Paul “Should I start promising to get them far? I don’t want to say that unless you & Christmas trust me 500%”

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9pm Kitchen – Josh, Matt and Raven.
Matt – I’ve had an awesome time. Josh – you’ve been a straight shooter. Raven – you know what he’s won? He won a gypsy! Matt – not a bad prize. Josh – as soon as I walk out you better greet me with a f**king bottle. Matt – I don’t want to see you but if I do. I will be so pissed if I see one of you guys next week.. or right after or this week. Josh – you won’t. If you think I turned it up on Mark to throw him off.. you have no f**king clue. Raven – what is going to happen on Thursday if he leaves, are you going to turn it up? Josh – we can’t. We have to play it off like its the house against Matt. And then its a whole different ball game. Josh to Raven – you can’t explode. Matt – I am very excited to be friends with Paul after the show. Matt and Raven head to bed. Raven – on a scale of 1 – 10 how much are you going to miss me? Matt – Like a 13! Raven – nailed it.

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10:05pm HOH room – Paul and Christmas.
Christmas – I don’t mind taking the shot. I’ve talked to Alex and she has offered to go up. I just need you to have my back after and to help me do damage control. Paul – I will always damage control for you. Christmas – I know. Paul – I think we’re in a pretty sweet spot right now. You’ve been talking to Matt and Raven and they feel pretty comfortable with us right now, right? Christmas – they want me to have it or Josh. Paul – perfect. They don’t associate us three as a thing. Same with Alex and Jason, they think we’re just pawns in their game. All we need to do is not f**k up. Christmas – I’ve been telling Josh not to tell people what he is thinking. Answer questions, with questions. Be real f**king vague with everybody. Paul – once we take Jason out we can keep Kevin under the wraps. The only thing here is clipping Raven. When? At five? Christmas – yes. Paul – so Jason and then Alex. Christmas – I would prefer Jason before Alex. Paul – so Jason, Alex, Kevin, that’s the order. Paul talks about faking a fight with Christmas so “we can separate”. Paul – we need to just keep pumping Alex to her. If we get Jason and Alex out I can give you 100% guarantee we will make it to the final 3. Kevin wants to take a shot at Alex. He would put up Alex and Raven. Once Jason is gone I can really see him on me and him final 2 and then we clip him. Paul heads down stairs.

10:10pm Backyard – Jason and Kevin.
Kevin – oh my god I hope I win HOH! I’m only going to put one person (Alex) up twice! I’ve got no one else to put up. I’m going to put her up first and second. Like in the DR can I put her up twice. Can you put two pictures of her up? Jason laughs. Kevin – she is doing this for no reason. It wasn’t a bar fight. Once you and Paul came I stopped and walked away. Jason – I know, it was no worse than the pots and pans. Kevin – thank you. I was no worse than the Mark thing. He threw sh*t in Josh’s eyes. Jason – its because its the new thing. I don’t know how to get back to ground zero here. I don’t know how to protect you. I don’t know how to protect me. Kevin – just don’t vote against me and I won’t vote against you. Jason – I won’t. Kevin – is Alex going to vote against me? Jason – you’re not on the block! You’re not going on the block. Kevin – you know what they should do is whoever wins HOH put her on the block .. when it’s 6 I’ll go up. Don’t put me up against her, you know what I mean? Raven is going up next right? Jason – f**K yes! Kevin – I say we get Raven out first this week. Shock the sh*t out of Matt. He’ll have to do another week in the havenots because he gave it up. Wouldn’t that be shocking if she left and he was here. Jason – just keep being Kevin. Kevin – I will but is she going to keep standing beside me being a little a##hole? Jason – just act like she doesn’t exist. Kevin – clearly no one thinks I am actually going to harm someone in the house. Alex joins them.

10:55pm HOH room. Paul and Christmas
Paul – I just talked to Alex and said if we throw it to Josh and Christmas they can take the shot at Raven and Kevin. We don’t have to get blood on our hands. She was like yeah, yeah, definitely we need to do that. So we just have to keep selling it to her. Keep telling her your distaste for Raven and Kevin. Then I went to Raven and said that Alex is on board with throwing it to Josh and Christmas but I don’t think she will ever throw it to you, so you just need to out beat Kevin. I told her code word is Tray-ho. If I say anything about that she is to drop. It will be a tough next two weeks. Paul – I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tries to take a shot at me. Alex joins them.

11:40pm HOH room – Paul and Josh.
Paul tells Josh that he confirmed with Raven and Alex that they’ll throw it. Paul – I’m going to get Raven to drop off immediately. Josh – what’s it going to be? Paul – I don’t know, you just have to survive dog! Do your best to survive because Alex isn’t dropping until Alex is out. Or maybe I can just get Kevin to throw it to me. Josh – who would you go after? Paul – I don’t know. Josh – who would you tell him you would go after? You could say me. Paul – so I was talking to Christmas and after Jason, I think Raven might take a shot at me. Josh – I don’t think she would.

Paul – should I start promising them to get them far? I don’t want to start going around saying sh*t like that unless you and Christmas trust me 500%. Josh – I trust you 500%. Josh – Raven and Kevin are never going to compare notes. Paul – in any scenario Alex and Jason go up with Kevin as the replacement. Josh – we need to split them up ASAP!

