentist bores me but I like that he stays out of the drama. I love that Jeff told off Jace (intimidating Steve like that is disgusting behavior). I was truly digging that minority alliance (James, DaVonne, Jason, Audrey)…too bad that seems to have imploaded. Can’t wait for the twin switcheroo details! I believe Audrey is the prettiest girl in the house, but Shelli is the most beautiful (looking inside and out). Clay is the prettiest boy, but Austin wins for wellounded rennaissance man! I’m looking forward to an eventful summer.


@Another name Yes they are all under us the viewer’s microscope. However in the house no one person is as closely observed and no one person is as judged as the one the HOH has targeted. I would LOVE IT if in the early game an Anti-HOH alliance would form and vote against the wish of the HOH just to stop the go with flow, lay low, anybody but me mentality. Make the HOH work for the eviction. BB should create a twist for the backdoor. Overplayed and boring. The tool of the backstabbing coward.

Human Genome

Like a Potato Head if you will. No matter what you snap onto it you have a Potato Head Mr or Mrs either way.