Rachelle tells Sabrina you realize everyone is going to be like why the f**k did she not get Jon out?!

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots Neda

BBCAN2-2014-04-23 06-50-08-902
9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Heather has already been awake for awhile. She tell Adel when he gets up that she woke up with a nose bleed and couldn’t go back to sleep. She says the others in the main bedroom were being super loud last night too. JOn says that he feel like he is going to die. If I can’t sleep outside I am going to throw up. All I can taste is chicken fingers and rye. Rachelle asks him if he remembers everything? Jon says yes. Jon says I can’t believe I smoked 3 cigars last night! Jon heads down stairs. Neda, Rachelle and Sabrina talk while they get ready. Sabrina asks Neda if Jon remembers what they talked about last night. Neda says yes. We’ll talk tonight when everyone goes to sleep. Big Brother tells them they have 3 minutes before they will be on a backyard lock down. Jon is laying in the hammock. In the kitchen Rachelle asks Sabrina what she thinks is happening. Sabrina says either fans or family.

bbcan2-2014-04-23 06-23-58-902

10:15am – 10:30amOut in the hot tub room – Rachelle talks to Sabrina about her making a deal with Jon/Neda. Rachelle is annoyed about hearing them talk about her going home. Rachelle says you realize everyone is going to be like why the f**k did she not get Jon out?! Sabrina says she doesn’t care, I want him out. Sabrina says but you realize I can’t even compete next week. If I did that I would have three people after me. Rachelle says you never know they might not. Sabrina says this guy has disrespected me so much in this game. Rachelle says its not a personal game. They would probably take you to final three anyway. Sabrina says I am not as strong as you in the physical, I am strong in mental. Rachelle says I would make that deal with them and then say f**k it. Rachelle says I don’t care any more. Sabrina says I just don’t want you to be mad at me. Rachelle says I’m not, I just don’t want to talk about it. Sabrina says okay good, because I am kind of a lesbian with you. Rachelle talks about her Gremlin stories and then they head inside to sit by the pool.

BBCAN2-2014-04-23 07-17-41-543

11am Neda, Jon and Heather are studying the dates of the house. Meanwhile Sabrina and Rachelle are talking about all the Gremlin things they will do together when they get out of the house. Big Brother then blocks the live feeds.

BBCAN2-2014-04-23 07-57-32-403

11:10am – 11:25am Heather and Neda are talking over by the weights. Neda says I would have thought Adel would have tried to make a deal with you. Heather says I thought so too. I honestly think he thinks his game is over after the Gremlins go home. The other day he was talking about how he played a good game in the beginning but not in the end. Neda says I don’t think he’s given up. Heather says he has something up his sleeve.. I don’t know what it is. He won’t even talk game with me any more. Meanwhile – Adel and Jon are out in the hot tub room – Adel says when we get rid of Sabrina, we win this game! It’s game over. There is no way Sabrina or Rachelle will vote for me in the end. If we start playing game against each other we are going to ruin it. Jon tells Adel to stick to Heather. Jon comments on how he thinks Heather is acting weird today. She’s using her cute voice. Adel says there is no way we shouldn’t go to the final two together.. we shook on it so many times! Jon says yup! Jon heads to the backyard. Adel says I am sketching out, he’s not, he’s thinking .. I need to stop sketching out. I need a back up plan man. I need the 20G’s .. I don’t want second place I want first place. Who wants second place. Adel joins the others in the backyard.
BBCAN2-2014-04-23 08-15-30-001

11:30am – 12pm Adel thinks the reason they had the HOH tv on all last night is because they were getting it ready for showing them family videos in the HOH room today. Heather thinks it will be in the living room with everyone else in the HOH watching on that tv. Jon farts and Neda freaks out saying it like acid. Neda comments on how Andrew’s number of girls he’s slept with is 400. Jon says that’s what he told me. Adel says I don’t even know 400 people. Neda says okay that’s the point where I say that’s gross. Big Brother then ends the lock down and opens up the house. The house guests head inside and realize that nothing is different.

12pm – 12:40pm Adel heads up to his HOH room and lays in bed to listen to his music. Down in the kitchen – Neda is making slop cakes while Heather, Rachelle and Sabrina cook / clean.

