“why do they keep making stuff up about me, tell them to stop, I’ll go home next week if I lose”

10:43am HOH Kevin and Jason

Kevin – that was a fiasco huh..
Kevin explains he was in the pool with Matt said he was a good guy. Matt asked him if he won the 25K Kevin told him no, None of you business.
Kevin adds that he feels bad for Matt because he’s leaving.. “I never started the conversation he did”
Kevin bring sup that he offered to take Matt out for dinner if he’s ever visiting his brother. (i guess the school Matt’s brother goes to is near where Kevin lives)

Kevin – I told him Jason is a nice guy sometimes when he does things It’s because Alex is telling him how to Play the game.
Kevin – Alex is the one that knows how to play the game, but she gets petty about things
Kevin adds that he told Matt he didn’t like the way Alex was treating him

Kevin – I’m not going to argue with anyone no more..
Kevin – Ja, they all came running at me.. You were standing there the whole time, did I make any moves to anybody
Jason – no..
Kevin – thank you
Kevin – he came into my face.. That little weasel never done nothing then he comes into my face and I can’t do nothing at all
Jason – he knows you can’t do nothing and he can’t do nothing either
Kevin brings up alex was making fun of Matt the other day but then jumped on Matt’s side to attack Kevin.
Kevin – I snapped.. I told her a shoe would beat her ..
Jason – it made it a lot easier on me because I spend all my time with you and I was really f*ing torn because the whole house for like 2 and a half weeks has been running you down.
Kevin – WOW (kevin shakes his head in disbelief)
Jason – I was like NO..
Kevin – it’s not true Ja, listen I’ll resign to go home I don’t care.. I’m going to play hard if I don’t win I’m going to go home.. I don’t care ..
Kevin – i didn’t lie to nobody.. They are making sh1t up
Jason – No one’s ever going to know this is the deal.. Just like I told them
Jason – I don’t give a f* if he is lying
Kevin – I’m not, what am I lying about, what specific things..

Kevin brings up Raven telling him that Jason threw him under the bus
Kevin – so she’s calling you a liar, then the next day you’re not the liar I’m the liar
Jason laughs
Kevin – they are all in a circle they one someone out they start making things up about them (BINGO)
Jason – that was my defense..
Kevin – what did I lie about specifically
Jason – I don’t know Kevin , I’m telling you I can’t go against the house (heaven forbid)
Jason – i’m not going to throw myself out there’s not way you and me can win

Jason – Alex is my ride or die and I always told ya, if it comes down to between you and Alex I’m going with Alex
Kevin – I agree
Jason – it made it really easy for me yesterday because everybody .. I mean it just blew up
Kevin – Matt and Raven never talked to me all summer (consider yourself lucky)
Jason – me neither
Kevin – then why do they start getting on me

Jason – I feel so much better everything is out in the open
Kevin – it’s a game guys, I don’t dislike Alex she treated me like a piece of sh1t I don’t care what you say or what anyone says my opinion she treated me f*ing mean (LOL you just wait)

Kevin – My shoes bother her, the way I walk bothers her, the way I talk bothers her
Kevin – she’s got to write Mission Hill sucks, she’s got to hide my f*ing protein or whatever the f* sh1t you call it

Kevin – no one questions her for that just me
Jason – people are questing her
Kevin says Alex is not winning this game, “You think i’m the only one that feels this way”
Kevin – if you get to finales and it’s you against her you’ll be the winner I can promise you that
Kevin – I know how everyone feels.. I won’t say anything (hmm.. )

Kevin – you don’t think people in the house came to me and agreed the way she treated me
Kevin tells him he doesn’t care about the game that much to be lying, “why do they keep making stuff up about me, tell them to stop now.. I’ll go home next week if I lose” (that’s BB19 someone pleading for the shit to stop)
Kevin – If I win someone else is going home

Kevin – have I talked about them since being in here
Jason – no
Jason – everyone likes you but they’re like he just f*ed his game up… by not paying attention to the details
Kevin – I disagree.. I had a good time.. We’ll see what happens when we get out of this (Kevin knows something)

Kevin says they are distorting things to get them to fight
Kevin asks Jason if he’s on the block Jason will vote him out
Jason – I’m not going to put a target on my back ..
Jason says him going up doesn’t mean he’s going home

Kevin says people have been coming to him saying that Jason/Alex have been talking about him for weeks
Jason – no.. the whole time everyone was trying to convince me that you were full of sh1t
Kevin asks him who is he talking sh1t to, “what am I saying, Jason’s bald, Jason’s f*ing fat, I don’t know what I’ve been saying about you”

