Drunk Jon – ‘What’s our best bet for final 3.. should we throw it to f*** sabs”

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots Neda

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 19-34-04-304

10:16pm Adel, Heather, Neda and Jon Talking about Sabrina’s blow up
Jon saying it’s Sabs being Sabs.. She came into the game playing the vittum and she’s going to leave that way

Heather says Sabrina made her feel that way the first 3 weeks in the house.

10:30pm Heather blows out her knee playing flip cup against Jon

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 19-46-00-839

Jon Carries A hurt Heather up the stairs.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 19-46-55-220

10:46pm HOH Jon (Drunk), Adel, HEather and Neda
Jon wants to study the dates but Neda doesn’t feel like it’ll help her. She says she doesn’t study late at night very well. Jon keeps forcing them to study.

Jon – “Day 36 who was it”
Neda “I can’t do it like that”
Jon – “Think about it.. Day 36”
Adel says maybe they should go over it if they are sober.

JOn keeps going through the dates with Heather.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 19-56-11-003

10:56pm Gremlins
Talking about how annoying Jon is getting. Sabrina points out that Jon is doing all the things he was to saying he didn’t like Andrew doing. Sabrain – “You think that Andrew was stealing his spotlight”
rachelle agrees.
They both noticed Jon trying to stir up some trouble in the hot tub.

Jon Joins them asks Sabrian if she is OK
Jon – “I didn’t mean to bring it up as an argument to start”
Jon says Adel was being a d1ck “He (Adel) brings it to a whole new level with his pointing”

Sabrina says she appreciates Jon’s apology.
They agree to not allow Adel be mean to Sabrian when Rachelle goes on Thursday. Sabrina whimpers says she’s 26 years old and has never felt this way. Jon “I guarantee you we are two people out of the 5 left in the house that it will never let that happen”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 20-14-01-111

11:15pm Bedroom Sabrina Neda and Racehlle

Sabrina says everyone has lied in this game why does Adel still bring up her lies. Neda doesn’t know, says she agrees everyone has said lies at this point.

JOn rolls in for a bit Neda says Jon is very drunk. Jon leaves and Sabrina starts talking about Adel being a bully to her.
JOn rolls in again says he’s wasted, Neda tells him to make sure the last two beers go to Heather. Rachelle rolls in.
Jon asks Sabrina if she wins HOH who would she put up. Sabrina says she swears on the “Holy Bibe” that she will put up Heather as a pawn and Adel as the target.

Sabrina says she would rather go home one week after as long as she can get Adel out of the house. Sabrina says she knows Jon and Neda would be the smarter targets to put up next week but she’s not going to do that she’s going after Adel 100%.

Sabrina says Adel won the HOH by cheating he doesn’t deserve to have gotten this far in the game.
Neda asks her if Heather and Adel were in the final 2 who would she target. Sabrina says Heather.
Rachelle says Heather.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 20-36-38-441

Jon and Neda ask the gremlins to leave. (This is the bedroom where the gremlins were first)

The gremlins leave.. Neda and Jon talk about how perfect everything is for them they have Sabrina after Adel.
They agree they can’t stand Heather right now.
Jon Swears he’ll take Neda to Final 2. Jon says Adel has been telling him NEda is pitching Final 3 with NEda and him.
Neda say Adel is lying.
Jon – “He wants to take me to final 2″
Jon – ‘What’s our best bet for final 3.. should we throw it to f*** sabs”.
Neda – “I don’t know.. It’s so risky”
Jon – “I don’t think you are f***g with me I’m telling you right now.. you are the only person in this f***g house I will be content taking to final 2”
Neda – “Same”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 20-51-32-471

11:41pm Rachelle and Neda
Neda says Rachelle is going because everyone thinks she has a better chance to win the next HOH contents over Sabrain. Rachelle points out that Sabrina has gotten closer than her in most competitions. Neda says her and Jon are highly thinking about throwing the next HOH.
Sabrina swears she will put Heather and Adel, mentions how mean he is to her.
Sabrina – “Let’s get Serious he cheated.. (in the last HOH)”
Neda – “Ya”

Neda tells her if anyone nominates her and Jon they will not be getting their vote in the jury.
Neda says if Sabrina takes out Adel she will very much consider taking Sabrina to the final 3. Sabrina says she’s caught Heather twice listening in on Neda and Jon’s conversation.

