Neda asks Jon about throwing the HOH “1 Hundo.. I say we throw it and go for the veto”

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots none

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-21 19-51-33-074

10:40pm Hot Tub

Heather says she will be friends with Neda and Jon forever. Jon agrees says they will be close forever and would never have met if it wasn’t for this show.

Heather – “We worked really hard to get here”
Jon – “We did it really humbly”
Neda – “I never felt over confident”

Neda says Allison was on the cusp of being a great player but she wasn’t great.
Heather wonders if her and Rachelle will get along after the show. Heather doesn’t think they will be super close but they’ll still “Do events together”

Heather leaves to run. Neda always thought with less players they would get more alone time but that is not the case with Heather, “She’s sketched out”

Neda asks him the pros to taking Adel final 3
Jon thinks Adel will win at Endurance but not at questions.

Neda – “How did Emmett and Jillian do it last year.. they brought Gary because Talla was going to win the endurance”

Neda says Adel might have more votes in the finale.
Jon – “Maybe it’s our best option to go to final 3 with Heather… “

Neda – Do you think Adel will take you to the end
Jon – I think he would
Neda thinks Adel will take Heather to the end.

Neda asks him if they are considering throwing the next HOH
Jon – “1 Hundo.. I say we throw it and go for the veto”
Neda says Heather already told them she will put up Sabrina and Adel.
They are confident Heather will not put them up and stick to the plan. Neda tells him if they send Heather home they will never get her vote.

Heather joins them after her run. They agree to go to bed early.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-21 20-18-11-692

11:12pm Bedroom Sabrina, Rachelle and Jon

Sabrina tells him if he leaves her in the game she will put Adel up she swears on her head
Sabrina – “He crossed the line and was so fake”:
Jon – “he crosses the line on a daily basis with you”
Sabrina – “I Swear on the bible I wouldn’t put you up”
Sabrina says she swears to god she doesn’t want the 100 thousand dollars she wants to get Adel out of the game.

Sabrina says she’s been f*** over this entire game all she’s asking for is to have the chance to take out Adel.
Jon – “We’ll talk again before HOH”

Sabrina now tells him if there is a twist or a Canada’s vote it’s going to benefit her because people want it to be exciting.

Sabrina – “Jon… I’m asking you to throw the comp make me win and I swear to you I won’t put you up.. “
Jon – “I’ll give you that word right now if it comes down you you and me i’ll throw it to you,,”
Sabrina – “What about Heather and Neda … you have my honest word I will not go against you.
Jon – “we’ll talk Wednesday evening.. I do believe you..”

11:34pm Everyone laying in their beds waiting for the lights to go out.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-21 20-56-51-427

12:00AM Lights out

9:10am The Big Brother live feeds are blocked for awhile now… “Something top secret is going down right now”
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Neda, Heather and Jon planning to throw the next HOH competition? :)))
It would be a hell to watch the three of them throw the competition while Sabrina tries to win.


That would be the stupidest game move to do.


Why would anybody give sabrina HOH on a silver plate?? Doesn’t make sense!


Makes sense since they want Adel gone but no one wants to nominate him but Sabrina.


Because it would be hilarious.


The Final 5 HOH is definitely not a good one to win because then you can’t compete for Final 4 HOH.. and if she’ll put up adel anyways…


The question is can she be trusted?(by anyone)


It’s actually a very valid point. I still hope Heather wins it though. I can’t bear to watch Sabrina in her HOH room.


it doesn’t make sense that sabrina is campaigning IN BED beside her best friend and fellow nominee , rachelle! and that she is still trying to “promise” things or swear that she’ll go after adel. her word means nothing! she’s a terrible friend. and at this point, a terrible game player.


Yep. Stupid plan.


I would look Sab dead in the face and say, “I’m not taking you any further. I’ve counted the votes and it would be bad for my game. I’m not going into detail to to betray anyone’s trust and make my position worse. Sorry”. Then she’d go work someone else.


Big Brother should give houseguests some sort of silly penalty for everytime a houseguest says “Hundo”


If Sabrina wins HOH i would hope she puts Neda/Jon up and if one of them POV putups Adel or Heather.


