Kevin “The f***ing b***h! I’m a soldier! I’m not afraid of no one! I ain’t kissing Alex’s a$$ no more!”

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9pm Havenot room. Kevin and Paul.
Kevin – Christmas said it hasn’t gone unknown how mean she’s been to you. Alex, you know what I mean. Paul – that’s what I f**king told you. Kevin – okay, I’ll be cool! You got it! I’m going to win the HOH. Paul – don’t win this HOH. Kevin – so who wins it, you let Alex win? Paul – she won’t win. Kevin – you going to win. Paul nods. Kevin – okay I feel better. I’m going to go to bed. Could you do me a favor? Could you tell them to stop. Josh went and told everyone I won the money (25K). The f**king b***h! I’m a soldier! I’m not afraid of no one! But I ain’t kissing Alex’s a$$ no more! I’m going to tell her right out though. I’m against you! Do you mind if I do that? Paul – go for it. Kevin – I’m going to tell her right now. Would you tell Josh to be cool? Paul – yes. Kevin – tell him not to take her side. Jason’s going to take her side. F**king right, then you win the f**king thing! Alright pal, I got you. I just need a little reassurance. Kevin – he (Josh) was asking me if I won (the 25K). Paul – you’ve been taking too much. Just be quite. Kevin – then he ran like a little b***h. A little b***H! Tomorrow I’m going to tell her stay away from me! You’re a bully! You’re the biggest bully in the house. Paul – that’s fine. Just don’t turn on me. Kevin – I won’t. Paul – just go.. Kevin – I’m going to go read the bible like what’s her name (Dominique).

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9pm Hot Tub. Raven and Christmas.
Christmas – he said something to you? What did he say. Matt – “you wouldn’t be talking about me would you Matt! Matt – if I won’t to, yeah! Raven – I said to Kevin – I’ve talked to Matt all day long and you told him you won the 25K. I was like Matt tells me everything! He is my ride or die! He started walking towards me and I was like GET THE F**K AWAY FROM ME AND TAKE 2 STEPS MOTHERF**KING BACK! DO NOT GET CLOSE TO ME! He was like I’m not going to do anything. He said I’ve got kids your age. Raven – yeah you set a great example. He said all you do is talk! ou haven’t done anything in this game. I was like are you kidding me?! What have you done?! He was like that’s just fine. Raven – if I was to leave this game I would leave as a social player. Matt said look me in the eye’s and tell me. Then Alex said what did you say a Kevin was basically. He was like Matt is buying me anther week. He was like you weren’t eve a part of the conversation. I was like Matt tells me everything. He is my ride or die. Raven – I was like you need a time out.

Christmas, Matt, Paul and Raven.
Christmas – all we have to do is get Alex down and Kevin down… if its something that I can do throw it to me because I can take a shot. Raven – I’m going to, 100%! Christmas – Alex, you said you wanted to go on the block this is what you wanted and number 2 is going to be motherf**king Jason. I have more reason than anybody in this f**king game. I’m not talking about my foot I am talking game-wise. Matt – really? Christmas – yes.

9pm – 9:30pm Josh and Jason are playing chess. Alex watches. Josh – I let my actions speak for themselves so when I call someone out they’ve got nothing on me. Bring it the f**k on! But I’ll point out all the shit that you’ve done. All the lies, all the people that you’ve turned your back on. Jason – Matt might have saved me but I still don’t have much respect for the dude. Josh – I get it because you haven’t had a relationship the whole time. Jason – he might be good son of a b***h but I just don’t see it. Josh – but he is more truthful than dumba$$ (Kevin). (Kevin can be heard dragging his feet) Josh – Kevin is f**king petty. Josh – Matt goes this week is good because we haven’t had a relationship the whole game. I think Kevin has played a sh!ttier game than Mark if you ask me.
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10:15pm Paul to Raven – that Kevin is going after Alex and not her. I am going to tell him that I am going to take a shot and for him to throw it to me and I think he might. Raven – he would, he really does like you.

Matt and Raven in the hammock.
Raven and Matt in the hammock. Raven – I’m not going to throw my ride or die under the bus. I’m not like you. That’s when you walked out. Matt – I am so glad that people saw that. Raven – at least if I go out next week, I have played a loyal game. Like I will be happy to go to jury knowing I didn’t play a game like you did. You (Kevin) have kids the age of Josh, way to set an example. Way to set an example!

10:33pm Havenot room. Josh and Kevin.
Kevin – don’t believe everything you hear. Josh – why don’t you talk with her. Kevin – no, not after she made fun of the way I walk. She wrote mission hill sucks. She took my food. She don’t talk to me. She said I don’t talk to you about game. Every single thing… when does it stop man? Josh – I think have a conversation, not an argument. Kevin – no! Its on her, its on me.. we’ll see who goes. Why does she treat me like that?! Josh – just have a conversation. Do you want me to pull Paul in here. Everyone isn’t against me. Josh – when you watch it back you will see I’ve never been against you. Kevin – I’ve never been against you and I will never vote against you and that’s my word. And f**king Matt’s a liar. Josh – people have said you wanted me on the block. Kevin – never! I never controlled the block, how an I going to put you up there. Kevin – Matt wants to save his girlfriend. Josh – yesterday really messed me up. I’ve been threatened 4 times in this house. Kevin – I came and said sorry to you. Josh – it doesn’t instantly fix everything. Josh – you whispered to me that you won the 25k. Kevin – I thought you told me. Josh – I never even pushed the button! Kevin – are you just going to let someone win the game and we sit back and do nothing. Josh – I think if you own up to some of the things that you’ve done I thin it will make things better. Kevin – they’re coming at me because I’m the oldest. I don’t care if I go out next Thursday.