Sabrina makes it clear that Rachelle will put up Jon and Adel. Rachelle comes back into the room and they continue to talk about the plan to keep Sabrain to take out Adel. Rachelle points out that they told her they want to get rid of her because she can win the next HOH but they want to keep Sabrina so she can win the HOH and get rid of Adel.

Rachelle leaves to join Adel and Heather in the hot tub. Neda and Jon give Sabrina some love telling her they are considering taking her to final 3.
Neda – “If Adel leaves next week a final 3 would be a dream to me”

Sabrina pleads with them to keep her to final 3 says she will do anything for them.

JOn says it’s “SMART” game move for them to keep her in the game.
(Video coming)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 21-13-49-846

12:11AM Hot Tub

Adel is pleading with Jon to not mess anything up if they get Sabrina out next week they win thte money. Jon tells him it’s done they are winning, ‘Done.. DONE”
Adel – “Don’t over think anything”
Adel leaves, Neda joins him.

12:38AM Jon and Heather

Jon is saying 100% he’ll take her to the final 2. Jon goes on and on about how much he just wants the 20 thousand dollars it will change his life.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-22 22-30-06-098

12:51AM Hot Tub Gremlins, Jon and Neda Gremlins are telling her about seeing Heather listen in on Jon and Neda earlier today while they were in the Hot Tub.

Rachelle leaves them. Neda and Jon start talking about throwing the next HOH to Sabrina so she can take out Adel.
They tell Sabrina if she takes Adel out they will take her to final 3. Sabrina says they have her word she will put up Heather and Adel.

Sabrina is worried they are lying to her because they lied to her in the past. Jon says he’s “HUNDO” not lying to her.

Jon tells her he’s not going to go against Neda. They tell Sabrina once Heather drops out of the Head of Household competition they will throw the competition to Sabrina.

They agree during the endurance competition when Sabrina says “I can hold on for a couple more hours” it really means she’s about to drop.
1:20AM Neda and Jon both tell her 100% they will throw the HOH to Sabrina.

JOn tells them that Neda was the one that put it in his head to get Arlie out.

1:35AM Hot Tub Jon and Neda
Talking about throwing the HOH to Sabrina.
Neda – “I’ll swear on whatever I don’t care”
Jon – “We’re so good”
They head back into the kitchen where Sabrian is eating chicken fingers. Sabrina swears up and down she’s onboard with getting Adel out next week.

1:56am Gremlins Sabrina says Jon and Neda are throwing the HOH to her so she can take out Adel.
She adds that they told her if she doesn’t put them up they will take her over Heather. Rachelle doesn’t believe that.
Sabrina doesn’t believe it either. Sabrina says at least she will be able to get Adel out she knows she’ll be the target the week after that.
Jon briefly rolls by and visits them.

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Not even an hour later and Sabrina’s back to her old ways! Bashing Adel, Heather, and even throwing Rachelle under the bus. Can’t believe Neda! I get that Sabrina’s useless and no one will vote for her but come on! Have some integrity and get rid of her!


may I say this .. First off I can not stand slobina .. and I know its a game .. BUT … if jon and neda thro the next HOH to Slobina and one of them take her to the final two this is how I see the votes .. Rachel will vote for her… Allison will vote for her .. and if by chance there is another in jury then I will as much as slobina drove me nuts..lol.. said some pretty nasty things I WILL vote for Slobina for the win.. lol .. and for every vote I do it counts as 100….lol just a thought I have been pondering .


When 1/5 was getting crushed and we started to see the “less than charming” side of the outsiders I said right after Neda 1st suggested Sabs was who she wanted final 2 I made up my mind. All my votes go Sabby if she is F2 with anyone. This tank the comp idea is so freaking bad. Joneda are almost golden but Neda is golden F2 and you let Sabby in the middle of it. Deli or Heather get POV who goes up and maybe out. Just takes 1 vote plus Sabby HOH vote and good bye someone. Such a very bad idea.


