Christmas “We need to f**king muzzle her [Raven]. This makes me want to be a very evil person.”

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9pm Lounge room. Alex, Christmas, Josh and Paul.
Josh – I’m going to go to sleep as soon as 10 hits. Alex – pretty much yeah, there’s nothing better to do. Josh – unless we’re going to bash Kevin. Alex – SHHHHhhhh.. he’s right here. Josh – no he’s not. Alex – who do you think told me the time. Josh notices Kevin walk by. He 100% heard me. Alex – who gives a sh*t. Christmas – now he’s going to hurt you in your sleep. They hear Raven screaming. Christmas – we need to f**king muzzle her. This makes me want to be a very evil person. Raven comes into the room to yelling and complain about how Matt hit her with a chicken breast that had been cooked. When she leaves Josh jokes that he is strangling himself and Paul shoots himself.

9:33pm Matt and Raven in the bedroom.
Matt – let these idiots be concerned with their jury votes. Seriously! Raven – They want Josh or Christmas to win to take Kevin out. Matt – I said that to Alex long as Kevin comes on Thursday, my vote will be for whoever deserves this thing. Reven – not! Psych! Matt – I almost lost it when Alex said if I end up in jury before Kevin… guys! You know what Alex it takes a lot of balls to say that in front of me because I am going to jury before Kevin. Matt – if you guys can get one of them out next week you have complete control of this game. Raven – I know, it just needs to happen. Raven – can you imagine if we get Jason out and Alex is stuck here? Matt – she has nobody. Raven – can you imagine Alex trying to go off on me? She has nobody. Matt – I find it so funny that Jason and Alex are so confident that they’re already concerned about jury votes. That’s amazing. Raven – that’s what we want. Matt – absolutely. If Christmas and Josh win that HOH and they put Alex up first and then they put up cowboy (Jason), I honestly think that cowboy might have a mental breakdown. Raven – When he does, I would look at him and be like… Matt – no, you keep your mouth shut. Raven – it would be hard. IF they do that they take the target off of me. Matt – Christmas doesn’t care. She knows she isn’t going to win this game over you. She will do what she can to help you, Paul or Josh. Christmas is a soldier. Raven – she is fricken amazing. Matt – you literally have two more people that would jump in front of a bus for you. Maybe even Josh too. Raven – if Josh makes it to the end he is winning. Matt – are you kidding me? No he is not. Matt – I want you to butter them up to think they’re the next best thing to sliced bread. Raven – that’s what I’m doing.

Raven – Its been such a sh*tty week. I have a bad feeling that she’s (her mom) not doing well. Matt – there’s nothing you can do about it. Raven starts crying. Matt – I love how Jason and Alex are thinking about us as jury votes now … instead of before the damn veto ceremony. That’s two or one jury votes that you didn’t even have Alex. Kevin doesn’t give a sh*t about you. Raven – what are you going to tell the others in jury. Matt – All I have to do is really do is tell them the truth. Obviously not on our inner workings. Kevin blew up his game on the 25K. I am definitely going to tell them that Jason hid in the storage room for 20 – 25 minutes. Raven – from you, from me? Raven – I’m going to be all alone tomorrow. Matt – probably the only time I don’t want to see you. I’m going to be a wreck.. Raven – every Sunday, every Thursday. If I do walkin, I’m sorry.

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10pm Kitchen – Josh smells the peanut butter and then says it smells bad. When Josh goes to smell it again Paul pushes it into his face. Josh puts some on his fingers and says its going to happen.. in an hour, in two hours … just take it now. Paul jokes that Josh cried after losing to him in chess. Josh tries to get to Paul on the other side of the table. Josh – why you running? Paul – why you crying? You clearly don’t know what running is because this isn’t running. Josh starts to move quicker. Paul – why you jogging. Why are you gassed out before bed. Paul and Josh shake hands in the living room. Josh – I’m still getting you with peanut butter. Paul – mustard and Ketchup all over your bed. Kevin tells Paul – all you need to do is put a little sugar on his bed… he’ll wake up to ants all over his bed. Ants will come from New York just to get that sugar.

11:40pm Josh, Matt, Raven, Paul and Christmas head to bed.
12am All the house guests are sleeping.

12:50am Alex and Jason are up in the bathroom studying the days / events of the season. Alex – I saw Paul and Christmas studying .. should we teach Josh and Christmas? If its me and Raven tomorrow (still in the HOH comp), maybe I should throw it to her because then she would be happy. I would ask for safety for you and me and I think she would just take it. I think she would take it to take out Kevin. Jason – we need Matt out. How may weeks are left? Alex – 3. Jason – you and Paul can’t win tomorrow. Alex – I will try to throw it to Raven. Jason – I don’t know how many HOH’s are left. Alex – pretty much. I think we have to take out Kevin next. We have to! We can’t give him another week but if Christmas and Josh boom we have to stay in it. You can’t play, so its just me. We can’t let Kevin win it. Alex and Jason head to bed.

1:30am All the house guests are sleeping…

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239 thoughts on “Christmas “We need to f**king muzzle her [Raven]. This makes me want to be a very evil person.”

    1. These HG’s are so dumb, I am struggling to put words in a sentence! Honestly, my IQ is steadily dropping as this season drags on and I continue to read these feeds. Maybe I will go home sick and head to the campground early and allow myself time to re-charge the brain…maybe read a book or two over the holiday weekend.

      1. I can’t imagine actually being in that effin’ house. I can barely stand 3 hours of this sh*t on BBAD. Just think about being trapped in a house with these D-BAG losers that would literally be H*LL ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I am on the east coast and Big Brother is listed at 1:37am-2:37am Friday September 1.

      I am not concerned as I do not remember the last time I watched a BigBrother19 episode / live feeds. These house guests: Alex, Paul, Xmas, Josh, Matt, Raven are unwatchable and not entertaining.

      The only house guest that is entertaining is Kevin. Jason waisted his potential, imo, of being entertaining by going against his (Jason’s) “gut feeling.” Deep down it has seemed as though Jason has been conflicted with the malicious bullying – but in the end Jason (basically a 40 year old man) decided to side with evil (Alex).

      I feel bad for Simon and Dawg for having to subject themselves to the torture that is BigBrother19. However, I am grateful for Simon and Dawg’s dedication. The only BigBrother19 updates I get are from onlinebigbrother. Often I find myself unable to read the onlinebigbrother updates as BB19 houseguests (with the exception of Kevin) are deplorable wicked monsters.

      Hopefully Paul, Alex, Josh, Xmas, will get their comeuppance.

      Thinking I will vote Kevin for America’s Favorite Player after Alex’s (and “the house’s)” detestable, heinous, and villainous statements/actions towards Kevin. Especially after Paul and Paul’s Sadistic Minions saying how much they will hate it if Kevin wins America’s Favorite Player.

      Best of luck to Simon, Dawg, and all Big Brother Fans that are still watching the reprehensible, black hearted, repulsive Big Brother 19 House Guests – again, sans Kevin.

      Paul, Alex, Xmas, Josh, Matt, Raven are diabolical, revolting and detestable. Jason has become repulsive as Jason is listening to the repugnant Alex instead of listening to his “gut.”

      Hopefully Kevin can stay strong, unharmed, and make it through Big Brother 19 in one piece (mentally and physically). It cannot be easy mentally and physically for Kevin to be in The Big Brother House of Evil Minded Savages.

      BB19 House Guests enjoy being evil savages which is disturbing not entertaining.

      1. I regrettably agree with you. I have been a BB fan since season 1, and I have no desire to watch the rest of this season. The bullying, the detestable behavior …. there is no place for it. I believe this season should mark the end of the BB franchise. There is no recovery in my opinion. This group should forever be known as the season that killed BB. I feel so bad for Kevin and agree he should be America’s favorite player. Anyone else voted out of the house should be met with boos.

        1. I feel so bad for Kevin too. I am going to vote for Kevin for Americas Favorite Player.

          Kevin winning AFP is the only way to send a message of dissent, disapproval, and opposition to the deplorable evil bullies of BB19.

          The deplorable evil bullies of BB19, imo, are Paul, Alex, Xmas, Josh, Matt, Raven.

          CBS/Big Brother Production should make an announcement during the live show – ejecting Matt completely from the Big Brother Game for knowingly and willingly breaking Big Brother Game Rules, and, sanctioning Paul, Xmas, Josh, Matt, Raven, Jason for knowingly and willingly breaking Big brother Game Rules.

          Such an announcement has the potential of restoring faith in the game of Big Brother to Big Brother Fans. Also, such an announcement / actions of ejecting Matt and sanctioning the others (SANS KEVIN) would be celebrated by devoted Big Brother Game Players.

          BB19ShouldBeTheLast, Thank you for taking your time to write your comment. It would be honorable, proper, and correct for CBS/Big Brother Production to right the wrongs of BB19.

          The Big Brother Game has lawful and legally binding Game Rules. CBS/Big Brother Production should enforce these rules – such actions would be a step towards establishing Big Brother Fans and Viewer trust and goodwill.

          1. Don’t be ridiculous. Almost every HG that has and will be evicted is going to get the same treatment as Kevin is this week. Paul picks the target, then the whole house descends on the hapless victim. Jason didn’t give them the opportunity to evict Kevin, so they have been softening him up.

