The House Agrees No Gremlin in Final 2 “100 percent 1 million it’s not happening”

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots ?


8:10pm Gremlins

Moaning about being separated on Thursday.
Sabrina brings up in disgust how one of the other houseguests is going to to win $100K and another $20K
Rachelle cannot believe one of the people left in the house is going to win she’s in complete shock, “They don’t deserve it.. I cannot deal with it”.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-21 17-20-22-386

8:20pm Have nots

Jon is thinking it is too risky to throw HOH this coming week. They agree Heather will try to take out Jon but not sure when she will do it.
Jon – “Do you think Adel will keep Sabrina in this house over me”
Neda – “look at how easy it is to convince him about Arlie”

Jon – “who would you rather take to final three… Think maybe Adel”
Neda says Adel has a better chance to win in final 2.
Jon asks her if she is 100 percent with their final 2.
Neda says yes she’s just not sure who they should take to final 3.

They wonder if Heather wins HOH if they can make sure she puts up Adel and Sabrina.

Neda says she knows Heather wants to make a big move but she’s probably going to wait until final 4 to do it. From the way she’s been talking Neda is starting to thing Heater will throw the next HOH. Jon says if Sabrina wins next HOH she will want Adel gone, Sabrian has been playing emotionally it makes sense she’ll go after Adel.

Adel joins them.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-21 17-39-04-385

8:45pm Lockdown over Rachelle tries out the hammock and starts lifting some weights. Sabrina is in the living room talking to Neda, Jon and Heather telling them about the tv show Pretty Little Liars.

9:01pm Gremlins

Svent lana’s performance. (Rachelle does her russian babushka character)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-21 18-29-17-498

8:55pm Living room Heather, Adel, Jon and Neda

They agree getting out Rachelle this week is the smart move. Heather – “I’ve never disliked someone as much in my life… thats a lie I dislike her a lot”

They start talking about the next twist. Neda says the twist seem to always help out the side that is struggling.

Adel says the Diary room is trying to shake them up so they hesitate getting “her” out. Neda says they would all be stupid to keep Sabrina in the end. They worked so hard to get here Sabrina doesn’t deserve to win the 20 grand.

Neda – “Anyone who takes that girl to the end will not get my vote to win”
Jon and Heather agree.

Neda – “lets all agree now 100 percent 1 million it’s not happening”
Adel – I thought we already did that”
Neda – “Ya I Know but now I’m scared”

Adel says he will self evict if Sabrina get to the final 2.

9:36pm Living room Heather, Jon Adel and Neda
Heather calls Arlie creepy and Mean. She points out how arlie was supposed to be a big super fan but was also so disrespectful to Big brother.

Jon says he’s the only non c!rcumcised guy left in the house, Adel points out that would make him the only c!rcumcised guy.

Heather says she’s glad she’s left in the game with the 3 people in the living room. Heather mentions something about Neda not looking for a relationships and the rest of them already being in a relationship.

Heather brings up that Sarah and Rachelle were “All over Kenny” before they found out about him.

The boredom is starting to get to them. They decide to spin around to lose balance. Video below

10:00pm Shower stall

Giggling Gremlins spraying each other with spray tan

10:24pm Heather tries to get away from the camera while eating some cookies in the storage room. Everywhere she goes the camera moves to her and zooms in.

Link to the other camera angle

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If Arlie was in the house things would be a lot more interesting.

Can’t wait for the next Twistos Twist to bring Arlie back.

If not, BBCAN 2 winner is Neda.



or Big JAHN

just an opinion

I am SO glad Arlie is gone. Heather is right – he was really CREEPY


An ironic expression coming from the person referenced as ‘creepzilla’ for the majority of the season (including Neda).


Heather is so adorable!!

Non Hypocrite

Who happens to mention how much she hates Rachelle every chance she gets….leave it alone you spoiled brat Heather


It’s an eye for an eye, heather got so much shit for the first half of the game. She was mocked, ridiculed, ostracized and hated. Almost all the house guests especially rachelle belittle her and talk badly in front of her face and behind her back and now she’s in the position of power she wants to voice her distaste for a person who openly insults her time in and time out but no let us crucify her for it. No one is perfect, a lot of you guys sit on your high horses saying “Oh be the bigger person” but the truth is that if someone treated you that way you would voice displeasure about that person as well. I have no problem with the bullies getting whats coming to them for the way they treated people.

just an opinion

Woo HOO! You go ….says!


A juvenile and ‘old-school’ response.


Adel is a patheticccc human his voice sounds evillll & he doesn’t talk proper he thinks he’s soo gangster & hes fulll of hate & resentment & anticsss, i cant stand himmmm he thinks hes the shit but he suckssss & im starting to think he secretly likes Sabrina Cuz Love & Hate are on equal polarities & he cant have that much strong feelings of Hate for Sabrina without Caring….Neda is smart at game but shes evil spirited & bad minded from the time she threw away all the condiments with pleasure i thought she was psychoo she takes life soo serious & is actually a boaring chic without her false ego & her micro managing insecure ways r too much Shes A StreSS Ball & she’s Veryyy Tit For Tat…Jon is a real nice guy at heart but him & his itchy balls need Help, Heather Is like A Robot she Doesn’t really stand for anything shes just there…Shes Neda’s Fake Side-kick….The Gremlins Are just silly fun loving House Decorations~they r literally the weakest links so they became just numbers that everyone else has used to benefit their game cuz Clearly They Have no real game other than to get a lil fame…


Adel is PLAYING the game. In his HOH speech, he intentionally humiliated the gremlins so Neda, Jon and Heather will think that the gremlins won’t give their jury votes to him so Neda, Jon and Heather will want to take him to the end. That’s smart and it shows Adel is playing the game. Maybe you’re the one full of hate instead of Adel.

just an opinion

The problem is – no one, except maybe Heather, will take him to the end. He could have done his trashing at any time, and not when he is in the middle of a televised ceremony. It was tacky, classless and inordinately cruel. I no longer have any use for him. The faster he gets voted out – the better.