I had to turn off the feeds because Heather was listening again and Sabs was coming around the corner.


Now Sabrina wants to stay… Lol. What a nut case.

another name

production wants her to stay. i’d wager the house psychologist was already in the dr when she went in. she’s already said on feeds she’s had to see the therapist more than once. i’m not joining in on the mental illness humor here. i’m being real.


Is Rachelle not trying to find a way to stay in the house? Sabrina is acting like her staying is a done deal and she’s working a final 3 deal with Jon and Neda?? Doesn’t Rachelle realize the point of this game is to get to the final two???

It’s never a done deal until the votes are cast Rachelle!


In Rachelle’s mind why bother. It only takes 2 votes and if Jon/Neda are constantly stating that she is gone…to the point that they see her as so irrelevant that they are entertaining the thought of throwing the HOH to Sabrina, how can she change it. She could go to Heather and Adel and expose the conversation, she likes or trusts neither, but what’s the point? The only other vote is Heather. So she is snow balled regardless.


I hope Jon and Neda are on the block next week. They have been sitting pretty for far too long. Time to face the heat bud.


BIG MISTAKE to trust Sabrina to stick to her word, put up Adel and Heather. If one of those three or Rachelle win POV, Jon or Neda will be put up as replacement.


Rachelle will be gone. For Sabrina’s game she would stand by her word. Why wouldn’t she? If Jon/Neda throw her the HOH comp (possible as Heather’s knee injury is huring)…then they each have dismissed either Adel or Heather as F3.
If Sabs is able to pull this off, regardless of what anyone thinks of her, you have to give her props on game play.

another name

actually, name a time Sabrina hasn’t been loyal to an alliance.
she can be detestable with a lot of the crap that she says, but she’s yet to make an alliance deal and break it. it’s actually her only redeeming characteristic.
she’s talked crap about everyone, given. she’s yelled and screamed about truth and lies. given. she’s yet to vote against her alliance.
oh god…. Sabrina’s the only contestant in the game that has consistently voted with her alliance. wow, that made my fingers hurt.


But SAbs isn’t ‘pulling this off” Jon and Neda, very foolishly are GIVING this to her. If they do this, they’re nuts. There’s no way anyone could credit her with ‘god gameplay’ because of a stupid move of someone else. And does it change the way I feel about that horrible piece of crap woman? No. Not for one second. Her game play is terrible, has been and will be…I can’t even watch the live feeds anymore because she’s still there. (I stopped watching about two weeks ago, seriously. Between the peeing in the hot tub by her lap dog, and the narcissistic whining of the piece of crap herself, it all became just too much)


Sabrina presented to Jon throwing the HOH to her a couple of days ago. It was her idea first. So she can be credited with it.


Any idea why they keep saying Adel cheated at the HOH comp?


That’s because he won.

A Name

They’re stupid. He guessed and they wanna call it cheating. Give me a break


They say he didn’t read the riddles and choose the eyes that match the answers to the riddles. he has said he isn’t good with reading, i can’ t say for sure that he actually didn’t read the riddles, it would be difficult to think he could get lucky enough to get the right eyes in the right order without figuring out some of them by the riddle.

oh, and reading the riddle was required in the rules.


I was wondering that as well. Only thing I can think of from the edit was he looked at another HGs board and copied the 1st slot answer. He was smart realizing it was the top one that was wrong.


are they seriously considering taking Sabrina. Is this because Heather just wrecked her knee and is no longer reliable? is this something because Adel is not being reliable? can they guarantee they will be able to get sabrina out if she is in F3 based on their own abilites to do the last 3 challenges?


Jon/Neda want either Adel/Heather out by Sabs hand and they each believe they can beat her at F2.


neda told Jimmet that she wanted to take Heather to final 2 and that she felt she would get more jury votes especially if she got Jon out of the game.


Sabrina is saying that because instead of looking at the clues, he just randomly put the pictures up and hoped for the best. Which, is not cheating.


Arisa specifically stated that they had to read each riddle. Not saying that I think he necessarily ‘cheated’ by not doing so but it was stated as being one of the rules. Adel said he didn’t read the clues but guessed instead.