Kevin says during the fight he said “stay out of my face, I got called in (DR) and they said just stay away”
Kevin – I said Again..
Feeds cut

Kevin – they keep poking a sleeping bear, they keep pushing me around until finally they know I’m going to snap and I didn’t even snap I left, I went into the thing (DR) and I stopped yelling (again it’s BB19 that’s how they are playing the game)

Kevin – you think Matt’s going to yell at me like that man, are you f*ing crazy, no way
Kevin – Oh you’re going to hit me with a glass, you know what I was going to say… You’re f*ing girl hits you with Glasses i don’t need to hit you with nothing

Jason – that guy couldn’t whip his way outta a wet paper bag
Kevin – but he can act bad here
Kevin says he’s not going to talk about them in jury he’ll say it in his speech on TV

Kevin says the two things that blew up his game is he didn’t go on the block and the 25K
Kevin says if he told everyone he had the 25K he would have been gone the first week
Jason explains to him the plan was for Raven and Matt to think Kevin was the target so they would be calm. That is why they wanted Kevin to replace Raven. When the vote came out they would send Matt home.

Kevin goes over that he told Alex he was tired of listening to her sh1t and was tired of her putting him down. That was after she told everyone she trusted Matt more than him.
Kevin – you can only push someone so far man
Jason – when Matt was yelling at me I was almost laughing, I had to keep my hand over my face.. (yeah we all were laughing at Matt he’s a dolt)

Kevin – when I went into the DR they said ‘I can’t understand… feeds cut..

11:38am Kevin gotta win that Veto.. let Xmas win the HOH 😉

11:38am one of if not the biggest flop I’ve seen in 15 seasons of watching Big Brother feeds.

12:30pm Paul and Potatoehead
Paul asks her who should go first Kevin or Raven.
Potatoe – winning wise Raven but Kevin should go first
Paul – I still think we should toss it to…..
Potatoe – yes
Paul – if we are both playing in the next one… it’s done bye (the season?)
Potatoe – yeah.. We have to.. OK
Paul – perfect

2:00pm. No, nobody slugged him. the weight bar hit him in the face yesterday.

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Bye Felicia

Would love to see Kevin win HOH and stop being so damn loyal to Paul. Put Alex and Paul up and take out that trash! Without Paul there, the season may still have some life left.. as long as he is there, they will all be his puppets and it isn’t a game but dictatorship. I can’t stand any of them other than Kevin and Jason. (Although I lost mad respect for J when he referenced Kevins family the other day.)

So predictable

Bingo! High Five to that Felicia 😉


Yes Felicia. I’m with you. Hope someone gets tipped off. Where’s that plane anyhow?


I think Simon is right. Hope Kevin doesn’t win HOH. They are going to put up Alex & Jason anyway. He does, however, need to win Veto. Bullet proof for this eviction.

Boy, wouldn’t that be great! Alex, Jason, Paul, Josh, Xmas would “sh** the bed” LOL!

C’mon Kevin…win that veto! Take Jason down & put up Paul. Bye Alex…you psychopath….


can someone update me on the stuff Alex has been doing/saying? i lost track after the whole cereal thing


… and a barf bag


Don’t even bother reading it if you are a Kevin fan because it is horrible. She is such a vile person. She’s just making crap up now and doing mean things to him intentionally to make him crack. She knows she’s wrong too because she made a comment about how nice she normally is on the outside. I’m thinking maybe not so much really and she has a very wrong impression of how she is viewed in her normal life. You can’t go from 0-60 like that if you are as nice and normal as you claim.

But honestly…the rest are just as bad because they allow it to continue. No one steps in to say enough. I understand they don’t want the target on their back but still….Jesus…..have some sort of decency. What if he were your dad, brother, uncle..whatever? Would you want someone being like that to them?


If Kevin won Veto, would he pull down Jason?

It doesn't work like that

If Kevin pulls down Jason he doesn’t choose the replacement. The HOH does.


but if Kevin pulls Jason down they both are safe. Jason can’t be put up. This forces them to take from their own side. I’m guessing Josh or Raven would be up.

Kid Rock

Kevin would Never put up Paul! He is even protecting Paul in his conversations with Jason…


I don’t understand why Kevin doesn’t pressure Paul to help him out. After all, Kevin has risked his own game several times by voting the way Paul has wanted him too.


