Matt- OH MY GOD YOU’RE SUCH A B1tch PUNK .OH MY GOD you’re embarrassing yourself be a MAN

Matt- OH MY GOD YOU’RE SUCH A B1tch PUNK… .. .OH MY GOD you’re embarrassing yourself at least be a man dude.. (can get b2men tattooed on your arm)
Matt – strap on your balls uncross your legs and be a man
Jason – I really don’t remember saying that..
Jason says the house agenda was to get Matt out.
Jason – no my agenda..

Matt – did you not tell her you were going to pull one of us off.. It’s s simple yes or no.. don’t tell me you don’t remember.

Matt – Don’t be a b1tch dude…

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“if we were rodeoing and you were getting bucked off your bull every weekend.. You aren’t riding in my pickup”

10:30am Kevin and Jason
Kevin complains about Josh being a a$$. “how can you be so randomly stupid.. how”
They agree Josh was the one that ripped the house apart during the POV.
Jason – who took the drawers and dumped them out Raven or Josh
Kevin – I would say Josh.. one of the drawers had just my sun glasses.. now it’s broke.. (the drawer)

Jason – she’s (raven) not going to say my name after today

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“She was f*ing mad.. she was beet red..”

Paul – I’ve heard little comments from Xmas and JOsh,… like Jason and Alex are on a power trip.. this and that.. I don’t think Xmas and Josh are stupid Bro
Paul – I think they..
Raven – Josh told me in the kitchen we need to win HOH
Paul – yeah.. I think they are thinking what we’re thinking to be honest.. without saying it..
Paul – here’s what I think, Best case scenario kevin goes home and they’re f*ed because it’ll be all of us against them
Paul – worst case scenario I sh1t my pants because they…

Raven – umm Yeah i will lose my sh1t if he doesn’t do what he says he’s doing

They agree to throw the HOh to Josh or Xmas.

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Jason “As it stands right now I am keeping the noms the same.”

Paul – If they were in the final two, she (Alex) would not win next to Jason. I would vote for Jason. Christmas – why would you vote for Jason and not Alex. Paul – So far he has won more competitions – A. B – he hasn’t pissed anyone off. C – the baby thing kind of tugs at my heart. If we are all in jury – Alex has sh*t on Mark and sh*t Cody, sh*t on Elena, sh*t on Kevin. That’s four right there. Matt won’t, Raven probably won’t. And me and Josh. See what I’m saying. Christmas – I think Josh would vote for Alex over Jason. I think you’re right though. Kevin joins them.

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Kevin to Jason “You remember this, you still have to be out there and be a man.”

Paul – we’ve got to keep convincing. Okay so Jason and Alex want to have a five with us right? So we got to make sure Raven doesn’t find out about that. B – convince Alex… keep convincing her to throw it to you. And I’ll throw it to you. Then we take the shot. I win, they don’t know what the f**k is going on. Boom take the other one out. Christmas is down with it. Do you think I should slowly telling Alex and Jason if we power through and keep Josh.. You know how they want to get to five right? If I say me, you and Jason if we just win the next two weeks we can get to five easily. So if I keep selling them that idea they’ll get horny.

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Alex “I think Kevin still has him by the balls and still feels bad about sh*t.”

Paul – he (Jason) is just throwing a fit …because I don’t know what it is.. he is just upset about something. Alex told me we could do Matt, Kevin, Raven.. so why is she more about getting Kevin out. I said things change and of course if he (Kevin) is throwing Alex’s name out there, then of course she is going to get weird about it. I said what do you care more about, getting Alex upset or keeping someone around that told me to get you out at 6?! I was like he (Kevin) doesn’t have your (Jason) back. He said I know. Alex – I think Kevin still has him by the balls and still feels bad about sh*t. Paul – what do you think AMF should, what do you think we should do? Alex – if Jason does this… that puts AMF in a weird position.

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Power Of Veto Competition Results! “If one of us goes home, there is nothing we can do about it.”

When the feeds come back the house is destroyed! They’re heading into the back bedroom. Christmas – we don’t even have a bed! Paul you did this didn’t you?! Paul – no … well yes some of it. Josh – I flipped a bed. Christmas – who did all this? Paul – All of us us we had to. Paul – where was yours Raven? Raven – in this couch cushions. Like in the cushions. Paul – f**king smart man. Matt found mine. It was in a shirt and then inside my jacket. Paul tells Raven good job. Paul – I don’t understand the Matt thing. Raven – because they wanted to leave it. Paul – he said I don’t know why you guys had to tear apart the s#x room. That was very unnecessary.

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Jason – she’s gotta be full of shit, have you ever seen anyone so sick so healthy

Big BRother Spoilers 9:33am Xmas and Jason
Talking about Jessica and Cody
Jason brings how f*ed up Jessica’s HOH was. He laughs at her nominations.
Xmas – that’s because she was trying to get in the good graces with the house
they laugh..
Xmas says Matt, Raven and Kevin have the same strategy. don’t win any competitions.
Xmas – this is the conversation I had with Matt early in the game a couple weeks in
X – I don’t really f*ing care, I just want to make it to Jury
X – then we made it to jury and he’s like I want Raven to get as far as possible

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Nomination Ceremony Results. “They are all f***ing stupid but we need them.”

6:45pm Storage room –Paul and Raven are in the storage room together. Raven – I think Kevin knows, he is acting weird. Paul – I don’t know, we’ll calm him down. Raven leaves and Paul says F**K go away! F**k! Josh joins Paul. They high five. Josh does a happy dance. Paul shhhhh’s him. Paul – I know, they are all f**king stupid. But we need them… (Paul whistles) Matt and Raven are no good. And then next week (send them out) We have to, or else we’re f**ked! Josh – so what are you thinking if we get picked for veto? Gun for it or no? Paul – yes, and take Raven off. Josh – and put who up? Paul – Kevin.

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“we feel great, I don’t care if I go on the block as long as Raven’s safe “

3:00pm Paul is telling Jason the plan for the week

Paul – I was down here talking to Matt and Raven, Alex came in and it was f*ing perfect.
Paul says after talking to MAtt and Raven, Matt was saying “we feel great, I don’t care if I go on the block as long as Ravin’s safe at the end of the day”
Paul has been telling Matt and Raven he thinks Kevin is “Legit” the target.
Paul adds that Alex started shitting on Kevin. After she left MAtt and Raven said they were cool they knew Kevin was the target.
Paul – I was like, YA guys there’s no need to worry

Paul – Josh told them the same thing…
Paul – MAtt wants raven to be Safe..
Paul explains the Veto gets played on Raven they put Kevin up. They play nice with Matt they play nice with Kevin when Thursday rolls around they send Matt home.

Paul – you see it’s better this way… when it’s smooth…

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