Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel Reilly Dishes Her Latest Stint on The Bold and the Beautiful

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Rachel Reilly won the $500,000 grand prize last month on Big Brother 13. Now she’s working for tips on The Bold and the Beautiful! The marriage-crazy redhead will return to the CBS soap October 28 and 31 as Rachel, a saucy cocktail schlepper at the Bikini Beach bar, and she’ll have her real-life fiancé (and fellow Big Brother player) Brendon Villegas in tow. The future Mrs. V gave TV Guide Magazine the lowdown.

TV Guide Magazine: What’s with all the B&B love? This is your 10th appearance!
Reilly: I know! Isn’t it crazy? [Laughs] And this time I’m a bride! Brendon and I are part of the Halloween shows so they put us in wedding outfits, which of course I loved! We’re getting Bikini Beach ready for a party. Amber [Adrienne Frantz] is there flirting with Thorne [Winsor Harmon]. The costumes and makeup are so fantastic you’re going to be shocked! We have swamp creatures, pirates, gypsies, mermaids, fairies, geishas. I was a cocktail waitress in Vegas for years and this trumps any Halloween party I ever worked there. It really inspired me for real life.

TV Guide Magazine: So spill it. How are you and Brendon dressing for Halloween?
Reilly: We’re going as Jessica and Roger Rabbit!

TV Guide Magazine: Well, you’ve already got the hair and the bod!
Reilly: [Laughs] Exactly! I’m almost there!

TV Guide Magazine: Just after you won the half mill you told a TMZ crew you were eloping in Vegas that coming weekend. It never happened. How come?
Reilly: That was horrible and I blame it totally on me! It was the night of the Big Brother after party and Brendon and I had a few drinks and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Of course, my mom saw it. She called up and said, “You are not getting married this weekend, young lady!”

TV Guide Magazine: Then what are your “I do” plans?
Reilly: We’re looking at venues for December or January and I think I’ve found the dress. Now that I have this extra money I can buy the dream wedding I’ve always wanted! [Laughs] With lots of sequins!

TV Guide Magazine: Any truth to reports you’re shopping a reality show about the big day?
Reilly: It’s just a rumor. [Laughs] And I didn’t start that one! No, I’m not shopping a show but if it were to happen it’d be awesome. I don’t know if Brendon could handle it but I won’t lie. I would never turn it down.

Source: TVGuide

Young and the Restless / Bold and the Beautiful HALLOWEEN PROMO commercial with Rachel and Brendon:

And last but not least:
Rachel and Brendon are mentioned in the November 2011 issue of Playboy

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84 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel Reilly Dishes Her Latest Stint on The Bold and the Beautiful

  1. At least Rach still has her mom to knock some sense into her when she strays from reason. Rach would be a mess without her.

  2. Rachel has Brendon to keep her on the right track, that’s why they’re so made for each other. Anyone who saw BB live feeds knows that Brendon kept her always steady and in check when she was getting ready to lose it. It was his steady control over her during his time in the house and his advice before he was evicted that helped her win. They both equally won that money and deserved it. Rachel looks hot in her Playboy photo. Everyone looks forward to their B&B cameo. I wouldn’t be surprised if they DO get offered a reality-style wedding show…..However, greedy producer Allison Grodner or CBS may not permit them to accept it if it’s on another network. I think they are both contracted to CBS for a time…..Go Rachel and Brendon, America learned to love you both!

    1. Brendon is a control freak and a bully. He verbally abuses women and that’s not limited to his fiancé. He abused Cassi, Dani, Kalia, Porsche and Jordan and that’s not solely my opinion but Big Brother Network’s as well. The link is below.


      I think you personally like him because you yourself are a misogynist (and judging from what your girlfriend says about you from an earlier post I think she feels the same). You know the saying “Birds of a feather, flock together?” Well Brendon and you have the same mentality. That’s why you should find a submissive girl like Rach to take your abuse because any respectable human being won’t.

      1. As usual, every bit of garbage you write Is full of errors. You also quote Big Brother Network (a well-known Brenchel hating blog with writer Matt who constantly writes invented nonsense and makes endless mistakes)….Maybe that’s the blog you should be writing your lies on. Just don’t try to lie on this site, since many of us are live-feed viewers and know better.