          2. Also most of cbs shows are the competitions. This hoh might not have any drama whatsoever Paul has made it so Kevin Raven and Alex all are going to throw it and of course Paul would drama no excitement ..

          3. I have watched at least 7 big brother shows. This group is pure evil. This is the last time season,19, that I will ever watch this show. So many of them were bullies and just Mean. Paul-racist , Christmas-evil.

          4. Why feel bad for Kevin he is a very healthy 56-year-old person physically and mentally he is playing the poor confused old man that’s his game he wants people to feel sorry for poor confuse on man in the game and I’ll hear that could vote him for America’s favorite he’s as much a gamer and a savage as the others well maybe not quite true but he’s a bad boy

            1. I agree. He was a part of the bullying this season, even if indirectly. He helped them think of ways to make Cody snap. He’s no victim. Cody for AFP

          5. I think Kevin is going to get a lot of votes for America’s Favorite Houseguest but I am voting for Cody because I want to see Paul, Alex, Josh and Christmas get that turd in the mouth look. That is going to be awesome.

          6. Ohhh how I wish Julie would announce AFP Bottom 5 vote getters & The Top 5 Favorites ON LIVE TV.

            Julie: “AFP… Coming in Dead Ass Last is….. #16 RAVEN….Matt… Paul.. etc” . Just so we can see their faces slowly crumble as Julie gets to Top 5 (Cody, Jess, Mark, Kevin…).

            Then to see the glorious implosion of their faces if Julie says “AND AMF is……. CODY”!! The sheeps heads would EXPLODE!

            1. Wasting AFP votes so Cody can win without doing ANYTHING, is just like Jeff Scrotum winning AFP for doing nothing, but using a power given to him by Production. BB19 Not a single HG deserves AFP. People claim Kevin should get AFP, but
              others say he shouldn’t win AFP because he was trying to get the mob to make Cody snap? Same goes for Cody, right? he & Jessica bullied Josh after the vote week 1 for lying, being a crybaby making victim noises ect. Let’s not forget the vile things that came outta Jody’s mouths. So, why should ANYBODY win AFP when they have ALL have said done vile things this season?

              Dom or Cameron for AFP because at least they aren’t as bad as the others

          7. I don’t trust CBS to allow Kevin to win AFP even if he received the most votes. If they, (CBS), had any morals they would never allowed all the bullying, or Matt staying in the house while breaking every rule, or giving Paul the edge since day one with choosing who would get friendship, 4 weeks free, etc. AFP will be whomever CBS chooses, NOT America.

        2. Technically, the series die a long time ago with the pink flamingo season( 16). It should have been cancelled then, however I assume the ratings is the reason this show still goes on currently. As for game talk, I’m not surprise that paul is still in the house. We have seen this display of foolishness in the past seasons. I’m not going to reiterate the many mistakes these house mates make and the lack of learning from their predecessors. Hopefully Kevin can pull a win and change the course of this abysmal game. He is the series last hope for redemption.

      2. Kevin is a Paul Puppet. Anyone who follows Paul is part of the problem with this season. For this reason alone, he should not get AFP.

        The reasoning that he is being bullied, well Dom, Jess, Cody, Mark all got bullied as well, and that will continue until the end. All because Paul induced group think. KEVIN is part of the problem by following.

        CODY for AFP for PLAYING his OWN game. See how that works?

        Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Xmas, Josh, Alex, Jason and KEVIN ruined the season by their own actions or this case non-actions/non-thinking.

        1. Kevin “had the nerve” to ask/say:

          We need to get Paul out. When should we get Paul out? Paul has never been nominated.

          Kevin is surrounded by “Paul Minions.” Kevin tried to work with Jason. Prior to that, Kevin would have kept Cody and Mark.

          Kevin has had no other choice but to pander to Paul and Paul’s Minions.

          Paul and Paul’s Minions are tyrannizing, persecuting, and harassing Kevin.

          Voting Kevin as America’s Favorite Player is the only way to send a message of dissent – a message of “NO!” to Paul and Paul’s Minions.

          1. He mentions it a couple times to Jason, but actually does nothing to try to get something to happen so no, I do not follow your logic. His game is to follow and heck no do I ever want to vote a dang follower to be AFP.

            He willingly jumped right on that Paul train with the rest. He is a target because Paul needs new targets.

            1. It sickens me to watch grown people ask Paul, should I nap, should I go to bed, should I throw the HOH, should I, should I, all these followers are not worthy of anything, much less AFP!!! However, one of them will win? egkkkk Some say Paul is playing smart, I say he is a cult leader in the making, smart is not viscious, mean, degrading and cruel, along with the foul language it is very hard to watch. Watching Matt and Raven is watching a porn show and disgusting as it is, they both think they are players. double egkkkkkkkkkk Anyone makes a play and it is dooms day for them. I loved BB until season 16 and now this makes that season less degradeable somehow. Last night on BBAD when Raven started yelling and talking (he is evilllll the threwed chiicken attt meeee) puke, my ears almost bled. She thinks she is winning, but her and Paul are friends outside the house. We’ll see.

          2. That’s not even true lol. When attempting to work with Cody or Mark, he always included Paul as one that will also receive safety as part of any deal. I’ve watched every convo he had with them, so I know that for a fact.

            Kevin has never actually gone against Paul and basically always does whatever Paul ask. Kevin also talks a ton of crap about people in the house, but never says much about Paul or Jason. Everyone else is fair game.

            Now, with that being said, I would still vote Kevin over Cody for AFP 100%. Kevin is more likable than Cody IMO

          3. Voting Cody would be more powerful. They think Cody is so hated that it isn’t even possible he could win it. Kevin already has some cash. I’m voting Cody, a stupid twist ruined his game, and he’s The only one to attempt a big move.

            1. Giving AFP to Cody would teach him no life lessons. So he wasn’t a Paul Follower… he also was terrible in the game and a big bully himself.
              Lost mad respect for him when he nominated blue-haired girl just because “I don’t like you”.
              He’s a loser, and doesn’t deserve it.

              1. I agree but you’re supposed to vote for your favorite player. I personally won’t be voting Cody, but if that’s their fav player, so be it. I doubt it will have much effect on Paul, winning second place again would. Lol.

                I really have no idea who I’m voting for at this point. Guess I’ll have to wait till it gets closer to voting time. I just know it won’t be Cody, Jessica, or raven.

        2. I know Hitler is a tiresome comparison cliche. However, I’ve been reading about his tactics of group control and this group reminds me of the brainwashed sheep. First, Paul subtly dehumanizes his target. He starts off slow with minor complaints then blames all the house’s ills on said target. He gets the populace worked up into a fury of hatred and contempt to the point that they actually believe this distorted reality. Then they eliminate the target and then it shifts to the next… People are really scary when they allow other people to do their thinking for them.

          1. The Tyrant Dictator, Paul, did say: “I never watched (Big Brother). I figured out a formula (to win) and it worked.”

            Perhaps The Tyrant Dictator’s (Paul’s) formula is based on the philosophies of Robert Lifton, Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Guido von List, Karl Haushofer, Sebottendorff, Dietrich Eckart, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Thomas R. Malthus, Nicholas Goodrich-Clarke, Hitler.

            Perhaps Big Brother Production did create BB19: Season of Evil Savage Paul & Paul’s Minions for the sole purpose of Paul winning BB19?

            The Nazis formed a group called Gruenbaum (Gruenbaum meaning “Green Tree).” Big Brother 19 has both Green Apples and a Green Tree.

            Perhaps the Tyrant Dictator’s (Paul’s) winning Big Brother Game formula is based on The Seven Tactics of Thought Reform / Coercive persuasion to deceive individuals allowing the Coercive Persuasion Tyrant Dictator to profit financially, socially, politically in a group setting.

            It is difficult to imagine that any person would be proud of emulating, imitating, echoing tactics used by Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Adolf Hitler.

            It is difficult to imagine that a person can justify such vile inhumane actions/behaviors on “game play.”

            How could Paul – or any person – be proud of saying / knowing “I (Paul) modeled myself after Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, Jim Jones?”

            Paul and Paul’s Minions should be ashamed – however, it seems doubtful that they will be. Paul and Paul’s Minions each must have had dark and twisted minds/hearts/souls/personalities prior to entering The Big Brother Game.

            Hopefully Kevin can stay strong mentally surrounded by the faces of Big Brother 19 Evil.

            1. Meh. Paul’s been using the simple tutelage of Dale Carnegie. So do I. People are certainly creatures of emotion vs. logic (especially in the confines of BB). He has simply (and masterfully) catered to each of their individual egos where he felt capable and immediately (while he was safe) targeted those he didn’t feel were as easily manipulated/hypnotized.

              He has the leftovers all nice and hypnotized by his very attentive ego strokes and it’s been working like a charm.

              We all do it, to some degree, with people we can’t stand but have to tolerate. We’re just not on camera for everyone to see it. He even stated in one of his “friendship chats” recently: “I’m pretty sure I’m psychotic.” Because of these psyches he’s having to tolerate in order to manipulate. He wants the money (*gasp!* Isn’t that why they are ALL there?) more than how much Raven is stark raving mad and internally making his/everyone’s flesh crawl and all the other HG’s annoying (and just wrong) behaviors are amplified by their collective confinement.

              This is not a game for delicate little flowers. It’s a game of dog eat dog. Always has been. Go look at last year’s comments and the year before. Same outrage, different year.