He didn’t. slobina is saying that because he won without reading the board and putting the faces in the right spot …I thought it was bright on Adels part and funny how he figured that out …

another name

they keep saying he cheated because the rules of the competition were to read the riddles that weren’t chronological, pick out the faces, then put the faces in the chronological order of the riddles actual occurence. drop the ball. if it doesn’t hit the bottom go back to the riddles and make the appropriate changes.
not sure of the next part… have to rewatch the episode with the sound louder, but they weren’t supposed to put the ball through with any of the faces missing. adel pulled out the blocking piece to see how many he had right. without reading any of the riddles and just putting up random faces. in one case by looking over to the next competitor and comparing their faces to his. he didn’t follow the rules as set out, he admits to not reading any of the riddles. but production must have ruled they never said you couldn’t just go random faces.

it loosely compares to the tree challenge from season one when gary tied the shirt around the tree. the competitors called it cheating. production said they were never told they couldn’t tie their shirts around the tree. gary beat the game in that instance.

I don’t think it followed the spirit of the challenge. the only questionable part to me was watching him check out the next person’s faces and comparing to his own, then pulling out the blocking point to see if the ball would fall through the rest. again, production must have allowed it.


Out in the hot tub, you can hear motorcycles. Sabrina said it’s her dad coming with all his friends. She jokes “You shouldn’t start drama with people when you don’t know their bio’s! My dad is a ‘respectable businessman!'”.

You shouldn’t hint that your dad is a mobster on the live feeds Sabrina…


After watching and reading everything, I gotta say this was definitely instigated by Jon and Neda went along (quietly) where Adel and Sabrina both were used to further Jon and Neda’s game.

Poor Rachelle is just sitting there while Sabrina is actually campaigning in front of her and behind her back.

At this point, Heather, Rachelle, and Adel should make a final 3 deal because Sabrina doesn’t care about Rachelle, Jon doesn’t care about Adel, and Neda doesn’t care about Heather.

But then again, is Jon drunk?


It doesn’t matter. It only takes to votes to determine who is evicted…so Jon/Neda can decide who stays. Them saying to Rachelle/Sabs that it is out of their hands and that it’s been decided (Adel/Heather) is BS and Rachelle knows it.


If Neda and Jon are stupid enough to throw the HOH to Sabrina, then they deserve to be put up on the block and I hope Sabrina does that.


They deserve to not get Canada’s vote.

another name

so…. does anyone actually believe the fight in the hot tub was an intervention to make Sabrina confront her lies? sorry, reality check: it was a set up in order to intentionally drive Sabrina more insane. so, when everyone congratulates adel for calling out Sabrina (on things she’s already been called out on repeatedly), do you realize that he was the chump that took jon’s bait? yup. I said it. and hey… watch the feeds. it’s proven. chump.
in regard to last week’s lovefest about the sloppy 4… are you catching all of the crap they’re all saying about each other? just asking because I haven’t been reading anything about how disappointed you are that they’re disloyal scumbags just like everyone else.
i’m not a fan of Sabrina’s antics. I liked her strategy at the beginning of the game, but not her antics.
i’m not a fan of Adel’s antics. they are no more acceptable than hers. don’t cry breaking point, don’t cry but she… as we all know she’s already been called out on what she’s done. rehashing it daily is just mug for the camera ego. but hey, we’ll see that in the next production episode of soliloquy with adel.
oh… and does anyone see the just desserts of neda being a have not again? I wonder… would everyone scream bloody murder if Sabrina and rachelle threw out all the condiments? or would everyone laugh again. just an objectivity check.


Jon was literally and figuratively poking Sabrina. The guy’s gotta keep his hands to himself.

But yeah, Jon and Neda totally orchestrated that entire thing.


That is the repulsive point.


Ok even if Jon and Neda set up the argument in hot tub Sabrina still participated in the conversation she STILL is the one that lost her sh..t far worse then anyone has ever been allowed to in the house after that….I mean screamed like a two yr old in the grocery store upstairs then attacked Jon on stairwell who had said NOTHING to her and then hyperventilated her way to the DR still.screaming and saying she had reached her breaking point GET ME OUT!!