He did last night and Paul told him to chill that he had a greater plan and they shouldn’t be seen talking as to not warn the other hgs


If Kevin wins Hoh I think he would put up Alex and Raven and maybe Josh as a replacement (I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason would swoop in on his white bull and pull Alex off in that case). He will probably listen to Paul though and even if he’s in the running to win throw it to Christmas or Josh, which actually would be better because Jason will be forced to take himself down if he wins the veto. Hopefully Kevin won’t go up and out as the replacement in that scenario.


Yeh part true as POV does not renom. Best scenario is Kevin wins POV and uses it on Jason. HOH is Thanksgiving or Baby Huey. The only renom each other(never), Paul or Raven. The grafter is the renom. Alex thinks she is safe until it’s a 2-2 tie…….no wait Kevin votes to evict her and 3-1 Alex gone it would be glorious.
It will likely be a simple…..”your the pawns”……. Jason evicted scenario.

Sometimes you feel like a nut
Sometimes you don’t
Almond Joy has nuts
Mounds don’t

Whistle Nut gets what he richly deserves. Lots of trash to still take out!!!

Gail Lessard

I think at this point they are all feeling peer pressure to protect Paul. He is omnipresent and manages to keep the small groups separated.


TV Guide has also reached out to CBS for comment in regard to the comments and bullying with no reply from CBS! I guess Les Moonvies, Julie Chen’s husband, thinks if they stick their heads on the sand the outrage will go away! I think not and your blatant ignoring looks like you and CBS is condoning it! SHOW THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE LIKE THE VILE EVIL PEOPLE LIKE THEY TRULY ARE!!!

Little Paulie


Did I read in one of your earlier post that Raven and Paul know each other outside of the house?


That would be perfect if Kevin won and put up Alex and Paul – it would be perfect. Then have him or Jason win the POV and leave them up – OMG that would be the best of the season – because honestly – this season stinks.

Go home Paul

Still hoping for Cody to win AFP! Leave the Lord of the Flies HG to worship lil’ arrogant gnome’s head on a stick.

Anti Paul Puppet

None of the Paul Puppets deserve it. When you don’t play your own game in BB you don’t deserve any prize money. It just encourages them to float MORE not LESS.

Stark Girls Kick Ass

i’m voting for Cody just to piss off Paul, Josh and Alex.


Me too! He was the only one who saw the truth behind Paul’s game! Paul needed to go. He was the only one who attempted to play his own game. It was impossible for him to make any headway with the cult mentality he was dealing with. Cody for AFP not one of them deserve a dime. This isn’t the BB game that I’ve watched for years.


No he wasn’t Dom figured out Paul, that’s why Paul had her evicted. Why reward one of the worst players to ever play BB, just to piss off someone you don’t like. I would rather see Mark or Kevin win, at least they had class.

Paul the Punk

I couldn’t stand watching Mark cry again if he won.


Me too. Cody took a lot of abuse but constantly pouted. Mark took just as much, if not more abuse and took it like a man and even remained good humored. My only choices this season for AFP are Mark, Ramses or Kevin.


Heck no for Cody – he was awful and absolutely undeserving with no common sense in this game…none. I won’t forget Cody Cruise’s first nom speech against blue haired girl… “..cause I just don’t like you”.

What a punk. That girl was already crying and was ostracized enough.

Would rather give it to kevin, cameron, or mark. Decent seeming people out of the whole lot.

Big Baby

Me too! Cody for AFP just to see the jaws drop on 8 other faces!! I would love to see JODY on AMAZING RACE!!! It’s right up their competitive alley!


I wish someone grow balls and get Paul put of there. This is the worst season ever. Cody was the only person trying to place the game. Big Brother need to look at this season and change up something, don’t bring back old player to play with new people, I just want Paul out of there and I hope he doesn’t get any money, Alex too.


“2:00pm. No, nobody slugged him. the weight bar hit him in the face yesterday.”

I would like the weight bar to win the next HOH.

Skanky Raven

On!y the weight bar has the balls to go after Kim Jong Paul.


Weight Bar for AFP!


It is beyond words what is and has been happening in the house. Disgusting. The person (now Kevin) who they decide to attack is trapped like a caged dog being abused. Alex is a sick vile person, actually they all are but she the leader of the pact and Paul is the orchestrator of the attacks. I have stopped watching and only read OBB now. I felt sick every time after watching the hateful behavior and feeling helpless to stop it. Shame on CBS shame on production. It seems they aren’t letting Alex or any of them know how the fans of the show are disgusted by their behavior. I just feel awful for Kevin.


