No Battle of the Block for Season 18, Fans Outraged

Battle of the block was absolutely horrible, it made the 2 seasons (BB16, BB17) it infected boring. But the worst thing about it was CBS called it a fan favorite. C’mon, did any fans like it? A recent interview with executive producer Rich Meechen confirms there will be no battle of the block this season. Boooo it was a fan favorite. Sarcasm aside this is great news, coupled with what appears to be a strong cast it’s looking good.

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BOB Results “That was a weird one I’ve never ever seen that one before”

  • Cody and Frankie won HOH
  • Second place went to Jocasta and Brittany (Brittany wants to make sure everyone knows this I’m just passing it along)
  • The detonators are targeting either Jocasta or Brittany a distant 3rd target is Donny
  • Frankie nominated Amber and Jocasta
  • Cody Nominated Brittany and Victoria
  • The winners of the Battle on the Block are not nominated for eviction and have safety from goign up as a renomination. The HOH that nominated the Winning Team is dethroned and is now at risk to being nominated.
  • Jocasta has been proven to be Competition poison whereas Brittany and Victoria both have BON wins.

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Battle Of the Block Results “you have to be POW POW even if you don’t want to be POW POW.

Battle Of the Block Results

Frankie nominated Brittany and Victoria, Caleb nominated Paola and Donny. Brittany and Victoria won the Battle of the Block and Frankie lost his HOH position.

12:10am POW POW and Brittany Fire room

POW POW (Paola) is worried people do not like her. Brittany is telling her not to be miserable and sad because she might win POV tomorrow they have no idea what is happening. Brittany advises her against shutting people out. The more Paola acts down and anti-socially she help Donny because he’s building friendships.

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