              I’ll still watch next season. And the next season after as well, probably. This one has definitely been hard to watch and at times downright disgusting (making me get the feels for Simon & Dawg for treading in to places where I have bailed out and powered off).

              Though, at the end of the day… this year also has its own set of psychologically fascinating dynamics, as always.

              These People. This house. This phuckin Game! * big ol’ sigh of wowzers and massive head shaking*

          2. There are many historic examples of despotic rulers using those tactics to influence and control the masses, so one doesn’t have to use Hitler as the example. The tactics are studied and catalogued.

            I’m stunned that the HGs did not immediately recognize that Paul was using those tactics. (Thinking here especially of the first time Paul stirred up the HG into going outside to attack Jessica and Cody as a group.)

            Instead, the HGs seemed almost thankful for the group think and gave themselves completely over to it – and to Paul as their leader.

        3. Cody played his own game because he thinks his shit don’t stink. He was pissed that he couldn’t control the house. He came in thinking that he would be the ruler of all the goings on. When he couldn’t control everyone and all the situations, he flipped out and he was lashing out at people. He and Jessica did their fair share of bullying. When it was thrown back, they then played up the victim roles.
          Kevin NEVER has joined in on any of the bullying.
          Cody doesn’t deserve shit…
          And before I get judged by the a-holes saying I’m antimilitary…I’m a VERY proud mom of a Marine. Someone that I raised to not treat people like Cody does!

          1. Cody was controlling over half the house and would have had complete control if it wasn’t for Paul’s secret protection. He’s the only one who attempted to play his own game. They didn’t bully anyone. They only attacked out of self defense. The only unprovoked “attack” cody did was to say he didn’t like Meagan , and that wasn’t really bullying, just honesty.

          2. Actually nothing you say disagrees with my point. You don’t like Cody, CONGRATS. I personally think he is an @$$hole too, but he’s not a bully. He’s an @$$hole because he talks $hit on a lot of the house guest, but he wasn’t a bully. A Bully would be someone or a group of someones who get together to torment/torture/harass someone/s. As far as I know, Cody never did that. He got into heated arguments with people. In most arguments, he didn’t even start it. He did jump in quickly and get nasty though. Honestly it’s the quality of the rest of the HG’s that makes Cody him my favorite.

            My entire point of my original post is disputing someone else’s post, that Kevin deserves it because of his current position of whipping boy. THAT is bad logic. Four other players have already had this treatment and likely several more will as well. So saying Kevin should get it for that is ridiculous. HOWEVER, a good argument for AFP would be that Kevin is likable to you.

            To me, the season was ruined by almost all the HG’s being will to follow/worship Paul. So therefore, I would never want to reward a HG (Kevin) who blindly followed Paul.

            1. So using your logic, let’s award a guy who didn’t play smart, didn’t use any tactics, only used brawn, stayed in his room with Jessica doing/talking high school puppy love, and only commonly spoke about being an alpha .. and lo and behold, lost his alphaship to a gnome.

              I don’t like Paul, but Cody failed miserably at this game because he couldn’t keep his stupid disdain and temper in check. If he mastered it, he could’ve got far. He didn’t like getting unseated, and instead of TRYING to pair up with the guys, he dismissed them as not being alpha enough.
              The most important parts of the game is being coy, not being an ass, and stepping it up in social game, ….everything Cody didn’t do… so no, not deserving.

              Mark, Kevin, Cameron, or Ramses for AFP.

              1. Cody made the best play of the season by putting Paul up. Unfortunately we will never know how that could have played out due to production. Then he became public enemy number one. I really see no other options because everyone else is firmly up Paul’s @$$.

                Buy since you want to know why I think Cody for AFP I will go on.

                1.) Made move against Paul
                2.) Plays OWN game (important because no one but Paul is)
                3.) I consider the season ruined by Paul and Paul’s Puppet’s so I would like to Punish them by giving AFP to the one they hate the most (Paul’s Puppets = Matt Raven Mark Elena Cxmas Josh Jason Kevin Dom)
                4.) He amused me

                The list actually goes on for me but I won’t bore you with it.

                So the list you gave me would leave me only with Cameron and the answer to that is NO.

        4. Playing his “own” game got him booted, twice. But I understand the desire to give it to him. Any other season and we’d being calling Cody the fool for not adapting, but it seams too many fools are competing for this designation this year. A bunch of fools being led by the court jester.

      3. why not mark? The thing about Kevin is he too speaks poorly of everyone. Before all this gang up mentality on him. Mark NEVER talked badly or bashed anyone. I am voting for him for MFP. I agree with everyhting you said though. I am in shock over this Lord of the flies mentality.

      4. You know it’s gotten bad when alex ask production if she could take a “dump” in someone’s bed. There is too much bullying & physical threats this year. I realize it’s a show for $$ but I can’t help but wonder how some of these people in the house (or cbs for that matter) would feel if someone actually committed suicide. Some may laugh it off but it does happen..just hasn’t happened to Big Brother YET!

        1. This season’s Americas Favorite Player is a misnomer. It’s actually The “Who’s Winning of AFP Would Piss Off Paul & Minions The Most” Award.. Thats who’s getting my vote.

      1. It is listed at 1:37 AM in my guide but I would record the show after too in case the football game runs late.

    3. I think everyone agrees that Matt should be penalized further for his blatant disregard of the HN rules but in this season of ganging up on people for the most petty things why is nobody even asking him to stop? I guess it is a better use of their time putting Kevin down then actually trying to use peer pressure for the good of the house to get Matt to obey the rules and do the right thing. Oh wait.. I forgot who I was talking about. Maybe the other HG’s should be penalized and make everyone a HN next week just to prove a point.

      1. They were in the wave room chatting about way they didn’t get a final eight party. Xmas says I guess they don’t like us. Would be a perfect time for production to says that’s what happens when you break the rules.

        1. No, that would have been the perfect time to say “you’re right, we don’t like you. Not one little bit”. And add “that being said, we like you a lot more than America likes you”. I’m still praying for a production shut down, like bachelor in paradise. They go home for a couple of weeks, watch the show and come back. That would make for an interesting finale.

      2. I would love to see Big Brother tell Matt that due to all his infractions he will not be going to jury, but will be leaving and Jason must put up someone else. He puts up Josh and they vote out Raven. And I would also like to see Julie tell the houseguests that some of the things they have said and done on the live feeds are not being received well.

    4. I’m kinda wishing the Big Brother house was on a lot in the flood zone in Houston and everyone had to be evacuated, then they just sent them all home and said “Never Cared”…..karma.

    5. I live in Cali. Just north of S.F. BB is being preempted here on CBS for football… BUT it is airing here on their other network… the CW.

      ***Important for some to know because it’s not airing later on, on the usual channel. It’s airing on a different channel (same time) that is also owned by CBS.

    6. Congratulations, Big Brother 19 has been a big success in the ratings this season so get ready for more of the same next season on Big Brother 20.
      Look up the ratings reports for big brother this season and it is beating everything in its time slot along with an increase over last year.

  1. Here is great scenerio for tonight…Julie Chen says “Houseguests, there will be no vote tonight. Matt, please gather your belongings and join me on stage.” Matt exits to Huge Boos. Paul turns to others and says “Fans hate rule breakers. Matt was removed and booed because of penalty noms.”. They all say…Yes, Master, you are always right. Meanwhile, Julie informs Matt he is going home and not to fun, alcohol, cereal filled jury house. Julie immediately calls HG to yard for HOH. Tells HG there will be a quick eviction tonight. Kevin wins HOH. He nominates Alex and Paul. Kevin quickly wins POV. Noms stay the same. Alex goes out to even louder Boos. All HG turn to the master for an explanation. Uh oh!!!!!

    1. Murph,

      You wrote a first rate scenario!

      Such a scenario would send a powerful message to the Evil Big Brother 19 Savages (with the exception of Kevin).

      In fact, such a scenario would be provide a formidable and important message to the Evil Big Brother 19 Savages (with the exception of Kevin), and, future Big Brother Game Players: Break the rules of the Big Brother Game and there will be significant repercussions.

      I hope that such a scenario happens. In fact, it would be reasonable if the Big Brother 19 Evil Savages were informed during the live episode tonight:

      “Matt you broke the rules of the game and are being expelled. Alex, Paul, Josh, Xmas, Raven you are receiving sanctions. Due to these sanctions Kevin wins HOH and POV. Before you Alex, Paul, Josh, Xmas, Raven, or Jason begin the your tyrannizing, harassing, persecuting whining and complaining: Remember Big Brother is a game with rules that you have broken. Alex, Paul, Josh, Xmas, Raven, and Jason you have no person to blame but the individual actions that you have each chosen to take. Alex, Paul, Josh, Xmas, Raven, and Jason be grateful that Big Brother is allowing you all to remain in the game after ruining Big Brother 19.”

      Kevin is in a “house” with a group of badgers that want to cause Kevin physical and mental harm.

      It does not take a genius to be a tyrant tormentor. Being a tyrant tormentor is not an impressive game strategy.

      Again, Murph, your wrote the perfect scenario. I hope that it happens. Such a scenario would be rewarding to Big Brother Fans / Steadfast & Devoted Big Brother Game Players.

      1. Julie Chen is all about the money. The ratings are good. The only way she will “out” this cast is if production research says it will be good for ratings. BB15 ratings bumped up after she exposed their racism. If she makes a similar move now , it will not be out of the “goodness of her heart”. It will be about the money. Whether you believe it or not, Julie runs this show. AG is her meat shield.

