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Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Power of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

10am – 10:45am Big Brother switched the live feed to the TRIVIA screen for the Power of Veto Ceremony. When the feeds return we learn that obviously Jessie used the veto to take herself off the block. As head of household Ginamarie then nominated Spencer as the replacement nominee.

The live feeds return with Spencer and Ginamarie up in the HOH room. Spencer says that it’s okay that you put me up. In the future I may come to you to ask a favour from you. Ginamarie says that Judd was her second choice. She says she will definitely repay the favour. Spencer says he will not hold this against her in the future once they make it to jury and says that we can work together. Gina says that she appreciates that. Spencer says that he is just going to lay low.

Helen says this isn’t the week to strike! If Jessie wants Amanda out she needs to win HOH!

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds come back – Jessie and Spencer are on the backyard talking about his weight. He is embarrassed about his weight. Jessie says that even though he might not be happy she feels like it is a healthy weight for him. Spencer says those are kind words. They head inside. In the living room – Spencer sits on the backyard couch. Elissa and Spencer are joking around. Elissa says that Andy hates Spencer because he had the biggest showmance of the season with Howard. He says yeah that’s true. Elissa says you and Howard got shown who’s boss and it ain’t you. Spencer says yeah that’s true.

9:35am – 9:40am In the bathroom - Jessie tells Judd that it will be so hard to get Amanda out if we don’t do it now. She lies and manipulates. Jessie tells Judd to not talk to Helen directly, talk to me. At least until it gets closer.

Amanda says eww I see your pen!$ outline! What are those bumps on it?!

1:50am In the lounge room – Amanda and McCrae are talking. Judd joins them. He lifts up his shirt and starts humping the air. Amanda says eww I see your pen!s outline! Eww what are those bumps on it?! Judd then investigates. Amanda asks do you have genital warts? McCrae tells him to stop, I don’t want to look at it anymore. Amanda asks so who’s sleeping with Judd tonight? Do you want me to sleep with you tonight? Judd says I’m sleeping with Jessie. Amanda asks are you? Judd says yeah. McCrae says you sleep with Judd and I’ll sleep with Jessie. Amanda says yeah. McCrae asks what’s the word, nothing new? Judd says no. Gina joins them to say goodnight. Gina leaves. Amanda says Elissa told us what their conversation in here was about. Jessie was complaining about you (Judd) sleeping with Aaryn. That’s what the entire conversation was about. Judd asks so we need to separate. McCrae says I don’t care what you do. Judd takes a sip of McCrae’s water jug. McCrae gets annoyed because he doesn’t like other people drinking from him jug. Andy joins them. Judd asks Andy if he thinks it matters if he sleeps with Jessie or not?

Elissa and Jessie want to save Candice “The sk@nk squad Vs the Rat B****”

11:34pm Elissa and Jessie
Elissa says they do not have the numbers they are screwed right now
They needs one vote to save Candice. Elissa is sure he won’t vote get Andy’s to vote out Amanda. Elissa is really worried if they lose Candice they will go one by one she wants to act. Jessie says the reason Andy doesn’t want to rock the boat right now is he’s covered on both sides. He’s in good with Amanda and McCrae and Elissa/Helen. Once those two sides start fighting Andy has to pick a side and that will make him a big target for some people.

Jessie the biggest flip flopper of Big Brother 15 or is she “Pot belly pig vomit”

7:53pm HOH Aaryn, GM and Andy

Aaryn is worried if Helen and Elissa are coming after her now why didn’t she do the nomination last week like she wanted to.

Andy: “Helen is super emotional she hears something and flips out.. she does this all the time”
Andy: “Don’t worry she (Helen) is going to vote Candice out.. she’s not a idiot she knows if she votes to keep Candice she’ll gain a ton of enemies… it’s Sunday we have a lot of time until Thursday”
Andy leaves..
Aaryn says Elissa, Helen and Jessie want to keep Candice and all they need is one person.. “you know how easy it is to get one person’s vote”
GM says Helen respects her HOH she will vote out Candice.
Aaryn: “I don’t care if she says she respects your HOH she told me the same thing my first HOH and look what happened”

Helen: “My Friends really want Amanda out” Amanda: “No Candice is going home.. 100%”

5:35pm Backyard Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae

Amanda says she’s heard Helen and Elissa talking about getting rid of her over Candice.

AManda: ‘If Candice goes this week and it’s some kind of Double eviction we have to be on the same page” She hints that perhaps Helen should go.
Amanda warns Aaryn if she gets another HOH people will start worrying because it makes her look strong, she’s already won 2. Aaryn says she hasn’t won a Veto and her first HOH was a half Jeremy the second HOH was a crapshoot.

McCrae: “As soon as MVP goes we can start winning HOH”
Aaryn thinks it will end once they get to six players, ”I think the first Pandora’s box will end the MVP

Helen wants to fire the first shot “We have to get Amanda out she’s trying to b@ckdoor me”

4:35pm Bedroom Helen and Elissa

Elissa and Helen are getting paranoid because McCrae and Jessie are talking in the bedroom. Elissa doesn’t think that someone in the house put up Amanda. She thinks it was America. Elissa thinks that people would be able to related to her because she’s a mom.

Candice and Jessie join them.
JEssie: “Why do you all look so down in the dumps”
Helen: “The beer got to me”
Helen asks Candice to leave and let the 3 of them talk game.

Candice says Gina is ignorant, she can’t hold a conversation without it being all about herself.

Judd says Jessie would be a bitter jury member but give her a compliment and you would get her vote.

Aaryn tells Amanda that her feet look like duck feet. Amanda says says “EWw.. I look like SNOOKI!”

Big Brother 15 Bachelor Party YO “Who stole my chicken cutlet t!ty”

“I’ve never seen a veto where people are fighting during the veto” -Amanda

Big Brother Spoilers the Clownie reveal “it wasn’t entertaining she F****** sucks ” -GM

GM gets the Cone and Candice has to wear the Clownie-tard for a week, “Imagine how bad her a$$ will smell”

Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Power Of Veto RESULTS!