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Go ahead Rachelle, talk some sense into your girl before you leave. I think production will hint it to Sabrina also but I hope she realises that it would be 100% smarter to strike at Jon/Neda and blow up their game to Heather/Adel if they try to throw her under the bus. But in this situation sadly Sabrina is loyal and probably wont break her word to them.


At this point I think Sabrina’s best option to stay is to be loyal to jeda because that is her only chance of making it to at least final three and possibly win the final hoh. Even if she manage to break up the pair it’s almost certain that she’ll go home the next week because heather and Adel will not work with her. and with jeda underestimating her, she’s a better player to pick in a final three in comparison to heather or adel.


This is why I cant appreciate Sabrina the game player. She needs to stop being so personal and play the game! Also Adel is an idiot for him to think that Jon/Neda don’t have each other’s back?
Didn’t Jon/Neda/Heather/Adel make a deal that if one of them backstabbed the other before jury they would not vote for that person in jury?


Yeah they did, that is why Jeda want Sabrina to take them out

jon's ye@ster

yup they did!…just put a comment saying the same thing
*scratches balls


Bad game move for Jeda to throw the HOH to Sabrina. If Jeda throws the HOH…Sabrina still has to beat Heather which I doubt she can do. Even if she beats Heather in the HOH she will have to bet Adel and Heather in the POV otherwise Jon or Neda will be put up on the block. Looks like Jemmet has already talked to Neda otherwise they would tell her this is the wrong game move. It’s too late in the competition to throw the HOH. Jon or Neda better win POV!


It is possible that Neda had a session with Jemmett. They would have given her the same chat they received from Dan Gheesling. Neda is probably thinking Sabrina F2.


Jon and Neda won’t throw the HOH until Heather goes out. Making Sabrina HOH.


sabrina and adel final two – good vs evil

another name

the objective part of me asks which is which.
by this point they’re essentially the same person.
they both lie, they both cry about other people lying. they both throw tantrums.
they both expect Canada to love them. they both sketch out and overthink everything when they have alone time.
stay objective before pushing dislike here and think about the parameters. other than edititorial perception: they’re more alike than different.
go ahead hate away and insult my opinion…. given the parameters I’ve mentioned above, I won’t lose any sleep over it.


Time for Adel or Heather to be called to DR so they can ask them “How would you feel if Jon and Neda made a deal to throw the next HOH comp to Sabrina so she can put you on the block and they can send you home?


DR won’t be calling them.


This might would be a wake up call for both of them

another name

I actually thought that if rachelle had a single ounce of big brother induced tactical knowledge, she would go to adel and heather and say voting me out is a bad idea because jon and neda have made a deal with Sabrina to throw hoh to get rid of one of you. she’s been in the room for every planning session. adel is already sketched out. it won’t save her, but it will cause complete upheaval in the alliance, so that her ally can get further in the game. and every word would be true. wouldn’t that be a kick in the teeth.

jon's ye@ster

let me get this straight…BBCAN puts in a hot tub, but doesn’t clean it?!?

…it was obviously pissed in (sure it was more than just Rachelle, and more than once) and not until they said stuff was growing in it (and maybe someone saw the comments on this site about the disgrace of the hot tub) do they actually do something about it…wow
*scratches balls


It could be nearly impossible to throw the hoh comp to Sab … she’s really bad at times.
Not to mention it’s a really dumb plan. No matter what it boils down to the veto.
They should throw it to Heather. If they want Deli gone then grow some b@!!s and vote him out.
But at this point … with Jon getting drunk and stupid constantly … F em .. he dug his own grave.
He needs to learn to drink socially and not get plastered every time. What a fool!
He’s off my win list now. Neda n Heather F2


So far Jon’s drunk game talk has worked in his favour.


sabrina will do the same thing aaryn did last season with elissa made a personal move and left after..aaryn had a chance to take out amanda and pizza boy and didnt went after elissa … adel and sabrina needs to work together


I don’t get why Jon and Neda feel it is so important to win the HoH next week?!? All that matters is the POV competition!!! Did Neda get her strategy session with Jemmet yet?!? Maybe that will talk some sense in her?!? Sabrina is sooo risky to trust!!! It would definitely be better if Heather wins it…

jon's ye@ster

they don’t actually….they both have said it is the POV that is important and why they are considering throwing the HOH comp to Sabrina…who would then get out Adel for them
*scratches balls


HOH is more important than POV for this eviction! HOH decides who goes! Next eviction after this one it’s POV who decides the next member of jury!


