Houseguest Dirt Roundup! Part 2 burglarized homes, stolen guns and Hot Twins

Earlier in the week the 14 houseguests were revealed along with the house themes and some hints to a game breaking twist called BB takeover. Lucky for us this cast appears to be interesting. If you’ve missed it check out Dawgs post highlighting Austins WWE bullying and Vanessa Rousso bikini pics

Some other stories since the houseguests names have been released.

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Clay Honeycutt

According to his Linkedin profile he’s currently working on a masters in sports management after having completed a Bachelor in Applied Science (2010-2016). Unfortunatly for Clay TMZ is reporting his house was burglarized after leaving for sequester. His TV, kindle, laptop and three handguns (a 9mm, a .22 and a .45) were stolen.
Twitter account @C_Honey25 about his time at A&M

“Former Texas A&M safety Clay Honeycutt”
“Honeycutt redshirted for A&M in 2010 followed by a four-year playing career in College Station.”
“Still living in College Station as a graduate student”

CBS Sports outlines his College Football highlights

The highlights of Honeycutt’s playing career include 11 tackles against No. 1 Alabama in 2013, a season in which he started four games, totaled 44 tackles and earned a spot on the SEC’s Fall Honor Roll. Honeycutt played nine games as a reserve in 2014, his senior season.

What Big Brother player wouldn’t be complete without some modeling background. (Campbell modeling)
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Jace Agolli

Works at Santa Monica show up fitness. His Linkedin account says

Currently in the process of becoming a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist so I can help make the world a healthier place. I believe that if each one of us individually lives a healthy life then we will in turn create a healthy world.

Jace photos with short hair can be seen here . His long dormant Twitter account lets us in that he like(s/d) the green.


(Liz on the right Julia on the left. This is them at 2012 Julia-Velia Funkfasion)

Liz nolan

Maybe her twin sister Julia was on the season as well.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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John McGuire

McGuire is a dentist who currently works out of a practice on Pittston Avenue, Scranton.

Co-workers thought he was on vacation until they learnt he was on the show.


“I was kind of worried about him. I could kill him and kiss him right now,” receptionist Amy Davis said.

“I was actually with a patient and I just put down my instruments and was like: I can’t believe it. This is great!” fellow dentist Derek Demianczyk DMD said.

The owner of the dental practice was the only one who knew McGuire had made the show but he couldn’t tell anyone.

He plans to watch every episode.

“I might have watched it ten years ago, a couple of episodes but I’ll watch it from the beginning to end now,” Richard Brazon DDS of the Keystone Dental Center said.

More videos on his youtube channel slowfuse61


Jason Roy


In a phone interview, Studio Theatre Company founder Janice McDonald said Jason Roy was a member of her youth theater company ShowBiz Kidz many years ago, but as far as she knows he hasnโ€™t done any local acting lately. His mother is a member of the Studio Theatre Company board of directors. โ€œHeโ€™s a terrific kid โ€” I love him,โ€ McDonald said


Steven Moses

Steven’s Mom had this to say via

Mrs. Moses said her son, a 2011 graduate of Gouverneur Central School District, has dreamed of being on the show since he was in elementary school and they watched the program together at home.
โ€œNo matter what happens, heโ€™s already won because his dream came true,โ€ she said Wednesday. โ€œHe loves Gouverneur and he loves the north country. Heโ€™s grateful for the help heโ€™s received to get him where he is.โ€
After graduating from high school, Mr. Moses attended Cornell University, Ithaca, for two years before transferring to SUNY Fredonia, where he is majoring in audio engineering and music. He has one semester to finish before graduating.

An article from says

Mr. Moses is currently a senior at the SUNY Fredonia School of Music majoring in Sound Recording Technology with a concentration in bass trombone.

While at GHS, Mr. Moses was active in Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Chorale, Chamber Singers, Orchestra, Select Strings, on voice, trombone, violin, and viola. He had several lead roles in the musicals, including the Cat in Seussical, Fagan in Oliver, and Tony in The Boyfriend. He conducted the high school orchestra playing his own composition, Skyward, in his final concert with the group.

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The one guy kinda looks like cody. Please stop with the transperson and get more people like donnie, derrick and all.


I like Donny as a person but as a game player, he was kinda of a joke. And transperson?! Really. I think they should put more in to show how fucking ignorant and small minded you are.


Interesting cast, I could see Steven or the poker chick making it far


I pretty sure Liz’ twin will be on this season as well. Plenty of rumors circulating of a 15th houseguest.
Honestly this looks like the year where me might get a female winner that people don’t complain about (Jordan/Rachel/Maggie). Jun is probably the last great female winner. No im not counting BBCan.

Pinocchio Obama

Fourteen seems like an awful low number of house guests. I’m sure there going to add some players somehow.


They’re going to announce two extra players. If you haven’t heard yet, Jeff and Jackie, blind daters from the last Amazing Race, will be joining the cast.


As long as that bitch Grodner doesn’t ruin the season with the bullshit twists she throws at us week after week, i actually have a good feeling about this group because they all seem to have strong personalities and came to play, unlike last season’s sorry excuse of a cast.


She always does.


Surprisingly, I am. The more I watch these interviews and read about the new group, the more optimistic I get. All the girls (minus Meg, imo) sound mature enough to want to play a serious game. Most guys, as well. But the girls really impress me. Looks like a better cast than the teenage hangout group we got last year.


I think they are going to add 2 to 4 more players
And they are going to be past guest
If they are past player who do you want to see and
who do you not want to see.


If frankie g. or amanda/mccrea have even 5 min. of airtime in the season…i will simply cancel monthly feeds and catch up on jokers.


Can’t wait for the new season to start, and to spending my summer once again with Simon and Dawg!


i can’t get over how much the the 2nd poker player looks like Iggy Azalea how weird