10:35pm HOH room Paul and Jason.
Paul and Jason. Paul – he is kind of a d**k! Jason – and the way be mean mugged me when he came back out. I was like dude you’re barking up the wrong f**king tree. You know why I am so much more relaxed!? Paul – because you don’t have to worry about it anymore. The cat is out of the bag. Jason – I told him (Kevin) that if you ever sh*t on Alex I am going to have to break the tie. I’ve been torn. Paul – I was f**king telling you. Jason – I can just hang out beside him tomorrow and say now I know you’re a counterfeit bastard … we can just lift weights, work out and play pool and I don’t have to worry about what people are saying. You’re going home ASAP!
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Paul – I don’t know why he would sh*t the bed like that. Like if you have a good thing going on, why would you do that. We’re all expendable in his eyes. And saying that Alex is a puppet master and that you’re just f**king listening to sh*t she says. That doesn’t help you because if you were to go to the end he is pretty much arguing against you. Its horse sh*t honestly. Jason – I do my own stuff. But its just like at your job you have to have someone that knows what is going on and then you have to have people that execute. You can’t do this on your own. Paul – Kevin really did sh*t the bed here. Josh joins them. He tells them about his conversation with Kevin. Alex and Josh join them. Alex – if he (Kevin) wins America’s Favorite I am going to kick him in the balls. Paul – I honestly think that this motherf**ker (Josh) is going to get it. Josh – I think Jason is going to get it. You’re entertaining and you’re having a baby. Jason – if that motherf**ker wins on Thursday I will sh*t the bed. If Raven wins on Thursday I will sh*t the bed.

11:05pm Havenot room. Paul and Kevin.
Paul – no one knows about this. I just need to do what I need to do. Don’t blow up my spot. Just lay low. If I don’t talk to you, just know I am doing what I need to do. There are certain things that you need to SHHHHhh. Paul leaves.

11:40pm Paul impersonates Josh and all the fights he’s been in.

12:05pm Hammock. Paul, Raven and Matt.
Kevin basically said we can all just band together against Jason and Alex. But Josh went and told that to Jason and Alex immediately. Like Kevin just said this so f**k him. So now they’re like.. Kevin needs to go right now whether you win or we win it doesn’t matter. Kevin’s go to f**king go! They’re heated. They’re sh*tting. I want to go do there and dot his f**king eyes! Matt – this is perfect. Paul – f**king boys! They are under the impression that we are all fine and we’re just going to go after Kevin. Even if Kevin wins by luck or whatever he would put them up. Raven –
would he really? Paul – probably not but he isn’t going to win. Matt – even that he’s putting that out in the universe is amazing. Matt – I can’t believe I am going to miss Christmas putting up Jason and Alex.

1:10am HOH room chatting about random things. Matt and Raven in the hot tub.

2am – 2:30am HOH room. Paul, Josh and Christmas.
Paul – we keep damage controlling Kevin and keep him in our pockets. I’m like don’t f**king talk to me. Sleep Kevin. Sleep for two weeks. Go the f**k away. Christmas – he won’t. He will start running his f**king mouth. I told Josh to try, try for HOH. Paul – not for this week though. Tell him not to because he’ll put up Raven. Tell him – Throw it to me or Paul. I am going to tell him the same thing too. I’ll spend some time with Alex. Game talking. I will ask her how she feels about Josh and Christmas. Josh – ALex and Jason think that they can beat us. Christmas – we need to win HOH otherwise it shifts things. Paul – you guys have to win or I’ll have to and then I’ll get clipped at 6 or 5. You need to pull your weight. We need to convince Kevin to drop out right way. So have that conversation with him. They head downstairs to get ready for bed.

2:20am Matt and Raven heavy breathing and moaning. Matt – give it to me. Give it to me! Raven – oh sh*t! Oh god! oh f**k!

3:10am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Judgmental Judy

Any moron who throws an HOH at this point in the game DESERVES to go.


Why is Big Brother keeping Matt in the game? If i am remembering correctly, didn’t they remove Chima for the same kind of behavior a few years back? If this is true, why Chima and not Matt?


Cause chima is a black woman obviously.. Lol yea smh bb

Smitten Kitten

I believe she went home because she intentionally threw her mic in the water and those things cost thousands of dollars.


I will be glad when they get this foul person (Alex) out of the house!!!

You Said It, Sistah

I will be glad when they get this foul person (ALEX, Paul, Christmas, Raven, R@pey-the-Clown, Josh) out of the house!!!


She needs to go back under the rock she came from.. I hope she is booed for real … Evil has a new name and it’s spelled A L E X . U have to wonder why so much hate …


I wondered why she has so much hate, too. Plus she is constantly hitting Jason and gets sadistic pleasure out of scaring the crap out of people. Then I remembered that she claims to be a gamer and is addicted to violent video games. Let this be a lesson, boys and girls.


I am a girl gamer and I would never say the things alex has said or act the way she has acted either. Violent video games and tv shows and movies do not make a person evil. Mental instability is what makes a person do crazy things. Stable people know the difference between right and wrong and fake and reality.

Resist the Twist

The only reason i tune in to the TV airings is to see how they spin this cast of garbage through heavy editing. I wish the studio audiences they herd in had an actual clue just how vile this years cast really is


Alex is a very vindictive person. Christmas is a close second.


But those titis, tho!!!!

This Is Exhausting

This treatment of Kevin is enough to make anyone lose their cool…I feel bad for him. Can you even imagine what it’s going to be like if Alex and Jason go on the block next? Sh!t’s going to hit the fan! I hope Alex goes next because not only is she a horrid person, I’m sick of seeing her boobs hanging out 24/7. Bye Felicia!


This is the absolute truth. 100%

This is just sickening

This is so sad. The way they are treating Kevin is absolutely horrid! (Yes I know its big brother- but enough is enough). There isn’t game play- its just send in the attack dogs. I truly hope they are ashamed of themselves when they get out and watch and see how this all transpired to everyone. No we don’t think they are cute and funny. And I hope this isn’t their big break in the entertainment business (that’s all they are playing for right?). I hope Kevin wins HOH and takes out some trash.


I’m sure their mothers are extremely proud of their “well” brought up kids .


Not a damn thing cute about Alex! I cant stand her ! She’s eating way to much, has a huge mouth and she’s getting on my nerves, others must feel the same. Get her the hell out of that house!