    1. By the way Captain, you’re right…after seeing Bold&Beautiful on Oct.28 and realizing that the entire soap’s cast cannot act their way out of wet paper bags, Rachel’s one line performance doesn’t seem bad at all ;-) As for Brendon, he was a more believable bartender than the bartender that had all the lines. As for Rachel’s wedding costume, it was just a veil (producers were too cheap to get her a gown)…..we’ll have to wait to see what happens on the Oct.31st episode, to see if there is any improvement.

      1. No problem, anytime but I can wait till the live coverage of Rachel and Brendon wedding special. Just like Rob and Amber.

  3. Rachel IS a good actress. Did you see how easy she could pour on the tears when she needed to, inside the BB house? It actually got her to the end, when she needed Jordan to voluntarily bow out. Jordan did, and Rachel stayed and won…..As Brendon always told Jeff ; “Rachel knows how to come through when she needs to”

    1. Ford Granada Rachel don’t have feelings, you say she could shed tears when needed, I never once seen tears when she cried (pouted)

      1. Yeah, well whatever she did (cried, pouted, sobbed, whimpered, alligator teared, or became hysterical) It worked! She won the half million with it, and YOUR BB houseguest favorite did NOT. So, sit and spin on that a while….you jealous fool you!

        1. I agreed with Frank Granda Jr. Your really jealous. Not only that Jeff won America’s Favorite Houseguest. Twice. How sucked does Daniele make. She is a loser.

            1. I agreed with you!
              You said that:
              What’s Up KAYSAR says:
     27, 2012 at 12:52 am
              Wow, was that even English? SQUABBLE and NAME should just get a room and get it over with already.
              This is way out of line! WHAT’S UP KAYSAR! YOU NEED TO STOP Bother SQUABBLE! I’m his friend! I always got his back!!!!!

    2. i didn’t know that Rachel posed for Playboy. BB, i did see the clip where Brandon gets mad at Kalia for talking to him while hes on the chair sunbathing and called Danielle “Judas”.

  4. Brendon never “abused” any girl. He was always trying to keep the peace. Kahlia was admittedly trying to “snow” him when she went outside to lie about her loyalty. He should have been even harsher with her. Dani, Kahlia and Porsche spent half the summer hoping Rachel was pregnant, and kept saying they wish she would have a miscarriage. If you don’t remember all that, then you didn’t see shit. Brendon was a very nice guy, it was Jeff that was a little rough with the girls. Get your facts straight, all you Brenchel haters!

    1. Glad to see you back Simon! Everyone is doing fine on the site. Well everyone except BBKing who seemed to have gone crackers after Rachel won BB. His hatred for Brenchel is unsurpassed. It made him lose his mind on these posts. But, I’m handling him alright, so don’t worry.

      1. What are you talking about dude? I wanted Rachel to win this season because I agreed with what Matt Hoffman said on RTVZone, that Rachel was the best competitor who had a target on her back from day one but still managed to outplay everyone. Who is the liar now? The feud between you and me started not because of Rachel or Brendon, but because you attacked Captain simply because he admires Cassi. So don’t put words in my mouth and say I am jealous of Rach or Brendon and wtf Jeff? I voted for Jeff to be America’s Player. How am I jealous of him?

        1. Oh, so now you are admitting that you “involved yourself” in other people’s affairs to start the trouble/feud between us. Well everyone knows you like to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, but it’s nice to hear you admit it…..however, your own past posts prove you have Never liked Brendon, Rachel or Me. So, should we believe your words, or our lying eyes. People can read for themselves your hate-filled past posts on Brenchel.

    2. Hey Simon! Just touching base after a bit of a hiatus from BB myself. Good to see your site is still going. Enjoying the updates. Any news on what my gal Dani is up to? Have Jeff & Jordon moved in together yet? Did Shelly have a job to go back to after all? The others?

      Hope you’re doing well. Thanks for the updates.


  5. squabbles

    i think reality hasn’t hit home yet she’s still in denial that rachel has reach her expectation (win win win)lol squabbles will do anything to justify those mean girls attitude and there behavior all season yet rachel = the big bad wolf . i dont care how the chips fall love her hate her she has already on get over it

    hi simon

    1. I love you “Spicy”….You are the one on this site that truly knows what really went down inside the BB house and tell it like it is. Thanks for being so honest about Brenchel and calling the liars out!