        1. What exactly would she be outing these people on?
          Bullying? Yeah, that’s nothing that’s ever happened on BB. Plus, you can’t really demand for someone to be called out for bullying on this site. That is the ultimate “calling the kettle black” moment.
          Vulgar? Go back & watch Evil Dicks season.
          I’m assuming this is just a mass of people on the comment section bringing up something a houseguest did mildly offensive, and then just piggy-backing on each other’s hate until you have a ridiculous mile-wide snowball rolling down a mountain.
          The rape comment Jason made, ok that one I get. But everything else just seems WAY WAY blown out of proportion.
          Some of these comments you can tell the commenter never even read the post. They just went directly to posting a venom filled comment so they could say they are with the majority.

      2. Yes yes we can only wish and hope that adults in the house are held responsible for their behavior and not following the agreement signatures they signed up for yes do it Julie do it

      3. Oh how I love your scenario! If only it could happen! But although I can’t stand Alex it would be better if Paul was voted out first. He has a deal with every group in the house. If Alex is gone he will just move on to another group to back him. Ironically I do like Kevin and feel sorry for him. I also liked Cody and Jessica. No one should be treated the way they have been by the the other HG. Paul has ruined this season. I have never seen such a bunch of blind idiots in my life. I am like Cody….I don’t like any of them!! I don’t want any of them to win! The only thing that could save this horrible season is if the remaining HG wise up and get rid of Paul and Alex. But then we will see a bunch of brainless idiots running around not knowing what to do because they can’t think for themselves! Oh and yes Josh is a real dumbass “meatball”!

    2. My life’s motto is… Live and let live! Don’t be judgmental of people, especially if you don’t want them to judge you.
      We all deserve to live the kind of life we want, regardless of how we live it.

      quote from Kevin in his “Cast Biography” i do think he tried to stick by this as long as he could

    3. Now that would make this show interesting again. BUT you know CBS would never do that because their “Paul” would have no control and it is unpredictable.

  2. Here is great scenerio for tonight…Julie Chen says “Houseguests, there will be no vote tonight. Matt, please gather your belongings and join me on stage.” Matt exits to Huge Boos. Paul turns to others and says “Fans hate rule breakers. Matt was removed and booed because of penalty noms.”. They all say…Yes, Master, you are always right. Meanwhile, Julie informs Matt he is going home and not to fun, alcohol, cereal filled jury house. Julie immediately calls HG to yard for HOH. Tells HG there will be a quick eviction tonight. Kevin wins HOH. He nominates Alex and Paul. Kevin quickly wins POV. Noms stay the same. Alex goes out to even louder Boos. All HG turn to the master for an answer. Uh oh

  3. Does anyone notice when Josh starts doing something funny, Paul takes over to “one up” him? Paul wants to win, get AFP and even second place LOL trifecta I know he can’t win all three but he doesn’t want anyone else to! He was telling others that he got AFP last season but since he won second place he couldn’t get both.

    Another day of same black top for Alex — I can’t even!!!

    Is Kevin’s dad alive? Also, I can’t find a pic of his wife. Are they still together?

    1. Yes, I’ve noticed Paul having to “one up” anyone getting attention. It was the same last year, with Victor, just not as obvious. I think that’s why he started wearing Pablo around his waist. I wonder what Vic thought if he heard Paul say he won AFP last year. . . if that’s Paul’s idea of “friendship” I ‘m glad I’m not his friend.

      As far as I know, Kevin and his wife are still together. He told someone they were having problems when he left to do BB. Hopefully, the separation and living with fools will make them appreciate what they have (family). I have no idea about his dad.

    2. i think both his parents are still alive, recently released from jail for a 10yr sentence? i could be wrong about the release dates, i am not wrong about going to jail.

      as far as i can tell, kevin is still with his wife, he has talked about the house, and he is listed as a stay at home dad as in the wife has the full time job.

    3. I have yet to see Josh to do something funny. Maybe something annoying and then Paul does something even more annoying.

    4. I just watched a video of Kevin’s wife on TMZ. She has been a neo-natal nurse for many years and they are very much together. Their daughters and one son were also in the video. Apparently Jason’s family apologized but Mrs Kevin is not so ready to accept the apology and blames Jason for most of the problems Kevin is having in the house. (I’m not sure that is accurate)

    1. Hoping Kevin wins HOH / POV too!

      Paul, Alex, Xmas, Josh, Matt, Raven are all scum.

      Poor Kevin is confined in a house full of evil savage scumbags!

    2. I hate to even say this, but I kind of hope Paul wins HOH. I know he will try to throw it, but maybe it will be one that can’t be thrown. Because the only way the HGs will turn on him is if he chooses a side. He wouldn’t even be able to take the safe route and vote out Kevin to keep peace because he’s been telling Xmas, Josh, and Raven they have to take out Jason and Alex. I’m sure he will find a way to blame someone else and weasel his way out, but it’s our only hope.

  4. Christmas Abbott is really starting to come on strong sexually for Paul at night in the bed. She is literally doing everything she can to get him to respond. She goes to his side of the bed all the time and wraps her arms and legs around him and then about 5-10 min later he sort of turns or wakes up and she has to move. Not to long afterwards, Christmas is at it again…she backs up to him on his side of the bed, full body contact, and the only place he has to put his arm is around her and she digs it. I don’t think she actually gets any sleep. She keeps doing everything she can for him to start hand wandering and maybe even some fingering. If you noticed lately, she laughs at everything he says, follows him everywhere, massages him, watches chess, and when he goes off to plan his strategy with the other players, she pouts. Last night, she made her biggest move around 3am when Matt got up to use the restroom, Paul was laying on his side with his face to hers, and she moved over and put her face right up to his for 10 minutes waiting for him to kiss her but he never did. There was probably no space between her lips and his. He rebuffed her again. Either Christmas is one horny bit*h and will even take a 24 yr Armenian gnome or Paul sticks to his strategy no matter what. Or, perhaps, he’s gay! I don’t know. I actually think Christmas will eventually break Paul.

    1. Pre-cast they slinked off to bed together. Looked like she took her undies off before getting into bed with him. I think some co-doodling was going on then. This was after all the stroking in the blue room during Dom’s TV show. I believe Paul has a girlfriend he calls his little taco. (or burrito) lol.

    2. He has a girlfriend, or he believes he still does. It has nothing to do with being gay. He’s talked about her several times, and said there’s nothing wrong with a little flirting but basically he wouldn’t go any further than that.

      Elena also shamelessly threw herself at him several times. But you’re right, Christmas is definitely all over him.

  5. What is there to watch, or would one miss??? It will be “white washed” and heavily edited so everyone will look as innocence angels playing a game for 1/2 mil.
    Shown as a normal BB season, with Paul as the “BB Wonder Boy” with magnificent talent.
    As a sideline, leaving Matt in for the eviction show after breaking every rule of BB HN, is a disgrace to past and future players who get HN and follow the rules. Rather then get sent to jury, and additional stipends, send him packing home instead. He doesn’t/won’t care either way. Why he came on BB is beyond me.

    1. CBS / Big Brother Producers need to enforce the rules of The Big Brother Game.

      If CBS / Big Brother Producers announced during the live show that Matt is being ejected from the game; Matt has lost his stipend for breaking the rules of Big Brother – Big Brother fans would celebrate.

      In fact, CBS / Big Brother Producers ejecting Matt from the game and informing Alex, Paul, Xmas, Josh, Raven that they are all being sanctioned – sanctions that they earned by their own choices and actions causing them unable to win HOH / POV — Big Brother fans may have their faith restored in the game of Big Brother.

  6. Pretty much fast forwarded through last night’s ( Wed ) BB episode. It was so boring. You gan tell production is trying SO hard to muster up any excitment but to me it felt so flat. I guess I am
    just not emotionally attached to any of these horrible people that are left. I wonder if Julie is going to address any of this or just act like nothing is going on.

  7. Yes, must get Kevin out. I mean, the guy is a competition beast. Idiots!
    More like Kevin has to be next because Paul has figured out he is loved by jury right now and is the only one, other than Jason, that may rob him of a win again.
    I had hope the other day when I saw Josh working really hard, smoke blowing from his ears, eyes squinted shut, as he thought about Paul and his side alliances. And then it was, “He’s a smart motherf*&ker.” Hope gone. All of it.
    And for the love of god, can Josh please stop walking around with that turtle floatie. It’s not funny when Paul does it and it sure as hell isn’t funny when he does it!! Gahh!
    Gotta get that HOH or POV Kevin!! Save the season!!!

    1. Paul has done a great job…. That’s how Alex and Jason feel safe. He has made everyone feel safe and then has the others take a stab. Paul learned last year that he needs the jury votes. Like it or not, that’s how it is.

    2. Alex is the stupidest person in there! All week Paul’s been shoving “throw the HOH” down her throat”. It’s a double eviction nobody should throw that. She hope Raven will win and get Kevin out after Jason and her just sent home her boyfriend. To top it off, last night she turned the lights off in Rose room so they could all go to sleep, she stands by the door and hears talking, comes in and Josh is huddled by Paul and Xmas bed whispering. They were so awkward, she thought they were talking crap about Kevin. NO YOU IDIOT THEY STARTED WHISPERING AFTER YOU LEFT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT YOU!