12:30am Paul, Josh and Christmas.
Josh – If I was in a serious relationship, I wouldn’t be here. Christmas – why? Josh – because when I’m in a serious relationship I get very consumed. Paul – why does she eat you? Christmas – have you ever been in love? Josh – once. Christmas – tell me about it. Josh – girls get very attached and clingy. If I’m not in love, I am not going to waste my time. Josh – I feel like she was the one that got away. Christmas – why are you still with her. Josh – because I f**ked up. Christmas – is it repairable? Josh – we’ve said we would always be in each others lives even if we got married. Paul – you tell her to f**k off. Christmas – she wants to keep you on a string. Paul – you tell her if you get married you will never speak to her again because you will be focused on your life. Christmas – if you get married and you still talk to your ex like that, then you shouldn’t get married. You have to release her to be able to fall in love again. Josh – I’ve dated older girls. Paul – how old. Josh – 2 to 3 years older. Like Elena. Josh – girls like Elena drives me nuts. Christmas – why? Paul – because you like sassy b***hes.

12:55am Alex hides in the bathroom vanity and scares Jason.

1:55am – 3:10am Lounge room. Paul talking to the camera.
Paul – so my plan right now.. final 8, so I told you guys about the pairs. Christmas and Josh, Alex and Jason, Matt and Raven, and Kevin. SO I positioned myself between the couples. I’ve been feeding Mat and Raven to take a shot at Jason and Alex. I’ve been telling Jason and Alex to take a shot a Matt and Raven. I convinced Jason not to use the veto so he drew a line in the sand between Matt & Raven and Jason & Alex. They f**king blew up. I’ve been promising Kevin I will take him to the end, even that is not going to happen. But at lease Kevin won’t take a shot at me. Josh and Christmas are the real people I want to take to final 3 because I think I could win against either of them. Once Jason and Alex are out of this game, its a clear road for me to the end. This next two weeks will be the hardest of the entire season. I am pretty much getting the green light to tell everyone that I am going to take them to the end and keep me safe. I have Kevin, Josh, Christmas all pretty much promising to take me to the end. Paul continues to rant about the season and other random-ness.

3:15am All the house are sleeping..

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Too bad Alex wasn’t hiding in the HOH room waiting to scare Jason when Christmas and Paul were plotting her and Jason’s demise.


These people are disgusting inside and out! I would say Cameron for AFP but considering how the rest of the cast is I don’t know if he’s just as evil as the rest of them. I hope during finale night Julie tells them that they are part of the most hated cast in BB history!


These people are really bad, but I absolutely despised the racists in BB15.

curtis byrd

Ease up Johnny this isn’t racism


Julie won’t say anything.

Gail Lessard

Yes this is all unfolding a little too conveniently to believable!

stella smith

You know what? Even after hearing Paul and Christmas planning their demise, I think Alex would STILL trust Paul. She would say in her horrible voice,”We just have to get rid of Christmas, then I will have Paul all to myself.”


Now he is taking credit for Jason NOT using the veto? Ugh I can’t stand the little troll!!!


I know! If he is as good as he thinks he is he should have thought keeping noms the same would benefit his game.

Production needs to cut these idiots for continuing to provoke Kevin.

Comes to something when you resent giving these morons one star!


I must have gastoparesis. Whenever I see or hear Raven or Matt talk I gag.


I wish I was there to see Matt’s face when he realizes he gave up his so called game for a con artist. Even BB did a segment about how much Raven lies. That was funny.

He Did It For The Cereal

If you are referring to Matt breaking the have-not rules, I don’t agree that he gave up the game for Raven. He did not do it for Raven, he did it for the cereal. He couldn’t bear not eating cereal for a whole week.

Cereal addict

Well, Mattress did compare cereal to crack…

BB lover

LOL. Perfect comment!

So predictable

I hope Paul gets clipped at final three. Most likely it would be Christmas pulling the trigger if she has to choose from Paul and Josh.

Paul would be having nightmares about the one that got away ๐Ÿ˜‰

I lost all respect for Jason after he made that comment about Kevin’s wife and kids.

Hope Kevin can pull out a win to save himself.
Won’t hold my breath but surprise me. Please? ๐Ÿ˜‰


What did he say about his wife and kids?


That he’d tie up his kids and make them watch as he r@ped his wife. Seriously.


What the f*ck??? So basically I have Kevin left to root for….

Bolt Uprite.

So when was this going to happen? At the wrap party? When Jason visits Kevin over New Years? Is that when he’s going to r@pe Kevin’s wife and tie up the kids and make them watch? Then? Is this the first time you’ve watched BB? Did you just fall off the turnip truck? Get your head out of your @ss if you can’t separate bullshit conversation from reality. How pathetic.


R@pe is NEVER something to make a joke about. Game or no game. End of story.


Yeah, because everything I’ve seen about Jason all season on the live feeds screams RAPE! I knew he was a raper at heart. What a dick. I saw this on the live feeds and I KNEW IT would come out sooner or later. He totally wants to rape Kevin’s wife and make his kids watch.


First of all, ‘r@per’? R@pist. Learn the terminology. Second of all… no one is saying he is actually r@pist, but regardless of his motives or intentions, saying something like that is absolutely horrific. It’s not a joke to say that you want to tie up a man’s wife and make his children watch. If Jason’s wife doesn’t think that it’s an awful thing to say, then she’s awful too.