Actually if you are sick of the BS, you should be watching the show as they are not really showing what is happening. OBB is the only place, I have seen, that is really showing what is happening, not to fault Simon or Dawg as they are doing the true reporting – what is really happening with the ganging up is sickening.

Also, love Simon and Dawg comments as they are always right on in my opinion.


Kevin might have received a heads up on the reaction from the American public from his DR visit…they cut feeds as he spoke about it!

Big Baby

It’s also such a shame that CBS is so obvious with their edits, not showing some of this vile behavior on the show. If they did, they’d get so much bad publicity!! For those who watch just the show and not the feeds, they’re left in the dark


Cody wasn’t entertaining at all to watch. I’d give it to Jason or Kevin before Cody. (Has a female ever won AFP?)

Rum Ham

Cody for AFP would be the worst. He was horrible, and if he and Jess were still there, they would also be the biggest bullies.

Ahole Alex

Cody is a lock to win AFH. All the sites have Cody as the most popular player.


What game are you watching, they all deserve a beat down. I only wish I could be there to watch..Cody knew how to play the game to bad the other idiots had no clue, Cody could be social but he found out quickly it wasn’t worth it….

Grodner Hearts Paul

At least 3 females have won AFP:
BB10: Keesha Smith
BB12: Britney Haynes
BB15: Elissa Slater


I ?? Britney Haynes!

Grodner Hearts Paul

I loved Britney Haynes. She was my favorite player ever. I wish she would replace Zingbot. Funnier and snarkier.


According to this site, Janelle was the first to win America’s Favorite.



Thank you! Plus he was mean himself.


I think Britney from.bb12 won AFP


COme on! You gotta FIGHT this week! Ya gotta win that POV! End this bs bully provoking gang of losers power trip! It’s enough!! I HATE mean people!

So predictable

Yes!Yes!Yes! Bingo Kevin! Light that fire under your @zz and and fix them all … once and for all. He is one step ahead of potatoe head but come on …just do it … win something and put those minions in their place right out the front door!
Deep breath. Wishful thinking but ya just never know 😉

Voting for Cody

How did Alex get the nickname Potato Head? It sounds too good for her.

Franks Fumes

I thought they were talking about Josh at first…..his head looks like a giant baking russet potato.


I’d also like to know how Alex got the nickname Potato Head. Alex should have a vile name to match her horrible, abusive attitude. Alex and Paul are DISGUSTING BULLIES!!! I hope a HG comes to their senses and boots Paul and Alex out of the house, preferably Paul first! That pee-wee DICTATOR Paul needs to go!!! Just the sight of him grosses me out!!! ?

Paul's Beard Flea

Would production please take the floatie away from that annoying idiot? It wasn’t funny last year and even worse the second time around.


Poor flea!


I get the feeling he (Paul), Raven, Christmas, Josh and Matt think they are too cute for words and that America hangs on their every word. Everyone keeps saying how great it will be when they get out and really see but judging by the way they act….unless something drastic happens to smack them in the face about it (like a job loss or family/friends telling them) they won’t get it. They’ll go on thinking they are “It” and can do no wrong.

Ted Marie

I agree about the poor floaty having to be near Paul & now Alex has followed suit just like a good little sheep & copying him by wearing one & dressing it up to match her outfits. I don’t know what’s worse–the floaty or the underwear w/ a tutu that he wears. Both are disgusting.

Botox Pelosi

Love the new rankings including the evicted houseguests Simon. It is really nice to see all the bullies in the bottom.


Can you set it so we can vote zero stars?

Art Vandaly

And we want to vote for Dawg!


I just want to thank you for this site and let you know how much I appreciate your hard work. I can’t imagine the torment you’re going through having to listen and watch these nasty people. Keep your kittens close for pet therapy lol
I will be making my 3rd donation this season!
Everyone DONATE go to support this site.
Give more for hazard pay:)
Thanks so much


Inverted like Raven’s spine?

Grodner Hearts Paul

Yes, love the new ratings system! I had quit ranking since I was giving everybody but Kevin a 1. Now it is fun again, And the bottom 6 are well deserving.


I feel so bad for Kevin right now……I wish he would win HOH and put up Alex and Josh.