The Shiz Show

The truly sad part is Kevin is not the first one. Look at what they have done to just about everyone who has left the game. What makes it worst is they think they are justified and that America loves them for their actions!!!
I still blame production for not getting a handle on all of this earlier on.
I find it funny how Josh does not understand why he has been threatened at least 4 times in the house he seems to blame others and does not think he is doing anything wrong.

Judgmental Judy

Agreed. I think the way they treated Mark was even worse. It’s all gross.


I feel so bad for Kevin to. Can someone explain to me what has them so mad at Kevin? Like what did he do? I get they pick a new victim every week and bully the fuck out of them but they keep saying he did this to himself, it confuses me because I haven’t really seen Kevin be mean to anyone. Alex is the most vile human being ever. I think she takes the prize for the meanest player ever, I would rank her above Aaryn, Gina Marie and Amanda, even worse than evil Dick. That girl is heartless. And I to am sick of looking at her boobs, she needs to stop buying her clothes in the kids section and actually buy some adult size shorts and sports bras.


Alex Ow…Ewww.


Kevin can blow up Paul’s game because Kevin has no alliance and Kevin is beatable in a final 2 situation. In order to conduct jury management Paul needs to make sure everyone left in the house knows Levin has not done anything. So Paul has Josh, Xmas, Alex, Raven go after Kevin who is a very likable guy. In case Paul cannot keep Kevin then everyone else looks evil for bullying Kevin the guy who has just been playing a social game all season. So it is a win win for Paul and further securing Paul’s win. Hence the reason Paul went running to Kevin giving him advice to now lay low. Paul’s gameplay is working very well but is very obvious but the fools in the house are so blind to it simply because they are all getting off calling someone out thinking it will help them once they get out of the house.
Your original question of what Kevin did was play big brother and win 25k. then told people about it trying to win confidence with those people. only to then have those people use that information now to call Kevin a liar to move the target off of them onto someone else because bullying someone this season seems to be the theme. Thanks, Paul & Allison Grodner!!!!!


Not a fan of Paul’s gameplay strategy at all. More pissed these fools in the house have not woke up yet that they are being used to advance someone else’s game.
Paul is currently figuring if he can get Jason gone before Alex gets nominated then Paul has eliminated any real threat at taking him out the rest of the season and Paul will win the competitions he needs to. This will secure his position in the final 2. Hence the reason Paul is trying to take out any and all true competitors in the game. Josh & Xmas have not done very well at comps unless it has been luck or something thrown their way.
Not a fan of how Paul is taking out his targets.


They are bullying Kevin b/c Paul is telling them Kevin is talking about each one of them. I mean, he is now, b/c he’s pissed! Kevin continues to trust both Jason and Paul, and then they turn around and tell the rest of the house what he’s been saying. Paul is the evil mastermind. He has made a point of planting seeds why not to trust certain HG’s so that when they lose it, he can say “see, told you”. It’s all part of the game, but these children are all entitled, they go extremely negative and personal immediately. All of their families should be ashamed of how they speak about each other. So disgusting. Voting for Kevin or Cody, they have taken the most abuse.


I’m voting Cody for the #AFP Because he really took alot of abuse and crap. Cody also was the only person to even try on his own to take Paul out of the game. Cody also beat Paul to get back in the game and had to beat all the other players that were evicted…


One of the reasons they’re out for Kevin, besides someone to bully) is that Kevin told Paul awhile ago that he accepted the 25K in the first comp. Of course, Paul let it be known when it suited him and the hg’s are attacking Kevin.


I was watching BB afterdark and effing Alex stuck her hand in her, so called bra, and was scratching her breasts and I was thinking, OMG, her girls are going make an appearance on, not even national TV, but, international TV (i’m from Canada), and I effing did not want to see that.

I’m so grossed out by her…she is the worst excuse for a human being. Worst excuse.


1) Holy crap, there’s so much disgusting going on in this house that I can’t finish commenting on one update before another one goes up! 🙁
2) The more disgusting the conduct in the house, the larger the donation I’m going to make to Simon and Dawg. Everyone should pitch in… they watch… so we don’t have to!!!

sunny dee

TMI on the moaning and groaning of matt and raven there tho

threw up a little bit in my mouth


We may need to sell a dragon…


Did I miss something at the very beginning of the season? Like a twist… Do they get more money if they get Paul to the very end? I am so confused..


I’ve just about had it with BB all together I don’t know if I’ll ever watch it again The way they have let Paul run the whole game is disgusting

Blue (in a red state :()

I’m watching BB14 and it feels so good not to hear any BB19 voices. It is also pre-yelling in the diary room, and then there is Willie Hantz crazy! Janelle, Boogie, Brittney, Dan and Ian. Refreshing!


Pre-bully days of BB, that was when it was exciting to watch feeds and get an inside look at strategy and deal-making. This season is cruel and disgusting. Maybe that’s what people do to win in the world these days. After 6 straight years of being a feedster and Superfan, I won’t buy the feeds next year. I’m done.

The Hound

I truly DESPISE these assholes! Can’t wait to see what greets them on the other side…….public scorn! They’re treating Kevin like shit and laugh abt it! Really hope the potato head tries to kick Kevin in the balls when he gets AFP….she’ll be greeted with a big ole potato masher to that ugly head!


Someone told me that what Jason said about Kevin’s wife and daughters made TV Guide. Any truth to that?


I read it on the British Daily Mail site.


It’s on TMZ!


They are doing a lot of wondering about how we’re viewing the show lately. I wonder if production has been hinting to them about how they are being viewed.
The thought that Cody could win AFP is not even fathomable. They would be so shocked! And I would be genuinely laughing at them the way Josh was fake laughing at zingbOt.


Yes and Raven is being convinced by others that she’s America’s Favorite. LOL!!! Love it and wish I could personally see how she reacts to the news that most BB watchers think she’s a lying con artist.


I’m almost more excited to see what happens after the show.