Oh come on

It was most definitely a joke. Everyone was saying mean stuff about Kevin so he wanted to shock them and say the meanest thing he could think of. And it worked…he shocked them and for a second no one was talking bad about Kevin anymore. All were laughing at Jason for taking it that far. So yeah…that is called joking around. Comedians for centuries have said shocking things like that for laughs and if he was on a stage he would have gotten tons of them. No idea why everyone is taking it so seriously. I’ve told my friends I’d rape their moms….they laugh and then say something gross about my mom. That’s how talking crap with your friends works. It’s not pretty I guess but it certainly isn’t anything to get sincerely butt hurt about.


Oh, Come On…..then you’re just as big an a**hole as Jason. Seriously, someone else doing it or saying it, doesn’t make joking about violently attacking another in a sexual way funny.


I was being extremely sarcastic to prove a point. Jason went overboard with his words, without thinking….the environment in the house and the attack from Maven earlier put him in an awkward and unstable head space. Jason is a good guy who took a joke too far and that’s it


“IM SOOO NOT A R@PER!” – Step Brothers (I see ya didn’t get the movie reference so here’s a little help)


So Alex does not even have a single doubt why Paul would want her to throw HOH? To let Josh and Xmas take the shot at Raven and Kevin? That should have alarm bells ringing in her head. Jason and her already took the shot at Matt so those 2 jury votes are gone and if Kevin gets voted out it would be Xmas, Josh and Paul who voted him out. Idiots one and all. I hope Kevin wins HOH to put a monkey wrench in the gnome’s game. Let him go off script and put Paul (he won’t but I dare to dream) up next to Alex and see who really has who’s back. Raven tells Xmas she would throw it to her? HAHAHAHA. Moe, Larry and Curly could have done a better job this season

Roll Tide

It is funny Raven and Josh are going to throw HOH to Christmas. Raven has won nothing. Josh only won because of the Dictator. If it is physical Christmas can’t compete.
I will say, Josh and Raven are two nasty people. Josh thinks he is so powerful, is so under Paul’s mist, he knows Paul has finals with everyone. Josh cannot see through the mist.
Christmas is just a very nasty person. Alex is extremely mean.
I wish Jason would be allowed to stay. I think he said that trying to fit in.
Last year Paul lost because he did not get to know the houseguest. He was a very loud and used the f word constantly. This year he is controlling the houseguest. Believe he has lost fans. Poor Josh seems like he will do anything you tell him, trying to be liked. Can’t stand him. Raven, pathetic, hope GoFundMe stops her getting free money. She has a mental disorder. He Mother ought to be ashamed for what she had done to her daughter.
Rant over….


It’s not in this update but Josh did talk to the cameras last night and said that he was suspicious of Paul making side deals with Raven even though he knew xmas and Josh were protecting him


Despite being suspicious, Josh still believes that Paul has his back…


Making a rape comment to fit in? Seriously? How about the gay comments and schizophrenia??? Whats your reasoning there?
My reasoning is that we now see the real Jason for who is is!

Bolt Uprite.

Lighten up snowflake.


I don’t care about this game. I just want Julie & AG to be fired. Or give them a new show to produce…”Lord of the Flies”. Stay up ! Be Evil!


Forget about Julie Chen getting fired it is pretty much her show. Did you forget who she is married to? Leslie Moonves…President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Of The Board of CBS Corporation. Think of someone else to get fired because it will never happen when it comes to Julie Chen.


Julie could walk in and drown one of them in the pool on Thursday’s show and be back at the View Friday morning. Wait…that could mean either she’s untouchable or everyone is willing to pretend it didn’t happen. I guess it depends on who ends up face down in the pool.


FYI Julie is on The Talk CBS show not The View ABC show.


Why fire julie? Lol. She didn’t cause this mess.


Julie?! She’s is a legend in our world. I can’t imagine a Big Brother without Julie Chen hosting.


Don’t worry Julie Chen not going anywhere soon and when she leave it will be because she ready to qo. Yes she’s a legend!


This season disgusts me. After Jason’s comments yesterday, I can’t possibly root for him. What possessed him to say such horrible things about Kevin’s wife and daughters? I guess, Kevin is the only person I can support. At least he stood up to Josh while at the same time defending his family. Why, oh why, CBS, did you allow it to get this far?

Could be wrong but

Is it possible for someone to verify Jason’s
Supposed comments, just kind of sounds
Off for his personality to make these comments. Idk but unless I hear it on a video clip I don’t believe it just because someone posted quotes


Yeah I heard it and posted the time. stamp go back and flashback.


In fact Jason family apologized on behalf of him, what a shame


Jasons family apologized by saying it was “taken out of context”…sounds like an excuse to me. I saw the feed. He blatantly said it.
Just a straight up apology to Kevin’s family sans excuses is the only acceptable apology


Don’t know where to begin looking. Which update has the post with time stamp at?


I can’t post it for you. I did watch the clip though. They were going on about what they could say to provoke him to violence and self evicting and Jason said he would tell him he would have sex with his wife while his kids were tied up and forced to watch. Up until that comment I was rooting for him to win.


It is so true he said he would f**k Kevin’s wife and tie up his daughters and someone said tjats crossing the line and he said he was just looking for something crazy to say.