Then proceeds to come out takes no responsibility for freaking out and losing it so bad she was hyperventilating and proceeds to get Neda and Jon to promise to not ” let Adele” treat her that way again…..hello what about her part in conversation? What about her freak out? She had the nerve to say Ika lost it on her unprovoked but here she is screaming at Jon on steps when he hasnt said a word?

This is obviously behavior that is condoned in her real life as she didnt feel it was unacceptable at all when she came out and acted like nothing had happened! BB SHOULD HAVE YANKED HER FROM THE GAME THERE AND THEN she was beyond reason and screaming like a two yr old soo bad u could not even tell what she was saying!

Not appropriate for tv not even Jerry Springer show! Hello production where are you now with interfering? She isnt controllable and is BAD TV and as far as I am concerned should have had to apologize to Jon for attacking him on stairs. How in heavens name it might get her to a final three I dont know but if I were BB I would have removed her there and then.

If that was a man in the game and he was standing up stairs screaming like a two yr old and screming at Jon on stairs would they not have been removed from game? ABSOLUTELY! She was outta control and nothin anyone wants to hear or see on tv

she just about blew my eardrum she screamed so loud. SHE has GOTS to go BB !!

If she was a guy she would have been removed for her behavior without a doubt…which has me entertaining the thought I have had a thousand times this season when she would hang on and be magically not goin home again…she must have someone or an ” in ” with production especially after this display of inappropriate behavior. Canada has wanted her out all season HG have wanted her out there is no other reason she could still be in the game particularly after flipping her lid and screaming like a two yr old in a grocery store.who hasnt got their way !! only thing missing was her lying on the ground kicking her legs…..guess one way or another she got herself some camera time didnt she?

Again…if she was a guy and behaved like that she would have been escorted from the house…way too out of control and wasnt even sorry or embarassed

another name

the reason she isn’t called out of the house by production: she’s a production casting director’s wet dream.
look at the amount of time everyone spends on the subject of Sabrina. it’s great for ratings.
if everyone were liked and likable… there’d be no drama. people would get bored with everybody holding hands and singing choir songs.


Wow! You’re pretty ‘upset’ about her ‘temper tantrum’ huh?

Nana Jo

I am disgusted. Once again Sabs initiating Heather bashing just an hour after having a screaming meltdown because of Adel’s so-called inhumane treatment. Sabrina is totally without empathy. She is only capable of seeing and feeling emotions in as far as they affect herself. That is the definition of a narcissist. I also think she is thoroughly enjoying feeling wronged and all the attendant attention and ‘sympathy’.

If Jon and Neda actually go along with some kind of dumb alliance with Sabs, then I will lose all respect for them. Jon shouldn’t talk strategy when he’s so drunk!


For Jon..his best strategy for Jon is done drunk. It has worked well for him in the past.


Jon and Neda are making a final 3 deal with Sabrina…….


Jon and Neda deserve to be put up on the block next week. They’re already to get rid of Heather and Adel before Sabrina


HUNDO agree with you, Simon. I really was going for the F4 with Jon and Neda, but after this move, I only want Adel and Heather at the end.


Sorry Max, it’s not going to happen.


I want Heather to win HOH on Thursday and she puts up Jon/Neda. Also wtf did Heather do to Neda for her to be so pissed at her lately?
Heather and Adel need to talk game more often but dumb boy Adel is set on a guys alliance with Jon that he is blind to the strength of Jon/Neda connection. I do suspect also that production is pushing to keep Sabrina because she is the only form of entertainment left. I don’t care for Adel’s game so if he leaves I don’t care too much but I hate to see Heather’s game fall apart after Neda uses her and drops her.
At this point if Sabrina makes it to the end, I dont care if she wins because it would Jon and Neda’s fault. LOL

Nana Jo

Ayesha, I was just thinking the same thing! Why is Neda suddenly so pissed at Heather? Did I miss something on the feeds? I’m with you 100% …. I hope Heather wins HoH too, and then puts up Jon and Neda. That would make for a great week of entertainment.