How did you feel about Kevin a couple weeks ago when he was laying in bed with Xmas every night


I feel absolutely no pity for the guy because he was ready to go- so to speak with that witch Christmas! In addition, he was trying to recruit the guys to cheat and how to cheat on their wives or partners! At first, felt bad for the guy but looking back I realize this guy everyone of picking on might not be a nice guy at all. He appears to be a cheater but now he’s nothing more than a leopard to all of them. He’s excluded and the guy us freaking out….


Jason, hanging around dumb people (Alex) make you dumber. Hanging around mean people (most of the HGs) make you meaner, for example your mean AND dumb comment. Hanging around someone with life experiences and common sense (Kevin) might help you win this game!

Birds of a Feather

Jason is not so innocent. Jason’s despicable comments were created all by himelf. No one forced him to say anything. Jason laughs at Alex’s ugly behaviors and doesn’t deter anyone from bullying the chosen victim, not even his loyal buddy, each week. However, I do believe that Alex and the others do make it easier for him to show his ugly side. He does have one.

Stark Girls Kick Ass

Paul, Alex, Josh, Jason and Christmas are going to have to live with their words and actions once they get out of the house. Big Brother might be fine with letting this go on but I think the court of public opinion is going to shun them. I bet they are so clueless that they have no idea what they are in for.


Look at the rape comment by Frankie yet he still has a following. CBS has the Pink Petunia on their Candy Crush game, he participated in UK BB and he was in the audience premier night for BB19. It seems that CBS wants to keep him close.


Yes, those 5 are going to have live with their words and actions, but I honestly think the only one that’s actually going to feel an ounce of remorse is Jason. The rest have this entitlement mentality that is beyond my comprehension. If any of them were one of my children, I would, I would…..I don’t know what I would do. My children, now adults, treat others the way they want to be treated. They’re respectful, and when they do need to take a stand, it’s done with truth, facts and honor, spoken with kind hearts.

My heart goes out to Jason’s family right now. I truly believe that comment he made is going to be one that he spends the rest of his life regretting.


I certainly hope he learns a lesson from that vile thought! It was a rape fantasy, a child endangerment fantasy,a child abuse fantasy and a misogynistic fantasy! Wow.,!! Between him and Alex I am in need of soul cleansing meditation.


When Jason said such a horrible thing I immediately thought about his poor sweet wife and parents. They were so proud of him. We have all got caught up and said dumb things we regret later and I think he immediately did (and I feel for him a little having done so on tv) but I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Is that the typical type of talk that goes on among rodeo cowboys? Gross. Alex definitely brings out the worst in Jason and of course she thought it was funny. Ntm, Kevin has been loyal to Jason and this is how he responds. Just wow.


Yeah. Both Jason and Josh are going to be remorseful. Both keep saying they don’t like it yet they keep doing it. Its almost as if they are being forced but then seem to enjoy it when they do.


Don’t forget Matt and Raven I still think Raven is the worst

Double D

It’s just about time for the eggs and chicken wire contest.


As foolish as this may sound… it hurts my heart to hear/see Kevin pleading for decency at these a**holes. They don’t deserve it.

I get it… he asks questions that may annoy these disrespectful pieces of sh*t. But he asks because he doesn’t know the game well, because they ignore him, because they brush him off and he does it to accomplish something so basic… he does it to diminish the loneliness and isolation in himself that they are causing.

It’s very sad. I’ve commented once about how Josh was treated in the past and once about Cody and Jessica deserving some of the crap they got. But this takes the cake.

Individually, they are poisoning him against one or two others at each occurrence. They take advantage of the fact that he is, by human nature – due to how they isolate him, desperate for any conversation. They make him feel like they are gracing him with whatever they tell him and tell him to shut up and not talk about it. Then he reacts and asks why people hate him so much.

They act dumb. Then that person runs off to report to the rest of the HGs how he is “acting senile” because he reacted (as anyone of us would).

Honestly, the level of mind-fu**ery and psychological warfare this cast is inflicting on one another is just disgusting.


I hope the backlash will be big. As a fan this is NOT the path I’d want to see future seasons go down. If next season plays out the same it’s time for “BB” to stand for “Bye Bye.”


ive watched every episode since BB11 and I totally agree with Simon there has never been a worse player than Matt. I do not understand how BB is tolerating him after he has blatantly refused to follow the rules of the game this week. These people are getting paid to follow the rules. In my opinion BB is making a precedent error by not throwing him out of the game. To pay him for jury time and his vote (if in fact he does vote) is a disgrace to this game. Moreover it sets a terrible precedent for future players. Cmon BB time to put your big boy pants on and make an example of this terrible game player. Give him a box of Fruit Loops and a swift kick in the ass.