No one will put up Jon and Neda because they are too afraid. They are going to let a showmance (uncover) win. Is that the first one in history? They are talking about throwing HOH (to get Adel out) but that could backfire, if he wins veto Sab will have to put up Jon or Neda. If that happens I hope Adel and Sab will be smart and vote out one of them, because then it will leave four players who are all for self and no couples left. Neda is in a good position though, she has convinced both Jon and Heather she is with them, so whomever is left will take Neda to F2. I really hope somehow this blows up in their faces, I want to see anyone but Sabrina and Jon win. Jon has been a little puppet and the only reason he will win is because Neda did all the work from behind a curtain and it made Jon seem like he was the mastermind. All he did was scratch his balls and say 1 hundo!


Please evict her this week. Canada can’t stomach this more longer. JON WAKE UP!


This is the part of the game when people start to over think things. If they are dumb enough to throw the competition, they deserve what they get if Sabrina wins and messes up their end game. The way things have been going for Sabrina lately, she probably wouldn’t win even if the other three were trying to lose. LOL.

Once the gremlins are gone, it doesn’t matter what you plan, it all comes down to who wins competitions and when they win them. Right now they need to focus on getting the gremlins out and then worry about it. Actually, I personally would take Adel out before Sabs, but it is risky. The safest thing for Heather, Neda and Jon is to just get the gremlins out.

I agree with Neda though. The best thing for her and Jon is to let Heather win the next one so both of them can play in the next HOH. Heather isn’t dumb and she knows that if she wins next week she can’t play in the final 4 HOH, and she will be in danger unless she wins POV. She also knows that for her game she needs to avoid having Jon and Neda both competing against her for final 4 HOH. Its better for her to not win the next one or her fate is completely in Jon or Neda’s hands the following week. I think she might throw the competition so that either Jon or Neda have to sit out the next one, but what if Sabs wins HOH? Then all bets are off.


Everyone is throwing the comp except Sab. She is getting ready to take this because of these idiots keeping her so long.


relax, Jons just winding her up


Agree. I feel like once they are in the comp, it’s not as easy to throw it.

Best case scenario for Jon/Neda survival this week is if Heather wins. She’ll keep it simple. As long as Sabs doesn’t win POV she’s out. Adel and Heather seem loyal to the Final 4, it’s Jon and Neda who are getting paranoid. They need to chill and understand that Heather and Adel both despise Sabs so much, they’d rather get her out than worry about the pair of them.

I don’t see Heather turning into an evil mastermind in the next week and Adel is only one vote. Neda and Jon need to calm down.


i would laugh my ass off , if they throw hoh to sabrina and sabrina puts up jon and neda on the block…. if they really believe sabrina is going to honor this then they deserve jury….


I would laugh my arse of if they threw it and sabs put up Jon and Neda. And Neda went home lol


Throw it. To Sabrina and Adel wins veto one of them is going home dumb move


what makes neda and jon so sure they will get to final 3? do they really think heather or sabrina wont take a shot at breaking them up if one of this two win f5 hoh ? they better not get to comfortable at this or they will get shown the door just like arlie….. im still hoping that somehow sabrina heather and adel form an alliance and work together to take out jon and neda….. heather is all about big moves and getting sabrina out is really not a big move…. i predict heather takes a shot at jon and neda if she wins next hoh…


Heather does not know how to take a shot. Recall her aim at Kenny. Not the brightest nomination strategy. She lucked out on that one.


I think they are discussing throwing it to Adel or Heather. They want to ensure when it’s get down to the five they will both be able compete for hoh. I think it’s a smart move i really can’t see heather or adel working with sabrina. Really sounds like nobody wants sabrina to make anywhere near the finals, she is wild card and it’s hard to know who she will take and how she will vote.


Wrong Wrong Wrong

Your mixed up some how. After Ro goes the next HOH is F5. Adel cannot compete for HOH both Neda and Jon can. Their discussion about throwing it centers on Heather or Sabby putting up Adel for them. I do not think they really intend to take him F3. I see him as the target.

The strategy is classic over thinking as others have mentioned. F4 has just 1 advantage and that is you get a guaranteed F3 seat nothing else. Who’s nominated means nothing the only thing that matters for control is winning POV at F4. The get to decide who is evicted so winning HOH means much less. Every one plays POV so being safe F5 HOH and controlling the noms is better IMO than having a 1 in 4 shot at HOH F4 especially if your in an alliance like Joneda has working that appear to be working for each other.


Adel can’t play in HOH this week, so it’s either Heather or Sabrina and Heather wants to throw it too. That means Sabrina is guaranteed the win. She won’t put up Jon or Neda because she may be annoying and mean, but she is honest to her word.