When Matt find out Raven is a con artist
When Raven finds out her scam is exposed
when Paul finds out he lost 80% of the fans he got last season (but he’ll still probably win so he won’t care)
When Alex finds out her name has been changed to potatoehead
when Josh finds out he was right and he did go too far and should have listened to his gut
When Xmas finds out 100% of the feed fans know her as a vile follower bully
When Jason finds out Alex and Paul sunk his game. If he would have kept his mouth shut with all the hate. He could have been in the running for fan favorite but now the cat people have gone to war with him and he’ll probably lose his job. (this is a sad one for me I use to like Jason)

When Kevin finds out he the only likable houseguests left in the house


Yeah, I would like to see an after show. After the HG’s have been home for about a month. Ask them questions from the viewers and see how they haved faired. Otherwise, how do you find out? I guess I never do any searches. Do you Simon or Dawg follow-up with anything?


typically I don’t care about what the people do after the show ends. I Follow very few past houseguests. This season I will take more of a look for the entertainment value. . Twitter will be the best way to follow the backlash.


Is there any chance you could post some of the reactions here?Even just for the first week. I’m older and don’t do Twitter or Facebook, etc. Have fears of putting too much of myself out there. (To the dismay of friends and family).


I might.. Maybe I’ll do a Kraken hour to go over it all. That’s an aspect of the site I would like to in the future.


Yes Simon! Please do a Kraken hour!!


🙂 OK Will do!


It may be cathartic.

For The Win!!

Simon & Dawg Podcast!! Simon & Dawg Podcast!!


Lindalou — I thought I was the only person on the planet who does not FB or Tweet. I am known to be rather vociferous on some of the newsboards so am afraid I might do too many twitchy tweets. Hopefully we can see how the world views the degenerates two months from now.


Couldn’t agree more in your evaluation except Jason got tied and all the trash talk I don’t believe Jason is really that type of person I would vote for him for America’s favorite I think he is ashamed

sunny dee

when Meaghan wins AFP


What happened with the cat people and Jason


They’ll try and get him fired in his job outside of the game. Same thing happened to Spencer Clawson you said an inappropriate “joke”.

Iuse the term cat people but there’s a lot of subspecies. For example I own three cats and watch Big Brother all the time in a basement so I’m a cat person.. a Catman to be exact. However I wouldn’t start calling an employer to get someone fired. Unless they were xmas or Alex.. Joking..


Rescue cat lady here… I agree Simon. No need to go that far when a future, perspective employer or client can simply Google them and read all about it. Let karma handle it!

My Ears!

Hey Simon…..I just need to know….did matt really say give it to me! Give it to me?:):):):)

You are a real champ for watching this for us. I tried to give it a go the other dah but I just can’t. So, thanks again….so much


That was Dawg’s post I was sleeping during those feeds. If Dawg wrote it down as a quote I would trust that’s what was said.

Thanks, this season is bizarre.. just 3 weeks to go!


And Xmas is telling Alex she’s going to get a Coke sponsorship! More likely cease and desist order to stop using their name. Piece of trash.


This season BB is no longer entertainment, also no longer were one can choose and root for a winner. Rather an embarrassment, and turned to cringing as the heavily edited version was broadcasted. How CBS can broadcast these edited version to not show the evil of these HGs, is unacceptable.
Not only is Paul manipulating each one, and each HGs showing who and what they really are, but we the viewers are also being manipulated by the broadcasted version, but also the paid for 24/7 were they control the cameras, and shutting down their cameras.

social experiment

Kecin is being emotionally abused and CBS is condoing it, ugly season

Suzanne Walker

I am very disappointed in CBS this year as a loyal BBC live screen watcher I can not believe they are editing there shows to make us believe this is a good season .We see all the bullying and gangs on the news now it’s even on BB.I have stopped watching live feeds this year and I looked forward to seeing it all winter.I am sure production could stop some of the gang fights my heart goes out to Kevin and his family


Most of this s**t isn’t suitable for prime time.


I want to see tough girl Xmas make a big move and put Alex up after Xmas and Paul spend days reminding Alex to throw it to Xmas…yeah right.
She will find an excuse to play it safe and put up raven and Kevin. I don’t even think she’ll have the balls to put up Jason…not if Alex throws it.
Alex is very immature,petty, and not as smart as she thinks she is, but I don’t believe she will throw it….I think she is just agreeing to shut them up…I hope it’s a luck HOH, and Kevin wins…it would be so much fun to watch all the HG”s kiss his ass and try to pretend they didn’t mean all the crap they have been spewing…the fans need production to make this happen. Do it for us old farts and cat ladies…these snot faced little whining snowflakes need a reality check. Kevin is naive regarding BB ‘”etiquette”, but his blunt talk might finally expose Paul, if Kevin gets hoh.

Captain Obvious

This truly is the year of self oblivion and if any season will destroy the BB brand it is this one. Who goes on a tv show with “live feeds” and proceeds to talk about raping people, laughing about it and then continue to display truly disturbing and disgusting behaviours?

This season has been nothing but one big F*CK UP and it better result in many changes with the BB production, this whole BB thing needs new direction. You can blame the house guests all you want, but ask yourself who produces this garbage and allows it to all go down well beyond the point of sensibility.

I quit watching because I myself started to feel dirty supporting this garbage filled “new era” of BB. These people have no connecting qualities, they all just have harassment issues, validation issues and all have a lack of ability to think for themselves. They are all attention seekers who have no self awareness of themselves, they are all hypocrites and use issues such as “rape” to self serve their own agenda, just look at Alex “breaking down” because she knew someone who got raped….and then she laughs as Jason makes rape jokes. This is completely mentally ill behaviour to use something like “rape” to play a victim like Alex did (when it served her) and then later laughs about rape comments. What a truly truly disgusting season and the fact CBS hides all the truth from live feeds just goes to show how manipulative and deceiving a network will become to “sell” a show to its audience.