Yesterday when I got so disgusted with these people I watched CNN. Amazing how the good people in Texas are coming together for each other. Renewed my faith in how people should act.


Since Matt refuses to participate in being a have not, I think BB should call an outside lock down. When the HGs come back, all the food from the kitchen will have been removed, except for slop and protein powder. The storage room will be locked, only allowing access to Jason. Because Jason is HOH, he will be the only one who will not be on slop for the next three days.


i think that’s fair or bb should say kevin gets votes subtracted from him next time he’s on the block because he’s actually respecting have-nots. the house would freak the #@$% out, and matt might actually go back on slop when he realized he’d be essentially protecting kevin.


Best idea yet!

Paul should self evict so I can try to enjoy the remainder of the season

I’m glad I’m not in the house. I’d have bashed Pauls’ head in.

The sleeper

i think after Thursday all hell is gonna break loose and Jason and Alex are going to feel really stupid hopefully they can both win veto with the tree having the second veto, cuz at this point it’s obvious these people are broken light bulbs when it comes to Paul. if I or anyone who wasn’t recruited was there to play Paul would’ve been blown up and gone a while ago !!!!!


Except you can only pick an apple before the noms and they are not worried about going up. C’mon Alex, Paul is pushing way too hard for you to throw the HOH. She should know you never throw a double eviction.


As one that maybe alone, I quit watching the CBS TV BB because of the way CBS is editing the show and not showing how evil and despicable Paul and his Manson followers are. Even though paid for, I no longer even look at the feeds, its embarrassing what’s going on and unbelievable how low humans can go. The harassment, bullying that is allowed is despicable, just for a show and ratings for this to go on? CBS needs to show how low they have allowed this series to go. Paul is the lowest, getting others to do his work. An his Manson followers are mindless, hypnotized by hero worshipping they can’t see the end of the tunnel.
How stupid can people be not wanting to go for the ultimate prize, rather fight for jury or final 3 and hand Manson the 1/2 million rather.
Cody and Jessica one has to admit were the only one’s to see were all the molding of the players into what they are now came from, Paul.
How can anyone hire Xmas for future motivational speaking after this? I have never disliked so many people gathered in such a small group before.
Paul reminds me of the character that carries a rope around and intimidates a hanging, once the mob is gathered, he stay’s in the background so he wont get hurt, or part of the hanging when brought to justice. What a pussy, and lowest form of humanity he is.


Doesnt watch the tv show or the feeds, but seems to know exactly the context of whats being said and how its being said, by reading only text!

Thank you for the Glorious Facepalm moment


Looking at the wallboard picture this morning of the HGs, look at the four who are on top. Wow!!!


Neat how some years that happens


I can’t stand Alex but it’s soooo funny when she scares the house guests lol adds a little humour to all the other bullshit they do

Bob Cobb

All Alex is…is a James wannabe!

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

She’s doing a great job then.

All the same

Bob Cobb………………… That sounds like a racist comment,is it because they are both of Asian descent? Talk about people and not their ethnicity. Thank you.


They’re both diminutive people who like to hide and scare people. The only comment referring to ethnicity is yours. James is a superior moral being over Exlax.


No….even I know it’s because James LOVED playing jokes on people! I didn’t see one word of Ethnicity bandied about. THANK YOU!


I just can’t find vile people funny, no matter how hard they try.


Despicable, Manson Paul and his followers. They are out of control and CBS does nothing? CBS is also in same vein for allowing this, harassment and bullying. Hope each houseguest finds out before the final how they been conned and lied to by “Mr (never lie) Friendship”

Bats and balls

. Society spends alot of energy and money trying to stop bullying .
. Sounds like CBS is condoning being a bully to win.
Maybe it’s not a prime time show anymore .

I'm Not Paul's Sheep

Big brother should’ve removed all the cereal in the house since Matt is being a little bitch.


I concur take away all cereal from Matt ….even in the jury house as part of his punishment .In addition, the show should deduct three weeks of his allowance money. Personally, I would prefer the show to kick him off on Thursday.


These HG’s are the most vile pile of crap ever. I don’t understand how people can say nasty evil comments about other people and think america is going to love them. these idiots are completely insane. I’m so disapointed in this season, I don’t want anyone to win. Donate the money to charity (St. Jude’s Hospital, Veterans fund, Cancer foundation) UGH WORST CAST ever!!!!!!!!!


So Jason did make the move Paul wanted after all and like a good little minion he took the backlash for it. Not one of these Hg’s deserve the $500,000. The ones that actually did deserve it were already evicted. Then to top it all off Jason made a heinous comment. I cannot imagine what his wife and family are going through now. None of the Hg’s ever think about what they are doing to their loved ones at home. Maybe this show is best used as a tool to show humanity how they shouldn’t act. The ones already evicted weren’t nasty enough to make it through to the end. So sad because THAT is not Big Brother. Not the one from years ago. It’s slowly decayed. I’m hopeful it will turn around each season.


This is going to sound like a conspiracy theory, but two things:

1. At the beginning of the season, Christmas and Paul were talking about having each other’s backs until the end. Paul said something along the lines of, “We won’t even have to talk about it again. We’ll just make eye contact and know we’re on the same page.”
2. About a week (ten days?) ago, Paul and Christmas were talking and Christmas said, “I really love your mom. I just really, really love her.” Paul said, “I’d like to know how you know my mom.” Christmas said nothing, just gave him a look, and Paul said, “Oh, yeah. Never mind.”

