Neda says she’s 80% going to Throw the HOH to Sab’s She asks Rachelle her opinion

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots Neda

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 15-35-27-799

6:30pm Hot tub Rachelle, Sabrina nd Neda

Neda talking about throwing the HOH to Sabrina on Thursday and how she’s still “Sketched” out from it.

Sabrina – “I promise you you will not go up I promise you”
Neda – “I believe you.. I am leaning toward throwing it to you.. i’m 80% throwing it to you and 20% winning it and putting them both up”

Sabrina explains if she wins the HOH Neda’s hands will be clean she won’t have to put Heather and Adel, Sabrina will do the dirty work.

Neda is a bit worried a twist may come into play and throwing the HOH would be a bad idea.

Neda – “Look into my face I don’t want you to go next week”
Sabrain – “I want that one person who is horrible to me to go”

Rachelle asks Sabrian if she thinks she can beat Heather in the endurance contest.
Sabrina thinks she will.

Neda asks Rachelle what she would do. Rachelle says she doesn’t want to be part of this conversation.

Sabrina says think of she was Neda’s sister and had to survive the abuse Adel is giving her. Neda knows and believes Sabrina but is worried about throwing the HOH at this point in the game.

(Video Coming)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 15-44-06-866

Neda leaves, Sabrina asks her why she’s so mad at Sabrina.

Rachelle says she’s getting sick of hearing them talk game that includes her going home tomorrow. Rachelle – “You should have just talked somewhere else cause I didn’t want to be around it”
Rachelle explains that she told Sabrina that this morning yet Sabrina still talks about it in front of her.
Sabrina – “It’s a bit not nice,.,.”
Rachelle – “Not nice to me?”
Sabrina – “ya were do you want us to go”
Rachelle – “Anywhere in the house”
Sabrina – “It’s just a 15 minutes conversations”
Rachelle- It’s my last day
Sabrina – “I’m sorry I ruined 15 minutes of your day”

After about 5 minutes of silence Sabrian leaves.

(Video Coming)

6:57pm Neda Waxing her belly

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 16-04-37-335

7:05pm Dinner time
Gremlins in the hot tub room eating, Neda washing her belly and the rest at the dinner table.

Rachelle seem to think Big Brother is going to do something for them tonight. She says they were woken up so early today and there was nothing going on, Rachelle points out that Big Brother asked her to do her hair. Sabrina inhales her burrito and wants to get another one. Rachelle thinks there’s enough toppings except for meat.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 16-05-00-438

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 16-18-46-587

7:20pm Sabrina does Rachelle make up.
They decide to do Rachelle’s hair when it gets dark.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 16-30-57-565

7:31pm studying

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I am going to miss the Gremlins and their talks over the hot tub but I will not be sad to see them go #love/hateRelationship


Sabrina is so inconsiderate. I wish Rachelle would expose her and Neda to Heather or Adel.


Yah even trying to like Sabs a little bit is hard. Sorry I ruined 15 minutes of your last day. Talk about a snarky back handed apology. Sabby is just not a very empathetic person. Good for Ro for at least asking her to stop.

jon's ye@ster

too bad Rachelle has taken this long to wake up to who Sabrina really quote Sabrina “wait until you watch the episodes”

She should be using any and all of this information and get out there and fight to stay/campaign…assert herself!

*scratches balls


I know, can Sabrina incapable of saying sorry? I swear she never just says “Sorry, It was inconsiderate of me” she always, I MEAN ALWAYS, switches to defense mode and starts ranting “Well everyone else does it so why am I such a bad person” blah blah.

She would gain a little respect if she just owned up to her own actions.

another name

hi rachelle. we’re voting you out. what do you think of this strategy for after we show your ass the door?
Sabrina’s been called self absorbed for weeks, so not really suprising.
Neda, oh she’s never personally unkind or needlessly rude to people the feeders say…. hmmn, guess not
ditto for jon yesterday having the same discussion with Sabrina and rachelle.
sure, she’s been pretty much a stump on a daily game play basis, but how about a bit of human compassion from the people that only days ago said they’ve always been humble and never taken things or people for granted.
no. really.


Please consider getting off your high horse. I’m rooting for either Neda or Jon to win this thing, but that doesn’t mean I think either is without recrimination. I’m sure there are a number of people like me out there (and here, in the threads).

In multiple posts, you’ve positioned yourself as the voice of objectivity (and truth)–effectively setting it up so that anyone who disagrees with you is inherently subjective and wrong. It seems pretty arrogant to me.

For the record, I agree with much of what you say, and I appreciate many of your reasoned points. However, this whole “I am the sole voice of reason” shtick is just obnoxious. People who disagree with you aren’t necessarily idiots.

another name

thanks for pointing out i’m on a high horse, arrogant and obnoxious.
you could have gotten your point across without being personally insulting. have i been personally insulting to you?
i’m glad that you agree with some of my reasoned arguments.
in the instances where I’ve claimed objectivity and truthfulness, have i been subjective or lied?
i don’t think anyone is an idiot. if I’ve made anyone feel like an idiot, i apologize. sincerely.


Saying that I’m finding these kinds of comments obnoxious and arrogant is not the same as calling you an obnoxious, arrogant person. I don’t know you. But I apologize for hurting your feelings. Just getting a little tired of comments that seem to infer that anyone who disagrees must be wrong or stupid.


And when do you want these private conversations to take place? These girls are joined at the hip! Rochelle has been Sabrina’s silent little lap dog for so long I’m sure that most people don’t even realize that she’s capable of thinking game or that she minds going to jury. She pouts to Sabrina when she should be out there fighting for herself!