How does HOH decide who goes next eviction? There will be 5 left. HOH, 2 nominees, 2 voting on who goes home unless there is a tie. Have I missed something?

jon's ye@ster

so jon/neda…what happened to the paranoia-made deal that if any of the F4 screws any one of them, the screwee doesn’t get their votes…yet they are plotting with Sabrina for F3 to get out Adel?!?!
*scratches balls


Jeda are taking precautionary measures on taking out adel because they knew that if Adel or Heather wins HOH on final four, there is a huge chance that one of them will be goner. Also both of them wants to win and play the HOH for final four but if either one of them wins the next HOH with the target being sabrina, not only that HOH is a waste but it will be one against two (Heather and Adel) for the HOH. I’m on the fence whether it is a smart or a stupid move to give Sabrina the next HOH, it is very risky depending on how Sabrina will act but if she follows through it will be worth it. Sabrina is a weaker competitor compare to Adel and Heather and would give them an easier pass on being the final two. The best case for Jeda is still for Heather to win the next HOH but I think she also wants to play for the top four HOH.


i wonder also if in the back of Joneda’s mind is that if they discuss that they are willing to throw HOH to her, then she won’t be suspicious when it is clear they are both throwing the comp. Whether Heather or Sabrina wins, neither of those two will think anything of it to see them both throwing it, they will both assume Joneda is throwing it only to themselves.

Heather will take out Sabs, POV becomes more important to ensure that happens. Sabs takes out Adel, again a win is more important than which of those two is HOH and which of the other two is put up, as long as Joneda isn’t the target and the other half is there to vote. HOH doesn’t vote either, so HOH can’t control that.


You really do not understand the game! F5 HOH is way more important than POV. F4 POV is way more important than HOH. F5 HOH noms 2 people only 2 other people vote. Do you understand how important that is? All you need is HOH plus 1 vote to break up any triplets. POV has importance in the sense it can force HOH to renom an ally like Boogie forced to renom Dr. Will then a 2-0 vote sends your friend to jury. But HOH is still king F5 period.

As for throwing HOH nobody who’s been a fan any length of time can think this is a good idea. All it takes is new HOH to decide not to honour the deal and put up Joneda. HOH plus 1 vote and after POV is played even if ones wins veto they can send the other home. It’s not as bad as Marcellus not using the veto in BB USA but the results can potentially be just as bad. See you have Neda and Jon sitting pretty and especially Neda. All it takes after throwing it to Sabby is Joneda go up, Jon wins Veto and Sabby renoms Heather. HOH controlling the game get it. Adel votes out Neda who has a lock on the money IMO except against Jon. Adel and HOH send Neda to jury as HOH is the MOST important thing F5 by a country mile.


Why is Jon so popular? Is it because he is loud, crude, gross and rude? Or is it because he thinks he understands the game? I think Neda actually despises Jon. He does not behave appropriately with the girls or the guys for that matter. Frankly it is evident he is more like Andrew than he would care to admit.


Rachelle talking sense. Damn! Who’d of thought? Poor girl.


too little too late


Incredible … a spark of strategy in Rachelles brain? Where the hell is her motivation to actually try to win …
Now is the perfect time for her to make deals … come on Rachelle …freakin play the game
Do us all a favor and work it to get Sabs gone this week! It’s doable if she would try


Of course, once she starts playing game and actually being smart, it’s only going to benefit sabrina… one a pet, always a pet


once ** 🙂

Russ from Van

Jon and Neda are in a sweet spot to roll to final 2 or final 3. If they trust Sabrina to throw the next HOH to her and she turns on them, it would be one of the biggest blunders in BB history. I think they are doing good as is, without trying to get too sneaky or fancy.

I could definitely see production pushing for this scenario, as it would be epic. At this point, I’m seeing the villianous sides of the remaining players, so I’m not really sure who I’m cheering for.