Couldn’t agree more in your evaluation except Jason got tied up in all the garbage talk and made a statement he truly did not mean that he did say it didn’t say I’m sorry he did but it is house somebody’s house Guest have worked people up prior to Jason’s comment and all the lies they were saying about Kevin and how Kevin was saying all this crap about everybody else I will give Jason a brain fart I thought nothing can get worse than BB 15 but what production has allowed this season is what we’re seeing out on our streets today where the millennial’s and snowflakes say and do unbelievable

Jason's Wife???

Why are you making excuses for the inexcusable?

Captain Obvious

Peggy, while I appreciate the agreement…that was kind of my point that this whole house is oblivious and can’t think for themselves. As a human being if I was sitting with Alex/Paul/Jason when he made those “rape” comments, I would seriously go off on them all. $500 K, isn’t enough money to sell my integrity and forget about having a human heart, there is ZERO EXCUSES for anyone of them including Jason. That is what “thinking for yourself” is, not giving into other people and following their lead or having a weak mind and “giving in”. Having a condoning attitude is the same as having a weak mind.


Kevin is supposed to be his friend tho..they sleep next to each other, spend every morning walking outside together and regardless of getting cought up, he’s 38 had a wife and kid etc… just not acceptable, he could have stopped it and said it’s not appropriate in any setting let alone on TV for everyone to see!!


Raven read my mind!


These people define the word TRASH. This season is done. Stick a fork in it & spray it with


Hmm…so as far as you can see, half the house wants you out, you say I’ll win HoH to your boy and put that vile thing up and your boy immediately jumps In with don’t win this one throw it to me! What, why she gotta go! Wait, no, Kevin said oh sure Paul maybe you’ll let me win the next one.

Kevin, try to win HoH at least then you know you’re safe. No one should feel safe at this point in the game.


I’ve been watching big brother for a long long time. I don’t think it’s the quality of the show that has gone down, but the quality of the fan with all their constant complaining, moaning, and name calling. It’s a show. It’s entertainment. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. But a lot of you accuse the house guess of the very same thing you are doing which is ganging up, using a mob mentality to verbally berate someone, and some of you even go and seek out their family members on social media to attack them! Now that is truly pathetic.


Hymen- if this is the same “Hymen” who trashed Jessica a few weeks ago?


We might all be trolling on a big brother website, but this is the internet. The people we are talking about has a choice to read it or not. Ganging up and emotionally abusing and attacking someone when they are secluded and have nowhere to go is something else. Feeling isolated and alone can really do things to a person. I mean there have been instances of Big Brother where this has happened before (Ronnie & Aubrey are some instances I can think of) but nothing as extreme as this. The people who had this treatment in prior seasons earned it by playing both sides and being shady. It is happening on almost a weekly basis with the HGs and pretty much all because of rumors/jealously.dislike/spite. They can’t even socialize with the target without being told they are being shady for just talking to them (not even game related!). This is the ugliest the house has been since season 15. Season 15 was all kinds of prejudice but I still think this is worse for how much the group think is attacking people outside of the group think and treating them. I would love for Paul not to win, but at this point he is playing the best game. He has created everything in the house. I am truly rooting for Kevin, Christmas, Jason, Paul in that order. Raven/Alex pettiness and lies are too much. Josh’s behavior has been atrocious. America’s favorite Player should be Kevin/Jason/Mark depending on who is in the finals.

Fancy pants

The only difference is instead of a garden gnome directing the hate from behind the scenes, these people on the comment boards (have a different guide to direct their hate).


Hymen, sounds like you would fit in with this group of house guests perfectly.


Very true….many houseguests are vile, but so are some here.


Totally agree with you Hymen.


So, who’s being manipulated more? The HGs by Paul, or the viewers of the heavily edited broadcast version were except for Cody and Jessica, are all angels and its just a normal BB season with Paul being a hero in HGs eyes, rather then the vie villains they all are?
Remember, biggest audience are not these forums or the paid 24/7, rather the edited broadcast versions.


You’re exactly right, Daniel. Due to editing, the larger TV audience sees and believes what Production wants them to perceive. The sad part is that they could have found houseguests to have legitimately played entertaining,less hate-filled, games like they want to portray the show on TV. You know they also script the studio audience on live TV.


It seriously grates my nerves reading Paul tell Kevin to throw the HOH. Everyone in the house except for Kevin is vile.

I have half a mind voting for Meghan for AFP (if she’s an option…) as a message to the rest of the crappy house guests: the girl who didn’t even play was better than all of you.

sunny dee

she’s still in the opening credits, so i wonder if she wil be an option.

otherwise, you can always do Cameron. I was so disappointed when he didn’t beat cody in the battle back


Don’t think she will be an option. They may not include her on the live finale, although I see them using her to blunt some of the criticism of the bullying. CBS will respond with something along the lines of: when it was too rough for the cast member they could leave. I’m sure they’ll gloss over just how bad things got in the house because Megan’s situation was pretty mild compared to some of this.


This season is f@#ked up. I pretty much just skip straight to the comments and not even read the damn posts anymore. Just donated Simon and Dawg. Wasn’t much, you guys deserve a whole hell of a lot more!
Everyone, go donate to the site. You can do $10, $20, $50 or $100 (USD). I did $20 because I’m a broke b!#@h, but it’s worth it to compensate these two for their torture this season!

Goatface Bob

The main reason JOsh hasn’t been physically assaulted from the numerous fights he has instigated is because Kevin literally put his body in-between JOsh and whoever JOsh was assaulting. JOsh deserves nothing.




I hope the house flips and votes out Raven. Besides the fact that Matt will be easy to take out later, he has one penalty vote against him they can use later. If Matt stays, they (BB) should make him a have not next week and if he still refuses to follow the rules, punish him and/or the entire house.


BB should kick Matt’s ass off the jury and give his vote to the viewers. So many people would have liked to have his spot in the game–including slop/cold showers/hn beds– but for that privilege Matt has done absolutely nothing but fool around in a dumb showmance, throw competitions (can he really be that bad?) happily be a pawn, shrug away vetos, eat cereal, and flaunt the rules of the game.