    3. Jason put Matt and Raven on the block didn’t use the veto and she’s going to throw it to Raven. What an idiot. Hope it bites her in the ass. Make all the safety deals you want Jason lied to her so she has no problem lying to you .

  8. Julie’s Insta is filled with hate comments, same with Twitter, all the houseguest’s instagrams… HOW IS CBS NOT ACTING ON THIS?? This is legit the worst season anyone’s ever seen everyone is horrible, There’s a ton of news articles (including TMZ) reporting on Jason’s rape joke, and everyone else being terrible/ bullies.
    I’m in Canada and honestly I just can’t wait for BBCAN6 cause last season was awesome, none of this BS.

    1. It is reassuring that the majority of Big Brother Fans are dissatisfied, mournful, and outraged over BB19 The Season of Savages that Break Big Brother Game Rules without Consequence.

      Big Brother Game Rules should be enforced. Game players that break the rules knowingly and willingly should not escape without substantial repercussions (of breaking Big Brother Game Rules).

      CBS/Big Brother Production would be astute to announce during the Big Brother Live Show that Matt, Alex, Josh, Xmas, Paul, Raven, Jason are being sanctioned and penalized for knowingly and willingly breaking Big Brother Game Rules.

      CBS/Big Brother Production sanctioning and penalizing the BB19 Evil Savages (sans Kevin) would go fair in restoring the trust, faith, and confidence of Big Brother Game Fans. Plus, it would send a message to future Big Brother Game Players: Follow Game Rules or Face Penalizing Consequences.

      1. I agree from what I’ve seen people that are enjoying the bb19 feeds are very much in the minority this year. Casual fans seem to love it but they’re watching a totally different show.

        1. I agree with you that it seems a lot of people dislike this season…..I however think THEY are the casual fans. I’ve been a faithful watcher and subscriber to live feeds and can get just as riled up over this HG or that HG but that’s the point! The game is suppose to stir our emotions… I am astonished at the amount people who can’t separate the GAME from REAL LIFE and just enjoy it for it’s entertainment value.

          1. You’re absolutely right. This is not a game of political correctness. I’ve been thinking the same. It’s like viewers forgot what Big Brother is. This season is particularly hive like and traded in to Paul’s cult of celebrity. They all think they’ll be his best friend after the show.

      1. FOr Season 1-3 we did pretty indepth updates with videos. Season 4 and 5 were softer updates with lots of videos. Go to the menu at the top of this site. There’s a heading called “Canada” click that and you can go through all the seasons. There’s thousands of videos there.

    2. Ahh which bb can did you watch? Neda was the meanest eye rolling bitch acting as if she was the queen. Kevin winning was a major fail the ratings fell so low they were not even going to renew it for another year. Flop of the year season 5 and 3

  9. There have been some horrible houseguests over the years. But Alex is the most vile disgusting human life form I have ever witnessed. In or out of the house.

    She makes Christine seem like a great person and a joy. The girl that made BB have to not allow anyone but CBS employees in the audience on eviction nites…Alex makes her seem like an incredible wonderful human being.

    I’ve never wished ill will on someones life before and won’t now (minus my post name. And that is after death) but I will pray for anyone who has to be within 3 miles of this sick twisted nasty little ugly piece of sht Alex.

    1. Some of BB17 HGs treated Donny the same way as Kevin is being treated. They isolated him and Nicole after she won her way back in after being evicted.

      1. There is a difference to being “isolated” and ignored than what Kevin is dealing with. I bet right now he would LOVE to be isolated instead of being punching bag for all of the house (especially Alex)!!!

      2. I would agree with your comment except Donnie did interact and Donnie did did win Veto and he played the game he didn’t float through the game like Kevin

    2. Big Brother Game Contestants are playing a game. However, true personalties do reveal themselves.

      Alex’s true personality appears to be depraved, execrable, demonic, and monstrous. Alex nor any person can blame editing, the game, or any other excuse for Alex’s horribly atrocious, malicious, and wicked personality.

      Alex enjoys hurting others mentally and physically. It’s sick – and not entertaining to watch.

      There may have been some that did not/do not like Evel Dick. However, Evel Dick was not an evil person with a black heart. Alex is an evil person with a black heart.

      Watching Alex as a viewer is distressing, agonizing, and extremely unpleasant.

      Being around Evil-Alex in person – such as Kevin is – must be traumatic, miserable, and heartbreaking.

      1. Well, a few days ago Alex asked production if it was okay for her to take a sh*t on Kevin’s bed. They said “no”, but what kind of person even entertains a thought like that? Zingbot needs to come in and cuff her and haul her away. Gag!!

  10. I can’t imagine what Kevin could say to Alex to make America hate him. At this point, I think any name would be justified and I hope he doesn’t apologize to her… least NOT until she apologizes to him first for all the horrible things she has said about him. Ugg….Alex is such a awful person in this game.

  11. Just want to see Alex & Jason on the block. Don’t care who win HOH as long as they’re on the block.

    Really want Kevin to win POV. Would LOVE to see Alex squirm & begging Kevin to use the Veto on her. And then have him NOT use the veto.

    Hope they start to show jury house. Would be better than watching the nightmare in the regular house.

  12. Around 11:30 last night, Paul, Christmas, Matt, Raven, Josh and Alex were in the rose room, doing more Kevin bashing. When Alex finally left, they started whispering, talking about putting her on the block this week. Alex was listening at the door, but couldn’t hear what they were saying. I do think she freaked out a little, just knowing they were whispering after she left. She started studying the apples on the tree of temptation, pointed and said, “That one.” Maybe, if the DR suggests she might be trusting the wrong people, that would be enough of a push to get her not to throw the HOH to Raven. Not that I like Alex (I don’t), but I would like to see Paul have to work to get her and Jason on the block. Also, I’d like to for her to realize that she might have to depend on Kevin to keep her safe. . .karma’s a b*tch.

    1. well she has been clueless for a while, but i agree she should not throw that hoh, especially to raven. she’s worried about if kevin gets it, that should be the least of her worries. as usual, she baffles me as to being one of the few who believes lies first, and truth never. as she mentioned tho, she did vote trump, so should stop being surprised

  13. So I read This blog regularly and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out where/what and why Alex hates Keven so much. For taking the 25k? In the first week? This is BB, people take prizes. Other than that what did he do? Where does her hatred stem from. I was trying to explain what is going on to my husband and this was his question to me and so really couldn’t answer!

    1. It started really early on when Paul talked Kevin to throw a hinky vote out. I think they’ve been both rubbing each other the wrong way from week 2 on.

    2. She knows KEVIN IS CLOSE WITH JASON AND PAUL!!!! Alex wants to be the only one between those two…. She has to break JASON N KEV UP…. PLUS SHE CANT CONTROL KEV SO HIS IS EXPENDABLE

    3. She doesn’t hate Kevin she was just gone to his gameplay playing this stupid confused old man that is why she’s angry about he’s playing a poor stupid confused old man and it pisses her off

    1. Aquabernie,

      Big Brother Deplorable Paul, Alex, Xmas, Josh, Matt, Raven, and Jason may have started a new trend:

      Big Brother Fans paying NOT to meet these awful people.

  14. Is there any scenario where Paul doesn’t win? No one left in the house will even put him on the block. The only scenario I see him losing in is if he, Christmas, and Josh make it to F3 and somehow Josh pulls out the win and cuts him to take Christmas to the end. I feel like everyone else would drag Paul to F3… maybe Jason would cut him for Alex? But, if he makes it F3, there’s a good chance Paul wins the comps and decides who to take. I’m really struggling to finish this season. I will say it has officially beaten S15 as the worst season I’ve ever watched.

  15. Alex isn’t worried about throwing the HOH to Christmas or even Raven because she figures SHE is safe. She’s not going to do her part to help Jason out since he can’t play in the HOH this week. I would love to see Kevin win HOH (please production rig it this way for once!) or at least win POV! Wouldn’t it be funny if there were TWO vetos this week (apple tree) and Jason and Kevin both won?

    I think Jason got caught up in all the evil and said what he said. However, he shouldn’t have said it.

    Remember when everyone was ganging up on Jason a few weeks ago? When it looked like Jason was going? What happened to that? Oh yeah, I think he won VETO!!! Come on Jason, keep winning comps and get these goons out! I would love to see Jason and Kevin in the finals!

  16. A couple of years ago Julie talked about the bullying she received as a child/teen/young adult due to the shape of her eyes and nose. She admitted it hurt her deeply and that she had plastic surgery to fit into society’s “ideal”. I am surprised she is not outraged with the poop that keeps happening in the house.

  17. NONE of these hyenas deserve to win the money. Matt should be expelled and his money/stipend forfeited because he’s braking BB rules. Why is he different than other HG’s that were expelled for breaking the rules? give America his jury vote, or better yet CBS should donate the money to Hurricane Harvey victims.

      1. Matt made an offhand comment to Raven in the kitchen the first day he got his penalty vote. After he came out of the DR he said “They aren’t afraid of me”, which I took to mean they had read him the riot act and told him sanctions were coming if he continued.

        1. Beth,

          There have been countless unreasonable litigious actions.

          However, you are correct. Chima does have a reasonable lawsuit. Chima was ejected from the Big Brother Game for breaking the rules.

          Chima expulsion from the game set a precedent.

          Matt is knowingly and willingly breaking the rules of Big Brother.