  6. Frank, with all due respect please get some psychiatric help. You have many psychological deficiencies judging from your statements. You are a narcissist, a misogynist, a compulsive-liar, and have an unhealthy penis-fetish. Also you believe you’re psychic since you claim to know everything about me, including how I look like. That’s serious delusional behavior.

    And plus dude you can’t be any of the things that you claim you are (smart, witty, good-looking). You can’t be that smart because you ran a failed business called UniqueVideo. Smart people don’t go bankrupt. You’re not witty because all you do is spew vulgar ad hominem attacks. Wit requires insight and the ability to be funny and taken seriously simultaneously like Oscar Wilde. And you can’t be good-looking and that is why your picture is missing from your MySpace page (you provided the link to your MySpace and I simply clicked).

  7. On second thought Frank, if you can’t afford a psychologist and it is most likely you can’t since you ran a failed video business and are now unemployed, I have another solution. California alleys are filled with cheap male gigolos. Pay them to give you a bj and if you ask nicely request that they c*** in your mouth. This way you will fulfill your desire for penises at a very low price.

    1. BBKing is full of more lies as usual. Unique Video was a HUGE success back in Florida for years. I was working on Broadway in stage productions and am now in LA. I write film and TV critisms and have a film production company. So, as usual BBKing’s info is just as wrong about me as it is about every single Big Brother comment he makes. Even looking through old closed down myspace blogs to find something, and not even getting that right. One simply had to go through this summer’s posts to see fir themselves what a low class hick BBKing really is. Jealous of Me, Brendon, Jeff and with an intense hatred for Rachel. Dude, you are the one that needs an asylum desperately! (if only to get a handle on your deep jealousy of everyone, just to begin with)

      1. Frank there is no reason I have to be jealous of you. You spend your days browsing the internet, looking at male body parts and collecting homosexual-sexploitation videos since you can’t get any in real life. That’s what Unique-Video was about wasn’t it? Wow! What a life! I seriously wish I had your life Frank (sarcasm). I’d rather be crucified then be such a disgrace to humanity.

        FYI Frank, I say this as one human being to another; sadly California is not really a great place for homosexuals to live in. You should move to New York, Vermont or New Hampshire. All three states legalized gay marriage. This way you can get married to the man of your life without social-stigma or the law preventing you from doing so.

        Don’t call me a bigot. I am a social-liberal and I believe the U.S. should legalize homosexual marriage at the national level so that all people are treated equally regardless of sexual-orientation.

        1. By the way BBKing, I agree with you, I also wish you had been crucified (not-sarcasm)……And to prove you to be the liar you truly are… just has to read past newspaper articles to see for themselves, that the old Unique Video was critically acclaimed and won several national awards for excellence. Just more proof how you write nothing but one lie after another. Now my music videos I direct are also critically acclaimed…..Just more for you to be jealous of ;-)

          1. Does it mean anything that it took Brendon and Rachel four tries to win BB and it mean less than if Rachel wasn’t brought back just by answering a phone?

            1. Well Kevins, does it also mean anything that in recent past BB seasons, the biggest floaters who did nothing all season long ( like Baller, Jordan, etc..) WON the BB 1/2 million prize? I’d rather see people like Brenchel that were constantly busting their asses to win comps win, than do-nothings that win. That IS what means something!

              1. frank, i think baller did a lot of things right and im sure Captain will back me up, and played a better social game like with Crazy James than Ryan or Sheila and wasn’t a floater.

                1. Baller was as bad as Shelly in comps. Baller is now in Federal prison for heaven knows how many crimes. Ryan was another loser, as was Sheila. Crazy James played comps and won many. He was a hard player and didn’t give up. He was also very funny and like to push-the-envelope. A good solid BB player. His girlfriend Chelsia was also tough and feisty and didn’t go down easy.

              2. Are you kidding me Frank? Jordan won 3 HOH’s (BB11 & BB13) and 1 POV (BB11). She ain’t no floater. The only floater is Adam!!! Beside, Jordan won 1/2 million. She ain’t no floater.

                1. I said she won the 1/2 million, that was the point. That she didn’t have to really struggle to do it. She won her comps toward the end, after everyone was already out….she’s a sweet girl, I like her a lot….But, like some others who won over the years, she didn’t have to bust ass every single week to survive.

