Big Brother 12 Alumni Kristen Bitting on Baggage

Kristen Bitting seems to get a lot of attention for a Big Brother Player that lasted only 4 weeks in the game. She’s been able to leverage some of her BB fame into promotional modelling as a extra on small TV Rolls. Last week we caught her on Betty Whites Off Their Rockers where she played a “Greek Goddess” Feeding grapes to a elderly man. Before that we caught her demoing a “Reverse Triangle from Single leg Position” in a sherdog Fight videos and modelling with Rachel Reilly in Kasanova magazine.

This week we find Kristen on the dating show Baggage hosted by Jerry Springer. Kristen is the second Big brother Alumni to be on the show, the first was Michelle Noonan.

Baggage is a dating game with 4 contestants who are trying to get a date. One of the contestants gets to choose which of the other 3 they want the date with. The 3 contestants each have a suitcase with them, one is small, medium, and large. Each one contains a secret which is called the contestants “Baggage”. The larger the “baggage” (suitcase) the more scandalous the secret will be. Kristen “baggage” was ” I cheated on my boyfriend while on national television” (Her showmance with Hayden on Big Brother 12) In the End the guy picks Kristen to go on a date and Kristen accepts. The Guy had his own baggage which was “if you marry me you also marry my mother” Kristen’s reply to that was that she doesn’t like Momma’s boys but she is also very close to her mother so she wants to try the date.

Big Brother 12 Kristen Bitting with Betty White on Off their Rockers

Big Brother 12 Kisten Bitting was on Season 1 Episode 2 of Off their Rockers staring Betty White. Episode 1 of the show was on January 16, 2012, it was a special sneak peak to pay tribute to Betty White’s 90th birthday. It’s crazy that Betty white is 90 and can pull off a show good for her. Kristen was playing a greek goddess laying on a couch with a geriatric. Betty white says something like she’s running around town with young studs but the old fellas need love to. She looks at the old man and he says “I think I’m going to have a heart attack” Betty White replies “I’ll get the paddles” The entire time Kristen just smiles at the guy and feeds him grapes. The other greek goddess removes the guys hat and strokes his hair. There was no lines from either goddess.

This episode of Off Their Rockers was filmed December 12 of last year.

Rachel Reilly Adventures4Pets Where to Get a Brazilian for your Dog

Big Brother 12, Big Brother 13 Winner and Amazing Race contestant (Still in the race) Rachel Reilly has a new project on the go called “Adventures4Pets”. We first learnt about this web show last month during Rachel’s appearance on BearPaw TV.

Two Sisters Rachel Reilly, Elissa and their pets hit the road to find the most pet friendly destinations in America. site is not live yet, the splash screen says April sometime.. Rachel is starting to publish the videos on youtube. In this episode Rachel and Sis head to San Diego for a “Pet-Cation” which she calls one of the most pet friendly cities in the US.

Big Brother Winner Rachel Reilly on BEARPAW TV

Just when I thought we were going to have a break from Rachel Reilly she’s in the news again. This time with Simon Rawley-Wells of (bearpaw shoes rule BTW). In this interview Rachel talks about being the most “Winningest champion ever” on Big Brother. She goes on to mention her fight with Ragan on Big Brother 12 and how they are now best friends. Rachel “I think any Big Brother fan would agree I Definitely spiced up the house a little bit”

BB12 Britney Haynes Wedding, Marries Nathan Godwin

Last weekend Big Brother 12 America’s Favorite Britney Elizabeth Haynes of New York married Nathan Ryan Godwin of Tulsa son of Stuart and Terry Godwin of Mansfield. Wedding invitation for Britney Haynes wedding. Looks like the Wedding happened on March 18th at 3:00pm at the Pratt Place Barn, 17 n. Elizabeth Street fayetteville, Arkansas.

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas “The Bold and the Beautiful” 25th Silver Anniversary Party

Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12, Big Broher 13 and The Amazing Race 20 attended “The Bold and the Beautiful” 25th Silver Anniversary Party in Los Angeles, March 10, 2012. Both Brendon and Rachel have been on the day time soap many times. Rachel was on last month for her recurring roll as a cafe waitresses. There is definitely a Rachel and Brendon overload when it comes to past Big Brother Cast members. What do all you think is this too much Brenchel?

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas at Oscar Pre Party

Big Brother Winner Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas attend OK! Magazine Pre-Oscar Party – Arrivals at Greystone Manor Supperclub on February 23, 2012 in West Hollywood, California. These two seem to everywhere since being on BB12, Winning BB13 and now being on The Amazing Race. Something is telling me that they either a) milking their fame as long as they can or b) they won TAR 20 and are now reality TV royalty… Now I’m starting to fully expect them on BB14 and every other CBS reality show from here on in.. What do you all think, would Brenchel have a chance on survivor?

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