          In fact, Paul, Alex, Xmas, Josh, Raven all should be sanctioned/penalized for their Big Brother Game Actions.

          CBS/Big Brother Production needs to step in and referee The Big Brother Game. Matt should be out of the game – just as Chima was – for breaking Big Brother Game Rules and Big Brother Show Contract.

          Chima should look in to retaining:
          Carlos Goodman
          Patricia Glaser
          Skip Brittenham

          BB19 House Guests that were kept in a mentally and physically dangerous environment without Big Brother Production doing their jobs to referee the game / making sure that the rules of the game Big Brother were followed should speak to an attorney also.

          One of Alex’s wants and desires is to defecate on Kevin’s bed – Alex went to the DR to ask “can I defecate on Kevin’s bed.”

          Where are Big Brother Game Officials?

          Big Brother Game Officials should be watching the game to ensure that game rules are being followed and to resolve relevant issues regarding game play.

          Imagine if a NFL Player defecated on the football field during a game? Or, if team members from one team – after much planning – ganged up on a member from another team purposely causing physical/mental injury.

          All games have rules.

          BB19 Paul and his diabolical followers are breaking the rules of the Big Brother Game. It’s a disgrace to fans, former Big Brother Game Players, and to Corporations that pay to have their products advertised during Big Brother airtime.

          Typically competitors wants to compete with the best – competitors want to be challenged. Not Paul – Paul did not want competition because Paul is not the best. Apparently either are Paul’s Diabolical Minions. BB19 is disappointing for many reasons – one being that viewers have been robbed of watching the game of Big Brother being played.

          BB19 Viewers have watched as a tyrant has used bullying tactics to intimidate. Being a bully / tyrant does not take any skill or talent.

          Again, Beth, you are right. CBS/Big Brother Production needs to right the wrongs of BB19.

        2. Chima was expelled for throwing her mic into the pool which actually cost BB to replace. Remember some one at the time said their was something in the contract about damaging production equipment being a reason to remove them from the game.
          As much as I don’t like Matt’s attitude and his failure to follow ANY of the HN rules and I think he deserves more than just a penalty vote but just not sure if it is against the contract they signed. Hopefully if they don’t do something tonight about it they will change their contracts in the future to cover cases like this.

  18. I hope Kevin picks from the Apple Tree this Week and gets the Second Veto, and is safe. – I want to see all those Punks in the House finally start begging each other.
    I wonder if Production is at all pissed that their little Tree of Temptation was a bust for the viewers?! Much like all of BB !!! They might have a free for all on the Apples and make everyone pick one – and air the reasons from the DR room on camera to the rest of the House for everyone to see. At least Paul’s game would finally come out to the rest of the House.
    If Kevin gets a bad edit while Jason, Josh and Alex remain Charlie’s Little Angel’s I think I will literally ………. Oh wait nothing ever changes on this show. – Keep on Kraken

  19. I finally did it! I cancelled my CBS All access. When I did it a box came us asking why & I gave them an earful (eyeful???) Let them know how awful this season of BB is with the bullying & disgusting talk. Said I won’t watch the broadcast shows either ( I will) and said how unhappy I was to not be able to watch past episodes of CBS shows but could not support that nonsense. Know it won’t help at all but I let off some steam. Unfortunately, it appears that I waited too long to cancel so I still have the feeds through late Sept.

  20. The editing is sketchy, at best. On the broadcast last night, Alex says, “Kevin is mean to everyone.”.. I’m like, WHAT did she just say? I’ve never seen Kevin be mean to anyone, let alone “everyone.”

    I think maybe Alex hates Kevin because he and Jason are tight. She’s jealous of their friendship maybe?

    1. The editing of the live show last night really annoyed me. First of all, stop making light of anything having to do with Matt. He’s an abomination to the game, making a mockery of Big Brother. Second, the whole segment of Alex and Jason panting Kevin as if he’s mean to others… bullshit. Why not show Paul goating Josh into bullying Kevin to try to set him off? Why not show Alex throwing out his slop? Why not show Jason making jokes about raping Kevin’s wife and tying up his daughters to make them watch?

      I’m praying that they do something when Matt is evicted tonight, but at this point I don’t have faith.

  21. I hope except for Jason and Kevin they each get booed when they leave. On the last night I hope that they are all made aware of the dislike that America (BB fans) had for their game play and that the bullying is mentioned.

    1. Perhaps by some miracle (or Big Brother Production intervention) Kevin can remain in the game and win Big Brother 19.

      If not, the only way to send a message of dissent to Paul and Paul’s Minions is to vote Kevin as America’s Favorite Player.

      Big Brother Production needs to intercede using their authority to referee the Big Brother Game and enforce the rules of the Big Brother Game. Big Brother Production needs to interpose preventing Big Brother Game Rules being broken without consequence.

      Matt needs to be expelled and fined from The Big Brother Game for breaking Big Brother Game Rules and the Big Brother Contract.

      Paul, Alex, Xmas, Josh, Raven need to receive penalties and sanctions.

      1. You must not have linefeed Kevin is just a’s biggest snake as the rest he is just learning to age how to do it better he doesn’t have them boosted throw it in peoples face

  22. I think Megan was probably the most sane cast member this season. She came into this house saw all of these repulsive bullies and was like “Yeah I’m out”…lol.

    1. He said something to her that she’s saying upset her. It was during the fight that was blocked.. no idea what it was. Don’t think it was worst than what they’ve all said about him 24/7 for the last 3 weeks but it might have been on par.

      1. thanks!! wow..
        at first i thought good things about the beginning…if she woulda teamed up with Cody when he asked this would have been a totally different season possibly!
        But shes obviously stupid and has proved her stupidity over and over…
        These people need to be made aware publicly and us fans deserve to see the looks on their faces…we deserve that much out of this garbage season that has effected all of our emotions!!
        Cody for AFP!!!..
        Kevin for 1st place (by production led temptation ..i dont care now)

  23. Quit blaming everything on CBS and BB! A lot of you commenters complain that CBS “riggs” the game, then you same complainers want CBS to change this and that. It’s a GAME! If you’re too sensitive self can’t handle watching A GAME……QUIT

  24. I want Kevin or Raven even though I don’t like her to win HOH. I can’t wait for that bully to be quiet and by bully I mean Alex. Even though I lost a lot of respect for Jason about his comments about Kevin, I wish they would just put Jason and Alex up and vote Alex out next week!! She walks around with a huge ego even though Paul total controls her, Alex you don’t deserve to win at all you have a nasty personality and bad game play!

  25. “Worst cast ever”…..”this season is a bust”……”they’re all horrible and vile”……..”CBS edits”….”BB picked a horrible cast”………….BUT you’re ALL obviously still watching!!

    1. Try actually reading the comments. Most are NOT watching. We come here for updates. I, for one, am waiting for the day Alex and/or Paul are evicted…and for the looks on their faces when the realize the are NOT America’s Favorite Player(s). No way in hell is CBS getting my time or my money, but I’ll gladly give it to Simon & Dawg.

  26. “CBS Cares” talks about bullying being bad, then CBS allows these creatures on BB to act this way? I guess they only “care” when they are not reaping rewards ( money, viewers, etc)!

  27. He mentions it a couple times to Jason, but actually does nothing to try to get something to happen so no, I do not follow your logic. His game is to follow! And heck no, do I ever want to vote a dang follower to be AFP.

    He willingly jumped right on that Paul train with the rest. He is a target because Paul needs new targets.

    Sorry guys, but these Kevin as hero comments are starting to annoy me. Kevin has proven himself to be as big a paul puppett as the rest of these cereal eating slugs. Yep, he is getting attacked just like dom,cody,jess,elena,mark etc. But he should have known this was going to come back on himself at some point. Just like jason should be preparing for it.
    Bottom line folks. If kev gets HOH he will do what paul wants. You just watch how quickly he runs to paul, bends over, gets lubed up, and takes it prison style. He will punk out like everyone else will. Paul is going to final 3 before anyone even thinks of making a move on him. BANK ON IT!

  29. Matt to Raven- Christmas doesn’t care. She knows she isn’t going to win this game over you. She will do what she can to help you, Paul or Josh. Christmas is a soldier. Raven – she is fricken amazing. Matt – you literally have two more people that would jump in front of a bus for you. Maybe even Josh too..

    Perhaps this is the best scientific evidence of what eating a lot of cereal can do to a persons brain. He actually thinks people are going to roll over and die for his ‘gypsy’ ..gag! The only reason for anyone to take Raven further in the game is because she is so disliked, people think they can win against her. But they are certainly not going to say….no..take me, leave Raven in the game, I will go to jury. His perception powers are zero! He is so stupid!