                  1. how do you say Rachel was the biggest target every week when Jeff and Danielle was and Rachel didn’t win anything for a while.

                    1. OK Kevins, up above I somewhat agreed with you regarding CBS. But, this time here you are absolutely wrong! You must remember that Rachel won the 1st HOH after Dick & Dani begged her for a deal. They knew they were about to drop, Rachel as usual wasn’t going anywhere. She became a target WITH Brendon every single week. You see Brenchel were seen as ONE by all. Every week, it was either Brendon they wanted out or Rachel. They were seen as one unit joined. Jeff and Jordan were NEVER seen as threats together. Only Jeff, AFTER Brendon was evicted, was then seen as the new threat, never earlier. Dani only pretended to call Jeff a threat early on, to justify wanting him evicted in her scheme. But in fact, the ONLY real reason she wanted Jeff out is because she knew Brendon & Rachel were with Jeff & Jordan, and she wanted Jeff out, so that her and Dom could be on Brenchel’s team instead. She then began to HATE Rachel & Brendon forever when they chose instead to stay with J&J (out of their loyalty, something Dani never had, not even for her own father) and they outed her twisted disloyal-to-her-alliance scheme to everyone. The only person who ever targeted Dani was Jeff, out of revenge for what she tried to do to him. While Rachel & Brendon were both targets every single week unless they won a comp, which they had to win frequently to stay in. All live feeds of conversations in the bedrooms show who everyone wanted out, it was always Brendon or Rachel. They always said “If we can’t get one of them out this week, then we’ll get out the other one”…….To win BB when you’ve always been on someone’s radar constantly is a BIG accomplishment, since it’s usually the ones that stay under the radar that win most years.

                    2. Frank, well stated. Rachel was a target but not the main target. i think Rachel was more of a target than Porsche but Rachel made it
                      seem like she was a target since she walked through the door in the final show while Porsche said she was friends with everybody.
                      if Rachel was a target, then why when Rachel and Luwan were nominated or when Rachel or Jordan were on the block, Rachel didn’t get evicted
                      if everybody was supposed to be trying to get her out. Luwan and Jordan were two people you would want to keep since they don’t win anything.

                      How is Rachel and Jeff getting along? Rachel was mad at Jeff throwing the corncob competion and at Danielle for evicting Brendon twice but Jeff voted for
                      Rachel. Did you see a scenerio where Jeff would have voted for Adam and Jordan would have voted for Rachel if Rachel and Adam were the final two?

                    3. Great questions Kevins, and here are your answers….Every time they were trying to get Brendon out, Rachel felt just as targeted as if it was her. This is why she always felt like a target every week, because they were all after Brendon constantly….The week they didn’t vote out Rachel was due to the twist. Kalia thought Rachel was going to come back with a power. So did Lawon, that’s why he volunteered to be evicted. As for Jeff, he would have never voted for Adam instead of Rachel, because Jordan wouldn’t have let him. She had become very close to Rachel, probably for life. I heard she may be Rachel’s maid of honor at the upcoming wedding.

            2. Speaking of lonely, jealousy-filled ugly trolls….Look below at “John” and his crashing our feud….Just sticks himself right into it without any background, knowledge of it, or invitation to intrude. Then, he starts talking absolute crap about “the danger” and “possible crimes it may cause”….John is a serious mental case who probably spends his time hanging out in asylums with his family. Heaven help us all!

            3. Speaking of lonely, jealousy-filled ugly trolls….Look below at “John” and his crashing our feud….Just sticks himself right into it without any background, knowledge of it, or invitation to intrude. Then, read below his nutty theories and absurd dramatics. He is a really I’ll person….Scary!

          2. Whoa Frank, you took this mindless nonsense between you, BB King and Squabble too far. Now you’re calling for people’s deaths. Let’s just stop this before the three of you do anything more stupid and commit a crime in the future, like giving death threats.

            1. Oh John, stop being so dramatic (perhaps you should have been the one asked to be on a soap, instead of Brenchel) The crucified reference I made was a joke in answer to BBKing’s earlier post up above, that he would rather be crucified than be me. Then he made a silly joke with (sarcasm in parenthesis) I merely took HIS words and reversed them…..So John, before you involve yourself in other people’s feuds, make sure you read ALL the posts, not just one or two.