Penalties should be a reduced stipend amount for disregarding the rules. Bet they would all follow them then!

Jess Vivette

Can Raven’s hair get any dirtier? These pictures are seriously grossing me out. I wish someone would stuff each of those filthy buns in her & Math-yew’s mouths to finally shut them up and spare our ears.


Josh told Mark he was so sketchy hanging out with Jody…but they seem to forget (big topic here) how Xmas was spooning Kevin every night. I remember everyone ripping Kevin to shreds now his the favorite


I hope people share Matt and Raven’s vile sex videos everywhere. I want those pigs to be embarrassed as hell when they leave the house.


Matt and especially Raven have done so much embarassing shit this show that this is just icing on the cake


Raven may think she can be like Paris or the Kardashians…although the sex tape to fame path is over.


Why is there so much sh*tting in the bed?


I think Paul heard this term somewhere or a version of it and thinks its cool to keep tossing it around. I get the feeling he thinks himself some sort of trend setter with his catch phrases and words.


VOTE KRVIN FOR AFP! … time for big bro to himt at Kevin in diary room that Paul won’t actually throw the HOH… I feel Kevin sees what is go in on , even seeing Paul as the true puppet master so hopefully he guns for that HOH anyway… Kevin is being blamed for running the game lol etc it’s laughable.. I especially dislike Alex … I really hope she’s gone next.. Go Kevin!


Cody for AFP!!!!! Kevin’s already got 25k from the first comp. Also did Kevin not think this would happen when they did it to Cody, Jess, dom, and mark. He was talking shit about them with everyone else.


Cody AFP! Leave the Lord of the Flies cast to worship the head on a stick!


Cameron for AFP just because! Although he won the moment he got to leave that house.


OMGGGGGGG. If they don’t stop talking about this 25K, had Kevin not got the money your beloved Paul wouldn’t be in the house. So STFU about this money, you’re all fine with just handing Paul 500K so whats the big deal? Get a clue!!!! Hopefully instead of showing them their family, they should show them all the shit people say about them on twitter and on these blogs. They’re a disgrace to this game, bunch of cowards and bullies.


Donny Thompson said it best, “I wish they had a Big Brother for grown ups.” True then (season 16), even more true today.

The Ancient One

Not only is Alex a biotch but she is straight up stupid. She’s going to kick America’s Favorite Player in the balls and thinks that’s a good look?

The only reason she has her fake tits hanging out all the time is because she is beat everywhere else. Her face makes me wish I stared directly into the eclipse.


Actually, I thought maybe she was being sponsored by her plastic surgeon. Kind of like an infomercial for breast enlargement:-) I’m sick of looking at those fake potatoes hanging out all the time!


Alex is one sick bitch……she actually “asked” production if she could shit in Kevin’s bed. If the audience could only boo one person this year, I hope it’s her. This vile, hateful person is so f’ng cruel to Kevin yet does her rosary every nite….. really good Christian values, eh?


We have pastors in our family and TRUST ME when I say, the religious community and “Christians” are the worst. After what I’ve seen in my 50 years, if someone says they’re a Christian….RED FLAG! I’ve seen more humanity from folks who’ve never stepped foot in a church and more evil from Christians, than I care to remember.


Don’t put us all in that category. It’s always a few rotten apples to destroy the whole bushel.


Raised by a pastor. BIL is a pastor. Went to Christian schools all my life. Yes, I can judge because I was raised by hypocrites.


Show me someone breathing and I’ll show you a hypocrite. You however sound like a lovely person.


It’s not the rest of the Christian worlds’ fault the people who raised you sucked.

Judgmental Judy

Same here, and I disagree. Your isolated experiences in no way give you the authority or credibility to judge an entire segment of the population. And making the cross symbol doesn’t make someone a Christian.


By all means, keep believing in your one hour a week visit to your church will save you. Keep tithing out of guilt. My father gave more council to and listened to more confessions from cheating Christian men than any other confession. Guilt and fear is an amazing tool.


Isn’t this a Big Brother comment box? Perhaps you’ve confused it with a,”I hate Christians & my family box?”


I’m smelling bullshit, is it you?

Umm…wouldn’t almost by definition the “confessions” be from people who were cheating?

I’ve never met a PK who didn’t identify themselves as a “Preacher’s Kid.” You’re the first.(sarcasm.)

And I’ve never heard of a Minister who takes confessions. Ministers would tell you to take it directly to the Almighty through his Son.

But whatever, good luck, be well, get groovy.


I wasn’t going to trust you, but then you yelled TRUST ME, so I guess I will.


“TRUST ME”……I’m a Christian. Lol


Great comment! Love it! Agree 100%

Sir Loin of Beef

I predict that next week, this will be a forum headline:

“‘Tokyo Ow’ is put OTB, goes kamikaze on the BB HGs and CBS!”


Not unlike her boobs, Alex’s piety is also extra-large and fake.

Sorry you had to see that!

Matt and Raven heavy breathing and moaning. Matt – give it to me. Give it to me! Raven – oh sh*t! Oh god! oh f**k!


Shitting in other’s beds should be grounds for dismissal. These HG’s are vile, crude, hippocrital and so delusional!


There’s not much to look forward to as this season gets closer to the end, but there are still some things we can get excited about. Instead of rooting for a side of the house or a favorite player, we are looking forward to AFP to be announced. And instead of getting excited about who will continue on, I think we are more excited to sit back and watch the audience boo as each minion exits the house.

I hope whoever leaves today gets booed by the live audience. And that’s not just because they are both horrible people, but it would be so awesome to see the faces of the remaining HGs when they peek through that door and hear those boos. It will make them question their game and if America hates them too. It will make them… how do they say it? “Sh*t the bed.”