Throw him out & have another battle back. Would love to see their faces if Cody came back!


There have been a few quitters, but Matt never played in order to quit! He deserves a swift kick in the ass to the parking lot! No Julie Chen chat, no boos,no more young flesh, nothing! Disgusting guy!!!

Big Baby

Matt didn’t come to play BB, he came to play “house”! He came for the all-you-can-eat cereal, and he came to get laid! Is there any doubt that either Raven or Matt plans to continue a relationship outside of the house? It’s just atrocious to see him waste a spot in the BB house that thousands of others would have wanted.


Josh- Kevin can we have a conversation
kevin- shut the fuck up end of conversation.
kevin is a gangster

Just me

Problem is, Kevin told Paul he would throw the HOH to Christmas. For some strange reason, even Kevin is under Paul’s spell. I really wish they had brought a second vet in. That was really Paul’s biggest advantage (well that and the three weeks of safety) in the game. If there was another vet playing (Zach Rance would have been perfect for this season) then he wouldn’t have had such an easy time steamrolling over the minions. I really don’t know who to root for, I was excited when Jason played his own HOH instead of Paul’s, but the comments he is making behind Kevin’s back (especially the wife and daughter rape thing) have tuned me on him too.
I guess all we can say is:
Andrew for the WIN!!

Nacho Mama

I’m not happy with Jason- he is being the ultimate punk b*tch by friending Kevin to his face and stabbing him in the back at the same time! Would love to see both Alex and Jason go out on double E! Glad Matt is going because he is a blob of protoplasm. My quotable quote for all but Paul: Life is tough and it is tougher when you are STUPID!


Can’t fix stupid.

Nacho Mama

can’t polish a turd or shine sh*t either


I understand Jason wanting to win the $$$$ for his family, but there is a way to play the game from a position of strength AND win. So I’m going with “Jason is just a dish rag.” Never seen so many punkish men in one place.


Simon why do you feel that they cut the feeds during that fight. is it because they don’t want us to see how disgusting the house guess that they recruited this year .or they want to spin the fight in the way they want it to be on TV . and do you think that passed houseguest should no longer be brought back because Paul is an absolute disaster .


Perhaps also CBS doesn’t want to give any more footage to TMZ , like they got on Jason and Jessica.

Game of Psyche

Yes, the BB houseguests are bullies….but that seems to be the STRATEGY this season.

Hey Kevin– be quiet for a change and just let the bullies try to intimidate you…then chuckle in their faces.
Stop complaining and freaking out…and try to win comps.

Grodner Hearts Paul

Yes, the strategy is for Paul to choose a house target for the week, frame and smear them to build up hatred for them, and for everyone to ostracize and attack that person all the way until their eviction. The psychological warfare continues even after the votes to get them out are secure, proving it is personal rather than game.

I hate to give him credit, but I think Paul has a reason for promoting this mob mentality. He wants his minions to be so awful to the evicted houseguests that they will hate Josh, Alex, Christmas and Raven worse than him. That way he can beat them all in F2.

And Alex is a terrible player. Being the meanest to the person who is going to jury each week is the dumbest thing you can do.

Judgmental Judy

Even inanimate objects want to punch Paul in the face. Alex? Why don’t you go lift some weights?

So funny

Omg this comment is so funny.

Yeah, I said it

Ha! The weight bar hit poor Garden Gnome in the face. Too bad it didn’t decapitate him!

Was that too much?

Fuck Paul


Art Vandaly

No, it was not too much. And the weight bar was dented by the Garden Gnome’s nose.


Gross Garden Gnome Gotta Go!!!


Why all the Kevin love? Where was he when they were tormenting everyone else? He’s a loser. Just like the tat of them. Doesn’t like when it’s done to him. This season was the most predictable season ever!

Bye Felicia

I might have missed it.. but I never saw Kevin screaming and hollering, banging pots and pans, barking like a dog or any other ludacris actions when these morons ganged up on people. What I did see, is him tell people he didn’t like the ganging up on people, actually put himself between people to prevent a brawl and be too loyal to undeserving people. The biggest loser I see is Paul.


Kevin tried to be decent and talk to many of the past tormented, Paul and the thugs accused him of working with them( to each other of course). These clueless punks think they can say it’s part of the game afterwards and everything will be ok.