Hmmm. , ,

Conspiracy Theory

Its really not a conspiracy theory that this show is heavily edited and production influenced. This show is no different from a scripted soap opera and people still believe its a show about randomness. Wasn’t Paul himself chatting on live feeds about how people “think” Big Brother is rigged…..come on now why would he have that chat…maybe production influenced?

I’ve watched in the past knowing this and being fine with it, but this year Production went way overboard with their script.


Paul has his game dialed in and deserves this win over these clueless, do-nothing, cereal eating, slugs!
ItS paul, xmas, josh in a final 3. xmas and josh double cross paul. Xmas for the win…..

Yeah, I said it

The only thing Paul deserves is a beat down.

Kid Rock

Honestly who would take a shot at Paul before Final 3????? I think Xmas takes Josh and Alex takes Jason to final 2 if they are left with Paul!!!! That would be Paul’s biggest hurdle…. Thing is Paul is confident he can beat Xmas n josh in final 3 and he would get to choose again who he takes with him to final 2!!! He knows Alex n Jason have a better shot at beating him at final 3!!!! It’s gonna be hard getting to final 3 with Josh n Xmas! I think Jason is the only one that would take a shot at Paul before final 3….he wants to go to final 3 with Alex n Kevin…


yeah, it’s really hard to come up with scenarios that send paul home before final 3. i don’t think anyone would willingly put him on the block, so that automatically keeps paul safe til five. then what? alex wins hoh, puts up kevin and josh/xmas/maven; jason wins veto; takes down kevin; paul is the only eligible renom; would kevin and jason vote out paul? only thing that begins to make sense and it requires a lot of specific circumstances (kevin probably needs to win next hoh followed by jason) and i still don’t see kevin and jason doing it (everyone else is a lost cause though). similar situation is required to get paul out at 4 (and he needs to lose both hoh and pov that week), and at 3 i think he just needs to make sure he’s not up against a pair or wins part 3 of the hoh (easy to do against josh and xmas).

Anti Paul Puppet

Reasons for Cody for AFP

1.) Only HG to make a move against Paul
2.) It would mind f*** Paul and Puppets (this might tie for number 1)

I have about 10 more, but these are really the only two I need for my reasoning.


Neither did Mark and he didn’t disrespect the game and went out with Class. Although he did toss the hot sauce in Josh’s face, he still is a WAY better choice for AFP. Why so many want to vote for AFP just to piss off those left are no better than those in the house you speak so ill of.

Anti Paul Puppet

The worst thing that Cody did was what exactly? I’ve only seen/read about him charging Josh about the pan banging, Cody calling Josh fat/blob, and telling Megan he didn’t like her.

1.) Four people have now charged Josh, seems like that’s Josh’s issue not theirs.
2.) EVERYONE has called josh fat. His BOY Paul calls him the Blob all the time. Sorry don’t care.
3.) Guy’s allowed to have an opinion. Telling someone you don’t like them is totally fine in my book. I call that honest.

Mark on the other hand was a complete Paul Puppet. Not until he had no other option did he sort of almost turn on Paul, but he was still trying to s*ckd*ck to him at the same time. Ya I feel sorry for the guy but he did nothing in the game, but backstab some friends.

So please remind me what Cody did? Cuz I don’t see it. Also I do believe he is an a@@hole too, but you know what. They all are. Cody just had more b@lls! And that’s why he should get it.


Just curious, how will BB and CBS handle future control of HNs with Matt defying such? My suggestion would be to kick him out and not even send him to Jury since he also threatened to not vote if certain people are in the final.
BB has lost all control and their contract are meaningless that were signed. They have lost control and need to restore some legitimacy.


Daniel, I agree with you. They need to think about future years of Big Brother. I can see houseguests in the future saying, “I’m not going to do so and so, because in BB19, Matt didn’t obey the Have Not rules and nothing really happened to him.

On another note, Matt keeps calling Jason a b*tch and a pu**y, but the more I watch Matt and Raven, I think Raven, with Matt’s help, has turned Matt into a b*tch and a pu**y. Matt was the favorite at the beginning of the season. His attachment to Raven and Paul has sunk his ship.

Kid Rock

The best way to control that is by taking money from them!!! Penalty Vote plus take away half of their Stipend when it’s over……


yes, they need to think of future. these social media groupies will not play the game and just take a penalty vote because thats all that will happen. Paul, Alex and Josh are already playing other peoples games, not original at all. The way BB is going, they will take 2nd place winner and throw them in the next season so they can win….welcome to bachelor nation!


Who r the real fools? The house for believing Paul or Paul for just being Paul….

It’s a no brainer the house r the fools and if nobody catches wind he should win at the end for the simple fact that he outwitted and outplayed the entire house and if he gets there and don’t win it would b because of a bitter jury!!! FACTS


He had some help with those weeks of safety…..I wish that they would actually show the votes….makes me wonder.