  30. This is a cast that is either incredibly dumb or HAS BEEN PAID BONUSES BY ALLISON GRODNER TO PROTECT AND PUSH PAUL ALONG. Production has gone beyond just aiding players, they have crossed a line. THEY ARE PAYING PEOPLE TO MAKE OR NOT MAKE MOVES. They have always interferred with this game. HOWEVER, THEY ARE NOW PAYING PEOPLE BONUS MONEY AND COERCING THEM TO COLLABORATE WITH RUSSIANS TO RIG THE GAME. Okay for get the part about the russians, but the rest of my comment stands. THEY ARE NOW PAYING PEOPLE BONUS MONEY AND COERCING THEM TO COLLABORATE.
    NO CAST MEMBERS CAN BE THIS BAD, DUMB, OR CLUELESS. They all know how to play this game. They all have watched how to play this game. Their moves (or lack of moves) make ZERO sense from a game perspective.
    THINK ABOUT THIS- Have you ever had a season where you could literally map out all of the evictees in the exact order???? NO! In the BB house alliances and targets CONSTANTLY shift. NOT THIS SEASON. EVERY WEEK THE ENTIRE HOUSE (EXCEPT THE TARGET) NEVER VARIES FROM THE SCRIPT. SO THAT MEAN THERE IS A SCRIPT!!! And not just a script in pauls head.
    BB is not subject to the FCC game show rules for a reason

    1. I posted something similar a few days ago and I am WITH YOU on this! NOBODY could be this stupid! I’m sure they all signed non-disclosure agreements and are being paid to follow the “script”.
      I’ve watched a couple earlier (way back) seasons of BB and, for the viewer, it’s more fun to watch and to root for your favorite(s).

  31. Surely that stupid tree temptation has to come into play somehow. If not, that whole idea will make Production look more stupid than they already do.

    1. Xmas & Paul were talking alone and she said to him I really, really like your mom. He looked startled and she realized she had brought up something that was supposed to be secret. He looked at the camera and changed the subject. First Raven reveals she and Paul were friends before and now this comes up. Are we all being duped this season on BB and if so for what reason? I think if Paul were to win it would be shady as H*ll! No way. I wouldn’t even be able to pretend to be happy for him.

  32. This past week had Jason’s rape comment and Alex comparing Kevin’s personality to a pederast. Now last night CBS gives a good edit of Alex, and then CBS shows the house saying how bad Kevin is. I think CBS is going to edit whatever fight Kevin had with Alex and make Kevin look really bad.

  33. San Francisco Bay Area…..BB will be on the CW Channel at 9:00 p.m.
    If you are on Comcast, it’s Channel 712

  34. Sorry Kevin but you are not getting my vote for AFP. You were involved with the nonsense that went on with Jess and Cody and now all of the sudden because it’s happening to you it’s a whole different story ? I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong Cody doesn’t have the most sparkling personality and he is very blunt but neither of those imo are bullying so for me Cody getting my vote. I don’t really care for anyone left in the house so I haven’t been watching it and get most of my info from here so thank you to those still suffering through watching the feeds . I’m not sure who I dislike most, Xmas the motivational speaker, what a joke!!, Paul the controller who if I recall was the first one to complain last year about returning players, man guess $ does talk cuz here he is, Jason who is just ok but had to make dumb ass remark about rape and kids watching and now gonna b a dad again, like really???, Kevin , well just a floater who goes with the flow of what Paul wants but plays the poor me card when he gets what he gave out, Matt , waste of space, why is he even there, Raven , aka con artist, and children dance teacher, if my kids were in her class before they would not b now. She’s terrible for using a disease and making crap up . I feel sorry those who truly suffer from it and r gonna get a bad rap because of this liar . Josh, immature crybaby, and he brags about running a business on eBay , I believe, can’t almost anyone open up a “store” on eBay? Would love to see a out of business sign on it when he comes out of the house and would love to shove the pots and pans up his butt. I’ve never seen anyone behave so childish in my life and think he isn’t a bully. He needs to look up the definition in the dictionary actually they all do And let’s Not foget Alex whom I think may actually b my pick for worst player there, who in their right mind thinks shitting on a bed is ok? but hey don’t worry cuz bb gonna help her launch a new career, omg r u for real ? I would love cbs to reverse the houses right now. Evict everyone left and let those who were evicted in the beginning and those sitting in jury finish out the season and let America vote .

    1. You are 100% correct on every count!!! I couldn’t agree more about these losers!!! It would be so great to bring back the players that got voted out or went home. NONE of these people in the house deserve even $5 let along $50k and $500k!!!!

  35. Simon and Dawg. Just a comment on your site re: BBCAN which is my NUMBER ONE site for all my BB info. I personally prefer your BBUS update format to the video updates of BBCAN the past couple years. I like that I can read the info (love your side comments) at my leasure. IMHO I find the video updates too time consuming and not as user friendly. I will still follow and support your site but thought I would just let you know my thoughts. Thanks for your time and dedication, even through seasons such as this, that leaves you with bleeding ears and eyes.

    1. HEY! Thanks for the support, I like the BBUS format better as a reader I totally understand that. Actually BBCAN is not really worth it for us to watch 10 hours a day. It burns us out totally.

      To be honest I doubt we’ll be doing BBCAN6 it just too much work for us.

      1. Season 1 and 2 were about as good as you can get for a Big Brother show.
        Season 3 was too twist heavy for my liking
        Season 4 I missed
        Season 5 was so/so

  36. Simon or Dawg-

    I just read on another website that Jason made another rape joke last night? Truth or Fiction? Supposedly it was about old people in a nursing home?

    1. It was a very funny story about one of Jason’s arrests, the whole thing was on police video and a copy sent to his lawyer, and his lawyer told him he’d never seen anyone say absolutely everything possible to get arrested. He was mouthing off to the cop and taunting him. It isn’t a “rape joke” no matter how bad some people want to turn it into one. About 1:15pm to 1:30pm Wednesday on the feeds.

      1. Oh….thank you. I couldn’t find anything on it and I wondered if someone made it up. I saw the other 2 comments he made unfortunately.

  37. To those that think this is still a game? What we are being given are a group with, ( hope) a temporary release from an Asylum.
    It’s no longer a game, nor are the players worthy, throwing comps, or helping certain players to win comps. When the players harass, bully, and are destructive with lies and unendows, its no longer a game. When rules are broken and ignored.
    This season, viewers are shown a white washed version. Players not only defame each other, but now also include families of the players in their vile talks. I also cannot believe the potty mouths, cussing, and words coming out of Xmas, Alex, and Ravens mouth. Disgusting.
    This game would/could have been a great season we would be talking about very highly. Look at the players in a different light on their first day.
    What did change this into the hateful, disgusting season it has become? The little Napoleon or in real world, “Chicken Little Paul”.
    Excuse my having to lower myself to using names, but this season deserves worse.

  38. At this point, I’d summon a Navy Seal squad to rescue Kevin in the have not room to ease his misery with those gutter rats. On their way out, they can drop a grenade or two in each of the other bedrooms and call it a day. I know common sense says, ” But, it’s only a game!” My heart says, ” I despise these motherfu*kers!”

  39. My AFP vote goes to…
    1. The quickest person to know Paul was the biggest threat (and try to do something about it)
    2. Someone who could think for themselves
    3. Someone who defends and stands up for their ride or die.
    4. A comp beast, competitive
    5. Non floater

    One person from this season fits that

    1. Cody’s original ride or die was Mark, no? Cody wasn’t a comp beast, unless I missed it. He also inadvertently got his humpmate targeted and then eliminated, and he was voted out twice! AFP should be “none of the above” this year.

      1. Ride or dies don’t happen in the first few weeks. Cody was the first HOH (how can ya have a ride or die with anyone on the first HOH….he put up Paul, not Matt). Cody won’t the Balancing Apple Tree comp right after. He THEN had to nominate 5 different HG. How could anyone not be ticked off after that?!?!

  40. Can someone please tell me what is the penalty for Matt not following the Have Not rules this week?!? It was so classless that he slept in the Rose Room and ate whatever he wanted with zero repercussions. Even Cody left in a frog outfit his first time out.

    1. No Cody took his costume off before the walked out the door unlike other seasons where people did wear them out. Not sure if Cody got the OK to remove it when he did.

  41. What are sanctions that could be brought against the houseguests? I’ve only watched like 5 seasons and am not sure what could be done to this cast?

  42. backseat
    I agree. I think Grodner determined after a fews weeks of observation who would be the final 3. Originally it was going to be team paul v team cody show. With the captains battling it out for weeks. Cody went rogue and decided to take out paul early. Grodner stepped in and gave protection to paul to get cody back on script. The house turned and cody was out. She rigged a comp for cody and She got cody back in a few weeks later. By then she realized he had no game and went in a new creative direction. final 3 would be paul xmas josh and she got them all together and worked it out. The ensuing drama is part of the script.

  43. My thoughts on AFP.
    Not Kevin- He runs and tells Paul everything. He doesn’t seem to think he told Paul that he took the 25g. When it comes out, does he consider who it came from? Many times he could have spoken about the going-on, but stays silent. He tells Jessica he would never vote her out, yet when the house comes down on her, right or wrong, he follows the house. Kevin has not made one decision on his own.
    Mark- Can’t vote for him neither. He was a flip-flopper and admitted it. No strategy, nor game play. If he and Elena had stayed true to Cory, they might have been a powerful force. What has Mark done to receive AFP except he was a nice guy and left as such, but not before flip flopping each of the HGs and saying he would be true to each one.
    Jessica- I might consider but she wanted to play it safe also when HOH and could have made a difference and brought out things on Paul and tactics, but remained silent.
    Cory- Cory had a grasp on Paul and figured out what was going on. A lot of the negatives on Cory was he was defending himself sometime with not good words, but had self control in not going further. A lot of negatives we feel for or on Cody is what the house is telling us. Think how many times he was accosted with bullying for being in a room or BY. How many times did Cory deliberately go into BY, or a room to degrade, bully, or fight someone? Ask yourself! Ask your self why the minions and their leader still bad mouthing after weeks of leaving, Cody? Because when America votes, they want them to not vote Cory.
    My vote hands down is AFP should be given to Cody. He deserve it, earned it, and would upset Napoleon and his followers also.


