Big Brother Spoilers: WINNER Rachel Reilly From One Reality Show TO ANOTHER?

Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly and her fiance Brendon Villegas are going Hollywood, literally — we’re told Rachel plans on moving to Los Angeles and pitching her upcoming nuptials as a possible reality show.

Turns out … when Rachel told our photog on Thursday night that she was getting married THIS weekend, well … that was just the alcohol talking. Sources close to Rachel tell TMZ they have no plans on a quickie wedding, but they do want to settle down in Los Angeles (Brendon is currently enrolled in grad school at UCLA).

We’re told Rachel is planning to use her “BB” winnings to buy a condo in town, look for opportunities in the entertainment biz, and plan her wedding.

And according to our sources, “planning her wedding” entails pitching it as a reality show to various production companies and networks in hopes of having it all paid for.


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I think Rachel and Brendan should forget the spotlight. Brendan has college to be concerned with, and a reality show is not a good place for a marriage.


Okay, Rachel you already got a title of BB13 winner and CO-Holder of HOH. When you and Janelle will Break the HOH record? I want to see you vs Janelle in BB14: Battle of HOH competition. Who will break the HOH record first? Janelle or Rachel!!!!!


Coming soon Big Brother 14: Battle of Ladies gridiron, Rachel (BB12 & BB13) vs Janelle (BB6 & BB7). Who will Break HOH Record? Rachel or Janelle!!!! Let the HOH slugfest Began!!!!!!!


Isn’t Janelle pregnant or just had a baby. I have a feeling that she will not be interested because she is at a different stage in her life.


What a dilemma!

I’ve really come to like Rachel a lot and would love to get a bigger glimpse into her life and relationship with Brendon. I think a reality show with those two would be bitter sweet.

As much as I don’t think that Brendon is the right guy for her, she seems completely in love and happy with him. As much as I’d love to see more of her, I think a reality tv show would be more than their relationship could stand, and it would implode. On one hand, if the relationship did implode because of the show it would just prove what I’m saying that they’re probably not meant to be, but it would shatter her happiness and she probably would blame herself and it could really deeply negatively affect her to a severe extent.

If anything, she needs to find a smart financial adviser and invest that money. They would never have to work again in their lives if they didn’t want to, if they spent modestly and invested heavily.

I really hope that someone does give her a chance, as far as a good job. I think she’d make a very entertaining tv/radio personality. She does have a good sense of humor and is quite witty. I really don’t think Brendon would want her going this route.

I really hate being so negative, but I honestly think their r-ship is doomed to fail from the start. It’s obvious he tries to reign her in and control her, but she’s a very wild girl. I don’t think she’s the sit at home house wife material that Brendon seems to want her to be.


@bb11natalieissxy … can you say you don’t think things will work for them yet say you want a better glimpse? You obviously don’t know how they are off camera so your post doesn’t make sense. Give peace a chance. (:


Do you really believe that $500,000 minus taxes is enough money to be set for life? Maybe, if you were already established in life, maybe $500,000 (in reality she will probably received about $375,000) would be enough to maintain a very, very modest life. Right now, it is not a good time to invest, either. Rachel said she plans to buy a condo……there goes a huge chunk of her money. Currently, she doesn’t have a job…….another huge chunk. To be honest, unless Rachel and Brendon get jobs quick, fast, and in a hurry……..they will be back on skid row in no time.


Less than $375,000.


A lot less than $375,000.

California taxes are brutal. Combined Federal and State income taxes, she is in for a rude awakening.


I think it would be fun and as a season finale a lead in for Jeff and jordan to be married as a second season. Plus with various hgs being in the shows looks to me something worth watching. I would watch. I. M. H. O.


Rachel and “Brennon” are so full of drama. I’m for sure that there is a place on VH1 for them. Honestly, I believe that is why Brendon and Rachel, as well as Jeff and Jordan returned. I don’t think Jeff and Jordan will get their show, though (some of the fans don’t like them so much, anymore……I still do, though). Rachel is a nut and Brendon has that extreme passive/aggressive thing going on. Let’s just be honest, Brendon and Rachel were made for television. I don’t think any of the houseguests even want real jobs. I believe all of them, except maybe a select few, wanted/would like to be discovered in some way or another (i.e. televisions, movies, soaps, reality, etc). Adam said he didn’t vote for Rachel because he didn’t respect her game. Adam was upset that Rachel said that she gave up more to be in the house than he did. Well, if you are 40 years old and you are willing to go on some reality show hoping to win the big prize, but in the interim, willing to risk losing your house/apt. and your job……..let’s just say………you are certifiable…….A REAL IDIOT.

VA Vet

I’ve had enough of BR & JJ to last me a lifetime.

Please, NO MORE! Take your screwed up relationships elsewhere.

BB King

There was no need to mention that Brendon is a grad student at UCLA by TMZ. If you don’t know that by now then you haven’t watched BB at all. In practically every other episode we hear Brendon is a grad student at UCLA who is going to cure cancer and make a million dollars from Brendon himself.


And not to mention every shirt he wore said UCLA!


Not enough people would watch to warrant having their own reality show, and it’s doubtful that a major network would pick it up. In any case, why bother? They won’t be together in six months. Brendan has shown he’s not trustworthy via his “Skype with a guy pretending to be a girl whack off session.” Rachel should save her money and run and not look back.


Here is my pick for an upcoming season of BB:

Danielle (bb3&7)
James (bb6-7)

Glad Rachel won!

BB won’t ever ask Chima back. They’d have to count on her attitude to the point of departure again. Chima more than proved her independability. I didn’t mourn when she left at all.


I think that a reality show of Rachel & Brendon’s wedding planning would be awesome!!!! Come on CBS…please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What until Rachel see how much taxes in California she owes on that money. Over 40%, closer to 45%

It is more like $260,000 in the bank.

One years solid salary for a executive job.


State + Federal income taxes = Not fun


One of the big problems with reality TV “stars” is thinking like the poster above that you can retire at 26 yrs. and live on aprox 320k for the rest of your life…. incredible how some are so out of touch with reality, or don’t work for a living and therefore not a clue of what it costs to exist in the “real world”. I just hope one of them (Bren or Rach) was or is smart enough to pay the taxes owed NOW so they don’t end up as another Richard Hatch. Actually only Rachel would be held responsible so I hope she listens to her “fiance”, when he tries to explain how to balance a checkbook and get her finances organized, as he told her he was going to do after the show was over…. good grief.


Somewhere in a previous comment here, I totally called this (feeling a little vindicated). My bet is that one of the networks owned by CBS ‘might’ develop a Brenchel reality show, the other networks not part of the CBS ‘family’ won’t be interested. And I’m sorry, but I also predict that this reality show will likely not last more than a season. I’m not Brenchel bashing here; I just don’t think these two will realistically work beyond the BB crowd. She’s got alot of fans apparently this season, but beyond you guys, I don’t think she or Brendon can bring in ratings. Hell, we saw her freak out more than once this season, and unless I missed an episode, ‘The Soup’ didn’t feature her once this season, which sounds silly to mention, but if you’re a reality personality, you really do want to be a regular feature on ‘The Soup’. Nope, sorry, but I’m with a former poster on this thread in that the two should forget about Hollywood and try to tackle other non-filmed things with their futures.

Sorry if this posts twice!!!


I agreed with you 1000% even I root for BR to win an honest game! I don’t 1% believe they can live a life uneventfully under the public microscope. I hope they can just move on with their life with school and raise a happy family privately!


i agree