Adel doesn’t talk “proper?” No kidding, he’s admitted to this himself, and has stated the reasons why. Also, maybe check your spelling, and grammar before you comment about that. Also, to say he’s full of hate and resentment…what do you think your comment is about? Love and forgiveness? No.


Heather is neda’s ego stroker & jon is her puppy dog…Sabrina still has a slim chance to get back in the game if she wins next hoh so she should lick her wounds & move on…


I doubt they will bring back Arlie or Allison. Did that last year and this years twist was Allison going in 2 weeks late.

Yup, Heather is adorable and her hating Rachelle is fine by me seeing as Rachelle and Sabrina were so cruel to her in the past, especially Rachelle saying hateful things about her.

Gremlins need to stop being so bitter and just realize their time is done in the house, get over it and just enjoy the time left instead of isolating and being sulky.


Everyone should want to take Sabrina to the final two. Everyone. Yes, it’d be unfortunate for her to get second place, but you want the $100k. It’d be ridiculous for the jury to be that butthurt that they would vote for Sabrina to win.


Oh, it could happen. Juries can be verrry bitter. Plus, some could argue that Sabrina even making it to the end is a miracle.

That’s why I think they’d be crazy to take Sabrina to the final 2.

just an opinion

Well, bitter jury is exemplified by Topaz – THAT was bitter, but it was also convenient for her to screw up the vote. Not sure we can count on that a second time. It is a shame about the bitterness in juries. People who have lost really need to vote for the best game player in the GAME. Not take out their personal hate and vengeance. But some people just can’t take the high road. A pity for them.


This Game Seems CANADA DRY….Wake Up Canada & Throw-In Some Spice Cuz We Needs Some Excitement!!!


whos the have nots? i thought there was none


Give me a break. “Its so boring without Arlie, they shouldn’t have voted him out its lame now ect ect” Okay then, like as if Arlie the Try Hard was so fun and exciting good grief. Same when Kenny was voted out, “its going to be so boring now blah blah” as if he was the life of the party at anytime. Unless you count whining and complaining and talking about himself all the time and being a cranky old (at 25) fart was life of the party worthy then excuse my comments but other wise….Giant eye ball roll. Glad Arlie is gone with non superfan Allison right after…Loved it!

Neda is a great game player and all the people who are attacking her and others over looks and non game playing things is silly. She has been playing this game since she got there. I love a fan who has watched all the shows and knows their “whos who” 😛 .

Jon his social game is pretty good (aside from all the ball handling lols) he seems like an okay guy. People do remember how you treat them, regardless what they say when they get to jury house.

Adel the poor SOB has been hanging in there since day one. He has managed to be a good side kick (in a good way) for this final bunch here.I don’t mind him at all.

Rachelle she is finally talking a little more but still saying nothing. Meh shes not my favorite at all and surely not for jury or the final 2 not even final 6 really. She is the puppet of Sabrina, doesn’t matter how she thinks she played, we all saw how she played…

Sabrina Someone who really has no self awareness of the things she has done in this game. Shes not understanding what people were trying to say in weeks before. She thinks it was okay and fine for her to lie and be shady for her alliance but thinks its the ultimate betrayal when she sees this alliance (or whatever it is right now) sticking to each other??? THAT was not the problem Sabs. The problem was how low you sunk over and over and over again. Not saying no one else did, but they are not denying what they have done, she is. “Their so mean, they treat us like sh*t”…SAY WHAT?? Did anyone in this alliance say “Don’t talk to the people on the block, don’t bother with them and just ignore them and so on and so on? People were shunned and made to feel terrible because of that first 5 bunch. The treatment was brutal IMO. It bugs me how she thinks shes the only one who has watched this game since they were young. Im pretty sure its just as important to a few others in there.

Side bar on Sabrina..good game play, ,you and your FF ran the house the first half of the game, you played well and did all their dirty work for them. When your social game blew up, your game was pretty much over. You wanted to get rid of people you don’t like, not people who could beat you at this game and this is why you couldn’t pick yourself back up and make some new friends. She gets the most words because she has done the most whining lols.

Heather I actually like her and a little bit is because I felt bad for the treatment she was getting (Yes I know she was no angel) doesn’t mean she didn’t get the blunt of a lot of meaness from people in that house. Good to see she has a personality and can come together with the others and at least enjoy some of the time there now.

All this stemmed from Jon searching the house for the other 3 (which was hilarious BTW and fun) and Sabrina saying to Jon when he came back outside to see if the 3 were in the hot tub room and hes all “ya their in their, your lying” kind of thing and Sabrina is all “No they are not , well okay then I mean we are not lying here we are not the liars Jon, and she made sure she said it twice like as if she was saying something . It just annoyed the hell out of me knowing shes still living at 224 Delusional Drive.

I wanted to thank the people who put this site up and do all this work so us fans can enjoy it along with you. Nothing like one fan to another sharing opinions and stories whether we agree on them or not I love reading the comments and I love the way you guys take the time to put all and all the work you put into it. First thing I read in the morning , last thing I read at night.

Thank you! 🙂 Huge BB Fan.


well said


Adel “I will self-evict if Sabrina makes final 2”

so…in order for that to happen Adel, you would have to be in Final 2 with her…so you are giving the person you hate so much an extra $80,000
yeah…makes sense