I don’t think Neda likes heather since the hot tub party where they were all talking about housemates first impressions of eachother. Heather said she thought Jon was the hottest hands down. As soon as she said that Jon was all over her for the rest of the night being flirty which I think struck a chord with Neda. Just an observation.


Jon had told Neda that both Heather and Adel has a F2 with him. Neda was not so concerned with Adel’s F2 as she expected it. Heather’s F2 with Jon rattled her a bit and left her with some uncertainty relative to Heather’s F2 with Neda.


I’ll try to tackle the “I hate Heather” comment(s) recently. My best guess is she hated Heather all along like the other catty girls. If you remember the 1st 3 weeks Heather was on the outside of the outsiders. Neda was mostly sitting there while others bashed Heather. But she never stopped it or spoke up. As I said at the time enablers are more dangerous than bullies as I know from 1st hand experience. Neda seems to hate most things HGs all season. Part of what I consider a very poor character.

It’s plain cold hearted and frankly pretending to be her friend saying we’ll be friends for ever to Heather while hating her and hating on her behind her back is vile and repugnant. The sad part is Heather’s been loyal to her and Jon. Not a huge Heather fan but she has way more decency and class than Neda ever will. She might win the game(2:1 atm) but she isn’t much of a human being.

The “Laval Mist” FTW! …………………………………. hehehe

That should seal her fate getting evicted Thursday instead of Rachelle. LOL Not happening it appears.


If Heather wins HOH, then hopefully Sabrina will spill the beans to her about what Jon/Neda are doing! That’s the only way Heather puts up Jon/Neda. It’s really sad, but at this point I will vote for Sabrina to win if Jon/Neda drag her to final two!


I think this is Neda’s way of throwing everyone off about her true feeling about Heather. She told jemmet that she wants to take Heather to the final 2 (no reason to lie to them about her strategy) she wants to make sure that Jon and Adel don’t figure out that’s her plan, therefore, makes it seem like she doesn’t like her.


I’m rooting for Heather- not Joneda anymore

Nana Jo

Sabs campaigns right in front of Ro, who heads off to bed obviously upset. Does Sabs care? Not in the least, which doesn’t surprise me at all. Ro should finally put on her big girl panties and go and tell Heather and Adel exactly what Jon and Neda are up to with Sabs. I never thought I’d see Jon and Neda turn into Gremlins! I hope they’re just blowing smoke up Sabs’ ass! If not, then they deserve to end up in the jury house …one hundo, bud!


At this point … Lock em in different rooms … give all paintball guns … put the $100,000 on the table … let em at it … last one standing wins

another name

paintball? at this point i’m almost disgusted enough with each of them to say live ammo.


A bit harsh for a game don’t you think?

another name

actually yes, it was harsh, if not taken as tongue in cheek sarcasm. that was the intent.
sorry if I offended.


So if Sabrina wins HOH and she nominates Heather and Adel, and lets say Heather wins VETO then who would be the replacement? Jon or Neda? If that happens I hope to God that Heather is smart enough to have a back up plan because my heart will break to see her game destroyed by Jon and Neda. I love them but I dont like when people get comfortable in the game.
Sabrina keeps repeating that she wants to send Adel home but what she doesn’t realise is that when Adel leaves, he will move on with his life and its just a game but she will is the one who needs the validation and all the therapy that is to come after she watches the show and reads about herself.


I’m so grouchy the way those 3 are treating heather. Can’t believe it. If nutty slobby gets to the final 3 I know I won’t be watching or voting. Now that heather hurt her knee again I bet it will be endurance. And of course the 2 idiots will throw it to slobby .


if jon and neda does throw hoh to sabrina and sabrina wins, im hoping production suggest to sabrina that she puts up jon and neda that would be great tv…. im actually wanting sabrina to win hoh now just to see jon and neda on the block together that would be the best for tv drama,,,,,


They will suggest it and she will do it. Sabrina will not be too concerned – she’s done playing the loyalty game.

In her mind, I am sure she can win against Adel or Heather in Final 2. I can see her backdooring Jon if she’s HOH next week.

I’m annoyed that Jon and Neda are turning their back on Heather and Adel.


Sabrina could nominate Jon/Neda based on her loyalty to the 1/5.