Not really, in Big Brother circles Paul was the only known face. Christmas has/had a following but I’m sure a lot didn’t jump on the BB train whole hog and fully participate. SO it’s more than likely Paul had more votes than any of the other 15 people mainly because the BB fan base would have been split early on with little to go on but hopes and dreams until those dreams were beaten bloody, tied in a sack and tossed over the rail into the rapids like poor, unwanted puppies…


When one plays a game, your ethics of society and certain things you don’t cross the line. This group has crossed those lines, bullying and harassment instigated and planned by Paul for others to do his bidding which he won’t do to look good to fellow jurors At the end Pal can say he didn’t do any of these things, even though he planned and instructed others to do. Paul is still guilty as those minions that did.
When Paul won HOH, it was through the help of others, Paul didn’t accomplish this win by himself. What has Paul done to win so much accolade from even viewers? Much less his minions? Has anyone in this group thought with Paul in final 3 they are going to win?
The only thing and I believe BB has something to do with it, is give Paul a child, and innocence persona with the new blow-up toy he wears so proudly, and the editing not showing viewers his real side.
How can such a group of players be so stupid?
One thing for sure BB and CBS has now shown how easy todays people are influenced into cults and destructive mobs. Thanks for the lesson CBS and BB.
As to Cody, he saw the truth, and he saw what would be the results and tried to warn and open the households eyes and was ignored and continued to be ridiculed to keep the words he said away.
Personally and every single person that I know of who watches the show has agreed that Cody deserve AFP award.
As to being alone, I know 3 other households that have quit watching the heavily edited TV version. The only news and going on, I get here, and only here.
Finally, If you were playing a game with these minions, and watched the show, and read the comments, would you be friends with any of them later?

Elizabeth Williams

This season is so awful!! Most of this house should be ashamed and embarrassed about how they have acted and treated other people in the house. The pots and pans, yelling at each other, the name calling and personal remarks is too much!! I bunch of disrespectful people that dont deserve $500,000!!


I pray that the next HOH competition is one that involves luck so that it’s impossible for them to control the outcome. And then Kevin wins HOH and nominates Alex and Raven.


It’s like this every year on big brother everybody that’s on the show always trash talk each HG it’s nothing new. Everybody has a favorite player and if they don’t get to stay in game you start trashing the HG that you don’t like. It’s a game in which HG try to to go for 500,000 thousand dollar and people watch it. Money is the root of all evil what would you do for 500,000 thousand dollars. We are not playing the game we watch the HG that play a game . We don’t really know what it’s like in their for them with each HG with different personalities , different backgrounds, some maybe book smarter than others, some that have more common sense than others etc. All the houseguest that have played and still playing have said hurtful things about each and everyone of their HG mates. It’s a game if you were playing and not watching what would you do to win 500,000 thousand dollars. Judge yea not be judged it says 24/7 live feeds but we really don’t get to watch every little thing that is said or overheard by each HG when they smack talk about another HG. We really don’t see everything that goes on behind the closed scenes. Just saying!


Agree I’ve watched for a number of years and HG have always said and done things to win the big prize.


It is just a game, but when you attack someones looks and family, it is no longer a game. That’s immature behavior and should not be rewarded. These people think they are playing a good game when they are actually copying other seasons but have made it dirty. Paul thinks he’s Derrick, but derrick never used someone to beat them down. Alex is trying to be James and Josh thinks he’s Evel Dick, but Evel Dick worked alone and owned his own behavior. Need to be original to be great, copying is just lazy and shows nothing as a great game player.


Well said “Anonymous”, it is part of the game and it happens every season. I am flabbergasted at a lot of the comments on here, they are as bad or worse than what the house guests are saying yet they slag on the HG for doing what they themselves are doing only in the anonymity of the internet….instead of on national TV. It boils down to it’s a game and you would do and say things in that house that you would NEVER do or say outside of it. I think Paul does deserve to win as you all have said time and again he has been the puppet master all season. I don’t particularly like Paul but if he makes it to final 2 I’d vote for him, the only others I’d vote for to win are Alex and Jason, they have been playing the game, winning and those two haven’t always done what Paul wanted, they have made their own moves. I think Jason deserves to win AFP, he is a loveable guy and that one bad comment doesn’t sour me on him…he wasnt’ saying he wanted to or would do that to Kevin’s family, he was saying he’d say it to rattle Kevin. Even though I doubt he ever would say that to Kevin he’s got too good a heart. I agree it’s not the best cast this year, but it’s the one we’ve got so if you don’t like them it’s simple, stop watching and hope next season is better. I’ll continue to watch as I want to see this thing out…it’s like a car wreck, you don’t want to look but can’t help it! LOL


Alex has done everything Paul has wanted…she is not a good player.

The Hound

Can’t decide who’s a bigger c^nt, Rasputin or Troll Doll?


I have given this some thought………….the producers of BB the first 10 years were interested in producing a first rate program. Look at the casts, look at the ambience. If there was interference in the game, it was done in a very light handed way, that you did not notice. But the main difference between those casts and the cast of today, those people all came to play, They wanted to win. But they had fun!! Therefore, the viewer had fun.
Now BB is being produced like a B rated movie, with second rated actors, low budget, and it shows. They don’t even make a good attempt at hiding their interference, which is very heavy handed. This cast is so vile, they won’t give them alcohol, (I can remember in prior years the alcohol flowed freely. ) because they cannot be trusted not to harm someone, or the set. Pretty Bad! This season should prove to the powers of CBS that AG and her crew need to be fired, and go back to the old format, with new producers. Don’t end BB, just end AG reign of ineptitude.