    Matt – Christmas doesn’t care. She knows she isn’t going to win this game over you. She will do what she can to help you, Paul or Josh. Christmas is a soldier. Raven – she is fricken amazing. Matt – you literally have two more people that would jump in front of a bus for you. Maybe even Josh too.
    HOW THE HELL CAN ANYONE UTTER THESE SENTENCES WITH A STRAIGHT FACE? HAS ALL THE SEX REDUCED THEIR BRAIN CELLS THIS MUCH??? so xmas goal is to take 4th so she can help raven paul and josh win??? Reallyy??? The crossfit champ is there with a “broken foot” just for the 3 month vacation? She does not really want 500k? She wants to give it to your skank?

    9pm Lounge room. Alex, Christmas, Josh and Paul.


  45. Needed to add on my thoughts on AFP.
    I feel sorry for Kevin and what he and the words said about his family. But that alone doesn’t make for a AFP award.
    Whereas, Cody was also bullied, and sometimes said words back, and he is still bullied for the ears of America to hear so he won’t be considered. But Cory fought to get back into the house, even their hero, who was picked to stop Cory to come back and failed.
    I know Paul will win the 500G, but without the help of his followers, he would never have won HOH to begin with. Actually all Paul has accomplish is to brainwash his followers into his cult.
    Cory deserves the AFP award he accomplished more, and didn’t follow Pauls written script.

  46. If you’re wondering why Matt hasn’t been expelled like Chima yet, it’s because he still wants to be there. Chima went IDGAF back in BB11 because she wanted to go home and production were still trying to not let that happen.

  47. AFP is subjective but to me Cody didn’t even attempt to play the game and in doing so actually ruined another person’s game. Plus his personality was that of a pouty, angry d-bag so he’s not my “favorite” in any way. VOTE KEVIN!!!

    1. Cody is the ONLY person who attempted to play BB and make a move.

      Because America thought the gnome was a good guy, it stupidly gave him three weeks of safety which Cody knew nothing about.

    2. The fact that he had to nominate 5 people (one being Paul with a secret 3 week safety) is what ruined everyone’s game.

  48. It was nice seeing Kevin in his element last night telling stories, laughing and having a good time with Jason, Josh and Paul.

  49. First check in, in over a week. Nice to see that nothing has changed and haven’t missed much.

    I can’t believe that Kevin is now the focus of being excluded and everyone talking $#!+ about him!

    The only thing to check back on next week is who becomes the new exclude who is treated poorly.

    Please get to the end Kevin, you’re the only one worth voting for (Jason is gaining approval for my vote…)

  50. I feel bad for Kevin but what irks me about him is he runs and tell every f**king thing to Paul. Cody confided in him abou having a daughter then he went and ran his mouth, like seriously ??? He need to stop worshiping the ground paul walks upon especially since Paul is not on his team. I’m surprised that he thinks Alex is the shot caller (even though she’s a c**t) and not that self riteous midget Paul. I think it would burn Paul and his minions more if we voted for Cody as AFP over Kevin since the minions have more disdain for Cody in comparison to Kevin. Also Paul knows he’s been planting seed and telling lies about Kevin. The others are just not aware of it. They despise Cody because he wasn’t a follower and kiss ass like the rest of them.

  51. Did someone give these people stupid pills? If Alex throws this HOH to Raven(they just voted out Matt] she is more than stupid if that is possible. She may not win it but to throw it because Paul told her to. Then wait to see what she does when she an Jason are on the block and believes the target is still Kevin. Just hope Jason wins veto and they send her home. She probably want believe it as she is walking out the door. Could appreciate Pauls gameplay if not for the taunting and vile comments he orders others to do and they are dumb enough to do as he asked then sits back takes no responsibility an no one calls him out for it. He already has them all under his spell. The other crap is not necessary.

  52. I don’t understand how CBS/BB does NOT deal with Matt cheating in the game….not sleeping in Have Not Room, eating food and not slop?? It smacks the game/rules and players that DID follow the rules, right in the face. The show loses credibility when rules are allowed to be broken. Same with Elena.

  53. Christmas was freaking out about an egg carton with empty egg shells in it in the fridge. I just watched that moron handling raw beef then with her beef covered hands touching the pepper grinder. She “wiped” it off with a dry paper towel then handled raw meat again. And no, she did not wash her hands after the 2nd time. They all wonder why they get sick so easily in that house. They live like pigs.

  54. Look at Paul with his finger in his mouth demonstrating violence and Josh choking himself.. as usual following the leader. They think this is cute and funny for viewers to look at. Their mines is always going a mile a second to think of something they can do that is vicious and to get other HG involved in. They don’t have a clue how the viewers feel about their on going violence behavior. Can’t wait tell the HG read our comments and understand that this behavior is unacceptable and that they are not our favorite BB HG at all. Shameful!

  55. I was thinking if the HG kept Matt and sent Raven home this might be a better move. Matt already have penalties and if any HG gets put up on the block Matt will be the one sent to jury house. HG will be safe for one more week after Raven leaves. What do you commenters think about what I am thinking?

      1. Yep. Paul was quick with criticism of Cody for not making a speech saying “he’s disrespecting the Veto ceremony”…really? He is “allowed” to say something if he wants to. No one ever said he had to. Matt broke the rules set by BB for Have Nots.

  56. Paul is like Charlie Manson. Josh is psycho. Xmas caused her injury by jumping on Jason’s back. Cody is a war hero, and if he knew what is happening in Texas would be there to help out. Kevin hasn’t lied to people, even though Evil despicable Alex says he did, and Josh says he did, and 2 faced Xmas says he did, and Paul tells them all he did. Josh would kill for Paul in real life if instructed by this Terrorist! Mark was a nice guy. Elena was a user. Every one of the H.G.s seems to think their appearances on BB will result in fame and fortune. Paul started a sports wear business after last year, but I don’t think he makes enough with it to live on. Kevin tells real life stories. His father was known as “The Big Cheese” in Boston and was sent to prison for drug sales, including cocaine. Kevin has been married to the same woman for something like 31 years and she is a neo natal nurse and the primary bread winner. They have 7 kids (6 girls and a boy) The boy is the only one still at home and is 14 years old. I used to think Jason was worthy of going to final 2 with Kevin, but his comments about raping Kevin’s wife and tying up his daughters to watch was way out of line. Matt and Raven don’t conceal their sexual relationship. Raven is trying to go to the end and win because of her condition, but I’m not so sure about that. She eats entirely too much for somebody who has the condition she is supposed to have. My roomy’s niece just got diagnosed with Lukemia and is going through treatments at 11 years of age. That is much worse than Raven’s perceived stomach problems. Matt needs to be kicked out for breaking the rules for Have Nots. Sanctions should be placed on all the others except for Kevin for the attacks they made on Kevin, especially Josh and Paul who directed the attacks. Alex and her wanting to take a dump in Kevin’s bed should also be kicked out! Kevin really was a hunk winner on Geraldo Rivera’s show and did modeling. He likes to dress up, and hopefully will be able to revive the modeling career. One of his daughters also has done modeling. My favorite house guest vote goes to Kevin first and Cody second. I’ve been watching BB since season 1 when the winner was the guy with one leg. Would love to see him again.

  57. Would love to see part of Matt’s stipend go to an anti bullying organization, as a penalty for his rule breaking. Maybe the others would get the message.

    1. How does money stop bullying?

      These people are adults, they’ve been told bullying is bad, they do it anyway.

      Having one more public service announcement, one more teacher, one more celebrity tell them bullying is bad won’t do anything to change anyone’s behavior.

      The only thing more money will do is give someone running an anti-bullying nonprofit more money for their ski trip.

  58. I’m not a Julie Chen fan but my ratings meter will definitely go up if she addresses Matt tonight (if he is eliminated) about him breaking the house rules. I think he is way out of line not respecting the contract he signed before CBS chose him to be a part of Big Brother 19.

  59. I said this last week and I’ll say it again. I’m WAITING for Alex and Jason on the block just to see Alex’s face when the veto isn’t used…

    1. She’s going to think they’re backdooring Kevin, then when she finds out they aren’t, she’s going to blame Kevin.

  60. Best scenarios…

    BB expels Matt for rules violations. Jason has to put up another nominee next to Raven. Raven gets evicted and goes to jury but Matt doesn’t get to go and forfeits stipend. America gets his vote.

    Now they are one player short after evicting 2. Have a jury Battle Back. Cody wins and comes back in the house. Paul shits his pants.

    That’ll never happen. Too good to be true. This is the best that could happen:

    Someone other than Alex wins HOH. Puts up Alex & Jason. Kevin wins veto and takes Jason off. Now they have to vote out Alex.

  61. How in the world can Raven have a gastro disease??? That fat pig is stuffing her pie hole 24/7! For crissakes she must have put on 30 pounds. Her fat a$$ is growing day by day. The only reason its not more noticeable is that she is lying in bed doing nasty stuff in those filthy sheets! Yuck! Can matt wash that damn orange t shirt!!!!

  62. How many more weeks till “The Paul Show” is over? He needs to go back to his Gnome Home ASAP!

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