Maybe Rachelle will realize now that Sabrina is a self centered b*tch that only worries about herself and try to stay in this game. She’s gonna need a twist though. I hope production comes up with something. It would be a lot better having Rachelle in the game than Sabrina cause at least she can compete in challenges and isn’t a total failure.


Simon and dog several of my comments aren’t making the threads lately. I’m confused as it isn’t like you guys? Last thread I wrote a comment strictly about strategy and production and How Neda was to smart to cook up throwing HOH F5. Nothing offensive and no post. Don’t get it fellas!


She wont throw it. Shes just covering her bases in case Sabs wins it. She keeps going on about her vote in jury. She would turn her back on any of them. look what she did to Alison. Just sayin.


I agree Neda is to smart I think for that stupidity. Your comment reminds me of something I forgot to address in any thread.

Jon and to a lesser extent Neda have been saying if you get them out you won’t get their votes. I’ve seen that a couple times on the feeds when their together with others. I’m not talking about the slops 4 thing about backstabbing and no jury votes from the other three so don’t confuse it. Any body realize how dumb that is to say? If the 2 of them are saying go after us you don’t get their jury votes and only 2 people are in the finale it’s basically extortion and dumbass period. How do Heather and Adel not get it?


We’ll I’ll write a shorter version of what should have been in the last thread. I think the whole throwing HOH was production looking for footage. I really can’t believe til it actually happens Neda would make such a bad game move. Say what you want about her character, and I do, she’s done a great job of positioning herself to get F2 and win the money. This talk about 80/20% is just production fluff IMHO.

I had more fun watching the Neda fans here trying to justify such a bad idea. One person actually had the nerve to say POV was more important than HOH F5. ROFL Either a BB rookie or just plainly doesn’t understand the game. F4 POV is more important but F5 is all HOH. Well I’m predicting a snore fest unless Sabby wins HOH next week. I think they’ll ultimately evict her leaving the 4 to play down to 2. If that happens I like Neda’s chances if she can get rid of Jon to win it all. She shouldn’t fear anyone else to sit beside in the finale.


BB needs to give the hgs some type of cards, games i don’t care what type of games any games will do anything to help with the boredoom with so few hgs left.


Yes! Thank you JS! This has been driving me crazy! Also (and I haven’t been watching the feeds lately so I could be wrong) why aren’t the HG making their own games? I know Neda started a chess board…
Everyone knows how to play charades, hide and go seek, or 20 questions. It doesn’t sound like good TV, but it could be pretty funny….why isn’t Jon teaching them to play hockey, or or something? I know they can’t really sing songs or talk about movies, but at the very least, I think I’d be making up songs and stories w/ the other HGs. You can’t tell me half these people don’t have a drama-kid background!

BB is adding twists because the footage is boring, so why won’t they give them stuff to do?!?!?!?! It doesn’t have to be a comp-sized effort!


drives me crazy too, but on the other hand, you couldn’t find a lazier group of people. They have work out equipment, and a pool, such as it is. But last year and on BBUS, don’t they always have a few things like badminton, and the bean bag toss set up? I think they’ve done their HGs a huge disservice by not providing a few of these things. Also they never seem to have a comp that requires a set up for practise. That is also useful for the feeds and for the shows, as they tend to be outside practising those things.


Hoping rachelle will move her cute bum and do somethinnn!!!!!
What’s wrong with her I mean no campaigning anything at all??
I don’t think neda will keep sab at all not worther.


Sabrina complaining, and crying to Rachelle all week how tough its going to be for her once she leaves.Did she ever take the time and consider Rachelle’s feelings about being on the block and leaving. She is doing everything to comfort Sabrina what does Sabrina do for her. Also its nauseating watching Neda being fake with them for their votes in jury.

Pinocchio Obama

I loved the thumb picture Simon.


As much as I don’t like Rachelle, you gotta give her huge kudos for having to put up with Sabrina and her mood swings. That’s so much to put on someone and Rachelle has handled it well. At least going to Jury, she will have some peace and quiet!


I must be the only one that just doesn’t like neda, there have been times that she has been nasty to ppl. I personally would luv to see her go along with adel. Heather no so much, although I don’t like her either. so if I had a choice at this point.. maybe jon and rachelle. BUT DEF NOT ADEL, that last speech was just dumb and so was he. you would think the guy as 18… not 27 or how ever old he is. BIG brother interfered far too much. and allisons eviction what was up with that……


Wow, can’t believe Neda and/or Jon are even considering throwing the next HOH competition. If Rachelle gets voted out on Thursday then Neda and Jon need to win the next HOH so that they can nominate Sabrina and either Heather or Adel as the pawn. They need to get Sabrina eliminated and then Jon, Neda, Adel, and Heather can fight it out to the death. Any other scenario would just be plain stupid.

Never met such an odious person as Sabrina even if she is getting a bad edit. All the scenes with her in are her crying and/or ranting like a vindictive lunatic bitch. She is going to be surprised how much the public hates her after the show finishes. She will be completely shocked.


it’s funny you mention this, i am pretty sure i heard on tonights episode S telling R (or the other way around) that she thinks that Canada must love the gremlins. (holy delusional)


My comment has also disappeared wtf. Hmmm




Sabrina incessantly rants, screams, whines and has multiple meltdowns 24/7, but when Rachelle quietly gets annoyed for less than 5 minutes, Sabrina has the audacity to pounce on Rachelle; arguing and being angry at her for even being annoyed…IN SILENCE! And true to her egocentric form, completely misses the point that Rachelle is leaving and snaps at her with “i cant believe you are getting annoyed when i am the one getting LEFT BEHIND!” Essentially none of her friends ever get evicted, its actually her getting letf behind to suffer playing the game. She is really one of the worst, most repulsive people I’ve ever seen on tv.