These people are just pissed Kevin was the FIRST to click that button for the 25k, but correct me if I’m wrong, he wasn’t the ONLY person. It showed 7 red lights, Ramsey, Raven, Mark, ALEX, Jason and Cody. Kevins was green.
And they all complain he is going to make more than second place… GOOD!! He is the ONLY one playing a respectable game. Although, it breaks my heart to see him bow down to Big Bad Paul. Please America, boo the f out of Paul when he wins. The tag teaming, bullying tactics are pathetic. That’s not playing a game. He’s making everyone else “play” (bully) for him.





I haven’t been voting for a few weeks because there is really no one I wanted to vote for. But I am so glad you changed it to include evicted HG’s…..I will start voting again. Thanks Simon! You’re AWESOME!!


Thanks Kelly, I figured the same. most of the remaining players having ranking sub 1.5.


How often to these rankings accurately predict the winner? I’m curious if the players that feed watchers like are the same ones that win AFP.


This is the first year we’ve run the ranking.


Not surprising considering how hate filled the house has become. Am very surprised that Jason is being given a pass in spite of his “rape & torture” threat.

I am torn between Mark & Kevin for AFP. Both have been horribly abused by this sick cast. I would like each of them to get the money.

IMHO Alex is a psychopath (def: a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.) The rest of the minions are simply mob mentality. This is no longer just “a social experiment”. When it generates harm to a person (physically OR MENTALLY) it is the responsibility of CBS to put a stop to it. Shame on CBS for allowing this to devolve into the nightmare it has become.

Don’t want Kevin to win the next HOH. They’ve already decided on Alex & Jason. Once they get these two out, they’ll go for Kevin. He needs to be eligible for that one. Really want him to win that one.


I think we should vote evicted in there as well. It’s so funny because someone like Paul might think, “Oh man, I’m number three!” But then you look at everyone’s rating and EVERYONE is below a 2 except Jason and Kevin (as of yesterday that is).


Thank you! No one likes these people!!!


Krikey, somebody pass me a Kraken! This is amazing!


Do these people watch previous seasons, throw a HHcomp at this stage. They all forget how Crybaby josh threw his group under the bus the first week for safety but they harp about Kevin and the 25 grand. Josh attacking people constantly to try and prove he is a big tough guy is getting old. I think the only suspense left for this season is will Josh come out of the closet.


Ok I have to say it. This has all gone too far. A few weeks ago when people were talking about the “bullying” by Josh/Raven/etc in the house, I would just eye roll because I couldn’t understand why ANYONE could take either of them seriously. I swear, if josh said something to me or started banging pots and pans I would probably just crack up laughing at the immaturity of it all. But what’s going on now is just awful. I won’t call it bullying, but there’s definitely some very, very inappropriate things being said/done to others. I found it hard to watch when Kevin simply asked Matt “have you been talking about me” and Matt started saying “are you threatening me? Coming after me with a glass?” There was no rhyme or reason for that. Something needs to be done. I don’t think they should shut down the show, but they should haul their a$$es in the diary room and have a serious talk with them. I’m all about the fights and arguments in BB for entertainment, but the things being said by these houseguests are downright demented.


Is there some way CBS can be petitioned for any of this behavior? To toss out some of these vile players or something?


I think all the houseguests should become have nots for the week because Matt is being a baby about leaving. Make everyone suffer for him not continuing to be a have not. Unbelievable how production has let this slide. Oh no! He gets a vote! He’s already going home. He doesn’t care. And the fact that they don’t wake up at 10AM and production is just okay with it. They all clearly don’t respect the game. Horrible people.


Wow, what an awesome post. You are one of the few who understands the difference between bullying and harassment. The behavior of this cast is disgusting. They all should be ashamed of themselves. This being said, I’ll bet that a month after the show is over the entire cast will get together (other than Cody who is socially deviant and by proxy Jessica) over beers and fondly reminisce about the season. I can promise you this would never happen if actual bullying had occurred. I’ve recently lost a beautiful person from my life due to the horrific effects of bullying. I will not go specifics as to what she had to endure as it is too painful for me to relive. What I can assure you of is that the antics of Paul and his minions doesn’t even register on the scale of what constitutes real bullying. Yes, I too find the harassment and disrespect that is running rampant in this BB house to be repulsive to watch. But please don’t mistakenly label these actions as bullying. By doing so you are marginalizing (I realize not intentionally) how actual bullying plagues our society.


Paul is like a smelly armpit. I wish they’d quit all trusting him. Kevin, please, quit trusting Paul!!

Paul you stink. You’re rude, vulgar, and disgusting the way you are “leading” this house. Nothing for anyone to laugh at. Not entertainment.


The question is, are they going to do this to Alex next? Are they going to bully her?


I bet they will make is sound like Kevin is the target and continue to attack him. If it becomes apparent to Alex or Jason that one of them is the target i predict major blow up on all fronts.


Josh saying he almost got attacked 4 times this season…….Maybe he should learn to STFU!! I am normally a calm person but it they did to me what they did to Cody, Mark and Elena I’m not sure I would be able to stay calm….I think everyone has there breaking point…..


Did anyone notice what an insecure little prick Paul the Gnome was last night? Before he started “his” impressions, Josh was impersonating him. Gnome would have nothing to do with it and threw a fit until Josh stopped. What a tool.


Fox News has picked up the story about the way that Paul, Christmas, Alex, Raven, Josh, Matt and especially Jason have acted and thing being said and CBS had no comment!!! That says it all CBS condones it! Disgusted! CBS has been slammed with complaints as they should be!


The comment Jason made about raping Kevin’s wife in front of his kids was on TMZ.
What a season – Jessica putting her finger up people’s butt holes was just the beginning.


I think Production will have a hand in getting him out . It would get Worse if the guy who jokes about rape ends up winning .


Frankie joked that Caleb and someone else get Victoria drunk and double team her and they gave him a moronic special about internet videos and his hot seat question when for some strange reason he was sitting next to Derrick during the Julie Chen talk Show the day after the finale was about his comment about gay men are born that way but gay women choose to be that way. No follow up nothing to hint at some of the other things he said that made the news during that season. Seriously doubt they care which of these people wins as long as the advertisers keep paying.