  8. i’m so happy to see that time hasn’t cooled off any of the hate on this site! BBking i’m with you on this one, and believe me, I know backwards, over-all-wearing, banjo playing, sheep screwing, pig gutting, knarly-toothed hicks (thats me!) and i thought a misogynist is someone who examines women’s private parts for a living. And it would stand to reason that a hick would be a rachel sympathizer because she portrays herself as submissive towards brendon and what hick doesn’t like a sheep like that!

  9. I still am not a fan of Rachel, and I haven’t watched a soap opera on any channel in at least fifteen years, but after checking this site today and hearing she’d be on one, I tuned in just in time to the Bold and the Beautiful, am watching it now…Holy crap! I totally see why ABC has cancelled their soaps, if I assume they’re as bad as the CBS ones, and I’m honestly slapped shitless over how in hell Bold and the Beautiful is still on the air. And sorry, but I also understand more than ever why this is the only gig Brenchel’s been able to land. Seriously, congrats to her for winning Big Brother (and that’s harder for me to say than anyone realizes), but… really??????????????? I’m still just at a loss here.

  10. Frank, first of all I think you need to get a life seeing as that you have nothing better to do on your weekends then respond to me. Second lets not play the holier than thou card because in your previous posts (check Sept 22) you yourself were Rachel bashing calling her tits fake and made crude vulgar references to her sexuality. Furthermore, you called Dani a b*tch and a c*nt in a previous post, so why are you angry at me for bashing Rachel and Brendon when you bash other BB players? Btw, I never called Rachel or Brendon the words you called Dani. Seems to me like you are a hypocrite Frank.

    1. A hypocrite with a bad memory, and I agree he has no life except to constantly belittle people for their views, and not only does he respond to everyone’s comments here he responds to his own. Frank we like it better when you are making up these fantastical stories about yourself,like the one where you ran your successful video store, but my favorite is still how your girlfriend (life partner) finds you so drop dead handsome or he would leave you.

    2. Dani really IS those things I called her, she was evil and wished miscarriages on people. That’s beyond the pale…I said I always liked Rachel’s fake tits, that’s a compliment, since she always admitted they were fake on-screen. I love being on my iPhone during slow moments and answering you. It used to be fun answers until you turned bitter and nasty. Perhaps one day when you want a truce, we can be friendly again.

      1. As simply an observer, I have to say it looks like you don’t live in reality. You were the one who first made nasty comments about BB King and Squabble’s sexuality calling them “butt-buddies,” hence implying that they were homosexual lovers. They simply retaliated against you and any human being protecting his or her dignity would do the same. Come on Frank, let’s not play the victim when you aren’t the victim but the aggressor.

        1. John, you are simply wrong. Following in the wrong footsteps I see…that “butt buddy” comment wAs way after the earlier posts from BBKing & Squabble saying that Brendon and I were gay lovers, and that TMZ should do a segment on Brendon skypeing me with his co*k. You need to check past sections and dates before you reply. Many of those two nastier posts only stayed up for 1 or 2 days, then Simon and Dawg censored them out. Yet, some still remain in earlier sections….From the looks of things it seems that BBKing may finally be looking for a truce, and if he is, I’ll be willing to comply. As long as he lays off Rachel and Brendon and me, I’ll taper off…The ball is in his court.

          1. Ford Granada, you are wrong, wrong on so many levels. You said there were posts so bad they only stay up a couple of days? Like most everything else you post, wrong again. Your post were so badly written, vulgar or personal they were never posted for all to see, if you had paid attention your post said “comment waiting on moderation” at the top and thanks to Simon and Dawg it was never posted.

            1. Thanks for the Sunday school lesson. From now on we’ll all call you Pastor John…..However, just like so many other sinning preachers like Jim Baker, and Jimmy Swaggart, etc….You have proven yourself to be the biggest sinner of all, with your lies, intrusive behavior, and desire to incite trouble and depravity in other writers here.

        2. John you can’t use the words over four letters or he won’t understand, and I am sure he has never heard the word dignity, especially when directed at him.
          He loves to make up all these things a 3 million $ house, a “super hot ex-girlfriend” and ran something like a video kiosks in his local mall. He thinks like a child trying to impress people with simple things, oh wow you have an I phone you must be rich. ha ha ha.
          He has nothing better to do as you can tell by the amount of times he posts here, and if nobody takes the “bait” he will just reply to himself. He is constantly bashing people for having an educated opinion (must be lost on him) and then crying when you respond to his pathetic posts he gets his panties in a bunch.
          Ford Granada you won’t be invited to you Idols wedding no matter how much you troll here. As for your standard line to those of us that don’t drink the Frank Kool Aid (Pabst Blue Ribbon) to go FO (how sad that is all such an accredited writer has no better material) follow your own advise.