Reality has checked in

I literally HATE this season and cast. This is the only season where its nothing but FLOATERS left, WTF are you doing production???? I can’t wait for all these HGs to get out the house and see how much they’re made fun of and disliked. The only 2 people I can really respect is Cody and Jessica, they weren’t about to play Paul’s games and drink his kool-aid. These people are despicable human beings, they’re cowards and bullies. I can’t wait to see how they world and their families are going to treat them after this.


Jess and Cody set the tone of the game this year. They were mean and bullies. Then CBS extended the tensions in the house by extending their stay with the Hex and Battle Back. No way did Jess win that vote at the time. The first two months of the game HG were dealing with them and game interference. This allowed for tensions to increase and HG were never able to release these tension. I blame Jody for the tone of the season. If they left when it was their time, game play would have been different in my opinion. They should get rid of these game extension for HG in future years and let the game play out.


Actually Paul set the tone once he used Josh to beat the players down.


Umh Cody Jess mart raven mark and Elian’s were such bullies Megan quit. They were horrible and got what they deserved.


Josh, Jess and Alex are the ones that went on attack with Megan. Cody just said he didn’t like her.


Josh is the one that bullied Meagan, screamed and hollared at her, said he was “onto” her, even though she hadn’t done anything, I guess the voices in his head told him she had !!


Jessica &Cody was just as bad!


They should just hand it to Raven the next HOH, she wants Jason and Alex out and if I were Paul I would think I’m pretty safe with her. I see what Paul is doing through even though if he would like to go to the end with Christmas and Josh, I think he’s setting up a plan B blame Christmas for putting Kevin, Jason, Alex up if she becomes HOH. Paul’s throwing this next HOH I am sure! The only thing I see throwing a wrench in Paul’s plan is if Alex wins this next HOH, but even then I think he could Put the target on Kevin and Raven and a last resort Christmas.


Since their really isn’t much left to like with the layers in the house. Should I open up the ranking to include evicted houseguests?

Thumb up for yes
Thumb down for no


Ok looks like I’m getting my answer..If this continues I’ll open up evicted houseguests for ranking tonight. LOL chances are the grid will be flipped all grey in the front.


at this point even Cameron will probably rank higher than these losers.


Considering everyone but Jason and Kevin have sub 2.0 ranking I think you’re right.

Chicken George

Soo sick of this crappy season and the loser cast. At this point I don’t want any of them to win except Kevin and that’s a long shot. Only thing to look forward to is seeing them leave the house and hopefully getting booed onstage, and backlash they get when this is over. Can’t wait to see the look on Alex’s face when she gets the boot, and the audience reaction when she walks out. I can’t listen to her rambling nonsense. Get Paul’s d*** outta your mouth so we can understand you. Final 2 my a**!! Not the player she THINKS she is. Not just Alex though. Hope Xmas, Josh, and Jason, get slammed for their behavior and comments. I’d say Xmas’s motivational speech gig will be over, love it. Raven’s gonna be ruined because of the scamming..she got some explaining to do but she’s done. Josh will be in a corner crying for a couple months. Idk if Matt has a pulse so really don’t care what happens to him, he’s just gonna look like a perv and one of the worst BB players ever. Is he still in the house? I forgot lol. Paul (Napoleon) is the worst but he’ll probably get away unscathed cuz he’s CBS’s darling. Kevin’s gonna be PISSED when he hears what Jason said about his wife and kids. Think he’ll change his mind about Thanksgiving with these fools. I want these idiots to get boos like Aaryn!!

He's an idiot~~

I’m surprised Matt isn’t on an insulin drip. A real man his age wouldn’t be eating like this (12+ bowls a day of sugar, wheat flour, milk & artificial flavors)…and he actually thinks this is normal.

Crusty towel

Eating cereal is an orgasmic experience for Mattress. He wipes his man juice on the kitchen towels.


why do people forget and complain that H.G. are being mean and nasty? Its a game of survival any way possible to win the money. Im pretty sure if anyone here or wherever was in that house they would do anything to win.Its called big brother not lets make long time friends.If there was no drama yoy would be posting that its boring….geesh!! get over it and enjoy the show for what it is


This season is a bit different than your regular BB drama. There’s never been this level of group think

Jessica's Birth Control

Which makes me believe its a far more orchestrated and produced season than ever before. If you are playing this game and you get dragged into the DR and persuaded/threatened to do this or that, WTF can you do? I am not sure these nitwits are this dumb. they have seen the show before. AG could be making deals and guaranteeing 25k to those people who “play ball” with her on the show. BB is not a game show, so its legal for AG to rig it and pay people off. They probably sat down xmas, josh, and paul and said ” you guys are final 3 if you stick together. You all are going to play together and everyone gets a guaranteed 50k if you play ball and make it happen. After that its everyone for themselves. So focus on taking out Matt, josh, kevin and then raven. Make it happen, keep your moths shut, and you get final 3 and 50k each”.

Backseat Driver

I think you are spot on about “bonus” pay…….

Jessica's Birth Control

I think they worked something last year to push nicole and James along.


Most people are fine with the regular fighting and backstabbing that comes with BB, but this season has gone completely too far, and production has done nothing to stop it. Paul is the conductor of this flaming garbage train, which you can either fault him for or praise him for. Either way, it’s gross to watch.
The personal attacking and repeated, strategic bullying is something like I’ve never seen. This might be my last season watching BB, as I have no desire to even READ what these jerks are saying, let alone watch it. Not to mention that production is not showing 90% of the terrible things they say on the show. Just gross.