The Foosa

Completely agree anom. Cowering in a corner while all hell is breaking loose on another house guest is just as bad. Just because “pots and pans” weren’t in Kevin’s hands, they might as well have been. Give your head a shake for those who don’t have rational thought abilities and aren’t able to see this….Yes, this has been woefully predictable since Jessica/Cody’s very poorly played HOH.


Has there even been a US/CAN houseguest that’s given a shoutout to this site?


Paul mentioned OBB when asked about BB sites by other HGs . Can’t wait for them to come on here and read all the lovely things written about them!!


No I don’t. Sorry!! I only watch BBAD so it would have been on there. It was pretty early in the season.


Paul said : Jokers Updates..and then said OBB. I think it was in the Apple room.


I thought it was the pool but you may be right. I think Ramses was there when he said it. It may have even been the first week of feeds. Wish I could remember, Simon. Only thing I’m sure of is that it was on BBAD. #OBBistheBEST!


My heart breaks for Kevin watching these wretched people total ignore him!!! How vile and evil Paul, Christmas, Alex, Josh, Jason, Matt and Raven are! It is so heartbreaking!!!


For the 3rd consecutive week CBS is showing firkin football on Thursday night. Why do they even bother having BB as a summer show when they pull poop like this? OK, forgive my rant and now I ask that Simon/Dawg indulge me. So much devastation in Texas/Louisiana now that it brought me to tears numerous times and then I jump back to this site. If you can make a small donation to help the animals or people, please do but don’t forget a donation to OBB for the wonderful job the guys do. Now to lighten spirits, if you have a chance Google, Alfie the Terrorist Terrier in the UK. Many of us need a good laugh right now and we Brits can usually supply them, even if the plod looks stupid. Thank you for indulging me.


Kevin. Stop it. You are digging yourself deeper. Yes people are making stuff up and being petty and Alex is outright being psycho BUT you did confirm to Matt you got the $25,000. You have talked bad about most of the house guests and even though they are making some stuff up some of it you are guilty of. Stop. You are a nice guy but an imperfect human being. They are treating you unfairly and you don’t deserve it. Now move on. Win the HOH and don’t be a Paul puppet.


Any way of putting a Zero stars to click on a 1 is way too much for these losers


I’m so happy you put the other houseguests in the rankings. Thanks. I had given up voting:)

Go Home Paul

I don’t even give 1″s. Wouldn’t mind negative numbers….js

Team ???

Just the other day I was angry because this weeks eviction episode will be per-emptied in St. Louis because of NFL football (and St. Louis doesn’t even have a team anymore). Now I’m kinda glad that Thursday’s episode wont be shown until Saturday morning. I can skip the CBS edit and just read about the eviction here. This is definitely the best place to go if you want the real in reality TV. Thanks Simon and Dawg.


I am pro this site have been for many years ,my opinion this site is the Best . Keep up the great work


Thank you, weight bar.


This cast is always vilifying their future targets.. They like to justify what they are doing and saying, by spewing lies and hatred. These are very sick minded people………….they actually are enjoying themselves.
For kicks, they are still spewing their hatred about Cody and Jessica. Every once in a while Mark and Elena are thrown in for ridicule.

Only 3 weeks....

Until these turds find out how despised they are by America.


Have there been any comments made or posted elsewhere by previous BB HGs on their feelings or thoughts on this seasons?


Please win HOH or POV Kevin! Something’s got to give!


Christmas is ready to make a big move! She’s off the opiates so she’s probably not constipated anymore! Plus, she’s ready to back door Kevin! Or Jason…Or Raven…she’ll crush her target as soon as Paul lets her know who she’s ready to take out!


Simon… maybe BB production will have one of those suspiciously timed veto competitions and by some miracle Kevin wins. That would be hilarious!


I feel bad for Kevin feeling the brunt of the house hatred, (I felt bad for everyone feeling this hatred) but Kevin should of known that his day was coming. He saw what happened to the others, he even joined in at times, maybe not as bad as the others, but he still did it.
However, I am hoping Kevin is trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. He has said he knows nothing about BB, yet he also has mentioned his children love the show. I cannot imagine his children not getting him ready for the show. (He said he is close to his children, they would of got him ready, of course there is no way anyone could of been prepared for this years’ nastiness) I am hoping he is trying to play a version of Dr. Will’s game. Kevin looks like he is in fairly good shape. If Jerry from BB10 could win (no one gave him his wins) Kevin certainly should be able to win something. Now that will really shake up the house. I hope he is blowing smoke up everyone’s skirt and he sees Paul for what he is. That is why he always said he is supporting Paul…………I guess we will find out pretty quick.