          1. Please Squabble (a fake handle to hide your poor hick background, while I don’t have to hide mine, since the newspapers prove all I’ve ever said is true)…I Pity you so much, your sad life, your lack of education, your jealousy of people with a nice life…..I forgive you…it must be hard.

          2. You nailed it Squabble. Your post summed him up perfectly. I used to find Captain annoying till Frank started commenting non-stop with his hate-filled takes on anybody and everybody that doesn’t share his point of view. That tells me he is either a child or a very immature person, because in this life there is always going to be people that don’t agree with your opinions, adults understand this, he doesn’t.

      2. Frank, please be a productive citizen of California. You seem to spend all of your time on this blog responding to everyone’s comments. This begs the question? How much time do you devote to your family, friends, religious institution, and overall to your community? As BB King said, you even post here on the weekends. You could be doing something much greater with your life, Try to make real friends of flesh and blood instead of talking to virtual strangers from time to time. You will be a psychologically healthier person if you do.

        1. Thank you Dr. Phil…..I have plenty of friends and family around, as well as my work….To me, blogs are like other people playing video games, just a pleasant time waster…but thanks for your heartfelt concern though.

          1. PLUS….My little feuds with some of the duller minds have really picked-up the activity on this entire site. Simon and Dawg must be loving that. Did you see the numbers for comments in prior sections of this site before I got really into the little war…They were low, low, low…. Now they’re jumping…so, my advice for busybodies like you Lehman…..Is to butt-out!

            1. Where did materialize from “John” with your fake name/handle? You suddenly appear and place yourself right in the middle of our little feud. You think people don’t find that odd? You must be some idiot hick friend of Squabble or that imbecile BBKing. That’s very evident….As I’ve repeated several times i’M the one that doesn’t have to hide my true identity, because the Internet is full of my writings, awards, broadway reviews, youtoob music videos, LA performances, and so on. It’s all there for all to read in countless newspaper articles….You, like many others can just talk garbage and invent nonsense under a fake name/handle…

            2. CBS was trying to increase the ratings with the Pandora’s box twist when it was almost
              certain either Rachel or Jordan was going to leave by putting Shelly on the block after
              Jeff and Danielle left on the same day. The next week when Rachel opened Pandora’s box
              only good things happened like Adam meeting Tori Spelling and the punishment for Rachel
              was being with Jessie.

              1. Well Kevins, to a degree you are correct about why Pandora’s box twist was placed in…But, it’s a lot more complicated than that. You see, it was executive producer Allison Grodner that realized from website that millions of BB viewers hated Kalia, Adam, Shelly, and Porsche and that 95% of viewers were rooting for Jordan & Rachel. So, the twist to give them Just A Chance to both stay was created….Yet remember, #1 was the Porsche had to be stupid enough to open it. She knew and admitted that she’d only get 5,000 dollars even before opening it (since she saw 2 boxes with $5000 on each & 2 champagne glasses on the tv screen) Yet, being already in a win-win situation week, she risked a sure eviction for the petty cash amount. Later she admitted it was her stupidest move of the game….And #2…..If Anyone of them in the house, would have had the stamina to endure the pain of the Veto endurance comp (like Rachel did) they would have won the veto and Rachel would have been evicted still. They admitted that they didn’t like pain and dropped. Rachel always endured more pain to win, even in the final HOH mixer. CBS and Grodner gave Rachel a fighting chance, but it was Rachel’s willingness to endure more pain and discomfort than others that made her win.

        2. Oh man Lehman! Isn’t this just a subtle and insidious way of calling Frank a psycho since you end up saying “You will be a psychologically healthier person if you do”? I don’t think we have the capabilities or the expertise to judge someone as crazy simply from the comments they post. As far as we know Frank could simply be a troll or just a lonely person who doesn’t get out much or loathes human interaction. And to me that’s an okay lifestyle as long as he doesn’t hurt anybody.