The NY Times and TV Guide, along with many international media outlets have also picked this up. They have all made comments on the previous Jason rape comment and how Alex was mad at Jessica for sticking her finger in an inappropriate place because of a past sexual assault in her family yet she was laughing hysterically after Jason made his comment. Alex, Jason and Matt (No real punishment for breaking the Have Not rules even though Chima was expelled in BB11 for similar activity ) are all making quite a name for themselves in the media.

Of course, in all cases, no comment from CBS or Julie Chen.


Like I commented earlier, its only the few who follow the Forum, or watch the 24/7, that are aware of the vile going on in the house. The majority see only the sweetened heavily edited versions shown on TV. A friend I (actually next door older couple who watch the show only on broadcast CBS), couldn’t believe what I told them and actually showed them and this forum to read of what is going on. Both are now disgusted by Paul and his cult followers.
As to Matt, being a follower would never be sent home no matter how much he goes against the HOH rules. Remember, he’s one of Paul followers. Evicting him would mean BB would have to backtrack on much of its edited broadcast shows.
I admire Cody and his self control, if what was done to him to me, I might have had assault charges filed and made to pay some hospital bills.
As to Paul’s infatuation with a rubber duck, I’m sure he has some blow-ups in his basement apartment.
Seriously, all these HGs, need professional help.


Agree ….even when they showed Ravens lies they went easy on her


I blame the Producers for bringing back one vet. If more than one vet are in a cast, they divide the worship. However with one vet back, I blame Paul for the entire suck-fest of a season. Paul “taught” everyone the game. Most of the jacked up tactics were suggested by Paul. Example the idea to get into Cody’s face and push him with the hope he would self evict, including pots and pans. As a vet he could have set the tone and determine what “crossed the line”.

Also there are way too many people who are willing to give their 500K away to anyone they didn’t know three months ago. Almost everyone is OK with giving it to Paul. Jason is OK giving it to Alex. Matt is OK giving it to Raven. There is some serious Stockholm Syndrome going on in there!


No, I disagree. These are adults in the house. They are doing exactly what they want to do because it truly is a part of who they are. Alex, from week one, said vile things about other people, but she said it only in front of Jason. Josh was a jerk from week one. I could go on and on but these people are acting how they want to act. That little weasel Paul, is bringing it out of them. Paul told Kevin that all these people are showing their true colors and he loves it. He also told Kevin that they are in for a shock when they get out of the house. He said, the things that they say, even surprises him sometimes. This coming from Paul the jerk at that.

Kevy Kev

I believe that b/c Matt has disregarded ALL of the rules of a Have Not, Julie should announce on Thurs that there is no vote tonight. (Watch Raven get excited) Then Julie announces that b/c Matt chose to not listen to the Brother that runs the Big house, he is instantly evicted with NO vote at all. And as punishment to the house for it, they are all to be Have Nots for 2 weeks. Immediately call an HOH lockdown, then have production pick the place apart for real food. Time to see the fickle become fucked.

Losing Control of BB

I was thinking the same thing, but instead of Punishment for the House. I was thinking BB could then say, ok since Matt broke the rules there will be no vote, Matt your evicted for breaking the rules, and there will be no replacement nominee. Raven since your the only one left on the block, there’s no need for Voting, you too have been evicted. Send Matt home and Raven to Jury House, then go straight into the HOH Comp. Just seems a slap in the Face to the Show to Fan’s of the Show that they allow him to continue.


Matt = what a disappointment he turned out to be. His fights with Kevin and Jason were ridiculous. Did zero all season and then insists on being the one voted out instead of Raven. He signed up to be on BB – have some class and play the game. He’s a Have Not this week and eating regular food and sleeping in the rose room with Raven. Wish there was some sort of monetary penalty? I hope Raven goes out after him.


I know….Even Cody followed the rules the first time he got evicted he still wore that silly frog costume all week until he was evicted. I wish they would kick him out AND since Raven is the only one on the block she is voted out by the HG’s.
I can’t remember what season it (first season with Jeff and Jordan) was but there was the girl who threw her mic in the hot tub and refused to change batteries or wear it and she was sent packing…… Why won’t they do that to Matt? It’s not fair that he only gets 1 punishment vote but continues to break the rules…..
This season is so beyond repair…


Chima. She was evicted and let go. Didn’t receive her stipend or anything for destroying property. I odn’t even think she was nominated either. It was when Jeff used the Coup D’tat power and Jesse her biggest ally went home on her HOH. There was Jen in Season 8 and she knew she was getting evicted and sopped following have not rules and got one vote cast against her too.


Well these morons made world news…just saw on Britains daily mail an article about Jasons disgusting comment about rape….their lives outside may not be very pretty for them

Jessica's Birth Control

Raven is a nasty pig!


It would be hysterical if Matt knocked her up!!!

Backseat Driver

Simon/Dawg….if you promise to never post any more of Matt and Raven’s sex “talk”….I will double my tip jar contribution!

Barf….eeek…..ugh. #%{*/:-^*


Tomorrow that should all end. 🙂

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Are you sure? Someone might convince him to cut it off so she can go on without him.


Do they give a awards for the most hated player.
vote now. current standings.

#1 Alex
#2 Josh
#3 Christmas
#4 Paul
#5 Jason
#6 Raven
#7 Matt

Kevin He shouldn’t even be considered,

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

They are all disliked at an incredible level but if you google it, overall Raven is the most hated houseguest of all times. To add my own opinion – for good reason too




Don’t throw the HOH Kevin.


Yes agreed. The problem is that even if Kevin tries his best, the chances of him winning a competition are remote.

Butters Mom

Im not sure if anyone on here remembers but Frankie Grande suggested that all the men in the house should gang rape the virgin girl, Victoria, his season. I had forgotten about it but, Facebook gives you timehop reminders about your past years posts and I had posted something about it on this day at 2:21 in 2014. This isnt the first season rape has been a topic among the houseguests and nothing was ever done about it when Frankie said it… so I doubt CBS will do anything about it now.


Ohh crap I remember that now.. Ugh..