Also the entire house continues to trash Jessica and Cody they are no longer relevant to the game so it shows what kind of hateful people they are. At this point it’s not gameplay

Martha Stewart

DR has warned this creeps to stop the hyena behavior. That’s why they cut back on it for a while. They should call Paul & Alex in, tell them to pack, give Xmas & Josh a final warning. and bring in Ramses and Jillian. Bang!


I don’t think Alex will throw the competition especially when she finds out it’s a double! But if she does she’s stupider than I thought and deserves to go home!

Kevy Kev

This is one of the roughest seasons to watch. When houseguests are trying to provoke a violent confrontation so that the targeted person does go violent and essentially gets booted, that’s beyond dignity. Paul is the False Prophet. His game play is such a cop out piss-ant deflection. I hope when they all come back down to earth and are recognized on the streets, they will be told how this season rivaled the racist season of BB 15. And that is nothing to hang your kitty ears on. My God, this season sucks so bad. This isn’t just a Kraken season. It’s a Jim Beam Percocet Game Blunt Blow Lines Coup D’gras season. Just put it in the back of my head.

Anti Paul Puppet

It used to be fun to watch, now its just painful. I hate all the HG and I hate what they are doing in the house. But what I hate the most, is the gowd awful edits some of these HG are getting. America deserve to know what POS these people are.


It looks like Josh may be putting everything together about how Paul is scamming the house then Josh just blows it off as a whatever moment WTF!!!
If he could just finish the thought it would be great!!!
Well he would just paint a target on his back become alienated, thanks to Paul.

Jessica's Birth Control

Production probably stepped in afterwards and told him to ride with xmas and paul to the final 3. No talking about or going after paul.

Wow Josh

It looks like Josh may be putting everything together about how Paul is scamming the house then Josh just blows it off as a whatever moment WTF!!!
If he could just finish the thought it would be great!!!
Well he would just paint a target on his back become alienated, thanks to Paul.


So, Josh talking to the cameras about Paul aligning with everyone and knows what he is doing but still wants to protect him? Absolutely, the dumbest player! I swear, if BB came out and told them what Paul is doing to them all they still would protect him and take him to the win. CLUELESS!!


So at some point you have to start to give Paul credit for being able to create consensus about who is the next to go. So the next ones to go are either Alex or Kevin.

I don’t like Paul, but he does deserve a little credit.

In general I like Jason – and between he and Alex they have won a lot of comps. It is not surprising that Paul sees them as threat.

End it already

The only thing Garden Gnome gets credit for is ruining this season. Good job, Asswipe!


Raven’s mom actually said Raven’s had her colon removed? These people need mental help or a jail cell. Either way.

North Best

People were saying that once mark was gone and they start turning on one another that the show would get more interesting but it got boring AF I can hardly read the feeds it’s the same dumb Ish over and over I dont know how simon or dawg can do it. I roll my eyes so much at what i read in the feeds i feel like my eyes are gonna fall out. They are so stupid how can you walk in on , listen to convos of Paul and other people and still not see he’s playing you I’m even getting annoyed with Kevin like you idiot who do you think told josh and Xmas to come after you PAUL, he not your friend! Every single person left is unworthy of winning imo. And why is Matt mad he been wanting to go to Jury, I’m not even watching the show now I only skim the feeds and watch eviction night. BB needs to do better at casting this damn show sorry I’m so done with these dummies until they talk about making a move on Paul.


Simon/Dawg – During that conversation posted for 10:10pm Kevin taking about wanting to put “her” up twice. You posted it as Alex but I thought the “her” Kevin was talking about was Raven….???


I know Kevin has been talking about putting Alex up earlier in the day. I was sleeping for that conversation..


It was Raven.


These people are not nice. I can’t believe how vicious they are. I hope they all get some professional counselling when they get out because they all need it!!

Jessica's Birth Control

BB is more scripted than a WWE pay per view………


Since Matt knows he is going, why does he not pick an apple? Personally he should be expelled from the house and America gets his jury vote


The Apple tree is only in play before Noms, he can’t take one now.


it can only be picked when the tree turns red and I believe its only before noms. they should make it available everyday to make it a good twist, but production wants control, so only before noms.


he should! but since BB won’t do that, he will vote in jury when he finds out that if you don’t vote you lose any money.


#maven may be gross….but Amanda and McCray I think had them beat!


It’s ironic that Jason’s downfall will be completely caused by Kevin- the one person that was trying to tolerate the old man. Now Kevin is dragging him to the bottom and those remarks Jason made about Kevin’s family will haunt him after the show. Kevin was BAD for Jason!

Heat Miser

First, look up irony.

Second, Jason is responsible for Jason.

Third, Paul & Xmas — they want Jason & Alex out before Kevin. They(Paul&Xmas) have been demonizing Kevin for awhile trying to make it look like their(Jason&Alex) demise wasn’t Paul&Xmas — thereby placing the blame on Kevin.

In Paul’s mind this is all for jury votes now. (And he’s a sadistic little Manson like bastard.)


actually Kevin is good for Jason, but he can’t see it. He is sticking to Paul and Alex which are bad for his game.