No, I am pretty sure they are entertaining the idea of Sabs as HOH doing their dirty work and getting out Adel.

It could work actually. It’s just a Sabs HOH we’d have to endure.


At this point of they r caught between game & jury so it’s complex AF! Neda is looking at all 4 corners & she’s not just focusing on the small screen, so i have some faith in her decisions cuz she’s actually manifested everything thats hapoened~her every move so far….I think Jon & Neda Should win they played the hardest, but nothing is in stone yet so it can still be anybody’s game minus Rachelle, Sabrina will already have 3 jury member fans & thats 3 more than the rest….


word to ur moms neda came to drop bombs…Battle her thats a sin cuz she came to win…i really think Neda just might win


It only takes 1 vote and HOH to evict!!!!

OMG the “Laval Mist” is every where all of a sudden. 😛 Ok a reality check here. You Neda fans might want to start cooking some crow, I understand it’s good eating! hehehe This would be an epic strategy fail if they threw it!

To both Neda and Jon I have 1 serious question. What have you been smoking? Throwing an HOH F5 after Ro goes. I know Adel can’t play HOH but you own the game by controlling this HOH(F5) and POV F4. This would be such a terrible decision especially for Jon. Leave everything in someone else’s hands. Yeh Sabby won’t nom you she’ll backdoor you to work with Heather and Adel or Heather and Neda. Such a ridiculous idea. If Neda isn’t using this as strategy to get Jon out she becomes a terrible player instead of pretty good player on strategy at least. Neda has the game almost in the bag to get F2 why do something stupid?

This has to be production looking for Thursday footage seriously? Jon could be this stupid I grant you but Neda this dumb makes no sense and not consistent with her game play. Just think Sabs puts up Adel and a pawn. What if she asks Neda and Neda says no put up Heather. I see a DR. Will moment perhaps. Well not exactly all stars but if Heather or Adel win POV 1 of Joneda goes up. Sabby needs 1 of the 2 votes plus her as tie breaker to send Neda or Jon home. Sab’s can pick the replacement that suits her. All veto does is save an HG. Why risk that hot mess. Now these 2 are thinking of jury votes? Sit F2 and let the jury hold it’s nose and pick one of you.

Perhaps Sabby will be their lap dog and do exactly as Joneda want. After all she’s had a pet now she can be a pet! 😛 Lastly I can see a scenario where Heather wins POV and on the block versus Adel with Sabs HOH. Bet Joneda can convince her not to use the veto on herself as she trusts them completely.


rachell goes home this thurs so next hoh is f5 ..throwing f5 hoh is risky in my opinion…. jon or neda could go home nextx thursday.. i believe in my heart that sabrina will take a shot at jon neda before she takes a shot at adel…. i feel like sabrina will realize that her only chance at end game is if she allign herself with adel and heather..


If sabrina wins HoH it will be fun Adel’s was soo Canada dry… Also going with the notion that she wins, she will put up Adel & Heather cuz she promised jon she aint gonna put him up if he throws the comp So she can do the dirty work & get rid of Adel. The Gremlins always getting used left right & centre to help jon & neda’s game & thats y they’ve lasted this longg…If adel or heather wins veto then sabs will have to put up Neda & either Adel & heather will go home…hopefully its AdeL


What is up with Heather? Heather just stopped playing after she won HOH and is up Neda’s arse. Both Jon and Neda promised Heather final 2. I do believe that if given the choice Neda would take Heather 100%, because she has a better chance of beating her. I also believe that Jon has a better chance of beating Heather in the final 2, but I’m not sure if he would really take her over Neda. The only two players that Heather has a chance of beating in the end are Adel and Sabrina!

Heather should want to take Adel and Sabrina to the final two! Because Sabrina would never take Adel and Adel would never ever take Sabrina. I can’t believe Heather wants to throw HOH, and let Sabrina win….this benefits her in no way unless Adel wins veto, ( and Neda becomes a nom’d). But Adel winning veto, is unlikely given his track record in comps.

Would someone wake Heather up……I know Adel is playing for 20K but is Heather playing for second place also? At this point the check might as well have Neda’s name on it.

Also Neda, should want Jon to win HOH , not Sabs. Sabs will nominate Adel and Heather. If Adel wins veto then, Heather and Neda will be on the block. Jon would vote to evict Heather, and Adel would vote to evict Neda. Sabrina is the tie breaker, and she will evict Neda!