          1. As far as we ALL know John, you could be a hick friend/lover of Squabble….And you got into this little feud to defend that slow-witted loser….judging from the moronic garbage and absurd foolishness you invent inside your own simplistic brain, I’m sure that’s where you showed up from. Suddenly Squabble’s hero appears out of nowhere to defend his “buddy”….how sweet…and how pathetic. Don’t bother to deny it, because the evidence already has proven it to be true, and no one will believe your denials.

    3. By the way Squabble, there is no such word as “fantastical”…. So please go take some night courses in English….As for all the big critical acclaim and success of Unique Video, and all the National awards it won, just check out all the newspaper articles from the nations critics….they are all still on the Internet for all to read for themselves.

      1. First Frank, I think you need to follow your own advice seeing as that there is a word called “fantastical” according to the free dictionary. Check out the word under the thesaurus section if the link doesn’t pop just google “fantastical definition” and you will see hundreds of results or go to free dictionary and just type the word.

        Second, your truce is one-sided and only benefits you. Your condition is that I would have to stop attacking you and Brendon and Rachel, yet you are free to attack other BB players. So again this is very hypocritical of you. Thus, I cannot accept this truce. Modify the conditions and we will see.

        1. I don’t consider “slang” versions of words taken from the real word “fantastic” or “fantasy” a genuine word, regardless of unabridged dictionary slang listings…..As for the truce, that was strictly a gift to you for your own sake…..I thought you were tired of our feud, and you didn’t want me to start sinking to even lower depths to degrade you and humiliate you….But, if you want it ON, then it’s still on, only I’ll have to start getting much nastier with you, since you crave it so much. Future attacks will be personal, and with no relation to BB houseguests….so get ready, and be careful what you wished for.

          1. Ewww, how scary. Keyboard toughguys are soo big and bad. What a joke. So this is what these boards are reduced to during the offseason?

      2. Thanks BBKING I really thought Fantastical wasn’t a real word, I thought I was making up a word, kinda like Ford Granada makes up the crap he spews. Only thing is apparently mine is real. Wow Ford some “hick” with no education knows more than some “accredited” writer. You sir are a joke with no punchline, confusing as all h*ll but not funny at all.

        1. Squabble, this might also confuse you, but believe it or not, there is something in your above post that strikes a sympathetic chord with me. I think I’m not going to make fun of you anymore, even when you’re being nasty. There was an honesty in your self-admission that seemed kind’a sad….Why I’m feeling so generous to you is unclear, but oddly I am.

          1. More evidence of hypocrisy from Frank. He denounces several posters on this site for maintaining their anonymity and creating a fake identity but that criticism only extends to the posters he disagrees with like myself, Squabble and John. Yet he doesn’t have a problem with Captain, Spicy and the others all of whom too post using a fake identity. So in Frank’s world: If you disagree with him using a psuedo-identity you get called all sorts of names such as “a fake handle.” But if you agree with him using a fake identity then you get called classy and showered with praise. That’s the pinnacle of hypocrisy and it shows that Frank is not logically consistent.

            1. Note today’s date. This is my first comment to BBKing (aka. Biggest Bigot King or King Of The Bigots) since he refused my generous offer of a civilized truce….Notice how he keeps bringing my name up? He’s in love with me. It’s quite sick and creepy. It must be some form of S & M warped love. He just keeps trying to get my attention. How gross!

                1. But you ARE mistaken, as you have been about EVERY post you have ever written. That’s what happens when you involve yourself in other people’s feuds without invitation. You were never around before to know. The Brendon pic was discussed due to an argument about Skype and the jealousy of some other guys toward Brendon……You’ve also been mistaken about your father’s identity, since your mother was a streetwalker…..LOL…..I love my work here, I crack myself up!

    1. Since you asked a reasonable question nicely, I’ll give you an honest reply Kevins…..I know for a personal fact that Rachel & Brendon are good and nice people (as well as being well-informed about science)…Last year, shortly after BB12, my girlfriend and I met them at a nightclub in Los Angeles, not too far from my home in Newport. We went up and told them we had been rooting for them to win. They invited us to join them. Rachel & Brendon were wonderful, good hearted, fun and happy couple. Since Rachel LOVES to dance, Brendon not so much, I danced several dances with Rach, while Brendon sat and talked with my girlfriend. We had a marvelous night, and I left with excellent impressions of them both…..Jordan this year said the same thing on-air. She came into BB13 thinking she’d hate Brenchel and left realizing what wonderful people they really were once she got to know them….It’s true, they really are. Now you know why I defend them.