You summarized Kevin’s participation in past bullying sessions quite well.

Kathy Kowal

I am very disgusted with this season big brother. All of the people that have been in the house are foul mouthed that have no class what so ever. I think it is terrible that cbs has let the bullying and the language and the activities of the house guests go on. I know you think it is good for ratings, but it has been horrible this season.


“…weight bar hit him in the face yesterday.”

How the hell could it miss his nose?

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I just read this posted online:

“So Raven did an interview with a news channel in Arkansas stating that she will be able to get a pace maker after the one she has and also said insurance covers it. She has told the house that once this one dies that’s it for her. Also said insurance doesn’t pay anything. She is lying and using her illness to get sympathy in the house. ”

Rave is a huge piece of horse manure and the only thing giving me some peace is knowing there’s not a network in the world that will ever touch her again.


You really think there aren’t television networks who look for cute looking villains to be in their reality shows?

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Bravo – No networks don’t. Raven isn’t cute or a villain. She’s a disgusting piece of trailer trash. There’s a big difference.


She doesn’t get a new pacemaker, what happens is they change out the battery.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Anonymous – I know that. It’s that disgusting trailer trash that said that, not me.


Said regarding matt…11:38am one of if not the biggest flop I’ve seen in 15 seasons of watching Big Brother feeds.

Coming from you Simon that means a lot. I don’t think you will get any disagreement on that observation. The most cowardly..out of touch loser to go thru the BB doors. His poor sportsmanship in thumbing his nose at the rules reminds me of the kid that flips the game board when he sees he is not winning. Such a putz! His game should have been done the moment he decided the rules didn’t apply to him. Show him the door home…no jury house…no vote for him. I would love to see Rabid Ravin’s face when she expects to see him in jury and he is gone!


I live in Arkansas and I am very much embarrassed at how Raven is acting I have a son and if he was to bring her home I would cry. The think that made me disrespect most of the house guest is what they said about codys time in the service. I have 7 uncles and my dad all serviced in the military. i get that this is a game but that took it to a different level. I sit and cried for Cody. And I hope his friends and family missed that part


Kevin knows what Paul is up to, he seen him tell Josh to start stuff with Cody and Mark so I’m sure he’s just not saying anything about Paul because he knows he is in control … He’s very observant … He knows not to talk about Paul to Jason.
Kevin For AFP
Kevin made the feeds watchable


Seriously why haven’t they just sent them home. Everyone left in the house has said they don’t mind losing to paul. Everyone also wants to take him to final 2. So we can prolly safely assume they will vote for him once they are in jury. So it’s paul for the win. Seasons over. Its been predictable since the beginning they’ve only had one close vote (jillian). No suspense at all this summer. So the only thing I believe this show has had to offer is drama. And I don’t really care for confrontation screaming and yelling. Not why I watch. I watch for the suspense, twists and the competition between different groups in the house. So just send them home.


i had very high hopes at the top of this season. alex was my number one, liking her spunk, strong mind for independent thinking and courage to stand alone if need be…what a load of crap…i have been duped! the biggest petty b*tch in the house thus far, i thought i was a pretty good judge of character, wow was i way off on this one, shame she can’t set an example for the nephew she always says hi to during eviction each week, like to know how his mother explains away her appalling behavior! i understand it is a game, lying and scheming is all part of it but your character is called into question when moral lines are crossed. what a vile, vile person she has turned out to be, so sad what money can do to a persons soul. of course others are just as disgusting but i speak of alex because she is my biggest let down!

Cowboy manners?

I don’t know any cowboy that comes to the dinner table with no shirt and a cowboy hat on. There is something not exactly right about his southern boy farm faised persona.


Thank you Jason for going with what you wanted to do Stop letting Alex and Paul lead you around by the nose you have aright to make up your own mind S to what you want to do So happy you kept the noms the same???

Skank Fest 2017

Holy shit! Twitter blowing up re: Ginamarie’s reaction to Ratven saying she’d ” throw Ginamarie up against the wall if she came in the BB house” Someone is starting a gofundme acct. so GM can hire a camera crew and confront Ratven…..can we throw Potatohead in the mix? I’d actually pay for this!


I am afraid since CBS does not really show what is happening in the house a minion may become AFP. I hope not. I am voting for Cody. I want to see Paul and his minions blow their stack.