Nana Jo

I did not find Jon’s extreme drunkenness either cute or funny last night. Also, his constant use of the f word was incredibly annoying. If it comes to a Jon/Neda final two, my vote will go to Neda who I feel is the more mature, reasoned and intelligent of the two, although I am not a huge fan of hers. Personally, I pray that Heather makes it to the end. I want so badly for her to win. If Jpn/Neda go ahead with that stupid plan to use Sabrina to throw Adel and Heather under the bus, then, if by chance, Sabs ends up in final two with either of them, I SWEAR my vote (which counts for 100) will go to Sabrina! Despite my utmost dislike for her, she would deserve it, and I NEVER thought I’d say that.


Too many emotions in this game & it defeats the purpose. I’m not saying be mean, just turn off any emotions & rise above for the WiN!!


Wow this plan by Jeda might actually work and they won’t have any blood on their hands… I want everyone to understand that this plan wan concocted by Neda and if it succeeds/fails it is her doing. It is very risky but as long as they keep promising Sabrina and pin Adel and her against each other, Jon and Neda will be sailing to final 3. Excellent plan yet risky as hell.


What part of the plan was concocted by Neda? The orchestration of pitting Sabrina and Adel against each other? That tension already existed and there no need to exasperate it so it was pointless.

Sabrina had already proposed to Jon throwing the HOH to her so she could get Adel out, this happened not long after Adel’s nomination speech. It’s unclear if Jon told Neda of Sabrina’s proposal as he asked Sabrina not to tell her as Jon wanted to ‘brew on it a bit’. Not long after he started dropping the seeds about Adel being to lose of a canon and it reflecting on him, Neda and Heather in Canada’s eyes.

Both Jon and Neda see the advantages of sitting next to Sabrina at F2. However, it seems taking Sabrina to F3 benefits Jon more than Neda as he has a stronger chance of winning the final HOH and having the say of who sits next to him F2. Neda is the one that will get burned the most by this deal.


I like your comments here except the last paragraph. F3 Sabby benefits both for sure. I don’t think Jon benefits more. Neda’s already been working him to throw endurance to her! You gotta love this girl!!! /s

I think Neda has a great chance to play 7 questions with Jon as Sabby has shown no Physical or endurance strength so far. How do you figure Jon is better than Neda in questions? I sure do not see it based on the game. I do think her fans over rate everything she does and the questions asked usually have a luck box factor… who is likely to have said ………… A or B style of format. Neda F3 with Sabby and Jon I like her sitting F2 beside Sabby. I just think when it comes down to the money Jon gets cut loose in the end.


If Neda was smart she would start planning to cut John loose and find a way to take Heather and Adele to F3 where she would most likely win against either one of those 2.


C ‘ mon ADEL think …. Sabrina , Heather and you could wipe Neda n Jon out… think past emotion and rock this game!

Not saying I am voting against Jon N Neda just stragically it’d be a boss move…

Sabrina for all the heartache emotion your gonna feel once your out of this game , your going to need a win under your belt to raise your head again , If your behavior is anything to go by…

Much love may the best player win…

I’m officially neutral


Heather this is for you as I see your wheels spinning. ..

“You’ve dealt with criticism your whole life I presume ~ for your prettiness ect.. you’ve had to watch and feel this and people your whole life . Kindness is weakness when your young but eventually it switches and kindness is the grandest power later in life ,it can help so many. You know what’s going on you can feel it… Take the win girl and show your knowledge and strength.”

Use what life has given you…. perception of people


adel has the power to change the game he shud take out neda & jon but he’s too busy catching feelings for the gremlins which only shows they got to him & thats weak on his part…He’s moving like a little bitch & he should grow some balls & Man Up…


agree adels not a game changer & i bet u he secretly likes sabrina he gives her sooooo much thought & space in his head hmmmmm

Russ from Van

In the last video at the end, Jon talks about Andrew saying he’s slept with over 400 girls. I’m not sure if I can believe that.

He kissed Sabrina, so he can’t have that much game or standards. Conversely though, if he has really low standards, that opens him up to sleep with almost anything, which is how a number like that can get that high.