I think if Heather wasn’t so boring production would be pulling more for her how many tasks, comps and other things have given to John and Neda i want Heather to get something on her own.


Heather is going to be a very bitter jury member she isn’t going to vote for Neda or John unless there both in the final and than she will vote for John.


I don’t think Heather will be bitter as long as it isn’t Neda or Jon winning POV F4 and evicting her. She gets F3 and Neda or Jon take each other she will happily vote for her new “best friend” Neda to win the money. She will be heart broken when she finds out Neda lied the whole time and hated her. Neda’s supporters her will be very proud of Neda cutting out someone’s sole and humanity for 100K! I wonder what kind of folks you are to support such vile, unconscionable behaviour?


It’s either Sab is related to anyone in production or all that freaking out show basically anything she does it’s just complete act.
And Heather …omg she’s so sneaky and we really underestimate her . The real heather is a wolf


Yes indeed….I’d be interested to see if Sabs father or family made any sort of donation or has a “connection”…


I said same thing Sabrina has to have some sort of in with production as no one inside or outside house wants her there and if her two yr old tantrum and total flip out was done by a male HG he would have been removed from the house there and then. It was all over old news and any grown up would not have used it as yet another reason to throw a fit on TV…..the whole house was walking on eggshells after ……..its becoming so dysfunctional as a show no one is going to care what happens in the end!

This last event should have had her removed there is no excuse for that kind of behavior and there are a TON of impressionable kids that watch this show after dark included …is this what BB wants them to see? Production wont let you talk about so many things but a six bell meltdown freakout by Sabrina doesnt get a peep from them??


once Rochelle leaves I am fine with anyone winning this except for Slobrina or Adel.

Of course I am sticking to Neda though as she was my first pick many weeks ago.

jon's yeaster

not much to add…just thought the handle was funny (shocked I haven’t seen it already eh13)…and far more creative than the omnipresent “name” 🙂
*scratches balls


Does Jon look like Ryan Gosling a little bit?


The idea of the game is to be the last two standing and then the one who wins the prize. If having to evict your friend is a way to get to the end then that is what you have to do. Neda being mad at Heather is probably a way for Neda to let her go. Neda probably really likes Heather but knows Heather has to go for her to win and voting out her friend will hurt her so in her mind she is only thinking of the things that bother her. Neda is winner at this kind of game and if Heather is a winner she hasn’t shown it as much. Now would be the time for Heather to make a big move but I don’t think she has that kind of personality.


What I don’t understand is if Rachelle knows that Neda and Jon are using Sabrina to get rid of Adel, why doesn’t she go to Adel and Heather and lay it out for them? Then they could confront Jon and Neda and Heather would NOT throw the competition, win and put the two of them up for being shady. There would still be the option to get Sabrina out if Jon/Neda won POV and then it is every man for themselves. Adel and Heather would also know then where Jon and Neda lie in terms of their loyalty to one another over the two of them. I don’t know why Adel would stick with Jon or Neda because in F2 he wouldn’t beat either of them. Why play for second when you could play for first? Adel would stand a much better chance of winning if he took Heather. Especially if he is in Rachelle’s good books before he leaves and can mend fences with Sabs.


simon or dawg…can we get a new poll…i now have a new fav final 3..which probably wont include neda and jon…


*before she leaves

jon's ye@ster

Rachelle should be ALL OVER her very valid point of why she is getting voted out over Sabrina…they feel she is too strong and will win the next HOH, yet they are now going to throw the HOH to Sabrina…time to step up and join the game Rachelle that way you might just end up with more than just a hot tub to piss in!
*scratches balls


I too remarked at the onset of this season that Jon looks very much like Ryan Gosling. I so totally agree with you “Name”…….from one to another. Lol!


Count me as the third “Name” who thinks Jon looks a bit like Ryan Gosling. 🙂

Of course, it helps if you imagine him more toned and less slovenly…


“Rachelle points out that they told her they want to get rid of her because she can win the next HOH but they want to keep Sabrina so she can win the HOH and get rid of Adel.”

At least this shows that Rach isn’t a complete moron.


I keep waiting for Heather and Adel to compare notes on their final 2 deals with both Jon and Neda