Its Crazy that because Sabrina is not really a threat she may make it to final 4…. im not saying she’ll win, but i guess her game wasn’t so bad after all cuz the role she played or not played cuz i believe she was just being herself, her emotional mellow dramatic self but indirectly it worked for her indirect game cuz conciously she has no real game, she ended up in a good spot







immagine Jon Sabrina Neda Heather for the Final 4


Sabrinas got nothing to lose she’s already down & under so this seems like the perfect pick-me-up for Her & jon wants this just as much as she does…Jon wants adel out trust in that & if Sabrina can do his dirty work then y not use the gremlin once again like he did with Arle


i highly doubt heather wont use veto if shes on the block…. i think the reason heather agrees with what neda tells her and what jon tellsi be her is she knows that the two compare notes all the time..if you listen to the convo in hoh room with the 3 heather said lets all sit down after f5 hoh and see who goes on the block as a pawn… heather really did not agree with the plan to put adel up as a pawn… i believe that should heather win r5 hoh she knows enough not to put adel up as pawn for the fear of jon and neda voting adel out…… im sure that neda or jon will go home next thursday if heather or sabrina win hoh…


sabrina = hyperbole


I hope Sloppy Seconds throws the HOH to Sabs and she nominates Jon and Neda, with Heather as replacement nom. If Sabs plays the game strategically and not emotionally, she could try to convince Adel and Heather that none of them will win against Jon or Neda in the final two. Hence, Sabs, Adel and Heather should make a final three deal, then get rid of Jon and Neda. Heather and Adel should then agree to take each other to final two. This would bring some excitement back to the season, which I’ve lost interest in since Arlie was evicted. However, Adel may have eliminated the chance of this happening with his over-the-top nomination speech. Plus, based upon the moves these houseguest have made thus far, I am not holding my breath that any of them are courageous enough, or smart enough to take a shot at Jon and Neda.


Omg Sabrinas look changes everyday but not in a good way thou lol.


If they go to bed that early, they should wake up by 8 am. Come on, I am 8 months pregnant and I sleep less than these big babies!


are they sure heather wont stab them in the back? heather is all about big moves, there would not be a bigger move in the game than breaking up a strong couple.. i wont risk it throwing it to heather, its a big thats a misttake…


I agree that it is a bad idea for Neda and Jon to throw this comp. Although Sabs has been loyal with her word in the past, I am not sure she will make the same mistake again by not taking out a big competitor. She already knows not taking Arlie out was a huge mistake, how could she bypass Jon? At the same time, she is a very emotional player and hates Adel. Not sure how this will go!!
At this point I hope Jon or Neda has won the strategy session with Emmett and Jill who will hopefully tell them that throwing the HOH is a bad idea.


heather needs to wake up and realize she cant beat neda and jon in f2 or f3.

time to take one out next!

then it becomes the house vs neda or the house vs jon.

f3 – adel, heather, sabrina

anyone can win the game.


Any plan that hinges on winning the veto is crazy.

another name

heather – we worked really hard to get here
jon – we did it humbly
neda- I never felt over confident

I know every fan of each of these characters will whole heartedly agree with that exchange. rose coloured world.
i’m actually not going to dispute work. in order to get to f6/f5, you have to put in some work. ask production.
humble? sorry, which feed was supposed to show humble? haven’t seen any humble in a really long time. the only time a player has been humble is when they know they’re headed out the door.
wow… complete for the show moment so that Canada’s jury vote can be secured. not saying production scripts. they don’t. but we’ve already seen them suggest behavior changes (Kenny and sara ring a bell? tell ika to campaign ring a bell? tell rachelle to campaign ring a bell?) and production moments (Adel’s soliloquys).
throwing the f5 is a good idea if you are sure to get to f4. throwing it to Sabrina? wait, everyone that talks about how the 4 are so close they don’t care who wins…. are you seeing this? sorry to throw the pall of reality over the rose coloured glasses. they all want the cash.


You make a lot of great points in the threads, but lately you seem to have developed this habit of saying that if anyone disagrees with you, it’s because they’re not being objective. You’re essentially positioning yourself as the only one who can be right, which is arrogant. it’s just possible that someone can disagree with you (as I did in this case) without being a total nob incapable of critical thinking.


Pretty cold to basically tell Jon to vote her best friend Rachelle out while she is lying in bed right beside her. Sabrina is a piece of….. work