  11. i call ace a ace and spade a spade .for some reason dani fans really and truly believe that she is a good person i dont believe it. some say its a game some say the bbh house defines who we are as individuals . … …

    some of the characters on this site are taking shots of how much time someone spends here how would u know if franki be here alot if u dont be here alot also. …. please clean your doorsteps before trying to clean someone else.

    back to the bbh

    some say it took rachel and brendon 4 times to win bb i say a win is a win no matter how much time one tries once u have met your expectation well done . ….. i have said this all season dani is worthless player and a legend in her own mind . dani reminds me of someone running the 800 metere taking off very fast out the block and on the last lap no gas in the tank but if she had pace herself jsut maybe just maybe if she had a little more patience to stick with the crowd she would had a fighting chance ……but yet the cynics and the skeptics continue their attempts to stir up the pot. there’s no need to put a bow on dani and try to drees her up she fu,,,cked up her own game … between common sense and broken sense i dont know which one dani has because she does the same thing everytime on bb she falls for a guy she always let her emotions get in the way of her playing the game … if dani had stick to the plan i would respect her game play,,,, but for me rachel brendon wipe the floor with her face and to make it worst they are using her one liner ” awkward ” dani must fel like sh,it right about now .

    1. Spicy, once again you are one of the few on this site that is fair and calls things as they are…you DID see the same BB show as I did, and you didn’t try to alter reality like so many others…I still don’t know if “Spicy” stands for a gal or a guy, but IF you are a girl, then you are a feisty and tough gal like Rachel which is why I like you….IF you are a dude, then you are an honest, straight-up, loyalty-respecting guy like Brendon, which is why I think you’re cool. Either way, you see the TRUTH and I like that!

      1. Frank it seems like you are altering reality. Since when is Brendon loyalty respecting? He cheated on Rachel with someone else on cyberspace. If that’s loyalty to you then you probably shouldn’t get married and ruin someone’s life. No need for backlash with this comment Frank. Just communicate rationally like a decent human being instead of a sick freak.

        1. First off “John” ( a fake name/handle that also refers to an ugly old man who can’t get sex with normal women, so he becomes a customer to a low rent hooker) I would be happy to answer you like a decent human being, IF your question to me did NOT imply that I was a sick freak who is probably cheating on my girlfriend now, and will probably cheat on my future wife too. I ALWAYS answer Kevins, Capt. And others question nicely, even during times I disagree with them, BECAUSE they ASK me nicely, not like a filthy hick intruder like YOU…..Secondly, I WAS talking about Brendon’s loyalty INSIDE the BB house! This is a BB site, isn’t it, you sick freak you……Brendon CONSTANTLY seen in live feeds was always telling Rachel “Never turn on our alliance of Jeff & Jordan the way Dani has, always stay loyal Rachel, even after I’m gone from here”……not even Jeff was ever loyal to Brendon, as much as Brendon was loyal. When Jeff threw the beanbag comp that sent his own alliance member Brendon home, that proved he was not as loyal as Brendon (in a fair world, Brendon should have won America’s favorite, but America had already voted him back into the house over everyone else as a reward for seeing how loyal he was)……. But now, on the other side I’d like to add here, that IF every guy, whether married or not, that has had a liitle phone sex or Internet “fun” with a girl, is considered to “be cheating”, even if be never meets her in person…..then probably every healthy young guy in this world would have to be called “a cheater” and “a sick freak” too! So John, just because your jealous of all us younger guys sexual potency, that doesn’t mean we are ALL cheating sick freaks!

          1. i had heard in the recaps that on the live feeds before he left the house, Brendon told Rachel to go with Dani, then he told Rachel to stay in the middle,
            then Rachel told Porsche later that Brendon told her to go with Porsche. Jeff had a lot of final fours like he told Shelly that the final four was Jeff, Jordan,
            Adam and Shelly but he was planning for Jeff, Jordan and Rachel and getting rid of Rachel. There are people thinking that the CBS vote was rigged for Brendon to come back for the ratings and Dominick was saying why he wasn’t brought back so he can strategize with Danielle and who wouldn’t want that.

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